Today was magnificent in many ways; Rayne and I had spent the whole day together. After waking up together, Rayne made breakfast for me and we spent most of the morning cuddled up together in bed watching lovey dovey movies. After that, I took Rayne out for lunch and then we went to the movies to watch another horror film for Rayne's amusement.

Never was he out of my sight and never did I forget how truly flawless he was.

After our movie, Rayne bought us some takeout and we went back to his house to cuddle, eat and talk about everything and anything. He whipped up a 'special dessert' for me and knowing that we wouldn't have many opportunities later, Rayne and I made love in his bed. The feeling of our naked bodies melting into one was entoxicating.

But the inevitable happened and now we were in Rayne's bed and he was fast asleep in my arms just hours before he was due to fly out to the other side of the country. I couldn't get to sleep at the thought of not being with him physically yet Rayne, despite feeling the same, managed to doze off like a baby.

I couldn't get my head around what was going to happen. Rayne was leaving me. I felt as if it were a personal jab at me; as soon as I found someone worth loving, the higher power decided to take him away from me almost as if it were a joke.

Despite being together all day, Rayne and I hadn't had 'the talk' as of yet. Rayne knew what I wanted and that was I wanted to be exclusively his despite the distance but Rayne wasn't sure what he wanted and even though I didn't agree with that, I had to respect his decisions.

This was the last time I'd feel his warm body against mine; his floral yet masculine smell would enter my nostrils and entice me; his delicate and intricate fingers would be entwined with mine.

I hugged Rayne even tighter as my fatigue finally caught up with me and I found myself entering dreamland.

Rayne and I were gently woken up the next day by Jesse who looked eager to go. Their flight was early in the morning so I got maybe 3 hours of sleep total. Rayne hurriedly rushed out of bed and gathered his luggage while I sat under the warmth of his covers, watching the beauty rush around his bedroom.

'This is it,' I mumbled, stretching my arms with a loud yawn.

Rayne stopped and looked at me with a forced smile on his face.

'This is it,' he replied.

He danced over to me and planted a sweet kiss on my forehead before continuing to gather his things. Rayne had decided to take most of his things over but leave some here, knowing that he'd come back and visit on the rare occasion.

'Come on Rayne,' Blaine (Rayne's father) called out from downstairs, 'we have to go soon'.

Blaine was taking the two siblings to the airport and because of space and timing, I had to say goodbyes now instead of at the airport. The thought made me shiver and I got up out of bed and wriggled into my sweat pants and my shirt I left on the floor after our intimate night together.

I sat on the edge of his bed whilst watching him gather his little things together and finally declare he was finished. He skipped over to me and wrapped his arms around my neck.

'I'm going to miss you so much,' he whispered.

He leaned down and passionately kissed me on my lips before leaving me to pick up his things. I got up and offered to take down his bigger luggage bags which he gratefully accepted. We met downstairs with the rest of his family who looked at me as if one of my loved ones had died.

'We're so sorry that you can't come with us,' apologised Melissa, Rayne's mother.

'It's okay,' I said with an obvious fake smile.

I carried Rayne's things down and forced them into the car along with Jesse's stuff. I stood aside and watched as Rayne and Jesse emotionally farewelled their mother with tears, hugs and kisses. I was getting a bit teary watching Rayne this emotional but I managed to keep it in.

Jesse made his way to me and I extended my hand out for him to shake but he brushed it off and reached his arms around me and brought me in for a brief hug.

'Thank you for taking care of Rayne,' he whispered to me.

'I was glad to,' I replied.

'We'll keep in contact, I swear,' he promised.

We let go and after a brief moment of looking at each other, he stepped aside and revealed the beauty that was standing behind him. Rayne tore his face away from mine and his tears came out even stronger than before.

'Come here, baby,' I said, opening my arms.

Rayne dashed into my arms and loudly wept on my chest as I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him so closely and tightly that I nearly suffocated him. I let a few tears roll from my eyes as I embraced Rayne for the last time for a very long time.

'I love you so much, Brendan. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me,' he whispered.

'I love you too, Rayne,' was all I managed to say.

'Let's try,' he finally said, 'we can make this work.'

'I will do anything for you, my love.'

'I love you, Brendan Thatcher.'

'I love you, Rayne Marshall, until the moon stops shining.'

We stayed like that for a full minute before it was time for him to leave. Melissa came over to me and wrapped her arm around me as I watched Rayne disappear into the car and turn back to look at me and his mother for a final time.

Rayne brought a hand to his mouth and blew a kiss at the both of us; Melissa rested her head on my shoulder and waved at the car. I eventually joined her and soon enough, the car started and it zoomed down the street and out of my eyesight.

That was it. It had finally happened.

Rayne was gone.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: I love the feedback I get from the readers and will definitely continue with this one although starting from the next chapter, I will be writing from Rayne's perspective)



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