Chapter Five

I kept trying to think of other things, anything, to get my mind off Tyler and what he said to me about wanting to fuck me. I figured he was just messing around and didn't really mean it, it was all being done to get at me for what had happened with him and Jake and for me knocking him on his ass, but then a part of me did wonder if he was serious.

The one thing that stuck in my mind above all others, more than any of the words he said, was his hard dick. It had literally been throbbing. The idea of fucking my ass had turned him on and I knew if I had given in right there in that bathroom and had told him to fuck me that he would have been able to stuff me full of that amazing cock and would have fucked me senseless until we both came.

Fuck! That was an image I couldn't get out of my head. I pictured him pushing me into one of those stalls, pressing me up against the wall and lifting me up, throwing my legs around his waist so I was clinging onto him as he slid his cock in deep and stared into my eyes, wanting to look at me as he fucked me, wanting to know he owned me while I rode his cock.

My own cock was so hard under my desk and I had an almost overwhelming urge to reach down and stroke it. There hadn't been many times in my life when I had been so horny I thought about jerking myself in public where anyone could see just because I was so worked up. I hated Tyler for doing this to me, for putting the images in my head. I started to wonder if that was his game plan all along, if planting the seeds of the image had been his goal so they're now growing in my head until I was begging him to fuck me.

When the bell rang and everyone was packing away their stuff, I quickly repositioned my still semi-hard cock and managed to walk out without embarrassing myself. As I walked into the hallway I spotted Tyler coming toward me from the opposite direction. He was with a few of his jock buddies and he was laughing away. I looked at his face for a moment, lit up by that smile, and for the first real time I actually thought he was beautiful. What the fuck was happening to me? I hated the guy and it was one thing to like a hot, hard body, but to actually find myself liking his face, putting together a full package, thinking about giving in to him and letting him fuck me, that really messed with my head. My body wanted him but my mind was screaming at me not to be so fucking stupid.

Suddenly a kid, probably a freshman, who was about two feet shorter than the senior jocks, had been shoved sideways by one of his friends so he bumped into Tyler. The kid's friends continued to walk on, laughing and looking over their shoulder as the kid stared up at Tyler terrified. Tyler glared down at the kid, put his big hand on the kid's forehead, almost covering his whole head, and pie-faced him, pushing him backward with so much force the kid flew off his feet and skidded across the hall until he came to a stop against the nearby wall of lockers. Tyler and his buddies burst out laughing like it was the funniest thing they'd ever seen and walked off, leaving the kid on the ground looking humiliated.

I kept watching the kid as Tyler and his gang caught up to me and started to pass by without so much as a hint of recognition from Tyler. I don't know what I was expecting from him but blanking me wasn't it. Then I felt a hand land on my shoulder and I was pushed hard, stumbling sideways until I too crashed into the lockers, only with the way I'd been facing I crashed into it head first and felt the metal dent as it collided with my skull. The laughs got even louder as the jocks patted Tyler on the back and kept walking.

I stood up, trying to brush myself off, even though I felt dozens of eyes on me. I took a deep breath and then walked over to the kid who was still on the floor. I reached down my hand and held it out to him. He stared up at me for a moment, wondering if I was serious and then reached out his smaller hand, placing it in mine so I could pull him up off the floor.

"Are you okay?" I asked when he was on his feet.

"Yeah," he said in almost a whisper.

"I'm sorry about that. Some of the jocks are just... you know?"


"Yeah," I laughed. "Don't let it affect you."

"I won't. Erm..."

"Yeah?" I asked.

"You're bleeding," the kid said, pointing to my forehead just as the bell rang.

With that the kid hurried off to his next class and I went to mine. I put my hand up to my head and sure enough felt the warm liquid of my blood running in a slow trickle down my forehead. I wiped it off and then decided I needed to get it taken care of so I headed to the nurse who just wiped the blood off, stuck a Band-Aid over the cut and sent me back to class with a crudely and quickly scribbled note.

