Chapter  Seventeen

After the most amazing blowjob from Tyler and his  complete refusal to let me blow him in return I was left with my head spinning  as he drove me back into town. He had made me feel things I never thought  possible. He had made me feel sexy, like I was the hottest guy around. Part of  me wanted to reach over to unbuckle his pants and pull out his dick so I could  at least jerk him off if not suck him as he sat in the driver’s seat trying  concentrate on the road, but another part of me was holding me back and I was  trying to figure out why.

Tyler had done everything he said he would, and  after such an unselfish display out at his family’s cabin I knew he was telling  the truth and actually wanted something to happen between us, whether that was  just sex or something more. I knew with him I would be able to live out all  kinds of fantasies I thought would be nothing more than jerk off material that  lived inside my own head. I could be with one of the hottest guys I have ever  laid my eyes on, who is actually pretty nice when you get to see the real guy  and not the macho jock façade he puts up, but something still bothered me.

It was only when he dropped me off, three blocks  from my house, and I waved goodbye to him that I realized what it was.

He isn’t Jake.

As much as I wanted Tyler, and I did, physically I  wanted him so bad it almost hurt, he still wasn’t the guy who for the last two  years I had dreamed of as being the guy who would take this sexual journey with  me, who would be my first in so many ways.

If all of this had happened two weeks ago I think I  would have jumped on Tyler’s cock and rode him for as long as my body could  take it. I would have been all over him, thanking God and every other deity for  making someone so hot be interested in me. But there was doubt in my mind now,  a seed that had been planted and continued to grow. As much as Jake protested  and as much of an ass as he had been, we had come so close to having sex the  night of my birthday that somewhere in my brain I had convinced myself that  with time maybe we could go the whole way, and if that was the case I wanted to  wait for him.

I was still thinking things over in my head,  picturing Jake and Tyler naked, standing side by side, flexing their impressive  biceps, making their incredible pecs dance, tensing their phenomenal abs and  twitching their hard, leaking cocks for my benefit, letting me compare every  inch of them to see which one I wanted more, when I entered my house and was  pulled out of my thoughts by someone screaming my brother’s name.

My first instinct was that it was my mom calling  for help so I dropped my bag by the front door and sprinted up the stairs. It  was only when I reached the landing and heard the scream again that I knew it  wasn’t a frightened or pleading cry and was instead the moaning, whimpering cry  of a woman reaching orgasm while a guy’s dick was buried deep inside her.

“Ryan! Ryan! Oh God, Ryan!!”

I closed my eyes immediately when I recognized the  voice, Emily’s, but that didn’t stop me from hearing the continued screams that  were soon joined by those of my brother.

“Yeah, ride that dick you little slut,” Ryan  growled.

“Oh, I love it when you call me that,” Emily moaned  in a pitch that was higher than I had ever heard from her before. “Harder!”

“You want it harder, baby? You sure you can handle  more?”

“Oh yeah, no one has ever fucked me like you do,”  Emily squealed.

“That’s because you’ve been fucking boys. This is  what it feels like to take a man,” Ryan grunted through panting breaths.

Emily’s words trailed off into almost deafening  shrieks that seemed to echo around the hall I was still standing in, frozen on  the spot, not knowing what to do with myself while those two went at it so  openly in the house where either of my parents could walk in the front door at  any moment.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” Emily screamed as  her orgasm shook her.

A loud satisfied groan then drifted out as Ryan too  reached his climax and shot into what I hoped was a condom.

When the noises stopped and I couldn’t even hear  panting breaths anymore, I turned around and tiptoed back downstairs to grab a  drink since suddenly my throat was dry. It wasn’t until I was pouring myself a  glass of water out of the pitcher in the fridge that I realized I was sweating  and wiped off my brow.

About two minutes later I heard footsteps on the  stairs and felt my body stiffen as they came down the hall toward the kitchen.

