Chapter Twenty Six

I looked at Tyler, waiting for an answer to my question. Joe’s footsteps were getting louder as he climbed up the stairs and my heart was pounding harder than I think it ever had. We’d already been caught out by Emily today, but that had gone as I’d expected. I had no idea how Joe would react and I didn’t want to get my ass kicked.

“Oh fuck,” Tyler groaned. I looked at the panicked and worried expressions on his face but I couldn’t tell if he was more concerned because we were about to be found out or because it was Joe who was about to catch us.

“Tyler?” I asked. “What are we going to do?”

He looked around frantically and said “Get in the closet.”

I didn’t even have time to react before he put his big hand in the middle of my chest and pushed me backwards into the darkness of the closet. He quickly grabbed my clothes up off the floor and tossed them to me, pushing the door shut with such force I had to quickly put my hand out to stop it from slamming.

The crack that was left open in the door was too small to see through and the angle was all wrong. I sighed and sank back against some of Tyler’s clothes, a smell hitting my nose that was a cross between soap and sweat and was a total turn on. Then I saw it, glinting in the light from the bedside table; the mirror. I focused in on it, edging closer to the door. I could see almost the whole room reflected through it.

The door handle to Tyler’s room was just turning when he jumped onto his bed, landing on his back, and took his still hard dick in his hand. Almost getting caught had made me go slightly limp but Tyler was as hard as I had ever seen him. He started stroking up and down his shaft as Joe pushed the door open and entered.

I was expecting one of them to say something. I thought Joe at least would have a smart comment about catching Tyler jerking off. Instead what happened was that Joe took a step toward the bed, a huge smile rising on his face, and stripped his clothes off, pulling his shirt over his head to reveal his incredible pecs and ripped abs, and letting his pants drop to the floor. He wasn’t wearing underwear.

My mouth hung open and I couldn’t believe my eyes when Joe climbed onto the bed and without so much as a word wrapped his hand around the base of Tyler’s dick, pulled it up and sucked it into his mouth.

Holy shit, what a sight! I thought Tyler was going to protest but he threw his head back against his pillows and moaned, thrusting his hips up to bury more of his cock in Joe’s mouth while his left hand went first to Joe’s shoulder and then to the back of his head, stroking through his hair, encouraging him.

I was mesmerized watching Joe swallow Tyler’s seven inch cock, and that’s what it looked like he was doing, plunging his head down until the whole shaft was in his mouth. His nose was buried in Tyler’s trimmed pubes with the tip of Tyler’s cock sliding down his throat.

Tyler was moaning constantly and his hips worked in almost a perfect rhythm with Joe’s head as it bobbed up and down. Joe worked that dick like a pro, his hands roaming over Tyler’s amazing body, pinching his nipples and caressing his abs.

When the sound coming out of Tyler’s mouth was little more than a whimper and he tightened his grip on Joe’s head, Joe smiled and pulled back, forcing Tyler’s hips down to the mattress as he tried to thrust up to stay in Joe’s mouth. Joe withdrew so only the head was still inside his mouth and then he ran his tongue all around it, making Tyler yelp.

I think by this point Tyler had forgotten I was in the room, possibly watching them and certainly hearing them. He was lost completely in what Joe was doing to his cock and while I continued to watch I had to hold back a laugh thinking about how ironic it was that I was the one in the closet while these two hot jocks had gay sex.

“Joe… Joe… So close…” Tyler panted, running his fingers through Joe’s hair.

Joe pulled back and with a slurping sound let Tyler’s cock fall from his mouth. It slapped against Tyler’s abs and made the hunky quarterback’s huge body shudder.

My eyes never left the mirror and the scene being reflected in it. I had no idea what was coming next but I wanted to see. I tried to breathe as quietly as possible so Joe wouldn’t hear me but it was hard because I was almost panting in time to the throbs that pulsed through my cock.

Joe stepped off the bed and looked down at Tyler who had almost melted into the mattress. His arms and legs were spread out wide and he was staring up at Joe expectantly.

