Chapter Sixteen

Tyler  led me by the hand toward the tiny cabin, turning around and walking backwards  so he could still look at me with a smile. Just before we made it to the door  he tugged on my arm and changed direction, taking us around the side of the  small building until we were standing behind it. I looked at him perplexed.

 “You  thought we were going inside?” Tyler smiled.

 “Yeah,”  I replied. “Is that not why we’re here?”

 “No,”  Tyler grinned. “As much as I’d like to take you in there to fuck your brains  out my dad would kill me if we broke anything or even messed the place up.”

 “It  is your place then?” I asked.

“Yeah,  my grandpa built it after he bought the land to hunt on. It was his retreat  away from the world. That’s why it’s so small. It was designed just for him. I  got to come here a few times when I was a kid, though I used to camp out in a  tent over there,” Tyler said, pointing a short distance from where we stood. “I  know Dad still comes up here but he doesn’t want me or my cousins to mess it up  since it’s almost like a shrine to my grandpa, nothing has been changed since  he died.”

 I  nodded, taking the story in, seeing Tyler as more of a real, rounded person  than I ever had before. You don’t think about family life or history when you  think about the jocks that abuse you at school. There’s something about them  that makes you think they stand alone or are all together in some kind of frat  house. The idea that they actually have parents they listen to and love is  almost inconceivable. Tyler was showing me a side of him I never expected to  see, not just in the things he said to me but in the way he acted. Whatever his  intentions were with me, whether he planned to kill me out here or fuck me senseless  like he said he wanted to; he still obeyed his parents’ wishes and didn’t take  me inside the cabin. That showed a level of trust, respect and honour I had  never seen in him before.

“Why  are we here then?” I asked.

“Because  it’s the only place I know where no one will catch us, where we can be as loud  as we want and where you can’t run out on me because you need me to get you  home,” Tyler smiled.

I  returned the smile, “Why would I run out on you?”

“Because  half of the time you have a look on your face like the rabbits did when my  grandpa used to hunt them.”

 “That’s  only because you stare at me like a predator waiting to pounce.”

 “Which  is kind of true,” Tyler chuckled. “I thought it was because you convinced  yourself I was going to kick your ass.”

 “Maybe  at first,” I replied, “but then I realized what you really want to do to my  ass.”

“Yeah,  eat it then fuck it,” Tyler laughed as he licked his lips.

“Is  THAT why we’re here?” I asked trying to sound casual even though I was feeling  really nervous thinking about losing my virginity.

“No,”  Tyler shook his head. He stepped closer to me and placed his hand on my hip. “I  want to fuck you so bad, Evan… but not today.”

“Then  what?”

“I  told you I wanted to prove to you that I’m not just in this for me,” Tyler  said, staring into my eyes.

“You  already have,” I croaked, the words getting caught in my throat.

 “No,”  Tyler sighed. “I told you the truth, but words can only tell you so much. I  need to SHOW you.”

 Before  I could say another word Tyler took my face in his big hands and pulled me into  a hot kiss. When his tongue slipped into my mouth I felt like I was going to  melt into a puddle on the floor. Keeping my head in his hands and his lips on  mine he started pushing me backwards, though there was no force or pressure, he  was simply guiding me into position for whatever came next.

When  my back was against the wall of the cabin Tyler pressed his body against mine  so our stomachs, chests and rapidly growing dicks touched. He moved one of his  hands to the back of my head to cradle it as he continued to kiss me. The other  slid down my side until it was pretty much on my ass.

 “I  love kissing you,” Tyler said, briefly taking his lips from mine before  attacking them with even more hunger. He was rock hard now and started to pump  his hips against mine, rubbing our dicks together. I could barely breathe.

 I  pushed him back, panting for breath as we stared at each other. He put his  forehead against mine. With our eyes still locked he slid his hand around so it  was resting against my hard cock without actually cupping or squeezing it. It  was so tantalising.

 A  smile curled Tyler’s lips when I moaned and my cock jumped against his hand. He  started pecking at my lips with little kisses that if possible were hotter than  the deep, tongue-filled ones.

He  brought his hand up to my face again so his palm was against my neck while his  thumb stroked and caressed my cheek. I felt like putty in his hands. Slowly his  thumb moved down to trace along my jaw and just as it got to my chin he used it  to push my head up, exposing my neck for his lips as he dived in and started  kissing the sensitive skin.

