Chapter Four

My heart was pounding as I closed my bedroom door and sank back against it until I was sitting on the floor. I didn't know if was because I had just run ten blocks without thinking about it or because of what happened in the showers. Tyler looking at me the way he did freaked me out, but then my reaction to seeing him naked, feeling my own dick get hard... shit, I couldn't like him. Sure he had a hot body but the guy inside it was a douche.

I closed my eyes, drawing in big breaths, trying to calm down, but as my eyelids closed all I saw was the image of Tyler's body, glistening with the water that ran over his firm muscles. I could still picture everything. His arms, his pecs, his incredible abs and that dick, that long dick that I knew had made a whole list of girls scream and beg for more.

A loud knocking on my door made me jump and pulled me quickly out of my thoughts.

"Ev? You okay?"

It was Ryan. I didn't even think about him being home. He must have heard me shout.

I sighed and moved to get up. It was only when I was on my feet that I realized I was hard and my dick was straining against my pants. Fuck. I quickly repositioned myself so it wasn't too obvious and opened my door.

"Hey..." I said, seeing my brother standing there and hating that I sounded nervous and out of breath.

"What's wrong?" he asked. I could see the concern on his face and saw his eyes moving over me.

I quickly turned and looked in the mirror, getting a first glimpse of myself. I was still wet, both from the shower and from sweat. My hair was stuck down around my forehead and my clothes clung tighter than usual to my muscular body. I looked a mess.

"Nothing," I said, trying to shrug Ryan off, hoping he'd let it drop.

"Don't fucking lie to me," he said, shocking me. "You just came pounding up the stairs, slammed your bedroom door and screamed 'what the fuck', that means something's wrong or something happened."

"It's nothing," I repeated, trying to look at him but feeling uncomfortable making eye contact. I knew I could trust Ryan if I confided in him but I really didn't want to think about Tyler, let alone discuss him.

"You're soaking wet," Ryan said. "Did someone do this to you?"

"No. I did it to myself in the showers," I said, only realizing how lame it sounded when the words were out of my mouth. "I ran home."

Ryan looked at me for a moment clearly trying to figure out if I was telling the truth or not. When he seemed to be happy that I was he said, "What happened in the showers? Did someone do something?"

My eyes finally met his and I just stared at him. I was kind of horrified by the implication that he was making of someone doing something to me in the showers. Did he think I'd let someone do anything to me I didn't want?

"Like I said it was nothing," I finally replied.

"Then why did you run home? I thought Jake usually brings you back."

"Oh shit..." I said, picturing Jake sitting in his car waiting for me, wondering where the hell I was. "He'll be waiting for me."

"So call him and tell him you're already here."

"But then he'll wonder why I didn't catch a ride with him," I said, knowing I couldn't tell Jake about Tyler. I quickly rooted around in my bag and found my phone. I had three missed calls, all from Jake.

"He's gonna want to know that anyway, but right now I want to know. You're shaking."

It was true. My hands were trembling as I held them by my sides. I tried to focus on keeping them steady but it wasn't happening. I didn't want to call Jake because it would mean having to lie to him about why I didn't wait for him and I didn't lie to Jake, it wasn't something we did, but I didn't want anything happening between him and Tyler.

"What the fuck happened, Evan?" Ryan asked again.

"What happened with you and Paige?" I spat back.

I had no idea where those words came from I just didn't want to have to talk about Tyler, I wanted to forget what had happened.

Looking at Ryan I could see I had caught him off guard and I'm not sure but I think I might have hurt him. He bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes as if reliving something in his mind. I could see him struggling to make a decision.

"Okay..." he said, sounding defeated, "I get where you're coming from. I'm sorry. I'll give you time. When you want to talk about it I'm just across the hall."

"Same to you," I said, feeling like crap for saying what I had. Ryan clearly wasn't ready to talk and I had kicked him in the balls while he was already hurting. "Right now I just need to sort some things out in my head."

He nodded and slowly left my room, heading back to his own. I noticed that he didn't close the door all the way, but it didn't matter because I had calmed down now and my dick was back to being soft.

I looked down at the phone in my hand and saw yet another missed call from Jake since my phone was on silent. I didn't really want to call him back but I knew I had to. I took a deep breath and hit the button to dial his number.

