Chapter 28


The twins’ new boy Will feels insecure – “I’m too skinny, sirs.” The twins ask boss Randy to be the boy’s gym trainer which makes Will nervous. “But sirs, I’ve heard that Randy fucks guys at the end of the workout.”  After a muscle-crunching session Randy says, “You did great, Will. Tell me how you feel – and what you want now, kid.”  Nervously Will looks up at the rugged, bare-chested gypsy … and tells him.

In the previous chapter

At last! The twins’ boy Will, the newest and least experienced member of the tribe, had jumped the final hurdle in his sexual education. He had always insisted to everyone that he would never let another man enter his ass. But now the time had come.

It began with a secret he had never told anyone, but now tearfully confessed to the tribe’s leader Bob. “Sir, you won’t tell anyone else will you, sir?” Tears rolled down Will’s cheeks. “It was my dad. He tried to fuck me, sir. Lots of times. He said it was God’s punishment for my wicked thoughts about men. He would get drunk and pin me down to the floor or the bed and he had this big hard cock that he tried to force in my butt.”

“And did he?”

“No, sir, I never let him. I clenched my ass real tight and he couldn’t do it. He slapped me around a bit but I never gave in and he eventually got tired of it and stormed out. That’s the main reason I ran away from home.”

Will sobbed in Bob’s arms and Bob reassured him, “Will, you are not that boy anymore, and that is no longer your family. You now belong to a proud, loving family and you have two wonderful young men who love and care for you. They want you to be proud and happy as they are. “Nothing like that will ever, ever happen to you again. That is my solemn promise to you, William, and Randy would kill a man if he caught him doing that to a boy.”

Will’s demons had been exorcised now that he had shared his secret, and Bob took him back to the dining room where Will faced the members of his small family – Bob and Randy, Pablo and his boy Tyler, Will’s best buddy Ben – and of course the twins. He was ready to choose who would be his first – and he chose the twins. In the master bedroom, watched by the rest of the group, Will at long last offered his ass to the identical brothers.

It was an amazing initiation where the twins made love to their boy and entered his ass one after the other. And when it was over Will looked up at the other men standing round the bed – the swarthy gypsy Randy; the handsome, muscular Bob; the macho mechanic Pablo and his boy Tyler; and the young gypsy Ben.

A smile lit Randy’s swarthy features. “Get a good look, kid. This is your family now. The twins have finally tamed your ass but we’ve gotta give you the ritual family baptism. Ready guys?”

Will looked up at the five men pounding their cocks. He heard their jubilant shouts, saw their cocks erupt, and he laughed with joy, writhing on the bed under the shower of semen that splashed down on his face and body from all sides.

He heard Randy’s voice rise above the cheers and laughter. “You did it, boy. You’re one of us.”

Bob smiled down at the cum-splashed Will. “Well done, William. You jumped that last hurdle in style. Er, Randy, if you don’t mind sharing the guest room with me I suggest we leave Will and the twins to sleep here – and whatever else they have to do.”

The party broke up and Bob and Randy retired to the guest room. “Buddy,” Randy said, “I dunno what you said to that boy but it sure as hell worked.” He frowned. “But why is it you always seem to take control and settle everything on your own. Do I need to remind you again that I am the boss of this outfit? I could have whipped that kid into shape.”

“That’s what I was afraid of,” Bob chuckled. “Sounds to me as if you are cranking up that old act of asserting your authority, showing me you’re in charge and putting me in my place.”

“Damn straight,” Randy growled. “Hey, we’ve never done it in this room before. Let’s hit it, stud.”

*****************   CHAPTER 428    ******************

Randy and Bob were in their own guestroom, having offered the master bedroom to the twins and their boy Will, the very bed where Will had just offered his virgin ass for the first time.

Bob had taken the lead in helping Will to overcome painful memories of his sexual abuse by his bigoted father. With Bob’s reassurances he had banished his demons and, at long last had discovered the joys of surrendering his ass to each of the twins in turn.

Randy’s reaction to this was mixed. He was happy and relieved for the boy and awed by the depth of Bob’s compassion. But there was always a need in the rugged gypsy to prove that he was the ultimate boss, especially when Bob displayed acts of leadership like this. And the big guy knew of one surefire way to demonstrate his supremacy – through his undisputed, sexual dominance. He fucked like no other man in the tribe and seduced them all.

Bob was more than ready to succumb. He loved Randy like this – ‘Caveman Randy’, as he called him. Bob was a handsome alpha male himself but, from his first sight of the muscular construction worker long ago on a barstool and through their tumultuous years together as inseparable lovers, he yielded willingly to the fierce gypsy’s sexual magnetism.

Under Randy’s admiring eyes Bob stripped naked and lay on the bed staring up at Randy. “That’s better,” Randy growled. “You know you can’t get enough of this, stud. You know I’m the boss. Tell me, man. Tell me what you want.”

“Randy, you have always been able to seduce me – right from that first day in the bar when you didn’t even know you were doing it. That night in the old motel you tied me up to stop me getting away. But I could never get away from you, Randy. There are still ropes binding me as tight as that first night. I love you, I need you. Dammit, man, I need your fucking dick in my ass.”

“That’s all I need to hear,” Randy said, pulling off his black T-shirt. Pressing one boot against the other he pried them off, then dropped his jeans. Buck naked he paced round the bed, his massive cock swinging between his thighs. He came to rest standing at the foot of the bed, his electric blue eyes focused like lasers on his gorgeous lover.

Bob gazed up at the swarthy muscular gypsy, his shaggy black hair framing chiseled features – high cheek bones, dark eyebrows, heavily stubbled jaw – and those hypnotic blue eyes. “Fuck, Randy, I need to feel you inside me. Please, man … please fuck my ass.”

The mere sight of his naked lover made Randy’s long, thick dick iron hard and he spat on it, his only concession prior to the main event, his version of foreplay. He knelt on the bed, pushed Bob’s legs back … and drove his cock deep in his ass.

It was an act Randy had performed endlessly but it still carried the same thrill for both of them. Bob gasped, threw his head back and waited for more. But Randy paused and grinned down at him. He was the ultimate cock-tease, driving Bob to the brink of frustration before pulling back and driving in again, deeper still.

