Chapter Eighteen

The  first thing I saw when I got out of Ryan’s car was Tina giggling as Jake  nuzzled in against her ear. I wanted to stride over there and ask him what the hell  was going on but there were already enough people watching them without me adding  to the sideshow.

Instead  I just threw my bag over my shoulder and headed for the school building. I kept  my focus on the doors so I wasn’t tempted to look at them. I wanted to ignore  him completely like he had done to me more than once, even if it made me as  petty as he was or worse. I wanted him to know I was pissed off at him.

“Oh  hey, Ev,” Jake said casually as if he’d just spotted me in the hall and hadn’t  left me in the lurch.

 My  jaw clenched, grinding my teeth together, and my hand formed into a fist, ready  to punch him. I didn’t stop. I didn’t even acknowledge him. I couldn’t or I  might do something both of us would regret. 

It  wasn’t until I was on the other side of the school doors, away from Jake’s  view, that I allowed myself to close my eyes and take a deep breath, trying to  calm myself. I knew I shouldn’t get so worked up but I couldn’t help it. Jake  wasn’t acting like himself and I hated the idea that it was because of me.

“Is  your boyfriend still out there making a show of himself?” Tyler asked, shaking  me out of my thoughts as he walked by with his buddies in tow. 

 I  stared straight up into his eyes but I didn’t see the guy who had blown me and  made me feel so good and special, I saw the asshole jock who’d been a pain in  my ass for the last few months. He’d picked the wrong time to mess with me.

 “Probably,”  I shot back. “But not as much of a show as you guys make when you’re sucking  each other’s dicks in the locker room.”

 The  instant the words were out of my mouth I wished they hadn’t been. Tyler and  Joe’s eyes went wide and I could see them both visibly flinch. I’d hit too  close to home. Even though it was a comment plucked out of nowhere seeing the  look on their faces just for that split second told me I was right, they had  done that.

 I  walked away before they could say anything. I heard a few snickers from people  who had been within listening distance and then the clear voice of one of  Tyler’s jock buddies calling me a pussy and saying they’d have to teach me a  lesson. I didn’t dwell on what that meant.

 When  I got to my locker I put my bag inside and was getting out the books I needed  for my first few classes when Emily came over with the usual grin plastered all  over her face.

“Hey,  where were you this morning” she asked. 

 “What  do you mean?” I replied.

 “You  didn’t come with Jake,” Emily said. “He always gives you a ride.”

 “Oh,  that,” I said, not really wanting to talk about it.

 “Yeah.  How come he didn’t pick you up?”

 “Good  question,” I said. “But it’s one you’re going to have to ask him.”

 “I  did,” She said. “He just shrugged me off. What’s going on?”

 “I  don’t know,” I sighed. “I know as much as you do. He never even text to say he  wasn’t picking me up. I guess I was ditched for Tina.”

 “But  that’s not like Jake. He’s never put a girl before you. Ever. Did something  happen between you? He’s been acting strange since the weekend.”

 I  looked Emily in the eye and knew I couldn’t lie to her anymore. She knew that  things weren’t fine and she had to know at least some of what had happened so  she could understand and maybe even help.

“We  can’t talk about it now,” I said, looking around. “Meet me later and I’ll fill  you in.”

Emily  smiled and nodded in agreement. I was just about to leave to go to class when  Jake walked up, going straight to his locker between us.

“Hey,”  he said, again like nothing had happened. When I didn’t reply he turned to look  at me, “What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you going to say something?”

 “Like  what?” I asked. “Thanks for not picking me up this morning or even telling me  you weren’t coming for me?”

“Is  that what your pouty bitch face is all about? Grow up, Ev, not everything is  about you.”

 Jake  slammed his locker shut and walked off. Emily’s mouth was hanging open as she  looked at me. We were both stunned.                  

“What  the hell was that?” Emily asked. “He’s never talked to you like that before.”

