Chapter Thirty

When I heard Jake say Tyler’s name I jumped up in a panic. I had gotten so lost in things with Jake I hadn’t even thought about meeting Tyler for lunch and now they were both downstairs with Jake in nothing but a pair of shorts that were too small for him.

“What are you doing here?” I heard Jake ask aggressively.

I frantically grabbed a shirt off my floor and wiped the cum that hadn’t dried off my body with one hand while I pulled on a pair of boxers with the other. I barely had both legs in them before I ran for the stairs, tossing the shirt aside.

“I’m here to see Ev. We had a date,” Tyler said as I reached the top of the stairs and ran down them. “Why are YOU here?”

When I reached the bottom of the stairs Tyler was standing in the doorway. He looked at me with total confusion in his eyes and I knew it was from seeing both me and Jake almost naked. Then it seemed like something dawned on him and his expression softened. I felt like an absolute asshole for standing him up but I was still kind of flying high from finally being with Jake, who shifted uncomfortably, not knowing what to do.

“What’s going on?” Tyler asked, staring at me.

“Come in,” I said, putting my hand on his arm and guiding him inside, closing the door behind him.

Tyler looked at Jake and then back to me. “This is why you stood me up?”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I should have sent you a message.”

Tyler shook his head in disbelief. “You’re not fucking kidding. I was sat in Harvey’s for over a half hour waiting for you. I called you like fifteen times and you didn’t answer. I thought something bad had happened. That’s why I came straight over here to check you’re okay.”

“I’m really sorry, Ty,” I said again, meaning it. The tone of his voice told me that he really did care about me. I cared about him too but I was in love with Jake. “I can explain.”

“Ev…” Jake swallowed hard and I could tell he was worried about what I was going to say.

“I’m sorry, Jake, but I can’t lie to him. He deserves better than that,” I said.

“Oh fuck,” Jake sighed. He walked over to the stairs and sat down on the second step, burying his face in his hands. He looked like he was about to cry.

“You had sex, didn’t you?” Tyler asked. Jake kind of whimpered behind me.

“Yes…” I said in a low voice, nodding my head.

Jake made a deep wheezing sound like he couldn’t breathe and I turned around to check on him. He looked pale and was holding his chest. I quickly went to him and squatted down in front of him so I was at his eye level. I took his hand in mine and held it. It took a moment but he finally looked up at me.

“Jake… relax… breathe… it’s okay,” I said, lowering my voice, trying to calm him because his hand was trembling in mine.

“How is it okay?” Jake snapped. “Do you know how hard it was for me to tell you and to admit it to myself? Now he knows and he’ll… oh fuck…”

“I won’t tell anyone,” Tyler said. Jake’s head shot up to look at him and I turned my own to see that he was serious.

“You won’t?” Jake asked surprised.

“No,” Tyler shook his head. “I know where your head is right now. I’ve been there. It’s not easy.”

“That’s a fucking understatement,” Jake almost laughed even though he still sounded close to tears.

Tyler looked at me. “So I guess the two of you are together now?”

I looked at Jake then back at Tyler. I nodded, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Tyler said. “This obviously means nothing more can happen with us.”

“Yes,” I said. “I’m sorry, Tyler.”

“It’s okay,” Tyler smiled, “But I need to know something before I go.”

“What?” I asked.

“Jake… Look at me,” Tyler asked. He waited until Jake looked up, meeting his gaze. “Do you love him?”

Jake swallowed hard. “Yes,” he nodded.

Tyler smiled and turned back to me. “Then I can’t say anything against that. I can’t say I’m happy because I thought we had something good, Ev, but if you love each other then nothing else matters and I’ll accept that.”

“Thank you. I can’t believe how great you’re being. I hoped you’d understand but I still feel like shit,” I said.

“Don’t,” he smiled. He leaned in so Jake wouldn’t hear his next words. “I know what you’re feeling. When Joe was inside me… God, I can’t even describe it. Something happened, Ev. I love him in a different way to how I’ve come to love you. If it had been him coming to me instead of Jake to you the result would have been the same just the other way around.”

I returned the smile. “I hope he does admit his feelings. You deserve to be happy.”

“I can’t see that happening,” Tyler sighed. “Just promise me one thing. Make sure he treats you right. And YOU be happy.”

“That’s two things,” I smiled. “Tyler… I love you too. You’re right, it’s a different kind of love, but it doesn’t mean any less. Just because I’m with Jake that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends. I really enjoyed just talking to you and I’d like to still do that. I’m here whenever you need me. You’ve got my number.”