As the thick shaft accelerated in his ass Bob knew he was in for a wild ride. Randy was a master at edging, effortlessly bringing Bob to the very edge of his climax so he could feel his cock about to explode, but suddenly pulling back and driving Bob mad with frustrated desire.

“Mother fucker, “Bob shouted. “You always do this to me, playing with me, driving me crazy. Fuck my ass like a man, dammit.”

Randy grinned, “You know better than to challenge me like that, asshole. OK, you got it, stud.”

He leaned forward, pinned Bob’s wrists to the bed and his cock became a piston, pounding his prisoner’s ass in one of his legendary savage fucks. Over the years he had pushed Bob’s limits further and further and knew his exact breaking point. “Like I said, man, you gotta learn who the real boss is of this tribe.”

Bob was in ecstasy as he stared up at the savage gypsy, at his sinewy body, dark rugged face, and those eyes that were holding him captive as much as his hands pinning him to the bed. He was Randy’s captive in every sense of the word, now and forever, and he knew that he would be forced to capitulate.

He clenched his jaw and absorbed the ferocious attack on his ass, his body writhing, struggling helplessly to escape. But Randy’s immense strength was too much and Bob finally broke. “I can’t take anymore, man. I’m done.”

“I’ll tell you when you’re done, asshole. You’re done when I hear you beg, when you submit to me by shooting your load.”

In a last burst of defiance Bob yelled, “Fuck you, man, you arrogant prick, I … aaagh, no … that’s too much … OK … OK … I give up … I submit. You’re cock feels so damn good. You’re the boss, the master. Cum inside me, sir … please …”

Randy’s eyes penetrated Bob’s and they both entered that magical world they had shared for so long. Randy’s voice was deep and hypnotic as his cock slowed and caressed his lover’s ass. “You see, Bob, it’s just us two, master and slave, and you know what the master wants. Do it, man. Look at me, deep into my eyes, and show me how much you love me.”

Randy pulled back, paused, and plunged his cock in deep as Bob howled, “I love you, man.” He felt the gypsy’s cock erupt deep inside him as his own cock shuddered and spurted jizz all over his own flexed abs and heaving chest.

As their breathing subsided Randy’s face broke into a dazzling smile. “See, I can always do that to you, always will. That’s why I’m the master, and those are the ropes that bind you. ‘Course, I enjoy seeing you actually tied to the bed, struggling to get free. Major turn on. Next time, eh, buddy?” Randy fell on top of his lover and kissed his lips, his cheeks, his eyes. “Man, I’m fucking crazy about you. We’ll always be together, Bob, won’t we … won’t we?

Bob grinned, “Randy, sometimes you ask the dumbest questions.”


As they lay together enjoying the afterglow of great sex Randy frowned. “OK, I admit you did a great job with that kid. He hears us all talking about butt-fucking and he runs out of the room ‘cos he knows he can never, ever get fucked himself. You’re in there with him for twenty minutes and he comes back asking the twins to fuck him in the butt. What the hell did you say to him, man? Did you wave a fucking wand over him? Maybe this wand, eh buddy?” he grinned as he grabbed Bob’s cock.

“Unhand my wand, sir,” Bob laughed. Then more seriously, “It wasn’t so much what I said as what I got Will to say to me.” He paused, coming to a decision. “OK, Randy, I promised the boy I would keep his secret, but I will tell you if you swear to keep it just between us.”

Randy agreed and Bob told Randy Will’s story of his abusive father trying to forcibly fuck him repeatedly and how he always managed to ward him off. “That’s why whenever the subject came up Will reflexively clenched his ass muscles just as he always did with his father. It’s why he insisted it would never happen to him.”

Randy’s eyes blazed and he sat up, muscles flexed, fists clenched. “Son of a bitch – that sweet kid. The fucker won’t get away with that … I’m gonna beat the shit out of the bastard. Pablo knows where he lives – he went there to rescue the dog. He’ll tell me and I’ll damn well …”

“You’ll damn well do no such thing, Randy. I know how you feel about guys who do that but it serves no purpose to rake it all up again.”

“It’ll make me feel a damn sight better though. Sick mother-fuckers who do that to a kid deserve to be fucking thrashed. I’ll show him how it feels to have something shoved up his ass – my fist!”

“Randy please!” Bob pulled him back down on the bed, propped himself on his elbow and stared down at him. “Now listen to me. I told Will to put the memory of those harrowing times behind him. I told him he has a new family that loves and protects him. If you go swinging your fists and causing mayhem you’ll be stirring it all up again. So I’m telling you … don’t even think of it. Do not!”

Randy glared at him and growled, “Fuck you, man.” Bob sighed with relief. That was always Randy’s way of giving in to him. “But if that asswipe ever shows his face within a mile of that kid I swear I’ll fucking kill him.”

An uneasy truce settled over them and a few minutes later there was a knock at the door. “Sirs, is this a convenient time to talk to you?”

“Sure, come in boys.” The twins entered and Bob smiled, “We’re done fucking and done fighting so the coast is clear. How’s Will?”

Kevin smiled, “Fast asleep, sir, with his dog Norman wrapped in his arms. It’s been a big day for him and he’s sleeping with a smile on his face – both of them actually.”

“So what’s on your mind, kids?”

Kyle spoke up. “We actually came to ask Randy something. Sorry we barged in so late, sir, but we wanted to say this now as we’ll be getting up early tomorrow for the breakfasts and may not see you all day. Sir, some time ago when you talked about taking Will to the gym we warned you against fucking him like you do all newcomers to the tribe. We were forceful and rude to you, sir, and we apologize.”

“Aaah, no sweat, guys. You were just protecting your kid and I admire that. I would have done the same. Is that all you came to say?”

“Well no sir,” Kevin said haltingly. “See, Will was chatting to us before he went to sleep. Now that he’s overcome all his sexual hang-ups he’s starting to feel more confident, like he really is one of the boys. Except for one thing. He told us he feels scrawny compared to the other junior boys who all have nice, muscular young bodies, thanks largely to you, sir, and your gym sessions with them.”

Kyle took over. “Will asked if he could use the gym, sir, although he’s never been to a gym before and wouldn’t know where to start. But he heard from Ben that you’ve trained all the other boys. So, in spite of what we said earlier, if you can find the time, sir, we were wondering if you could help him – you know, some kind of simple routine for beginners.”

