Chapter Twenty One

There were probably a hundred different things going through my mind as I waited for Tyler but the only thing I could concentrate on was how much I wanted him.

And he wanted me. That was the key. That was the difference between him and Jake. Wherever Jake’s head was, whatever state of confusion he was in, he had made a choice, and that was to be with Tina, not me.

But Tyler, Tyler was a reality and not just a fantasy. He was willing and available. And he was beautiful. He was sexy. He was honest and upfront. He didn’t hide his feelings from me or pretend they didn’t exist. He laid himself out in front of me and put trust in me. I didn’t know if there was anything between us more than mutual lust but I was really starting to like him.

When he pulled into the parking lot of the hardware store I felt my whole body shudder in anticipation. I didn’t even look around to see if anyone might be watching me in the crowded lot I just raced toward his car. I didn’t care. I needed to see him, to sit next to him, to hold him and kiss him.

I pulled open the door and jumped into the passenger seat beside him. As the door shut behind me and I turned my head to look at him I felt my breath actually being taken away, like it was sucked right out of me.

His hair was damp from a recent shower and instead of being spiked up away from his face it kind of flopped down over his forehead. Something about the way that looked turned me on more than anything had before. Maybe it was because he seemed more masculine and a little unkempt. Or maybe it was because of the way his sparking blue eyes peered out from just under the errant strands giving the impression that he was trying to hide the desire that burned in them.

A beautiful smile lit up his face. I had never really thought it was possible to be cute and handsome at the same time but that’s what he was. He still had a boyish edge to him but there was no mistaking that he was a man.

Then there was his body. My God it was amazing. All he was wearing was a tight white tank top that hugged his muscles like a second skin. His huge arms were bulging like crazy with his biceps tensed and flexed as he held onto the wheel. His hard chest looked like it was stretching the straps to breaking point, the big round muscles dotted with two pink nipples that were fully exposed and pointing at me like two little bull’s-eyes calling to my mouth. His abs, so impossibly defined, seemed like they sucked the white material down into the deep valleys between them. I couldn’t wait to get that top off him so I could lick every inch of him.

I glanced down at his crotch and gasped again. His hard, throbbing seven inch cock was outlined perfectly beneath the thinnest fabric I had ever seen on a pair of cargo pants. Every inch of his solid shaft was visible as it ran down the length of one of his thick thighs, ending with the mushroom shaped head which was leaking precum that had begun to soak through the material. One look was all it took to know he was wearing nothing underneath.

“Fuck…” I muttered under my breath.

“Hey, Ev. So where did you…”

Before Tyler could finish his question I lunged across the car and pressed my lips hard against his. I knew he was stunned by the way he didn’t kiss back but I couldn’t help myself. Something was burning inside me and it only got hotter when I felt his soft lips on mine. I wanted him so bad.

When I pulled back he was looking at me stunned.

“What?” I asked.

He looked at me with a little smirk and put his fingers to his lips as he studied me. “I think that’s the first time you’ve kissed me first.”

“Really?” I asked. “It won’t be the last.”

I kissed him again, pulling his head toward mine. This time he didn’t hold back. He kissed me as hard as I did him and we started to make out.

My hand went to the side of his face, feeling the hint of stubble beneath my fingers, which really turned me on because it was the feel of a man. Tyler moaned into my mouth and put his hand on my knee, slowly moving it up until he was grabbing at my dick through my pants.

Suddenly he went stiff and pulled away from me.

“What?” I panted.

“I just remembered where we are,” Tyler gasped.

“In your car?” I asked.

“In a parking lot. Anyone could walk past and see us,” Tyler said, looking around panicked.

I placed my hand on his knee and looked straight into his eyes. “No one did.”

“That’s not the point, Ev,” Tyler said. “We can’t do it here. It’s too big a risk.”

“Then let’s go somewhere,” I said, overwhelmed with lust for him. Now I had a taste of his lips I wanted a hell of a lot more.

“My Mom’s at home today,” Tyler said, hanging his head in disappointment. “Is there anyone at your place?”

“Yeah, Emily and my brother,” I said, cursing those two for getting it on in our house when I could have been, but I knew Tyler didn’t want to risk Emily finding out about us just yet and I respected that.

“Damn!” Tyler screamed, hitting the wheel.

“Just drive somewhere,” I said.

“But where?” he asked.

“I don’t care, Tyler, I just want you to fuck me.”

Tyler’s eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open slightly. I didn’t know if it was what I said or how desperate I sounded but I definitely caught him off guard.

“What did you say?” he asked, like he didn’t believe it.

I looked at him so he could see that I was serious and said, “Fuck me.”

His whole body shuddered and I saw his dick jump in his pants, almost piercing a hole through them. He stared at me for a moment and then leaned in. I thought he was going to kiss me again but he stopped just short of my face so we were as close as we could be without touching.

“Say it again,” he breathed against my face.

I moved my head so my mouth was next to his ear and whispered, “Fuck me.”

He turned his head enough to look into my eyes and then he dove in, devouring my mouth with his. He thrust his tongue past my lips and grabbed my head in his big hands. There was so much hunger in that kiss it knocked the wind out of me.

We split apart with a loud sucking noise and pressed our foreheads together as we panted for breath.

“You’re not screwing with me?” Tyler asked.

“Not until your dick is out of those pants,” I said, reaching down to pop his button open.

He reached down and grabbed my hand before I could pull down the zipper. “Ev, I’m serious. Are you sure you want this?”

“Yes,” I said. “I want this, Tyler. I want you. I want to kiss you. I want to suck you. I want you to take your dick, slide it up inside me and fuck me ‘til we both cum.”

Tyler shuddered again and bit his own lip before he moved in and bit mine, dragging it with him as he moved away and sat back in his seat.

“God, my pants are tight,” he groaned. “I’ve never been so hard in my life.”

“So take them off,” I said.

“Are you crazy? What if we get stopped?”

“Just pull them down then,” I said. “Let me see the dick that’s gonna fuck me.”

“Jesus…” Tyler moaned. “What the hell has gotten into you?”

“Nothing until you put your cock in me.”

“Holy shit, Ev. Let’s get out of here.”

Tyler turned and put the car into drive. Before he could release the parking brake I reached over to stop him, not because I didn’t want him to take us wherever we were going but because I couldn’t wait another minute before I got that tank top off him.

As I reached down I think he thought I was going for his zipper. He let out a little sigh, probably of relief, when I pulled the bottom of his tank top away from his soft skin and tugged it up until he had no choice but to lift his arms so I could get it off him. When I did and he was sitting next to me topless, I tossed the tank top into the back and ran my hand down his incredible body, feeling every ripple of his amazing abs.

I almost stopped there but I just couldn’t resist. I slid my hand lower and let it glide softly over the hard shaft still trapped against his leg. It pulsed and jumped under my touch so I gave it a quick squeeze and then stroked along its length.

“Oh, Ev!” Tyler exclaimed. “I’m too hard to keep it in my pants.”

Now it was my turn to stare opened mouthed and wide eyed as Tyler pushed his ass up off his seat and arched his back as he reached down, tore open his zipper and shoved his pants down his thighs until his cock sprang loose and snapped up, slapping against his belly with a loud, precum filled whack.

I moaned at the sight as he lowered himself back down into the seat. He was so hard his dick almost looked fake, like it wasn’t made of flesh anymore.

“Oh wow…” I gasped. “You’re not wearing any boxers.”

“No,” Tyler grinned. “I just got out of the shower when you called me. I wasn’t even wearing a towel and I wasn’t going to waste time putting my boxers or my jock back on if I was taking them off to fuck you.”

As he said those last two words his dick jumped a couple of inches off his belly and slapped back down. The precum glistened not just on the tip but all around the head of his cock and every time his heart beat his dick pulsed and pumped out a little more that smeared across his abs. I couldn’t wait to lick it off.

Just as I was starting to bend over to take his cock in my mouth, wanting to taste it for the first time since it had been denied to me before, he put his hand in the middle of my chest and pushed me back into my seat.

“Not here, Ev. I told you.”

With that he turned back away from me and released the brake, letting the car roll out of the space as he drove through the lot and out onto the road. I had no idea where we were going because my eyes weren’t on anything other than Tyler’s phenomenal body. His abs tensed with every breath he took. They were so firm and solid it looked like someone had implanted them under his skin. But the most amazing thing was that his dick never wavered, it never went soft, not even the slightest bit, it just continued to throb against his stomach.

After a few minutes of driving, spent constantly looking up and down his body, having to swallow the saliva that was building up in my mouth while I was drooling over him, I just couldn’t help myself, I had to touch him.

I reached my hand over and let my fingers brush against his belly. He sucked it in at my touch and his body went rigid. He moaned and threw his head back against the headrest, managing to keep his eyes on the road so we didn’t crash as my fingers slid through his precum. It was so slick.

“Damn Ev! Can’t you wait?” Tyler asked through gritted teeth, gripping the wheel tight.

“I tried,” I groaned. “I just can’t take it anymore.”

I wrapped my fingers around his hard cock and stroked it up and down, letting the precum coat my palm so it slid along his shaft that much easier and I could jerk him using his own juices as lube. God he felt so good in my hand.

“Seriously man, you’ve got to stop. I’m gonna crash the fucking car,” Tyler moaned as he grabbed my wrist and pushed my hand away.

“I thought you’d like it,” I said, looking down at my precum covered hand.

“I loved it, but we have to be careful.”

“You’re worried about getting caught?”

“No, I’m worried about being found dead with my pants around my knees ‘cause I can’t keep my eyes on the road when you’re making ‘em want to roll back in my head.”

I laughed at that and he gave me a playful shove before laughing himself.

He sat back in his seat but his dick was still twitching and I wanted to get back to work on it. Instead I moved my hand to my mouth and waited until I saw that he was glancing sideways at me. When he did I slipped my finger in my mouth and started licking his precum off it. I moaned when the taste hit my tongue. It was like salted caramel. I moaned and ran my tongue up my palm before sucking each of my fingers like they were five tiny dicks.

“Holy shit,” Tyler gasped. “You hungry bitch.”

I smiled, hearing nothing but lust in his voice, and replied, “Yeah I am. I want more. This time straight from your dick.”

“Oh, suck my fucking cock, Ev,” Tyler growled. “You can’t wait and neither can I.”

He took one hand off the wheel, gripping his cock at the base so he could wave it around a little. I took my cue and bent over across the seat. I didn’t even hesitate. I replaced his hand with my own and kissed the tip of his cock before I started lapping at the head, not wanting to waste a drop of that sweet nectar he was pumping out.

“Oh shit, oh shit!” Tyler moaned as I licked him. “Suck it, Ev. Please.”

I smiled with my lips pressed firmly against his dick. I loved hearing him beg me. It turned me on so much. Knowing that I was doing it while we were driving, passing people who were out walking and had no idea what was going on inside the car, only added to how hot it was.

I let my head rest in Tyler’s lap and looked up at him with his dick resting on my tongue. His body was out of this world and I reached up to feel his muscles, squeezing his pecs and caressing his abs while I nursed on the head of his dick like a baby on the bottle.

He kept one hand on the wheel and with the other he started rubbing my shoulders, encouraging me as I sucked his dick. Every few seconds he would moan and his breath seemed to get caught in his throat. His abs were tensing and he thrust his ass up off the seat trying to get more of his dick into my mouth.

“So good, Ev,” he moaned, running his hand down my back. When it reached the bottom he gripped the hem of my shirt and pulled it up. “Get that fucking shirt off. I wanna see your hot body while you suck me.”

Reluctantly I pulled off his dick just long enough to rip my top over my head and throw it to the floor. The second it was out of my hand I dove back down and sucked his cock deep into my mouth.

“Oh fuck!” Tyler screamed.

I felt him put his foot on the gas and the car sped up as I continued to suck his dick. I kissed and licked it, taking it as deep into my mouth as I could. Occasionally I pulled back enough so I could lick along the length of his shaft and lap at his balls before sucking it back into my mouth.

It wasn’t until he took my head in both hands and pulled me up into the hottest kiss we had ever shared, his tongue thrusting inside my mouth and tasting himself on my lips, that I realized we had stopped.

I turned to look out of the window but had no idea where we were. We were surrounded on both sides by fields containing some kind of crops that were ready to harvest, way out of the city, down some kind of dirt road.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“The fuck if I know,” Tyler said. “Right now I don’t care.”

He pulled me into another kiss and as he did I reached down and felt around for the handle on his door. When I found it I pushed it down and the door popped open. Tyler broke the kiss and looked at me, wondering what I was doing. I didn’t answer. Instead I swung my leg over him so I was straddling him and we were face to face. Seconds later we were kissing again and his hands were all over my back and ass.

“Why do you still have your pants on?” he growled against my lips.

I didn’t have an answer.

Pulling me into his body so my chest was against his, he ran his hands up my back. My whole body quivered at the touch of his big, slightly calloused hands. I nibbled gently on his earlobe and he whimpered.

Before I even really knew what was happening he pushed me back onto the seat beside him and reached down, yanking my pants open. He got between my legs and licked my abs as he reached around and pulled my shoes off. He then hooked his hands behind my knees and pushed them up, almost bending me in half, raising my ass up off the seat. His fingers hooked into the back of my pants, slipping into one of the belt loops and then he pulled my pants down, ripping them off until I was wearing nothing but my socks.

He lowered me back to the seat and bent over, clamping his mouth down on my right nipple, sucking and biting on it. When his tongue flicked against the sensitive nub I let out a high pitched whine and thrust my hips against him. He gripped my cock tight and pulled away.

“Put your shoes back on and get out of the car,” Tyler said.

“What?” I asked.

“Get out of the car.”

I quickly did as Tyler said, slipping into my shoes and climbing over him until I was standing on the dirt floor outside. I watched, wondering what was coming next, feeling exposed as I stood out in the open, naked with my cock throbbing in the air as Tyler pulled his own pants off, put his shoes back on and slid from his seat so he was standing beside me. It wasn’t until we were both standing beside the car, naked and rock hard, wearing nothing but our sneakers that I knew what his intentions were. We weren’t going to fuck inside the car. We were going to fuck outside it, up against it, on top of it, wherever he wanted, and that turned me on.

I closed the gap between us and pushed him back against the car. He stared at me with his mouth open and I quickly filled it with my tongue, pressing my lips against his. When our tongues touched we both shivered and I know he felt the spark that I did because he moaned and his hands quickly found my hips, pulling me against him so our whole bodies were together and our hard, leaking cocks rubbed up against each other.

“Oh God, Ev,” Tyler said when we had to come up for air. “I could spend hours kissing you, licking you all over, sucking your dick, eating your ass and fucking you, but we don’t have long.”

“I know,” I said, running my hand up so it was in the hair on the back of his head. I drew him into another short kiss. “We can do all of that next time. Right now I just want you to fuck me.”

Tyler moaned and this time it was him kissing me. “This is your first time.”

I didn’t know if it was a question or a statement but he looked at me like he was waiting for an answer.

“I’ve never been fucked,” I said.

“Damn,” Tyler said. “We should be doing this somewhere else. You’re gonna be too tight. I need to open you up. Ease you into it.”

“No you don’t,” I said, running my hand over his huge muscles, moving from his chest, down his abs and further still until I had his dick wrapped in my fist.

Tyler pressed his forehead against mine while I continued to stroke his dick. His breathing was pretty erratic. “I know what I’m doing, Ev. It took me ages to get into Joe’s ass.”

“I’m not Joe,” I said, picking up the pace as I stroked his dick. My other hand slid down to cup his balls, working them between my fingers. “We’re not leaving here until you fuck me.”

“Ev…” Tyler protested.

I tugged on his balls, making him whimper. “Do you have lube?”

Tyler swallowed hard and nodded his head.

“Do you have a condom?”

Again Tyler nodded.

“Then get it out, roll it down your cock, lube it up and fuck me,” I said. I didn’t know where the words were coming from but I was just saying what was on my mind.

“You know what you’re asking for, right?” Tyler asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“And you don’t care that it might hurt?”

I looked straight into his eyes. There was something in them that told me he was having second thoughts so I did the only thing I could.

“Tyler. Read my lips. I. Want. You. To. Fuck. Me. I want you to pound me hard. Fuck my brains out until I’m screaming your name.”

In an instant his eyes changed, “Oh I’m gonna fuck you, you little bitch,” Tyler growled. He kissed me so hard I thought my lips were going to bleed.

He spun me around and pinned me against the side of the car, lifting me up so I had no choice but to throw my arms around his neck and clamp my legs around his waist. His lips came back to mine and he started thrusting against me hard, rubbing his bare, leaking dick up and down against mine.

Our tongues were still battling, shifting from his mouth to mine, when he pulled his hips back and his cock slipped down beneath my balls and slid right up the crack of my ass. We both moaned and I clung to him as he pumped his dick against my ass.

Without taking his lips off mine he carried me the few feet to the front of the car and lowered me down until my back was pressed against the hood. It was warm from the heat of the engine beneath it but I didn’t care.

Tyler bent over and licked my neck. The sound that came out of my throat can only be described as a purr. His lips felt amazing on my skin as they kissed their way down onto my chest and over my abs. Just when I thought he was going to suck my dick he shifted his body and pushed my legs up, rolling me back onto my shoulders so my ass was in the air and my feet were almost touching the windshield.

I yelped and screamed out when Tyler buried his face between my ass cheeks and darted his tongue out, lapping at my hole. I was glad we were away from the city where no one could hear us or we’d have had people coming to check I was okay from how loud that first scream was. Tyler chuckled against my ass, which only heightened the amazing pleasure he was giving me as he started trying to fuck me with his tongue. He had only licked my ass for a short time when he sucked my dick outside his family’s cabin, so I wasn’t prepared for how good it would feel when he really went to work and ate my ass.

“Oh God, oh shit,” I panted. “Fuck me, Tyler.”

He pulled his face away from my ass and gave my hole one final lick. He kissed the inside of my thighs and then lowered me down so my ass was back on the hood of the car. Slowly, he licked his way up my body, taking the time to suckle on one of my nipples. Then, when we were face to face again he stared down into my eyes and slipped his long index finger in his mouth. I held my breath when he pulled it out. We never broke eye contact but I knew his hand was moving down and then I gasped and moaned, throwing my head back against the warm metal when the tip of the finger brushed against my hole and then quickly sank inside.

Tyler attacked my neck with his lips again only this time his index finger was knuckle deep inside me and he was pushing it further in with every nip at my skin.

“Is this what you want?” Tyler asked, kissing his way up my neck to my ear as his finger pulled out and then slipped back in.

“Yes!” I cried.

He picked up the pace so he was finger fucking me, driving his finger in deep. Instinctively I arched my back and pushed my ass toward his hand, wanting more of him inside me.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take you home, put you in your bed and make love to you?” Tyler asked, slipping his tongue into my ear as a second finger joined the first, pushing its way inside me.

“Later,” I said, pulling his head back so I could kiss his lips again. “I want you every way I can have you, but right now I just need you to fuck me.”

Tyler ripped his fingers out of my ass, making me scream from the shock and the slight wave of pain that coursed through me. He stepped back and looked down at me. “Get up.”

“What?” I asked.

“You heard me. I said get up.”

I swallowed hard at the authoritative tone he was using suddenly but did as he said and got to my feet. He closed the tiny space between us and I felt a little scared for the first time since this had started. I needn’t have been because he grabbed my head and kissed me hard again, reaching down to take hold of my throbbing cock. When we broke the kiss he still held my dick in his hand and started walking away, leading me by my cock to the back of the car.

He popped open the tailgate, letting it sail up into the air, revealing the flat back and the carpeted interior. He let go of my cock briefly as he reached in and pushed the back seats down in a move that had clearly been practiced. I looked at him with a smile.

“What?” he asked.

“You’ve done that before,” I said.

“Damn right I have. Now climb your sexy ass up in there and let me see what I’m about to fuck,” Tyler commanded as he laid out a towel to protect the interior.

I loved the way he was taking charge now. It seemed like for most of the early part it had been me who was making things happen, but something had changed, like a switch had been flipped in Tyler’s head and now he was going to take me exactly how he wanted to. He was going to make me his.

I climbed into the back of the car on my hands and knees, which were spread wide apart, pointing my bubble butt toward Tyler. I knew what the sight of my ass did to guys now and I smiled when I heard Tyler swear under his breath.

I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t Tyler’s tongue as he buried his head back between my cheeks and shoved his tongue up my hole, going much deeper than before, actually breaking through the sphincter so it slipped inside. That angle opened me up much more than being on my back did. Tyler was getting me ready for his cock.

The feelings that were surging through me had me whimpering and clawing at anything I could get my hands on. I gripped the corners of the towel in my fist, only then realizing it was wet. Oh man… Was this the towel Tyler used to dry himself off with after his shower? His tongue darted inside me and I quickly gripped the towel between my teeth, wondering which part had dried his dick, when I remembered where we were and I just let it out.

“Fuck me, Tyler, fuck me,” I begged.

“You want my dick now, Ev?” Tyler asked as he kissed up my lower back.

“Yes, yes, fuck me.”

Tyler slapped my ass and reached over to a little compartment hidden in the side of the car. He popped the cover off and grabbed what I saw was one of two bottles of lube and a pack of condoms.

“Damn, you really do fuck in this thing a lot,” I chuckled.

“Nah,” Tyler said. “I just have to always keep a steady supply on hand for when Joe comes begging for my dick. You’re gonna be exactly the same once I get through with you. Now shut up and get ready ‘cause in about thirty seconds my cock is gonna be buried balls deep in your ass and I’m gonna fuck your brains out.”

A huge drop of precum fell from my leaking cock when he said those last words. I was breathing harder than I had been when I had run to Jake’s house and my whole body was tingling in anticipation.


Tyler moved in behind me so his big, hard cock rested in the crack of my ass. It felt huge as he slid it back and forth, brushing against my hole on every other stroke. I needed to feel him inside me.

“Fuck me,” I whimpered again, “please.”

My forehead was pressed against the floor with my ass sticking up in the air. I heard the cap on the bottle of lube being popped open and I bit my hand, trying to contain myself as my whole body, including my cock and my asshole, twitched.

“You’ve got the hottest ass I’ve ever seen, Ev,” Tyler said, gripping it in both hands and pushing my cheeks together so they squeezed his hard cock. “I love Joe’s ass but yours is just so round and fuckable.”

“Then fuck it, Ty,” I moaned, pushing my ass back at him. “Stop playing around with it and fuck it.”

He slapped my ass hard with his cock, really whacking it against my cheeks to the point it almost hurt. Then he wrapped his hand around the base and pulled back just enough so he could rub the head of his dick across my hole, moving back and forth, getting it slick with his precum.

Just when I was about ready to beg him to shove it in he gave a little thrust of his hips and stabbed at my hole with his cock. The spongy head pressed right against it and I felt myself opening up for him. I closed my eyes and held my breath, waiting, my cock impossibly hard and throbbing between my legs, for him to break through and enter me.

My ass was just about to give way and let him in when he pulled back. My heart leapt into my throat remembering that almost the same thing had happened with Jake, but then Tyler spoke.

“Hot damn…” he muttered. “Your ass just about swallowed my dick raw. You are ready.”

“Oh God yes, fuck me, Ty, fuck me,” I moaned.

My moans were quickly followed by a yelp when I felt the first drop of cold lube splash onto my hole. Tyler used the head of his cock to massage it in and teased my entrance again without ever trying to push in.

More lube was added until I felt really slick back there and could feel a little of it running down my balls and the insides of my thighs.

Tyler moved back from me and I heard him tear open a condom wrapper. He must have rolled it down his cock in seconds because I almost immediately heard the unmistakable sounds of his hand sliding up and down his well lubed dick.

“You ready?” he asked again, placing his hands on my hips as he let his now covered cock rest in the crack of my ass.

“Yes. I’m begging you, Ty. Fuck me.”

He shifted then and his cock found my hole again. I threw my head back and pushed my ass against his cock, hoping it would go in. Tyler slapped my ass and told me to be patient.

The next few seconds were agonising as he again teased my hole, gently pressing forward so it would begin to open before pulling back. I was about ready to scream, panting harder than I ever have in my life, when he gripped my hips tight and gently yet forcefully eased his way past my sphincter until the head of his dick was inside my ass.

I gasped when I felt myself opening up and then again when my ass clamped down on his cock. He was in me. Finally. Tyler was inside me.

For a moment I thought back to Jake and the night of my birthday when he had been inside me just like Tyler was now. I felt the same kind of euphoria as I did then, only there was a hint of fear running through me that, like Jake, Tyler would pull out and I’d be left crushed, wanting more.

Tyler quickly made those thoughts disappear as he ran his hands up my back, all the way to my shoulders and down again. When his hands came to rest on my hips he held on and pushed forward. My mouth hung open and my eyes rolled back into my head as he slid further into me, filling me up so good and stretching me just a little.

I moaned and whimpered as he slowly sank inside me, easing his way in until I felt his stomach come to rest against my ass. He was all the way in, buried to the hilt.

He leaned over and kissed me between my shoulders. “How are you feeling?”

“Awesome,” I gasped. “You’re inside me.”

“Yeah, baby,” Tyler said with what I could tell was a grin on his face. “I’m all the way in. Does it hurt?”

Until he asked that I hadn’t really thought about it and I was amazed to realize that it didn’t. After everything I had heard and read about the pain of getting fucked for the first time I guess I expected to be in agony, trying to push him off me, but the reality was that besides feeling almost uncomfortably full, with just the slightest of twinges in my stretched sphincter, I actually felt amazing.

“No,” I answered. “It feels so good.”

“So I can start moving then?” he asked.

“Yes,” I smiled. “Fuck me.”

He withdrew his cock about three quarters of the way and then eased it back in. Oh God it felt so good, feeling him move thorough me, sliding back and forth.

I had been reduced to nothing but a constant string of moans, clawing at the towel when he pulled back so just the head was still inside me and then rammed in, burying himself balls deep in my ass. I screamed and shoved back against him, forcing him even deeper than he managed by himself.

After he did that a few times and had me quivering beneath him he plunged in all the way, bent over and wrapped his arms around my chest, pressing his cheek against my back.

“I’m finally in you,” he whispered and then kissed my back.

I tried to look at him over my shoulder but I couldn’t see him at first. When he saw what I wanted to do he pulled back enough so we could look into each other’s eyes and then he leaned in and kissed me, slipping his tongue between my lips.

I pushed myself up so I was holding my weight up with one arm and reached out with my free hand to grab the back of Tyler’s head. With his hair gripped in my fist I pulled his head back and smiled.

“Now fuck me.”

Tyler growled and ripped his dick from my ass. I doubled over at the feeling of suddenly being empty. It was like someone had punched me in the gut.

While I was recovering Tyler flipped me over onto my back and pulled me so my ass was almost over the edge of the car. I looked up at his beautiful face to see the biggest smile stretched across it. The first signs of sweat glistened on the skin covering his huge muscles, making them look even bigger. And the sky, the blue sky just behind him framed his body perfectly and sent a shiver through me thinking that we were basically out in the open and I just had his dick inside me.

We didn’t speak. We didn’t need to. Our eyes said everything.

Tyler reached down and grabbed hold of my ankles, pulling my legs up. I thought he was going to keep me spread eagled but he ran his hands down my calves until they were behind my knees and then he pushed my legs back, lifting my ass up, exposing it for his cock. He didn’t even hesitate, he just rammed his dick back in and I screamed from the friction that sent a wave of heat surging through me.

I had barely caught my breath from being penetrated so roughly when Tyler started fucking me. His hips kind of just rocked back and forth to start with, sliding his dick in and out of me, but he quickly picked up the pace and I was groaning as he held my legs back against my chest and fucked me.

The suspension on the car creaked as his thrusts got quicker and harder. I felt like I had left my body and gone to some other realm because it was so good it couldn’t have been real. I was getting fucked, really fucked, by a stud who was giving me everything I wanted at that moment in time.

“You like my dick inside you?” Tyler asked, looking into my eyes as he plunged his cock into me.

“Fuck yes!” I screamed, “So good!”

He humped into me hard, “Yeah. No more teasing. You want my dick just as much as I want your ass.”

“Hell yeah I do!” I moaned as he got even faster, starting to pummel my ass so hard I didn’t know if I would be able to take it.

“Tell me what you want,” he said.

“Your dick,” I cried. “Fuck me!”

Tyler let go of my legs and pushed them apart so they were on either side of his body as he leaned in over me, never once missing a beat as he continued to fuck me. He ran his hand up over my hard abs and sweaty pecs, sliding up until he had his hand on the back of my head. He pulled my hair, yanking my head back, exposing my neck and then dived in to attack it with his lips.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” I screamed, clinging to his huge body.

My dick was trapped between us, rubbing against his abs while he pounded my ass with his own dick. Every time he pulled out of me my dick slid up toward his chest and then when he shoved back in it slid down his abs, poking at his belly button. I could feel my orgasm building as he drilled my ass.

Suddenly he pulled back from me and flipped me over so I was on my side. He moved up into the back of the car from his position outside and straddled one of my legs, pushing the other up with one of his knees, opening me up for his dick, which slid straight back inside me.

I was almost lying on my front in that position but my body was twisted with my throbbing, leaking cock trapped beneath the leg that Tyler had pinned up with his knee.

He moved in over me, holding himself up on his incredible arms, and he just started pounding me again, really drilling me hard and deep. I was moaning and groaning but it obviously wasn’t the reaction Tyler wanted because he moved one of his hands so it was pressing down on my knee, rolling me over that little bit more and then I screamed. Oh sweet Jesus, he found my spot. HOLY FUCK!

My whole body shuddered and spasmed. I felt like my brain was going to explode, not to mention my cock. The high pitch of my yelps must have told Tyler he found was he was looking for because he pinned me down even harder and absolutely fucking drilled me. His balls were bouncing off my ass and the slapping sounds that filled the car were like a standing ovation. Until now I thought having your brains fucked out was just a figure of speech but the way Tyler hammered my ass left me feeling like I would be little more than a bumbling idiot when he was done.

“Oh fuck, I’m getting close,” Tyler said.

He pulled out again and climbed off me, moving back until he was standing outside the car again. He took hold of my ankles and rolled me onto my stomach before he pulled me down and partially out of the car as well so I was bent over with my feet on the ground beside his.


He grabbed onto the hair on the back of my head and pulled me up so my back was arched as he slid back inside me. When he was balls deep he wrapped his arms around my chest and pulled me up so my back was against his pecs. It was how we had been in the shower, only this time he was actually inside me.

Holding me close, he pumped his hips, almost lifting me off the ground as he drove into me. My cock was throbbing and bouncing around in the air, spraying precum in all directions as he fucked me.

I was whimpering at the feeling of being so fully impaled on his cock and I was completely at his mercy, my head thrown back against his shoulder with my body melting into his.  

Tyler shifted slightly and his big hand wrapped around my dick. I moaned and felt my ass tighten around his cock, which only heightened the pleasure I was feeling. He stroked me in time with the thrusts into my ass, which were becoming more erratic and I knew he was close.

Wanting to cum with him, I pumped my hips forward, fucking his fist and droving my ass back onto his cock so he fucked me harder. Soon we were both screaming and Tyler started biting my shoulder as he exploded into the condom deep inside me.

I was only a second or two behind with Tyler pounding away on my cock, gripping it real tight as he came. I shot load after load of cum straight into the back of his car and was glad he had put the towel down or I would have soaked and probably ruined the interior.

When I finally finished shooting I leaned forward, bracing myself with my hands as I lowered down into the back of the car. Tyler came with me the whole way, one of his arms still around my chest and his dick still deep in my ass.

My whole body was tingling and I felt the heat coming from Tyler’s cock and the hot cum that had been captured in the condom.

As I tried to catch my breath I smiled to myself, feeling Tyler’s own strained breathing against my shoulder. I just got fucked. For real. I lost my virginity. And even though it wasn’t Jake who had taken it, truly, I had never felt better.

To Be Continued…


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