Chapter Twenty Seven

The sound of my phone ringing sent me into a complete panic and I fumbled around trying to find it so I could switch it off. I don’t know why I thought it would do any good because Ryan and Emily turned to look at me the second it started to ring.

“Ev… What are you doing here?” Ryan asked.

I had expected them to stop having sex when they knew they’d been caught but all they did was stop moving. Ryan was still hard and deep inside Emily who was sitting down on his hips, keeping her back to me. She buried her head against his shoulder. It was the first time I think I’d ever seen her looking embarrassed or shy.

“I live here,” I said, hating how stupid it sounded as the phone stopped ringing.

“I know that, bro, but when you text to say you were at Tyler’s we kind of thought you’d be staying the night,” Ryan continued and I still couldn’t believe they hadn’t moved.

I tried to focus on anything but the two of them. “His parents were due back so I came home. Look, I’m just gonna grab a bottle of water and head up to my room. You guys continue…”

“I don’t really think we can now,” Ryan said.

“Come on, Ry, if you had any intention of stopping you wouldn’t still be inside her right now. Besides, I’ve seen one live sex show today, I think two would be overkill.”

I walked across the room into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. I popped the cap and took a big swig. Just as the bottle left my lips Ryan appeared in the doorway, still naked, still hard, with his throbbing cock wrapped in a condom, bouncing in the air. It looked even bigger than it had a minute ago, probably eight inches, if not a little more.

“What do you mean you’ve already seen a live sex show? Where did Tyler take you?” Ryan asked.

“His house,” I said, staring at the clock on the wall instead of at my brother’s dick.

“Then how?” Ryan asked.

“Are we really going to do this now?” I replied. “While you’re still hard, wrapped, lubed and ready to go? Get back in there and fuck her. We can talk later.”

“The mood is kind of ruined,” he said, pulling the condom off his cock, wrapping it some tissue and tossing it in the trash.

“It doesn’t look like it,” I said, pointing to his dick, which was still throbbing.

“That’s because I’m horny as fuck,” he said, stroking his dick. “This won’t go down now until I cum.”

“So why don’t you?”

“Because Emily’s the one not the in mood now and I won’t force it on her. She’s gone upstairs,” Ryan said.

“Not in the mood? When is she ever not in the mood?” I asked.

“She’s embarrassed, Ev,” Ryan said. “I know you probably can’t believe that because she talks such a good game, but it’s one thing to talk about taking cock, it’s another to be seen taking it. And you’re like her brother.”

“Yeah, and you ARE mine. It wasn’t easy for me seeing that either, but Emily? I’ve never known her be embarrassed about sex. She usually tells me all about the guys she’s fucked.”

“And have you ever stopped to think she might be talking herself up?” Ryan said. “I feel bad saying this but she’s basically still a kid, Ev. Yes she’s confident and self-assured, proud of her body and the fact she’s good in bed, but as close as you two are, imagine how you’d feel if she walked in on you with Tyler’s dick in your ass.”

“Okay, yeah,” I said, “I’d be pretty mortified. Even though she already knows what we’ve been up to.”

“Exactly,” Ryan smiled. “So come on, tell me, how did you see a live sex show at Tyler’s house?”

I still couldn’t believe I was talking to my brother about my sex life while he stood in front of me butt naked, his cock still dripping. I wanted to get this over with so I decided to just come clean.

“Joe came over,” I said.

“And they let you watch them fuck?” Ryan asked, amazed.

“Joe didn’t exactly know I was there,” I said.

“You hid and watched them?” Ryan exclaimed.

“Yeah,” I smiled, remembering the sight, something I don’t think I’ll forget any time soon. “When Joe came in I hid in the closet. Tyler was already hard because we’d been fooling around. I’ve never seen anything like it, Ry. Joe just walked over to Tyler, started sucking his cock and then rode him bareback until Tyler shot inside him.”

“Damn…” Ryan moaned. I noticed his dick twitch. “What did you do?”