Randy preened a little. “Sure, no sweat, kids. Your boy has a nice compact little body, well-proportioned but, like he said, he’s too thin. He needs a bit more meat on his bones, beef up a bit, pump those muscles. I’ll set him up with an easy routine, light weights to start and gradually increase them. His muscles will pop real fast. Seems young Ben is his best buddy so they could become workout partners – encourage each other. You two know how that works,” he grinned.

“We’ll start right away. Can you give him an hour off tomorrow when I get home from work?”

“Sure, sir, thank you … thank you very much.” Kevin said. There was an awkward silence and Kevin glanced at Kyle. “Something else?” Randy asked.

“Well there is, sir, kind of,” Kyle said. “The reason we were so forceful before was because everyone knows how, at the end of a gym routine, you often, like, fuck the guy – like Grady every morning, sir. We’ve been very careful with Will ‘cos of his shyness and lack of experience. He’d never been with a man until he came here. But like I said, now that he’s overcome all those sexual hang-ups and, and knows he likes to get fucked …”

Randy’s eyes flashed. “Are you kids damn well giving me permission to fuck your boy? Me?”

“Oh no, sir,” Kevin said hastily, we would never …”

“Yes we are,” Kyle jumped in, always bolder than Kevin. “That’s exactly what we’re doing. We know just how sensitive Will is but we know how much he respects you, sir, and we feel pretty sure he would like your help in the gym. And if at the end … and if he wants it … only if he wants it … if you feel like, you know …”

Even Kyle lost his nerve as he looked at Randy’s stern face. But the swarthy gypsy suddenly burst out laughing. “Damn, you really are Bob’s boys aren’t you? It’s the kind of thing I get from him all the time, telling me what I can and can’t do.” He stood up and faced them.

“Boys, do you think for a minute that I would ever hurt that sweet kid? I’m not always the savage you think I am. And god knows if I ever did hurt him I’d damn well hear from his lordship here,” grinning down at Bob, “and I sure don’t want another tongue-lashing from him. I may have bigger muscles than him but he’s got a bigger vocabulary.”

Seeing the flash of affection that passed between them Kevin said, “We’ve interrupted you long enough, sirs. Thank you, sir, for agreeing to help Will. We’ll tell him to report to you in the gym as soon as you get home from work.”

They left quickly and Bob smiled at Randy. “You handled that beautifully, dude, and I know you’ll handle Will gently tomorrow. It’s good timing. I think a dose of the boss is what the boy needs right now – the next step in his education. Now come back to bed, big guy.”

Randy grinned roguishly. “Now that’s an offer I can never refuse.”


Next morning the twins and Will woke early. After yesterday’s breakthrough where the brothers had both finally fucked him, Will was more affectionate than ever, eager for more. “Will,” said Kyle, “we would like nothing better than making love to you, but duty calls. We gotta make the breakfasts. But tonight, kiddo,” Kyle grinned, “you better be ready.”

“Whatever you say, sir,” Will smiled. “I’ll be ready.”

In the bathroom the twins automatically looked in the mirror but they noticed that Will avoided his own reflection. While they all showered together Kevin said, “Will, yesterday you asked us about the gym. Of course you can use the gym in the compound but as you’re so new to it you’ll need a trainer. All of the other boys have been coached by Randy and you can see their results for yourself. So after you fell asleep last night we asked Randy if he would help you.”

Will tensed. “Randy, sir?”

“Yes, Will,” Kyle said. “There is no better gym coach than Randy. Hell, you saw the gorgeous body on Tarzan in the movie. The credits might as well have read, ‘Muscles by Randy’ as Grady gets punishing workouts form him most mornings. Actually Grady did insist on a movie credit giving special thanks to his body coach. Now I’m not saying you’ll end up like Grady, but Randy does get great results.”

Will frowned, “Yes, sir, but all the boys say that Randy fucks guys at the end of the workout.”

“Ah,” Kevin smiled, “we thought you’d bring that up. Randy told us he would be pleased to help you, starting today. He pushes guys hard, that’s how he gets such good results, but we can promise you now that he would do nothing to you that you don’t want. Randy himself made that rule and he gets angry if anyone disobeys it.”

“Thank you, sir,” Will said with relief. “I do want to work hard and … and I do like Randy. He scares me a bit but he’s always been very kind to me.”

“That’s settled then,” Kyle said. “We’ll watch for him from the kitchen while we prep for dinner and when he gets home from work you can take an hour off and report to him in the gym. He’ll set up a regular schedule and he said later you and Ben should work out as gym buddies.

For the rest of the day Will’s head swarmed with excited thoughts of last night with the twins and his upcoming workout with Randy. He eagerly looked forward to tonight with the twins and the prospect of getting fucked by them again, and imagined all the different ways that might happen.

But he had mixed feelings about Randy. The boys had told him they loved working out with him but he had also heard tales of how savage he could be. Just his size and his dark gypsy look was enough to intimidate him. And yet, whenever he saw Randy, Will’s cock got hard.

Actually, when the time came Will was so engrossed in his kitchen work that he did not notice Randy come home. But the twins did. The kitchen windows had a full view of the garden and the gate, so they could see all the comings and goings in the compound. Their natural curiosity had taught them to always keep an eye on the window as they cooked.

“He’s home, Will,” Kevin said, keeping it casual. “You can go now if you like. We can manage fine for an hour or two.

Will felt a stab of panic but was reassured by the twins’ identical smiles of encouragement. He took off his apron and said, “Wish me luck, sirs.”

“You don’t need luck, kiddo,” Kyle laughed, hugging him. “Don’t worry, you’ll have fun.”

Will wasn’t so sure about that as he went out to the basement door and started down the stairs.


It was dark at the bottom of the stairs as Will quietly pushed the door open. He blinked, still in the shadows and gulped as he saw Randy walking round the gym adjusting the weights on the equipment. Coming straight from the construction site the boss was still in his usual work gear – sweaty old tank top, grease stained jeans and boots. In those clothes the brawny gypsy was his most formidable, with his heavily stubbled chin and shaggy black hair.

He looked so fierce and rugged that Will lost his nerve. He had been with Randy before, of course, but never alone with him, and never in this basement gym. He couldn’t do it … had to get away. He panicked, turned … and lost his footing on the second step.