Reaching down, Joe took Tyler’s ankles in his hands and pulled him down the bed. It was so hot watching the muscular stud Joe manhandle the even bigger Tyler. When he had him where he wanted him he flipped Tyler over almost like a ragdoll, partly due to his strength and partly because Tyler wanted whatever Joe was willing to give him. He pulled up on Tyler’s hips until Tyler was on his hands and knees with his hot muscular bubble butt pointing right at Joe’s face.

It wasn’t the first time I had seen Tyler’s ass but it WAS the first time I saw it when he was in such a submissive position and it was just about the hottest thing I had ever seen. I wanted to push the door open so I could join in and hopefully get to fuck it if that’s where this was going but I was enjoying the show too much to interrupt. It was hotter than any porn. And honestly, I didn’t want to spook Joe either.

Joe pulled the hefty cheeks apart, exposing Tyler’s hole, and then licked his lips seconds before diving in, shoving his face as far between those two mounds as it would go. The sound that came out of Tyler when Joe started to eat his ass, forcing his tongue into his hole, was unbelievable. It was a high-pitched whine that sounded at first like Tyler was in pain and then morphed into the unmistakable tones of pure ecstasy.

“Oh fuck Joe! Joe… Joe…!” Tyler moaned in a way that made it sound like every time he said Joe’s name it brought him even more pleasure.

Joe pulled back, wiped his mouth, which was curled into a beautiful smile, with the back of his hand, and then he dove back in, plunging his tongue into Tyler's ass. Tyler’s reaction was to howl. He threw his head back, pushed his body up on his pumped arms and arched his back, pushing against Joe’s face, almost fucking himself on Joe’s tongue.

The new position gave me a clear view of Tyler’s cock. It was rock hard. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I had never seen a dick so stiff. It looked like it was bigger than it had ever been with me, stretched literally to the point that it was about to rocket off his body. The tip glistened with precum that dripped down onto the bed every time Tyler’s cock jumped and jerked. I reached down to stroke my own cock, which was almost as hard as Tyler’s.

Just when I thought Tyler was going to beg Joe to fuck him, Joe left Tyler’s ass and licked his way up Tyler’s muscular back. Joe’s own throbbing cock, cut with a beautiful pink head and a shaft that was longer and thicker than even Tyler’s, slid into the crack of Tyler’s ass. Joe thrust it back and forth as Tyler moaned and then he leaned in so his mouth was next to Tyler’s ear.

“Are you ready to fuck me?” Joe asked, his voice filled with lust.

“Oh God yes,” Tyler gasped. “I’m gonna fuck you so good.”

Joe smiled. He put his hand on the back of Tyler’s head and forced it down until Tyler’s face was hidden in the mattress. I couldn’t believe how aggressive and dominant Joe was being and how Tyler just accepted it. I always thought it would be Tyler who was in control, especially if Joe was the bottom.

With his hands on Tyler’s hips, Joe flipped Tyler onto his back and pulled him down so Tyler’s ass was still on the bed but his feet hung down, touching the floor. He then walked over to Tyler’s nightstand, grabbed the bottle of lube Tyler always kept in there and poured it into his hand. He reached around and smeared it all over his ass, pushing two fingers almost straight in. I couldn’t believe how his ass just ate those fingers. God, it was hot.

When he was satisfied he stepped forward and drizzled the lube over Tyler’s twitching cock, pouring with one hand while he stroked it up and down the shaft with the other, making sure every inch of Tyler’s dick was covered.

I was expecting Joe to break off to grab one of the condoms Tyler also kept in his drawer, but instead he just popped the cap back on the bottle, dropped the lube to the floor and climbed up onto the bed, straddling Tyler’s huge body. Seconds later he was sinking his ass down onto Tyler’s bare cock, both of them moaning and staring into each other’s eyes as their hands came together and they linked fingers while Joe continued his descent until all seven plus inches of Tyler’s dick was firmly planted inside him.

With Tyler buried balls deep, Joe sat back and rotated his hips in little circles, humping his ass back and forth without ever rising off Tyler’s dick, grinding himself onto it, enjoying the full length throbbing away inside him.

Ready for more, Joe pressed Tyler’s hands against the mattress and then let go, sliding his hands up Tyler’s arms and over his shoulders before coming down so they were resting on Tyler’s pecs. He rubbed the huge muscles for a moment, getting a good feel of them, and then he used them for support as he lifted his ass up, letting Tyler’s cock slide out until the ridge of the head was just visible before slowly sinking back down. He repeated the movement maybe a dozen times, long dicking himself on Tyler’s cock.