“Oh, hey, Ev,” Ryan said, sauntering in wearing  nothing but a pair of tight boxers that did nothing to conceal the fact that he  was still semi hard. His slim but muscular body was covered with a sheen of  sweat and his skin was a flushed pink color, bordering on red. “Where have you  been?”

“Yeah, I was going to walk home with you since Jake  was in detention,” Emily said, still breathing heavily as she entered behind  Ryan. She was fully dressed in so far as she had all her clothes on but her  shirt was still unbuttoned, showing off her bra and boobs, and I wasn’t  entirely sure but there might have been some of Ryan’s cum on her neck. “When  you weren’t here we got kind of worried.”

“Yeah?” I asked. “So worried that you decided to go  upstairs to fuck instead of calling to see where I was or coming to find me?”

Silence hung in the air for about ten seconds as  none of us said anything. Emily and Ryan looked at each other and I could see  the slightest hint of embarrassment on their faces at having been caught, but  then the three of us all burst out laughing, breaking the tension as we all  relaxed.

“You heard us?” Ryan asked.

“It was hard not to,” I said.

“I guess we couldn’t control ourselves,” Ryan  smiled.

“Were we really that loud?” Emily asked.

“You were,” I said. “He was right. You scream like  a crazy monkey. Anyone walking past would have thought someone was being  stabbed in here.”

“I was,” Emily grinned. “Hard and deep by a  powerful weapon.”

I shook my head at how corny that was. “You should  write tacky romance novels. You’d make a fortune.”

“She’d make even more if she did porn,” Ryan  grinned. “Seriously though, where were you, Ev?”

Now it was my turn to blush, I didn’t know what to  say and my mind couldn’t come up with a decent lie. “I just took a walk.”

They both looked at me with a questioning look in  their eye.

“Bullshit,” Ryan said.

“You’ve gone red,” Emily said. “What happened?”

“Nothing,” I replied, a little too quickly.

“Now I’m calling bullshit,” Emily replied. “Wait…  no…”

“What?” I asked when she hesitated.

“The look on your face… the glow…” Emily said.  “It’s the same look Ryan has after he… that he has now after we…”

I felt hotter than I ever had, even when I had been  inside a sauna. Both had their eyes on me and I felt like I had nowhere to go.  I just continued to stare at them.

“Oh wow,” Ryan said. “You got fucked?”

“What? NO!” I protested.

“Oh my God…” Emily gasped. “You did! You got  fucked! Who by?”

“No one fucked me,” I said with enough force that I  knew they could see I was telling the truth.

“But you have just cum,” Ryan said. “I can see it  too, bro.”

I bit my lip and closed my eyes, realising I had to  at least tell them part of what had happened. “Yeah, okay, I’ve just cum.”

“What the hell happened?” Ryan asked.

I looked at him and then at Emily. When I looked  back at Ryan he nodded, telling me to continue and that he wouldn’t reveal  anything I wasn’t ready to. I didn’t like keeping things from Emily because she  was my best friend but I felt like I owed it to Tyler to keep things as quiet  as possible, at least for the time being.

“I just… It was… I guess…” I stammered.

“Just blurt it out, Ev,” Emily said.

“Was it a handjob?” Ryan asked.

“No,” I said.

“A blowjob?” Ryan followed up.

I nodded.

“Whose dick did you suck?” Emily asked.

“I didn’t,” I said, not lying.

“But you just said…” Emily stopped when she  understood. “Wait. You mean you didn’t GIVE the blowjob, you got it?”

“Yeah,” I said, quietly.

“Hot damn, bro,” Ryan said, holding out his hand  for me to high-five it.

“Who sucked your dick?” Emily asked. “It has to be  someone at school.”

My body tensed up, worrying that she was close to  discovering the truth. “Why does it?”

“Because where else would you have met a guy?” she  said. “Was it one of those drama geeks?”

“God no,” I said. “You know they’re not my type.”

I instantly regretted the words as soon as they  were out of my mouth.

