Chapter  Fourteen

I  was in a complete daze as I got out of the shower, dried myself off and put my  clothes on. I knew I was clean but I still felt like Tyler’s cum was on my back,  burning into me as if I’d been branded by him.

 My  legs still trembled as I scooped up my bags and left the locker room just as  the class was beginning to leave the gym, all of them covered in sweat. I  wondered what Coach had made them do, though nothing could compare to what just  happened between me and Tyler.

 I  didn’t stop to talk to anyone. The only thing I could think about was getting  out of there because I was convinced that someone would be able to tell what  had happened just by looking at my face or into my eyes. Part of me never  wanted anyone to find out about it because Tyler was such a dick and Jake would  probably hate me for even letting him touch me. Another part wanted to run  straight to Emily to tell her everything because I knew she’d get a kick out of  hearing the details and would be asking for more.

 When  I got to Jake’s car I was the only person in the parking lot since most people  were still in class. I leaned back against the door, tilted my head up toward  the sky and closed my eyes. My body was still on fire from Tyler’s touch and I  wanted so badly to have those big hands back on me. Why couldn’t he just be a  nice guy so this would be simple? 

 A  few minutes passed and I was still lost in my daze when I heard Jake’s  distinctive deep chuckle and looked over to see him with his arm thrown around  Tina’s shoulder. He had her pulled close and his head was tilted so it touched  hers as they laughed and joked with each other. You would have thought they had  been dating for months or even years with the way they were acting but it  couldn’t have been more than a few hours. 

 As  they approached the car Jake barely even glanced at me, only looking at me long  enough to nod, though I didn’t know if that was a greeting or his way of  telling me to move. He hit the remote on his keys to unlock the doors and  walked straight to the front passenger door with Tina still on his arm, giving  me no choice but to step back. When they had enough room Jake opened the door  for her. She was just about to lower herself into the seat when he put his hand  on her arm and pulled her into a deep kiss that was clearly open mouthed. She  reached up and put her hands on the sides of his face as they made out no more  than two feet in front of me. I felt like I was going to be sick, like someone  had kicked me in the balls, punched me in the stomach and ripped out my heart  all at the same time. I even thought I saw Jake just open his eye enough to  look at me to make sure I was watching.

  When  they broke apart Jake helped Tina into the seat and closed the door behind her.  He finally looked up at me long enough to make eye contact and a huge smile  spread across his face. He was so proud of that kiss. If we were jocks we  probably would have high-fived, but we weren’t, or at least I wasn’t. I just  thought he looked smug. After what happened on Saturday he was making a point  that I would never get to kiss him like that again. It was the first time I  ever wanted to knock a smile off his face.

 “Are  you getting in?” he said before turning to walk to the driver’s door. 

 I  stared at his back as he walked away and did my best to pick my jaw up off the  ground. What the hell was that? It was like I didn’t even know the guy now and  he was just giving me a ride out of courtesy and not because he actually liked  me. I pulled open the back door and climbed in, only just getting the door  closed when Jake started the engine and pulled out of his parking space.

 He  ignored me for the entire journey, instead focusing on Tina next to him. The  way he was all over her, even when he was driving, was making me sick. Even if  I hadn’t been in love with him I would have wanted to slap him for being such a  tool. 

 We  pulled up at my house without so much as a word. I looked at Jake but he was  too busy nuzzling his face against Tina’s neck, making little kissing noises.  It really was like he was putting on a show for my benefit, especially after  the first kiss, and I wondered what he would do when he was left alone with  her. I shook my head in disgust and climbed out of the car, slamming the door  hard behind me. As I walked up my driveway Jake sped off down the road without  even saying goodbye. He might as well have spit in my face because that’s what  this whole cold shoulder bullshit felt like. I hated that things had changed  and that I was at least partly to blame.

 I  went straight into the kitchen when I entered my house and sat down at the  breakfast bar, putting my head in my hands. I wanted to scream. I knew  something like this would happen if I ever told Jake, which was why I didn’t  want to and was okay with never saying anything to him. At least before I had  him as a friend, even if I was secretly in love with him, but now that  everything was out in the open I wasn’t sure I had him as anything but my ride  to school, if I even still had that after today.

 “What’s  up, bro?” Ryan asked from somewhere behind me.

 I  slowly lifted my head out of my hands and turned to look at him. He seemed  genuinely concerned.

 “I  screwed up bad,” I said.

 “Why?”  he asked.

 “Thinking  I could mess around with Jake and nothing would happen.”

 Ryan’s  face suddenly turned serious and he came to sit on the seat next to mine. “DID  something happen?”