The noise made Randy look up. “Hey, kid, is that you?”

Will stumbled into the room. “Yes, please, sir … I mean, thank you, sir … I …”

His courage failed again and Randy could see he was trembling. His heart went out to him and he strode over and hugged him. “Hey, hey, what’s all this, kiddo? Not nervous of your old pal Randy are you?”

“A bit, sir. Quite a lot actually.”

“Come with me.” Randy led him over to a workout bench and sat astride it and nodded to Will to do the same, facing him. Randy leaned forward and wrapped his big hands round Will’s to stop them trembling. “OK, let me tell you a few thing before we get to work. First, I’m not the grizzly bear some guys make me out to be. Sometimes Bob even calls me a pussycat. Not that I care for that word, but I’m just saying I want you to trust me and like me.”

“Oh, I do, sir, I do like you. It’s just that I …”

“I know, you’re new to all this and it makes you nervous at first. But you should know, Will, that I admire the hell out of you. I know you had a tough, lonely life before this, leaving you with a lot of hang-ups. But since you came here you’ve made a ton of progress real fast – like all the sex stuff and getting butt-fucked for the first time last night.

“You’ve worked real hard for the twins and you’re popular with the boys. You are exactly the kind of gutsy kid we need around here and I’m real proud of you, and so are Bob and the twins. And you should be proud of yourself.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Good, we got that cleared away. But there’s still one thing could use improvement – you’re too skinny. But we’ll soon take care of that, it’s why we’re here. We’ll start with this.” Randy leaned forward and kissed Will on the lips. Will felt his cock jump in his shorts and Randy knew he was having that effect – always did. He just needed to fire the boy up.

Randy stood up and walked over to a pile of gym clothes in the corner. Will watched wide eyed as Randy mater-of-factly pulled off his tank top, kicked off his boots and dropped his jeans and shorts. There was no hint of modesty as he stood there buck naked, his huge cock swinging between his legs. He rummaged through the pile of clothes and picked out a pair of old gym shorts that he pulled on. Then he grabbed another pair that he tossed to Will.

“Here, kiddo, get into these.”

Will blushed, stood up and turned his back modestly to Randy and the mirrors. He started to pull off his T-shirt but Randy said, “Nah, kid, not like that. Here …” He grabbed his shoulders, turned him to face the mirror and stood beside him, towering over him. He gazed at him in the mirror. “Dude, didn’t I just get through telling you to be proud of yourself? That means everything about yourself. Now I want you to watch yourself get naked.”

Will was blushing deep red by now and felt like running away again. But Randy’s eyes were locked on him and he didn’t dare disobey him. He pulled his T-shirt off slowly and winced at the sight of his thin body. “OK, let’s look at that,” Randy said. “What do you see?”

“I’m too thin, sir,” Will said self-consciously.

“Hm, that’s not what I see, kid. I see a cute young guy with a slim but well-proportioned body. Let me show you. Randy stood behind him and they both stared at the shirtless boy in the mirror. Randy reached round and traced a finger over Will’s face. See this? Good strong forehead, prominent cheek bones, eyes nice and wide apart, and a dead straight masculine nose. Square jaw and, boy, that sexy mouth with those thick lips in a kind of permanent pout. Real kissable.

“Now let’s check out the body.” Randy ran his fingers down Will’s neck and traced the outline of his pecs. See, they’re not big but really nice proportion with a trace of a cleft between them. Nice naturally defined abs and a slim sexy waist.”

Will felt Randy’s bare chest press against his back and his long cock hang down pressing against his shorts along the crack in his butt. Then Randy walked round and faced him.

“See, kid, I’d much rather work with a boy who’s too thin than too fat. A thin body is a great framework to build on, but getting a kid to lose weight takes much longer – that’s mostly about diet. What really makes you look thin is the shoulders. Guys don’t realize it but broad shoulders are even more important than big pecs. Gives shape to the whole torso – nice slope to the lats and emphasizes the narrow waist. We’ll work on shoulders first.”

Will looked up at the big man wide-eyed, soaking up every word. Randy smiled down at the earnest, freckled face and grinned, “Dammit, kid, that mouth is so fucking sexy.” He put his hand behind Will’s head and pulled him into another long kiss, this time with tongues. When he pulled away he said, “I know, I’m not supposed to do that, but I couldn’t help it. Sorry, kiddo.”

“No, don’t be sorry, sir. I … I kinda liked it, sir … a lot.”

Randy laughed and ruffled his tousled hair. “And that red mop is you’re crowning glory, boy. Only redhead in the tribe. OK, lose the shorts.”

“This is it,” Will thought. After kissing him and pressing his body against him, the time had come for the moment he knew would happen. But he wasn’t nearly as scared as he had felt before. And sure enough as he stood there naked Randy lightly stroked the mounds of his ass. “That’s a nicely shaped butt you got there, Will. Real fuckable. The cheeks could be a bit firmer though, so we’ll do some squats today for the glutes – and for the legs too ‘cos they are way too skinny.”

What made Will blush this time was not his bare ass but his cock, that had sprung out hard as a rod when he dropped his shorts. Randy chuckled. “Hey, you’ve got a nice big dick for a boy your size. And don’t worry about that boner – happens all the time. When Grady’s here he has a hard-on all through the workout. His dick only goes down after I’ve fucked him and he cums. Man, if his public could see Tarzan getting his ass ploughed they’d all be busting a nut.

Will was relieved that Randy had not, after all, made a play for his ass – but there was maybe a faint tinge of regret too. He pulled on the gym shorts which were a bit too big for him and made him look thinner still. Randy stood beside him and they both looked in the mirror. “OK, kid, time to get to work.” Randy flexed his muscles. “You wanna end up looking like me?”

Will smiled shyly. “Well, not exactly like you, sir.”

“Right, ‘cos there ain’t no one exactly like me. And anyway, kid, you got red hair.”

That made Will laugh, and he had an odd feeling that he had already had a kind of workout. But now for the real thing.


Randy treated gym workouts the way he treated sex – no foreplay, just plunge right in.