“I just watched. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and then I started jerking off because it was so hot.”

“Why didn’t you join in?”

“I didn’t want to scare Joe off. Besides, Tyler kind of got lost in it and there was this look in his eyes… He wanted Joe to himself,” I said.

“You mean…”

“He’s in love with him,” I smiled.

“How does that make you feel?” Ryan asked.

“Okay,” I said. “I’m in love with Jake so what difference does it make?”

“You’re not fucking Jake. Especially not after you’ve just fucked Tyler or while he’s still in the room,” Ryan said.

“I know I should be mad or angry or hurt, but I’m not. I like Tyler, I really do, I’ve seen the amazing guy he is away from all the jock stuff, the guy Joe will have seen too, but as much as I like him I’m not in love with him yet. I think Joe is, he just won’t or can’t admit it to himself.”

“So are you and Tyler just fuck buddies then?” Ryan smiled with a raised eyebrow.

“I like to think we’re a lot more than that,” I replied. “We have sex because we’re attracted to each other, but we talk and spend time together because we actually get on. If Joe isn’t an option for him and Jake isn’t for me, I think I could be happy with Tyler.”

“Good,” Ryan said. “So what happened after they fucked?”

“Joe just left,” I said.

“Wait, so he came in, got straight on Tyler’s dick, took a load up his ass and then walked out?”

“Pretty much,” I said. “That’s why Tyler likes being with me. I don’t just fuck and run.”

“What did you do after Joe left?”

“We talked for a while,” I said. “Tyler wanted to make sure I was okay with it. We got our feelings sorted out and talked about where we stood. Then he saw that I was still hard because I didn’t cum while he was doing Joe.”

“So then he fucked you too?” Ryan asked.

“Not exactly…” I said, failing to keep a huge grin from lighting up my face.

“Then what?” Ryan asked, though I think he already knew.

“I ate his ass until he was begging me to fuck him. Then I grabbed a condom, lubed us both up and popped his cherry,” I grinned.

“Fucking awesome,” Ryan beamed. “You fucked your first ass. High five, bro.”

Ryan held up his hand expecting me to slap it. I stared at it for a second, covered in the same gleaming liquids that covered his cock and shook my head.

“I’m not slapping your hand. You’ve just been stroking your cock with it and I know where that’s been,” I said.

“You fucking pussy,” he said.

“No, that’s what you’ve been doing.”

“Shake my hand,” he said, holding it out for me to shake.

“No,” I refused, backing away from him.

“Shake my fucking hand,” he insisted.

When I still didn’t he lunged for me and I barely managed to get out of the way before it would have slapped me right in the face. I took off, running out of the kitchen and into the living room, tying to dodge the furniture as Ryan chased after me, waving his slick hand at me.

I had almost made it to the stairs when he jumped on my back and wrapped his arms around my neck. His dick was still hard and prodded at my back.

“Get the fuck off me!” I screamed.

Ryan just laughed and tried to shove his hand in my face but I quickly dropped to the floor, making him lose his balance and roll off of me.

I was barely back on my feet when he tackled me again, knocking me to the ground so I landed on my back. I didn’t have chance to react before he straddled me and brought his hand toward my face. I grabbed his wrist and he struggled against me, trying to wipe the lube and god knows what onto my face, but I was too strong for him and the harder he tried, the bigger the smile grew on my face knowing I was more powerful than my big brother.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Emily said, appearing on the stairs.

She was staring at us and it was only then that Ryan seemed to realize he was on top of me, straddling my waist, completely naked, his somehow still hard cock standing up and away from his body, glistening as it bounced between us, our hands locked as we fought against each other.

“I wanted Ev to shake my hand but the little fucker wouldn’t. He’s too squeamish,” Ryan said.

“Wash the fucking thing first and I’ll shake it,” I protested, trying to push him off me.

“Why do you need to shake his hand?” Emily asked.

“Do you want to tell her?” Ryan asked, looking down on me with an expression bordering on pride.

