Waking up in the morning with the love of my life in my arms was motivation enough to face what was at school today for me. Rayne was still asleep when I woke up so I just cuddled up to him, holding him close to me, inhaling his sweet scent and leaving trails of soft kisses on his body.

'I don't want to move today,' Rayne mumbled as he slowly woke up.

'I don't want to move either, but we have to,' I replied, 'we'll be fine. I'm here with you. Everything is going to be okay.'

Rayne rotated his head and kissed me on the lips before getting up to go take a shower.

'Sweetie,' I called out to him, 'are we the only ones home at the moment?'

'Yes, everyone else is out at work,' he said, turning to me, 'why? What do you have in mind?'

I grinned and fo llowed Rayne into the bathroom where we shut the door behind us. I watched in awe as the beauty that is Rayne slowly stripped down naked, taking in the beautiful sight I was beholding. After shaking my head to snap back to reality, I stripped down naked to and wrapped my arms around him, my semi-hard erection pressing against his firm ass.

'I love you,' I whispered.

Rayne turned around in my grip and wrapped his arms around my neck, our members caressing each other beneath us. I wasn't even worried about this being the first naked physical contact I've had with another male because it wasn't as sexual as it was romantic.

I pulled both of us into the shower, and turned the water on, the warmth of it kicking in only seconds later. Rayne's hands explored my taut body and he rubbed some soap on his hands to wash my back. I turned around and craned my neck as Rayne's hands continued to explore my naked body, cleaning and washing every crevace it could find. I soon felt Rayne's lips caress my neck and it brought me a tingle of ecstasy.

His soapy hands moved over my shoulders and down to my pecs where they washed and lingered before moving down to my chiselled abs. As he continued to massage the lather onto my stomach, his lips continued to trace up and down the side of my neck.

'My turn,' I mumbled after I had gotten out of that amazing place of ecstasy.

Rayne spun around and I soon lathered my hands with soap to explore his sexy, curvacious body. I started massaging his shoulders with my soapy hands and soon trailed down his back and to his hips; I washed his smooth body and I soon had his plump ass cheeks in my hands, the sight of his beautiful behind instantly turning me on.

I reached around and started to wash his stomach and my hands eagerly moved around his chest and his sides. Following his footsteps, I continued to wash his body with my hands as I caressed my lips against his neck; he moaned in pleasure and craned his neck, willing me to go on.

My now hard dick was pressing against his ass and was aching for attention but I was able to control myself, knowing that when the time was right, it would be right. Soon, Rayne spun around and pressed his lips against mine, his arms wrapping around my neck once again so I placed mine around his hips. The water beated down on us emphatically as we continued our romantic and passionate embrace in the shower together.

I parked my car in its usual spot at the school parking lot and was ready and more willing than ever to face the mindless bullies at school. Rayne was a bit more tentative than I was but I kissed him, assuring him that everything was going to be fine.

We stepped out of the car and, hand-in-hand once again, waltzed into the school, holding our heads high. We caught many looks our way and the whispering began almost immediately but I didn't pay any attention to it. I was intent on making this day as normal as ever and if anyone was going to get in my way, I was going to put them in their place.

'Slut,' called out a familiar voice.

Ali stood in front of us with her arms folded across her voluptuous chest and she had a somewhat satisfied look on her face. Two of her friends stood either side of her and mimicked her bitchy stance as if they had every right to be so up themselves.

'Why are you so bitter, Ali? We weren't dating, we weren't even the slightest bit exclusive,' I said calmly.

'Whatever. Everyone knew you were off limits,' she hissed.

'You don't control me. I can see whoever I want. You know what, Ali? Besides being way more attractive than you and way more intelligent, you know what Rayne has that you'll never have? A heart. With you, it was just meaningless sex. Rayne and I actually have a love connection and that is something you'll never have.'

Rayne's grip on my hand tightened as we watched Ali's face drop in horror. I excused myself and we weaved passed her and her friends with a matching satisfied look on our faces.

'That was amazing,' whispered Rayne.

Our celebration was cut short when Jayden and Dwight approached us, looking exactly like Ali and her crew.

'Sup fags,' spat Jayden.

I opened my mouth to speak but Rayne squeezed my hand to stop me.

'I'll take this one,' he said with a wink.

'Fags,' repeated Dwight.

'You two are in my Legal Studies class, right? Let me give you a brief lesson - did you know there are laws against the discrimination of homosexuality and even presumed homosexuality? That pretty much means everything you're saying to us is a punishable offense and I could take it further if I wished to. Now, in saying that, there are no laws against the discrimination against ugliness, so I could call you, for example, the resemblance of a dropped blueberry and horseshit pie if I wanted to and you couldn't do a single thing about it. Sucks to be you, right?'

I joined Jayden and Dwight in staring at Rayne in awe. That was probably the most incredible thing I've ever heard. Rayne winked at them and blew a kiss at them before weaving passed them, dragging me behind him.

'You amaze me,' I said to him after they were out of earshot.

'I am pretty amazing, aren't I?'

For the rest of the day, besides the stares and whispering, not a single insult was thrown our way. The girls kept their jealous gazes off us and the boys only eyed us off from afar, too scared to face the ferocity that was Rayne Marshall.

We had arrived back at Rayne's house and he let out a sigh of relief when we walked into his bedroom. He screamed with excitement and felt back onto his bed.

'That was flawless!'

'I told you we could do it together,' I said with a smile.

I fell down on top of him and we began to kiss more aggressively than what I was used to. I was willing myself to stop taking advantage of him when I realised that it wasn't me; Rayne was all over me and his hands were riding up and down my back like a nympho.

His hands reached down and he gripped my hard bulge through my pants; I let out a soft moan in pleasure and looked down at his beautiful face.

'I want it,' he whispered.

'Are you sure?'


Assuming he meant a blowjob, I started to wriggle out of my pants and looked down at my pitched tent which was leaking pre-cum already. It startled me when Rayne kicked his shorts off and was laying there so invitingly on his bed in his tight black underwear and his school shirt, looking like some kind of schoolboy fetish porn.


Rayne reached up and touched my lips with his index finger. He grabbed my hands and pulled me down on him, wrapping his legs around my waist and his lips locked on mine. He deftly pulled his underwear down and I felt his cock spring to life between us.

'Be gentle,' he whispered to me.

I pushed my underwear down and looked down at my hard dick just inches away from Rayne's anal opening. I had only ever had anal sex once in my life before with a girl who didn't enjoy it as much as I did so I had a fair idea of what I had to do.

After teasing and loosening his hole with my fingers, using my pre-cum as a lubricant, I pushed myself into him as slowly and gently as possible. Rayne's eyes shut and he let out a soft groan but he willed me to continue.

His long, tanned legs were still wrapped around my waist as I pushed myself in a bit further, my arms not even daring to let go of the love I held. I pressed my lips against his to silence his cries and our mouths explored each others so softly and so romantically.

I pushed myself in a bit further and whispered my love to him.

'I love you too,' murmured Rayne.

I finally went all the way in him and Rayne let out a soft moan of pleasure. I didn't let go of him and we were soon passionately making out once again, our bodies melting into one as I continued to make love to the love of my life.

I kept a moderate and steady pace as I made love to Rayne and I soon found myself nearing climax. I announced my climax but Rayne held me to him and I soon climaxed into him.

After we both got dressed, I collapsed next to Rayne, our heavy panting nearly making the bed shake as much as our lovemaking did. Rayne cuddled up to my chest and I held him in my arms, planting kisses on his forehead to express my love for him.

'That was very romantic,' I said with a smile.

'It was flawless,' he mumbled.



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