“You’re right,” Emily said. “I know your type. You  like guys like Jake. Hey, it wasn’t-“

“No,” I said, firmly.

Emily chuckled, “I didn’t think so. You’d have a  much bigger smile on your face and you’d still be on his cock right now.”

I blushed an even deeper red and had to turn away,  which only made Emily laugh harder.

“Alright, fine,” I said. “Yeah, if it was Jake I  would have let him fuck my brains out, okay? We both know how I feel about him,  but no, it wasn’t him.”

“But it was an athlete?” Emily said. “They’re the  only guys you like. Hot muscular bodies… Was it another wrestler?”

I said nothing.

“No?” Emily said. “A football player?”

Again I looked away and wished I hadn’t.

“It was,” she said, amazed. “Oh my God, it was Joe,  wasn’t it? You couldn’t take your eyes off him earlier and we know he likes  dick.”

I looked at Ryan and he just shrugged. I didn’t  want to lie or even imply something that wasn’t true but Emily already knew  about Joe, she had seen him sucking Tyler’s cock in that video, so saying it  was him wouldn’t be telling Emily anything she didn’t already know. I felt bad  about it and didn’t know what would happen but I had to go with her assumption.

“You can’t say a word to anyone,” I said.

“I won’t,” Emily said. “I just can’t believe we’ve  been with the same guy. Did you like his cock?”

I had to laugh, “No comment.”

“Oh come on. At least tell me if he was good.”

“I’m not having this conversation with you.”

“Why not?” she asked. “We’ve both seen that video.  He clearly knows his way around a cock so I know it had to feel good. Did he  swallow?”

“Did you?” I asked. “If you did you missed a bit.”

Emily quickly looked down at her still exposed body  and caught sight of the drop of cum that was below her collarbone. She reached  up to wipe it off but Ryan reached out his hand and stopped her. He leaned in  and sucked the cum off her skin and then with a huge grin stuck his tongue in  her mouth. I know my eyes were wide in shock that my brother would do that.

They were still lip-locked and Emily had reached  down to start rubbing Ryan’s rapidly growing dick when we heard a car door slam  in the drive. Ryan shot out of the kitchen and up the stairs, covering his  boner as he ran. Emily scrambled with the buttons on her shirt and just managed  to get the final one done up as my Mom came in the front door.

“Evan? Why is your bag in front of the door?” Mom  called.

“Sorry Mom,” I called back, looking Emily in the  eye. “I heard Ryan groan when I came in and thought he might be hurt.” I let  the sentence hang for a second with Emily staring at me, wondering what I was  going to say. “He was just working out.”

Emily sighed with relief but it was fun making her  sweat. I wasn’t going to expose her secret the same way I wasn’t going to  expose Tyler’s but I knew I’d have to talk with Emily about what was going on  between her and my brother, even if it had only been a few days.

Nothing else was said with Mom home, though I knew  Emily wouldn’t let things go now she knew about the blowjob, especially  thinking it was Joe who had done the deed. Ryan came down a minute or two later  looking like he had just thrown his clothes on and nearly missed, but that only  helped in convincing Mom that he had actually been working out.

After Emily said she couldn’t stay for dinner and  excused herself, sneaking off to have a quick goodbye kiss with Ryan before she  left, it was just our family for the rest of the evening.

I kept checking my phone as the night progressed,  waiting for Jake or Tyler to text. I thought Jake might follow up on our brief  conversation by our lockers but I guess it still wasn’t the right time for us  to talk about what was happening.

With Tyler, I thought maybe he would be horny after  he didn’t cum earlier and would text me while he was jacking off but I didn’t  hear a word. Part of me even thought he might just turn up wanting to finish  what we started, but there was nothing.