“Thanks, Ev, I appreciate that,” Tyler said. “I guess I’d better go and leave you two alone.”

“You don’t have to,” I said.

“Yes I do,” Tyler said. “I just have to do something first.”

Tyler crossed the hall to where Jake was sitting on the steps. I wondered what he was going to do.

“Jake…” Tyler said, stopping right in front of him.

Jake looked up slowly again. I was amazed to see Tyler hold out his hand. Jake studied it for a second and then reached out to take it. They shook.

“Congratulations,” Tyler said. “You’ve got an amazing guy there. Don’t fuck it up.”

“I won’t,” Jake shook his head.

Tyler nodded and when they let go of each other’s hands he patted Jake on the shoulder. “And don’t worry about anyone finding out. I won’t say anything.”

“Thank you. I won’t tell anyone about you either,” Jake said.

With that Tyler turned his back and headed for the front door. He paused with his hand on the handle, turning to look at me.

“I’ll call you later,” he smiled, “Find out how things are going.”

I smiled back and stopped him before he left. I leaned up and placed a quick kiss on his lips, saying thank you. He left then and I closed the door behind him. My mind was swimming and I couldn’t get my head around how well things had gone and how cool Tyler had been. I thought he would have kicked off but he was so grown up and mature I couldn’t help but think more of him.

Jake came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed my neck and I turned my head to look at him.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life,” he said, resting his forehead on my shoulder.

“I told you Tyler was cool,” I said, placing my hand on his arm. “How do you feel now?”

“I’m okay,” Jake said, kissing my shoulder. “I can’t believe he knows. I guess there’s no going back now.”

“There better not be,” I said, turning around in Jake’s arms so we were face to face.

He chuckled. “I don’t think you’d let me get away with that.”

“You’re not going anywhere now I’ve got you,” I smiled, kissing his lips.

“I’ve never felt like this before, Ev,” Jake said.

“How do you feel?”

“Happy,” he smiled, “like everything’s just fallen in to place. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I don’t care who knows that I love you.”

He pulled me to him and attacked my lips. The second my bare chest met his and I felt the hair on his pecs brush against my skin my dick was hard and I thrust against him. He moaned in my mouth and slid his hands down into the back of my boxers.

“Fuck…” Jake gasped when his finger slipped into my crack. “Is that my cum dripping out of you?”

“Yes,” I moaned as he pushed the finger inside me.

A moment later it was in front of my face covered in cum and I couldn’t help myself, I had waited so long to taste Jake’s cum and I didn’t care that it had come out of my ass. I slid his finger between my lips and sucked it like it was a little dick.

When he pulled his finger out of my mouth, Jake dropped to his knees, kissing my abs as he pulled my boxers down. My hard dick sprang up and slapped him on the chin. I thought he’d recoil but he just stared at my cock as the boxers fell around my ankles and I stepped out of them. He looked up into my eyes and then leaned forward. He kissed the head of my dick and stood back up, kissing me again.

This time when we broke the kiss it was my turn to work my way down his incredible body with my lips. I kissed around the waistband of the shorts, feeling his hard cock throbbing beneath the fabric. I gently pulled them down, having to tug slightly with them being tight, and instead of going in for his cock I kissed down his big thigh, feeling him shiver.

I was just about to rise back up to suck his dick when he put his hands under my armpits and not only pulled me to my feet but off them, lifting me up and somehow positioning me just right so that when I swung back down I was impaled completely on his rock hard cock.

I screamed out and clung on to him, wrapping my legs around his waist and burying my face in his neck, as he started walking up the stairs, bouncing me up and down on his dick. By the time we reached the top I was screaming with my own throbbing cock slapping first against his abs and then against mine with each step he took.

“Oh God,” Jake moaned, kissing the side of my face. “I am never going to get tired of being inside you.”

I groaned when he slammed me against the wall outside of my bedroom but that quickly turned into a whimper as he drilled his dick into me. It felt like it was going so deep, piercing straight through me. I threw my head back and looked up to the ceiling. Jake licked up the side of my face but he never stopped thrusting up into me.

Just when I thought I was about to cum, Jake impaled me fully on his dick and shoved his tongue into my mouth, making out with me hard. He then pulled back and we stared into each other’s eyes while I came down from the edge. We were both panting and his dick was throbbing inside me.

Jake smiled at me when my breathing levelled out. He hooked his hands under my legs, supporting my weight as he pulled away from the wall, keeping his dick planted inside me, and walked us into my room. He lowered me gently to the bed, following me down so his cock never left me.

I stared up at him with a warm feeling spreading through me as he started to thrust into me again at a slow pace, letting me feel every inch of his dick as it slid in and out of me.