 “He  pretty much blanked me all day. He’s never done that before, no matter what  we’ve fought about.”

 “So  he’s not talking to you?”

 “No,”  I said. “He seemed okay this morning but we barely spoke on the way to school  and then once we were there it was like I didn’t exist. He latched on to this  girl and stuck by her side all day. He didn’t even eat lunch with us like he  always does. Then he gave her a ride home and was all over her in front of me.  And now I sound like a whining bitch.”

 “You  kind of do,” Ryan laughed. “But I get it.”

 “Do  you?”

 “Yes.  Marcus was the same with me.”

 “What  do you mean?” I asked.

 “After  we fucked he went all weird on me, making excuses not to see me and to not be  in our dorm. For like two weeks after we got back to college after Christmas  break he brought a different girl back to the room pretty much every night to bang  in front of me to prove how straight he was. Some guys just can’t handle the  experimenting thing. It messes with their head. Jake probably just needs a  little time. It’s only been like two days. Give him some space. Let him prove  to himself that he still likes women, that he’s still a man. This time next  week he’ll be the Jake you’ve always known.”

 “I  hope you’re right,” I said.

 “You  just wait and see,” Ryan smiled. “And if I’m wrong I’ll go kick his ass for  messing with my little brother.”

 Ryan  threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close so he could ruffle my  hair. I tried to get away from him, squirming in his grip. Suddenly his hand  froze and he took a really deep sniff before pulling back to look at me with a  smirk.

 “What?”  I asked.

 “You  smell like cum,” he grinned.

 “What?!”  I screamed, jumping up.

 Ryan  almost fell off his chair laughing, “Relax, bro. You smell like soap too. But  seriously, what gives? Did you get laid?”

 I  know I went bright red because the smile on Ryan’s face only grew wider. He  shook his head in disbelief. 

 “Wow,”  he said. “My little bro finally got fucked. And in school… way to go, Ev!”

 “I  didn’t get fucked,” I said in protest. 

 “Then  what did you do?”

 It  was still surreal to be so open about things, especially sex, with my older  brother, but we had talked about so much in the past couple of days that I knew  now wasn’t the time to start holding back.

“We…”  I started but was immediately interrupted.

“Who’s  we?” Ryan asked.

“Me  and Ty-“ I stopped myself before I said his full name and felt my heart jump  into my throat when Ryan’s eyes went wide in reaction.

“No  way!” Ryan said, jumping out of his seat. “You’re fucking Tyler Goodwin?”

To  say I was stunned wouldn’t come close to describing how I felt.

“You  know him?” I stuttered.

“I  know OF him,” Ryan said. “He’s the biggest stud in the school. I might not have  been there in five years but I’m not totally out of the loop. Seriously bro, he  could have anyone he wants, Hell I’d even think about bending over for him, but  he’s picked you. That’s a big deal.”

“I  know,” I said, “I’m still trying to get my head around it. It doesn’t make  sense for so many reasons but after today I know he really wants me and it’s  not just some game. He makes me feel so hot and I really wanted him to fuck  me.”

“So  why didn’t he if you both wanted it?”

“Because  we were in the showers in the locker room. Anyone could have walked in.”

“That  was the only reason you said no?” Ryan asked, looking directly into my eyes.

“Ryan,  you can’t tell anyone about this yet, okay? Tyler would kill me if it got out.”

“Don’t  worry, bro, I know the score. It’s between you and me until you decide to tell  someone else.”

“Thank  you.”

“So  come on, was the fear of being caught the only reason you said no?” 

“Yes,”  I finally admitted. “I told myself it was because he’s an asshole but when  things really got going that didn’t matter because if we’d have been almost  anywhere else I would have let him fuck me.”

“So  what happened? I mean you said he didn’t fuck you but you still ended up  covered in his cum.”

 I  chuckled hearing the words come out of Ryan’s mouth. “He tripped me during gym  class and we both got sent out by Coach. At first I thought he did it on  purpose to stop me beating him but now I think he did it so he could get me  alone.”

 “Obviously  it worked,” Ryan smiled.

“Yeah  it did,” I said. “After he got his ass chewed out by Coach he came into the  showers and kissed me. I was terrified someone would see us but it felt so damn  good and I started kissing back. We were so hard, rubbing our cocks together,  and then we ended up with him standing behind me, humping his dick against my  ass while he jerked me off and kissed my neck. I came so fucking hard and he  shot his load up my back.”

“Damn,”  Ryan said. “What are you thinking about it all now?”

“That  I really want his dick inside me,” I said without even thinking.

“Shit,  bro,” Ryan laughed, “Who knew you were such a little slut? 