"Hey Jake," I said when he answered, trying to sound as normal as possible.

"Where are you, Ev? I've been waiting here like fifteen minutes," Jake replied in his deep voice that still made my stomach tighten a little just hearing it.

"I'm at home."

"What? Why are you at home? Did you go home sick?" Jake asked, sounding concerned.

"No, no, nothing like that. I was still kind of pumped up after Phys Ed so I decided to run home. I meant to text you."

"Why didn't you? You always text. You didn't answer my calls either. Has something happened?"

"No, nothing happened. I just felt like I needed to burn off the extra energy."

"Are you sure? You've never run home before."

"I know, I just..."

"You're sure you're okay?" Jake interrupted.

"I'm fine."

"Well, I'm gonna come round for a few minutes."

"You really don't have to do that, Jake, I'm fine."

"It'd make me feel better, you know, just to be sure. See you in five?"

My heart dropped. I didn't want to see Jake because I knew I wouldn't be able to lie to his face. He'd know something happened and he probably wouldn't stop until I told him what, which I really didn't want to do.

"Yeah, see you in five," I said, trying not sigh.

I hung up the phone and wanted to scream again, but I didn't. Instead I balled my hand up into a fist and punched my thigh five times to match my words, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck."

I looked at myself in the mirror again and saw how awful I looked. I didn't want Jake to see me like that. I pulled my shirt off over my head and suddenly stopped. I went over to my window and glanced out. No one was there. I don't know if I was expecting Tyler to be standing there again or if I was actually kind of hoping he was. What the fuck was happening to me? I pulled the rest of my clothes off, grabbed some new ones from my closet and tried to fix my hair as best I could.

Just as I put the comb down on my desk I heard Jake's car pull into the drive. A minute later the front door opened and closed with Jake's footsteps growing louder as he climbed the stairs.

"So what gives?" Jake asked, barely in my bedroom door.

"What? Nothing," I said, but my voice sounded kind of defensive.

I looked over and my eyes met Jake's. I felt my breath catch in my throat. God he was beautiful.

"Nothing? You don't just bail on me, Evan, ever, something's wrong."

"Nothing is wrong," I sighed, wanting to drop the whole thing and move on. "I just felt like running home and forgot to tell you. It's only ten blocks, it's not like it's a big deal. I could walk it every day."

"Yeah, but you don't because I've got a car and I pick you up. Ever since I started driving you've caught a ride with me. The only times you didn't was when someone else picked you up. Besides, you're not the kind of guy to leave me hanging."

"Yeah, I know, but I was worked up and didn't think, okay?"

"Worked up about what though? You've had gym class a hundred times and never once needed to go running afterwards."

"Well this time was different," I said, trying to explain.

"Why though? What happened?"


"Did Tyler do something? I know he's in your class. Damn, I wish I was now. I could have stopped him."

"It's got nothing to do with Tyler," I protested, but I heard my voice changing in pitch and it sounded like such obvious bullshit.

"So it was Tyler," Jake stated, having heard the difference too. "The way you said that then... Tyler did something."

"He didn't do anything. We got paired together, that's all. He didn't say anything, he didn't do anything, he was just Tyler."

"That's what worries me. I know how he can be. You sure you're okay?" Jake asked, moving further into the room. He reached out his arm and put his hand on my shoulder. "You know I won't let him hurt you."

"I know, Jake, thank you. But I'm fine. Trust me."

"I do trust you, it's just after that punch this morning I thought he'd try to get you back."

"So did I," I said, "but he had his chance, more than once, and he never took it. I think in a weird way he actually respects me now because I stood up to him."

"Good, but if he ever does anything, you tell me, okay?"


I couldn't say anything else because Jake pulled me into a hug and my nose slide across the smooth skin on his neck, gliding up it. As I breathed in I inhaled a scent that was so clearly Jake and I slipped my arms around his big frame to return the hug. It felt so good to be in his big arms and when I felt his cheek resting against the side of my head I wanted to turn so I could kiss it. I held back though, not wanting to ruin the moment or freak him out, but I was getting hard again, this time because of my best friend, and I didn't want him to know.