“I love you, Evan,” Jake said, leaning down to kiss me.

“I love you too,” I said, gripping onto the back of his head so I could return the kiss.

“This is how we were meant to be,” Jake smiled, pulling back so he could look into my eyes. “Is this what you dreamed about?”

“This is so much better than my dreams,” I smiled back. “This time you’re real.”

The smile that spread across Jake’s face was huge and made him look so beautiful. He emphasized the point of how real he was by ramming his cock into me with hard deep thrusts that had my eyes rolling back into my head.

After that it was almost a blur. Having Jake inside me felt so good it was like I was floating outside of my body looking down on us. He must have been inside me for more than thirty minutes, making love to me, kissing and stroking me until we both came; me all over my abs and him deep inside me.

We collapsed onto the bed, exhausted. He took me in his arms and I put my head on his chest as we drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up I smiled, feeling Jake’s pec beneath my cheek. He was still there, in bed with me after fucking me twice, our legs intertwined. I slowly kissed across his chest and was just about to take his nipple into my mouth when I heard it.

“Holy shit!”

I started and turned my head to see Ryan standing in the doorway with his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open.

I jumped out of bed and pushed him outside into the hall, closing the door behind us. I didn’t want him waking Jake because everything was so new to him and I didn’t want him to freak out by being caught again. We needed to take it slow at a pace he was comfortable with otherwise he might run off again and I couldn’t handle that.

“Fuck, bro! Jake? How did this happen?” Ryan asked. “When I came in the front door and saw the clothes all over the place I just figured your date with Tyler went really well.”

I pushed him across the hall so we weren’t too close to my door. “I didn’t even get to the date.”

“What happened? I mean, I’m not seeing things, right? You had sex with Jake.”

“Yes,” I said.

Ryan smiled and held up his hand half in a handshake and half in a high five. I slapped it and he grabbed on, pulling me into a hug.

“Seriously, what happened?” Ryan asked.

“Emily told Jake about my date with Tyler and I guess it was the final push he needed. He came over, told me he loves me, and well, you saw what happened.”

“That’s awesome, Ev. Emily is gonna shit when she hears about this,” Ryan smiled.

“God, I’m not sure Jake will be able to handle her hyper mode about this,” I said. “It’s bad enough Tyler knows about us.”

“Tyler knows? How?”

“Well, I was kind of busy with Jake and didn’t meet Tyler for lunch so he came here looking for me.”

“And he saw you…” Ryan raised his eyebrows.

“No,” I said. “We were done by then, but it’s hard to deny what happened when you’re both nearly naked and there’s dried cum all over your stomach.”

Ryan laughed and patted me on the shoulder. He looked down at my body with a smile on his face and I realized I was still naked and covered in cum.

“You might want to wash that off and pick up your clothes before Mom comes home,” Ryan laughed. “She’s on early finish.”

“What?” I asked.

The second the word was out of my mouth the door downstairs opened and my stomach twisted tight. I looked at Ryan for reassurance and swallowed hard.

“What the hell?”

It wasn’t Mom. It was Emily. I was relieved but also really nervous about her reaction and the trouble it might cause.

Ryan quickly headed down the stairs. “Hey, babe.”

“Is Evan up there?” I heard her say.

“Why?” Ryan asked.

“Because those are his boxers by your foot and Jake’s car is on the street. Oh my God! Are they?!”

“Come into the kitchen,” Ryan said.

“Fuck! They are!” Emily squealed. “They’re upstairs. Are they in bed?”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. There was definitely no turning back now. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth, wetting it to wipe the cum off my body. When I was done I wet it again and went into my bedroom. When I closed the door Jake stirred and turned to look at me with a smile.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” I smiled. “How are you feeling?”

A huge smile spread across his face, making me feel all warm inside. “Are you going to ask that every time I fuck you?”

“Maybe,” I smiled back, climbing onto the bed. I started cleaning him up.

“You’re gonna be asking it a lot then,” Jake grinned. He reached down and ran his hand along his dick, which was growing again.

“Damn, you can’t be ready for more,” I said, staring at it.

“Is that a bad thing?” he asked. “I can’t get enough of you.”

“My ass needs a rest,” I said. “Besides, I’m not sure it’s a great idea with Ryan and Emily downstairs.”

Jake shot up onto his elbows, looking right at me. “They’re downstairs?”


“Did they? I mean, do they?” Jake stuttered.

“They know,” I said softly.


“Well, we left the door open and Ryan saw us, just sleeping. I think Emily put two and two together because your car is outside and our clothes are all over the hall and stairs.”

