Rayne continued to tease me, his hands now lightly rubbing my firm pecs, teasing a reaction. And he was about to get a reaction.

'That's it,' I exclaimed.

I spun around and attacked him, my lips moving vigorously around his as we passionately made out on my bed. I laid him down on his back and thrusted my tongue into his mouth several times, my hormones finally getting the better of me. Rayne was so, so sexy. I couldn't help it.

Usually when this happened, I got it in, no questions asked. I was Brendan Thatcher after all. So it took me by surprise when Rayne stopped kissing me and sat up.

'Babe, what's wrong? Was I rough on you?' I asked him, sounding disappointed.

'Not on the first date. Is this even a date? I also don't put out for someone whom I'm not in a relationship with,' he said with a sadistic grin on his face.

'You little tease,' I mumbled.

I would've been angry but the way Rayne smiled after I said that softened me immediately (my heart, not my dick unfortunately). I sat up and pulled him under my arm and hugged him to my chest.

'I'm going to go use your bathroom,' he said quickly before disappearing through my bedroom door.

What he said had got me thinking... a relationship? I know I wanted him to suck me off and I was possibly down to fucking him up the ass, but a relationship? I liked Rayne. A lot. But I wasn't sure if I wanted a relationship with him. I wasn't used to saying the word 'girlfriend' let alone 'boyfriend'. And what would my mates think? Or my family?

I rubbed my chin, thinking about all the making out I had done with Rayne and soon the feeling of regret hit; I didn't want to lead him on. I cared too much about him to do that.

Rayne walked back in looking as flawless as ever and he sat down next to me after closing the door behind him. He made himself comfortable on my bed and laid down, placing his legs up on my lap. I looked down at him; something so beautiful couldn't possibly be real. The thought of having some sort of claim on him eased my mind.

'What are you staring at?' he hissed at me.

'A masterpiece,' I whispered.

Rayne smiled that delicately beautiful smile and had enchanted me with his powers once again. I started to rub his smooth legs in a resemblance of the massage he gave to me before as I continued to stare at him, unable to take my eyes off the perfection in front of me.

My hands massaging his legs must've been relaxing for him for I soon watched as his eyes began to flutter and soon enough, he fell asleep. A true sleeping beauty. I carefully placed his legs on my bed and got up quietly so not to disturb him; I tucked him into my blankets and watched him silently sleep in my bed. Was it a sight I could get used to? I wasn't sure, but I knew it was a beautiful sight.

Several minutes later, I heard the front door swing open and I could hear Braxton's nails trample across the tiled floor. After leaving Rayne with a kiss on the forehead, I ran downstairs to greet my mother and my dog.

'Is your friend still here?' she asked me immediately.

'Yeah, he fell asleep upstairs,' I explained.

'I'm surprised,' she said as she unhooked Braxton off his leash, 'you never bring any of your friends over.'

It was true; none of my mates had ever come back home for reasons unknown. I never even brought a girl home as I always went to their houses to fuck. This hadn't crossed my mind until Mum reminded me. Rayne was clearly special.

'Rayne's a good friend,' I replied, lost in my thoughts.

'I hope I see more of him, he's a lovely boy,' she said before leaving to the kitchen.

I was quietly reading a book on my bed next to Rayne for nearly an hour before I felt movement next to me and saw that he had finally woken up, looking refreshed and if possible, more beautiful than ever.

'Good morning, Princess,' I greeted him in humour.

Rayne playfully pushed me and then ran his hands through his hair; he sat up next to me and glanced down to the book I was reading.

'Murder mysteries? Get out of here! Murder mysteries are my favourite types of book as well!' The excitement in his voice over something as petty as similar interests in books was absolutely adorable.

Without a word, I dropped the book and wrapped my arm around him; he happily obliged and cuddled against my chest. We sat there silently as I wondered if I could ever be in a relationship with Rayne let alone anyone in general. I looked down at the Queen cuddling against my chest and was surprised to find that I liked this feeling of being close to someone without it being sexual.

'You play guitar?' he broke the silence. He extended his arm and pointed out to my acoustic Fender baby in the corner. My pride and joy.

'Sure do. Would you like me to play you something?'

Rayne eagerly clapped and hopped up and down my bed so I kissed him on the top of his head and went over to grab my baby. I sat down on the sofachair next to my TV and began to strum the love ballad I was currently learning and started to hum to myself.

