Chapter Three

I could feel Coach's eyes watching us from behind as Tyler and I stepped up to the starting line of the makeshift obstacle course. My wrist was already aching from the cold metal handcuffs that were locked tight around them, but it was made worse when Tyler kept pulling his arm away as if he didn't want to be near me, only for it to have the opposite effect by actually dragging me closer to him.

What did I do to deserve being cuffed to him? Okay, so I punched him in his smug jock face but it wasn't anything a hundred other kids didn't want to do. He deserved it, if not for what he almost did to me outside the school on Friday then because of him following me and Jake home like the crazy prick he was. I didn't turn to look at his face but I could still picture the expression that was painted on it when he was looking up at me through my bedroom window.

"Are you gonna fucking move or what, dickweed?" Tyler said, shoving my shoulder.

"We've got to move together or did that part not make sense to you?" I shot back, finally turning my head, only to be looking at his chest and neck. I glanced up at his face to see a look of pure annoyance.

"How the fuck are we going to do this?" he asked.

I looked at our first obstacle. From the starting line we had to cross an upturned bench that gave us maybe a two inch wide beam to walk across. That would have been hard enough alone, needing to keep your balance, but when you're cuffed to someone else it's nearly impossible.

Tyler pushed me again, forcing me over the line so I had no choice but to step up onto the bench. I tried to balance as best I could but it was hard. I pulled on Tyler's arm, forcing him to join me. I managed to get balanced sideways with the beam in the arch of my foot. I started moving across slowly but came to a sudden stop when Tyler wouldn't move with me.

"What are you doing, dick? You have to move as well," I said.

Tyler's head snapped around and he yanked hard on my arm, forcing me off balance so I fell forward off the beam, tumbling to the blue mats that had been laid out on the floor. Tyler laughed briefly watching me fall until he gasped, his dumb ass only just realizing we were cuffed together and if I fell he was going with me.

As I fell I tried to turn to land on my back so it would absorb more of the blow, something Jake had taught me through wrestling. I managed it and landed kind of hard, but as I fell I pulled Tyler down with me and since we were cuffed together he came right down on top of me, his huge muscular frame completely covering me as our chests crashed into each other, pushing the air out of us both.

I lay trying to catch my breath, with Tyler still on top of me. The heat coming from his body was so intense and his muscles felt so hard pressed against mine. I glanced up and our eyes met. We just stared at each other for a moment with him still on top of me and then we heard Coach above us clearing his throat.

"You two know this is Phys Ed not Sex Ed, right? Get your sorry asses up off the floor and try doing that again."

"I thought you said if we fell we were done?" Tyler said.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you? You didn't even try. I don't care if you have to fake not hating each other for the next five minutes but you'll work together or you'll be locked together like that for the rest of the semester. Do it again," Coach said, turning to walk away. "Oh, and Goodwin, push him again and you'll be benched for the next football game."

"Coach!" Tyler squealed, jumping up from on top of me to go after Coach who had already walked away, dragging me along with him as I tried to get my feet under me.

"Can we just do this?" I asked when Tyler gave up, watching Coach start talking to a couple of guys who were halfway across their course.

"Alright, but I'm in charge, I'm not having your wimpy ass telling me what to do."

"My wimpy ass knocked you on yours this morning, remember? I might not be some big jock but I'm not some little bitch you can just boss around and treat like crap, Tyler. I will stand up to you and I will fight back. I'm sick of your shit so let's just do this so I can get these cuffs off and you can fuck off and go bang some slut with your little pencil dick."

Tyler stood stunned and I heard a couple of laughs around us from the other guys who had heard what I said. I couldn't really believe I had the balls to say it to his face but it was basically the truth and once it was out there I felt kind of relieved. I wasn't sure but I thought I saw Tyler nod just briefly as if showing respect for me standing up to him when he thought I was just going to back down like some pussy.

