Chapter Eight

I woke with a start at the feeling of my bed shaking. I didn't know what was happening. For a moment I thought I was on a ship in rough water but that was stupid, I was in my room.

When I opened my eyes the sun was almost blinding. Someone had opened the curtains and the bright rays shone directly on my face. I groaned and tried to turn over but then I felt the shaking again. It was stronger this time. Was someone bouncing on my bed?

"Come on, wake up bro," I heard Ryan's excited voice.

"What the fuck?" I asked, turning to look at him, having to sit up slightly.

"Happy Birthday!" Ryan grinned.

"What time is it?" I asked.


"It's fucking Saturday," I moaned.

"And it's your birthday so get up and open your presents," Ryan said, putting his hand on my shoulder. He pushed at me over and over again until I sat up in frustration and glared at him.

"You couldn't have let me sleep a few more hours?" I asked.

"Nope," Ryan smiled.

"Why the fuck not?"

"Because it's payback time, bitch," Ryan laughed.


"Don't you remember? This is exactly what you used to do to me every fucking birthday and Christmas without fail. You'd run into my room, bounce up and down on my bed, screaming at me, and you wouldn't leave me alone until I got up and opened everything. Not nice, is it?"

"Did I really do that?" I asked.

"Yeah, you were an annoying little shit but I let you get away with it because you're my bro."

"I don't remember that."

"You did it 'til you were like twelve," Ryan laughed.

"Fuck off!" I laughed back.

"Okay, maybe you were ten."

"So what have you got me?" I asked.

"What makes you think I've got you something?" Ryan smiled.

"If you've woken me up and you don't have a present waiting for me to open your ass better get out now before I beat it."

"Ooh, look who's a big man now. You really think you could take me in a fight?"

"I'd whoop your scrawny ass," I smiled.

"In your dreams, bro," Ryan chuckled. "Speaking of which, your sheets look dry. No dreams of Jake last night?"

"Yeah, but..." I stammered.

"Oh right, yeah, you drained your balls all over your sheets before you changed them. I bet you didn't have anything left in you. I hope you do for tonight," Ryan smiled.

"What the fuck does that mean?" I asked, wearily.

"Relax, I haven't got you a hooker for your party tonight if that's what you're thinking. But I did get you something."

Ryan had the biggest grin I'd ever seen on his face as he reached down behind him to where my present lay on the floor. He handed me the rectangular box and sat at the edge of my bed waiting for me to open it.

I slid my finger under the fold in the paper and pulled the tape away so I could open it. I don't know why but I always opened presents carefully, even though I always threw the paper away afterwards.

When I had the paper off the box and tossed it to one side I stared down at the gift in confusion. It was some kind of thick tube with a strange round rubber end that had a hole in the middle of it.

"What is it?" I asked, holding it up, looking at Ryan.

"It's a fleshlight," he smiled. "You put your dick in that hole and fuck it like you would a pussy, or in your case an ass. It's much better than your hand."

I stared at him in shock. He just looked back at me, never once letting the smile slip from his face.

"Thanks..." I said, not really knowing what else to say.

Ryan laughed, "You'll be more enthusiastic with that thanks later once you've tried it. Believe me they're good. I just thought maybe you'd want to be able to fuck something other than your fist when you're fantasising about fucking Jake or that other guy you've got the hots for."

I blushed. It felt so wrong talking to my brother about those kinds of things but at the same time I was comfortable with it. There was no judgement from him. He accepted me for who I am and actually tried to help me. Even if I didn't think one brother should ever buy another sex toys.

"Do you want your other gift?" Ryan asked.

"You got me something else?" I asked.

"Of course I did. I had to cover both bases..." he let that statement linger for a moment as he reached down for another rectangular box much like the first.

I quickly unwrapped it and my mouth hung open in shock when I looked down at the picture on the box.

"You bought me a dildo?" I questioned in disbelief.

"Yeah," Ryan smiled, "so now whether you're a top or a bottom at least you have something to play with to make it seem more real when you think about fucking Jake or him fucking you."

"Shit," I sighed. "This is getting weird now."

"Oh relax, bro," Ryan said. "We're all sexual. We all wanna fuck someone. I'm just trying to help you out."