“Fuck…” Jake sighed, dropping his head back to the bed. “This is all happening so fast. I only admitted it to myself this morning and now three other people know.”

“We can take all the time you need,” I said. “I’m not going to force you to do anything.”

“I know,” Jake smiled. “That’s one of the reasons I love you.”

He was silent for about a minute so finally I had to ask. “What do you want to do?”

He looked into my eyes and sat up, pulling me into a kiss. “I want to be with you. They were going to find out sooner or later so maybe we should just go face them.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, stroking the side of his face.

“No,” he laughed. “But I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for Emily. Do you think I’ll need earplugs?”

“I think we both will,” I chuckled.

I wiped the last bit of cum from his body and then we got out of bed. I reached into my underwear drawer for a fresh pair of boxers but Jake grabbed my arm and stopped me. He looked into the drawer and found the pair he got me for my birthday.

“I want to see you in these,” he smiled. I took them and pulled them on. “Fuck. You are so hot. I should have known I wanted to slide my dick up that perfect ass when I bought you them.”

I kissed him again and then found a pair of boxers I wanted him to wear. He knew they’d probably be tight with his waist the next size up from mine but he slid them on and the way they framed his cock and muscular bubble butt was amazing.

“Damn…” I moaned, reaching out to touch the beautiful mounds. “That is one fuckable ass.”

“Hey, don’t be getting any ideas,” Jake laughed. “It’s gonna be a while before I’m ready for that.”

“I can wait,” I winked. He smiled and kissed me again.

I was surprised when he took my hand and led me out of my room and downstairs. When we got to the bottom and moved toward the kitchen I could see Emily pacing through the doorway.

“Please let me go up,” she was pleading with Ryan.

“They’ll come down when they’re ready,” Ryan replied.

“We’re ready,” I said, stepping into the doorway with Jake right behind me.

“OH MY GOD!” Emily screamed.

She literally sprinted the distance between us and jumped at us so we had to catch her. Jake put his hand on my back to steady me as she threw one arm around me and the other around him, pulling us both in for a hug.

“I can’t believe this. I hoped but I didn’t think it would happen. Are you really together?” She said it all so quickly it sounded like one continuous sentence said in a single breath.

When she let go of us and put her feet back on the ground I looked at Jake and was about to speak but he beat me to it.

“Yes, we’re together.”

He put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me tight against him. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Look, this is all really new to me,” Jake said. “I love Ev and I want to be with him, but can we keep this just between us for now?”

“Of course,” Emily said excitedly. “I’m so happy right now. How did it happen?”

“Like you don’t know,” Jake smiled. “Did you plan this?”

“What?” Emily asked, acting like she didn’t know what he was talking about but the smile on her face said otherwise.

“You told me Ev was going on a date with Tyler because you knew it would make me jealous or angry or whatever,” Jake said. “It worked, so well done.”

“This is amazing,” Emily beamed. “You two were meant for each other.”

“I think we were,” I smiled up at Jake.

“Me too,” he grinned, leaning down to give me a kiss.

Emily gasped at the sight but never lost that childish giddiness. She was like a little girl on Christmas morning.

“Umm… I think I’m going to have to get going, Ev,” Jake said.

“Okay,” I nodded, not wanting him to leave but knowing he had to at some point.

“I’m supposed to be meeting Tina soon,” he said.

“What?” Emily shrieked, echoing my thoughts. “You’re still seeing that bitch after you slept with Ev?”

Jake looked at her, his face serious, his eyes unblinking. “Yes,” he said. “She’s still my girlfriend.”

I felt my heart sink and was about to protest when Jake continued. “I’m not going to dump her by text. I need to do it face-to-face.”

He leaned down and kissed my lips again before heading out of the room. He was back a few seconds later, putting his hand on my shoulder. “Do you remember where my boxers went?”

“Just wear mine,” I smiled. “I’ll find yours later.”

Jake laughed and went to get dressed. As soon as he was gone Emily wanted details of how things had happened. I told her about Jake coming over, what he said, what we did, and even about Tyler showing up and finding out about us. Part way through Jake came back for a goodbye kiss and then headed off.

After Emily left I picked up the rest of the clothes that were scattered around and went to get a shower before my parents got back. I changed my bed too so Mom wouldn’t know I’d had sex on it.

The whole time I was really anxious about how things were going with Jake and Tina, wondering what he would say to her and what reason he would give for breaking up with her.

Almost two hours after he left, my phone rang and I quickly answered it. “Well, I guess I’m officially single again unless you have something to say about that.”

