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I mainly write gay romantic novels between unlikely couples but I do write the occasional hot sex story. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment!

Stories by Avarice

  • Flawless: Part 3

    Brendan fantasises about Rayne whilst receiving pleasure from a girl. One thing leads to another at Ali's infamous costume party and Brendan ends up kissing Rayne for the first time.

  • Flawless: Part 29

    Back in Brendan's perspective, Brendan recounts the heartbreak he went through after being dumped by Rayne and vows he will not let alcohol get between him and true love.

  • Flawless: Part 28

    After some nudging from his brother, Rayne calls Brendan in an attempt to have "the talk". Old feelings and flames are reignited, leaving Rayne more confused than ever.

  • The Wolfe and the Fox: Part One

    The start of a Romeo-and-Juliet type story of two gay starcross'd lovers named Ryan and Madison who will stop at nothing to be together.

  • Flawless: Part 27

    Set six months after Part 26, Rayne is in a steady relationship with Theo and goes home for a holiday where he runs into Brendan for the first time since they broke up. From Rayne's perspective.

  • Flawless: Part 26

    Brendan and Rayne try to talk things out but all doesn't end well. After running into Theo, Rayne brings him back to the apartment where a drunken Brendan is waiting. After an intense battle between Brendan and Theo, Rayne is injured by Brendan.

  • Hot For Dexter: Part 2

    Thaila couldn't get over his first encounter with Dexter and yearned to have another with him. After another babysitting gig, Dexter thanks Thaila with a sensual, passionate kiss.

  • Flawless: Part 25

    A wild Brendan and Rayne have sex different to the type they've had before. Over a well-cooked breakfast, Rayne tells Brendan about Theo but Brendan also has a shocking confession for Rayne.

  • Flawless: Part 24

    Rayne gets home to a couple of voicemessages from Brendan ands goes to call him, but he doesn't answer. Rayne is greeted with a surprise visitor for the night.

  • Flawless: Part 23

    Rayne finds himself opening up to Theo about his relationship problems with Brendan and after Rayne makes a discovery about Theo, the two share a brief kiss.

  • Flawless: Part 22

    After Brendan and Rayne have a huge fight, Rayne seeks refuge at his new school's library where, after another encounter with the handsome Theo, he finds himself with a new friend.

  • Duke and Quinn: The Wedding: Part 2

    Quinn and Duke are married and Quinn recounts the moments of his wedding day. This will be the last chapter of their love story.

  • Flawless: Part 21

    Rayne spends most of his first day at his new apartment talking to Brendan or thinking about him. Rayne meets Theo at his new school and finds himself to be very comfortable around his new handsome friend.

  • Hot For Dexter: Part 1

    A short series about a teenager named Thaila who unwillingly takes up a babysitting gig for a sexy single father named Dexter.

  • Duke and Quinn: The Wedding Part 1

    Quinn has one final conversation with Roman before he heads to his wedding with Duke.

  • Flawless: Part 20

    Brendan recounts his last moments with Rayne before the inevitable farewell as Rayne leaves him to go to the other side of the country.

  • Evan's Angel: Part 5

    Evan offers to take out Cassidy on a date which Cassidy agrees to. This date, however, takes a slightly different turn than the ones previously had by the couple.

  • The Cookie Man

    A humorous look at how Rayne (from the Flawless series) managed to seduce a guy named Costa working at a cookie and ice-cream stall. This is set before Flawless started.

  • He's A Killer Quinn: Part 7

    It is just moments away from the Duke and Quinn's wedding of the century and Quinn has much to do before he becomes Duke's husband, including meeting Duke's family for the first time.

  • Flawless: Part 19

    Brendan wakes up with a killer hangover and is surprised when he receives a visit from Rayne. All is forgiven when this young couple in love kiss each other.

  • He's A Killer Quinn: Part 6

    Quinn comes to the realization that Duke is the one he really loves so he sets out to make amends with Roman and Yaz. After a discussion with Duke and Maria, Duke makes a shocking announcement!

  • My First Love

    A completely true story as I recount the story of my first true love and what led to its destruction.

  • 18th Birthday Lapdance

    Kelly decides to give his best friend Maxine a lapdance for her 18th birthday but it soon turns out that the lapdance garnered more than just attention from Maxine's handsome uncle.

  • Flawless: Part 18

    Brendan and Rayne have disagreements about their relationship due to Rayne's sudden decision which leads to a big fight. Brendan turns to alcohol for comfort.

  • Evan's Angel: Part 4

    To get his mind off Evan, Cassidy goes out on a date with ex-boyfriend Dash where they happen to run into Evan and his date. After an awkward double date, Cassidy and Dash go home to fuck.

  • Flawless: Part 17

    Brendan and Rayne wake up after a romantic night together when Rayne gets a call from his brother Jesse saying he has news that could possibly be the end of their relationship.

  • Something Wicca This Way Comes

    A supernatural look at love when Wiccan Chaz casts a love spell on the straight Adam and things go awry.

  • He's A Killer Quinn: Part 5

    Things turn sour in Quinn's adventure to win back Duke when he realises he has feelings for three different men: Duke, Roman and Yaz.

  • Flawless: Part 16

    Brendan gets ready for his big grand final rugby game and afterwards, Rayne has a sexy surprise waiting for Brendan at the hotel.

  • My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

    Jeff is horrified when he finds out his 5 year long girlfriend Melissa has been cheating on him with a sexy man named Bobby. After a few drinks, Jeff comes up with a kinky idea to get back at Melissa.