“Get off me and I will,” I said. Ryan climbed off me and I turned to look straight into Emily’s eyes. “I fucked Tyler tonight.”

“So? You’ve been fucking him for weeks,” she said.

“No, he’s been fucking me. Tonight I fucked him,” I said, though it felt wrong to say it out loud like that because it wasn’t something I really should have been telling people.

“What?” Emily screeched, running down the stairs. Just like Ryan she was still naked. Even though she’d gone upstairs for a minute she didn’t bother to put anything on. She came straight for me and I put up my hand.

“Stop,” I said.

“What?” she asked, pausing briefly.

“You’re naked,” I said.

“Oh grow up and give me a hug,” she said, throwing her arms around me. When she let me go she said. “You really fucked him? I thought he was a total top.”

I laughed, finding it funny that she knew the gay terms. “He is. Or was before tonight…”

“Tell me all about it,” she said.

“I don’t understand you,” I said. “A minute ago you ran off when I found you riding Ry’s cock but now you want to hear all about Tyler riding mine?”

“I didn’t run off,” Emily protested.

“Then where did you go when Ryan came into the kitchen waving his cock all over the place?” I said glancing over at my brother. “Fuck, you’re still hard?”

I reached out and slapped Ryan’s cock playfully. It swung down and then snapped back up, smashing against his abs and bouncing up and down in front of him. He moaned and his whole body shuddered.

“Will you two finish fucking so he can put that thing away and we can talk?” I asked, heading for the stairs.

They didn’t answer me and out of the corner of my eye I saw Ryan move in behind Emily. As I continued up the stairs I heard him whisper something into her ear and she giggled. Moments later, when I went into the bathroom to wash whatever fluid was on my hand from slapping Ryan’s dick, I heard Emily moan and I as entered my bedroom they were at it again somewhere downstairs.

The missed phone call had been from Jake. I called him back to find there was no real reason he had called, especially so late, he just wanted to talk. We chatted like we used to for about an hour. I stripped down to my boxers and just lay on my bed listening to him talk. It’s amazing how such a simple thing can bring a smile to your face. When I hung up I went downstairs for a drink.

Emily and Ryan were cuddled up on the sofa watching some late night movie. Ryan had pulled on his boxers and Emily her bra and panties. I joined them, sitting on a chair, but they soon turned the TV off and were asking me for all the details. I told them about Tyler and me and by the end of the story Ryan was hard again. For a straight guy he really does love hearing about gay sex.

When I went to bed I had to put earphones in because Emily was screaming so loud there was no way I was getting to sleep any other way. Whatever Ryan did to her with that big cock of his sent her through the roof.

Sunday was just a regular day. Mom and Dad came home shortly after Emily left. Ryan and I pitched in to help with some of the chores that hadn’t been done. I mowed the lawns with Dad while Ryan took Mom to the grocery store.

About mid-afternoon I got a call from Tyler. The first thing he told me was that his ass was sore from me fucking him twice. I laughed and said now he knew how I felt when he couldn’t get enough. Then he talked about how he’d spent all morning with Joe, most of it alone with him, and how Joe wouldn’t even talk about the night before or them having sex. He said they were hanging out, chilling, laughing and joking, playing a game of basketball on Tyler’s driveway, but the second he mentioned sex Joe clammed up and said he had to go. I could hear how frustrated Tyler was. He just wanted Joe to admit to feeling something or give him more than just a quick fuck. He was starting to think it would never happen and he might have to be strong and say no next time since I would be waiting for him if he did.

The next morning I had just sat down for breakfast when there was a knock on the door. Both Mom and I were surprised when Jake walked in, greeting us like he had so many times before. I know we had sorted everything out between us but I didn’t expect things to just suddenly return to how they were before our near miss. He acted like nothing had ever happened.

After breakfast we hopped into Jake’s car and drove to school. I couldn’t stop looking at him. I told myself it was because I was trying to see what he was thinking from his facial expressions but honestly I think it was because I had missed being so close to his beautiful face and I wanted to memorize it in case we were ever apart for so long again.