I smiled hearing Jake sound so happy and almost playful. “Maybe I do. Then again, maybe I should let you be single for a while. Once you’re my boyfriend you’ll never be single again.”

“I’m okay with that,” Jake said. “Has your mom started cooking yet?”

“I don’t know, why?” I asked.

“Because I want to take my boyfriend out to dinner.”

A warm shiver ran through me and I smiled the biggest smile, hearing him call me that. Tears started to form in my eyes because I had never been so happy. Jake was right, everything had finally fallen into place.

The End!


The meal with Jake was perfect. We weren’t just back to being best friends, we were so much more. Afterwards we headed back to my house and Jake shocked me by telling my parents we were together. It was the ultimate confirmation of his feelings. They hugged us both and said they’d been hoping this day would come. That night we slept together, just holding each other, no sex, and I felt closer to him than ever.

It was a few more weeks before Jake told his parents. I didn’t pressure him and let him tell them in his own time. They were taken aback and a little upset at first but they accepted us. We didn’t have to hide it or sneak around, even though we never came out at school and kept our relationship private. Tyler kept his word and never told anyone about us and we returned the favor. There was some kind of mutual respect established that changed how Tyler and Jake saw each other. Everyone thought it happened after their fight but I knew it was after their handshake.

Jake and I had sex as often as we could. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. Jake loved my ass and I loved him being inside me. At first he was strictly a top. I sucked his dick and then he fucked me. I had no problem with that. I just loved being with him. Slowly, he started doing more to me. He loved my body and kissed me all over. The way he massaged me made me melt and then beg to be fucked. Like that first day, sometimes he would kiss my dick, but it was almost a month before he finally took it into his mouth. He was tentative at first and it was a little while before he really got used to it. Once he did he loved it and it changed the way we made love. It wasn’t one-sided anymore. We gave each other so much pleasure as an expression of the love we shared. Sometimes he didn’t even get off. He sucked my dick just to make me feel good and he swallowed my load every time.

We continued like that for a few months and then eventually the night came…

We had gone away for Spring Break, just the two of us. We rented a hotel room by the beach and had been together all day, walking around, enjoying the sun and each other’s company. We went back to the room after a great meal and stood on the balcony looking out at the stars. Jake was behind me, holding me, his lips on my neck. He kissed his way up to my ear and then whispered.

“I love you, Ev. I want you to make love to me.”

I spun around to look him in the eye to check that he was serious. He was. He kissed me hard and pulled me to the bed, sinking down onto his back so I was on top of him.

“I want to feel what you do when I’m inside you,” Jake whispered as he ran his hands up my back and slowly took my shirt off.

I had dreamt of this moment but I never thought it would happen. I was brought back to reality and the realization that it was happening when Jake bit my nipple, making me jump. He laughed and had the most beautiful smile on his face. I dove down and devoured his mouth, forcing my tongue inside to battle with his, while I thrust my hips against him and he gripped onto my ass.

When we broke the kiss I ran my hands up Jake’s amazing body and pulled his shirt off. I tossed it aside and my lips immediately went to his neck. I kissed down along his throat, onto his pumped pecs that rose and fell with his breaths and over his amazing abs. I wanted to worship every inch of his body and make it the most incredible night of his life.

I was almost at his cock when he pulled me back up and kissed me. Without saying a word he flipped us over so I was on my back and he slowly pulled down the zipper on my pants and eased them down. When I was lying back naked on the bed, looking up at him, wondering what came next, he climbed up in between my legs, kissed my thighs and then sucked my dick into his mouth.

“Oh God,” I moaned as Jake’s head moved up and down, his tongue lapping up my precum as it leaked from my dick.

Jake moaned, almost humming, as he continued to suck my cock and the vibrations it sent up my dick were almost enough to send me over the edge. I pulled Jake up off my dick and kissed him hard as I reached down and popped open the buttons on his pants. They slid down over his ass and he kicked them off as we continued to kiss.

Our hard dicks came together and we thrust against each other hard, moaning into each other’s mouths. I loved having him on top of me but I remembered what we were supposed to be doing so I pushed him away from me so he rose up onto his incredible arms, holding himself up above me, and then I slid down the bed until his dick was hovering just above my face.

I leaned up and flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue, making him shiver and tremble. I loved the taste of the precum that was leaking out of him and I needed more. I took his dick into my mouth and went to work, sucking up and down his hard shaft. He moaned and started to thrust down into my mouth, fucking his cock in and out between my lips.

I got lost again, feasting on his beautiful cock, but as I ran my hands over his awesome ass his words came back to me so I let his dick slip out of my mouth and moved out from under him, leaving him on his hands and knees on the bed, his dripping cock leaking onto the sheets, his ass turned up just waiting for me.