By now the hall was beginning to clear. Those who had passed their course had been allowed to head off to the locker room to shower and change to go home. Those who failed and fell or dropped their prop headed outside to run their laps.

Tyler and I moved back up to the starting line to assess what we had to do. I needed him to work with me if this was going to happen. We had to at least try.

"You gonna get back up there or what?" Tyler asked, trying to push me again.

"Shut up, I'm thinking," I said, slapping away his hand. "Coach said our feet can't touch the floor."

"Yeah, what's your point?" he replied with an edge to his voice that made me feel like I was covered in horse shit.

"We can walk on either side of the beam, put our feet on the underside of the bench and get across that way."

When Tyler said nothing I turned to look at him and saw him staring at me like he was trying to figure something out.

"What?" I asked.

He looked down momentarily as if contemplating something and then said, "Get to it then nerd."

I rolled my eyes and stepped out onto the upturned bench, carefully finding my footing, which was hard when I had to turn my body and bend over since my outstretched arm was still cuffed to Tyler's. When I was balanced I tugged on him and he quickly stepped up behind me.

Both now on the bench, I had to hook my arm behind me so I could start walking forward. It wasn't as easy as it looked with the beam between my legs and Tyler basically attached to my back. He was trying to keep his distance but it was twisting my arm, making my shoulder ache, so I stood still and yanked my arm forward, making Tyler lurch across the bench so his chest was pressed against my back. We almost stumbled as he collided with me and I felt him lose his balance slightly. Without thinking about it I grabbed his hand since it was so close to mine and helped him to steady himself.

It was only when I felt his warm breath on my neck and his bulging pecs pressing against my back that I realized we were still holding hands and I quickly let go. My palm was sweaty. I tried to pull it around to my front so I could look at it but Tyler pulled it back behind me and pressed his big hand to the small of my back.

"Get moving dickwad, I ain't got all day."

I let out a sigh and moved forward, feeling Tyler close to me the whole time. When we reached the edge of the bench I felt him pressed right up against my back again. He was so warm and his hand was still on my back just above my ass.

"Nice work, boys, you're not totally useless after all," Coach said, coming to stand beside us. "I wondered how you'd manage that one. What are you going to do now?"

Tyler and I looked across the short gap and saw the pommel horse. How were we both meant to make it onto it. We could have easily made it under other circumstances with a bit of a jump but with our arms tied together and Tyler behind me it seemed almost impossible. Coach just laughed and went to check on some of the other guys.

"What's your plan now, smartass?" Tyler said.

"You're a dick, you know that?" I asked, looking over my shoulder into his eyes.

"I thought you liked dick?" Tyler grinned.

"We need to jump together," I said, deciding to ignore the comment.

"And how are we meant to do that?"

"I don't know."

"I thought you were smart."

"And I used to think you weren't an asshole, I guess we were both wrong."

Tyler looked like he wanted to kill me and then I felt my arm being twisted behind my back. At first I thought he was trying to hurt me but then I felt his big hands slide into my arm pits and the next thing I knew my feet were off the bench and I was flying through the air toward the pommel horse.

I just had enough time to process what was happening and managed to brace myself for the impact so I could grab on and throw my leg over it just as Tyler landed on the horse beside me, clinging onto the side. It all happened so quickly but he must have thrown me and then jumped straight after me. I was kind of in awe at his strength but then I saw he was struggling to keep his big body off the ground so I reached over and pulled him up so we were both sitting with one leg either side of the horse looking at each other.

When we made eye contact again I couldn't help but notice how blue his eyes were. They were a really light shade, kind of like the sea on a tropical beach. I shivered with that thought and looked toward our next obstacle. The bars... There was no way we could easily navigate the damn things. We'd have to time our movements perfectly. It would be like a three-legged race only with our arms and a climbing wall.

Tyler and I slowly stood up in silent understanding and prepared ourselves for the jump we would need to make to get across. Our difference in height could make it tricky because Tyler would naturally try to grab on higher up the bars than I would so one of our bodies would have to stretch.

