Stories by Big D

  • Tyler: Chapter 23

    Exercise isn't the only thing that gets Tyler's heart racing during his run.

  • Tyler: Chapter 22

    The fallout from Tyler's attack continues.

  • Tyler: Chapter 21

    After Tyler and Joe were caught in the locker room what happens next?

  • Tyler: Chapter 20

    Tyler and Joe are becoming more reckless in their desperate need to find time together.

  • Tyler: Chapter 19

    Joe feels like it has been forever since Tyler fucked him and he is getting desperate for more.

  • Tyler: Chapter 18

    With the first video recorded it is time to film another, only this time it's not Joe's mouth Tyler has his sights set on.

  • Tyler: Chapter 17

    After their experience in front of the mirror Tyler and Joe decide to capture themselves on film. Part 1 of 2 - Evan readers may remember a certain DVD he got as a present. This is when it was filmed.

  • Tyler: Chapter 16

    A trip to see two college teams compete against each other gives Tyler and Joe the chance to spend the night together but some unexpected additions to the trip have Tyler's head in a spin.

  • Tyler: Chapter 15

    Joe has finally given in and let Tyler fuck him again but Tyler still wants more.

  • Tyler: Chapter 14

    It's time for the pool party and Tyler hopes to finally get to spend some time with Joe. Will it happen or will someone else catch Tyler's eye?

  • Tyler: Chapter 13

    Tyler's parents are away for the evening so he takes a chance and invites Joe over. Will he show up? If he does, what will happen?

  • Tyler: Chapter 12

    Tyler's urges threaten to get the better of him.

  • Tyler: Chapter 11

    It's time for Tyler to return to school but what awaits him there?

  • Tyler: Chapter 10

    Tyler wakes up in bed with someone after a night he can't remember.

  • Tyler: Chapter 9

    At the end of part 8, Tyler and Joe had sex together. This is what happened when they woke up the next morning.

  • Tyler: Chapter 8

    Things between Joe and Tyler finally come to a head.

  • Tyler: Chapter 7

    Joe has just run out the door and now Tyler has to deal with the consequences.

  • Tyler: Chapter 6

    After their lips meet in a kiss, how do Joe and Tyler react?

  • Tyler: Chapter 5

    Tyler confronts Jackson, takes someone back to his motel room and may be one step closer to getting what he really wants.

  • Tyler: Chapter 4

    Tyler and Joe get ready to party but things might not go quite to plan.

  • Tyler: Chapter 3

    Tyler is still lusting after Joe but is he becoming too obvious?

  • Tyler: Chapter 2

    Tyler's struggles with his feelings continue.

  • Tyler

    You may remember Tyler from my previous story "Evan". He also had a complicated relationship with his best friend, Joe. This is the story of how it all started.

  • Evan: Chapter 30

    Evan races downstairs when he hears Jake say Tyler's name. What will happen as the story concludes?

  • Evan: Chapter 29

    Evan comes face to face with Jake. Their friendship will never be the same again.

  • Evan: Chapter 28

    Evan finds himself in the middle of a confrontation between Jake and Tyler. Now everything is out in the open can he stop them from tearing each other apart?

  • Evan: Chapter 27

    Evan is finally happy but the feud between Tyler and Jake could be about to change everything.

  • Evan: Chapter 26

    Evan goes back into the closet... where he sees something he never thought he would. But it doesn't end there...

  • Evan: Chapter 25

    Evan jumps out of bed when he hears the scream. Tyler stayed the night and now their secret is out.

  • Evan: Chapter 24

    Evan is shocked when Jake shows up at his door but he doesn't have time to talk to him because Tyler is on his way over for a date.