The next time I saw Tyler was at lunch. I was in the cafeteria, just about to sit down with my food, when Tyler and the same three guys he'd been with before barged their way in and pushed their way to the front of the queue. When they got there another kid about the same size as the one in the hall was just paying for his lunch. When he turned around from handing his money over with his tray in his hand, Tyler stuck out his foot and tripped the kid up, sending him crashing to the ground with his food coming down on top of him. The kid was covered in what looked like lasagne and the jocks were howling with laughter, telling Tyler how great that was. Tyler smiled and looked so proud of himself until he saw me glaring at him and his expression quickly changed and became more serious. He looked down at the kid and then reached into his pocket for his wallet. He pulled out a five dollar bill and tossed it at the kid.

"Buy yourself something else, only this time try not to spill it."

A roar of laughter went up as Tyler said that and turned to get his own food but I just stared at him in disgust. What was worse is that no one tried to say anything to him and as much as I wanted to punch him in the face again I wasn't going to do it in front of a bunch of people, including some jocks who would probably kick the crap out of me if I tried anything. As hot as I was beginning to think he was I couldn't deny that he was still a total douchebag and it made me feel worse for kind of wanting him.

I put my head down and continued to eat until Emily and Jake joined me, by which time Tyler and his buddies had moved to a table of their own and the kid he tripped over had left the cafeteria to laughs and jeered from those who saw his stained clothes.

"What the fuck happened to you?" Jake asked.

"What?" I said.

"Your head," Jake said, reaching over the table until his thumb brushed my head just beside the Band-Aid. I tried not to shiver at his touch but it was hard, it was so gentle and caring. I wanted to reach up and take his hand in mind, to hold it while I stared into his amazing eyes.

"Uh oh, the boyfriends are about to kiss," Tyler laughed, calling across from his table when he saw Jake's hand on my face.

Jake pulled back from me and I could tell he was going to get up to say something to Tyler so I grabbed his arm and tugged on it so he would look at me.

"Don't," I said. "Don't sink to his level. We're better than that."

Jake sat back in his chair and nodded, looking directly into my eyes. "You're right. I'll ignore him. But he did that to your head, didn't he?"

I held Jake's gaze and said, "Yes. I guess we're even now for that bruise on his cheek."

I was surprised when Jake laughed at that and relaxed back into his chair. "Yeah, well if he tries anything else you need to knock the fucker out."

"I will," I smiled.

When I looked up, just past Jake's shoulder, I saw Tyler staring at me. There was that look again, the one from when he was outside my window and then again in the shower. I was starting to think he actually wanted me and that it wasn't just mind games. This whole thing was so fucked up.

* * * *

The next two days went by as normal, or at least I thought they were normal. I barely saw Tyler and he never did anything to further what he had said to me in the bathroom, he just left it hanging in the air. On the plus side he didn't do anything bad to me either and I managed to pass the cut on my head off as me just clashing heads with someone during Phys Ed when my mom asked that night.

What Tyler said still stayed with me though, especially at night when I was lying in bed alone. The idea that someone wanted to fuck me, to be there in my bed with me, sliding his dick in and out of me until we both came, got me so hard it almost hurt.

The first night I thought it was all just because it was so fresh in my mind and my dick still kind of tingled from where Tyler had actually touched it, but then the second night I knew he had really got to me.

I woke up with a raging hard on. I felt like I was about ready to explode because it was flexing and jumping up off my belly, pushing against my boxers. I lay in bed for a few moments, willing it to go down. When that didn't work I slowly reached down and gave it a few strokes through the fabric of my increasingly moist boxers. I closed my eyes to picture Tyler again but something was different, I needed more.

I jumped from the bed, with my tented boxers leading the way, and sat down in my desk chair, firing up my computer. I slowly stroked my dick, pulling it out as the computer came to life. As soon as it was loaded I clicked on the internet, typed in Facebook and then put in a search for Tyler. When his profile came up and I saw his profile picture I let out a gasp and felt my cock pulse. I couldn't believe he'd have a photo like that for everyone to see but then I don't know why I was surprised because he was the type of guy to really love himself. I clicked on the picture to enlarge it and just stared at it while I unconsciously stroked my dick.