'Sing for me,' the Queen demanded.

I half-smiled and started the song over, this time singing properly. If there was one thing I was passionate about besides sport and sex, it was music. Singing. Playing guitar. Chilling out to music. It was the greatest feeling.

After I had finished, I was surprised to see Rayne in tears. He leaped off my bed and ran over to me wrapping me in the tightest hug possible. I gladly returned the favour and asked him what was up.

'That was beautiful,' he whispered.

He looked down at me and leaned down, kissing me gently on my lips once more. I carefully dropped my guitar on the flow and my hands found his hips as he stood in front of me, his arms holding my face. My lips moved around his and as opposed to last time, this time was more passionate and emotional than it was sexual.

Being the giant tease he was, Rayne pulled away as it was about to heat up and skipped back to my bed.

Rayne unfortunately had to get home so with deep regret, I drove him home and pulled over in front of his house. I immediately grabbed his hand as I didn't want to let him go even if I was going to see him tomorrow.

'Thank you so much for today,' mumbled Rayne.

'You're very welcome. I would very much like to do this again.'

'Me too.' With that, Rayne leaned over and planted another sweet kiss on me, his entoxicating smell putting me into another trance. My heart sank as Rayne pulled off me and got out of my car. With a quick wave, Rayne dashed up his driveway and into his house without looking back.

The next day at school, I was excited to see Rayne like never before. I walked passed him and his group of friends and discreetly winked at him; the bitchy Rayne quickly turned into the sweet Rayne and he smiled at me before returning to his conversation with his friends. Oh how I wish I could be public with him. To hold his hand while we walked to classes. To kiss him in front of everyone.

As Dance class rolled by, I felt cocky as I saw Rayne approach me with an extra bounce in his step. We followed everyone else into the room and we dashed into our changing room, shutting the door behind us. I went to go place my things over in my corner but I felt Rayne's hand grab my wrist; he viciously spun me around and forced himself on me. His lips were savagely attacking mine and his tongue forced itself into my mouth. Being a horny teenager, I was happy to oblige and my hands immediately groped his sexy ass.

I pushed him against the wall, my hands still on his ass as we continued passionately making out with each other. His hands were running up and down my back; my lips moved down his jaw and to his neck where I began to suck and nibble gently sending him into ultimate pleasure.

'Oh Brendan,' he whispered.

He firmly placed his hands on my chest and gently pushed me off. I looked up at him, dazed and confused and thought this was one of his malicious teasing plans.

'Do you really want to dance with a hard on?' he said, pointing down to the obvious tent pitched in my pants. I chuckled to myself, planted a firm kiss on his lips and began to get changed next to him, urging my dick to go down.

I don't even know why I tried because as I saw Rayne stretching in front of me as if he was purposely teasing me once again, my tent began to rise again. He was bending over in front of me in his little black shorts, keeping his legs straight and sticking his firm ass out in front of me. The muscles in his thighs were contracting as he stretched them. It immediately got ten degrees hotter in the room.

While the teacher was instructing the class on some exercises we were to complete, Rayne discreetly reached behind him and began rubbing my thigh, getting me instantly hard.

'You're evil,' I whispered to him.

Rayne simply smiled as his hand continued to tease me, getting close to my hard dick but never touching it. The work of someone truly evil.

The teasing continued throughout the class. He would discreetly kiss the back of my neck. He would stretch suggestively right in front of me. Rayne was a criminal mastermind.

When it was time to get changed, I had to relieve some of this tension. I shut the door behind us and forced him against the wall again, forcing my tongue into his mouth again as I roughly squeezed his butt cheeks.

'You little tease,' I whispered in between kisses, 'I want to fuck you so bad.'

Rayne pushed me off, this time looking pissed.

'You can't seriously be angry at me when you've been cockteasing me all day,' I said, starting to get genuinely pissed off over the situation.

Rayne ignored me and threw his things onto the other side of the room. I stared at him and waited for a response but he quickly got changed into his uniform, swung his bag over his shoulder and left the room without a word.

'Rayne! Rayne! Get back here!' I called out after him, not caring about the attention I was getting.

'I heard Ali's free tonight,' he shouted back at me, 'I'm sure you can stick it in her if you want.'

The amount of curious eyes grew and they were vocally wondering what was going on. Rayne spun around gracefully and stormed off leaving me completely speechless.



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