A moment later, after the hug that was longer than just about any we ever shared, Jake ruffled my newly combed hair and told me he had to go because he was working his part time job that night to help pay for his car. I nodded and watched as he headed out of my room and down the stairs. From my window I watched him drive away and then I fell down on my bed and put my hands on my head, trying to figure out what the fuck was going on in my mind and why I couldn't get images of Jake and Tyler out of it. And I was still hard.

* * * *

When I woke up the next morning I was once again rock hard and my cock was throbbing, pumping out little beads of precum that were beginning to soak through the waistband of my boxers as my stiff cock poked out above it. I lay there, flexing it, making it rise off my stomach before flopping back down, making a soft slapping sound.

Most days waking up with morning wood was usual and I just put it down to being a horny kid who always wanted to get off, but this time it was different because I could actually remember the dream and thinking about it made my dick even harder, if that was possible.

It began as a few of my dreams often do, with me and Jake just hanging out somewhere, enjoying each other's company. We sat down to play a game and occasionally our arms or legs would touch. When they did Jake turned to me and flashed me that beautiful smile, sometimes nudging me while I stared at his face, coming dangerous close to losing the game on multiple occasions. When I finally did lose, he turned to me with that smile and leaned in so close his breath was on my face. My heart was pounding in my chest and finally his lips touched mine, just a soft brush at first until we both lost control and grabbed onto each other, pulling each other close, our lips parting and our tongues seeking each other out until they were entwined in a passionate dance. From there he laid me on my back, stripped me out of my clothes and made love to me while I stared up at him.

Usually that was how my dreams ended, with Jake on top of me, staring into my eyes, proclaiming his love for me as he buried himself and his seed deep inside me. But last night things changed. Just as the dream was really getting going and he was fucking me at a nice pace he pulled his dick out of me, flipped me over so I was on my hands and knees and then sank back in me, picking up where he left off. It was a new twist, but one I liked. Then came the moment when I had my eyes closed while he was sliding in and out of me and something soft and spongy brushed against my lips. I quickly opened my eyes and saw Tyler's huge dick, rock hard right in front of my face. I looked up, making my way over his amazing body until I was looking at his face, lit up with a gorgeous smile, and then the dick was back at my lips and I sucked it in while Jake was nailing my ass.

Oh shit. I felt my cock pulse as I remembered the dream and I knew what was coming. I quickly threw my sheets off me and arched my back just as my cock exploded, firing cum all over my body without me ever having touched myself. I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming and grabbed a pillow to ball up in my fist as the most powerful orgasm of my life overtook me and left me panting and helpless on the bed.

My body was heaving and little spasms kept making parts of me jump as the after effects of the incredible orgasm ran through me. I looked down at my chest and abs and was amazed by how much cum I'd sprayed all over myself. Words can hardly describe how intense it was.

After about a minute or two I was finally able to move and reached over into my bedside drawer for one of the tissues I kept there. I started mopping all of the cum up but one tissue wasn't enough and I ended up needed to use three before I was satisfied I was clean enough to get up and walk across the hall to grab my morning shower.

I tossed the tissues in the trash can under my desk and stood up. I nearly fell. My legs felt wobbly because I was still feeling the orgasm. And I thought the whole making your knees weak thing was just a crappy expression, but damn was it real.

I made it to the bathroom and turned on the water. The cum I hadn't quite managed to wipe up was beginning to dry on my skin so I needed this wash. I stepped in under the water and it felt so good on my skin. Then the spray hit my cock and I gasped. Even though it was soft and was just hanging between my legs, the tip was still super sensitive and I felt like I was going to cum again. That had never happened before when I fantasized about Jake. There was something about the addition of Tyler to my dream that took everything to another level. I didn't know what to feel. I didn't want him in my dreams, but fuck, if him being in them made me cum like that all the time, maybe I needed to let him in.

I finished up my shower and quickly got dressed. I headed downstairs, ate a quick breakfast of toast and scrambled eggs Mom had prepared before heading off to work and then went outside where Jake was waiting for me in his car.

"What up, Ev?" Jake said as I slid into the passenger seat.

"Hey, I'm good, you?" I replied.