He really did look good. He was wearing nothing but his football shoulder pads and an incredibly tight pair of Under Armour boxer shorts that clung to his big thighs and showed the amazing bulge where his big cock was confined. The boxers were hung so low on his waist the cuts there were clearly visible and there was even a slight hint of pubes. His abs were so hard they looked like they'd actually been chiselled on and glistened with what was either sweat or water. His pecs looked huge beneath the pads that only really covered half of them, leaving the curves of the two rounded globes and his incredible nipples on show. The nipples themselves were clearly erect, sticking straight out at the camera and were so perky they were begging to be licked. His neck was thick and seriously needed to have someone's tongue trace a line up it until they reached his beautiful full lips. His whole face was beautiful with his strong jaw, thin yet perfectly proportioned nose and those incredible blue eyes. Damn he made me so hard.

I stroked my cock up and down while looking at that picture, thinking about running my tongue over every inch of that body. Usually when I looked at pictures of celebrities I wondered what they had on under their shorts but I had seen Tyler's big, hard dick and I knew it was just as hot as the rest of him. I felt my balls pull up and I was just about to shoot when I heard a knock on my door and it was beginning to open. I quickly shoved my dick into my boxers, even though that was nearly impossible with the state my cock was in, and clicked to shut down the window.

"Oh shit, bro," Ryan said. "Did I interrupt you?"

I was too embarrassed to say yes but my cock was rapidly deflating and the mood had changed so I decided to wave him in. "No, Ry, it's fine."

"You might want to get a lock for your door. You don't want Mom to catch you jerking."

"I was just looking at something."

"Yeah, right... Who is he?" Ryan asked, looking right at me. When I didn't answer he continued. "Is he the guy that's been making you act weird these last couple of days?"

"What?" I asked, surprised. "What do you mean weird?"

"Oh, come on, bro. You've been distant for a few days now, like there's something on your mind. Even last night when I was planning your party for tomorrow you were just staring into space and agreed to pretty much anything."

"I'm sorry. It's just..."

"You don't know how to feel?"


"About the guy... We both know you have feelings for Jake, Ev, that's pretty clear. You've been hanging on in the hope that he's gonna come around and admit that he loves you so the two of you can be together. Now that's looking less likely you're starting to think about other people, and even though you're not with Jake you're feeling kind of guilty about it. Am I right?"

"I guess so," I said after thinking for a moment. "But..."

"But what?"

"It's more than that. It's someone Jake doesn't like."

"You're worried Jake won't approve?"

"Kinda, but... I don't really like him either. He's a dick."

"Ah, one night stand syndrome. You might not know him or in this case even like him but you still want to fuck him. It's okay, it's natural. We respond to hot people that way. I guess this means you're not thinking about him becoming your boyfriend, you're just thinking about fucking him?"

I felt my face get flushed at that and I knew Ryan saw because he started to chuckle.

"Look bro, you're single, right? You're not with Jake or anyone else, regardless of how much you want to be. You don't have to feel bad about wanting to fuck someone. I get the whole thing about how you want to wait to have sex with someone you care about, who you can trust, and for you right now that's Jake, but honestly, it's not that big a deal. A fuck is a fuck. And believe me your first fuck probably means nothing, it might not even be any good, hell, my first time sucked and I can hardly remember the girl I did it with... But the first time you make love to someone, the first time you feel that connection, mentally and physically, all coming together at once, that's special. It doesn't matter who you've been with or how many times you've been with someone before that moment, that's the thing you'll remember, that's the person you'll always remember. So to me, you're young, you're obviously in shape, and if some other guy wants a piece of you and you want some of him, what exactly is stopping you?"

"I don't know what his motives are."


"I don't know if he wants to fuck me because him and Jake can't stand each other and he wants to get at Jake by sleeping with me or because he actually wants me."

"Does it matter? We all have different motives for having sex, Ev."

"So you think I should go for it if he's interested?" I asked.

"You have to do what you want, Ev. For me, I know what I'd do. If the offer was there and I wanted it, yeah, I'd go for it. But you have to make sure it's something you won't regret. Everyone is different. And..."

Ryan stopped. I looked at him and could tell he wanted to say something else.