“If  I knew what was going on inside his head maybe I could sort this shit out, but  I don’t,” I said. I buried my face in my hands so I didn’t scream. 

“Ev…”  Emily said as she put her hand on my shoulder. 

 “Let’s  not do this now, okay?” I said, looking into her eyes. 

“Okay,”  Emily smiled as the bell rang to signal the start of the day.

 My  first class went by without too many problems and I even managed to concentrate  on what was being taught enough to make some notes. The second class was  different though. I had barely sat down in my seat when Joe walked in and his  eyes immediately found me. Before when people said that if looks could kill  they’d be deadly I thought it was just a saying but I knew what it truly meant  with the icy stare Joe fixed on me.

 He  never broke eye contract with me as he strode into the room, coming straight  for me. For a second I thought he was going to launch himself across the desk  to attack me but instead he took the seat next to me, all the while I just  stared at him, wondering what he was going to do.

 In  our near four years together in high school we had probably said no more than a  hundred words to each other. We didn’t move in the same circles, he had always  been an athlete and I hadn’t. As he became more successful and popular he  surrounded himself with other jocks like Tyler and they didn’t have the time of  day for people like me unless they were bullying us. Having him sitting next to  me now was beyond unnerving.

For  twenty minutes, every time I turned my head toward Joe his eyes were on me and  he made no attempts to hide it or look away. He was glaring at me and he was so  close without actually touching me that I could feel the heat from his body  against my skin. 

Another  few minutes passed before I finally cracked and whispered, “What are you doing?”

 He  looked at me with what can only be described as pure hatred. “We’ll talk when  everyone else leaves. The only reason I’m sitting here is to make sure you  can’t run.”

After  that he didn’t say a word and I’m not sure I could have spoken back to him even  if he did. I felt like I was trapped. He’d lured me into a corner and now I  couldn’t escape. I kept thinking about what he might want to do to me and it  was pretty intimidating because Joe was almost as big as Jake and Tyler so I  knew he could probably kick my ass if he wanted to.

When  the bell finally rang I started packing my things away but Joe’s hand suddenly  landed on my thigh under the desk, pressing down hard in an attempt to hold me  in place. 

 I  looked down at his hand and then back up into his eyes. “I’m not going  anywhere,” I said weakly, but he still didn’t move his hand. 

 When  everyone else had left the classroom except for the teacher Joe took out a  sheet of blank paper and started writing something on it.

“What  are you doing boys? Class is over,” Miss Bolton said as she stood from her  desk.

“I’m  just writing my number down for Evan, Miss. He helped me understand a couple of  things better today and I think I could maybe use his help again sometime,” Joe  said without ever taking his eyes off me.

 “I’m  glad you’re finally studying with someone Joe, it might be the final push you  need to raise that B to an A. Don’t be late for your next class,” Miss Bolton  said, leaving the room.

She  was barely out of the door when Joe’s face was in mine. “What the fuck was that  about earlier?”

 His  hand was still on my thigh and I could feel his hot breath against my cheek.  “When?”

“Don’t  play dumb with me,” Joe growled. “That shit you said in front of everyone about  us sucking dick. You’re the faggot, not us.”

My  jaw dropped at the use of that word and before I knew it my right hand was  sailing toward Joe’s face, slamming into his chin, sending him flying backward  off the chair until he was sprawled out on the ground, staring up at me in  shock.

 “If  you ever call me that F word again I’ll fucking kill you,” I said, glaring down  at him. I could almost feel my eyes burning with rage.

 Joe  quickly jumped to his feet, trying to act like he hadn’t just been knocked on  his ass but he kept his distance from me now.

 “I  don’t see what your problem is anyway,” I said. “I was just joking when I said  that. No one would have believed me or thought there was any truth behind it.  Hell, I didn’t until you came in here and acted like some scared little bitch  afraid that everyone’s gonna find out you’ve been sucking Tyler’s dick.”