Fuck. When my eyes met his I felt a tingle run right through my body, heading straight for my cock. I did everything I could to stop myself from gasping but it felt like the tip of my dick was on fire and I'm sure he noticed something was up.

For the rest of the journey we just chatted bullshit like always and he never brought up what happened the day before with me not getting a ride with him so I think he bought the story I told him.

When we pulled into to parking lot Emily was waiting for us. Jake offered to pick her up in a morning too but she refused. She always said it was because it was out of his way since she lived in the other direction but it was only three blocks from school so it was hardly a task going to pick her up. Jake and I just put it down to her wanting to look her best. Walking to school every day meant less time watching what she ate or working out in the gym since she always said she hated getting sweaty anywhere but in the bedroom. Either that or it was because she didn't always wake up at her own house. Since she turned eighteen six weeks ago she had certainly made the most of being legal.

We didn't talk for long, it was mostly the same as it always was and it gave me comfort that nothing had changed. We headed into the school building and just after we made plans on where to meet for lunch, wanting to go out for something for a change with Jake having the car, the bell rang and we all headed off to our individual classes.

Everything ticked along as normal during the first two classes and I was feeling pretty happy. During my third class I felt the need to pee so I asked the teacher if I could be excused. Knowing my absence wouldn't affect my grade she let me go and I headed down the hall to use the bathroom.

By the time I reached the door I was pretty desperate and I had already begun unbuckling my belt by the time the door had closed behind me. I wasn't paying attention to anything because I was too preoccupied trying to get my pants open, but when I was three steps into the room I froze.

"What are you staring at pervert?"

It was Tyler.

"I... erm... I..."

"What's wrong? You so retarded you can't speak now?"

I didn't know what to say. He was standing in front of a urinal with his big dick pulled through his zipper, holding it in his hand. He had been peeing when I first entered but now the flow had finished and he still held his cock as his face turned to look at mine, my eyes drawn to his cock.

Tyler chuckled but still didn't put his dick away. Instead he gave it a couple of shakes and then turned his body toward me. He took two steps forward, closing the gap between us.

"Getting another good look, gay boy?" Tyler smiled, waving his cock at me. "I saw you looking in the showers yesterday. You were hot for my body and my cock. I saw it in your eyes."

"I... I don't know what you're talking about," I said, finally pulling my gaze away.

When I turned my head I was looking into a mirror above one of the sinks and I saw the whole scene for the first time. Tyler was standing in front of me with his cock hanging out of his pants and I had my pants completely unfastened. If someone walked in now God knows what they would think.

Tyler took another step toward me and got so close his dick almost touched my hand. The thought gave me a bit of a thrill since I had wanted to touch a dick other than my own for so long, I just didn't want that dick to be Tyler's.

I stepped back but he followed me, backing me up until I was pressed against the wall. I had no idea what he was going to do and felt really intimidated when he put his big arms on either side of me, blocking me in so I couldn't escape.

"I saw the way you looked at me, Queerbait. You want me."

"Fuck you," I said.

Tyler laughed. "I didn't hear you deny it. You're just like everyone else in this school. You want my cock. Admit it."

"What the fuck is this? Are you coming on to me?" I asked, so many thoughts going through my head.

"Like fuck I am."

"Then what's this about, Tyler? This just some big fucking mind game? You're the one who came to my house and stared at me through the window while I was half naked. You're the one who was looking at me in the shower first. And now you're the one with his dick out, pinning me against a wall, wanting me to admit that I want you."

"Fuck you," Tyler said, stepping back a little but still glaring into my eyes. "You're the gay one here, not me. You're the one who was eye-raping me in the shower, thinking about sucking me, probably thinking about bending over for me."

"You're fucking insane," I said. "I'd never let you touch me."

"Is that because you don't want me or because you're still waiting for Jake to man up and fuck your tight little ass?" Tyler teased.

The way he said tight little ass sent a chill through me. It may have all been in my mind but I think there was a hint of longing in his voice and even a little bit of lust. I decided to play with him, to turn it around.

"Is that what this is about?" I asked. "You're jealous because I want Jake's cock inside me and not yours?"

"I'm not fucking jealous, you little fruitcake," he protested, maybe a little too strongly.