 Instinctively  I reached up and put my hand on the back of his head, taking his hair in my  fist as I tried to pull him even closer. His lips and tongue were dancing  across my neck and my whole body was heaving with my uneven breaths. I rose up  onto my tiptoes at the incredible sensations and the hairs on my legs were  tingling, sending shockwaves all the way up to my cock. 

I  closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling of this hot stud’s lips on me, but as I bit  my own lip to muffle the moans that seemed to echo around the woods I saw a  sudden image of Jake in the same position in my bedroom, kissing me just like  Tyler was now. It had felt so good then, with Jake. It was everything I wanted,  but then it all came crashing down. I was so conflicted. Should I stop Tyler  before we went too far? Did I really want to be with him or was it all a  reaction to not being with Jake? Was Tyler just my consolation prize?

I  tried to speak but all that came out was a whimper as Tyler licked his way up  my neck and on to my chin before pulling back just enough to look into my eyes.  I was mesmerized as the blue orbs sparkled in the afternoon light and then he  lunged forward, shoving his tongue in my mouth with a kiss that knocked my head  back against the wall.  

 As  he kissed me and his hands moved over my body I felt something bubbling inside  me. Tyler may not be Jake and he might not have been my first choice, he was my  current choice. I didn’t have to sleep with him. I wanted to. I wanted to kiss  him, to run my hands over his incredible body, to suck his beautiful dick, and  whether it was today, tomorrow or next week, I wanted him to fuck me.

We  were both panting when we pulled apart. For the first time I felt the cool air  on my skin and remembered we were outside. 

 “God,  Ev,” Tyler moaned. “I’ve always wanted to do this with someone. To just let it all  out. You’re so hot.”

 He  kissed me again and then moved away, dropping his head so it rested against my  shoulder, still needing to catch his breath.

“You’re  amazing,” I finally managed to whisper. “I just… I… Damn…”

 Tyler  chuckled, “You just what?”

 “I  guess I still thought maybe this was all some big prank,” I said. “I’ve been  waiting for a couple of your buddies to jump out from somewhere or for one of  them to be filming this. But it’s just us, isn’t it? We’re alone out here. I  can’t believe a guy like you would want to be with me.”

 “A  guy like me?” Tyler asked.

 “Yeah,”  I panted, “you’re so hot it’s unreal.”

 “So  are you,” Tyler said. “You need to realize that. You might not be built like me  or Jake but you have an awesome body. You drive me insane you’re so sexy. And  the fact you don’t know it or think it makes you that much hotter.”

He  kissed me again. It was softer this time and I felt a heat spread through me.  There was feeling, emotion in that kiss. 

Tyler  stepped back but kept me pressed against the cabin wall. His hands were on my  shoulders, holding me in place as his eyes looked me up and down, scanning me.  The fire in his eyes made my stomach flip because I could see the lust burning  in them. I knew he would fuck my brains out if I’d let him but I wanted to see  what he had in mind so I didn’t say the words I knew he wanted to hear.

 His  hands stayed on my shoulders for a moment before he slowly moved them down to  my chest. He had his bottom lip gripped hard between his teeth and his eyes  were staring at his big hands as they gently started to caress my pecs through  my shirt. He took his time feeling every inch of my muscles, letting his  fingers trace their shape, their tips circling my nipples, which were now hard,  almost poking through the material.

“The  perfect handful,” Tyler said as he gripped my pecs again and gave each one a  little squeeze. 

 My  dick was harder than ever. Having someone so into my body, especially while I  still had clothes on, making me feel like the hottest guy alive, was a turn on  like nothing I had experienced before. The fact that it was a muscular god like  Tyler doing the admiring only heightening the sensations.

 As  my cock pumped out more and more precum, creating a growing wet patch on my  pants, Tyler moved his hands down onto my stomach, rubbing my abs, which were  still covered by my t-shirt. Even through the fabric his touch seemed so warm  and my body started moving, pushing back against his hand as it rubbed back and  forth.

 Every  few seconds the bottom of my shirt would begin to ride up, exposing my bare  skin. The cool air attacked my warm abs but for a moment Tyler didn’t seem to  notice, then the slightly rough flesh of his fingers brushed against the smooth  skin of my stomach and everything changed. 

