Chapter Two

Monday morning, I woke up with a raging hard on. I reached down under the covers and slid my hand into my boxers to run my fingers over the hard shaft. It was sticky from the precum I was leaking. I wasn't sure what I'd been dreaming about but it must have been good. Usually I would remember my sex dreams and would think about them during the day whenever I saw whichever guy appeared in them, always someone from school. One day I got hard in class when I kept glancing at Damien Jacques, one of the hot football players, after I had a dream about him pounding his fat cock into me in the locker room, drilling me against his locker, my legs wrapped around his waist, his big arms holding me up, bouncing me up and down on his dick. I was so embarrassed when the bell rang and we were supposed to stand to leave the class. Not wanting to show myself up by the tent in my pants I asked the teacher to explain the answer to a question I pretended to struggle with just so I could get soft enough to leave. I was so horny that night I shot off three loads thinking about Damien.

The image of his awesome body came into my head again so I pushed the covers off me and shoved my boxers down, taking them off completely but keeping them near so I could blow my load into them. I started stroking my cock. As I stroked down I thrust up, lifting my ass off the mattress, fucking up into my fist, thinking alternately about fucking his ass and him fucking mine. I was moaning pretty loud, nothing mattering to me at that moment in time but the huge load I was about to shoot. With a final grunt I bit my lip, arched my back and exploded. My cum splashed against my neck, landed on my chest and then dribbled down onto my abs as I lay panting. I was still covered in cum when my brother knocked on the door once and opened it, sticking his head inside.

"Oh good, you're done. You might want to clean yourself up. Jake's downstairs," Ryan smiled.

"What?" I asked, scrambling around, trying to not spill the cum all over my bed whilst attempting to cover my softening cock so my brother wouldn't see it, even though it was far too late. I felt so embarrassed that he caught me jerking off but I had nothing to be ashamed of, we both knew we did it. In fact he was the one who told me what to do to get myself off because I was hard all the time when I first hit puberty. Hell, he gave me a bottle of lube for my fourteenth birthday with a note saying "enjoy but don't let Mom find it!"

"Jake's folks left for work early so he came over here for breakfast. He thought you'd be up but I don't think he was referring to that bit of you," Ryan winked.

"Fuck off!" I laughed, expecting him to leave. When he didn't, I said, "Do you want to get the fuck out so I can wipe this shit off me?"

I picked up the boxers and used them to start wiping the cum from my chest and abs. Ryan was almost out the door when he turned back.

"I'm surprised you're not licking it off, or does it only turn you on when it's someone else's cum?"

The grin on his face made it hard for me not to laugh but I put on a serious expression and then launched my cum stained boxers across the room. His eyes went wide but he didn't have time to move before they smashed into his face.

"Gross, you little fucker," Ryan laughed, throwing my boxers back at me. "I see you've graduated from tighty whities to real man boxers. I think you're gonna wanna grab a quick shower or you're gonna be sticky all day."

"Will you fuck off already?"

He was trying to hold back the laughter now. "You need to get used to this kind of thing if you're going to college, bro, there's no privacy in those dorms. Get used to being caught with your cock in your hand, or I guess in your case someone else's. I'll go down and keep your lover company, oh sorry, your dream lover. Does he know you moan his name when you cum?"

I just stared at him.

"Yeah, I heard you in the shower the other day."

Instead of showing how embarrassed I was by being caught jerking off, not just once but twice, by my big brother, I started walking toward him with purpose and put my arms out. "Come on, Ry, give me a hug to say good morning."

"Oh fuck no!" Ryan said as he ran from the room and I gave chase.

He nearly jumped down the stairs to get away from me and I was about half way down when I realized I was naked and still had some cum drying on my body. I ran back upstairs, into the bathroom and started the water running. I was just about to step into the shower when the bathroom door opened.

"Oh, and don't forget to wash that cum off your neck," Ryan laughed in a voice that was so loud I was sure Mom and Jake heard downstairs.

He slammed the door shut before I could reply so I just shook my head and took a quick shower, drying off and getting dressed as quick as I could so I wouldn't leave Jake waiting downstairs for too long without me. I was worried about what Ryan might say to him if he got the chance.