Wanting to make this the best experience I could for him in the hope that I’d get to top him again, I ran my hands over his ass, caressing and massaging the muscular cheeks before I pulled them apart exposing his tight pink hole that I really hadn’t seen enough of.

Rather than diving straight in I leaned in just close enough so I could see it twitch, almost winking at me, when I gently blew across it.

“Oh fuck!” Jake screamed, gripping the sheets in his fists. “Oh God, Ev…”

I just smiled and let my tongue slip out of my mouth, quickly flicking it against his hole. His body jerked and tensed but it was followed by a shiver and a whimper that told me it felt good. I followed it up again and then went in, burying my face between his cheeks so I could get at that hole with my lips and tongue.

“Holy shit!” Jake panted, muffling his screams in a pillow he grabbed from further up the bed. His toes curled and he started pushing back against my tongue until it was almost breaking through into him.

“How does that feel?” I asked, taking a quick break.

“So fucking good…” Jake moaned. “Fuck me, Ev. I’m ready.”

A tremor surged through me hearing those words come out of his mouth, said with so much hunger and desire. He really did want me inside him.

I was so tempted to just climb up on the bed behind him so I could shove my dick in him and fuck him hard but it was his first time and there hadn’t been much ass play before so I knew I needed to open him up a little more.

Leaning back in I licked along his taint, which caused the tip of my nose to brush his hole, getting a loud squeal out of Jake. It was like I was eskimo kissing his ass while I licked his taint and balls. He was so clean I knew he had prepared for this and it wasn’t just something he decided on at the last minute. He wanted me inside him.

I decided it was time to move things forward when Jake almost crumpled to the bed and his dick kept jerking between his legs. I grabbed the lube we had brought and poured some over my fingers. I then used them to gently brush his hole with the lube, slowly and gently working one of my fingers into him. He gasped but he didn’t move, letting me slide my finger in as far as it could go.

After a moment of letting him get used to it I started moving the finger back and forth, in and out of his ass. His hole was so tight it gripped my finger and seemed to pulsate around it.

Adding more lube I pushed a second finger in alongside the first and started slowly twisting them around and opening them a little, stretching him open. At first Jake didn’t move, he just let me do what I needed to, but then he moved his ass, in little circles at first like he was grinding his ass on my fingers and then he pushed back and began thrusting his hips, fucking himself on them. I knew it was time.

Jake and I had never used condoms with each other and I wasn’t about to start, I needed to be in him bare and raw. We had been tested and were clean and we thought there was no greater sign of our love. I took pleasure in knowing that a part of Jake was inside me and I wanted him to feel the same when I shot my load deep in his ass.

I made sure to use plenty of lube, getting my dick as slick as possible, before I added more to Jake’s ass. I didn’t want to hurt him. I wanted him to enjoy it as much as I did when he was inside me.

Using the head of my dick, I rubbed the lube around his hole and gently pressed against the hole without actually pushing inside.

“Oh God, Ev,” Jake moaned, pushing himself up and looking over his shoulder so his eyes met mine. “Fuck me. I want you inside me so bad.”

I gave Jake his wish, easing the head of my cock into his hole. He gasped and gripped the sheets again so I held still until he relaxed and then I pushed deeper. Every time I felt him tense I stopped until I knew he could take more.

When I bottomed out inside him I leaned over and wrapped my arms around him. I couldn’t believe I was inside Jake. Even after all the times he had fucked me I felt like there was still something missing, one barrier we had yet to get past. This was it. We were together now, as one, and I had never felt so content and fulfilled. He had given me a part of himself no one else would ever have.

I pulled back slowly so just the head was left inside Jake’s ass and I was about to push back in when Jake did the work for me and eased his ass back down on my cock, letting out the sexiest moan I have ever heard, until I was buried deep again.

Jake took a moment, panting for breath, and then he rocked forward, pulling me out of him before rocking back so I slid back inside. I let him set his own pace as he gently fucked himself on my cock. I just stared down at my dick as it disappeared inside him, still finding it hard to believe I was actually fucking him.

I reached out to put my hands on his hips and then I took over, thrusting into him. Jake yelped and threw his head back but he said nothing other than yes over and over again as I picked up the pace and began fucking him for real.

My whole body felt warm, not just on the outside but in my chest too. I felt like my love for Jake was bubbling up out of me. I ran my hands up his strong back and kissed between his shoulders.

“I love you, Jake,” I said.

“I love you too, Evan,” Jake replied. “Let me ride you.”