"Have you ever used one?" I asked.

"What, the fleshlight or the dildo?" Ryan replied.

"Both," I smiled.

"I've used a fleshlight a few times but I've never had to use a dildo."

That was a weird thing to say. What did he mean he'd never HAD to use a dildo? Who HAS to use one? I expected a straight no. My mind immediately went back to what I'd heard him say on the phone about him and Marcus. I was pretty sure they'd had sex but I never dreamed Ryan would have been the bottom. Was that what he meant with that comment? That he never had to use a dildo because if and when he got fucked it had been by a real dick and not a rubber one?

I let the thought slip from my mind because it wasn't the right time to ask him about it but I knew I would have to broach the subject sooner or later.

"How much did you spend?" I asked.

"You can't ask that, they're presents," Ryan said.

"Expensive ones no doubt," I replied.

"I'm not gonna buy you something cheap and nasty if you're supposed to put your dick in it or put it up your ass," Ryan laughed.

"You shouldn't have," I said.

"Don't give me that shit," Ryan said. "I didn't get you a damn thing when I was away at college. Sure I sent you a card but it was too expensive to send gifts home so just call this making up for the last four years."

I smiled. "And what do I tell Mom when she asks what you got me?"

"Don't worry," Ryan smiled. "I got you something else I can give you in front of Mom. She'll never know you have those so long as you keep them hidden. You've got some lube right?"

I looked away from him and he laughed, reaching over toward my bedside drawers. I quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back and he laughed even harder because that gave him all the answer he needed. If I didn't have anything to hide I wouldn't have stopped him. Part of me felt so stupid because there wasn't much we hadn't shared or seen in the last few days.

"I'll leave you to get better acquainted with those," Ryan winked. "Mom's cooking breakfast downstairs so come down when you're ready."

"Why is she up already on her day off?" I asked.

"She's got to go into work for a couple of hours. There's some kind of emergency. She sounded real pissed off when she talked to them on the phone so come down and cheer her up."

Ryan left and I heard him go into the bathroom. I got up and put my two new 'toys' between boxers of shoes in the back of my closet. I then threw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and headed downstairs.

"Happy Birthday, hon," Mom said when she saw me as I slipped onto a stool at our little breakfast bar.

"Thanks Mom," I smiled.

"I have to go into work this morning," she said, sadly, "but your dad will be here. He wants to take you somewhere so I know you'll be fine. We'll have lunch together when we all get back and then we'll be going to your Aunt's tonight while you have your friends round. Ryan has assured me it will a small gathering rather than a party."

"If I have anything to do with it then it will be. You know I don't like a fuss," I said.

"I do," she smiled, "that's why I love you."

Mom came over and kissed me on the forehead. She placed a huge breakfast in front of me with pretty much everything I liked, from bacon, sausage and egg to pancakes and fruit juice. I gave her a quick hug and ate it while it was still hot.

Just as I was finishing my breakfast my dad walked in and ruffled my already messy hair as he wished me Happy Birthday. Ryan entered too with his hair wet so I knew he'd taken a shower. They all smiled and presented me with my cards and gifts. I got some nice clothes, including an awesome jacket from my parents, a gift card for a bookstore from my grandparents and some money from other relatives. Ryan then handed me his gift and I was kind of worried opening it with what he'd already got me but it turned out to be a video game that had just come out that I really wanted but didn't have the money to buy. I thanked him and gave him a big hug.

"Don't be hiding that gift," Ryan whispered. "I'm gonna be playing on it all morning while you're out with Dad."

I laughed as I pushed Ryan away. We always liked and played the same games and we loved battling each other in multiplayers, no matter where he was living. It was one of the ways we stayed so close while he was away. As long as we had WIFI we were happy.

With breakfast and presents done Mom headed off to work after giving me another kiss, this time on the cheek, and Dad went upstairs to grab a shower. Before I could say anything Ryan pulled the game out of my hand and ran upstairs with it. I chased him until we were in his bedroom, wrestling over it. Eventually we both gave in and slotted it into his Playstation. Once it had loaded we selected the multiplayer and spent the next hour commanding our little armies to fire shots at each other.