"On three?" Tyler asked. "Or do you want to count? I don't want you to feel like I'm bossing you around..."

The sarcasm in his voice almost made me smile but I just shook my head and said, "Fine, douche, on three. If you can actually count to three..."

"How about we time it with punches and see if I can count to three on your face?"

I was about to reply to his lame comment but the glare I got from him sent a shiver down my spine. I had never felt like someone actually wanted to murder me before but the heat and intensity in his eyes shook me up more than anything he'd done so far.

"You're gonna have to grab on lower," I said.

"Fuck that shortass, you'll just have to jump higher to make sure your arms are level with mine," Tyler shot back so quickly I was kind of surprised since we hadn't discussed the height difference. Maybe he was smarter than he looks.

We got into position and Tyler started counting, "One... Two... Seven..."

I turned my head to look at him and he had the biggest shit eating grin on his face. I actually chuckled at him mocking me and returned the smile, shaking my head. He moved his head closer to mine so he was staring into my eyes.


The word barely registered in my head when my eyes saw him jump from the pommel horse toward the bars. I didn't have time to think and had to quickly launch myself toward the bars after him because I was already being dragged from my perch.

The next three seconds seemed to go by in slow motion. Tyler landed perfectly on the bars, actually grabbing on lower with the arm that was attached to mine. Still, him jumping so suddenly and catching me off guard had meant I didn't get as good a leap as I needed and I started heading down toward the floor. I pulled my legs up so I had longer before they hit and reached out with my own arms but I was still heading south. As I watched the floor move closer and started bracing myself for impact I felt Tyler's huge hand wrap itself around my forearm and I was yanked upwards until I was level with Tyler and quickly grabbed on, steadying myself on the bars.

When it set in what had happened I just stared at Tyler in awe. How fucking strong was he to be able to pull up my 170lbs with just one arm?

"Now what?" Tyler asked.

"We can either go up and over or around. What do you think?"

Tyler looked up and his brow wrinkled a little as he thought, "Around."

"Why?" I asked, actually thinking up and over was easier because we could climb up parallel rungs.

"Because our hands are tied. Getting up is fine but getting over could be a bitch 'cause we've gotta switch around."

I looked back up at the bars. He was right. My right arm and his left were tied together. When we got to the top and had to climb over he would be on my left and me on his right so our arms would be crossed over, making climbing down difficult. He really wasn't dumb after all.

"Okay," I said, "you're right. We go around."

"Say that again," he smirked.


"That I'm right," he smiled. "I've never heard you admit that before."

"Yeah, and you won't again," I said.

"Get moving then pussy."

I started climbing sideways and Tyler actually moved with me, timing his movements so our cuffed hands moved together. When we reached the end and had to turn the corner I paused for a second but Tyler still moved and his hand came to rest directly on top of mine. I felt a tingle that went right through me at the contact and my stomach suddenly tightened. We caught each other's eye and stared at each other for a moment, all the while his hand was still on top of mine.

I quickly snapped out of it when another guy cheered having finished his course. I pulled my hand out from beneath Tyler's and unlike I was expecting he didn't show signs of pulling back, he just gripped on where my hand had been.

There was a strange feeling building inside me and I wanted to get this course over with so I could get the cuffs off and could get away from Tyler. I didn't know what the fuck was going on in my head but I didn't like it.

I hurried around the corner of the bars, almost dragging Tyler with me and then we had to navigate our way down a bench that had been secured to the bars via a couple of teeth, at least that's what they looked like.

The finishing line was in sight but in my eagerness to get to it I set off down the bench before Tyler had got his footing on it and had barely let go of the bars. The result was me yanking him off the bars, making him stumble down the bench so he fell forward, his body essentially tackling mine as we both crashed to the ground just inches from the finishing line.

I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them and looked up, Coach was staring down at me.