"What?" I asked.

"Have you talked to Jake?"

"What? No. Why would I?"

"I kind of think you need to. To make sure..."

"To make sure of what?"

"That it's never going to happen between you two. I think you need to know that. You're still clinging to the idea that he'll be the one. Until you know for certain that he won't be I don't think you'll ever truly want to be with anyone else. Talk to him. Find out. If he's not interested you have your answer and can start trying to move on. It might be hard but I know you can do it."

I smiled hearing such genuine words coming from my big brother, "Thanks, Ry, I appreciate it."

"Ryan! Get your ass down here now!"

Ryan and I looked at each other. Neither of us had heard Dad shout like that in a long time.

"You want me to come with?" I asked, looking at Ryan's face and seeing a mixture of confusion and fear on it.

"Yeah..." Ryan replied, slowly walking out of my room.

I quickly threw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and followed Ryan down the stairs. When we got to the kitchen Dad was sitting there with a mug of coffee in one hand and a piece of paper in the other.

"Do you want to explain this to me?" Dad asked.

I looked at the piece of paper and could see a company logo at the top. I turned to look at Ryan and saw that he had his eyes closed as if he was hoping this moment wasn't real and when he opened them Dad would have disappeared.

"I went into my office to print out some papers and when I turned the printer on this is the first thing that came out. It's an application form. Now I know your brother didn't download it because we told him he's not getting a job until after school finishes and that's still months away, so do you want to tell me what you're doing applying for jobs in town?"

Ryan tried to speak but nothing came out. He took a deep breath and finally managed to talk. "I'm thinking of moving back here now college has finished."

"Thinking? I'd say you've already moved back. Half of your stuff is already up in your room and I noticed you still have a fair few things in the trunk of your car. Why are you coming home? What happened with Paige?"

Ryan took another deep breath. "It's complicated."

"So you're not together anymore?"


"Did she kick you out? Is that why you're here? You've got nowhere else to go so you came back?"

Ryan nodded his head.

"I'm not upset about you being back," Dad said. "I'm not exactly happy we're a last resort but you know you're welcome here whenever. I'd just appreciate it if you were up front and honest. What did you do?"

"Huh?" Ryan asked.

"What did you do to make her kick you out? You seemed perfect for each other."

"We were..." Ryan said and I could hear from his voice that he was getting choked up.

Dad stared at Ryan for a moment and then his face softened. Neither of us had seen Ryan so open and wounded before. It was clear that whatever did happen had hit him pretty hard.

"I can see you're still hurting, son. I expect an explanation when you're ready."

"Yes sir," Ryan said, sounding like a defeated little boy. I really wanted to hug him but he turned and started to walk away.

"Ryan," Dad said, causing Ry to stop though he didn't turn around. "We're here for you, son, me and your brother, whenever you need us."

"Thanks Dad," Ryan croaked as he headed for the stairs and disappeared.

"And how are you?" Dad asked, turning his attention to me.

"Worried about Ry right now," I said.

"You're a good brother, Evan, I wish I had a bond like you two have with my useless excuse of a brother."

I laughed thinking about Uncle Pete, who had about eight kids to his five different ex-wives and he wasn't even forty yet. Dad had tried to reach out to him a couple of times but had always been rejected. I think Uncle Pete resented Dad for actually being happy.

"Are you having any relationship troubles?" Dad asked.

"No," I said, not technically lying.

"So you're not dating anyone but there is someone... I can see it in your eyes."

Fuck Dad was good. I just smiled and nodded my head.

"I guess you're not ready to talk about it either? It's not Jake then?"

I stared at Dad in shock. I had told him I was gay almost a year ago when I didn't want to pretend to be interested in girls anymore but I had no idea he knew about my feelings for Jake.

"No," I murmured.

"Shame," he said, "I'd love to have him as a son-in-law."

Just then the front door opened and Jake strolled in, coming to join us in the kitchen. Dad and I looked at each other for a moment and I saw a slight smile on his face that said he knew everything. I don't know if I went red but I sure felt flushed.

"Good Morning, Jake," Dad said.