So after a minimal amount of stretching he said, “Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’ll show you a couple of exercises for each body part today. Then I’ll set you up with a regular routine where you concentrate on two body parts each time. The main parts are shoulders, back, chest, triceps and biceps, and legs, and you work your abs most days too. Washboard abs are what really make a body sexy … just take a look at Bob’s. I could feast on those abs – often do.”

They began with shoulders using cross cable flyes. Will stood between the uprights, crossed his arms and grabbed the handles. Randy stood behind him and wrapped his arms round his chest to stabilize him as the boy pulled on the cables. Randy had set really light weights and counted to ten.

“You feel that? You feel that in your shoulders, boy?” Will smiled and nodded. “Good. I don’t believe in that no-pain-no-gain horseshit but it’s good that you feel it.

And so it went on – shoulder presses, biceps and triceps with dumbbells, squats with only a bar, no weights, and back to the cables for lats. Will was breathing heavily and Randy grinned, “Feeling tired, eh?”

“Yes, sir, very,” Will panted, but his eyes were shining.

“See, in the gym I push guys real hard – no more than thirty seconds between sets. Pace is crucial. That’s the main job of the trainer – motivation.”

Will sure felt motivated. Throughout the workout he had been acutely aware of the gypsy’s near-naked body pressing against him, grabbing him and towering over him. His muscles flexed and sweat trickled from his armpits and down the cleft of his pecs. He frowned in concentration, his stubbled jaw clenched, and his focus was so intense it made him look fiercer – and sexier – than ever. Will could understand why Grady had a permanent erection. He sure did.

When it came to the bench press Will lay on his back and Randy stood behind his head, leaned slightly forward and spotted him by curling his hands round the bar. Will looked up and gulped as he saw Randy’s huge cock hanging down under his gym shorts right above his face, and he felt sweat dripping from Randy’s chest onto his face. That ruined his concentration but Randy quickly snapped him back. “No drifting, boy. Grab the bar, lower it to your chest and push.”

Will struggled and was near exhaustion as he heard “… eight … nine … ten.” He was about to drop the bar in its cradle when Randy shouted, “Two more, come on, boy, I thought you were gutsy. You gonna wimp out in me?”

Will didn’t know where his strength came from but he pulled it from somewhere because, above all, he wanted Randy to be proud of him. After two more agonizing presses he let the bar clang back in the cradle. Tears were running down his cheeks as Randy grabbed his wrist and pulled him to his feet. “See, kid, you didn’t know you had it in you, did you? You did great.” He wrapped his arms round the boy in a tight bear hug and licked the tears from his face.

Will almost creamed his shorts and impulsively threw his arms round the big man returning the hug. He clung on until Randy finally broke away and said, “Almost done, kid. Abs now, which you should do after every other workout. We got machines for that but I prefer good old-fashioned abdominal crunches. On your back, kid, on the floor.

Will obeyed and gazed up at the macho gypsy standing astride him. Randy’s blue eyes stared down at him and he barked, “Pull your knees back, boy.” In a trance Will obeyed the order, put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back as if offering his ass to Randy. “Nah,” Randy said, stifling a grin, “just your knees, keep your feet flat on the floor.”

Realizing what he had just done Will blushed deeply. “OK, crunches. Arms behind your head and pull your back off the floor. Ten straight up, then ten cross crunches – right elbow to left knee then left to right.”

Will did the exercises, clumsily at first with Randy barking orders, and even as he concentrated he wondered what Randy had thought when he mistakenly raised his ass to him. Probably nothing, Will thought. Randy was so focused on the workout, why would he think of a skinny kid like him in a sexual way. Grady, the movie Tarzan, sure, Randy would wanna fuck him but …”

Randy’s piercing eyes gazed down at Will, giving orders while Will completed his crunches until he fell on his back exhausted. “That’s it, all done. How d’you feel, kid?”

“Real tired, sir,” Will panted, “but … kinda tingly all over sir. I can feel my body … like it’s alive.”

“Which it is, kiddo, and that’s a good thing. I always feel like that after a workout, real pumped, horny too. It’s why I always fuck Grady. Man, after this I’m gonna go on the prowl looking for an ass to fuck – Bob or Pablo – so I can get my rocks off. OK, kid, a few cool-down stretches now. Get on your knees, bend backwards head on the floor, arms stretched back.

As Will stretched back he was painfully aware of his cock standing up like a tent pole under the too-big shorts. So Randy was going on the prowl to find an ass to fuck. He stared up at the dark, macho gypsy and thought, ‘if only …’ No, he had to concentrate on his stretching.

“Right, up straight on your knees then bend forward hands on the floor and stretch your back. That’s it good boy, nice long stretch. Then Will felt Randy grab his hair and pull him back up on his knees. He pulled his head back by the hair and smiled down at him. Will’s face was inches from Randy’s shorts, so close he could see the long bulge of his cock.

“You did really great, kid. I’m proud of you and the twins will be too. After all that hard work I need to know how you feel …” his eyes pierced Will’s like lasers … “exactly how you feel, Will.”

Whether it was the blood coursing through his muscles, or Randy’s deep voice, or certainly the hypnotic look in his eyes – whatever it was, Will was in a trance. In reply to the question he impulsively leaned forward and clamped his mouth over the bulge in Randy’s gym shorts and sucked hard, then pulled back and licked the long shape, inhaling the musky smell.

Above him Randy smiled. Will hadn’t known it but all through the workout he was falling under Randy’s spell. Randy always knew how to weave his spell, it was second nature to him, and he had known all along what the boy wanted. He pulled his shorts down below his balls and his long thick cock sprang out inches from Will’s face. Randy grabbed it and lightly slapped first one cheek then the other.

Will tried to catch it with his tongue and eventually succeeded. He licked it hungrily from the tip right up the shaft to the damp mass of sweaty black pubic hair, then held the cock and pressed it against his cheek in an act of worship. He opened his mouth wide and swallowed it halfway down, as far as he could take the huge cock.

Randy pulled back, grabbed Will’s hair again and made him stare up at him. “Boy, I asked you a question. How do you feel, boy? And what do you want?”

Will gazed up at the hypnotic blue eyes and, despite his nervousness, said, “Sir, I would really like to feel your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me, please sir.”