I walked into the kitchen with my hair still wet but combed and sat down across from Jake. He was eating from a bowl of cereal and looked up at me with a grin that made my stomach tighten just a little. He was so beautiful. I cursed myself for having those feelings for him when I knew they would never be returned. He was perfect in so many ways, except the one that really counted, he liked women.

I grabbed the plate of food my mom put in front of me and ate it in between little bits of general conversation with Jake. When Ryan joined us he didn't stop smiling and kept nodding his head in Jake's direction as if telling me to confess my feelings to him. With Jake looking away, talking to my mom about his own parents, I gave Ryan the one finger salute and he just walked off laughing.

When we were done Jake and I said goodbye to mom and headed out to his car for the ride to school.

"What was with Ryan?" Jake asked once he was behind the wheel.

"What do you mean?"

"He was grinning like an idiot the whole time we were having breakfast. Something's going on."

I smiled. So Jake wasn't so oblivious to what was going on around him. Suddenly I felt wary that he already knew how I felt about him and couldn't have missed it, but then I was eased by the realization that if he did know and had a problem with it we wouldn't be sitting where we were. He knew I was gay and that I sometimes got hard when we wrestled, being so close to his amazing body, so he definitely knew I thought he was hot. I guess it was just never an issue for him because the feelings weren't returned and I respected that and never tried to come on to him.

"It's just Ry being Ry. You know what brothers are like," I said.

"Yeah, but Marcus can be such a dick sometimes."

"Ryan's a dick most of the time but I still love him."

"Maybe that's why," Jake said, trying to conceal a grin.

"What is?"

"Why you and Ryan get on so well."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"He's a dick... and you know... you're gay..."

"Fuck off!" I said, punching his arm

He cracked up at that and had the biggest smile on his face. God that smile was amazing. His teeth were so perfect and white. Suddenly the car came to a screeching halt and my head nearly hit the dashboard.

"What the fuck?" I asked, still reeling.

Instead of hearing a reply I heard Jake undo his seatbelt and jump out of the car. I looked up through the windshield and saw Tyler stood on the sidewalk laughing. I scrambled around a bit but finally got out of the car.

"What kind of fucking idiot are you?" Jake screamed. "You could have made my crash my fucking car."

"Maybe you should pay more attention to the road instead of playing puppy dog eyes with you boyfriend there," Tyler smirked, pointing at me.

Jake stepped up and got right in his face, this time their noses were touching and Tyler pushed his forehead against Jake's like he was daring him to do something.

"You think you're so fucking big, don't you?" Jake said. "What the hell is your problem, Tyler? Are you so jealous of me that you want to hurt me now?"

Tyler stepped back and smiled. "If I wanted to hurt you I'd have done it already. I prefer watching you squirm, knowing you can't do anything to me or you'll get kicked off the wrestling team and won't get your shot at All State. You know you're gonna flake it, right? You'll tank just when it matters and everyone will see you just like I do; a pumped up bitch who belongs on his back, just like his boyfriend."

I saw Jake react to that and jumped between the two of them, putting my hands on Jake's shoulders to push him back, glad I carried the muscle and weight I did or he would have just brushed me aside.

"Leave it, he's not worth it," I said.

"Yeah, run along Jakey. Be a good boyfriend and do as your girl says."

I spun around quickly and my fist connected with Tyler's jaw, catching him off guard. He fell pretty hard to the ground and just stared up at me in shock. I turned back to Jake and motioned with my head to get in the car. He was as stunned as Tyler was but followed me until we were back in the car, driving into the school parking lot leaving Tyler clutching his jaw on the sidewalk.

"I can't believe you did that," Jake said as he parked.

"I'm sick of him always making out like I'm a fucking girl. He got what he deserved," I said.

"Yeah, he did, but aren't you worried?" Jake asked.

"About what? I'm not on a team to get kicked off of. What's the worst they can do? Suspend me for a few days? Besides, he's not gonna tell anyone I knocked him on his ass, he's got too much macho pride for that."