We  both moaned and for the first time in over a minute our eyes met. Tyler’s  burned with a mixture of lust, hunger and desire. I swallowed hard seeing the  intensity in them and braced myself as he lunged back in, shoving his tongue so  deep into my mouth he was almost licking the back of my throat. 

Our  tongues came together and danced around each other in an erotic kiss that had  both of us moaning. Tyler thrust his hips against me, grinding his throbbing  cock into me. It felt too hard to be his dick as it rubbed against me.  Something had happened with Tyler when our skin touched and it had lit a fire  under him because he picked me up like he had in the shower, throwing my legs  around his waist, and thrust so hard against me as our kiss continued that he  was basically dry humping me.

I  threw my arms around his neck and ran the fingers of one hand through his hair.  He had complete control over me, had taken possession of me, and yet I still  felt like a man, I still felt strong and powerful, I was just letting his hunk  have what he wanted.

 When  we finally had no choice but to break apart to avoid suffocating each other,  Tyler growled, put me back on my feet and grabbed the bottom of my shirt. If I  hadn’t have moved with him and lifted my arms he would have ripped it right off  me. 

 He  tossed my shirt aside onto the dirt floor and took my head in his hands,  mashing our lips together for another kiss. This one only lasted a few seconds  before he pushed me back against the wall of the cabin, pushed my head up again  and focused in on my neck.

 “Mmmm,”  Tyler moaned against my neck. He ran his hand down over my bare body. “I want  to lick every inch of you.”

His  lips just brushed against the skin on my neck at first but then his tongue  snaked out from between them and he found what must have been my sweet spot  because when his tongue flicked at the corner of my jaw my whole body shivered  and I clung to him, whimpering, completely helpless in his arms.

 Hearing  and feeling the reaction from me, Tyler continued focusing on that spot for a  moment until I had to pull him off because the sensations were just too much  and I needed to breathe. He had the biggest grin on his face when he looked up  at me and then he dove in again only this time he started kissing down my neck  toward my chest. 

 I  clung onto his head as he kissed me, staring over his shoulder, beyond him, at  the beautiful woods that surrounded us. It was the first time I really took it  in. It was Fall and the leaves were a mixture of golden, bronze and a final few  green leaves fighting for survival. The trickle of water I heard had to be a  small stream somewhere nearby and birds were chirping while they were perched  on branches. It felt weird to think they could be watching us. 

Tyler  pulled my attention back to him as his lips made their way across my collarbone  until he was almost at my shoulder. He dug his teeth into my skin with a  playful little bite where I felt his lips curled in a smile against me. From  there he started kissing down, quickly darting his tongue into my armpit before  continuing on until he was placing kisses along the curves of my pecs. When he  got to my nipple he teased it with the tip of his tongue and then kissed on  until he was between the two muscles, sliding his tongue back and forth in the  shallow valley. He did the same to my other pec, sucking hard on my nipple as  my cock pulsed out even more precum. 

My  body was in spasm as waves of pleasure shot through me from the attention paid  to my incredibly sensitive nipples. I never knew they could be such a pleasure  centre, but the way Tyler was teasing and caressing them with his tongue had my  breathing almost stopped completely and my stomach tightening as if someone  kept squeezing it tighter and tighter. 

I  had to pull Tyler away from me before I passed out or came without either of us  really ever touching my dick. I grabbed him by the hair and yanked him back. He  looked up at me with his sparkling eyes and this time it was my turn to kiss  him. I pulled him to me and forced my tongue into his mouth. He moaned and  kissed back harder than ever before. 

 Tyler  broke the kiss this time by falling to his knees in front of me. I was still  panting for breath, holding myself up using the wall of the cabin for support  as he sank to the floor. I looked down at him and have never felt such a rush  as I did with this total stud looking up at me, wanting me. Instantly my mind  went back to the video of Joe, on his knees in the same position, looking up at  Tyler just like Tyler was now looking at me. God how I wish I could have caught  this on tape too so I could watch it later.

Even  though he was on his knees Tyler was still tall enough so his face was directly  in front of my abs. He stared at them for a moment and then reached out his  hand to touch them. I inhaled deeply and held my breath as I waited for that  first real touch, which only made my abs tighten and tense more, adding to  their definition.

 “Holy  shit you’re hot,” Tyler said, running his hand up my abs. He moved up so he was  stroking my pecs. “Such a nice chest… the shape, the definition… those pointy  nipples… hmmm… and those abs man, six little mounds that I just wanna fucking  eat.”