Randy not only seduced men. He always needed the men to ask for it. And they always did, just as this sweet boy was doing now. “OK, kiddo,” he grinned, “you only had to ask. But hey, you’re still trembling. Sit on this bench here. Randy dropped his gym shorts and sat facing him. “I don’t want you be scared of getting fucked by me, kiddo. It’s no good like that – we both gotta enjoy it. I know you want it, kid, I expected that, but tell me why it scares you.”

“Sir, it’s just that I watched you fuck Bob in the garden, sir, and then another time watched you fuck Pablo in your trailer office. You were … you were real …”

“Real brutal?” Randy grinned with a hint of pride. “Yeah I guess I was at that. But like I said, Will, I’m not always a big old grizzly. That time with Bob I had just had a fight on the construction site, came home mad as hell and took it out on Bob’s ass. And I know that he loved it. Same with Pablo. He had cussed me the day before, stormed off the site and made me mad. Had to teach him a lesson – and he loved it too, always does.”

“I see, sir,” Will frowned.

“But Will, this is you and me. And I’m not mad at you, far from it. I’m having a good time with you here, helping you get your start in the gym. You know, the twins are real protective of you and warned me off fucking you if you didn’t want it.”

“But I do want it, sir.”

“I know that, Will, knew it all along. But the twins didn’t know that so I had to tread carefully. Don’t wanna upset Bob and the twins. Listen, I know you’ve had a rough time of it these last few years, but I know how to make you feel good, kiddo. Sure, I look all big and fierce but I can be gentle, really I can. So let’s try again. Look straight into my eyes and tell me again what you want, without trembling this time.

The deep voice had soothed Will and Randy’s smile was seductive. As he stared at Randy he saw himself reflected in the pale blue eyes and he felt totally safe. It was almost as if he was falling in love. He knew that couldn’t be true … but love and lust all kind of blended together in Randy. All he knew was that he longed to be in the boss’s power, at his mercy, and to feel that huge rod in his ass.

So he told Randy again, “Sir, I really want you to fuck my ass, I really do. And I’m not scared any more – not scared at all. Look, sir …” He stood up and ran over to the shorts he had tossed on the ground earlier. He pulled out of a pocket a tube of lube that Ben had given him. He smiled, “Ben said I should never leave home without it.”

Randy laughed, “Yeah I bet he did, the little punk. Well ya know, I never use the stuff myself. Most I go to is spit. But as it’s our first time, if it makes you feel safer, you can use as much as you want.” Randy went and sat on an incline bench, legs astride it leaning against the sloping back, and linked his hands behind his head. “I’m all yours, kiddo. Go ahead and lube me up.”

Will dropped his shorts – without blushing this time. He sat astride the bench facing Randy, squeezed a glob of lube in his hand and rubbed his palms together. He leaned forward, wrapped both hands round Randy’s swelling cock and slid them up and down the thick shaft.

As it reached full erection in his hands Will’s eyes opened wide. “Sir, I’ve never seen it this close up. It’s huge, so long and thick around. The boys called it a beer can cock and I can see why. Sir, do you think it’s the biggest cock in the tribe?”

“Pretty much, I guess, kiddo,” Randy grinned. God he loved this kid, watching him come out of his shell with wide-eyed wonder. He had never been turned on quite this way before. He really wanted to fuck the kid, and not just to exercise his right as the tribe’s leader to claim the new boy’s ass. He wanted to fuck him to show the kid affection, to make him feel safe and happy. Not often he had that in mind when he ploughed a guy’s ass.

As Will greased up Randy’s rod he frowned, “Sir, it’s so big I hope my ass can take it. See, I’ve only done it once, with the twins, and I think my ass is real tight. It hurt quite a bit.”

“Kid, there’s a saying that big cocks are easier to take. I think that may be bullshit, but I promise I won’t hurt you a bit. I watched Kevin fuck you and he had to stop several times to let the pain subside. But this ain’t my first time at the rodeo, kiddo, and I’d like to shoot for something better, like easing inside you all in one go without you even flinching. Think we can do that?”

“I’ll do my best, sir. Bob says that’s all a boy can do, his best.”

“That’s my boy. But if you grease me up any more like that I’m gonna bust my load, and we don’t want that. So go over there, get on your hands and knees in front of the mirror and shove some of that stuff in your ass. Put your fingers in, loosen it up for me.”

Will scrambled to his feet then dropped on all fours facing the mirror. He squeezed more lube in his hand, reached behind him and pushed two, then three, fingers in his ass. Looking down at him Randy was overwhelmed by a wave of deep affection for the kid.

It revived all his visceral instincts of love and protection for young guys like this – from the days when he protected his little brothers on the streets of West Texas, to his rescuing the young scrappy Pablo, then his kid brother Ben hitchhiking a thousand miles from Texas to L.A. to find him, and all the other boys of the tribe, including brave, determined Brandon in his wheelchair.

And this boy was the newest and most innocent of them all, getting ready to entrust his ass to him. He wanted to take care of him, to give him pleasure, the kind of thrill he had given to so many other men. He knelt on the floor behind him.

“This is called doggy style, kid, it’ll be easier for you at first. Look in the mirror, Will, and keep looking. Focus on me, my face, my eyes, and know that I love you. It’s important that you really want my dick in your ass, Will, so tell me again.”

Will stared into the blue eyes in the mirror. “I do want it, sir. I want to feel you inside me.”

“Keep saying it, boy.”

“I want you to fuck me, sir. I want you to fuck me … I want you to fuck me … I want … aaaah”

He sighed as he felt the gypsy’s cock slide into his lubed ass and push slowly down, all the way until it came to rest in the warmest depths. “Look at me, Will. You feel that? The boss’s huge cock is filling your ass … it’s what you wanted. Does it hurt?”

“No, sir … it feels … oh, it feels incredible. Let me feel it … fuck me, sir … fuck your boy’s ass.”

Will’s deepest desires, buried and denied for so many years, were now unleashed as he looked at the ruggedly handsome gypsy, his ripped muscles flexing as he grabbed the boy’s hips, eased his cock back and pushed in again … and again and again.

Randy could see in the boy’s eyes the fire he had seen so often in men as he fucked them – a mix of surprise, discovery and burning desire. This was no longer the shy innocent boy who blushed so often. This was a young man who was entering a whole new world … a young man who wanted more than anything to get his ass fucked!