"Good Morning, Marty," Jake smiled. He was one of the few people Dad allowed to actually call him Marty. The other friends I had called him either Martin or Mr Cooper but it just showed what my Dad thought of Jake and vice versa.

"How are things going at the store?" Dad asked.

"Kicking my ass," Jake laughed. "With school, wrestling practice and then working evenings I barely have time to do anything else. I guess that's what you get for wanting it all, hey?"

"I wouldn't know, son, I've been married since I was your age, had Ryan shortly after and have done whatever Mrs Cooper wanted for the twenty-two years since then."

We all laughed at that and Dad excused himself to go get ready for work since he only did a half day on a Friday and got to go in later than normal. Mom had already left on an early shift. Jake perched himself on top of a kitchen stool and looked right at my face.

"So what's up with you today?" he asked.

"Nothing," I replied.

"Really? Because you were pretty distant yesterday."

"Was I?"

"Yeah, and I have to say that more than once I saw a bulge in your pants. You've got the hots for someone."

"Whatever," I tried shrugging it off.

"We've been best friends for fifteen years, Ev, I know you. Someone is in your head, and for once it's not me."

I stared at Jake for a moment and tried to stop my jaw from hanging open. Did that mean he knew about my feelings for him? I suddenly felt a sweat breaking out on my forehead so I quickly excused myself, saying I needed to get ready for school, and headed upstairs, leaving Jake in the kitchen.

As I reached the top of the stairs I heard Ryan's voice and saw that his bedroom door was open. I froze just outside my own door and listened for a second.

"Please Paige, why won't you even listen to me? I've told you how sorry I am a hundred times. I don't know what else I can do to prove to you that I love you and want to be with you."

I could hear by the tone of Ryan's voice that he meant every word he was saying. I myself was feeling torn. Part of me wanted to leave Ryan to his private conversation but the other part wanted to hear what was said.

"It was one time," Ryan continued as I heard only his side of the conversation. "It meant nothing, Paige. I told you that... I don't know why I did it. I don't even remember who she was... Please, just hear me out. I told you because I love you and I couldn't live with the lie... No, it wasn't just to clear my conscience. I thought you deserved to know. We agreed to be honest with each other, about everything, why else would I have told you about me and Marcus, Freshman year? No one but you knows about that."

My eyes went wide. Did that mean what I think it did? My mind was racing and I was frozen on the spot until I heard my phone beep. I quickly walked into my room and picked up my phone. I had one new message, from Jake.

"Hurry up, pussy boy, your make-up doesn't take that long to put on."

I chuckled and quickly typed a text as I found my clothes for school.

"You'd know pretty boy. How long did it take to spike that hair this morning? Two hours? I hear the Bart Simpson look is all the rage these days."

I quickly headed to the bathroom and washed my hair, deciding I could give the rest a miss for once since I could shower later. I went to my room and combed my hair and then threw on my clothes. I had just fastened my pants and was pulling up my shirt when my phone beeped again.

"Little fucker. I'm gonna wear your ass out tonight for that. Make sure you grab your wrestling gear."

I smiled and remembered that I'd told Jake I'd stop by his on one of his rare nights off so we could have a little wrestling practice. It was always hot getting so close to him, letting my hands rub against his body as we tussled and tried to pin each other. I grabbed my singlet and the tightest pair of boxers I had, knowing I'd need to contain the hard on I always got when Jake's sweaty chest was pressed against my back or sometimes even my cheek when he had me pinned to the ground.

I threw everything in my bag and headed out of my room. I looked across the hall to see that Ryan's door was now closed so I continued on down the hall and stairs and made my way back to the kitchen.

"About fucking time," Jake laughed. "You ready?"

"Yes, bitch, I'm ready. Now get out there and open the door for me so I can take a seat while you drive me to school."

Jake laughed. "I'd argue with that but you made yourself the woman in that situation and that sounds about right."

"You won't be saying that when I pin your ass tonight."

"In your dreams, Ev, in your dreams."

Yeah, I thought, almost every night.

I watched his hot ass as he walked out in front of me and we hopped into his car.

To Be Continued...


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