There was a weird tension between us. We talked almost like we used to, about nothing of any importance, and there was barely a moment of silence, but I could tell from our body language that we both expected something to happen, though nothing did. For my part I was expecting some hint of the guy who had all but abandoned me for the past few weeks rising to the surface when whatever mask he was wearing slipped from his face to reveal his true feelings. With Jake he gave off the impression that he thought I was going to hit on him again because his right hand kind of hovered over the wheel like he was waiting to have to use it to fend me off.

When we reached the school parking lot Tina was there waiting for Jake to arrive. I sighed and rolled my eyes, knowing I was about to be left for her. We had barely pulled up when Jake was out of the car, heading over to her. She threw her arms around him and they shared a long kiss.

I walked up so I was standing just behind Jake and it was like he felt my presence because he quickly pulled away and looked over his shoulder at me.

“Umm… Am I still coming to yours after school?” Jake asked, turning back to Tina.

“Yeah, my parents are out until after seven,” Tina smiled, knowingly.

“Okay, see you then,” Jake said, turning away suddenly.

I stood there for a second, stunned that Jake just walked away without even a kiss goodbye. He was about twenty feet away when I snapped out of it and quickly went after him, following him in silence until we were at our lockers. Jake stopped in front of his and opened the lock. I couldn’t hold back.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“Huh?” Jake mumbled.

“Normally you’re all over Tina,” I said, “especially after not seeing her for a few days.”

“So?” he said. “I get to see ALL of her tonight.”

“Okay…” I said, turning to open my locker.

Jake made some kind of noise like he was about to speak but thought better of it. I looked at him and stared until finally he said, “What?”

“What were you gonna say then?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he shook his head.


“I hate that you know me so well,” he said, looking down. “Okay… I didn’t stay with her this morning like I normally do because of you.”

“Because of me?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“Come on, Ev. You admitted yesterday that you’re still in love with me. I don’t want to hurt you and seeing me with her must kill you. Hell, that’s the reason I started dating her in the first place.”

“What?” I exclaimed, staring at him with my mouth hanging wide open.

Jake closed his eyes and bit his lip. I thought I had heard him wrong but the look on his face told me I hadn’t. He leaned in close so no one else would hear.

“Okay, I admit it. I started dating her after what almost happened between us because I wanted you to see that I’m not gay and I needed to prove to myself that I’m still straight. After a week or two with her I actually started to like her.”

I couldn’t’ believe it. Not so much because of what he said, the ‘revelation’, because that’s what I had thought pretty much from the beginning, but because he was actually admitting it not just to himself but to me too. He had been using Tina. She was just the first girl to come along who could help him prove his point.

“Thanks,” was the only word that came out of my mouth.

We put our things in our lockers and the bell rang so we headed off to class. The rest of the morning was just like any other school day, going from one class to the next trying to take in what was being said.

At lunch I went to the cafeteria and found Emily sitting at our usual table. I grabbed my food and sat across from her. She had a huge grin on her face and kept looking at me.

“What are you smiling about?” I asked.

“I just had a class with Tyler,” she smiled.

“Please tell me you didn’t say anything,” I said.

“I didn’t,” she said, “but I could tell he was scared I would. I couldn’t stop looking at him.”


“He kept sort of moving about in his chair,” she said. “I couldn’t tell if it was because he was nervous or because his ass is still sore…”

I laughed at that, especially when Emily ended it with a wink. We were still chuckling when Jake sat down beside me. Emily and I looked at him and then at each other to make sure we weren’t seeing things.

“Why aren’t you eating with Tina?” Emily asked.

“Because I’m eating with you,” he said.

Emily looked at me and I shrugged. There wasn’t much else to do and there was certainly nothing to say.

Jake started eating his food. He had taken about four bites when he looked up at Emily and said, “So did Ev really catch you having sex with Ryan in their living room?”