He had the measure of the boy at last. He knew his desires and his limit – far greater than he had imagined – and he knew exactly what to do. He suddenly pulled his cock out and flipped Will over on his back. Will looked up in surprise as Randy knelt down and hooked his legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward over him, grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the floor above his head.

“This is what you want, eh boy? You wanna be at the mercy of the gypsy, his prisoner, pinned to the floor? And you really, really wanna get your ass ploughed, eh boy?”

Yes, sir,” Will shouted. “Please sir … I want it all …!”


This time Randy wasn’t so subtle. He pressed the head of his cock against his hole … and drove it in – not savagely but harder than before. Will blinked in surprise and gasped. “Did that hurt?” Randy asked.

“No, sir. It felt good. I like it like that”

“Is that right?” Randy grinned. “Huh, be careful what you wish for kiddo.” He pulled back and drove in again, a bit harder this time at the start of a fuck that was not as ferocious as the way he fucked Bob or Pablo, but fierce enough for Will to tense as he felt the piston driving in and out of his ass.

Several times he was on the edge of fear, of panic, but when he looked at Randy’s dark, chiseled features, long black hair whipping round his face, his intense expression softened by a slight smile, he was overwhelmed by Randy’s powerful animal magnetism. The laser blue eyes penetrated him as deeply as his cock penetrated his ass.

Above all it was the feeling of helplessness that excited him, of being completely at the mercy of this wild gypsy pinning him to the floor while he hammered his ass. There was no escape from the man’s physical and emotional power. He was helpless to fight either the strength of his body or his penetrating gaze. What kept him away from panic was his absolute confidence in Randy’s affection for him, the certainty that he would not hurt him.

It was the opposite of what his father had done to him, forcing himself on him and trying to push into his ass. That had made him tense up, clench his ass tight in terror, a terror that haunted and inhibited him until he met the twins, and continued in a way right up to his trembling entry into this room.

This was the antidote to all his fears and reticence. He had heard the guys talk of ropes and chains, and had even watched Randy tie his lover Bob to a tree before pile-driving his ass. He had not understood that compulsion – until now.

He had been able to squirm away from his father and run away, but not now. Escape was hopeless, he was trapped, completely at the mercy of the savage gypsy. And he loved it … a feeling he could never have imagined, almost as if Randy owned him, as if he were a sex slave to this master. Held captive, forced to yield to the merciless shaft driving into his ass, his fantasies took flight.

He recalled how Mario had talked playfully of locking Grady up – Tarzan trapped in a cage like an animal – waiting every day for his captor to come and fuck him. He had heard the story of Mark as a captured solider chained to the wall of a cell, interrogated, tortured and fucked in the ass by the Arab soldier Hassan.

He imagined how it would feel to be shackled to the floor all day in this room as Randy’s boy slave, waiting for him, dreading his approach but longing for it. He would come into the room bare chested in his filthy jeans and boots, horny as a stallion. Will would be helpless as his master yanked out his iron-hard cock, dropped to his knees and drove his shaft deep in his ass.

It was what he had been waiting for all day, to get ploughed by his master, just as he was getting fucked now, that huge cock ramming his ass. He would stare into that dark chiseled face, into those piercing blue eyes and yell, “Fuck me, sir … harder … harder … yeah!”

But then he would see a savage look come into the gypsy’s eyes … no, it was too hard, it hurt … he had to get away but his master was too strong for him. Will could see his young body struggling on the floor, he could feel it … his master’s massive cock pounding him … harder … harder … his cock was on fire, his body was on fire and … “aaagh!” He felt semen blasting from his cock and splashing onto his writhing body …. Then everything went dark.


When he opened his eyes Will saw Randy smiling down at him. He was confused, not sure what had happened. “Sir, I think I went a long way away.”

“No, kiddo, you were here all the time. It was your mind took flight. That’s the best kind of sex when it sets your fantasies free. And maybe, who knows, one day I’ll help you live those fantasies. While I fucked you and you stared up at me you shot your load, all over yourself. Look.” Randy leaned down, sucked up cum from Will’s chest and kissed him, emptying the cum in his mouth. “Tastes good, don’t it? The better the sex the better the jizz tastes I always say.

“I’ll give you a tip when you wanna fantasize. Narrow your eyes so the picture’s a bit blurred and the reality is blurred so you can imagine whatever you want. I learned that when I saw Bob doing it. Works every time.

“Thank you, sir,” Will said, then shifted a little and looked surprised. “Sir, you’re still inside me, you’re still in my ass. Are you gonna stay there all day, sir?” he grinned.

“Well, at least until I cum inside you, kid. That is what you want ain’t it?”

“Oh yes, sir, of course. Please, sir. But can I touch you this time, sir?”

“Sure you can. And I’ll show you the other side of Randy now.” He slid his cock back then eased it inside again, not so much fucking his ass now but massaging it, making love to it.

Feeling a new, more mellow sensation in his ass, Will reached up and touched Randy’s hair, his forehead and high cheek bones, and rubbed his fingers in the heavy stubble of his jaw. Then he stroked his neck and ran his hands down to his chest. He pressed his palms on his pecs and dug his fingers into them, feeling the muscles ripple as his body rose and fell over him.

He marveled that such a tough, wild gypsy like this could be so gentle … and his ass felt wonderful, filled with Randy’s huge cock making love to him. Suddenly Randy stopped halfway down and massaged the tender membrane with short, sharp thrusts, teasing the boy. And that’s how it went as Randy alternately teased, drove in hard, paused and repeatedly brought him to the brink of orgasm, with the exquisite frustration of denied climax.

Will was entranced, gazing up at the smiling face and feeling the cock moving sensuously inside him. Exploring Randy’s chest and abs with his fingers Will said, “Sir, do you think a boy can be in love with several guys at once?”

“Sure I do. Love don’t have no boundaries. Why do you ask?”

“Well, sir. ‘Cos I think I’m falling in love with you, sir.”

Randy grinned, “Well I’m glad to hear it, young Will. There is a saying around hear that a boy is not really a member of the tribe until Randy’s fucked him. But I like to think that a boy becomes a full member once he has fallen in love with Randy.” He frowned. “But there’s one final test a boy has to pass.”

“A test, sir?”