"Just watch your back, Ev. He'll be out for your blood now."

I laughed off Jake's suggestion but I knew he was right. Tyler would definitely come after me now, especially if I left a mark on his oh so pretty face. I didn't regret punching him even though my hand was aching and I would happily do it again but I'd made myself a target. There was no guarantee it would just be him either. I could have the whole football team out for revenge. What a great way to start the week.

Tyler's words really bothered me. Being gay, I hate when others use it as an insult, especially when they direct it at straight guys like there's nothing worse they could be. I didn't know if Tyler knew the truth about me but I didn't appreciate his words or his tone, not least because I was anything but a girl and never acted like one.

As Jake and I walked toward the school building we were joined by our other best friend, Emily. We had known her since elementary school and she was the only person I knew who could outwrestle Jake. She wasn't butch or masculine in the slightest and was probably one of the hottest girls in our year but the girl knew how to handle herself and had a real gift she never wanted to use.

"Did you really knock Tyler out?" she asked, looking at my slightly bruised fist.

"What?" I said, surprised.

"That's what I heard."

"From who?"

"Some kid who saw you get out of Jake's car and smack Tyler in the face."

I laughed, "Well, I did that after he called me Jake's girlfriend but I didn't knock him out, just down."

"I'm impressed, although you know he's gonna try to get even, right?"

"I warned him about that," Jake said.

"He's not gonna do anything," I said as we walked through the doors into the halls. "If he starts a fight with me he'll get thrown off the football team, he knows that."

"And what if he tries to get back at you in some other way?" Emily asked.

"Like what?"

"One of his stupid pranks, embarrass you in front of the whole school."

"Let him try," I said.

We each headed to our lockers and grabbed our things before saying goodbye and heading to our first classes. It was only when I was walking through the halls alone that I started to think about what Jake and Emily said. If Tyler did want revenge he was going to get it while I was alone. My mind then went back to Friday when he was standing outside my house. What if he didn't try anything in school, knowing the shit he could get into if he did? There was nothing stopping him from coming to my house to kick the crap out of me.

That was all I thought about for the whole of the first class. Two of my friends even tried talking to me to see what was wrong but I just shrugged them off. When the bell rang to end the class I didn't even know what the teacher had said and hadn't made any notes, knowing I'd have to suck up to the friends I'd just ignored to get a copy of theirs. When I left the classroom an arm immediately went around my waist and I jumped, ready to attack when I heard the laugh.

"Relax, Ev," Emily smiled. "Momma's here to protect you."

I tried to shrug her off and hated the way she spoke in that baby voice but she pulled me closer and started tickling me on my side right where she knew it would get me. I was almost doubled over laughing when she let go and I stood up to see Tyler glaring at me from across the hall. He had a couple of his buddies with him but they were laughing and joking around completely oblivious to me, only Tyler seemed to even notice I was there. Even so he never moved to do anything he just continued to stare me down. I noticed a mark on his face from where my fist connected with his jaw but it hadn't really bruised in any way that would be noticeable to anyone who didn't know about the incident.

I decided to play up on him watching me so I put my arm around Emily and kissed her cheek, never once taking my eyes off Tyler, "Come on, babe, let's go to class."

She moved her arm so it was around my back and rubbed her head against my neck like a cat using a scratching post. If that's what girls thought was sexy I was glad to be gay.

"Did you see the look on his face?" Emily asked when we were down the hall away from Tyler. "He either wants to kill you or fuck you."

"Don't say shit like that," I said.

"Why? Are you telling me you wouldn't?"

"With Tyler? The guy's a total douche."

"Yeah, but he's a hot douche."

"Really? You think Tyler's hot?"

"Don't you? Ignore the guy inside and just look at that body. He's gorgeous."

"You're such a slut..."

"And you're a frigid bitch who's just jealous that I've had hot boyfriends and you haven't."

"You honestly call them boyfriends? How long did your longest relationship last?"

"'Til around breakfast."