“I  know,” I said, seriously. “Saturday night I had Jake about ready to fuck me, he  was actually inside me for a couple of seconds. I wanted him so bad. And then  today with Tyler… I’m getting hard now just thinking about it.”

 Ryan  burst out laughing. “You really are a horndog. Cumming once with a hot guy’s  dick against your ass isn’t enough, now you’re gonna go upstairs and rub one  out thinking about it being IN your ass.”

 “Who  says I am?” I grinned.

 “That  wet spot on your pants does,” Ryan pointed. 

 I  looked down and sure enough there was a growing dark spot on my pants where my  cock was leaking. I reached down and squeezed my dick. My hand on it didn’t  compare to Tyler’s but it still felt good. All I could hear was Ryan’s laughter  as I went upstairs to take care of it before Mom and Dad came home.

 After  dinner Mom went round to one of the neighbors to gossip or do whatever women  do, which left me, Ryan and Dad in front of the TV watching a game. It was  really cool to just be sitting there with them, enjoying the action on screen. 

 At  half time Dad flicked the channel to WWE Raw and we watched for a moment as two  of the wrestlers in tiny trunks rolled around on the floor in headlocks and  body scissors. It’s one of those things that should be really hot, with two  sexy guys with awesome bodies in such close contact, but I think the context  takes away from it somewhat so while I found it entertaining it wasn’t turning  me on.

 As  a commercial break came on Dad flicked back to the game and got up to get a  drink. On his way back to his seat he patted Ryan on the shoulder and said,  “So, Ry, are you home for good now?”

 Ryan  suddenly froze in his seat and just stared at Dad before lowering his head,  which turned into a nod.

 “Alright,  what the hell is going on?” Dad said, sitting on the edge of his seat so he was  almost perched as if ready to attack. “I’m sorry, Ry, but I need to know.  You’ve just abandoned your life and moved back here. What did you do that was  so wrong?”

 Ryan  was silent for a moment and then took a deep breath. He raised his head so he  was looking Dad straight in the eye. “I cheated on Paige.”

 “You  dumb shit,” Dad sighed in disbelief. “You find the perfect girl and you go and screw  someone else?”

 “I  know, okay, I know,” Ryan shouted. “Don’t you think I’ve kicked myself every  day for being such a fuck up? I hate myself for what I did but I tried to make  it right.”

 “Tried  how?” Dad asked.

 “It  was two months ago, Dad,” Ryan said. “I didn’t even know the girl. It was a one  night, uncontrollable mess. I can’t even defend it. I don’t know why I did it  but I did.”

 “How  did Paige find out?”

 “I  told her,” Ryan said. He was more certain of himself now and his voice was  getting stronger. “I felt like shit and she could see that something was wrong  so I owned up. She punched me and kicked me out. I slept on a friend’s sofa for  a week while I tried to talk to her but she wouldn’t listen. Our mutual friends  stopped talking to me and I ended up having to rent some crappy room in this  shared house for six weeks. I tried everything to get Paige to listen but she  wouldn’t. There was nothing left so I came home.”

 Dad  said nothing he just nodded his head in what appeared to be approval or  understanding. 

 “I  didn’t mean to hurt her, Dad,” Ryan continued. “I loved her. I still do.”

 “And  you tried everything you could to get her back, to apologize and ask for  forgiveness?”

 “Yes,”  Ryan said to Dad before turning to look at me, “But there’s only so much a guy  can do. Eventually you have to accept that things aren’t going to happen the  way you wanted them to and you need to move on.”

 “Have  you moved on?” Dad said.

 “What?”  Ryan asked, clearly stunned. 

 “Well,  I heard you sneaking out last night after you thought your mom and I were  asleep. I assume you weren’t just going out to cry in the yard,” Dad smiled.

 “No,”  Ryan admitted. “I went out to meet her.”

 “And  who is her?” Dad asked, looking Ryan right in the eye.

 Now  it was Ryan’s turn not to speak. He had this look of guilt on his face that  made him look ten years younger, like he was afraid Dad was going to scream at  him.

 “Ry?”  Dad asked again.

 Ryan  took a deep breath and said under his breath, “Emily.”

 Dad  jumped up from his chair, “Emily? Ev’s Emily?”

 “Yes,”  Ryan stated.

 “Are  you fucking crazy?”

 “No,”  Ryan protested. “She’s eighteen. She’s legal. And we both like each other.”

 “You’d  better make damn sure you’re telling me the truth now boy. That girl is like a  daughter to me and your mother and if she’s just some rebound lay you’re going  to toss aside once you’ve got your rocks off you’ll be back out that door.”