 Joe  tensed up. His whole body went rigid and he stared at me now in a different  way. He was scared, which only confirmed what I already knew in that he had  been giving Tyler blowjobs, probably in the locker room too.

“You’re  full of shit,” Joe said, sounding a little defensive. “Keep your little jerk  off fantasies to yourself. Tyler and I are real men, not like you. We’d never  be caught sucking dick.”

“Interesting  choice of words,” I smiled, “‘caught’. You wouldn’t be CAUGHT sucking Tyler’s  dick. That doesn’t mean you don’t do it when you know no one will catch you.”

“Fuck  you,” Joe spat, looking disgusted.

 I  laughed, picked up my bag and started walking toward the door. “Relax Joe, your  secret is safe with me. Like I said, no one would believe me if I told them  anyway. There’s no proof. It’s not like it’s on video or anything.”

 I  turned and walked out of the classroom without looking back, though I kind of  wish I had just to have seen the expression on Joe’s face. It would have been  priceless.

 I  was half way through my next class when my phone vibrated to tell me I had a  text message. I waited a few minutes until the teacher turned away and  carefully pulled it out of my pocket to see what it said.

 “What  did you say to Joe? He’s going crazy.”

 I  felt a lump rise in my throat reading that message from Tyler because I knew  I’d have to face him and I was pretty sure I’d have to tell him about the  video. What I think worried me the most was that I had no idea how he would  react. Messing with Joe the way I did wasn’t the smartest thing to do anyway,  but with how defensive he is about what’s been going on with him and Tyler it  might have made him dangerous. I just hoped Tyler had more of a level head and  could calm him down.

The  teacher turned back around so I shoved my phone into my pocket and got on with  the class until the bell rang. I packed away my things and headed out into the  hall toward my locker. I was almost there when I felt someone behind me,  literally, their chest was pressed against my back and they were pushing me  forward so we continued to walk. I thought I was in real trouble, especially  when I heard Tyler’s voice growl in my ear.

 “We  need to talk.”

 As  soon as the last word was out of his mouth he pulled away from me and barged  past me, almost knocking me off my feet. I managed to catch myself from falling  and watched him as he strolled off down the hall and out of the building. 

After  I dropped some books off at my locker and picked up the ones I’d need for my  afternoon classes I headed to the cafeteria to grab some lunch. Emily was  already sitting at a table with her food but she was too lost in something on  her phone to notice me. 

 Once  I had my own food I sat across from her and started to eat as I watched her  expression change every few seconds. I wondered what she was doing but I had my  mouth full so I didn’t speak. When I swallowed I fixed my eyes on her until she  looked up.

 “What?”  she asked.

 “What  are you doing?” I responded.

 “I’m  talking to your brother,” she smiled. “He’s just telling me what he wants to do  to me the next time we’re alone.”

 “That’s  my lunch ruined,” I said, pushing my tray away from me. She smiled and shoved  it back at me. “Things are going well then?”

 “With  Ry?” Emily asked.

 “Who  else would I mean?”

 “Things  are good,” she smiled. “It’s only been a couple of days so it’s not like we’re  in love or anything, but I really like him. And obviously the sex is amazing.”

“I  don’t need to know that,” I said. 

 “Why?  Because you’re a prude?” 

 “No,  because I heard enough of it yesterday,” I smiled.

 Emily  laughed, typed something into her phone and then turned her attention back to  me. “Seriously though, Ev, I haven’t thought about another guy since that first  time with him.”

 “What?”  I said in surprise. “For you that’s like being a virgin again.”

“I  know,” Emily laughed, “I kind of feel like it with him too, even though we  can’t keep our hands off each other.”

“As  long as you’re both happy,” I said.

“We  are,” Emily smiled. “Speaking of happy, what’s going on with Jake since he’s  anything but happy around you lately?”

 “It’s  a long story,” I said.

 “So  give me the short version.”

