Chapter One

The bell rang to signal the end of another day and thankfully another week at school. I quickly threw my books in my bag and headed out the door. There was no real rush but I knew Jake would probably be waiting for me at his car and he hated people being late. We had been friends for fifteen years and now in our senior year of high school we were closer than ever. He was the captain of the wrestling team and had a real shot at the All State title in his 182 lb weight category. He was also hot as hell and filled out a singlet like no other. There weren't many girls who hadn't tried to get in his pants, with few being successful, even a few guys had tried but failed. I wasn't one of them though, even if it was a dream I had every other night, occasionally a wet one. I was just happy he was my friend and hadn't shunned me when he became a star athlete and I was basically just any other kid.

To be honest that's probably being a little harsh on myself. I'm not one of those scrawny, skinny nerds who lust after the much bigger, hotter jocks. Okay, so I was good enough academically that I would never have to worry about failing a class but I was also proud of my body. Jake and I had been workout buddies since we were fourteen and those four years of pumping iron and trying to keep up with Jake had given me a great set of pecs, really defined abs that were hard to the touch, and arms that filled out the sleeves of any shirt I wore. The difference between us was that I'm what I've heard referred to as a jack of all trades and a master of none. I was a good football player, but not good enough to make the team, the same can be said for basketball and wrestling. I took pride in being able to give Jake real competition when I practiced wrestling with him in his basement but he always beat me being so good at it and having about 10 lb on my 170 lb frame.

In a lot of ways I went under the radar at school. I wasn't a popular jock because I wasn't on any of the teams and wasn't winning matches or trophies. But at the same time I wasn't one of the people who were ignored or made fun off for being a geek or a queer, a term I hated but was glad wasn't directed at me, even though I am gay. Jake knew, as did a few others who I felt I could trust, but it wasn't something I wore on my sleeve like some do. For me it's no one's business but mine who I'm attracted to or who I may sleep with, so why broadcast it? It makes no difference to who I am and I'm not going to start acting differently so I just get on with life.

The only person who ever really said anything to me was the quarterback on the football team, Tyler. He was the biggest dick around, and not in the good way. All he seemed to care about was scoring touchdowns, scoring with girls and making other people miserable. He was 6 foot 2 and must have been close to if not more than 200 lbs of pure muscle. He would purposefully run into people in the hall, usually those much smaller than him, knocking them to the ground and then mocking them. He loved pulling pranks of all kinds and was supposed to have taken a dump in someone's bag in the locker room because they embarrassed him on the field. Most people didn't say anything to him because he was the star and was basically worshipped by everyone who thought he was the best. Our team was just one win away from the play-offs and almost everyone credited Tyler for getting them there.

One day when he knocked a kid over and just stood there laughing, Jake walked up and got right in his face. They threw insults back and forth and then when Tyler tried to push Jake backwards Jake grabbed his arm, popped his hips and sent Tyler sailing over his shoulder, dropping him flat on his back in the hall for most of our then Junior year to see. Everyone either laughed or stood in awe, amazed that not only someone stood up to Tyler but actually knocked him on his ass. Jake gained a huge level of respect for doing that but he also made an enemy in Tyler and I guess I was an enemy by association.

I left the school building and hurried around a corner, probably going a little too fast, when I ran straight into someone so hard I felt my forehead connect with his chin. The impact stunned me and I started to fall backwards, but before my body got anywhere near the ground I was being pushed against the wall and was almost lifted off my feet. My back hit the bricks first but then my head crashed into it and I let out a pained groan as I felt heat explode in the back of my skull. A huge forearm pressed against my throat, threatening to choke me. It also pushed my chin up so I was forced to look up into the eyes of Tyler. The anger and hatred in them sent a chill through me. I usually took pride in being able to handle myself but he completely overpowered me and left me feeling helpless. His eyes glared down into mine and his face got so close I thought he was going to head-butt me.

His hot breath danced across my cheek and his teeth were gritted together when he fumed, "You need to watch where you're going you stupid little fuck. I'm too valuable to this school to be injured by a cheerleader who doesn't watch where she's going."

That pissed me off. Of all the comments he had made about me over the past few months, often implying Jake and I were gay and were fucking each other, that was the one I took the most exception to. I was nothing like a woman or a fucking cheerleader. I could feel my face getting redder from anger and lack of oxygen and before I could really think about what I was doing I gasped and said, "Fuck you asshole, you're just upset 'cause Jake's a better athlete than you'll ever be and I prefer cheering for him."