The two were moaning almost constantly. First it was just sounds, groans of pleasure or incoherent babble, but then as they got more into it they started saying fuck over and over until it slowly morphed into them moaning each other’s names.

Tyler reached up and put his hands on Joe’s strong forearms, holding on tight so he could plant his feet fully on the floor and thrust up into Joe. The screams that came out of Joe as Tyler picked up the pace told me how good it felt and he started slamming his ass down onto Tyler’s cock while Tyler shoved up hard, almost lifting Joe completely off the bed. I couldn’t believe how hard they were fucking or how loud the slapping of their skin was.

“Fuck me. Fuck me,” Joe screamed, the first real words that were truly directed at Tyler since they started fucking.

The smile on Tyler’s face hearing those words was huge. He quickly sat up and wrapped his arms around Joe’s body, which almost looked small in comparison. He stood up, taking Joe with him, his cock still firmly lodged up Joe’s ass, and then climbed up onto the bed on his knees, lowering Joe down onto his back and following him the whole way so his cock never once left Joe’s ass.

The moment Joe was flat on his back, Tyler let go of him, rolled him back slightly so his ass was up off the bed, and went to work on pounding Joe’s ass, really fucking him hard.

Joe threw his head from side to side and grabbed hold of the sheets, calling out every time Tyler went in deep. He stared up at Tyler with such a look of joy and pleasure on his face that there was no denying he loved having that dick inside him. I couldn’t blame him. I loved having Tyler fuck me too and I continued to stroke my cock as I watched them.

Tyler was staring down at Joe too, never breaking contact with his eyes even as he changed the speed and pace of his thrusts. His dick was sawing in and out of Joe’s hole and I knew it had to feel good but the look on Tyler’s face wasn’t one of pleasure or even lust, he looked concerned. I continued watching his face and he was biting his lip as he hammered away. His head lowered for a second only to shoot back up but he had the most intense look on his face.

“I’m getting close,” Joe moaned, throwing his head back. “Fuck me like you did last time. Make me shoot without touching myself. That was fucking awesome.”

Tyler just grunted and fucked even harder, bending slightly to change the angle of his thrusts.

“Yes! Yes! There! There!” Joe screamed. “Oh fuck me, Tyler.”

That was it. Those four words did something to Tyler. The expression on his face changed, his arms bent instead of holding him up as far away from Joe as possible and he lunged in, planting his lips on Joe’s in a deep kiss.

Joe moaned into Tyler’s mouth and gripped the back of Tyler’s hair, pulling him closer. They made out while Tyler continued to fuck Joe’s ass like a jackhammer. Tyler then slowed down but they never broke the kiss. Joe’s hands moved all over Tyler’s back before settling on his muscular ass so he could pull Tyler deeper into him as they kissed.

Then suddenly Joe stopped, grabbed by the hair on the back of his head and yanked it back before he pushed Tyler’s face away.

“Fuck Tyler, I told you not to kiss me. We’re not gay,” Joe said while Tyler was still fucking him.

Tyler looked like he’d been slapped in the face. When he spoke it was little more than an injured whimper. “My dick’s inside you. I’m fucking you. How much gayer can we get?”

“I’m so close. Don’t ruin it,” Joe said. “Just fuck me.”

Tyler looked away from Joe then and fucked him even harder, which I didn’t think was possible. I think Tyler was trying to hurt Joe for not giving him what he wanted but it only made Joe scream louder and I noticed that the dick that was throbbing against his abs was looking like it was ready to explode. Sure enough about twenty seconds later Joe wailed and his cock spewed wave after wave of cum out of his cock, covering his pecs and abs.

Tyler grunted and groaned, pushing himself deep into Joe’s ass. His body shuddered and I knew he was cumming, unloading deep in Joe’s ass, filling him with cum.

When they came down from their orgasms, Tyler pulled his cum covered cock out of Joe’s ass and fell down onto the bed beside him. They were both a sweating, panting mess. Tyler turned his head to look at Joe and rolled onto his side, reaching out like he was going to put his hand on Joe’s abs but Joe quickly rolled away, getting up off the bed.