Washed and ready, Dad put his head in the door and asked if I was going with him. I smiled and said yes. He went downstairs while I quickly finished up with Ryan and went to take a quick shower. I combed my hair and put on some pants with one of my new tops and went down to meet him.

We walked out and got in his car. We didn't say much as he drove and when we pulled up outside a camping shop I turned and looked at him in confusion.

"I know how much you love camping and fishing and I think now you need your own tent and rod so you can go away with your friends whenever you want and never have to ask to borrow anything," Dad smiled.

I smiled back and we went inside. I loved seeing all the gear that was available but backed away seeing some of the prices. Dad was just as enthusiastic as I was and I was happy to know that he knew I loved camping, not just for the outdoors but for the atmosphere when you're out in the wilderness with friends and nothing to distract you. It feels stripped back and pure in a way nothing else does.

After about an hour, with a new two man tent, a beautiful dark blue fishing rod, a canvas folding chair, a cooler and a camping stove, we went back out to the car and loaded it all into the trunk. I knew I had to plan a trip as soon as possible, hoping me, Ryan, Jake and Marcus could have a repeat of our fun last summer.

When we got home we saw that Mom's car was back in the driveway so we went inside to show her everything we'd got. She seemed happy with it all and like Dad encouraged me to plan a trip soon to test it all out. Were they trying to get rid of me or something?

I went back upstairs and saw that Ryan was still playing on the game, only this time in single player mode. I thought about joining him when I heard my phone beeping in my bedroom and realized I hadn't taken it with me. I went in to pick it up and saw that I had nearly a dozen messages from people wishing me happy birthday, including Emily who said she'd be round to see me later. I was disappointed when none of the texts were from Jake.

Just as I set my phone down on my desk it beeped again. I smiled, thinking it was Jake, but when I clicked to light up the screen it came up with a text from an unknown number. I was intrigued so I opened the text and my jaw nearly hit the floor.

It was a picture message with "Happy Birthday x" written underneath a photo of Tyler wearing nothing but a black zip-up hoodie. The hood was pulled up over his head so you couldn't see his eyes but he had a beautiful smile on his face and a dusting of stubble over his jaw that made him look even hotter than he had when I'd seen him the day before. The zipper was all the way down and the two sides had been pulled apart to show his big, round pecs and his hard, firm abs; all six, or was that eight, looked so lickable I felt my tongue tingle. He was so fucking sexy. But that wasn't the best part. The best part was his completely uncovered, unobscured seven and a half inch erection that rose from his neatly trimmed pubes all the way to his belly button. There was no visible scar or even difference in color despite the fact he was cut. A dark blue vein ran up the entire length, only disappearing when it reached the beautiful pink, spongy head that glistened with a hint of precum. And his big thighs were spread too like he was inviting me to get down between them, put my hands on them even, while I took that gorgeous cock in my mouth and sucked it until he came down my throat. I was so hard it hurt.

I quickly saved the picture to my files, knowing I would want to look at it later, and was going to close my inbox when my phone beeped again and another message came through from the same number.

"What do you think? Can you honestly tell me you don't want me? Is your mouth watering at the sight of my cock? It's hard for you, Evan. I'm thinking about fucking you and I'm so hard. I want you. I'd give you a birthday present you'd never forget. Just say the words. Tyler. X"

Fuck. I was so tempted to text back. I couldn't tell him I didn't want him because it wasn't true. I wanted him so bad. I wanted to lick every inch of his body, of those incredible abs and pecs. I wanted to suck on that cock and then climb up and slide my ass down on it, fucking myself on it. I didn't care if he was an asshole I just wanted him to fuck me.

I don't know what stopped me but instead of replying I saved his number, closed the messages and tossed my phone on my bed. For the next hour I went back and played the game with Ryan, wanting to forget about Tyler or that Jake hadn't text me yet. It worked.

Mom called us down for lunch and we all ate a meal together, chatting happily. Then Mom pulled out a birthday cake with candles on the top and I blushed as they all sang Happy Birthday badly. It took a long, hard breath to blow out all of the candles in one go but I managed it and felt even more embarrassed when they all started clapping. I made a wish but I knew it wouldn't come true. It didn't stop me hoping I was wrong though.

