I was never the type to show my emotions to other people but I couldn't help but shed a few man tears when Rayne held me against his chest, stroking the side of my face and whispering everything was going to be okay. We were sitting in the backseat of my car at the bottom of my driveway as I didn't have the energy to drive just yet.

'Shhh, everything's alright baby,' whispered Rayne.

Rayne kissed me on the top of my head and continued to stroke my face gently. I dared to glance over at my house which was sitting on its little hill as innocent as ever concealing the terrible events of what happened inside. I wanted to go in and apologise to my Dad and hug it out with him but I knew I couldn't, not after what he said to Rayne and what I done to him.

The words he spat at Rayne echoed throughout my mind and it nearly drove me insane. Rayne, my Rayne who wouldn't harm a fly... I had no choice. I had to stand up for him because -

'I love you,' I mumbled.

Rayne froze. I froze. What the hell did I just say?

'Wait, that came out completely-'

Rayne lifted my head up and made me face him, his look making me shut up completely. The fear that I had seen in his expression before had changed to a look of satisfaction and joy.

'I didn't want to be the first to say that,' he said, poking his tongue out. 'I love you too, Brendan.'

He wrapped his arms around my neck and embraced me in a warm hug, those five words reinvigorating me so to speak. I felt so full knowing Rayne loved me. So overjoyed. This feeling was indescribable.

'Let's go back to my house,' suggested Rayne.

He rubbed the tears off my face and smiled as he grasped my cold hand and held it in his reassuringly.

It didn't occur to me that I hadn't met Rayne's family until I pulled over next to his house. The feeling of happiness shifted to that of anxiety as I was completely frightened of meeting the family. I didn't mention my fear to Rayne as he happily led me up the driveway and through the front door.

A tall and striking man who appeared to be only a couple of years older than us appeared around the corner holding onto a tea towel. He was very tall at around 6'3 and appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent so I assumed he was a friend of Rayne's. A very good looking friend at that.

'Back so soon?' he asked.

'Jesse, this is Brendan. Brendan, this is Jesse,' Rayne gave us the quick introduction.

Jesse wiped his hands with the tea towel and extended his arm for a firm handshake. I accepted it warmly and couldn't help but stare at the firmness of his forearms and the perfect glisten of his skin. I was feeling very intimidated by Jesse right about now.

'How are you Princess?' Jesse wrapped his arm around Rayne and hugged him tightly. I stared at this and felt a sharp stab in my stomach.

'Flawless,' replied Rayne, 'excuse me.'

Rayne ushered for me to follow him upstairs which I did. I snuck another look over at Jesse who had just disappeared back into the kitchen, his long handsome strides causing another sharp pain in my stomach. I knew I was a hunk but Jesse was absolutely dashing.

Rayne's bedroom was almost blindingly magenta; his pillows were bright pink, his blankets were bright pink, his rug was bright pink, even his laptop was bright pink. I chuckled at this to myself and took a seat on the edge of his bed.

'Who was that?' I asked, trying to sound casual.

Rayne looked at me and must've heard the curiosity in my voice. He rolled his eyes and sat down on my lap quite aggressively.

'Jealous?' he asked.

'Not at all,' I lied.

'You have no reason to be jealous,' he said with a smile.

'Of course not. I wouldn't be jealous of some 7 foot hulking giant who calls you Princess. Not at all.'

Rayne threw his head back in laughter which struck me in the stomach once again.

'Jesse's my brother,' he said, rolling his eyes, 'my parents adopted him before I was born. Is that okay?'

I felt like a complete fucking idiot as Rayne explained this to me. I was new to the whole relationship scene and never had to deal with jealousy. I quickly apologised for my behaviour and wrapped my arms around his waist.

'Speak of the devil,' whispered Rayne.

The footsteps coming up the stairs stopped outside Rayne's room and the door soon swung open revealling Jesse who looked at Rayne sitting on my lap and a somewhat mysterious frown crossed his face.

'May I have a word, Rayne?'

Rayne pushed himself off me and disappeared outside with his handsome adopted brother. I sat on Rayne's bed awkwardly looking around his blinding magenta room. A few pictures of him and his girlfriends were stuck around his room in frames and there were a few of him and Jesse in various places. I picked up a frame of him as a baby and couldn't help but smile; even as a toddler, Rayne was absolutely flawless.

Rayne reappeared and a look of what seemed to be frustration was on his face. He leaned down and kissed me passionately before telling me Jesse wanted to speak with me. I stared wide-eyed at Rayne but Rayne shook his head and left his bedroom immediately. Moments after, Jesse made his way into the room and shut the door behind him, the click of the door making me tense immediately. I just finished an emotional fistfight with my father, I was ready to have another one with Jesse.

He sat down next to Rayne's study table on the swivel chair and looked me over, making me feel ten times more nervous than what was usual.

'So you and Rayne, huh?' he asked casually.

'Ye-yes,' I stuttered.

'Where do you see this going?'

'I'm, I'm not sure what you mean.'

'Listen, Rayne is my life and he is my best friend. I've had to sit idly by before and watch Rayne's heart get broken by dickheads and I couldn't do a thing about it, but now I am. Now, I'm going to make sure that my brother gets nothing but the best.'

'I completely respect that, Jesse, and I completely agree. Rayne deserves nothing but the best, and I'm not saying that I am the best because I have my flaws just like everyone, but I intend on treating Rayne iwth nothing but respect and honour and love and with everything that Rayne deserves. He's special. You know that and I know that, and I would never do anything to intentionally hurt him.'

My nerves had obviously gone down as I highly admired where Jesse was coming from. If for any reason I couldn't be there for Rayne, I was happy to know that Jesse would be there for him.

'That's all I'm asking for,' he said with a grin. He got up out of his seat and extended his arm for another handshake with which I took and shook it firmly. 'You take care of my little Princess, no matter how annoying he may be.'

He let go of my hand and exited the room; seconds later, Rayne reappeared excitedly and he jumped on me wrapping me in a tight hug.

'You must've charmed the pants off him; Jesse's never approved of anyone coming into my room.'

'You've got a good family,' I said before realising what I had actually just said. My mind flew back to my father and I sighed; Rayne sensed where my thoughts had gone and he kissed me sweetly before rolling off my lap to hold me against his chest once again.

'It's okay,' he whispered to me.

Later that night, after meeting Rayne's parents who were both very happy to meet me, Rayne and I went back up to his room. I had several missed calls from my mother whom I was too scared to speak to so soon so I decided to stay the night at Rayne's whom were okay with us sharing the same bed.

I took my shirt off and slept in a pair of Rayne's sweatpants while Rayne wore a pair of brief underwear and tight white tank top. We got under the covers and I immediately got behind him, spooning him and holding him in my arms, his body immediately warming mine.

'I'm tired,' he said with a yawn, 'goodnight baby.'

'Goodnight,' I mumbled.

I laid there and pondered like I usually did before I went to sleep and opened my mouth one more time.

'Rayne,' I whispered.

'Yes, honey?' he replied.

'Will you still love me in the morning?'

Rayne's hand found mine and he held it tightly against his chest.

'Until the moon stops shining,' he mumbled.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Jesse is dedicated to my real-life brother who would fight tooth-and-nail to keep me happy. Much love, my hermano)



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