"I actually thought you were going to do it then. You managed to work together and then you fucked it up at the end," Coach said, a hint of sadness in his voice.

"It was that fucking idiot's fault," Tyler fumed as he sat up and pointed at me. "Why did you pull me off the bars, asshole?"

"I... I didn't mean to..." I stuttered.

"Well you did, and you know the price of failure; outside, ten laps."

"Come on, Coach," Tyler pleaded. "You saw that wasn't my fault."

"And you know as well as anyone Goodwin that if one member of the team fucks up the whole team pays, so get outside and do what everyone else who failed has done without bitching."

Tyler's face turned red in anger and he jumped to his feet, again dragging me with him. If doing the course cuffed together caused so much trouble I could only imagine what having to run together would be like. I knew pretty much instantly that Tyler was going to try to outrun me and I was going to have to keep up.

I was dragged pretty much the whole way until we were lined up on the starting line with the assistant coach standing by. Before he could tell us to go, Tyler set off and I stumbled after him, having no choice but to get my feet underneath me quickly so I could start running and keep up with the pace he was trying to set.

Being joined together by the hand meant Tyler couldn't run as fast as he wanted to and I could see that it was annoying him to have his upper body turned with his arm outstretched backwards toward me. I didn't want to run too fast since we still had most of the 4000 metres left to run so I purposefully dragged behind a little and he was getting more worked up with every metre we ran.

It took us most of the first lap to manage to get our arm movements synchronized to the point where were could actually run without them fighting against each other and the momentum of our bodies.

After our third lap we were one of only two duos left on the track. Tyler tried to pick up the speed again but when I wouldn't match his pace he yanked on the cuffs, sending pain shooting through my wrist and said, "God, why did I have to be cuffed to such a fucking wimp? Hurry up bitch. Imagine Jake's cock is in front of your face, open your mouth and run toward it."

I stopped immediately and almost pulled him off his feet, putting all of my strength behind stopping him. When he turned to look at me I stepped up and got right in his face.

"Is that what this shit is about? Jake? Is that why you're stalking me?"

"Stalking you? Like fuck am I stalking you."

"You were at my fucking house like some psycho, staring up at my window, sending threatening fucking messages."

"You think that was threatening? You really are a fucking pussy. So I wanted to fuck with your head, what's the big deal?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you? You were on your own. It wasn't some jock prank you did to make the other guys think you're tough. It was just you. You fucking followed us."

"Why the fuck would I follow you? I don't want to see what you and your boyfriend get up to when you're alone."

"Jake is not my fucking boyfriend."

"So you're just sucking his cock then?"

"For fucks sake, we're just friends. Don't you get that?"

"Yeah, I've heard that before. All closet gay boys say the same thing."

"Jake's not gay."

"But you are... so you admit it? Oh, is that why you get so defensive? Does little Evan love Jakey and Jakey won't love him back?"

"Fuck you!"

Tyler just started laughing and took off running again. I had no choice but to run with him. I was pissed off now and decided to make him pay. I quickly upped the pace and overtook him, running in front of him and dragging him, making him try to keep up.

"Oh no you don't fucker," Tyler said, running faster to go back in front.

I kicked a little harder and got past him again, only to feel him tug hard on my arm, trying to pull me back to catch up.

"Come on, Tyler, keep up. I thought you were the star athlete and yet I'm kicking your ass on the track."

"Like hell you are," Tyler growled, picking up to speed he hadn't reached before. I was actually amazed by how fast his big frame could move.

The battle over positions continued for the rest of the laps but we were pretty evenly matched. As we approached the finishing line we were both panting heavily and were covered in sweat, so much so that it was dripping off us. With the line in sight I kicked harder than I had the whole time and just managed to take the lead in the last fifty metres.

"There's no fucking way you're beating me," Tyler said.

