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I booted up my laptop and impatiently drummed my fingernails on my study table as it slowly loaded as if it were taunting me. I quadruple clicked on the Skype icon and sighed as that took a while to open. I pushed in my details and let out another loud sigh as that took its sweet time to log in.

Finally, it popped up and I was mega relieved to see Brendan was online waiting for me as he said he would be. I video called him immediately and he picked up straight away. He was wearing a white wife beater, his bulging biceps and juicy pecs teasing me.

'Hello my love, how are you?' he greeted me ever so chivalrously.


Brendan chuckled, his face lighting up as it usually did when he laughed. I loved when he done that; it was one of the most beautiful things one could ever witness.

'Baby, baby, calm down. It's okay. Calm down, take deep breaths, and let's have a normal conversation,' he said with a smirk.

We conversed for nearly 3 hours about everything and anything and all the while, I had a question that had been lingering in my mind since this conversation had started. But I couldn't dare ask it, could I?

At the risk of being the world's worst boyfriend, I had to.

'Brendan, I have to ask you something,' I finally said.

Brendan, who had been resting his head on his hand, shot up immediately and looked at me (or the camera) curiously.

'Yeah, what's up?'

I couldn't ask him. But I had to. I wouldn't have clarity if I didn't ask him.

'Are you going to see other people while I'm here?' I finally managed to say.

Brendan looked shocked for a second but after realising that I could see him, he composed himself and took a brief moment to think to himself.

'Of course not. You know you're the only one for me and the only one I need,' he said simply.

'But I'm on the other side of the country. I love you more than anything, Brendan, but I would understand if you took someone else out on a date or-' I couldn't bring myself to say "make love to someone else".

'I don't have to. If I feel the need to have 1 on 1 time with someone, I will take my dog for a walk. If I feel the need to take someone to dinner, I'm sure my mother would be happy to accompany me. Rayne, it's okay, I'm completely content with seeing your beautiful face on Skype for the time being.'

I couldn't reply as I was waiting for him to say something so I could get to the real reason as to why I brought this up.

'Are you okay?'

'Yes, Brendan, I'm fine.'

I clearly didn't sound fine and Brendan evidently picked up on it.

'Are you going to see other people while you're there?'


'I won't date them or go home with them, I just think it'd be nice to feel special while I'm over here,' I replied, my heart pounding so hard that I was scared it might come out.

Brendan's eyes widened and it looked like I had slapped him in the face - twice.

'Don't I make you feel special?'

'No, Brendan, you make me feel special all the time! It's just-'

'You have needs?'

'I guess you could put it like that...' I mumbled.

I had obviously hurt Brendan a lot. I didn't know what the fuck I was thinking.

'Brendan, I'm sorry, forget I said that-'

'You're an attention hog. That's the problem.'

My mouth dropped open and I stared at him as if he had just slapped me in the face. I could see that he was visibly getting angry and if I wasn't on the other side of the world, I would be frightened.

'Don't you dare call me that. I was just trying to be fucking honest with you.'

'Don't deny it. You're an attention hog and you always have been.'

My anger had disappeared and was quickly replaced with sadness. Despite what I had just asked of him, I couldn't believe he would stoop that low.

'Oh, Rayne, I didn't mean that, I swear. Rayne, I'm so sorry.'

'Go away Brendan. Why don't you pay attention to someone else as opposed to a hog like me?'

I hovered the mouse over the red button and waited for him to say something that would get me to forgive him.

'I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was thinking, I didn't mean that,' he said.

'Yes you did. I've always been one so you must've been thinking that a lot.'

I couldn't let him see the tears come out of my eyes so I hung up on him, shut my laptop and planted my face into my pillow as I silently sobbed to myself. I could admit that we were both in the wrong, but I couldn't imagine Brendan going that low to hurt me like that.

Jesse had sensed something was wrong and offered to be a shoulder to cry on but I kindly declined his offer. An 18 year old male was not meant to cry in his pillow on a Wednesday night so I got over myself and finally went to make Jesse and I dinner.

The next day, after ignoring several texts and calls, I decided I needed to get some peace and tranquility, and the only place I knew I could get that was a library. I left my phone at home and realised after I had left my apartment that I didn't know where the library was or where I was going.

I turned back to go back home when I realised that my school would have a library and that I would be allowed to use it. After giving it much thought, I spun around once again and walked to my school which I was glad was a short distance away.

I let myself in through the front gate and looked around for any obvious signs pointing to the library. I got a few strange looks from students passing by but I ignored them and finally found the library after walking up a set of stairs. I invited myself in and began to look through the Fiction section as I found fantasy better than reality at the best of times.

I grabbed a book that looked somewhat interesting and found a table in the very corner of the library. I sat down and relished the opportunity I had at the moment; I hadn't had peace and quiet like this for a very long time.

'Howdy stranger.'

Scratch that, I thought with a sigh. I looked up from my book and saw Theo standing there with a huge set of books in one arm and a laptop bag over the other.

'Hi,' is all I said.

'What brings you here today?'

'I had to get out of the house and find some peace and quiet,' I replied.

I was surprised at how open I could be with this seemingly kind stranger.

'Something bothering you at home, hey?'

'At home-home, you could say.'

Theo took a seat across from me and looked at me deeply, as if I was a patient and he was the shrink.

'Is everything alright?'

'Everything's great,' I managed to say.

'Why did you come here of all places?' he said to change the mood of the conversation.

'Because I didn't know where the public library was,' I said with a shy smile.

Theo threw his head back in laughter and I noticed that his face lit up like Brendan's did. It brought a smile to my face.

'You're a funny character, Rayne. Listen, I've pretty much finished for the day so I'd be happy to show you where the public library is.'

Usually I would be against this kind of strange meeting stuff but for some reason, I felt very comfortable around Theo; in fact, I quite liked having his presence with me.

'Sure,' I said.

Theo stood up and kindly led me out of the library and to his flashy looking car. I panicked and realised I was about to get into a car with a stranger but Theo opened the door for me and motioned for me to get in and I soon realised I had no choice.

But deep down, I knew I was safe. And I knew I would enjoy this time with Theo.



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