A couple of hours later my parents were just about to leave when the doorbell rang and my brother went to answer it. I watched him as he headed to the door, trying to see who it was. When Ryan pulled open the door it blocked my view of the person who had rang the bell but it didn't stop me from seeing the wide-eyed look on Ryan's face. I kept watching him and saw him lick his lips and then he appeared to be fidgeting a little as he spoke to whoever it was. When Emily came into view I was surprised but I couldn't stop a knowing smile from creeping onto my face as she walked toward me and Ryan's eyes followed her.

"Happy Birthday," she said, bending down to kiss me. Ryan's eyes were on her ass.

I hugged her and slid my hand down her back until my hand was almost on the back of her pants. I looked over her shoulder at Ryan and when his eyes met mine he blushed and I chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Emily asked, pulling back.

"I was just thinking about what you said you'd get me for my birthday," I smiled.

"Yeah, I didn't have the money to rent your favorite gay porn star for the night so I just got you a subscription to his site for the next year," Emily said right in front of my parents. I could have died.

"We'll er... see you two tomorrow," my Mom said, clearly uncomfortable. She walked over to me and kissed my cheek. "Have a great night, Ev."

"Thanks Mom, you too."

With that Mom and Dad left. We heard their car doors close and the sound of the car engine starting and then pulling away. Ryan had gone back upstairs when Emily pulled a present from her bag and handed it to me. It was a really nice sweater. I held it up in front of me to see it and something fell out of it. I looked down at the floor and there was a DVD that was clearly homemade. I picked it up.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Put it in and find out," Emily grinned.

I led the way as we climbed the stairs to my room and as soon as we were there I closed the door and went over to my DVD player to load Emily's disk. It took a few moments before anything appeared on screen but when it did I gasped.

There on my 32 inch TV, seeming larger than life, was the very dick I had seen in the photo Tyler sent me earlier. My own cock was instantly hard in my pants. How the fuck had Emily got a video of Tyler's dick?

"What is this?" I asked.

"Keep watching," Emily smiled.

The camera zoomed in on Tyler's cock, following that dark vein from the base all the way up to the precum soaked tip. I could hardly believe my eyes. His body looked even more incredible than it had in the photo. There was a slight sheen of sweat building and little hairs were visible too. Every time he breathed in his abs would tighten, looking better than ever. I thought for a moment it was just a video Tyler had filmed himself but he was stood upright with his hands by his side or on his hips and the camera was moving. Someone was filming him.

Suddenly Tyler reached down and took the camera in his hands. As he pulled it up it trailed up his body, over his abs, stopping at his incredible pecs. It never went high enough to show his face but after the picture I saw earlier there was no denying it was him.

We kept watching as the camera was turned around and then tilted until most of Tyler's awesome body and that beautiful cock was on display. It looked so good. I wanted to reach out and touch it, to drop to my knees and suck it.

Just as those thoughts were spinning through my head and my dick was throbbing, Emily leaned in and whispered, "Watch."

I did as she said and gasped as a hand appeared on screen. It was big, with thick fingers and just a hint of hair on the back. That wasn't a woman's hand, it was a man's.

My heartbeat picked up speed until it was pounding in my chest and I could hear that my breathing had turned into a rapid pant. The hand moved toward Tyler's dick and then slowly wrapped around the shaft and began stroking up and down the length, squeezing a little tighter around the head forcing drop after drop of precum to rise from the slit.

I heard Tyler's moan of pleasure and it made my dick throb. It was so deep and manly. I wanted to be the one making that noise come out of him.

The stroking on screen picked up until it was a full on hand job, rubbing up and down the length of Tyler's cock, the thumb and forefinger occasionally circling the head. After another minute, a second hand came into view and started playing with Tyler's balls. His cock throbbed and just briefly the camera wavered before steadying again.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the guy jerking Tyler's cock pulled the dick down so it was at a 90 degree angle, sticking straight out from Tyler's body, and leaned in to lick around the head. The stubble on his chin confirmed it was a man for sure.

"Fuck..." I muttered as the tongue lapped at the precum that had begun to run down Tyler's cock.

I heard Emily giggle beside me but I was too engrossed in what was on screen as Tyler's dick slipped between the plump lips. I was so jealous of whoever it was who was sucking Tyler's cock, wanting to be the one on my knees for the hunk.

