We arrived at the public library literally a minute after getting in the car and I immediately felt ashamed that it wasn't even that far from my apartment.

'Here we go,' he said with a chuckle.

He got out of his side of the car and I sat there until I realised that I wasn't with Brendan. Brendan always opened the door for me, no matter what.

I got out of the car moments later, regretting sitting there like a sad puppy, and followed Theo into the library. This was smaller than what I was used to and less hi-tech but it had the same quaint feel that I was longing for.

'Thanks for this, Theo,' I mumbled.

I expected him to be on his way so I was surprised when he followed me up the stairs and into a quiet corner. He took the seat opposite me and innocently placed his hands on his lap. I couldn't exactly tell him to leave me alone after doing me this favour so I pretended to busy myself with the contents of my bag.

'Would you like me to leave you alone?' he asked me. 'The "fumble around the bag" trick usually means there's unwanted company.'

I looked up at him and he had the cutest innocent smile on his face. I couldn't possibly tell him to go away; it'd be like shooing away a beautiful stray dog.

'No, it's fine,' I said.

'You know, I've been told by many girls that I'm a good listener,' he began, 'maybe I could help you?'

I couldn't help but stare at him. His eyes lit up like Brendan's did as if he was smiling with his eyes. I couldn't help but trust in this stranger.

'All's not too well in the relationship department, let me just put it like that.'

'Ah, relationships. I just got out of one so I would like to think I could be of some assistance,' he said kindly.

'Oh really? What happened?' I asked him curiously.

'Didn't work out. We wanted different things in life so we ended it on good terms.'

'That's good to hear it was a mutual decision,' I said with a smile, 'did you love her?'

'Him,' he corrected casually, 'and yes, I think I loved him at one point in my life.'

Him? Theo was gay? He was so masculine. Just not the type of guy I would assume was same-sex attracted. Then again, I wouldn't have suspected Brendan had same-sex tendencies either. I also felt very privileged that Theo was opening up to me like this as if we were long-time friends.

'You don't have a problem with homosexuality, do you?' he said after he noticed I took a moment to ponder.

'Oh no, of course not. I'm gay myself.'

I almost gasped after telling him that. Even though I was comfortable in my own skin, I never just blabbed my sexual preference out like that, especially to kind (and handsome) strangers.

'Really? I noticed you were very groomed and quite exotically stunning, but I never suspected you to bat for my team,' he said with a chuckle.

'Exotically stunning? Wow. Thank you,' I said, trying to refrain from blushing.

Theo smiled with his eyes once again and then urged me to continue my story.

Once again, I find myself easily opening up to him. I told him nearly every detail of mine and Brendan's relationship - how we first met and how we eventually got together, our first date, everything. I eventually got around to the part where I had to move here and it was testing my thoughts on the relationship and Theo seemed to agree with me.

'I understand why Brendan would be upset about this but I can see it from your point of view as well. Distance can do many things to a relationship and many of those things are negative. By the sounds of it, you spent most of your time with him so it's bound to be difficult to spend this time away from him so I get that you need to feel that love and comfort you had with him. I don't agree with the way he insulted you, however.'

Theo reached out and grabbed my hand and I didn't resist. The warmth of his made the back of mine tingle and I looked up at him to see him beaming down at me with those eyes.

'Thank you for listening to me, Theo,' I said with a feigned smile.

'It's okay. I'm glad you could open up to me like that.'

I got up out of my seat and Theo followed. I was walking in front of him as we weaved our way through the lines of bookcases and on instinct, I spun around and collapsed into his arms. He gladly wrapped his arms around me and brought me into a warm embrace.

'It's okay, Rayne, I'm here for you.'

I didn't want to let any tears out but I couldn't help it. They just came out by themselves. I couldn't keep it in.

'That's it, buddy, let it all out,' he said soothingly.

After what seemed like forever, I finally found the strength to lift my head up and I immediately felt warm inside when I saw him smiling at me.

'Are you alright?' he asked me politely.

'Yeah, I feel better now,' I said. 'You're so open and up-front, you know that?'

'One of my many good traits,' he said with a wink.

I was still in his grasp when he swooped down and brought his lips to mine. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity when I pushed him away.

'I can't do this,' I breathed.

'I'm sorry,' he whispered, 'but I wanted to.'

If there was anything worse that could happen to mine and Brendan's relationship, it just happened.

'Can we go please?' I asked.

I let go of Theo and practically ran down the stairs. This was not happening. Shit like this didn't happen to ordinary people like me. Maybe on movies to people like Scarlett Johansson but not to me.

I made a beeline for Theo's car when I realised that I didn't have to leave with him. I could find my own way home.

I looked over my shoulder and saw him coming after me, screaming out for me to stop but I couldn't.

This was how I approached situations like this. I ran away from them. And this is what I was going to do now.



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