I slowly pulled out of him, which felt so wrong. I missed being inside him. I didn’t have much time to dwell on it though because Jake pulled me down onto the bed so I was on my back and straddled me, taking my dick and holding it up so he could sink his ass back down on it.

I looked up at him in astonishment as he rose up and down on my cock and began riding me. It was amazing being able to see the pleasure that was written across his face as my dick plunged into him.

He leaned back, bracing himself on his big arms, as he continued to fuck himself on my cock. The position was the most incredible ever, showing off every muscle on his amazing body. His big pecs glistened with sweat, his hard abs tensed with every movement of his hips and I had to run my hands all over them. The most breath-taking sight of all though was his rock hard leaking cock, standing up and away from his body, pointing at the ceiling, waving around in the air as he took me deep inside him.

I wrapped my hand around his dick and ran it up and down the shaft as he continued his movements, grinding himself down on me to make sure every inch of me was inside him.

Our eyes met and there was such a look of intensity in his that told me what he was feeling better than any words could. I put my hand in the middle of his chest and pushed him back so he lowered back onto the bed. I followed him all the way, never letting my cock slip out of him, and when he was on his back he wrapped his arms and legs around me and I gently made love to him as we continued to stare at each other.

I leaned down to kiss him and when my tongue slipped into his mouth and touched his he surprised us both when his dick erupted without warning or either of us touching it and sprayed a huge load between us. He collapsed back against the bed, panting hard, and I stayed still inside him.

“Oh fuck, Ev, what just happened?” Jake asked kind of dazed.

“You came baby,” I smiled. “Do you want me to pull out?”

“No,” Jake shook his head. “I want you to cum inside me.”

I nodded and picked the pace back up so I was fucking Jake again. He whimpered and moaned the whole time until I buried myself deep and shot my load into him, falling down onto his sticky chest. He held me in his arms, with my dick still inside him, until we fell asleep with me on his chest.

His bottoming for me made us even closer and cemented the bond between us. He still remained mostly the top but he loved to flip every now and then. I felt like we were true equals and I loved every minute that we spent together.

When we went to college we shared a room and rarely spent a night apart, only switching from one bed to the other so neither of them would break from too much use. After our freshman year we moved into a one-bed apartment just off campus and almost everyone knew we were together.

After we graduated we found a great little apartment in a complex in our hometown that had a great view, an awesome gym and pool and was close to the places where Jake and I found jobs. It was perfect and became our home.

I was still friends with Tyler. We had remained in contact the rest of our senior year at high school and then throughout college. He got a scholarship to play football and for the sake of his career continued to hide his gay side, at least in public; there was more than one athlete who ended up in Tyler’s bed, and one who almost turned him into a bottom. I think Tyler kind of needed me to talk to just so he wouldn’t go insane. I was happy to lend an ear whenever he called.

His football career ended with a bad tackle just a month before he was likely going to be drafted into the professional leagues. He was devastated. He got his degree but was almost in limbo with no idea what he wanted to do. I tried to help him through it.

Amazingly, after four years, he was still in the same situation with Joe. They had gone to different colleges but they were only an hour apart so even though Tyler had guys at his college he was having sex with he kept meeting Joe on a regular basis to satisfy their needs. Tyler told me Joe still said they weren’t gay but he’d given up fighting his feelings when they were together in private and they made love to each other and kissed in a way Tyler had only ever imagined before.

When they finished college and moved back to town they continued their hook-ups and neither were seeing anyone else. They were almost exclusive, they just weren’t a couple. With no careers left to protect, Joe having retired to become a fitness instructor, I encouraged Tyler to tell him how he felt and that he wanted more and if Joe still wouldn’t admit to his feelings Tyler needed to move on because he wasn’t happy how things were and even if he loved Joe he could have really happiness with someone else.

Two days later when Tyler didn’t answer his phone I went over to his apartment and knocked on the door but there was no answer. I wanted to make sure he hadn’t done anything stupid or hurt himself if Joe turned him down so I went around back and froze when I saw them through the glass doors.

Tyler was on his back in the middle of the living room floor. His legs were held up and open wide with Joe between them, slowly fucking him. They were moaning and staring into each other’s eyes. Joe leaned down, moving gently in and out of Tyler, and pressed their lips together in a deep kiss. When he pulled back he smiled and mouthed the words, “I love you.” Tyler pulled him back into a kiss and they continued making love.

I walked away to leave them to it and soon got the full story of how things had happened from Tyler. He told Joe how he felt, that he had always loved him and wanted to be with him properly, none of the spending time together and meeting up for sex, he wanted to live with him, to share a life with him. He was amazed when Joe had said the same and stopped fighting his feelings. What I saw was their fifth time in twelve hours.