I  was about to tell her but then I remembered where we were and thought it was  better not to talk about it. Even in the corner where we were, leaning in to  each other and speaking in nothing but a whisper there was no guarantee we  wouldn’t be overheard and I didn’t want to cause problems for Jake, even if he  was being the douche of the century right now.

 “I’ll  tell you later,” I said. 

 “Chicken,”  Emily smiled, trying to push me into telling her.

“When  it comes to this I am,” I replied. “Look, come to mine after school. Mom and  Dad won’t be home until after six and Ryan’s out with his buddies so we’ll have  the place to ourselves and there’ll be no one to distract you.”

 Emily  giggled at that and nodded. Just then Tyler walked through the door with Joe by  his side and my whole body tensed up seeing them. Joe’s eyes landed on me and a  look that was somewhere between fury and fear washed over his face. He looked  like he was going to charge over to kick my ass but Tyler put his hand on Joe’s  chest to stop him from coming my way and guided him along in the line for food.  Still, Joe’s eyes never left mine.

“He  can’t keep his eyes off you,” I heard Emily say. She dropped her voice into a  whisper and leaned across the table as she continued, “I bet he’s still  thinking about sucking your dick. Has he said anything?”

I  looked deep into her eyes, “What do you think?”

 “Has  he threatened you?” she asked. “About keeping quiet?”

“Not  in so many words,” I said, “but he’s terrified of me telling someone. It’s best  to just forget it because it’s not going to happen again.”

“That’s  a shame,” Emily said. “He’s great in bed. He’d be the perfect one to break you  in.”

I  smiled at how typically Emily that was. She turned her attention back to her  phone and I shifted my focus back to Tyler and Joe who were now sat down across  the room, both looking in my direction, seemingly in the middle of a heated  discussion.

 I  went back to eating but I was constantly aware of their eyes on me. I don’t know  if anyone else noticed it or not but to me the atmosphere felt tense and I  wanted to leave as quickly as possible because I felt like they were biding the  time before they did something to me.

 Jake  never showed up for lunch and I wondered if he was off somewhere with Tina.  Usually it would have been on my mind a lot but I had other things to worry  about that seemed more urgent.

Swallowing  the final bite of my food, I watched as Joe began to stand. He never took his  eyes off me as he rose to his feet and I knew it was time. He was going to  confront me in front of the whole cafeteria. I held my breath waiting for the  charge to come, but it didn’t. Tyler reached up and grabbed hold of Joe’s hand,  pulling him back down in his seat. He put his arm around Joe’s shoulder and  whispered something into his ear that seemed to relax Joe enough to give Tyler  the time to look at me and nod toward the door. I took the chance, got up with  a quick goodbye to Emily and headed out into the halls.

I  kept walking because I was pretty sure I knew what was coming and I didn’t want  to cause a scene. I was halfway down the hall when my phone vibrated in my  pocket. I pulled it out and read the message I knew would be from Tyler.

“I’m  behind you. Keep walking. Don’t look back. We need to talk. Alone. Room 314.”

I  took a deep breath and slipped my phone back into my pocket. I did as he said  and didn’t look over my shoulder I just kept walking and headed for the stairs.  As I started climbing them I could hear Tyler’s heavy footsteps not too far  behind me. I was nervous about what he was going to say or do but there was no  avoiding it so I might as well get it over with now, especially since we were  in school and there was only so much he could do without getting into trouble.

When  I reached the third floor I headed out and walked along the corridor. Tyler  wasn’t behind me. He had stopped in the stairwell to give me time to reach the  room on my own before he followed. Even with as much on his mind as I knew  there had to be he was still calm enough and level headed enough to be safe. I  felt a little easier with that knowledge.

At  the door to room 314 I stopped, thinking briefly that Tyler might be setting me  up and there could be someone waiting in the room to attack me, but then I remembered  the blowjob he gave me and how he was waiting for me to say yes to him when he  could have had me already so I knew I could trust him. I pushed down the handle  and walked inside. The room was empty. I sat on a desk and waited.