He reached down and picked up Tyler’s boxers, using them to wipe the cum off his body, before he tossed them onto the bed beside Tyler who was just staring at him.

“Is that it?” Tyler asked as Joe started pulling on his own boxers and reached for his shirt.

“What more is there, man? We both got what we wanted,” Joe said.

Tyler lay back on the bed as Joe finished getting dressed. He looked so sad I felt sorry for him. I could see that he wanted Joe to stay, to spend some time with him and maybe make out for a little while but that wasn’t what Joe wanted. I didn’t understand guys like Joe who claim to be straight but love getting fucked in the ass by a guy’s hard cock.  

“See ya Monday,” Joe said as he walked out of Tyler’s room. He went straight down the stairs and out the front door.

I remained in the closet for about two minutes. One, because I was stunned by how Joe had literally just used Tyler to get off; taking his dick almost by force and just leaving straight after they both shot their load. And two, I felt like Tyler needed some time alone with his thoughts.

When I slowly pushed open the door it made Tyler jump.

“Oh fuck! I forgot you were there,” he said. I smiled. So he had been so lost in Joe he forgot about me. “Did you… I mean…”

“I saw everything, yes,” I said.

Tyler let his head fall back against the mattress and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“For what?” I asked.

“For forgetting about you because Joe was here,” he said. “For fucking him when I had you here.”

“Tyler, relax,” I said. “It’s okay.”

Surprisingly it was. I didn’t feel any anger or jealousy toward Tyler or Joe, I just felt bad for Tyler. Gingerly, I climbed up onto the bed next to him and lay down on my side so I was looking at him but we weren’t touching.

He turned his head to see me smiling at him. “What?”

“You love him, don’t you?” I asked.

Tyler shot up on the bed. “Ev…”

I chuckled and placed my hand on his arm, “It’s okay, Ty, you can deny it but I know what I saw.”

Tyler buried his face in his hands. “It’s so fucked up, Ev. I shouldn’t even be talking about this with you.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because I’m fucking you too,” he said. “It feels wrong. I feel like I’ve been caught cheating.”

“Well you haven’t,” I said. “I’ve known about Joe all along, even before we started having sex. Besides, who else are you going to talk to about this?”

“You seriously don’t mind?” he asked.

“No. Talk to me,” I smiled.

“I just don’t get him,” Tyler said. “I mean, you saw him, he’s all over me, can’t get enough of me, but then once it’s over he can’t get away fast enough.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, Ty,” I said. “Maybe he’s in denial. He might not want to stay around because he’s scared of what will happen if he does, of what it will mean.”

“Maybe…” Tyler sighed. “That doesn’t make me feel any better though. I feel like I’ve just been used.”

“You kind of have been,” I said.

“I know. I don’t think I can take it anymore, but he knows I can’t say no to him,” Tyler said in barely more than a whisper. “God, Ev, I can’t believe I did that with you here.”

I smiled, “At least I got my wish.”

“What wish?” he asked confused.

“To see you fuck Joe,” I laughed. “I just thought if I did it would have been on video not in person.”

It was Tyler’s turn to smile then. “You really don’t mind?”

“No,” I said. “I’d be a hypocrite if I did.”

“How would you?”

“Why didn’t I fuck you sooner?” I asked, staring into his eyes.


“Yeah,” I smiled. “I guess you really can’t help who you fall in love with.”

Tyler sighed again and closed his eyes. “Is this the end for you and me?”

“Do you want it to be?” I asked.

“No,” he shook his head. “But I don’t know how we continue from here.”

“Why does anything have to be different?” I asked. “You know I love Jake. I know you love Joe. Right now we can’t have either one of them the way we want to so why not enjoy each other?”

Tyler kind of chuckled and then pulled me to him. “You’re amazing, you know that?”

I nodded and he laughed before pressing his lips against mine. We kissed softly for a little while, just tiny pecks on the lips, before it got more heated and we started making out.

“You’re hard,” Tyler said, breaking the kiss.

“I’ve been hard since I saw you fucking Joe. I’m the only one who didn’t get off,” I said.