Emily nearly choked on her food. “EVAN! You told him?”

I must have looked as dumbfounded as I felt because Jake started laughing. “He didn’t. I heard Marcus talking about it yesterday when he was on the phone with Ryan.”

“I’m gonna kill your brother,” she said to me.

Is that before or after you fuck him again?” Jake joked.

Emily just smiled and leaned across the table, “Hey, I’m not the only one Ev’s seen having sex.”

I felt my face go bright red and I held my breath, scared of what Jake’s reaction would be. I was waiting for him to freak out and run off again. Instead he let out a little chuckle and leaned across to meet Emily in the middle of the table.

“True,” Jake whispered. “But at least he could enjoy watching me. Seeing you and Ryan fuck must be like catching your parents going at it.”

We all let out a sound of disgust and then started laughing. Any tension between us disappeared instantly and we fell back into the comfortable conversations we always used to enjoy at the lunch table, or as comfortable as you can get discussing sex in a high school cafeteria. That was almost all that was ever on Emily’s mind. She asked Jake so many questions I think I could have painted a better picture of his sex life with Tina than if I’d taken a photo when I saw it for real.

It was about ten minutes later when Tyler, Joe and one of their buddies walked in, talking so loud it was impossible not to hear them or turn your head to see who was causing the commotion.

“I fucking hate those guys,” Jake said, peering over his shoulder at where Tyler and Joe were pushing around a much smaller kid. “They think they own the damn school.”

Emily was staring at me and I shot her a quick look that told her to stop it. It was that kind of thing that usually gave her away whenever she knew a secret she wanted to tell but knew she shouldn’t.

“They’re just showing off,” I said, having come to know Tyler through our chats, usually when we lay in bed after he fucked me. I knew it was mostly just a show he was putting on to help keep his reputation. “Ignore them.”

“I would if they weren’t so loud,” Jake said, looking like he was about to get up.

We went back to talking, enjoying just being the three of us again when I heard Tyler’s voice say “Woah” behind us and the next second Jake was covered in whatever drink Tyler had on his tray that had ‘fallen over’.

Joe and the third guy were laughing their asses off but Tyler was glaring at Joe before looking at us. A whole range of emotions raced across his face from shock and disbelief to anger and fear, the latter sticking there as Jake jumped to his feet.

“You fucking idiot!” Jake screamed, shoving Tyler back hard, making him stumble over a chair, barely keeping his feet on the ground.

I quickly jumped up and threw my arms around Jake’s chest to stop him moving forward. Joe and the other guy grabbed Tyler, but it didn’t look like he was putting up any resistance against them. Tyler looked at Jake and me and then around at all the people whose eyes were now focused on us. Suddenly his face turned hard, his chest puffed out and he pushed against the arms restraining him. I knew instantly he was about to put on a show and I grabbed Jake harder.

“Don’t blame me because you’re a wet little pussy,” Tyler sneered. “Fucking that filthy skank, you were bound to catch something.”

Jake lunged for Tyler and it took all my strength to hold him back. I ran my hand up to the back of his head and pulled it back by the hair.

“Jake, let it go,” I whispered, trying to calm him down. “Let it go. He’s not worth it.”

“You better watch your fucking back, Tyler,” Jake shouted over my shoulder. There wasn’t an eye in the cafeteria that wasn’t on us now.

“Why?” Tyler asked. “Is your boyfriend there not enough? Now you’re gonna come after my ass?”

Tyler turned around and bent over slightly, running his hand up his leg from just above his knee, up his thigh until he was caressing his ass. If only everyone staring at us knew I’d been balls deep in that ass only a couple of days ago…

His buddies and a few of the people around us were laughing but the tone he’d used and the way he referred to me as Jake’s boyfriend again actually just pissed me off. He was the Tyler I hated again, not the one I’d been having sex with, and even though I knew it was an act that part of Tyler was still there.

“Just get lost,” I said, still holding Jake back.