It  was the longest two minutes of my life and I got more nervous by the second. When  the door opened my whole body stiffened and I thought I’d made a mistake,  trapping myself in the room, but then Tyler entered alone and I let my breath  out in relief until he charged across the room and was in my face.

 “What  the fuck did you say to Joe?” Tyler screamed but it was no louder than a  whisper. His text earlier had said the exact same words but I had read them  with a lot less anger. Suddenly I was nervous and a little scared as his big  hand wrapped around my bicep.

 “I…  I just… He came to me.” I stuttered, trying to push him away but he just  tightened his grip. “He pretty much threatened me. I defended myself.”

 “Defended  yourself?” Tyler laughed. “The punch was defending yourself. What you said to  him was just to mess with his head.”

 “It  was a defence mechanism,” I said. “I’m not used to fighting so I used my words.  I didn’t mean to get him so worked up or freaked out I just had to get out of  there.” 

“And  you couldn’t have done it any other way?” Tyler growled, gripping my arm so  tight it was starting to hurt. “He wanted to kill you. I had to pin him down  and convince him you don’t know anything. That’s the only reason you’re still  breathing right now.”

 “I  guess I should say thank you then,” I said.

 “Do  you think this is a joke?” he asked, getting right in my face.

 “No,”  I breathed.

 He  looked deep into my eyes for a moment and then pushed me away with an angry  groan. He started pacing.

 “Was  it all just bullshit or do you actually know something?”

 “About  what?” I asked.

 “About  Joe,” he said, coming to a stop right in front of me.

 “You  mean that he’s the guy you’ve been fucking?” I said.

 Tyler  visibly gulped when I said that, finally having confirmation that I knew for  sure. He just stared at me for ten seconds and the air crackled with tension.

 “How  did you know?” he asked.

 “It’s  not that hard to figure out,” I said softly, trying to calm him down. “You told  me he was a jock like you. There are only three guys like that you hang out  with. And then the other day you said Joe spent the night at yours…”

 “That  doesn’t mean I fucked him,” Tyler protested.

 “No,  it doesn’t, but we both know you did,” I said. “Am I wrong?”

 He  had such a defeated look on his face. “No,” he admitted. 

 “I  didn’t think so,” I said. 

 “Fuck!”  Tyler exclaimed, punching himself in the thigh.

 I  closed the gap between us and put my hand on his chest. “Relax, it’s not like  I’m going to tell anyone. And don’t just blame yourself. Joe confirmed it with  the way he acted.” 

“How?”  Tyler asked, placing his hand over mine.

“He  took it personally. That comment about you sucking each other’s dicks in the  locker room wasn’t serious. He should have shrugged it off and told me to go to  hell but he got defensive. It hit a nerve because he has sucked your dick in  the locker room and he doesn’t want anyone to know about it.”

“Damn!”  Tyler exploded, pushing me away again.

 “What?”  I asked in shock at the outburst.

 “I  can’t believe he was so fucking stupid,” Tyler seethed.

 “It’s  okay,” I said. “You can trust me.”

 “He  doesn’t know that. He’s so caught up in not wanting anyone to think he’s gay  that he just exposed us both,” Tyler ranted. “I know you’re not going to tell  anyone, but if you figured it out others could too and that’s what scares me.  It can’t get out.”

Tyler  turned his back to me and just stared out of the window for a moment, looking  down at everyone moving around, playing games or just chatting out in the yard.

“Are  you okay?” I asked, starting to worry about him.

 He  looked at me and let out a long breath. “There was something else Joe said.  It’s what made him freak out so much.”

“What?”  I asked as I took a step closer to him.

 Tyler  took a moment as if figuring out if he should say something or not. Finally he  did, “What do you know?”

 I  was confused, “Just what you’ve told me. You and Joe have sex.”