His eyes went wide at that and I felt the pressure on my throat increase. I tried to swallow but couldn't.

"What the fuck did you just say?" Tyler growled, pushing hard so my head rocked back and crashed into the wall again.

He reared back with his free hand and I braced myself for a punch that never came. Suddenly the arm on my throat was ripped away and I crumbled against the wall, gasping for air as I tried to get some back in my lungs. I looked up to see Tyler pressed against the wall beside me with Jake right in his face. They were so close their noses were almost touching.

"Don't you dare lay a fucking finger on him again; do you hear me? You think you own this school and can do what you want when really you're nothing but a pussy who picks on people who won't fight back," Jake said. He let Tyler go and pushed him away from him. He held out his arms, offering himself up to the quarterback. "Come on, take a free shot. Fight someone who can kick your ass and make you scream like the bitch you are."

Tyler was seething now. The anger in his face made me worry he'd accept and would strike a blow that Jake wouldn't recover from in time to defend himself and fight back. His hands curled up into fists and he stepped forward. I could tell by the look in his eyes he was about to hit Jake. He pulled back his fist and Jake quickly got into position to respond. Tyler swung forward but instead of targeting Jake he turned and punched the wall hard. He didn't even wince even though I could see his hand bleeding.

They continued to stare each other down. Tyler's breathing was so heavy he sounded like a bull getting ready to charge. There were crowds starting to gather all around us as they also left for the day. They were waiting for something to happen but it never did. Tyler just stood there with his chest heaving. Jake reached down to me, never taking his eyes off Tyler as he helped me up from where I was basically in a sitting position against the wall, even though there was no chair beneath me.

"Come on, Evan, let's go," Jake said.

I nodded and followed him, finally turning our backs on Tyler. Part of me expected Tyler to jump us from behind but we made it to the parking lot without incident and after a few people told Jake how awesome they thought he was for standing up to Tyler we jumped in his car and drove off.

"Thanks," I said when we were alone.

"No problem, it was a good job I needed to get something from my locker. Damn, Ev, that guy pisses me off. He thinks he's it just because he's on the football team and half of the cheerleaders wet their panties over him."

I chuckled at that and was glad to hear Jake's deep, manly laugh over the sound of the radio.

"Honestly, man, some of those girls are such sluts. You just have to say hi to them and they're on their backs inviting you in," Jake smiled as he continued to drive.

"I thought you'd like that," I laughed.

"Not when they're total hos who'd let any of the guys on the team fuck them raw. Hell, a few of them would be happy to take the whole team."

"They're not for you, then?"

"Hell no, I want a normal girl, one who doesn't care that I'm an athlete. You know that shit doesn't last. I want a girl who'll stick around long after my career is over. I'm not talking marriage or kids yet but I want a girlfriend I can be with for more than just a good fuck, you know?"

"Yeah, I know. It didn't stop you fucking Jennifer Harris though, did it?"

"Yeah, but she was so hot. And I'm telling ya, Ev, as a junior getting to fuck a hot senior... that was some dope shit right there. Tell me you wouldn't have?"

"With Jennifer Harris? No thanks."

Jake laughed. "I didn't mean with her. What if Cody Jenkins had wanted to fuck you? I know you wanted a piece of that stud."

"Who didn't? Even you thought he was hot."

"Yeah, but not in the same way you did. There's a difference between knowing someone looks good and wanting to have his dick inside you. Speaking of... you still not been fucked yet?"

"Jake!" I nearly choked.

"What? We're best buds I can ask you that kind of thing."

I shook my head but chuckled. "No, if you must know. It's a big deal, to me anyway. I don't just want to give it up to someone for the sake of getting fucked. I'd rather wait until I'm with a guy I really like, who I want in me for more than just the experience."

"Weirdly I get that. I hope you find someone. I'll try to get a liberal girl who'll double date with us. Is there no one at school you're interested in?"

What could I say to that? There were about a dozen guys who were more than hot enough to sleep with but I didn't see any of them as boyfriend material, if for nothing other than the fact that as far as I knew they were all straight. Instead of replying I just shrugged and shook my head, no.

