The next day we had Dance, I nearly shivered in anticipation for another opportunity to speak to Rayne. I left the boys and went to class and stood outside the room where a few girls were hanging.

'Hey Brendan,' they all hollered.

I shot them a sexy grin and stood against the wall away from them. I would usually jump at the chance to flirt with all these hot girls but I had something else on my mind. Minutes later, the world immediately went into slow mo as Rayne walked around the corner; my mind was playing sultry back-up music as he strutted towards the class, the sun shining down on his glowing skin, highlighting him as an angel.

He looked at me and rolled his eyes.

'Why does he hate me so much?' I thought to myself.

We went inside and I followed Rayne into the changing room. I sat down with a loud sigh and stretched out my limbs, keen to not do anything physical so I could be ready for rugby practice afterwards. For some reason, this shot a nerve in Rayne as he looked at me with distaste in his eyes.

'I know your situation and how you were forced to do this, but I will not let you ruin my favourite subject by your apparent pure laziness,' he hissed at me, 'don't you bring down my mark or someone else's mark by your incompetence. Get your ass up, get changed, warm up and at least look slightly co-ordinated out there.'

Rayne had apparently turned up his sassiness by 200% as he stood there with his tiny black shorts and screaming at me as if I were a child. Again, I responded in a submissive manner and nodded and immediately got changed, and then a thought crossed my mind - when I wanted to win a girl over, I pretended to be interested in something she was interested in. If this were to work with Rayne, I would have to try my absolute best at dancing.

I left the dressing room and Rayne was performing those enchanting leg exercises, flicking them up in the air as if they were as light as a feather. The way he elongated his lower limbs and the point of his feet made him look so slender and so delicate.

For the rest of the class, I put 110% into the class and was surprised at the energy and stamina it takes to be a dancer. I half-crawled back into the changing room at the end of the lesson and collapsed onto the chair.

'Nice work out there,' said Rayne's voice behind me.

I turned around and saw him genuinely smiling at me. He quickly turned around and my eyes fell down to his tanned, shapely legs. They were so round and curvy and toned... I tried to think of a hot naked girl but my usually creative mind couldn't imagine anything of the sort.

'How long have you been dancing for?' I asked him.

'Since I was a child, basically,' he replied, 'I think dance is a beautiful artform if done properly.'

I could hear and see the passion Rayne had and it made me feel warm inside. His phone rang and Rayne quickly answered it whilst wiggling into his shorts. After a few moments of shouting and a sharp hang up of the phone, Rayne growled and plonked down onto the seat.

'Is everything alright?' I asked him.

'My brother conveniently forgot to pick me up from school today,' he screamed.

'I could take you home, if you would like,' I offered, sounding almost too eager.

Rayne shot me a confused look. 'I thought you only took girls into your shiny red car if you intended to fuck them.'

'Wow,' I said with a chuckle, 'you're not backwards with being forward.'

'I will gladly accept that offer.' And for the first time, Rayne shot me a genuinely happy smile, his whole face lighting up. The way his mouth curved upwards into that stunning smile and the cute dimple he had in his right cheek. Flawless. Simply flawless.

Rayne followed me out to my car. A few of my mates saw me walking with him and jokingly howled out to me; I thought they had offended Rayne and I was about to brush them off but apparently Rayne had beaten me to it.

'Me sitting next to him in the car is more action than any of you will ever get,' he replied almost calmly, 'that is, of course, if you don't count hand one and two and the cucumber you've stashed underneath your bed.'

Shot down. I laughed. Rayne was unstoppable. I would even think the Queen herself would have power problems against Rayne.

Rayne placed his things in the backseat and sat down next to me, the material of his shorts riding up, flashing some of that tanned leg and I had begun to admire so much.

'How's life Brendan? Getting laid and getting paid? Playing your sport like it's the most important thing in life?'

'I resent that,' I replied, actually feeling quite hurt.

Rayne looked at me apologetically and then began scrutinising me.

'You're not as asshole-jock as you try to portray, are you?'

I sighed and shook my head; this made Rayne smile and he reached out and patted me on the shoulder. The feeling of him physically contacting me was electric. I didn't breathe as the whole split second of him touched me.

'You should really be yourself,' he continued, 'I like the real you. So far.'

I looked over at him briefly and caught another glimpse of that perfect smile, his eyes lighting up the entire car. I shot him an awkward smile and turned my attention back to driving, trying not to lose my concentration.

We finally reached his house and I pulled up ont he kerb in front of his house. It was nothing too flashy but it looked quite spacious.

'Thank you so much for that, Brendan, it means a lot,' he said.

Rayne pulled his seatbelt off and reached over at me with two arms; he embraced me in a warm hug and the sweet scent of him invaded my nostrils immediately, almost sending me into a daze. Rayne let go and after shooting me another smile, he left my car with his things. I waved to him and then drove off.

Later that night, I done something extremely bizarre. I watched a porno with two guys and a girl. The girl was fucking hot, blonde hair, nice tits, landing strip. She had everything. I began to jerk myself off as I watched the girl be fucked in the mouth and in the pussy by these two guys. As I was about to climax, a still image of Rayne shot into my mind; this made me squirm even more and I immediately shot out my load all over my washboard stomach.

After I had cleaned up, I froze. Rayne. Rayne. Rayne. Rayne. He was all I could think of in the past two days. I was so confused. Everything about him enticed me; his skin, his legs - those perfect legs, the sassiness he presented himself with, that aura of domination and almost royalty he carried, the way his face lit up when he smiled... everything about him was enchanting. Flawless, of course.

I flicked through some of the pictures of me with the numerous girls I've hooked up with and despite being very attractive, none of them captivated me the way Rayne had. While they were all the same, packed with make-up and as fake as their eyelashes, Rayne was different. He wasn't afraid to be himself and wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind, yet behind that tough exterior, there was a glimpse of the sweetheart I had encountered today. The passionated and caring Rayne.

I was confused about him, of course, but one thing was for certain:

I wasn't as straight as I had previously thought I was.



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