"No? Then it doesn't bother you that I'm saving my ass for Jake? That if any dick is gonna pop my cherry it's gonna be his?"

Tyler seemed stunned as he continued to stare at me.

"You sick little fucker," he spat, lunging forward so he was right in my face again, pressing me hard against the wall. "I knew you were a fucking queer all along."

There was hatred in Tyler's voice and I genuinely felt scared. I had no idea what he was going to do. I had tried to be playful and to get in his head but I think I had gone too far. He was angry.

His face was so close to mine I could feel his breath on my cheek. My eyes were staring into his, which looked like they were burning, they were so intense and I felt like he was going to murder me.

"What are you gonna do?" I squeaked out when he had me pinned in the same position for about 30 seconds just glaring at me.

"I should kick your fucking little pansy ass. That would really piss off your boyfriend."

"For fucks sake, Jake is not my boyfriend."

"No, but you want him to fuck your ass. You want him to pound you hard, sink his dick deep inside you and fuck you 'til you scream his name like all my girls do for me."

"I... Please Ty..." I stammered.

"Please what, pussy?" Tyler sneered. "You know, I've just had an idea. I always knew you were the way to get back at Jake."

"What do you mean?"

"He cares about you. He might even love you. By hurting you I'm hurting him. I could kick the shit out of you, but that would be easy. Besides, your wounds would heal too quickly and I want to do something that will stay with both of you forever."

"What are you talking about?"

Tyler chuckled, "I always win, Evan. I always get what I want. And I'm gonna get something that Jake's never gonna be able to get."


"Your virginity..."

My eyes went wide and I trembled thinking Tyler was going to rape me. I could barely breathe.

"Relax," Tyler said, "I don't force myself on anyone. I don't have to. Everyone I fuck wants to have my cock inside them. You're gonna be no different. You think Jake's gonna be the first guy to fuck your ass? You're wrong. I am."

"I'll never let you fuck me," I protested. "You make me sick."

"No," Tyler said, "I make you hard."

I stared at him as he slowly slid his hand down from near my shoulder and then brought it forward until it was pressed right against my crotch. He started laughing.

"See, I told you," Tyler grinned as he squeezed what to my horror was my rock hard dick. I shivered at the touch. He was the first person other than me to ever touch my cock. I moaned as he ran his hand up and down my dick a couple of times and then gasped when his palm ran over the head of my cock that was poking out above the waistband of my boxers. "You want me."

"You're fucking crazy. Get off me."

I pushed Tyler away and he took a few steps back. He had the biggest grin on his face. I wanted to punch it off so bad. Then I looked down and saw that his dick was still out through his zipper only this time it was hard. I swallowed seeing the long shaft standing upright, a vein running up the side of his cut cock until it reached the big spongy head, topped off with a glistening bead of precum. God, it looked amazing. I didn't know what to think or feel.

He reached down and wrapped his hand around his dick, stroking it a couple of times, really making a show of his cock to me.

"Tell me you don't want this inside you and I'll walk away right now."

I stared at him and his cock in total shock. I wanted to deny it, to tell him to go to hell but I couldn't speak and I felt my own cock throb in my pants. I didn't want him. I couldn't.

"Just what I thought," Tyler grinned. "Give it time, Evan. You'll give in. I'm gonna fuck you and you're gonna want it. I'm gonna make you scream my name and beg for more. And then every day when you look at Jake you're going to look at him knowing it was me who popped your cherry and not him."

I tried to protest but no words came out of my mouth and I just stood there staring at him like a fucking idiot. He laughed even harder and tucked his hard cock back into his pants, zipping them up.

He walked toward the door of the bathroom and then stopped, turning round to look at me. Again he chuckled. "Remember, all you have to say are those two little words, 'fuck me', and I'll give you what you want."

With that Tyler pushed open the bathroom door and left. I could hear him laughing as he walked off down the corridor. What the fuck just happened? Was he serious or was he just fucking with my head?

I couldn't think any more because I needed to pee so bad. I ran to the urinal and tried to piss through my hard dick but it was tough. I tried not to think about what he just said but it was useless. I knew it would be all I thought about for days.

To be continued...


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