"Shame," Jake laughed. "You could do with someone's hand other than your own stroking your cock at night. I've lost count of the times you've got hard when we wrestle or watch WWE. Hot guys in spandex really do it for you, hey?"

God, I blushed hard when he said that. I was so embarrassed he'd seen me with various boners and knew I went home from our wrestling sessions and jerked off in my room to all kinds of thoughts. It was awesome that I could have this kind of conversation with someone but at the same time it kind of killed me that he'd never be the one to change that jerk off pattern for me.

The talk on the rest of the way home was just general shit that we always talked about; school work, the wrestling team, the upcoming season and his chances, if we had any plans at the weekend, that kind of thing.

When he dropped me off outside my house he said he might stop by later that night and then drove off. My parents still weren't home so I let myself in and went straight to the kitchen for a drink before heading upstairs to my room. Once I was there I stripped out of my clothes to my boxers and looked at myself in the mirror. My pecs were still firm, my abs still hard and I looked as impressive as I had felt before Tyler had completely overpowered me and made me feel like a skinny kid again. I hated that feeling of basically being owned, which is what would have happened if Jake hadn't shown up. Tyler would have probably beaten the crap out of me and all my muscles would have done nothing to stop him.

I stood thinking for a few minutes, wondering if I should hit the weights we had down in the garage, trying to get strong enough to fight back if anything were to happen again. I moved to grab a pair of workout shorts from my drawer and crossed in front of the window when I stopped. Someone was on my lawn.

I turned my head and was shocked to see Tyler standing in front of my house, looking straight up at my window, at me. I stood there unable to move and I felt my heart pounding. What the fuck was he doing? I didn't even know that he knew where I lived. Did he follow us and saw Jake leave?

I felt vulnerable. He caught me completely off guard and I had no idea what to expect. He continued to just stare up at me so I kept looking at him, taking in his huge body and the blood that was now crusted on his fist, blood I'm sure he wished was mine. Part of me wanted to run downstairs to lock the door so he couldn't get in if that was his plan but I knew he'd get there before me if he wanted to and could be in my house long before I could stop him. Another part wanted to call Jake but I didn't want to move. A part of me even wanted to open the window to tell him to fuck off but that would probably only make things worse. Above all I didn't want to give him the idea that I was unnerved so I just kept staring at him, wondering if he was stalking me now.

There was a smirk on his face like a predator sizing up its prey. Then our eyes met and I saw something in them I had never seen before. I didn't know what it was but it freaked me out. It was like hunger, like he'd seen something he couldn't wait to get his hands on so he could rip into me and tear out the heart that was pounding in my chest.

I was almost hyperventilating as we continued to stare at each other for what felt like hours. Finally he looked away as if he was checking no one was around to see him. I felt my stomach tighten and quickly looked for anything I could grab to use as a weapon in case my fists wouldn't do. There was nothing.

Suddenly he moved toward the house and I was finally able to move. Even if I felt somewhat prepared I had never been in a real fight and I didn't want to be in one now, not alone where no one could step in to stop Tyler from killing me. I sprinted out of my bedroom, jumped down as many stairs as I could at a time and slammed on the bolt on the front door. I took two steps back, worried he'd just kick it in, when a piece of paper slid under it. I swallowed hard and bent down to pick it up. I unfolded it and read what was written.

"Jake can't always protect you. It's just a matter of time."

I stared at the writing. Why the fuck was Tyler doing this? Just because I liked Jake and thought Tyler was a dick? I hated the way he made me feel. I usually felt proud, confident that I could handle myself, like a man, and yet something about Tyler made me feel like my muscles were just for show and he'd always get the better of me. I was 18 in a fucking week and this guy had me hiding like some scared bitch.

"See you on Monday, Evan," Tyler called from the other side of the door.

The paper crumpled up in my clenching fist and then I heard Tyler's footsteps outside. I headed toward the window and saw his back as he walked away. I let out a sigh of relief and kept watching to make sure he was gone. When he disappeared from view I felt anger bubbling up inside me. I wanted to rip the door open, run after him and punch him in the face. I wanted to confront him but there was something about him I just couldn't explain that always seemed to make me want to give in to him. I screamed so loud I almost deafened myself because I was so annoyed and needed some kind of release. What the fuck was he doing? It is one thing to be a dick at school acting like he owns the place, but outside, at my house, he was taking it too far.