“Well part of it you already passed with flying colors. See, when Randy fucks a boy he has to cum without touching himself, which you sure did. And the second part is that the boy has to cum again when I shoot my load in his ass, stroking his cock while he does it.”

“I can do that, sir. I can do anything you tell me to. Do you wanna do it now, sir?”

Randy laughed and ruffled Will’s hair. “No time like the present kiddo. So grab your cock and look into my eyes.”

It didn’t take long, they had both been on the cusp of orgasm for so long. Randy pushed his cock in a little faster and deeper while Will stroked his cock and stared at him. It was the eyes that finally did it. Randy had a way of staring at a man with a hypnotic intensity. Seeing his own reflection in Randy’s eyes Will felt like he was inside them, just as Randy’s cock was inside him. They were together, master and boy, and Randy could see he was ready.

Will heard the mesmerizing voice – “You wanna feel your master’s juice filling your ass, boy?”

“Yes please, sir,” Will said in a trance.

“You gonna cum too?”

“Definitely, sir.”

“Anything you wanna tell me?”

“Yes, sir. I love you, sir.”

“That’ll do it, kiddo. I love you too. So let’s love each other Will … like this.”

Randy pulled his cock back, paused, then drove it in deep, over the inner sphincter and sighed “Yeahhh!’ Will felt the cock bulge as his master’s juice filled his ass. Holding his own cock he spurted cum up so high that it splashed on Randy’s chest and ran down the ridges of his abs.

They stared at each other for a long time until Randy broke the hypnotic spell by laughing, “And that kiddo, is how two men make love. You were terrific kiddo and next time we work out, if you work very, very hard, I’ll plough that sweet ass and we’ll make love again. Deal?”

“It’s a deal, sir,” Will grinned.

Just as Randy had no time for foreplay, he also didn’t bask long in afterglow. He became all business as he pulled Will onto a bench beside him. “OK, here’s the drill. I’ll coach you here twice a week at this time. The other days, two or three times a week, I want you to work out with my brother Ben – you two go well together.”

Randy fixed him with a penetrating gaze. “Couple of other things, kid. If anyone, anyone at all, tries to hurt you, you come straight to me and I’ll take care of it. Also, I want you to love and respect Bob … he’s a good man and he loves you. Always do what he tells you and if there are any problems the twins can’t solve, go to him.

“As for the twins, they’re great kids and they love you. And you are their boy. That’s a privilege, kiddo, actually for you and for them, so I want you three to be kind, loving and happy together. So,” Randy smiled, “you gonna be a good boy for me?”

“The best, sir. Whenever you say, sir.”

“OK, get dressed ‘cos the twins need you in the kitchen and they’ll blame me if you’re late.” Will put on his shorts and T-shirt and watched Randy pull on his jeans and boots and sling his old tank over his shoulder. He held out his arms and Will fell into a warm tight hug. When they pulled apart Randy smiled, “I love you, kiddo. Just remember that.”

And with that he was gone, leaving Will with stars in his eyes.


Bob happened to be in the kitchen chatting to the twins when Will burst in. “Sorry, sirs, am I late? It wasn’t Randy’s fault, sirs.”

“Whoa!” Kyle laughed, “now that is a glow I would recognize anywhere. You got fucked by Randy, didn’t you, kiddo?”

“How did you know, sir?”

They all chuckled and Bob said, “So how was your gym workout, Will?”

“Oh it was awesome, sir. I still ache. Randy showed me lots of exercises and I’m gonna see him twice a week.”

“And after the workout?” Bob asked with a playful smile at the twins.

Will blushed but couldn’t hold back. “Well, sir, like Kyle said, Randy fucked me and … wow, he was amazing. I mean he’s got this huge cock but it didn’t hurt at all, I loved it. And looking up at that face and those eyes …” he stopped and looked shyly at Bob. “But you would know, sir, ‘cos you get it all the time, sir, don’t you?”

“I do indeed, William, so I know exactly what you mean.”

“But sir,” William frowned, “do you think it’s OK for me to love the twins and someone else?”

“Someone else?” Bob teased.

“Well, sir … like … I think I fell in love with Randy sir.”

“Phew, well that’s a relief,” Bob said. “Now you really are a paid up, card carrying member of the tribe. Everyone is in love with Randy, Will, and I happen to know he loves you too, kiddo, ‘cos he told me.”

“It’s fine,” Kevin smiled. “Loving Randy goes with the territory round here. Er, what isn’t so great though is that we’re running late on dinner, so put your apron on kid. Oh, and by the way, you got another booking – dinner next Friday for the guys on the second floor – Zack and Darius, Miguel and Finn, and Pablo and Tyler.”

“Really, sir?” Will said, looking at the blackboard where all his gigs were posted. But that means I’ll be cooking for Miguel, and he’s the big executive chef for that fancy hotel, ain’t he?”

“Don’t let that intimidate you, Will,” Kyle said. “Miguel is a great guy. He loves our cooking and drops into the kitchen to give us advice sometimes. He’ll probably do the same for you.”

“Only problem I can foresee,” Bob added, “is what I hear on the grapevine – that Miguel is having problems with his boy Finn.”

“I like Finn, sir,” Will said. “I know he used to be a hustler and all but I think he’s great – hot too.”

“Yeah well that’s the point. See Miguel is a real alpha male and likes a challenge. That’s why he chose this tough, cynical rent-boy as his boy. Finn fell in love with Miguel, but he still has that rebellious streak and word is that he’s going through a rough patch, making Miguel plenty mad. Not that that should affect you, Will. If anything like that flares up you just keep out of it.”

But before any of that happens,” Kevin grinned, "we’ve got another decision to make. What are we gonna do with you tonight, Will? I mean, we’ve only fucked you once even though you’re our boy. We had plans for you tonight but now that you’ve been seduced by boss Randy and fallen in love with him, now that you’ve had the best, we might be kinda tame in comparison.”

“Oh no, sir, I do want it … whatever you have in mind. I love you, sirs, and I’ll do anything you want me to … fuck, get fucked, whatever you say, sirs.”

Kyle grinned at Bob,” You heard that, sir, you’re our witness. We can do whatever we like to this young man.”

Bob laughed. “William, my boy, did anyone ever tell you to be careful what you wish for?”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 429


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