As I crawled into bed the thought crept into my  mind that I wasn’t the only guy who could get Tyler off. What if I just turned  him on and sent him off to Joe to give him what should have been mine? That  thought made me kind of jealous and I actually envied Joe for getting to be  with Tyler in a way that I could still only dream about. Tyler’s words then  came floating back into my head about how with Joe it was usually just a good  hard fuck and my dick started to grow. I slipped out of bed, popped the DVD of  the blowjob in and jerked off, timing my orgasm perfectly so I came all over my  abs just as Tyler whitewashed Joe’s handsome face.

The next morning I woke up and showered before  heading down for breakfast. Mom had made French toast, which I happily ate with  a glass of orange juice. It wasn’t until Mom kissed my cheek and headed out  that I glanced at the clock and realized what time it was. Jake was usually  here by now to eat and then drive me to school. I headed back upstairs to grab  my phone but there was no message saying he was going to be late. I decided to  call him but there was no answer.

“Where’s Jake?” Ryan asked, appearing at my door.

“I don’t know,” I said. “He hasn’t text me or  anything and he’s not answering his phone.”

Ryan could see that I was worried so he stepped  into my room and placed his hand on my shoulder. “I’m sure there’s a good  explanation, bro. Do you want me to call Marcus?”

I nodded and Ryan disappeared to make the call. He  came back two minutes later with a look on his face I couldn’t read.

“What?” I asked.

“Well, Jake’s fine,” he said.

“Then why isn’t he here?”

“Two guesses…” Ryan said with a weak smile.

“Tina?” I sighed.

Ryan nodded, “Got it one, bro. He’s gone to pick  her up.”

“What the hell?” I screamed.

Ryan held up his hands, “Look, I’m not defending  him, but…”

“No buts,” I said, cutting him off. “I don’t care  if he’s gone to pick her up instead of me. I get it. What pisses me off is that  he doesn’t even send a text to tell me he’s not coming for me. That’s not like  him. Now I’m gonna have to walk, or more likely run because he hasn’t left me  enough fucking time to get there.”

“I can take you,” Ryan said quietly.

I looked at him for a second. He could tell how  angry I was and he didn’t know what to do. “Thanks. Do you understand where I’m  coming from?”

“Of course,” he said.

“I just… What’s gotten in to him?” I asked.

“We both know the answer to that, Ev,” Ryan said.  “He’s still freaked out that he nearly had sex with you. You just need…“

“To give him time. I know. But what do I do until  then?”

“You get on with things,” he said. “Don’t let him  get to you. The quicker he sees you’re fine with things the sooner he’ll be  okay too.”

“I’m not fine with things though,” I said. “I hate  him right now and I’ve never felt like this before.”

“Then maybe it’s best that you’re not around him.  You need to give your own feelings time to settle down otherwise this could all  blow up into a massive shitstorm that neither of you will recover from.”

As much as I wanted to protest I knew Ryan was  right. I wasn’t as okay with things as I was trying to make myself believe. I  still wanted to scream at how things had turned out on my birthday when Jake  pulled away at the last second. It was why things with Jake were so screwed up and  it was the only reason why I hadn’t let Tyler fuck me yet.

I needed to talk to Jake. I needed to get him to  open up and tell me that nothing was ever going to happen between us so I could  move on and finally take that last step with Tyler. I know he had said the  words before but his actions didn’t back them up and I couldn’t let the thought  go that there might be something there.

Ryan went off to his room and we both got dressed  before we hopped into his car so he could drive me to school. We were barely  out of the driveway when he asked the question I could tell he’d been dying to  ask for a while.

“So how was he?” Ryan asked.

“Tyler?” I replied, looking at my brother’s smiling  face.

“Unless you got blown by someone else,” Ryan  grinned as he drove.

“He was great,” I said, giving him the confirmation  he needed.

“I can’t believe he sucked your dick,” Ryan said.  “I would have sworn it would be the other way around, especially after you said  it was him getting the blowjob in that video. If he gets other jocks on their  knees to suck his cock I thought he’d dominate you.”

“I did too,” I said. “Hell, if I hadn’t seen my  dick sliding between his lips myself I never would have believed it.”

“Was he good?” Ryan asked.