I took the bolt off the door but made sure it was locked. I went to the kitchen for some water and threw the note in the trash. I knew I should keep it as evidence but I just wanted to get rid of it. I checked the door again and when I was satisfied it was locked I headed upstairs into the bathroom for a nice long shower. It was only then that I realized I was wearing nothing but my boxers and had been half naked the whole time Tyler was staring at me. He must have seen my body on display and probably got a kick out of a built guy being so stupidly fucking intimidated by him.

I pushed my boxers down and stepped into the hot water, hoping to wash my worries away. Instead of thinking about Tyler and how me might be waiting at school somewhere on Monday to jump out at me and beat the crap out of me I started thinking about Jake and how he'd looked a few days ago when he'd come round and we'd both been so hot we decided to jump in the pool. He didn't have any swim shorts, just jumping in wearing his boxers. Nothing much of note happened while we were in the pool but when he climbed out, my god he was amazing.

He stood on the side of the pool in those boxer briefs. They were dripping wet and clung to his body. His limp cock was outlined against the dark fabric, making an impressive bulge even when soft. The boxer briefs themselves hung so low on his hips his v cuts were fully exposed and you could tell he trimmed his pubes because they were clearly visible as his hot, dark trail merged with them. His abs glistened with tiny droplets of water, falling into the crevices between each one, further defining them. His big pecs were perfectly rounded and symmetrical, topped off with two medium sized nipples that made my tongue tingle wanting to lick them. His arms looked huge, the biceps bulging. All I could think about was being held in those arms as something other than a friend but I knew it would never happen. He was so beautiful, with his strong jaw, deep brown eyes that could make you melt and dark hair that was usually spiked up but from being in the pool had gone kind of floppy over his forehead.

I was so turned on just thinking about him that I had to take care of myself and had one of the strongest orgasms of my life as I screamed Jake's name.

When I recovered and my body stopped shaking I quickly washed myself and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my waist. I had just about dried off and was combing my hair when a loud knock on the bathroom door startled me, making me jump. God, why was I so nervous? Tyler couldn't get in so I had no reason to worry and yet all I could picture was his face glaring at me like he had when he had me pinned against the wall. What was it about the guy that got to me so much?

I made sure my towel was fixed around my waist and went to the door. I slowly pulled it open and my eyes went wide.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Is that any way to greet your brother?"

I smiled seeing the grin on his face. Ryan, my big brother, had gone away to college almost five years ago and had only come home during the Christmas and summer breaks, even if just for a week or two. We had always been pretty close and he used to be very protective of me when I was a kid. Even though he was at college we'd still find time to Skype at least once a week and we always bought the same video games so that even with the distance between us we could go online and play against each other.

He pulled me into a hug and ruffled my freshly combed hair. I quickly pushed him away and tried to fix it while he just laughed.

"Fuck, look at you, bro, you are one bowed up motherfucker," he chuckled, looking me up and down.

"Beats your skinny ass any day," I grinned.

"Hey, the ladies love this body and I've got a list of them you can call to verify that."

"I thought you were with Paige?"

"I was..."

"But not now?"


"What happened?"

"Let's not talk about that now, okay? It's your birthday this week, little man. What are you doing to celebrate?"

"Nothing. It's not a big birthday. I was gonna ask Mom and Dad if I could have a few buddies round."

"Are you kidding me? It's the last birthday you'll have in high school with all of your friends. Make the most of it. Get everyone together and make it a celebration. If you don't set it up, I will."

"Are you kidding ME?"

"No, my 18th was awesome, and not just because of the blowjob Suzy Dominguez gave me. Being legal makes you fair game."

I laughed at that and punched my brother playfully on the arm.

"Hey, you never know," he continued. "Maybe this will be your lucky year too."

"I doubt that."

"Still not told Jake you're in love with him then?"

"What?!" I exclaimed with my eyes wide and my face getting hotter by the second as I blushed.

"Relax, bro, I've known you're gay for ages. Remember when I came home last summer and we went on that fishing trip, you, me, Jake and Marcus? Every time Jake did that cute little giggle of his you couldn't stop looking at him and it made you smile. I knew then."

"Why the fuck didn't you say anything?" I asked, amazed, thinking back to that awesome trip with Jake and our big brothers, who were also best friends.

"It's not the kind of thing you bring up. I didn't know if you were ready to admit it to anyone or even to yourself then so I decided to let you tell me in your own time instead of confronting you with it."