The biggest shock came when the camera panned out and the whole face of the guy sucking Tyler's dick came into view for the first time. I know my eyes went wide and I nearly came in my pants. It was Joseph Brooks, one of Tyler's teammates from the football team and one of the hottest, most sought after guys in school. He was a total stud who had fucked countless girls, even in the school itself, getting caught by one of the teachers. And there he was on his knees, going to town on Tyler's dick, bobbing his head up and down and swallowing six inches of cock with an ease that said it wasn't the first time he had done it.

The way Joe worked that cock made it clear he had sucked it before. He twisted his head from side to side as he moved up and down the shaft and played with the balls that weren't really visible from the angle the video was recorded from, the result being a constant string of moans and whimpers from Tyler. Joe was working him over good, knowing exactly what spot to tease with his tongue to make Tyler howl.

One of Tyler's big hands made its way down onto Joe's head, grabbing a handful of hair so he could pull the face back. Joe looked right up at Tyler and the camera with the head of Tyler's cock resting on his tongue. There was total lust in his eyes and his lips curled into a smile. Tyler then pulled his cock out of Joe's mouth and slapped it against his cheeks a few times before shoving back in as he began to fuck his teammates face.

It wasn't long until Tyler's moans grew louder and his thrusts got quicker. It was clear he was about to cum and it was even clearer that Joe wanted every drop of that spunk.

With his mouth open and his head tilted toward the camera, Joe braced himself as the first shots of Tyler's cum rocketed into his mouth, landing right on his tongue and filling his mouth. Three big, strong shots fired off into Joe's mouth and then Tyler pulled his cock free and pumped another three shots out that sprayed all over Joe's face.

Joe continued to look up at the camera covered in cum. It was literally dripping off his nose and chin. He smiled up at Tyler and winked before he swallowed what was in his mouth. Tyler then took his dick in his hand and rubbed it around Joe's face, collecting as much cum as he could before shoving it back in the eager mouth. Only when most of the cum has been pushed back into Joe's mouth did the screen turn to black and the DVD ended.

"I can't fucking believe that," I said to Emily, desperately trying not to reach down to stroke my own impossibly hard cock.

"Hot, huh?" Emily grinned.

"I can't believe that was Joe fucking Brooks on his knees sucking cock," I said, still in disbelief.

"I know," Emily smiled. "He's such a stud. And he's so good in bed."

"You've fucked him?" I asked.

"Yeah, how do you think I got the tape?"

"What? Did he show it to you?" I asked.

"No, are you joking?" Emily laughed.

"Then how did you get it?"

"It was on his laptop. He fell asleep after he fucked me and his computer was still on so I thought I'd go online until he woke up and maybe wanted to go again," Emily smiled. "When he didn't wake up I got curious about his taste in music and stuff so I went into his folders and found that video with some others of him fucking girls and a load of pictures of him naked. I thought you'd love to see it so I emailed it to myself and burned it to disc."

"So he doesn't know you've seen it?"


"And you haven't shown it to anyone else?"

"No. Who he fucks is his business, so don't tell anyone you've seen it either."

"I won't," I smiled but I still couldn't believe I'd seen him sucking Tyler's dick.

"I just wish I knew who he was sucking. The guy never speaks and you don't see his face. He's damn hot though," Emily giggled.

Wow, she didn't know it was Tyler. I was thinking about telling her when the doorbell rang and Ryan called from the hall to say he'd get it. We quickly powered off the DVD player and turned the TV off. I was still hard, hoping it would go soft soon, as we walked toward my door.

Emily headed downstairs while I held back for a moment willing my dick to go down, but all I could think about was how I didn't think Tyler was lying anymore. There had always been a doubt in my mind, even with everything he said and did, even with the picture he sent. I thought maybe it was all just a ploy to have something to hold over Jake. But after seeing him getting his dick sucked by a guy and obviously loving it, I wondered if he really did just want to have sex with me because he liked sex with guys and he liked me. I even felt a sense of pride that he wanted me when he had someone as hot as Joe Brooks willing to suck his dick. Maybe they even fucked. Damn, that thought just made my dick throb harder.

"Evan," Ryan called. "Jake's here."

To Be Continued...


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