“Oh yeah? And what are you going to do?” Joe challenged.

I pushed Jake backwards so I was firmly between him and the jocks and then turned, closing the gap between myself and Joe so I could look him straight in the eye, “Do you want to see what I can do?”

Joe shot a quick glance at Tyler, who immediately grabbed him by the arm. Tyler swallowed hard and shook his head. Joe started backing away while Tyler patted his shoulder.

“Come on, let’s go,” Tyler said. “We’ll leave these two ladies to their lunch.”

Tyler and Joe backed out of the cafeteria with their buddy right behind them. As the doors swung closed Jake dropped into his chair, slamming his fist on the table.

“What the fuck was that about?” Jake raged.

Emily looked at me and then said what I was thinking. “Do you think he meant to throw that drink on you?”

“Why the fuck not?” Jake spat. “He’s always been a jealous little bitch.”

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t leap to Tyler’s defence, even though I don’t think he actually meant to throw the drink on Jake because he had been such a douche and there was no excusing his behaviour. Also Jake would wonder why I was sticking up for him. At the same time I still felt some sense of loyalty and wouldn’t join Jake in cursing him out.

“Why do you hate Tyler so much, besides the obvious?” Emily asked. Her question was to Jake but she was looking at me the whole time.

“It’s just everything he stands for,” Jake said. “He thinks he’s the King and everyone should bow to him. Because I didn't and he thinks I’m a threat to his imaginary crown he just can't leave me alone. And even after his team got beat everyone looks at him like he’s some fucking God.” We said nothing so he continued. “He doesn’t have to treat people like shit and he could stop his moron followers from being such dicks but he won’t. Shit, I'm gonna have to go get changed.”

Jake stood up and headed for the door. Without even thinking I followed him, knowing Tyler and Joe could still be out there and if he saw them again he might not be able to restrain himself.

We got to our lockers without incident and Jake reached into his to grab a spare shirt he always kept in there. He wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed and was about to pull his wet shirt over his head when Tyler walked around the corner, this time without Joe.

I just got hold of Jake’s arm in time to pull him back towards me so he didn’t charge across to attack Tyler, who had frozen in his tracks and was just staring at us. Jake tried to yank his arm out of my grip but I wouldn’t let go.

“Get off me, Ev,” Jake growled through clenched teeth.

“Not until you calm down,” I said.

He spun around to glare into my eyes, “Just let me hit him once. You got to. The fucking asshole deserves it.”

“Yes, he does,” I said, “but I’m not going to let you get dragged down to his level. Come on.”

I pushed Jake’s locker shut and set the lock into place with my free hand, the other still clutching Jake’s big arm. Without another word I pulled him across the hall and through the door to the men’s bathroom.

He yanked his arm out of my grip and ripped his wet shirt off over his head, balling it up and throwing it across the room in a rage. It hit one of the mirrors and landed on the sink beneath. I stared at Jake’s incredible body, feeling my heartbeat quicken. I looked around to see if we were alone. All of the stalls were empty.

“Why the fuck didn’t you let me hit him? You put him on his ass for a lot fucking less,” Jake screamed, tossing his spare shirt next to the wet one as he started pacing back and forth.

“Yeah, I did, and it made me as bad as him,” I shouted back.

“He needs to be taught a fucking lesson,” Jake seethed. “Let me throw a drink over you and see if you sit there calmly.”

“I wouldn’t,” I said. “I’d be fucking livid, just like you are, but you can’t rise to it. Tyler wants you to react. He wants you to hit him. Do you know what will happen if you do? He wins. You say he thinks he’s the King, well you punch him and you prove him right.”

“You just don’t get it,” Jake turned away and punched the far wall.

“Yes I do,” I shot back. “He gets under your skin. He’s like this really bad itch that won’t go away and all you want to do is scratch it but you know if you do it might feel good for a minute but then it’ll only come back even worse. If you punch him it’ll feel good for five minutes and then his gloating will make you want to kill him all over again.”