“Well maybe we can change that,” he said, reaching down to stroke my dripping cock.

I took his hand in mine and pulled it off my dick. He looked at me in shock until I kissed him again and then he looked at me questioningly.

“I want to try something,” I said, feeling mischievous after seeing Tyler’s ass looking so edible when he was on his hands and knees having it eaten by Joe.

I got him to turn over so he was on his hands and knees and then I climbed up so I was sitting on his lower back. He was looking over his shoulder at me, wondering what I was doing. I leaned down and kissed his shoulder, running my hands down his big arms and then I wrapped my hands around his wrists and pulled him up, placing his hands on the headboard. He was still looking at me and not paying attention to where my hands were until I snapped one of the cuffs over his wrist.

“What the fuck, Ev?” Tyler asked, tugging on the cuffs, which wouldn’t give way.

“Time for a little payback,” I grinned, kissing the side of his face.

“What? Ev?” Tyler said with panic in his voice.

“Relax,” I said as I started to kiss my way down his back. “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.”

I continued kissing and licking my way down Tyler’s back. He arched it so as I slid down my face dipped into the valley of his lower back and rose up again when I got to his ass. He gasped when I grabbed hold of his cheeks and pulled them apart.

“Wait, Ev… Are you gonna…”

Tyler yelped when I buried my face in his ass and started eating his hole. It was still a bit wet and I wondered if it was sweat or if I was licking Joe’s spit off his ass. That thought made my cock throb even more because it was like making out with Joe but with Tyler’s ass as the middle man.

I looked up and saw Tyler’s fists turning white where he gripped onto the headboard. His moans were getting louder and louder and rising higher in pitch. He started rocking back and forth, fucking himself on my probing tongue while I thrust my own cock against his mattress.

“Oh God, Ev, what are you doing to me?” he panted.

“What you’ve been doing to me for weeks,” I said, slapping his ass. I reached down for the bottle of lube that was on the floor by the bed. I popped open the cap and poured a tiny bit onto my finger. “Besides, I know this is what you wanted earlier with Joe. You almost begged for it.”

Tyler gasped when I pressed my finger to his hole, teasing it before I pushed forward and it slipped inside to the second knuckle. I had fingered Tyler’s ass on more than one occasion – sometimes when I sucked his dick, once when he’d been fucking me, and earlier in the shower – but this was different. Before it was just to play with him, to heighten his pleasure or see his reaction. This time I had a goal in mind and I think Tyler was thinking along the same lines.

I dipped my head down and sucked his big balls into my mouth, rolling them around on my tongue while I slid my finger back and forth, slowly going deeper until the whole thing was inside him. I fucked him gently while I sucked his balls and then I let my finger slip out when I moved down further to suck his dick.

Tyler growled when his cock passed my lips and slid into my mouth. The taste of his precum always set my senses on fire, making my own cock leak, but it tasted different this time. It wasn’t until I felt the head of his cock slide into my throat, slick with juices, that I realized he hadn’t washed it or even wiped it off. What I could taste was a mixture of lube, cum and Joe’s ass because Tyler had fucked him bareback and his dick went straight from Joe’s ass to my mouth. I thought that would disgust me but it was a total turn on and I transformed into an animal. I swallowed Tyler’s dick, sucking harder than ever before, and rammed two fingers up his ass.

Tyler was squealing now, bucking his hips back onto my hand and then thrusting forward into my mouth. Sweat covered his amazing body and he was panting hard, his eyes closed and his forehead now resting against the headboard.

I let his dick fall from my mouth and manoeuvred back out from under him, licking my way up his dick, over his balls and up onto his ass hole, replacing my fingers with my tongue. The taste of pure lube wasn’t the nicest but to eat Tyler’s ass I didn’t care.

Needing a breath I pulled back and licked my way up Tyler’s crack, continuing on to his lower back. I slid my fingers back into his ass and twisted them, searching for his prostate since I knew that would send him over the top. I knew the second I hit it.

“Holy fucking Christ!” Tyler screamed. “Oh God, Ev, just fuck me. Stop playing with me and fuck me.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, still kissing his upper back and fingering his hole. I never thought I’d actually hear the words.