Tyler couldn’t thank me enough for making him take the leap. It was so good to see him finally happy, living the life he had wanted for so long with the guy he loved more than any other.

After that we actually became friends, the four of us. Jake was able to make peace with Joe and Tyler and came to see them the same way I did. Jake and Tyler actually got along really well, liking the same kind of things and Tyler implied more than once that he’d love to have sex with Jake, but Jake was only ever interested in me. It would have been hot to see it though.

About six months after we moved into our apartment, the apartment next to ours became available and Ryan snapped it up, having always loved ours from the moment he first saw it. Two weeks later, Emily moved in with him.

They almost hadn’t made it as a couple. Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, Paige, turned up the night before his birthday wanting to get back together. Ryan had told her it was too late and she’d had her chance to take him back before he moved home but she pleaded with him and reminded him of all the reasons why he loved her, really fucking with his head. He disappeared for two days, needing time to think things through. When he came back he told Paige their relationship was over and he wanted to be with Emily.

Then Emily had gone away to college more than 500 miles away, leaving Ryan in our hometown. The distance was tough, hardly getting to see each other, and they tried to fight their temptations but both agreed on an open relationship while Emily was away, allowing them to sleep with other people until one guy wouldn’t take no for an answer and started stalking Emily. That’s when Ryan made the decision to move for Emily’s Junior and Senior years so they could be together.

When they moved back they started looking for a place but couldn’t find the right one until the apartment next to us opened up. It was the perfect arrangement.

The next summer Emily and Ryan got married. Jake and I had never really thought about doing it ourselves, even though it was legal, but when we saw how happy they were that day we decided we wanted that joy too.

Jake wanted to keep things low key because that’s just how he was so we organized a small ceremony with just our closest friends and family, including our parents and Jake’s brother, Marcus. He also picked the date we would get married, exactly six years to day from us getting together that very first time.

The bachelor party was wild and things happened that I never thought would but it was the perfect way to end one chapter of our lives and begin the next.

Ryan served as my best man and Emily was the unofficial maid of honor since there was no bride. Jake’s choice for best man surprised almost everyone when he picked Tyler, showing how far they’d come. It was quite surreal to have them both standing there on my wedding day, the two men I’d had sex with. Under other circumstances it could have been Jake watching as I married Tyler.

The ceremony was amazing. We wrote our own vows, declaring to each other and everyone there how much we loved each other and would be devoted to each other until the day we died. When we kissed a little cheer went up and everyone headed over to the reception.

Jake and I did the rounds, thanking everyone for coming, especially our parents who had clubbed together to pay for our honeymoon since we paid for the wedding. We were going to spend three weeks in Australia.

Eventually, after everyone else had left, it was just me, my new husband, Ryan, Emily, Tyler and Joe. We sat together under the stars, even though it was quite cold at that time of year, and just talked while we drank. We were three couples in love, but we were also six amazing friends.

We laughed and joked about our lives and experiences, reminiscing on many things, most notably the times we caught the others having sex, whether in person or on video. That one still made Joe blush and Emily loved teasing him about it.

It was only when Ryan went to get another round of drinks that I noticed Emily was only drinking soda. I had been too busy with other things to notice before.

“Hang on a second,” I said. “Why aren’t you drinking?”

Emily looked at Ryan and smiled. “We didn’t want to hijack your day but… I’m pregnant.”

We all jumped up and rushed to give the parents-to-be a hug. After a round of congratulations and a toast in their honor, I hugged my brother hard. I was so happy for him.

We pulled apart but still held each other at arm’s length so we were looking into each other’s wet eyes.

“This is the best day of my life,” I smiled.

And it was. But there were many more great days ahead and Jake was by my side for every single one of them.


That is it. The end.

I hope all of you who have made it this far have enjoyed the journey and are satisfied with how the story turned out, even if it wasn’t the outcome you hoped for. Those of you who were pulling for Tyler over Jake, I hope you’re not too disappointed by the end result.

I want to thank everyone who has sent me messages or comments throughout this series. I have greatly appreciated each and every one of you and have been overwhelmed by all of the kind words. This was my first story of this type and you have all given me the confidence to do it again should I get an idea that captures my imagination like Evan did.

I also need to say a special thank you to Andy, who was my sounding board, my first reader and a great critic. He helped me make the story much better than it probably would have been had I just written it with no other input and I am eternally grateful, as I’m sure are the readers.

For now, this is goodbye. Stay well, and as it’s that time of year, Happy Holidays!



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