 I  could see that Ryan was stunned but then he stood up from his chair and from  the expression on his face I knew he was serious when he said, “I’m not just screwing  around, Dad. I like her. Really like her. I think there could be something  there and I want to at least explore it.”

 Dad’s  face softened a little, “Promise me you’re being safe and smart.”

 “For  fucks sake, I’m not stupid, Dad. Besides, it’s not me you should be having this  conversation with,” Ryan said and immediately after I could see he regretted it.

 Dad  looked at me to see me staring at him with my eyes wide. “What does he mean by  that, Ev?”

 “I…  I don’t know,” I stammered.

 “Are  you having sex?” Dad asked.

 I  felt my face flush and closed my eyes, trying to pretend I wasn’t sitting in my  living room being asked that question by my father.

 “No,”  I said. “Not technically.”

 Dad  sat down on the sofa next to me and patted my knee. “You’ve found a guy you  like?”

 I  nodded my head because my whole body felt dehydrated and I couldn’t talk.

 “I’m  guessing it’s not Jake?” Dad asked.

 “No,”  I squeaked.

 “But  you like this guy?”


 “And  you’re using your head and not just your dick?”

 “Yes,  Dad,” I said, “Believe me.”

 Dad  nodded and got up. He walked across the room and went over to his liquor  cabinet. He reached into the back and pulled out a box of condoms, which he  tossed right at me. I caught them, stared down at the box and then up at him.

 “I  knew this day was coming,” Dad smiled. “I don’t care who you have sex with or  whether you’re the top or bottom or whatever the hell it is you kids are  calling it these days, just play safe, okay?”

 I  couldn’t believe my dad was giving me a box of condoms and was basically  telling me he was okay with me having sex with guys as long as I made sure one  of us was wearing a rubber. 

 “And  when I say be careful I don’t just mean cover your cock,” Dad continued with a  smile. “Choose the right guy, Ev, someone you can trust. Your mom won’t admit  it but she’s scared for you because she’s heard horror stories of gay guys  being picked up and killed by homophobes.”

 I  laughed at that and so did Ry. “Don’t worry, Dad, I’m not gonna go into some  random club or stand on a street corner, bend over and put out an open  invitation on my ass.”

 “Yeah,”  Ryan agreed. “Ev’s ass is like a really exclusive restaurant. You have to be on  his list to get inside.”

 All  three of us burst out laughing and sat down to finish watching the game,  chatting and just talking shit like a family does.

 The  rest of the night was pretty quiet. I didn’t hear a word from Jake and I  couldn’t help but wonder if he was still with Tina, if he had taken her out on  a date or just back to his so he could give her his beautiful cock. I hated  being so jealous of a girl I hardly knew but it killed me to think Jake was  with someone else. 

 Tyler  never sent any kind of message either. I tried to tell myself it was just  because he was busy with one thing or another but in the back of my mind there  was always a voice telling me he was just messing with me and now he knew I’d  let him fuck me he’d lost all interest.

 The  next morning when I woke up I had throbbing morning wood with the head of my  dick all sticky against my abs. I reached down and wrapped my hand around it.  My mind immediately went back to Tyler and his hands, but then having not heard  from him since we both came in the showers I was a bit pissed at him so I pushed  him out of my thoughts. The same thing happened again when I started thinking  about Jake. I was too angry to rub myself off thinking about him like I had  done so many times before. In frustration I threw off my covers and went straight  to the shower, turning on some freezing cold water that crashed down on my body  like thousands of tiny little icicles piercing my skin. I gasped and held back  a cry as my dick shrank and any thoughts of jerking off disappeared. 

 When  I was dried and dressed I headed downstairs for some breakfast. Mom was still  in the kitchen. She smiled at me and said she was making pancakes. I felt my  stomach do a little jump of excitement and was just about to sit down on a  stool when she asked me if I could take out the trash. I walked over, grabbed  the black bag and headed outside. 

 The  lid on the trash can was moist with morning dew as I threw it open and tossed  the bag inside. The plastic had barely left my fingers when I felt a hand close  around my arm. I jumped and spun around to fight my attacker but I was quickly  over powered and pushed against the wall as a large hand covered my mouth so I  wouldn’t scream.

 My  breath was caught in my throat, both from the shock and from the impact of my  back hitting the wall. It took a moment for my eyes to focus but when they did  I realized I was looking up into those unmistakable blue eyes of Tyler’s that  were so intense. A grin spread across his face and he slowly moved his hand  from over my mouth.

 “Morning,”  he said in his deep, almost raspy voice.

 “What  are you doing here?” I panted, still in shock.