“And  that’s it?” he asked. “Everything you know is because of what I’ve told you?”

 “What  are you getting at?” I asked.

 “The  last thing you said to Joe. About how it’s not like it’s on video…”

 Tyler  let that final word and the implication dangle in the air. I knew the only way  forward from here was to tell him the truth. I just had to find a way to phrase  it so he wouldn’t freak out like Joe had.

“Yeah…  I… Erm… That was just…” I stammered, annoyed with myself for not being able to  get the words out.

 “Ev…”  Tyler encouraged.

 I  put my face in my hands, let out a breath and then looked up at him. “I’ve seen  one.”

 “What?!?”  Tyler screamed. “What do you mean you’ve seen one? How?”

I  have never seen someone look so panicked in all my life. I thought he was about  to have a heart attack or something.

 “Ty,  please, don’t overreact,” I said.

 “How  the fuck is it overreacting? You’ve seen a video of me and Joe… I can’t even  say it. How did you see it?”

I  didn’t want to cause any problems for Emily but the only way to reassure him  was to be honest.


 “How  did you see it?” Tyler demanded.

“Emily  gave it to me,” I blurted out.

“Emily?  Where the hell did SHE get it?”

 “She  slept with Joe,” I said.

 “And  he gave her it?” Tyler asked in disbelief.

“No,”  I said. “He fell asleep after he fucked her. She was using his computer and  found it.”

“And  then she showed you?”

 “Yes,”  I admitted.

 “Who  else has she shown?”

“No  one,” I said. 

“You’re  sure?” he asked.

“Yes,  she’s not like that.” I could see he didn’t believe me.

 “Where  is she?” he asked, heading for the door.

 I  grabbed his arm and pulled him back towards me. “Tyler. Listen to me. Emily  doesn’t know it’s you.”

“What?”  he asked, turning back to look at me.

 “She  doesn’t know it’s you in the video. If you go and confront her you’re basically  telling her it was your dick Joe was sucking.”

I  could see Tyler relax a little. “Does that mean… it was just a blowjob?”

 “Yes,”  I said. “It was just a blowjob. And your face is never on camera. No one knows  it was you.”

 “You  did,” he said.

 “Yeah,  that’s because I know your body and your dick after those pictures you sent me.  It’s not something I’m going to forget any time soon. But Emily doesn’t know.  And trust me she would never share that video with anyone.”

 “You’d  better be right,” Tyler said. “If she ever does…”

 “I’ll  kill her so you won’t have to,” I said. “She promised.”

 “I  just…” Tyler started but didn’t finish.

“Ty,  if she was going to show anyone but me she would have done it by now and it  would be all over the school. No one else is going to know.”

 “I  still can’t believe this,” Tyler said.

“And  I can’t believe you sucked my dick either but that’s another thing that stays  between us,” I said, trying to lighten the mood a little. When it didn’t work I  decided to go for broke. “Can I ask you something?”

“Why  not? You know everything else,” Tyler said.

“Are  there more videos?” I asked. 

Tyler  visibly flinched. “What makes you ask that?”

“You  thought I’d seen a video of you fucking Joe but it was only him giving you a  blowjob. Does that mean there are videos of you actually pounding his ass?”

Tyler  groaned. “I told him to delete them. I thought he had until he freaked out and  told me they’re still on his computer. I could have kicked his ass.”

 “I  don’t get it. Why did you even film them if you’re so conscious about getting  caught?” I asked.

“We  weren’t thinking about that at the time. We’d gone away to play a football game  against another school and stayed in this run down motel that had a huge mirror  in the bathroom. We were kind of horsing around in front of it, brushing our  teeth and shit, and we saw how good our bodies looked next to each other. I couldn’t  help myself. I had to fuck him. So I bent him over the toilet and started  pounding his ass when we saw ourselves in the mirror, our muscles covered in  sweat, my dick going in and out of his ass… It was the hottest thing I’ve ever  seen. We both came so hard we knew we’d have to watch ourselves again sometime  and then Joe suggested we film it, so we did. He was supposed to delete the  files straight after we watched them back but the moron never did. I need you  to delete your video and get Emily to delete hers.”