I chuckled, partly from disbelief. "Thanks, bro, it means a lot."

"You'll always be my brother, Ev, it doesn't matter what we do." I smiled and we hugged again. "Now go put some clothes on. I might be okay with you being gay but I still don't want to see your ass naked, especially if you've been taking a cock in it."

"Ryan!" I cried. "You're just jealous because I have a hot muscle ass."

I turned around and dropped my towel, bending over slightly to moon him. The sting of his hand as it slapped my ass hard made me jump and curse. He just laughed and walked away, heading into his room across the hall from mine. I went into my room and threw on my clothes after rubbing my sore ass before going to join him. He had a lot of stuff with him that he was setting up around the room.

"Are you planning on staying a while?" I asked, seeing everything.

"You could say that..."

"Ryan, what happened with Paige?"

"Like I said, I don't want to talk about it, okay?"

"But it's bad enough that you're moving home?"

Instead of answering me Ryan just turned his head and glared at me.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I won't ask again. But you know Mom and Dad will." I said.

"Yeah, I know, and when I'm ready to talk about it I will."

I nodded and headed out of the room. I went downstairs into the kitchen to make a drink and after a couple of minutes Ryan came down to join me.

"What ya drinking?" he asked.

"Just some coffee," I said.

"You drink coffee? I'd have thought a guy with your build stayed away from it."

"I'm not an athlete so I don't have to be too strict. I don't make a habit of it but every now and then it's a nice treat. Mom makes us have decaf but it's not bad when you put some flavoured creamer in it."

"Fuck creamer," Ryan said as he moved over and started pouring a cup of his own. "This is what you put in coffee."

He pulled out a miniature bottle of some liqueur from his pocket and poured it into his cup.

"Why don't you just grab a beer? Dad has loads in the fridge."

"Because this way they won't know I'm drinking at all," Ryan smiled.

He put the bottle back in his pocket just as the front door opened and Mom walked in from work. She saw her two boys standing around drinking coffee and smiled, coming over to hug us both.

"What brings you here?" Mom asked Ryan.

"Just got some time off from work and wanted to be here for my little bro's birthday next week," Ryan smiled.

"That is so sweet," Mom said, kissing his cheek.

When she moved away Ryan leaned over to me and whispered, "I'll tell her later."

I nodded to tell him I was okay with that and then he got a wicked grin on his face and I wondered what he was up to.

"Mom, we're having some coffee, do you want a cup?" Ryan called.

"Yes please, dear, work was hell today. Old Mrs Peters was in again..."

Mom kept talking like we knew who she was talking about. We just let her continue as Ryan poured her a coffee and added some milk to it. He pulled out his little bottle that still had some liqueur left in it.

"Do you think I should spike it?" He whispered.

"You do and you'll be finding somewhere else to live, young man," I said, putting on my best impression of Mom's pissed off face.

Ryan burst out laughing and put the bottle back in his pocket just as Mom re-entered.

"I know, the girls laughed too but she can be so annoying."

Ryan and I looked at each other. Neither of us knew what Mom had said so we just nodded and smiled as he handed her cup to her and we headed out into the yard to finish our own.

When Dad got home and we had dinner it was like Ryan was on a quiz show or under interrogation by the police. Dad just wouldn't stop asking him questions but he took everyone one and fired back an answer without ever mentioning that he was planning on staying longer than the week.

After that we went up to my room and just chatted and hung around. I asked him if he really wanted to be hanging with a kid since he was almost 23 and I got the feeling it would be a bit lame hanging with his kid brother.

"I like you, bro, otherwise your ass would be alone right now and I'd be out on the town with some buddies. None of them know I'm back yet anyway. It was kind of last minute and I want to get settled first. I'll call Marcus tomorrow to set something up. For now let me kick your ass on that WWE game, I know you want to play with Randy Orton so go ahead."

"Yeah, but that's not in a video game."


We both laughed and I booted up the game. For the next couple of hours we played on various games and chatted about random shit. It was great having him back and it was the first real time we'd been together like this in years, especially since we had kind of become equals now I was old enough to understand where he was coming from on most things. I was disappointed that Jake never came around but Ryan more than made up for it. I went to sleep with a smile on my face, not even thinking about Jake or Tyler or what Monday might bring.

To Be Continued...


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