It had been four days since Rayne went off at me and now it was Friday. Rayne hadn't returned any of my calls or replied to any of my text messages and he completely ignored me at school. Men say women are confusing, but Rayne sure had them beat in that aspect of life.

Finally, I had enough.

As soon as Rayne and I fled into the change room after Dance, I shut the door and cornered him. He acted as if I wasn't even there but I wouldn't accept this. I grabbed his wrist gently and pleaded with him to talk to me.

'Don't touch me please,' he mumbled.

'Rayne, I've said I'm sorry but you have to admit, it's not completely my fault,' I replied.

Rayne looked up at me and for the first time in days, I saw his beautiful gaze and felt it penetrate me and melt me to my core. He was so beautiful.

'I miss you,' I continued.

I slid my hand down from his wrist to his hand and took it into my own and felt glad to know that Rayne didn't resist. He wrapped his fingers around my hand and stood up in front of me before wrapping me in a warm hug.

'I'm sorry,' he whispered, 'I missed you too.'

Rayne began to cry silently on my shoulder. I couldn't bear to see him in pain so I grabbed his face on both sides and pressed my lips against his, his warm tears rolling down onto my cheeks.

'Let's go somewhere,' I insisted.

After Rayne and I had gotten changed, we ran back to my car and decided to see a movie together. I bought the Queen some movie snacks and the movie tickets and we took a seat at the back. I thought Rayne to be the type to love lovey dovey chick flick movies, but instead we were seated in an empty movie theater about to watch a gorey slasher movie.

I had the popcorn bucket between my legs before Rayne grabbed it and placed it on the seat next to me; he got up out of his and sat on my lap and snuggled himself in front of me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and slowly kissed him on his neck. My aching boner was raging at this point as I hadn't gotten off in a while.

I spread my legs wide enough so Rayne could sit on the chair right in front of my crotch; he craned his neck to face me and passionately kissed me.

'This is the greatest date ever and it's only started,' he whispered.

The movie started and five minutes into it, two teenagers had died. I must admit that I winced at some of the gruesome deaths but Rayne stared at it with amusement; he even clapped at the most gruesome death from the movie. Another strange intricacy of Rayne Marshall that I found deeply attractive.

If Rayne wasn't paying attention to all the blood and guts being splattered across the movie screen, he was making out with me. I had lost count of how many times we kissed after 10. I kept my hands firmly on his waist while he wrapped his arms around my neck.

'Isn't this better than a pointless fuck?' he whispered.

'I have to admit, it really is,' I said with a grin.

Rayne took that as a huge compliment and kissed me once more before the sounds of someone screaming captured his attention.

After the movie, Rayne and I left the movie theater and went to look for something to eat. I had my bank account ready as I expected Rayne to pick a fancy, expensive restaurant for dinner. I suggested a few fancy looking restaurants we walked passed but Rayne shook his head. I sighed; he was probably looking for a 5 star $1000 per garlic bread restaurant.

So of course it took me by surprise when Rayne waltzed into McDonalds eagerly looking at the menu.

'Really?' I asked him humorously.

'I would much rather a Big Mac over an overpriced piece of lettuce anyday,' he replied.

Strange intricacy no.2. Rayne was so amazing.

Strange intricacy no.3 came along soon after as I watched him practically inhale his meal as if he had never seen food before. I was used to taking girls out who always took one forkful of a salad and claimed to be 'full'.

'Calm down there, buddy,' I said to him as I watched him wipe his mouth with a napkin.

'Food's food,' he said, 'I don't have to change my eating habits for anyone.'

Rayne soon downed his dessert and then asked if he could finish mine to which I accepted. After Rayne decimated his meal (and part of mine), I drove to a nearby park and we sat on one of the picnic benches close to each other. Rayne took my hand and held it as we silently watched the night grow darker on us.

'I had a great time tonight,' Rayne whispered, 'I'm sorry I've been such a jerk to you recently.'

'Don't worry about it,' I replied, 'just as long as I get to have this moment with you.' I leaned over and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

He was right - I would much rather show my affection for him by passionate kissing as opposed to a quick fuck. It was much more pleasant.

'Do you want to stay over at my house tonight? The parents are going away for the weekend for my Dad's work trip and it'll just be me and Braxton at home,' I suggested.

'Absolutely,' he replied, 'no funny business right?'

'I promise.'

When we arrived home, my parents had already gone. Rayne took his things up to my room and began sifting through my clothes to find something he could wear to bed. He giggled and slipped into my rugby jersey which looked like a very short dress on him. He kicked his pants off and jumped onto the bed next to me, his silky smooth legs enticing me to... I couldn't.

I switched the TV on and aimlessly flicked through the channels until I found a romantic movie that was the most decent thing on. I got under the covers with Rayne and cuddled him to my chest.

'This is lovely,' he whispered.

I kissed him softly on the crown of his head and feigned interest in the movie. The movie hadn't even got halfway when I realised that Rayne wasn't awake anymore. I quietly switched the TV off and took my shirt off as I hated sleeping with shirts on. I cuddled him to me and spooned him and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, I was almost shocked to feel that Rayne wasn't in my arms anymore.

'Rayne?' I called out.

'Down here, sweetie!'

As I neared where his voice came from, the familiar sizzling of bacon and the smell of egg welcomed me. He likes slasher movies, had a huge appetite AND cooked? He could very well be the dictionary definition of flawless.

Sure enough, the Queen was slaving himself over the stove cooking breakfast. I walked up behind him, grabbed him by the waist and kissed him on his neck.

'Thank you, beautiful,' I mumbled.

'You're welcome, handsome.'

He turned off the stove and turned to face me. He wrapped his arms around my neck and leaned in to kiss me, his familiar lips tasting still as sweet as they did the first time. I pushed him against the counter as our passionate kissing turned more serious. My hand groped that sexy ass of his and my tongue dashed into his mouth, quickly massaging his tongue with mine.

His feint moans and grunts turned me on and I soon found myself pitching a tent downstairs. Our passion was so loud that I didn't hear someone come through the front door.


I broke my kiss with Rayne and looked over to see my mother standing there with a look of shock on her face.

'Mum? What are you doing here?'

'I-I came back early because...' She didn't finish what she was saying. She was still in shock.

'I'm really sorry,' Rayne apologised as he tried to yank down the jersey he was wearing.

'Mum, I can explain, this-'

Mum held her hand up as if to tell me to stop. Rayne kind of cowered behind me as we both watched my Mum stand as still as a statue, staring at the both of us as if we were aliens from another planet.

'Mum?' I tried once more.

She turned sharply on her heel and left the room immediately.



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