“Okay,”  I agreed, though I wasn’t sure I intended to keep my word.

“Can  I definitely trust her, Ev?” Tyler asked. 

 “Yes,”  I said. 

 “And  you?”

 “Yes,”  I said again. “Whatever happens with us, in the past, now and in the future,  whether it’s something you tell me or something we do, it stays between us.”

“I  just can’t risk it getting out, Ev. I know it’s 2015 and the world is supposed  to be an enlightened place now but being in sports is different. You can’t be  seen as anything but straight, at least not until you have the contracts and  the sponsorships in place.”

 “I  get it Tyler. I don’t need you to come out to everyone. I’m not going to out  you. I’m not going to make any demands. I’m not going to push you. I don’t care  if you never come out as long as you don’t lie to yourself or to me.”

“Deal,”  Tyler said. “And I want the same commitment from you. But I’m still freaking my  ass out that you’ve seen Joe giving me a blowjob. I’m gonna have to lie to him,  you know? If he knows two people have seen him sucking my dick he’ll lose it. He  doesn’t even like me knowing.”

“Is  he really that bad?” I asked.

 Tyler  looked at me, again figuring out if he should tell me. “Yes, he is. He’s my  best friend but I just don’t get him. It’s like he’s in complete denial. I just  want him to admit things to himself so he can accept them and be okay.”

“You  think he’s in denial?”

 “You  tell me,” he said. “The other night he came over to my house because his  parents were out of town. It was just a normal night, playing games, working  out, talking shit. Then we went to bed and he was all over me, wanting my dick.  I fucked him twice because he begged for it and was telling me how good it  feels when I’m inside him. Then the next morning it was still dark when I woke  up and he was riding me because I was hard and he couldn’t wait. I fucked him  again and we went back to sleep, but then when we woke up properly he wouldn’t  let me touch him, wanted nothing to do with me and wouldn’t talk about it. He  acted like it never happened and it made me want to scream. And now I find out  he’s still got videos of me fucking his ass he probably watches and jerks off  to.”

I  nodded, feeling my face flush. The talk about Tyler and Joe had my dick rock  hard, pitching a tent in my pants. I looked down and then over to Tyler to see  that he’d noticed my hard on too.

 “I’m  sorry,” I said. “Listening to you was just really hot. I’d love to see you  nailing Joe’s ass.”

 Tyler  chuckled and the tension in the room disappeared. “That’s not going to happen.  I might find a big mirror though so you can watch yourself when I’m fucking  you.”

 I  smiled up at him and we closed the gap until our lips met in a hot kiss that  had us both thrusting our hips against each other so our hard cocks collided.  We moaned into each other’s mouths.

 “I  can’t wait much longer, Ev,” Tyler said. “I need to be inside you.”

 I  looked into his eyes and then replied with sincerity,” It won’t be long.”

 The  biggest smile lit up Tyler’s face. “I’ll hold you to that,” he said as the bell  rang to signal the end of lunch. 

 He  left the classroom and I waited thirty seconds before I headed for my next  class too. I managed to avoid Joe for the rest of the day and hoped he would  calm down after Tyler spoke to him again.

When  the final bell rang I headed to my locker to get the books I needed for my  homework and was just about to leave when Jake came to his locker next to mine.  He looked right at me and smiled.

“Hey,  are you about ready to go?” he asked as he pulled open his locker. I just stared  at him as he shoved his books in his bag and closed his locker back up. When he  was done he turned to me and said, “Well, do you want a ride or not?”

 I  followed him as he turned and headed out to the parking lot but my mind was all  over the place wondering what was going on with him. Maybe now was the time to  find out.

To  Be Continued…


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