Chapter 29


The twins' boy Will faces the ultimate challenge, getting penetrated by both identical brothers at once. Later Will intervenes when the Hispanic muscle-hunk Miguel punishes his rebellious boy, the ex-hustler bad-boy Finn. In chains Finn refuses to yield and Miguel says, “Will, I love the guy but he’s so damn tough he won’t give in.” Will, Finn’s friend, agrees to help Miguel by facing the defiant, tattooed jock in a homoerotic test of wills.”

In the previous chapter

It was inevitable from the first day shy young Will entered the tribe as the twins’ boy.  He would have to face Randy, the swarthy muscular gypsy who was the undisputed leader of the tribe and traditionally “initiated” new members like Will.

Will treated Randy with awe, admiration and more than a touch of fear. But although he could sometimes be savage the boss also had an opposite side – an affection and protective instinct towards the boys in general and Will in particular. He told Will, “I’m not always that big old grizzly bear that scares guys. I know I look all tough and fierce but I can be gentle, really I can.”

Nevertheless, Will was nervous when the twins arranged for Randy to be Will’s gym coach. Will was self-conscious about being thin and wanted to work out in the gym, but he said to the twins,

“Thank you, sirs, but all the boys say that Randy always fucks guys at the end of the workout.”

That was true and common knowledge in the tribe, but the twins reassured Will that Randy would never do anything to hurt him and would never force him to do anything he didn’t want to.

After a muscle-crunching workout, which had not only been physically exhilarating but sexually seductive, Will was drawn into the force field of Randy’s sexual magnetism. He was only too willing to offer Randy his ass, and in doing so he discovered a whole new kind of excitement.

It was only when he was pinned down by Randy that he felt the sexual thrill of being completely in another man’s power and getting fucked by him. It was the feeling of helplessness that excited him, of being completely at the mercy of this wild gypsy pinning him to the floor while he hammered his ass.

After an intense fuck session and several orgasms Randy left Will with words of advice. “If anyone ever tries to hurt you, you come straight to me and I’ll take care of it. Also, I want you to love and respect Bob. Always do what he tells you and if there are any problems the twins can’t solve, go to him. The twins are great kids and they love you. You are their boy, so I want you three to be kind, loving and happy together.”

And with that Randy was gone, leaving Will with stars in his eyes.

Back in the kitchen Bob was chatting to the twins when Will burst in. “Whoa!” Kyle laughed, “Now that is a glow I would recognize anywhere. You got fucked by Randy, didn’t you, kiddo?”

Will blushed but couldn’t hold back. “He was amazing, sirs. I mean he’s got this huge cock but it didn’t hurt at all, I loved it.” He stopped and looked shyly at Bob. “But, sir, do you think it’s OK for me to love the twins and someone else? See … well, sir … I think I fell in love with Randy.”

“Phew, well that’s a relief,” Bob said. “Now you really are a paid up, card carrying member of the tribe. Everyone is in love with Randy, Will, and I happen to know he loves you too, kiddo.”

“It’s fine,” Kevin smiled. “Loving Randy goes with the territory round here. Oh, and before we forget, you got another booking – dinner next Friday for the guys on the second floor – Zack and Darius, Miguel and Finn, and Pablo and Tyler.”

Will looked at the blackboard where all his gigs were posted. The twins had given him a job he loved – being a roving chef to cater meals for other guys of the tribe in their homes. “But that means I’ll be cooking for Miguel, and he’s the big executive chef for that fancy hotel, ain’t he?”

“Don’t let that intimidate you, Will,” Kyle said. “Miguel is a great guy. He loves our cooking and drops into the kitchen to give us advice sometimes. He’ll probably do the same for you.”

“Only problem I can foresee,” Bob added, “is what I hear on the grapevine – that Miguel is having problems with his boy Finn.”

“I like Finn, sir,” Will said. “I know he used to be a hustler and all but I think he’s great – hot too.”

“Yeah well that’s the point. See Miguel is a real alpha male and likes a challenge. That’s why he chose this tough, cynical rent-boy as his boy. Finn fell in love with Miguel, but he still has that rebellious streak and word is that he’s going through a rough patch, making Miguel plenty mad. Not that that should affect you, Will. If anything like that flares up you just keep out of it.”

“But before any of that happens,” Kevin grinned, "we’ve got another decision to make. What are we gonna do with you tonight, Will? I mean, we’ve only fucked you once even though you’re our boy. We had plans for you tonight but now that you’ve been seduced by boss Randy and fallen in love with him, now that you’ve had the best, we might be kinda tame in comparison.”

“Oh no, sir, I do want it … whatever you have in mind. I love you, sirs, and I’ll do anything you want me to … fuck, get fucked, whatever you say, sirs.”

Kyle grinned at Bob,” You heard that, sir, you’re our witness. We can do whatever we like to this young man.”

Bob laughed. “William, my boy, didn’t anyone ever tell you to be careful what you wish for?”

*****************    BOOK 9: CHAPTER 29    *****************

Bob hung around in the kitchen while the twins and their boy Will set about cooking that evening’s dinner for the tribe. Will had just had a tough workout in the gym, coached by Randy who, predictably, had fucked the boy for the first time, leaving him star-struck and “in love”.

Bob knew that getting fucked by Randy could knock any boy off kilter in one direction or the other depending on what fantasies the experience had conjured up. So he sat quietly in a corner, listening to the boys chat to reassure himself that there had been no ill effects on Will.

Like most chefs the three always chatted and gossiped while they worked harmoniously together chopping, peeling and mixing. The twins knew that Will was bursting to tell them all about his adventure in the gym with Randy and they encouraged him. “So tell us, Will,” Kyle asked, “what was it that surprised and excited you the most about sex with Randy?”

Will frowned in thought as he peeled potatoes. “Well, sir, you remember how nervous I was ‘cos Randy has this kinda caveman reputation. Well I was surprised how kind and gentle he was. I mean, he was real tough during the workout, pushing me farther than I thought I could go, but when it came to sex afterwards he didn’t force anything on me.”

Will chuckled. “Funny thing, he didn’t have to force me ‘cos I ended up asking him to fuck me. He said he was horny after the workout and would go look for an ass to fuck, like Bob’s or Pablo’s, but I wanted it to be me, so I kinda pleaded with him.”

In the background Bob grinned, recognizing the tactic. Randy was the master of seduction and prided himself on making men beg for it. It even worked on Bob himself to this day.

“So that was the thing that surprised you the most?” Kyle persisted. Will stopped peeling and hesitated … “Well …”

“Well, kiddo?”

Will looked up at the twins. “Well, sirs, that time when I first saw Randy fuck Bob in the garden – you know, when he came home angry from work – he tied Bob to a tree and I thought how scary that must be for Bob. But when Randy was inside me he … he held me down, pinned my wrists to the floor. I couldn’t get free – well you know how strong Randy is. I was his prisoner … I mean, like, totally at his mercy.”

“And …?”

Will’s eyes gleamed. “And I loved it, sirs. There was something, I dunno, kinda awesome about being helpless while he fucked me. It was almost like being tied up, and it made me think of all sorts of things – like Bob tied to the tree, Mark being chained to the wall by Hassan, and Mario kidding around about keeping Grady shackled in a cage, you know, Tarzan as a sex slave.”

“That’s called fantasizing, Will,” Kevin said, “and Randy’s good about making guys do that. Hell, the man is a walking fantasy himself. But that was the first time anyone had done that to you, so weren’t you scared?”

“Oh no, sir. See, I trusted that Randy wouldn’t hurt me. Bob had promised me that. He had told Randy not to, and the boys all told me that Randy always does what Bob tells him to.”

“Er, the boys got that wrong, William,” Bob said, speaking up from the corner where he had been listening and sipping wine. “I have no control over Randy and I certainly don’t tell him what to do. Nobody does that.”

Hearing this the twins rolled their eyes and stifled laughs. “What …?” Bob asked, grinning at them. They all knew the only man who could control Randy was Bob.”

“You mean it’s not true, sir?” Will asked wide-eyed.

Bob stood up and came over to them. “You see, Will, the truth is sometimes not so black and white – kinda grayish.”

“Really, sir?” Will frowned. “Not for me, sir. I can usually see what’s true and what’s not. I mean, you always tell me and the boys to tell the truth, and the truth is the truth, ain’t it?”

Bob knew he was sinking in a hole he had dug for himself and looked desperately at the twins to dig him out. They playfully resisted, smiling smugly at each other, but eventually Kyle said, “Will, we usually avoid trying to understand the way the masters think and act. When you become a master one day you’ll understand them then.”

Will laughed. “Oh, I don’t ever want to be a master, sir. I like being a boy, especially when I’m at the mercy of a master like I was with Randy.”

Bob grinned at the twins. “Thanks guys – and I, er, I think you’ve got your cue for later tonight.”

Will sighed. “Anyway, sirs, I better stop yacking ‘cos I got potatoes to peel.”

Bob affectionately ruffled Will’s hair, kissed him on the cheek and left the guys to get on with their work.


At the tribe’s dinner that evening Will concentrated on his tasks as usual when crunch time came in the kitchen, then ferried out the food and served it with the help of Brandon in his wheelchair. So he was unaware that he was on the minds of most of the guys round the table as word had, of course, flashed around to everyone that the new boy had finally been initiated by Randy – in the time-honored way.

When he took his place at table the junior boys descended, led naturally by the ever curious and talkative Eddie. “So, dude, it finally happened … how was it? Come on, spill, dude.”

Will was embarrassed to be the center of attention, aware that many eyes were on him, including Bob and Randy. “Guys,” he said quietly to the junior boys craning toward him, “it was kinda, you know, personal, so I’ll tell you all about it at our meeting tomorrow. I’ll just say now that it was awesome … totally awesome.”

Randy flashed a smile and Bob said softly to Will, “Well done, William. Nicely played.”

Eddie and the junior boys sat back, disappointed but accepting that they would have to wait until Will ‘spilled the beans’ at tomorrow’s junior boys’ meeting. They quickly went on to other topics and the noise returned to its customary high-decibel level.

In the kitchen after dinner when Will and the twins were cleaning up Kyle said, “You deflected that question of Eddie’s very well, kiddo. Sex with Randy in the gym was not a subject to be discussed in front of everyone at dinner. You’re getting really good at knowing the way things work around here.”

The house settled down, lights went out and the three guys went upstairs to their apartment. “Er, goodnight, sirs,” Will said hesitantly.

“Hey, not so fast, kid,” Kevin said. “You may have had a pretty exciting day but ours was a bit drab – no excitement, no sex. It may have slipped your mind that this morning we said we have plans for you tonight and you said … er, Kyle, you remember what he told us?”

“Every word, bro. It went: ‘I do want it … whatever you have in mind. I love you, sirs, and I’ll do anything you want me to … fuck, get fucked, whatever you say, sirs’.”

“Wow,” Kevin said, “that’s a pretty big boast – or request, or whatever it was. But you know, I’m not sure I want sloppy seconds after Randy. Hell, he’s probably still got Randy’s jizz in his ass.”

“No, sir, I showered and …”

“Will, my brother and I are talking,” Kyle snapped.

Will blushed at this rebuke, but then saw the twinkle in their eyes and realized they were playing with him. “Let’s go in our room for a while,” Kyle said. “Bring Norman and have him sit in his basket over there.” The pug trotted in, went straight to his basket and curled up, his head resting on the side, his big eyes watching. It had become one of his favorite things watching his master play with the twins – or whatever it was they were doing.

Following their nightly ritual Will brought out the brandy bottle and three glasses and they sat on the couch at the low table. Kyle took a long sip of brandy and said, “OK, Will, here’s a question for you. What is a man’s biggest sexual organ?”

“Huh, that’s easy, sir. I just saw Randy naked, so I’d say cock, definitely.”

“Not necessarily, Will,” