Chapter Twelve

 After  the drama of the previous two nights with Jake it was nice to just hang out and  relax all day Sunday with Mom and Dad back to look after us and me and Ryan  closer than ever after our talk. I spent most of the afternoon playing on games  and then Ryan and I went out for a run just before sunset. 

 We  were barely through the door after working up a sweat when my phone beeped.  Ryan grabbed it before I had a chance to read the message and ran off upstairs.  I went after him but my thighs were burning from the run and I was too slow.  When I caught up to him just outside my bedroom he had the biggest shit-eating  grin on his face. I lunged at the phone but he dodged out of the way and threw  it into my room so it landed on my bed. I ran in to see what the message said  while Ryan stood, leaning against the doorframe, watching me with that smile  never fading. When I opened my messages and read what was on the screen I spun  around and stared at Ryan in disbelief. The message had been from Tyler. For once  it was seemingly innocent, he was just asking what I was doing. What I couldn’t  believe was the sent and delivered reply underneath. 

 “Just  been for a run. All hot and sweaty. I’m gonna go shower but I really wish  someone was here to wash my back ;)”

 I  waited for Ryan to say something but he just kept smiling. “What the fuck were  you thinking?”

 Ryan  stepped inside my room and closed the door behind him. “Relax, bro, I just  wanted to give you the head start you’re too chicken shit to take yourself. You  like the guy, he likes you, tease him a little, really make him think about  getting a piece of your ass.” 

“I  don’t want him thinking I’m interested,” I protested.

 “But  you are,” Ryan said. “Stop lying to yourself. I told you, you need to test the  waters, see what he really wants. If he’s just fucking with your head then fuck  with his too. If he actually wants to sleep with you then where’s the harm?”

 I  thought for a moment before replying. “I’m not sure I’m ready.”

 “You  were last night,” he said.

 “Yeah,  but that was with Jake. I’ve been ready for that for over a year. This is  someone else, someone I never expected to like. It’s different.”

“I  get that,” Ryan said. “But you do realize you have a say in whether or not you  sleep with him? He’s not going to rape you. He wants you to willingly submit.  That’s how he gets his kicks, especially with guys.”

“What’s  your point?”

 “You  don’t have to have sex with him, even if you fancy the pants off him. If you do,  it doesn’t have to be tomorrow or next week. Wait until you are ready. If he  really wants you he’ll wait too. He’ll have to.”

 “And  what do I do until then?”

 “Keep  texting him. Talk to him. Flirt with him if you need to. Do what you can to  make sure he wants to have sex with you because he’s attracted to you and not  because he wants to be able to brag about you being a conquest. But I think we  both know that’s not true.”

 “Do  we?”

 “Come  on, Ev, we’ve talked about this. He’s not stupid. He knows what’s at stake for  him and his career if it gets out he’s been sending you pictures and messages  like that. If he actually fucks you and it gets out there’s no going back. It’s  too big a risk to take just for some prank or petty rivalry.”

 “You  really think he means it?”

“Yes,  I do. If he just wanted to mess with your head he’d have ended it in that  bathroom by telling you he was going to fuck you. The threat was enough. You’d  see him in the halls and never know if he was going to make good on his promise  or not. You’d be a nervous fucking wreck. He’d have you. But he didn’t stop  there, did he? He’s sending you pictures of his cock, telling you how hard you  make him, how much he wants to fuck you. He means it, Ev, and he’s trying to  make you want it as much as he does.”

“Fuck…”  I sighed.

 “I  think you need to relax,” Ryan said, sitting on my bed. “In some weird way I  think he trusts you. He knows you wouldn’t spread it around that he wants to  fuck you and that you’d be able to keep it a secret if he did. He’s not looking  for a boyfriend, Ev, and neither are you. He’s looking for a hot fuck buddy.  Would it be such a bad thing if that was you?”

I  sat in silence thinking about that one. When I said nothing Ryan got up to  leave and it wasn’t until he was almost at the door when I finally spoke.

“Maybe  not,” I said.

Ryan  smiled and walked out of the door, leaving me to my thoughts.

 The  next morning I woke up with a raging hard on but I didn’t have time to jerk off  so I forced myself to get out of bed and went for a shower. As the warm water  washed over my body I thought back over what had almost happened with Jake and  how close I’d come to getting fucked. My hole pulsed and twitched thinking  about what could have been when Jake had started to push inside me and my  already hard dick throbbed and grew harder. I didn’t have time for this. Then I  thought about Tyler. Since Jake hadn’t really taken my virginity it was still  up for grabs. I still hadn’t been fucked. Suddenly I felt nervous. Tyler and I  had gym class together again today and I knew there was no chance of me  avoiding him. I’d have to face him and I’d have to decide whether or not I was  ever going to let him fuck me. Damn. I had to get out and get dressed before I  started stroking myself. 

I  made it downstairs, having combed my hair and dressed, just as Jake knocked on  the door. I opened it and let him in. He greeted me with the usual hey and a  nod, along with that awesome smile of his that made my stomach tighten just a  little. I wanted to kiss him but he just walked past me into the kitchen to say  hi to my mom. 

 We  ate a quick breakfast and then hopped in Jake’s car. The ride to school felt  really weird. On the one hand we were chatting as normal, laughing and joking  and just being us. But I also noticed that Jake never turned his head to look  at me. I probably should have put that down to the fact he was driving and was  keeping his eyes on the road, but he usually glanced over at me or smiled or  nudged me. Today there was nothing, no eye contact and no touching. It was like  he was trying to be normal but at the same time he still didn’t want to be near  me. What happened had to still be weighing on his mind and I hated that it was.

For  a second I thought about bringing it up, trying to talk to him about it, but I  was almost sure that would only make it worse. We had agreed to try to forget  about what happened and just go on being Evan and Jake, but I wasn’t sure  things could ever quite be the same again after we came so close to him being  inside me.

 As  we drove through the front gates into the parking lot I spotted Tyler getting  out of his car with a couple of his football buddies and my insides flipped. He  was wearing the hoody he had on in the photo he sent me when he was wearing  nothing else and his dick was standing hard against his abs. I bit my lip and  barely managed to hold in a moan. I was happy Jake’s eyes weren’t on me or he  might have noticed me looking at Tyler with the lust I felt picturing what was  underneath those clothes. 

My  head was so fucked up. I was sitting beside the guy I wanted more than  anything, the guy I wanted to make love to me, to sleep with every night and  just be mine. All the while I was fantasising about a guy I didn’t even really  like, a guy who could stride over here right now, pull me out of my seat, lay me  down on the hood of Jake’s car and just fuck me senseless in front of everyone  and I wouldn’t care so long as I could stare into his beautiful eyes and run my  hands over his awesome body while he drilled me through the hot metal. Holy  shit! I wanted Tyler, bad, and I was getting hard just thinking about it. 

 It  wasn’t until Jake slammed his car door that I was brought out of my day dream.  I quickly jumped out and closed my door, waiting to hear the click as Jake  locked it and just hoping my semi-hard cock would go down. 

 We  headed toward the school building and I couldn’t help glancing over at Tyler.  Our eyes made contact and there was a knowing look in his gaze that told me  he’d find me later when we could be alone and he’d get his answer. I was  suddenly afraid because looking at him I wasn’t sure I could do what Ryan said.  I wasn’t sure I could say no.

 After  a quick trip to our lockers to drop off the books we didn’t need for the first  few periods, as well as my gym kit, Jake and I said goodbye but there was still  something off about him. He said what he normally did in the same upbeat voice,  but his body language was totally different, he just closed his locker and  walked away, again without looking at me. My worst fear was becoming a reality  and I just hoped that with time he’d be able to get over what had happened and  could look me in the eye again when he wasn’t putting on a show for my mom. I  cursed Emily for not being around. I wanted her opinion on how Jake was acting  but I was sure there’d be time for that at lunch.

My  first class dragged a bit, but that was pretty normal for first thing on a  Monday morning. I don’t think half of the students wanted to be there and the  teacher looked like she wished it was still the weekend. When the bell rang a  collective sigh went up from the whole room, followed by a few muffled laughs.

My  second class was better, if only because Emily actually did show up, sitting  down beside me. She had a huge grin on her face and kept looking at me like she  knew some big secret and couldn’t wait to blurt it out. I had no idea what she  wanted to say but she was really restless for the first ten minutes until the  teacher stopped talking and set us some work.

“What’s  wrong with you?” I asked.

 “I’m  just happy,” she smiled.

 “About  what?” I asked.

 “Your  brother,” she beamed.

 “What  about him?”

 “Did  you not notice he wasn’t at yours this morning?”

 “What?  Wait, are you saying…”

 “Why  do you think I was late?” she winked.

 “Are  you kidding me? He spent the night with you?”

 “Yeah.  He fucked me three times again. He’s amazing.”

 My  eyes almost popped out of my head at that. I thought them sleeping together had  just been a one-night thing during the party but for Ryan to go back twelve  hours later, to sneak over to her house after me and our parents had gone to  bed to fuck her all night, literally from the sound of it, I was amazed. And  not just because of Ryan’s stamina. Maybe there actually was something there. I  didn’t know what to think.

 “Are  you okay with that?” she asked.

 “Do  I have a choice if I’m not?” I said.

 “Not  really,” she laughed.

 “I  take it that means you’re going to be seeing him again?”

 “I’ll  see him all the time. He lives at yours.”

 “You  know what I mean.”

 “Am  I gonna fuck him again? Of course. He’s the best I’ve ever had. And I actually  like him. He makes me laugh when he’s not making me scream.”

I  laughed and turned away from her, trying to concentrate on my work since I saw  the teacher looking over at us with a stern expression on his face. 

 A  few moments later, Emily nudged my arm and said, “Did Jake seem okay this  morning?”

 I  tensed up and started to panic. Did Ryan tell her what happened between us?

 “Why?”  I asked.

“I  walked past him in the halls just before class and he pretty much blanked me.  He looked like something was on his mind,” she said.

 “He  didn’t say anything to me,” I said. “We’ll have to see how he is at lunch.”

 Emily  nodded and went back to her work. I couldn’t concentrate properly for the rest  of the class because I kept thinking about how what happened between me and  Jake might be affecting him. He could try to put on a brave face but we were  his best friends and we knew when something was bothering him. Why did we have  to fuck around? Everything was perfect before.

 After  the class finished and Emily and I went our separate ways I was heading to the  bathroom when I was suddenly shoved from behind. I tried to turn to see what  was happening but a big hand landed on my head and pushed me forward through  the door to an empty classroom. I was shoved into the middle of the room and  had to brace myself against one of the desks as the door closed behind us.

I  spun around, putting my hands up, ready to fight, when I saw Tyler smiling at  me.

 “What  the fuck was that?” I asked, rubbing the back of my neck, which was sore from  his strong grip.

Tyler  laughed and shook his head. “I needed to make it look real in case anyone was  watching. You think you and me sneaking off to have a chat is gonna go  unnoticed?”

 “Because  you shoving me into a classroom to kick my ass isn’t gonna get people talking?  What do you want?”

 “You  know what I want,” Tyler said, stepping up to me.

I  tried to take a step backward but I was up against a desk and couldn’t go  anywhere. I quickly looked around, checking the window in the door to make sure  no one was peering in but we were alone.

 Tyler  slid his hands around my waist and pulled me to him so almost our entire bodies  were pressed against each other. I took a huge gulp and looked up into his  eyes. He added some pressure, pulling me even closer as he thrust against me  and I felt his hard cock, still encased in his pants, rubbing against my  stomach. Every part of me shivered.

 “Tyler,  please,” I whispered.

 He  stared into my eyes and leaned down so his nose was touching mine. 

“Did  you like the pictures I sent you?” he asked.

 My  mouth was dry and I felt like something was stuck in my throat. I tried to  swallow but even my throat muscles didn’t want to move. I couldn’t speak.

 “You  get me so fucking hot. That text you sent me last night, about how you were hot  and sweaty… God I wanted to be the reason you were covered in sweat. And you  wanted someone to wash your back? I’d have washed it. I’d have washed every  part of you, from head to toe, especially that amazing ass of yours, right before  I slid my cock inside it and fucked you while I held you in my arms and kissed  your neck.” His cock throbbed against me as he spoke.

 Holy  fuck! Was he really saying what I was hearing? I looked into his eyes and I  knew he wasn’t lying. He wanted to do that to me. I felt my cock pulse. It was  rock hard, pressing against him. I knew he could feel it but I still couldn’t  say anything.

 “I  want to sleep with you, Evan. I want to fuck you, make love to you, lick every  inch of you. Tell me you don’t want that.”

 I  still couldn’t speak. I was too afraid of what I’d say.

 “Tell  me you don’t want me and I’ll walk away right now,” he said.


“Tell  me,” he said. “Push me away. Do anything.”

 I  couldn’t move. Part of me wanted to shove him away from me and storm out of  that classroom but another part wanted to close that tiny gap so my lips were  on his. 

 He  started moving his nose, brushing the tip against mine. Then I saw him lick his  lips and instinctively I licked my own, which made his smile even wider.

 “You  can’t do it, can you?” Tyler asked. “You can’t tell me you don’t want me  because it would be a lie. I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it against my  leg. You want me.”

I  closed my eyes, hoping something would happen and I’d be able to tell him I  didn’t want it and to leave me alone, but no words would come and the longer I  stood there, feeling his hard dick against me, feeling his hot breath on my  face, the more I wanted him.

He  kept his nose pressed against mine and moved his hands from around my waist to  the front of my pants. I gasped and stared into his blazing eyes as he popped  the button open and pulled the zipper down. I could barely breathe when he  slipped his hand inside and ran his fingers over my hard cock.

 “You  see,” he smiled. “You can’t stop me, can you? You don’t want to. I could  undress you right now, bend you over this desk, fuck your tight little ass and  you wouldn’t tell me to stop. You wouldn’t say no, would you?”    

 I  tried to say something, make some denial, but his fingers kept moving up and  down the length of my cock, stroking it through my boxers, occasionally  squeezing the head, and all I could do was moan.

 “Kiss  me,” he whispered. 

 “Tyler…”  I gasped, finally.

 “Kiss  me, Evan,” he said again.

 When  I didn’t say anything he moved his hand and slipped it inside my boxers. I whimpered  and shuddered when the skin of his hand brushed across my bare cock and I felt  as though I might cum at any moment. 

 He  pushed my boxers down until they were trapped beneath my balls, putting my hard  cock on show. Then he ran his finger up the entire length of my hard shaft and  circled the head of my dripping cock, smearing my precum all over it. I  couldn’t believe he was actually touching my dick, his hand slick from being  coated in the juices leaking from my cock, which started to jump and twitch  against his hand.

“Kiss  me and I’ll make you cum right now,” Tyler breathed in my ear.

 “I  can’t,” I finally managed to squeak, staring up at him.

 He  pulled his hand off my cock suddenly and stepped back just enough so we weren’t  touching. “Okay, but it’s not because you don’t want to, it’s because of  whatever struggle is going on up there,” he said, tapping the index finger of  his clean hand gently on the side of my head. 

“I’m  sorry,” I said, pathetically.

“Don’t  be,” he said. “This is fucking with my head as much as it is yours right now  but I know what I want. I shouldn’t even be talking to you. I should be out  there lining up the next pussy I’m gonna fuck, but I’m not. Hell, I’ve got other  guys begging to suck my dick and wanting to get fucked by my big cock but I  can’t even think about them because all I want is you.”

 I  couldn’t believe what he was saying but I knew he was telling the truth by his  expression and the tone of his voice.

 “This  isn’t just some game?” I asked, still aware that my pants were open and my hard  dick was throbbing in the air. I quickly tucked it back in my boxers which only  caused a wet patch to spread across the material.

 “Not  anymore,” he said. “I wanted to fuck with you to piss Jake off, to get him mad  enough to fight me, but then, I don’t know, something happened. You felt it, I  know you did. When we were cuffed together and our hands touched there was a  spark. And then when I saw you in the showers afterwards and I saw how hot you  are, that’s when I knew why I really singled you out. I’m attracted to you.  I’ve cum harder in the past week just thinking about you than I have in all the  time I’ve been fucking girls.”

“I…  I can’t,” I said, breaking eye contact and reaching down to take hold of my  pants.

Tyler  bit his lip and nodded his head thoughtfully. “You still don’t believe me, do  you?”

“I  don’t know what to think,” I said, fastening the button back up.

 “It’s  okay. I get it. I’ve been an asshole to you, but I’ll prove I’m serious.”

 “How?”  I asked, pulling my zipper up.

 “I  don’t know, but I will.”

 Those  were the last words Tyler said. He stared at me for a moment and then looked  down at his hand which was glistening with my precum. He looked back at me and  then slowly brought his fingers to his lips. He paused just briefly, making  sure I was watching, and then he slipped his tongue out of his mouth and licked  my precum off his fingers. My eyes were wide and I was convinced I was going to  cum in my pants. Tyler fucking Goodwin just ate my precum. Holy fuck! He wasn’t  joking.

 With  nothing but a smile, Tyler turned around and walked out of the room without  even a glance back over his shoulder. I took a deep breath and sat back against  a desk to gather my thoughts until the bell rang and I remembered I was  supposed to be in class. I jumped up and ran out of the room, sprinting down  the hall and skidding into my next classroom just as the door was about to  close. Everyone was looking at me but I didn’t care, I had other things on my  mind. I collapsed down into the nearest seat and had no idea what was said for  the next hour because all I could think about was Tyler and how he’d felt so  close to me.

By  the time it was finally lunch I was about ready to pop. I couldn’t get Tyler  off my mind, or more specifically what his hand felt like on my cock. Even  after everything I did with Jake I had never been touched like that. As much as  I hated to admit it I felt excited and wondered what else could happen with  Tyler. Maybe it wouldn’t just be about him nailing my ass for his own pleasure.  But then the more I thought about it the more I realized Tyler was the kind of  guy who would make it his personal mission to fuck you so good and make you cum  so hard while he was inside you that you couldn’t say anything but that he was  the best and go back to him begging for more. His ego would demand that and it  made me so fucking horny.

I  sat down once I had my food and Emily soon joined me. She still had a smile on  her face and I wondered just how good my brother was in bed to keep her happy  for so long. I didn’t really want to know the details but I had to ask.

 “Jeez,  Em, was Ryan really that good last night?” 

The  smile got even bigger. “I don’t have the words, Ev. I thought sex with Joe was  good but he’s just a kid compared to your brother. There were things he did to  me I didn’t even know about.”

 “Like  what?” I asked, swallowing the food I had in my mouth just in case what she  said made me want to spit it out.

“Well  let me just say he licked me in places I never knew could cause an orgasm,” she  said, loud enough for people to hear. “And then he got me in this wheelbarrow position  with him standing up, me facing down with my arms on the floor and my legs  around his waist. God, it felt like he was so deep I’d be able to lick the tip  of his cock with my tongue.”

 I  coughed a little but managed to keep my food down. I could feel my face getting  red, especially when I noticed more than one pair of eyes on us from tables  nearby. Emily didn’t stop though. I’d opened the floodgates. 

 “That  was the second time. The first time he had me pressed up against the  full-length mirror on my closet door, and I mean really pressed against it, my  boobs and face felt like they were gonna be crushed while he fucked me from  behind, but it didn’t hurt. He knew just the right amount of pressure to make  it feel good. It really turned me on.”

“Okay,  you can stop now,” I said, feeling my face burning and not daring to look  around the room.

 “None  were as good as the last time, though,” she continued regardless, the tone of  her voice showing her clear excitement. “We fell asleep. When I woke up he was  hard against me and I couldn’t resist. I mounted him and rode him for a few  minutes before he spun me around on his dick, never taking it out of me, and  pulled me down so I was lying against his chest while he thrust up into me. Oh  my god, Ev, you need to try that. He was lifting me off the bed.”

 I  think my face was actually sweating it was so hot and I had my hand covering my  eyes, stupidly hoping no one could see me since I was sure they were all  staring at Emily.

“Can  we talk about something besides my brother now?” I asked, wanting to change the  subject.

 “You  asked,” she said, showing no shame in having let everyone within three tables  of ours know she had been thoroughly fucked the night before. “Where’s Jake  anyway? Has he still got that stick up his ass?”

 “I  don’t know,” I said. “He should be here by now.”

We  waited a few minutes, eating our food and just chatting about meaningless crap  that seemed to be a big deal in high school. Finally Jake walked through the  door, but he wasn’t alone and my heart dropped. Tina Morrissey was on his arm,  literally clinging to him and staring up at him like they’d been in love for years.  Tina was one of those girls who is effortlessly beautiful but doesn’t really  have the ego to match. Under other circumstances I’d say she was perfect for  Jake but something just didn’t feel right. Emily and I looked at each other and  then turned back to watch the new couple.

“What  the fuck happened there?” Emily asked. “He’s never mentioned her before and now  she’s all over him and he’s lapping it up. Did he say anything to you?”

 “Not  a word,” I said, stunned. “Even when he’s talked about girls that have thrown  themselves at him or that he was interested in I don’t remember her name coming  up.”

 “Maybe  Tyler’s comments are finally getting to him about being your boyfriend and he  thinks he has to prove how macho he is by getting a girlfriend,” Emily laughed.  “Why else would he suddenly hook up with someone?”

 I  tried not to look Emily in the eyes because I was afraid she would see my  thoughts through them and I wasn’t quite ready to tell her about what happened  with Jake and me yet, even though I hated keeping secrets from her. Still, I  couldn’t help but think that what Jake was doing was in reaction to his near  miss with me and nothing to do with his feelings for Tina. He probably had to  prove to himself and maybe to me that he was straight and the weekend meant  nothing.

 My  head was all over the place. I didn’t know what to think. I wanted to cry  because the guy I loved was standing less than thirty feet away with some  girl’s hands all over him. It should have been me caressing his arm and playfully  slapping his chest as he whispered things into my ear. Damn, I was so jealous  of her. She was probably going to get him in a way I could still only dream  off.

 At  the same time I wanted to get up, walk over to him and punch him in the face  for being such a dick. Did he really think getting a girlfriend less than two  days after he nearly fucked me was the way to show he was straight? I didn’t  know if being with her was more for his benefit, to convince himself, or to  show me that he wasn’t interested in guys and that nothing would ever happen  between us. Either way I felt like he was being a douche, going out of his way  to get a girl and flaunting her in front of me and everyone else, even though  he knew how I felt about him. It was like a kick in the nuts. 

 For  the first time I actually felt myself not liking him, not as a potential  boyfriend but as a friend in general. He said everything was fine but clearly  it wasn’t and now he was acting out. Did he feel like he couldn’t tell me the  truth anymore? Did he really like Tina? Or was he just using her and leading  her on because he needed to be with a woman and she was the first one that came  along?

 I  continued to watch them until they paid for their lunch and sat down at a  different table, barely even acknowledging us. I could see in Emily’s face that  she couldn’t believe it, but I still said nothing, quietly seething inside. 

 Just  then Tyler walked in and almost immediately his eyes found mine and a smile lit  up his face. He was sweating and had obviously just been playing ball with his  buddies but he still looked good. I quickly glanced over at Jake, who nearly  had his tongue in Tina’s ear, and then back to Tyler. What was stopping me from  sleeping with him now?

Tyler  jumped to the front of the line and grabbed a bottle of water, barely taking  his eyes off me as he unscrewed the cap, had a drink and then walked over to  our table.

“Hey  Cooper, you better not be a little bitch in gym class today like you were last  week,” Tyler said, aggressively, but there was something in his eyes that told  me he was putting on a show for the people around us. “Coach chewed my ass out  after you fucked up. He said if it happens again he’ll make us stay behind and  you know what I’ll do to you if that happens…”

 Tyler  walked away laughing, leaving his last words hanging in the air. My cock grew  hard in an instant at the implication. To everyone else it might have sounded  like he meant he would kick my ass if we were kept behind after class but I was  pretty sure he had something else in mind and this time I wasn’t sure I would  say no. 

To  Be Continued…


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