 “What  kind of a greeting is that for the guy who made you cum harder than you ever  have in your life?”

 “Shut  the fuck up, my Mom is in there, she might hear you.”

 “Aww,  you’re so cute,” he grinned, brushing my cheek with his thumb. 

 “What  are you doing here?” I asked again.

 “I  couldn’t stop thinking about you last night,” he said, leaning in close so I  could feel his warm breath on my face. “I can’t tell you how good it felt to  have my dick against your ass. I was awake half the night wishing you were in  bed next to me so I could roll over and slide inside you.”

 Just  hearing him say those words had my dick hard again and I wished I could have  been in his bed, feeling his hard body pressed against mine as he pushed his  cock inside me. 

“I  thought you got what you wanted yesterday,” I managed to say after a moment. No  words had ever been harder to say than those were. My mouth was completely dry.

 “Not  even close,” Tyler said, pressing his whole body against mine so our legs,  stomachs, chests and hard dicks were pressed against each other. Our faces were  less than an inch apart.

“One  little jerk off session in the showers isn’t enough. I want all of you. I want  to fuck you, Evan, over and over and over again.”

 I  felt his dick flex and pulse against me. I wanted to reach down to touch it, to  wrap my hand around it and jerk him off right there beside my house, but my  conscience got the better of me and I just stared into his eyes.

 “You  didn’t text last night,” I said, only realizing how pathetic it sounded once  the words were out of my mouth.

 “That’s  because Joe was at my house all night,” Tyler said. “He would have seen me  texting and would have been asking all kinds of questions I’m not ready to  answer yet.”

 I  nodded my head silently in understanding. I wanted to ask him about Joe and if  anything had happened between them but I knew it wasn’t the time to bring up  their relationship yet, or whatever it was the two of them had going on. He had  to trust me before he would tell me anything like that.

 “Why  are you here?” I asked again, never having got an answer.

 “Because  I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” he said. “I woke up this morning and my  first thought was about how much I wanted to kiss you.”

 Before  I could say another word, his mouth closed over mine and he took my face in his  big hands. Both of our mouths remained closed for the first few kisses and then  slowly they opened, almost at the same time, allowing our tongues to meet and  dance around each other.

 We  were moaning into each other’s mouths when I heard a car door being slammed  shut in the driveway. My eyes went wide and I pushed Tyler back enough so his  lips weren’t on mine. We were both panting as we looked at each other.

 “Hey  Jake, what’s up?” Ryan called, probably from his bedroom window. “Mom’s making  pancakes and Ev’s just taking out the trash. Go around back, the door’s open.”

 “Oh  shit,” I said, panicking, not wanting Jake to see me with Tyler. 

 I  looked around quickly for somewhere Tyler could hide but his body was just too  big, nothing would conceal him, and he couldn’t run around back because Mom  would see him through the kitchen window. Jake’s footsteps were getting louder  on the pavement and I knew he was close. My panic got the better of me and I  reacted by putting both hands in the middle of Tyler’s chest and shoving him  backwards. I watched in what seemed like slow motion as he stumbled back,  struggling to stay on his feet, his big arms flailing until the backs of his  legs crashed into the bushes that separated our house from the neighbors’ and  he went sailing over the top, disappearing into their yard.

 I  was just about to run over to check he was okay when Jake walked around the  corner of the house with a smile on his face. I swallowed hard, feeling my body  still trembling from almost being caught, and forced a smile onto my own face. 

 “Hey,”  I squeaked, nodding toward Jake as I held out my hand for our usual morning  fist bump.

 “Hey,”  Jake said, grabbing my fist instead of bumping it. He pulled me into a tight  hug that had my cheek pressed against his and his big arms wrapped around my  back. I wanted to turn my head to kiss that soft skin on his face but there  were so many reasons why I shouldn’t.

 When  we broke the hug, Jake threw his arm around my shoulder and smiled at me. What  the hell was going on with him? Yesterday he barely even noticed I existed or  he purposefully ignored me and then now here he was being all friendly with his  hands all over me. What was I supposed to think? Were things okay now that he’d  done whatever he did with Tina? Was this all just some act and he’d be back to  ignoring me later? I wanted answers but there was no way I could just ask  without causing even more problems.

 I  let Jake lead me toward the door with his arm still over my shoulder. When we  got to it I stopped to let Jake go in first so I could turn and look behind me.  Tyler was looking over the top of the bushes at me. I couldn’t tell if he was  angry or smiling but I didn’t have time to dwell on it. I shrugged my  shoulders, held up my hands and said sorry before I ducked inside and closed  the door.

To  be continued…


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