I cracked up at that and we both had a huge smile on our faces. That was one of the things I loved about Emily, we could joke around with each other and even throw back and forth little insults because we knew how to take it and that there was never any harm intended. We headed into class and sat down. With Emily by my side the problem I had in the previous class was gone and I took in everything.

The rest of the morning went along as normal and soon I was sitting in the cafeteria with Jake and Emily on either side of me. As we were eating and talking there was a bit of a commotion by the entrance and we turned to see Tyler and a couple of their jock buddies pushing a couple of smaller kids out of the way to get to the front of the line for food. The guy was such a total dick. I looked down at my hand, seeing the marks that had been left there by his face, and I was so happy I had punched him earlier. I even felt myself wanting to get up to do it again in front of everyone.

When he had his food he turned around and barged another kid out of the way, almost making him spill his food. He walked along laughing until his eyes stopped on me and his face was suddenly serious. His buddies had all sat down at their table but he just stared at me for about 30 seconds before finally joining his friends. The whole time he was eating his eyes kept boring into me like he was mentally piercing my body with whatever weapon he had chosen to kill me with. Jake and Emily noticed it too.

"Ignore him, Ev," Jake said. "His ego is a little bruised, just like his chin, that's all."

"I'm not worried," I replied. "I just hate not knowing."

"Not knowing what?" Emily asked.

"If he's going to do something to me... I want to tell him to just do it. Get in my face. Punch me. All this staring crap is doing my head in and it's only been a couple of hours."

"That's exactly why he's doing it," Jake said. "You heard him earlier. He said he prefers watching me squirm rather than actually doing anything. It'll be the same with you. He's probably got a hard on under the table thinking about how he's fucking with your mind."

The staring continued until I got up, put my tray away and walked out of the cafeteria. We headed outside and sat on a patch of grass just chatting as we always did. There were a couple of comments from kids who had heard what had happened with me and Tyler, some telling me how great it was and others saying how he was going to kick my ass. I just shrugged those off and didn't think about it too much.

It wasn't until my final period, as I was walking toward the locker room for Phys Ed or Gym class, whatever you want to call it, that I realized I shared the class with Tyler. I can't say the thought scared me but it certainly made me pause, wondering what would happen if I was cornered with no one around.

"Hey, Cooper, what are you doing just standing there?" I was startled hearing my last name in the Phys Ed teacher's booming voice, not knowing he was behind me. He was also the football coach.

"Oh, I was just..." I stuttered.

"Is this about what happened with Goodwin?"

"You know about that?" I asked, shocked.

"Come on, Cooper, did you really think something like you punching Goodwin and knocking him on his ass wasn't gonna get back to me?"

"Shit..." I mumbled under my breath and then said, "Am I in trouble?"

"If you were you'd have been called in to see the principal already."

"So you're not going to do anything?"

"No," he said, sternly. "You didn't punch him in school so it's outside of my control. If you'd have injured him it might have been different but he's fine. Don't do it again. Whatever is going on with you two, sort it out before I'm forced to."

Coach put his hand on my back, pushing me toward the locker room. I walked through the door and heard a few conversations stop when some of the guys saw me and then spun around to look at Tyler to see what his reaction was. I felt Coach push on my back again so I just ignored the stares and headed over to my locker.

"Alright you punks," Coach called out, "you've got ninety seconds to get your gear on and get out on that field. Anyone who doesn't make it there on time is going to start me off with twenty laps of the track. And for those of you who can't count, that's 8000 metres."

Heads snapped to attention at that and everyone scrambled around to make sure they were ready. I knew I probably wouldn't be ready on time but I still changed as fast as I could. Almost everyone had left the locker room by the time I headed to the exit. I was almost through the door when Tyler appeared in the doorway, blocking my way out.

"I'll get you later, Evan," Tyler growled.

He quickly turned and ran out onto the field. My heart was pounding in my chest and I wondered what he was going to do. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Coach appeared behind me.

"What did I tell you, Cooper?" he said.

"Sorry, Sir, I..."

"Just this once you get a free pass. Besides, I've seen you on the track and 8000 metres wouldn't exactly be punishment would it?"

"No Sir," I smiled.