“He was amazing. He knew just how to suck me to  keep me on edge until he was ready for me to blow,” I said. “He might have been  on his knees with my dick in his mouth but he was still the one in control.”

Ryan laughed as we turned a corner, getting closer  to school. “That sounds more like it. He was topping from the bottom.”

“Yeah, something like that,” I laughed back.

“So why didn’t he fuck you?”

“He didn’t want to,” I said. Ryan looked stunned.  “Well, he did, but he wanted to make me see that he doesn’t just see me as a  quick fuck, you know, that it’s not just about him.”

“I guess he did that,” Ryan smirked.

“Oh boy did he do that,” I chuckled.

“Seriously though, Ev, what’s stopping you?” Ryan  asked. “And don’t tell me it’s because he was holding back or some other bullshit.  He’s a guy, a jock, you know he’s used to his fair share of pussy or ass, if  his cock was hard and you asked him he’d have been balls deep in your ass  before you could say please.”

I nodded, knowing Ryan was right. It wasn’t Tyler  who had stopped us from going all the way, it was me. If Tyler had his way we  would have done it in the shower or anywhere I would have let him have me. He  made me think it was all about trust but he had to see what Ryan could see in  me, some kind of hesitation, a hang up I had to get over before I could truly  be what Tyler wanted me to be.

As we drove into the parking lot of the school I  heard Ryan sigh, “That’s why.”

I looked out through the windshield to where Ryan’s  eyes were pointing. Jake was sat on the hood of his car with his arm around  Tina, kissing her for all to see. I wanted to jump out of the car, run over  there and kick the crap out of him for ditching me but I just took a deep  breath and closed my eyes.

“Yeah,” I whispered. “I guess I’m still hoping he’ll  drop this act and come to his senses. Listen to me. I’m pathetic. A week ago I  would have been all over Tyler, wanting him to fuck my brains out because I  knew nothing would ever happen with Jake. Now I don’t know what to think.”

“You think Jake might want you?” Ryan asked,  quietly as he pulled into a parking spot and turned off the engine.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Maybe not. But I can’t  stop thinking about his dick being inside me. If I’d have just kept my mouth  shut he’d have pushed the rest in and would have had sex with me. I know that.  He was rock hard. He wanted it.”

“I’m sure he did, Ev,” Ryan said, turning in his  seat to look at me. “The thing is, it depends how Jake was feeling when he  started to push inside you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Okay, like when I had sex with Marcus and Danny,  it was just about the physical feelings. I wasn’t in love with them and they  weren’t in love with me. It was just sex. If that’s all it was with Jake he  probably would have fucked you. I think maybe he was feeling something more and  that scared him. It was a big deal to be the one to pop your cherry.”

“He didn’t,” I said. “He didn’t fuck me.”

“No, but he broke through. It doesn’t matter if it  was just the head, part of his dick was inside you.”

“I guess,” I said. “But what difference does it  make? We didn’t fuck.”

“It makes a big fucking difference,” Ryan said.  “Was he wearing a condom?”

“No,” I said.

“So he had his bare dick in your ass?” Ryan said. “No  wonder this is messing with your head, and his. He probably went further than  he ever thought he would, which for you wasn’t far enough.”

“I know it’s stupid, and it goes against everything  he’s said, but the fact that he was actually in me, even if just for a few  seconds, makes me think maybe there’s a chance we could end up there again only  this time he won’t stop.”

“And you’re clinging to that thought,” Ryan said.  “You’ve wanted it for so long, for him to be your first, that you don’t want to  just give it away to someone else if there’s even the tiniest possibility of  him coming around and actually going through with it next time.”

“Exactly,” I said. “That’s why I can’t give myself  to Tyler. Not yet. Not until I know for sure.”

“Then you know what you have to do, bro,” Ryan  smiled.

“Yeah, I have to talk to Jake, don’t I?”

“Yep… and you can’t hold anything back.”

To Be Continued…


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