“Yes. Oh fuck yes. I took your virginity… now I want you to take mine. I need your dick inside me,” Tyler panted. “Fuck me.”

I pulled my fingers out of his ass to a mixture of a groan and a gasp. I kissed further up his back until I was nuzzling his neck, letting my rock hard, throbbing cock slide into the crack of his ass, brushing against his hole.

“Are you sure you don’t want Joe to be the first guy to fuck you?” I whispered into his ear.

“I want YOU to fuck me now,” Tyler growled. “If you don’t put that fucking cock in me I’m going to break these cuffs off, throw you down and ride you whether you like it or not.”

My dick jumped about three inches hearing the desperation in Tyler’s voice. Never had hotter words been spoken.

I quickly jumped off the bed and grabbed a condom out of Tyler’s drawer. I was tempted to go in bareback after seeing Joe ride Tyler’s cock without protection, but something made me get the condom anyway.

I rolled the condom over my cock, feeling the sensation for the first time, and lubed up my dick. I climbed back onto the bed, positioning myself behind Tyler, and then with my slick hand I worked some of the lube into his hole before pouring more on and pushing it inside with my fingers.

The time it had taken to get the condom and the lube had given Tyler a chance to calm down, but when my fingers slipped back inside him he was soon moaning again.

When I was happy that we were both lubed up enough I pulled my fingers out of his ass and let my cock rest in the crack of his ass.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked, “Last chance to say no.”

“I’m not gonna fucking say no,” Tyler snapped. “I know what I’m doing. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks. I want your dick inside me, so either stick it in me or get the fuck out.”

Damn, even as a bottom Tyler was commanding. I wasted no time in giving him what he wanted, lining the head of my dick up with his ass and slowly easing it in past his sphincter. He gasped when the head went in and held on tight to the headboard.

“Oh that feels so big,” Tyler moaned. “I can feel it stretching me open. Oh fuck, Ev, give me more. I want the whole thing in me. Fuck me.”

Hearing Tyler say that was mind blowing and the physical sensations running through me were just as overwhelming with the heat that surrounded my dick being so intense as I pushed my way inside him. If I thought having my cock in his mouth was amazing then there are no words to say how incredible his ass felt. I knew now why he enjoyed being a top so much and I hoped I was about to show him how awesome it could be on the bottom.

He whimpered when I pushed another inch inside him and squealed when another two inches followed. I was over half way in him and could hear him panting so I held still, but that clearly wasn’t good enough for him because he pushed back, easing himself down onto my cock until he was impaled on it.

“Oh God, Ev… I can’t believe I’ve got a dick inside me, your dick,” Tyler moaned. “It feels so good.”

His ass squeezed my dick, making me moan. I couldn’t believe how tight the grip of his ass was before it started clamping down on my shaft but now I was in heaven. I bucked my hips involuntarily, shoving even deeper if that was possible and we both yelped.

I withdrew slowly, wanting to let Tyler get used to it since I knew the feeling of having a dick in your ass for the first time. I also needed to adjust to having my cock in such a tight tunnel. The fleshlight Ryan gave me was nowhere near as tight as Tyler’s ass and I didn’t want to cum too soon. I was finally where so many gay guys dream, inside their high school quarterback, and I was going to make the most of it.

“How does that feel?” I asked, holding the head of my dick just inside his ass.

“Better than I ever imagined,” Tyler sighed contentedly. “Push it back in. I need you to fuck me, Ev. I didn’t realize how long I’ve been wanting this until now. Fuck me.”

I eased my way back in and as soon as I hit bottom I pulled out, completely. Tyler yelped and threw his head back when I pulled free of his ass but that changed to a whimper with his head dropping almost instantly when I thrust back in.

My second entry was smoother so I knew Tyler was ready. I started moving, sliding back and forth through Tyler’s ass as it slowly opened to me, making my progress quicker and easier. Soon I had built up a nice rhythm, holding onto his hips as I fucked him.

A constant string of grunts and moans rose from Tyler as I humped his ass. He met my thrusts by pushing back against me, starting to want me in deeper, really getting in to the fuck.

“Oh yeah,” Tyler screamed. “Fuck me, Ev! Fuck me!”