He yanked hard on my arm, pulling me back to him. I barely had time to think when he lifted me off my feet and threw me up into the air. I landed over his shoulder as he kept running and somehow I managed to swing around until I was on his back with one arm clinging to his shoulder and the other crossed over his hard chest with his own hand so close our fingers were almost touching. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist so I wouldn't fall and rode him over the finish line.

As he crossed the line he slowed down and bent over, putting his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath, clearly nearly exhausted from the struggle we had going. I'm not sure he actually thought about me still being on his back so I was stretched over his shoulder with my own hand pretty much on his bare knee, my heaving chest pressed firmly against his back and my breath warming up my chin as it danced across his neck and returned to me.

Just then a scent filled my nostrils. It was like the smell of pure man and I breathed it in deeply. It felt like hot air was rushing in through my nose and was flowing through me, the heat beginning to radiate through me. I knew it was Tyler's smell and I took a couple more deep breaths until I felt my cock growing hard and if I didn't move he'd be able to feel it against his back any second.

I swung my legs from around his waist and slid off his back. He stood back up when my feet were on the ground and we moved around so our arms weren't crossed over.

"How was that boys?" Coach called over to us, heading in our direction.

"Never again," Tyler gasped.

"You were going too hard, that's why. You're both beet red. Maybe next time you'll learn to work together for the duration."

"Fuck next time," Tyler barked.

"Watch it, Goodwin, or I'll make you run another ten laps."

"Sorry Coach."

"Good. Now go get showered and get some rest you idiot. I want you saving your energy for the field, not wasting it on some petty rivalry you two have going on."

"Yes Sir," Tyler nodded and turned to head toward the locker room only to realize we were still cuffed together. "Can you undo these already?"

"I was thinking of making you shower in them. Nothing quite forms a bond like having to wash each other."

"Coach!" Tyler almost screamed.

Coach just laughed a deep, hearty laugh and reached into his pocket for the key. He unlocked the cuffs and we both immediately rubbed our wrists.

When we got to the locker room and went to different sides to our respective lockers it was almost empty. There were still a few guys playing around trying to whip each other with towels but they had already showered. Being soaked in sweat and feeling filthy I just stripped down, tossed my kit in my bag, grabbed my towel, wrapping it around my waist, and headed for the shower.

The warm water felt so good on my body and I started to feel aches I hadn't realized were there from pushing myself so hard against Tyler. I washed my hair and rinsed it off and then started on my body. When I opened my eyes again I saw that I wasn't alone. Tyler was under the shower diagonally from me and he was looking straight at me. His eyes moved up and down my body, more than once settling on my cock. And then that look from before when he was staring up at my window came over his face.

I didn't know what to feel but I couldn't take my eyes off him. It was the first time I thought what Emily had said was true; Tyler was gorgeous.

His dark hair that was usually spiked up on top and shaved around the sides had been slicked back away from what was actually a beautiful face as the water cascaded over his strong jaw with its slight 5 o'clock shadow, down his thick muscular neck and on over his hard and chiselled chest as it softly rose up and down when he took a breath. As he exhaled the muscles in his stomach tightened, making each of his incredible six abs look like they were about to jump out of his skin. His big arms were bulging, especially as he slowly rubbed his hand over his stomach. His thick supple calves merged almost seamlessly with his muscular thighs, coming together to emphasize the trimmed pubic hair and the 7 inch cut cock that swung between his legs but appeared to be getting bigger.

I looked up into his eyes again and felt my own cock starting to grow. That couldn't happen. I quickly shut off the water and bolted out into the locker room, which was empty except for two jocks who were standing in the doorway to Coach's office. I was so freaked out and had no idea what I was thinking or feeling. I threw my clothes on, not caring that I was still dripping wet, and ran on my aching legs from the locker room before Tyler could emerge, not stopping until I slammed my bedroom door behind me.

"What the fuck?" I screamed as I slammed my head back against the door and closed my eyes.

To Be Continued...


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