"Cocky little fucker, get out there."

I laughed and jogged out onto the field to join the rest of the class.

Most of the session was just the same old crap as normal until Coach gathered us all around. "Okay boys, listen up. You know from watching me coach or from playing for me that teamwork is one of the most important things you can ever master in life. You don't have to be on a sports field to be part of a team. Those of you who plan on working in offices or with other people need to learn to trust and rely on those around you to get a job done. It's important for all of you and it's what we're going to practice today. We've set up various obstacle courses in the sports hall so get your asses over there. You'll be paired up with people you wouldn't necessarily mix with normally and you'll be handicapped in one way or another, whether that means you're tied together, blindfolded or have to take an item with you that cannot touch the ground. You must work together. Any team that fails will end the session with ten laps of the track."

We all nodded and headed over to the hall. When we got there the assistant coach greeted us with a list of names and loads of props. He started calling names out, making the guys gather together before giving them a prop and sending them over to one of the obstacle courses. The pairings really were diverse and very few people were happy with who they got teamed with, especially one jock who had to be blindfolded while he relied on one of the nerds to help him out and guide him round.

It was only when the group was down to just eight people that I looked around and saw the guys who also hadn't been paired up yet. I caught Coach's eye while he stood by the door with a strange smirk on his face and then it happened.

"Tyler Goodwin, you'll be paired with Evan Cooper."

"What the fuck? No way am I doing anything with that fucking..."

"Goodwin!" Coach interrupted, striding over toward us. "Listen to me. You were paired with him for a reason. Don't think I don't know what's been happening between you two. I paired you up on purpose so you'd have no choice but to work together and sort out whatever petty shit this is between you. Brody, give them the handcuffs."

My eyes went wide as Coach grabbed a pair of handcuffs from his assistant and quickly snapped them over Tyler's wrist. I didn't have time to react as he reached over, grabbed my own wrist and locked us together.

Tyler and I quickly looked at each other and tried to pull apart but it hurt both of us as the cuffs tightened around our wrists.

"What the fuck, Coach? Is this even legal?" Tyler protested.

"Of course it's fucking legal, it's just a prop. You should be more concerned for the guys who are blindfolded. They have to actually trust their partner."

"Coach, please, can't we have one of the other props?" Tyler continued.

Coach started laughing, "Suck it up, get along and do what's needed here. You'll have to work together or you fail. And boys... I'm the only one with the key to those cuffs so you're not getting out until you learn to work together."

"What if we can't?" I asked.

"You'll have to run the ten laps still cuffed together, and then you really will have to work as a team. Now get your asses over to course three and stop being a couple of whining bitches."

Tyler huffed and let out an annoyed little grunt before he tugged hard on the cuffs, pulling on my arm. Pain shot through my wrist so I yanked back hard and he got right in my face.

"You do that again and I'll punch you a lot harder than you hit me."

"I still knocked your ass down," I said, not backing away.

"You caught me off guard, that's all. Next time you won't be so fucking lucky."

"What is your problem?" I asked. "Do you hate Jake that much you think by hurting me you're hurting him?"

"This has nothing to do with Jake."

"Then you're not jealous of him?"

"Jealous? Of what? Some guy who likes getting all hot and sweaty rolling around with other men? No thanks. That's more your kind of thing."

Coach was suddenly beside us and laid a big paw on each of our shoulders. "Are you two ladies going to do what I said or do you want to go straight out to the track and give me thirty laps?"

"Sorry Coach. Come on, dick," Tyler growled, pulling me by the arm until we were standing in front of our designated course watching two other guys fumble around trying to juggle a basketball between them as they climbed over and across all kinds of apparatus, including a pommel horse and climbing bars, needing to keep both themselves and the ball from touching the floor.

We stood watching as the two guys made it across and high fived when they were successful. The next couple of guys went and had to take a plank of wood with them. They were almost at the end when the plank toppled over, taking the two of them with it as they crashed to the floor. Coach pointed for them to go outside and then turned to us.

"Your turn," he smiled.

Tyler tugged on my arm again as we stepped up to the starting line.

To be continued...


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