“You like that dick inside you, Ty?” I asked, shoving in deep.

“I fucking love it. Don’t stop.”

I did the best I could to keep fucking him as I ran my hands up his muscular back, appreciating the muscles there like never before and then I bent down to kiss between his shoulder blades, reaching around to take his throbbing, leaking cock into my hand, giving it a few long strokes that I paired with some slow, deep thrusts into him.

“Uncuff me, please Ev,” Tyler begged.

“Where’s the key?” I asked.

He pointed to the bedside table and I had to slip my dick out of his ass to get it. He moaned and dropped to the mattress, burying his face in his pillows. My dick suddenly felt wrong, no longer encased in his sweet velvety tunnel. I grabbed the key and quickly unlocked the cuff around his wrist, waiting to see what he was going to do.

He rolled over onto his back and reached out, grabbing my arm. He pulled me up on top of him and attacked my lips with his. As we made out he spread and lifted his legs, almost wrapping them around me, and then he reached down, took hold of my cock and guided it back to his hole.

“Put it back in,” Tyler said between kisses. “Fuck me like I fuck you. Don’t go easy.”

I smiled and bit his lip, letting him use his own hand to feed the tip of my dick to his hole so it sank back inside. He threw his head back and his eyes rolled up into his head.

“Fuck me!” he begged. “Fuck me. I’ve been waiting so long for this.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. I pumped my hips, slowly at first, building up quickly until I was really pounding his ass, fucking him hard. Our eyes met and we stared at each other for a moment as I continued to fuck him. It was so intense and I had never felt closer to him than I did when I was inside him with him looking up at me expectantly.

I never wanted it to end but I could already feel myself getting closer to the edge and I wanted to make Tyler cum while I was still inside him. I wrapped my hand around his big dick and jerked him off in time with my thrusts into him.

“Are you close?” I asked.

“Yes. Fuck the cum out of me,” Tyler moaned, trying to push his ass up at me.

I let go of his cock and dove down for his mouth, pushing my tongue between his lips. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me with so much passion it was almost overwhelming. He almost devoured me.

We were so close, our bodies touching, rubbing against each other, that his cock was trapped between us and every time I drove my dick into him his would slide between our abs, effectively jerking off.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Tyler screamed.

His whole body seemed to go into spasm and his ass gripped my cock like a vice, squeezing it, massaging it, milking it. That was all it took. Tyler’s cock exploded between us, coating our bodies, and at the exact same moment my dick erupted in his ass with a mind-blowing orgasm.

I collapsed down onto Tyler and we held each other, kissing the sides of each other’s head and neck, as we came down from our orgasm. The pools of cum and sweat that were squished between us just seemed to make the whole thing hotter and it was about five minutes before my dick softened enough to slip from Tyler’s ass.

“That was amazing,” Tyler said as we wiped ourselves down with the same boxers Joe had used to clean himself off with.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I smiled. “It was incredible. I know why you love fucking me.”

“I know why you love to get fucked,” Tyler laughed.

The next half hour was just like it always was with us; easy and uncomplicated. We chatted and laughed, gently running our hands over each other and sharing little kisses. We could be happy like this.

Tyler then announced that he was feeling sticky, and I was too, so we got up and headed to the shower together. Feeling that warm water crash down on muscles that I didn’t even realize ached with the strain of fucking for the first time felt so good. I had a whole new appreciation for Tyler as a top because my thighs felt like I’d just run a marathon and yet he never seemed to show any signs of fatigue when he fucked me.

Having Tyler’s awesome body naked and wet in front of me was too hard to resist so I took the soap in my hands and started washing down his muscles, starting with his chest and abs, trying to avoid the gorgeous dick that was rapidly rising between his legs. I moved round onto his back, focusing on his strong shoulders before I let my hands trail down before finally coming to rest on his ass

“Oh fuck, Ev,” Tyler moaned when my soapy finger found his freshly fucked hole.

“You’re still all slick with lube back here,” I said. “Do you want me to put my fingers in to clean it out?”

“No,” Tyler shook his head. “I want you to put your dick back in.”

“What?” I asked, unsure if I really heard what I thought I did.