Jake spun around and glared at me. “What the Hell are you talking about?”

“You,” I said. He didn’t reply so I continued. “I know what you’re feeling because I felt the same about you.”

“You wanted to kill me?”

“Yes” I said. “I wanted to punch you right in your smug face every time I saw you with Tina. You were all over her, kissing her in front of me, trying to make me jealous or angry or sad or whatever the hell your excuse was. I wanted to march up to you and knock you the fuck out for not being man enough to admit that what you really wanted was me and you just couldn’t handle it.”

As those last words came out of my mouth I knew I had gone too far. I had said what I never intended to and I regretted it as soon as the final word left my tongue.

“Not man enough?” Jake growled. “You still think I’m not man enough to go after something if I really want it?”

He lunged across the room at me and I closed my eyes, waiting to feel the impact of his fist on my face. Instead what I felt made my eyes snap open, almost popping out of my head. Jake had my face in his hands and his lips pressed hard against mine.

I was paralysed in shock, thinking I was in some kind of dream. It was only when his tongue pushed its way into my mouth that I was able to move. I threw my arms around him and opened up, parting my lips and kissing him back just as hard as he was kissing me.

I ran my hands all over his bare chest and down his abs. His body felt so good and I pulled him against me. We continued to make out and his hands started moving, first to my shoulders, then down my chest and around my hips until he was holding my ass, squeezing it tight, pulling us even closer so our hard dicks brushed up against each other.

I moaned into his mouth and then his hands were suddenly on my chest, pushing me backwards so hard I flew back into the wall. My head cracked against the tiles and I sank down to the ground.

“No! I told you I’m not gay,” he spat as he charged out of the bathroom, forgetting to put a shirt on.

I sat on the floor, holding the back of my head, as tears rolled down my face. Jake had given me that hope again by kissing me only to piss all over it. I could have maybe dealt with the rejection and the confusion, but he actually put his hands on me again. The back of my head felt like it had exploded and the pain broke down the defences I tried to keep up. I couldn’t take any more.

The door to the bathroom slowly opened and I tried to shrink away from it. It was only when I saw that it was Tyler that I eased up and just let go, the tears really flowing.

“Hey, what happened?” Tyler asked, running to my side. He bent down and placed his hand on my face, brushing a tear from my cheek with his thumb. He tilted my head forward and said, “You’re bleeding.”

“It’s nothing,” I sniffed, wiping my eyes.

“Ev…” Tyler said, softly. “Was it Jake? Did he do this?”

I nodded.

“That’s it,” Tyler said, standing up. “He’s wanted a fight with me for months and I’ll fucking give him one. He can’t take his anger out on you. He’s supposed to be your best friend.”

I said nothing.

“Tell me it wasn’t because of what happened in the cafeteria,” Tyler went on. “I never meant for any of that to happen.”

I looked up at him with a questioning look in my eye.

“I didn’t,” Tyler protested. “Joe thought he was being funny by pushing me toward Jake. He wanted me to bump into his chair or something. He didn’t think my drink would spill all over him.”

“You made it sound like it was on purpose,” I said.

“What was I supposed to do? Apologize?” Tyler asked. “There were people watching, Ev. I told you I can’t be nice to you or Jake just because of what we’ve been doing. It’ll raise too many questions. I wish I could be open but there are still too many narrow minded idiots around.”

“So you thought you’d piss Jake off even more just to make things worse?” I asked, anger seeping into voice.

“I’m sorry,” Tyler said. “I didn’t expect him to do this.”

He held out his hand to me and I took it, letting him pull me to my feet. Once again he touched my cheek and then he leaned in and gently kissed me. Like only minutes before the kiss quickly turned passionate and Tyler slid his tongue into my mouth.

Our lips were still pressed together when the door swung open.

“Look Ev, I’m sor …” It was Jake.

Tyler and I jumped away from each other but it was too late. Jake had seen us.

To Be Continued…


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