“Oh  shit,” I shivered as he slid his hands all over my body.

 When  I thought it couldn’t get any better Tyler’s hand kept going south and he  gripped my hard dick through my pants. “And I can’t wait to suck this cock.”

“Oh  yeah, suck it, Tyler. I’m begging you. Suck it.” I sounded so pathetic but I  couldn’t hold back anymore. I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t want him. And  right now I needed him to suck my aching cock.

Tyler  laughed his deep laugh and then leaned in, licking his way up my abs, circling  each hard muscle with his tongue, making sure to dip into each well between  them. I threw my head back against the wood of the cabin and let out a moan  that echoed all around us, bouncing off the trees. Tyler chuckled again only  this time his lips were on me and I felt the vibrations as they travelled from  my abs straight down to my cock.

As  he continued to kiss my abs his hands moved to my pants and he slid the tips of  his fingers under the waistband. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, wanting to  make sure this was actually happening. Even after everything that was said,  after all of the kisses and what happened between us in the shower I still  expected Tyler to pull away and laugh at me. It was beginning to truly dawn on  me that he wasn’t going to do that. 

His  hands moved inward until they were touching, gripping either side of my pants  as he used his thumbs and index fingers to pop open the button. The pressure  that had built around my trapped dick was suddenly gone as the zipper slid open  and I let out a sigh of relief.

 I  screamed when Tyler unexpectedly shoved his tongue into my belly button at the  exact moment he yanked down my pants, leaving me in nothing but my  precum-soaked boxers that were clinging to my hard cock.

 Looking  down it was the first time I had ever seen myself as the guy that Tyler said I  was. My pecs shined with a mixture of the sweat that was beginning to glisten  on them and Tyler’s saliva and they seemed to be growing bigger with every  strained breath I took. My abs were more defined than I had ever seen them,  looking like a mini mountain range. I couldn’t help myself. I ran my hand down  over my abs, appreciating how ripped they were.

“Now  you see it, don’t you?” Tyler smirked.

 I  just nodded my head in response and watched, holding my breath, as Tyler leaned  in again, opening his mouth, only this time he went lower and he inched closer  to my cock.

“Holy  shit!” I screamed when his lips made first contact with my throbbing shaft. It  was still covered by the fabric of my boxers but it didn’t stop the heat of  Tyler’s breath dancing along the length, sending a shiver straight through me.

 I  couldn’t believe this big stud, the quarterback of the football team, the guy  all the girls in school wanted, was on his knees with my dick between his lips.  Even seeing him getting his cock sucked by Joe felt like it was right because  it was Tyler who was being serviced by a guy who is supposed to worship him.  Having him on his knees, being the one to suck my dick, having him pleasure me  just felt so surreal. But it was happening, right now, here, I was about to get  my dick sucked for the first time by Tyler fucking Goodwin. I think I almost  passed out.

Tyler’s  lips travelled along the length of my shaft, kind of like he was just seeing  how long my dick was by running his mouth from the tip to the base and back  again. Settling in the middle, he closed his lips around it and playfully used  his teeth to almost massage my cock. The feelings were incredible.

My  dick continued to throb and pulse as Tyler moved his mouth so it was over the  leaking head. His hands were on my thighs, gripping tight enough for a good  hold without hurting me. I felt his tongue lapping at the damp fabric around my  cock and then he was sucking on it, trying to draw the precum out, sucking it  down onto his tongue and into his stomach. I could have cum right then but I  managed to hold back.

 “Oh  jeez, Tyler, that feels so good,” I said, reaching down to place my hand on the  top of his head.

 “You  taste amazing,” Tyler groaned, “better than I remember.”

He  pulled his mouth away from me and stared at my encased dick for a moment.  Before he could do anything else I reached down and grabbed his shirt, pulling  it off him. I gasped when I saw his awesome body so close and my dick throbbed  harder than it had yet. He was beyond gorgeous and he was on his knees staring  up at me.

 I  reached down to run my hands over his huge chest. He made a kind of soft  humming noise while I started to explore his chest in a way I never had before,  even during our time in the shower. I tried to move my hand lower so I could  get a good feel of his rock hard abs but he put his hand around my wrist and  pushed it away from his body. 

“Hell  no,” Tyler said, “You’re not distracting me.”