Tyler leaned forward against the wall, bracing himself with his hands, and he pushed his ass out towards me. “Fuck me again, Ev. I can’t believe how much my ass wants you to fuck me again.”

Damn! That was an invitation I wasn’t going to pass up. I grabbed the soap, built up a good lather, coated my cock and slipped it back inside Tyler’s ass.

“Oh yeah!” Tyler moaned, pushing himself back on me. “Fuck me, Ev.”

I didn’t actually have to do anything but stand there because Tyler started moving his hips, pumping his ass up and down on my cock. I let him set his own pace, thrusting occasionally to really drive my cock into him, which only seemed to please him more as he ground his ass down onto me, making sure he had every inch inside him.

I knew this fuck wasn’t going to last long because we were both worked up and Tyler just wanted it hard. I ran my hands up his muscular back and held onto his shoulders for leverage as I hammered my cock up into him, really pummelling his no longer virgin hole.

When I started to feel like I was getting close I ran my hands around under Tyler’s arms, wrapping my arms around his chest. I pulled him back away from the wall so he was standing up and I had to go up onto tiptoes to pump deep into him, but it was so hot because I was holding him just like he had me those times we had been in the shower, only this time I was the one with my dick inside him.

I licked his shoulder. “This is what it felt like when you fucked me in here.”

“Oh fuck!” Tyler moaned, a sudden spasm shaking his body.

He bent over, his hands pushing hard against the wall, and he threw his head back and screamed so loud it was almost deafening. I didn’t fully understand what was happening until I felt his hot cum land on my feet and I knew his dick has exploded, hands-free, spraying cum all over the shower.

His ass gripped my dick so tight during his orgasm that I didn’t dare move, so I just stayed deep in him until his body regained its strength and he slowly pulled off my cock. I was still throbbing and rock hard, disappointed that I didn’t get to cum, but Tyler had different ideas. He dropped to his knees, took my cock in his hand and looked up at me as he wrapped his lips around the cock that had just been in his ass.

I moaned and panted as his mouth went to work. His tongue swirled around the head of my dick and licked along my shaft as he bobbed up and down, not playing around. He wanted my load and I wasn’t far from giving it to him.

Knowing I was close, Tyler backed off so just the head of my cock was left on his tongue and he looked up at me with the most amazing look in his blue eyes and a smile formed with his open mouth that still held me dick. He then tugged on my balls and flicked his tongue at the same time and that did it. It was like he pulled a trigger and my cum raced up from my balls, along my impossibly hard shaft and out of the head, right onto Tyler’s waiting tongue and into his open mouth.

When I was finally done shooting, Tyler licked my dick clean and then stood up, pulling me to him so we could make out and share my load. It was the hottest of all the sex we had ever had.

After that we held each other and slowly washed each other. It wasn’t sexual now, but his touch was so tender as he rubbed soap all over me and then rinsed me off.

When we got out of the shower we dried off and I quickly got dressed, knowing that his parents could be home soon and he still didn’t want to be caught with a guy. I kissed him long and hard and the headed for the door.

“Thanks for being so awesome, Ev,” Tyler smiled as he showed me out. “Oh, and thanks for an amazing fuck.”

I laughed as I walked away, feeling like I was almost floating. I didn’t really know what to feel about the day as a whole, what with being caught by Emily, making peace with Jake, getting fucked by Tyler, watching him fuck Joe and then popping his ass cherry, fucking him not just once but twice. All I know is that I felt incredible.

I opened the front door of my house and walked inside, still lost in my thoughts. I felt thirsty so I headed for the kitchen. Just as I stepped into the living room I froze in my tracks. Ryan and Emily were on the sofa, completely naked, their clothes thrown everywhere, Emily straddling Ryan, his hands on her hips as she rode up and down on his hard cock.

They were so lost in what they were doing they didn’t even notice me and as much as I should have looked away or backed out of the room I just couldn’t stop watching as Ryan’s dick slid in and out of her. He was pulling his cock out almost to the tip before pushing back in. It was so thick and long, definitely bigger than my own.

Damn, I had to stop looking. Under other circumstances I might have admired what was truly an incredible cock but it was attached to my brother and that made it feel wrong. I started backing out of the room.

 That’s when my phone started to ring.

To Be Continued…


Big D


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