I didn't know what to do. Rayne was holding onto my hand behind me while my mother had disappeared upstairs. Was I supposed to stay down here and comfort Rayne or go upstairs and talk to Mum?

I eventually decided with the latter.

'Go wait in my room please, honey,' I said to Rayne.

Rayne wouldn't let go of my hand as we walked upstairs and hesitated before leaving me to go wait in my bedroom. I knocked on my parents bedroom door and invited myself in to see my mother sitting on her bad looking like she had seen a ghost.

'Mum...' I began to say.

'How long have you known about... yourself?' she asked.

'Not long,' I replied timidly.

She finally pulled her head up and feigned a smile.

'You like him a lot, don't you?'

I hesitated before answering. 'You have no idea.'

'I thought so,' she said, her smile widening.

She got up from her bed and with open arms, embraced me in a tight yet surprising hug.

'I must say this has come as a bit of a shock, but I'm happy if you're happy,' she said, choking tears back as she was about to cry.

'Thank you Mum,' I whispered as I held back tears of my own.

She grabbed my face and smiled at me.

'We should speak to your father about this when he gets home. In the meantime, could I please see Rayne? Is that his name?'

I chuckled and nodded my head before leaving the room. I swung open my bedroom door and shocked Rayne with a bright grin on my face; I grabbed his hand and brought him into my parents bedroom to meet my mother openly for the first proper time.

'I've never seen my son this happy,' she said quietly, 'hello Rayne. Come give me a hug!' Mum held her arms open and Rayne happily accepted her token of friendship.

After they had finished embracing each other, I took Rayne's hand and pulled him towards me. I wrapped my arm around his body and held him to me; this gesture of love put a huge smile on my mother's face.

'Thank you Mum,' I mumbled again.

'I love you, Brendan,' she said.

I led Rayne out of my mum's bedroom and back into mine. We both fell down onto my bed at the same time and both sighed with relief after that confrontation had finished.

'This has made my day,' said Rayne.

I turned to face him and in all the joy I was feeling, I pressed my lips against his in a passionate embrace. Rayne happily accepted the kiss and returned the passion equally.

'What do you think your Dad would think?' Rayne asked me as he got behind me to give me one of his famous sensual massages.

I had never thought about this because I never thought it would ever come up, but I thought my Dad would be quite accepting. I knew Dad had a gay brother and he was quite accepting of him and his partner so I thought it'd be the same for Rayne and I.

'Piece of cake,' I replied before Rayne's magical hands put me into a speechless trance.

Mum found her way into my room and after staring at Rayne and I interacting with each other as if we were newborn puppies in a store display, she announced that she was leaving to do some grocery shopping and embarrassingly told us to 'play it safe'.

'Oh Brendan, your boyfriend's so cute,' she said before leaving the room, making my face even redder than before.

'Boyfriend?' mumbled Rayne.

I turned to look at him and kissed him on the lips to try and distract him but he pulled away.

'Boyfriend?' he repeated.

'I'm sorry, she didn't mean it like that, she was just-'

'Boyfriend? Hmm, I wish I had a boyfriend.'

Rayne shot me an enchanting look and I knew what he wanted. And I was more than happy to give it to him.

'Well, Rayne, would you do the huge honour of being my one and only?' I asked, feeling the butterflies in my stomach fluttering about.

The widest smile spread across Rayne's face and he eagerly nodded; he wrapped his arms around me in a warm hug and I held him close to me in my arms. This day was beginning to become absolutely unforgettable.

Little did I know, Rayne would make the day more unforgettable later on...

As Rayne was in the shower, I began to strum on my guitar a few chords of music that I was putting together. When I was with my music, the rest of the world seemed to fade away so when Rayne walked in dressed in my jersey that looked like a skimpy dress and knee-high white socks, I was completely blown away.

What he was wearing was basically the male version of a women's lingerie, and boy was it turning me on.

I sat there motionless as I stared at Rayne who hadn't noticed that he was putting me in a trance. With the towel in one hand, he brought it to his head and began scrubbing at his hair to dry it and then he flung the towel onto the floor and started to shake his hair around. I was imagining this whole scene in slow-motion and had never been so sexually hungry before in my life.

'What are you staring at, perve?' Rayne said, poking his tongue out at me.

I couldn't even respond; he was so damn beautiful. So damn flawless. A look of malovelence came across Rayne's face and he soon straddled me on my guitar chair so he was facing me whilst sitting on my lap.

'How much do you like me, Brendan Thatcher?' he asked me simply.

'Like you have no fucking idea, Rayne Marshall,' I managed to reply.

Rayne grinned before plunging down on my mouth with his, bringing me to the brink of ejaculation. Something about Rayne seemed more aggressive and more hungry this time. My stomach nearly flew out of my mouth when I realised what was going on: Rayne was looking for more than a make-out session this time.

And I was happily going to give it to him.

Rayne's kisses moved down my neck and down to my bare chest. His sweet mouth caressed every crevace of my pecs and my abs and he soon had his knees on the floor and his mouth above my throbbing member.

The Queen was about to suck me off.

His hand groped at my crotch and teased my dick through the fabric as it shot loads of pre-cum out. After groping it for a few more minutes, he finally let the pigeons loose and pulled my pants and my briefs down and my dick sprung to life, hard and shiny from all the glistening pre-cum.

'Huge,' he said.

I grinned; I loved getting that reaction from girls but getting it from Rayne was so more satisfying.

He seized my aching dick in his hand and began to stroke it, almost bringing me to orgasm.

'You want it?' he said to me with a wink.

'Oh fuck yes,' I replied.

And Rayne went down on that cock like a master. His head bopped up and down as his mouth took all of me, his tongue swirling around my cockhead. I couldn't bear it. Rayne was sucking like a pro, his hand jacking me as his head went up and down on my thick 9 inch dick.

Soon, I couldn't bear it any longer.

'Rayne, I'm gonna... fuck...'

This was the time where the girls would get off and ran away as if a bomb was about to explode, but Rayne stayed on the job and soon I felt my hot load shoot into his mouth, volley after volley spurting down his throat.

He pulled his mouth off me and in a shocking move, swallowed my load as if it was nothing. Man, I thought to myself as I looked down at my boyfriend, if Rayne wasn't perfect, then I'd be a monkey's uncle.

After my heavy breathing had ceased, Rayne got up off the floor, pulled my briefs and pants up around my waist, he delivered a sweet and sensual kiss with me.

'Just for you,' he said, his sweet breath entoxicating me, 'my boyfriend.'



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