I  wondered what he meant but soon got my answer when he reached up, grabbed hold  of my boxers and pulled them down. My cock got caught in them as he tugged on  them, bending it down before it got free and snapped up, slapping against my  abs.

 “Oh  fuck, that’s beautiful,” Tyler said, admiring my dick. “I can’t tell you how  long I’ve wanted this, Ev.”

 “My  dick?” I asked as Tyler reached out and wrapped his hand around the base.

 “Yeah,”  Tyler moaned like he was in a trance as his hand began to move up and down my  shaft. His hand felt so good on me it was unreal.

 “Have  you never sucked the guy you fuck?” I asked, wondering why there was so much  hunger in his eyes as he stroked me if he was with Joe so often.

“Not  enough,” Tyler said, “I hardly ever get to suck him. Most of the time we just  fuck. He wants it quick and hard.”

 I  wanted to bring up seeing the video, seeing Joe clearly spending his time  worshipping Tyler’s cock, but it wasn’t the time. Would Joe really not let  Tyler suck his dick or was it really more that Tyler didn’t want to give up his  top dog, total stud image to Joe by sucking his cock or bottoming for him?  Whatever the reasons were I didn’t care because Tyler was here with me, on his  knees, stroking my dick. When he licked his lips I knew he was about ready to  devour it.

I  had never been so hard as I was in those final few seconds of anticipation when  Tyler started leaning in. He pulled my cock down so it was at a ninety degree  angle. For the first time I saw my dick like I had seen Tyler’s in the video  and pictures he sent. It was a solid seven inches, rising from my trimmed  pubes, up a thick shaft with two deep veins running almost parallel. It curved  the tiniest bit to the left, ending in the spongy head that was almost purple  and glistened with precum.

I  watched intently as another bead of precum bubbled up out of my piss slit and  then I gasped when Tyler’s tongue swooped in to lick it off. It was the first  time I ever had a tongue touch my dick and my eyes actually rolled up into my  head.

 “Oh  fuck!” I screamed.

 Tyler  chuckled and licked again, lapping at the head a couple of times before he  started swirling his tongue around the tip.  My dick was tingling and it made my legs  tremble, especially when Tyler moved his hand in time with his tongue, jerking  me as he kept feasting on my dick.

“How’s  that feel?” Tyler asked, still stroking my cock, looking up with that gorgeous  grin of his.

 “Oh  God, so fucking good,” I said, looking down at him.

 “Do  you believe me now that it’s not all about me?”

 I  put my hands on the sides of his face and pulled him up to me until we were  kissing again. I could taste myself on his tongue when he slipped it into my  mouth but that only made my dick throb harder. 

Pushing  him back away from me but keeping him close enough so he could see the  expression on my face, I said, “I believe you. Now suck my fucking dick.”

Tyler’s  smile grew bigger than it had ever been and he let me push him back to his  knees. He looked up at me for a brief moment and then ducked his head down to  swallow my dick, sucking five of my seven inches straight into his mouth.

His  lips travelled up and down the length of my cock as he started to bob his head  up and down, letting his tongue caress the underside. He seemed to get more  into it the longer he went as moans started to rise from him that were louder  than the ones coming out of my own mouth as he really went to work on my dick.

I  couldn’t believe the hunger that was inside Tyler as he pretty much drilled his  face on my cock. He was sucking with so much enthusiasm that I knew he wasn’t  kidding when he said it was something he had wanted to do for a while. He was  desperate for it. I also knew he had sucked a dick at least a few times because  he was just too good to have never done it before.

 My  cock kept jumping and twitching in his mouth with the sensations that were  running through it and I was constantly pumping precum onto his tongue. My  entire body felt like it was on fire at the same time as it was being  electrocuted. I knew getting a blowjob had to be good but I never thought it  could be like this.

 Tyler  used his big hand to grip the base of my cock. He stroked up and down the  shaft, or at least what wasn’t in his mouth. He would also twist his hand  slightly, often in the opposite direction as he twisted his head, still  swirling his tongue around the tip of my cock, working every inch of me over  until I was right on the edge.

When  I thought it couldn’t get any better, Tyler grabbed my balls and tugged on  them. It pulled my dick away from my body and sent my cock thrusting into his  mouth. He seemed to get a kick out of that, moaning even more, sending  vibrations along the length of my dick.

My  whole body was covered in sweat, it was literally pouring off me, and it was  the first time I realized that Tyler still had his pants on, his own hard dick  trapped inside them. I reached down to try to pull him up or get to the button  on his pants but he swatted my hands away, never letting up on my cock.

 “Tyler,”  I said, trying to pull his head off my dick. “Take your pants off.”

 After  a long lick and loud slurping sound, Tyler pulled off my dick long enough to  say, “No. This is all about you and this…”

 He  squeezed my dick in his hand and plunged his head back down onto my cock. I was  amazed by the way he was acting and was still in disbelief but his mouth felt  too good on me not to go with it. I put both of my hands on Tyler’s head and  held him in place as I thrust into his mouth, humping my cock between his lips  and quickly building up a rhythm until I was fucking his face.

 I  thought Tyler might protest but I think he loved it because he looked up at me  with a dazed look in his eyes like he was away in some fantasy while I  continued to slide back and forth into his mouth.

Soon  I felt the signs of my impending orgasm, it was just too good to last. Tyler  was working my dick like he knew every inch of it and knew just where to lick  to make me scream his name, which I started to do. 

With  my shoulders still pressed against the cabin wall I thrust my hips forward,  shoving more of my cock into Tyler’s mouth. When I did that it pulled my ass  off the wood and Tyler took full advantage, keeping my dick in his mouth as he  moved his hands around to cup my ass, squeezing and massaging the two round  cheeks. This whole experience was more than I could have ever hoped for. 

 Tyler  pulled off my cock and licked up the length of my dick before he put his hands  on my hips and spun me around so my face was pressed against the wall of the  cabin and my ass stuck out toward him. I felt his hot breath dance across my  ass and then his hands were cupping my cheeks, moving in circles so he was  pulling them apart and then pushing them together. 

 “God  your ass is amazing,” Tyler groaned. He pulled my cheeks as far apart as he could,  exposing my hole so he could blow softly on it.

“HOLY  FUCK!” I screamed, feeling my hole twitch. I put my arm in front of my face and  bit into my biceps as my body heaved and jumped.

“Your  hole is winking at me,” Tyler moaned in what was more like a whimper. “It wants  my dick inside it.”

My  hole twitched again at his words and then I screamed, almost clawing at the  side of the cabin, when I felt his tongue flick along my crack, just grazing my  hole. I thought I was going to pass out. My entire body trembled and shook with  spasm after spasm.

Tyler  must have sensed that I was close because he spun me back around, grabbed hold  of my balls and swallowed my dick, doubling his efforts as he went back to  sucking me. I could see from the look on his face and from the way he sucked my  dick that he really wanted my load and I was determined to give it to him.

Feeling  my balls start to bubble up, I told Tyler I was getting ready to cum and he did  something I never expected; he shoved his slick index finger straight up my ass  and must have hit my prostate somehow because everything seemed to explode all  at once, from my mind to my cock.

 I  watched in what seemed like slow motion as Tyler pulled his head back just  enough to let me see the first shot of cum rocket out of my cock onto his  tongue before he clamped down on my dick and swallowed every drop that erupted  from my cock.

When  I was done shooting he stood up, licking his lips, and then he kissed me. I  could barely kiss back because I was so overwhelmed with the feelings that were  running through me but his big body holding mine and his tongue sliding into my  mouth, tasting of cum was almost enough to make me blow for a second time.

I  knew getting a blowjob had to feel good and I had seen the reaction Jake had  when I had been sucking his cock but what Tyler did to me blew all of those  expectations away and now I couldn’t wait to return the favour to make Tyler feel  as good as he just made me feel. 

I  reached down and put my hand on Tyler’s still covered cock. It was so hard in  his pants I just wanted to free it to get my lips around it. Instead of letting  me take his dick out, he took hold of my hands and pressed them back against  the wall of the cabin.

“I  told you today isn’t about me,” Tyler said, looking straight into my eyes.

“But  you didn’t get off,” I said.

“No,”  he replied, “I’m rock hard, but that doesn’t matter. I wanted to show you that  I’m not just in it for me. I have. Besides, now you owe me one. But the next  time I cum, it’s not going to be in your mouth, it’s going to be in your ass.”

With  that Tyler let go of me and walked over to where his t-shirt was. He picked it  up, pulled it on over his amazing body and walked off toward his car, leaving  me gasping for air, half collapsed back against the cabin with my dick still  throbbing and dripping in the air.

To  Be Continued…    


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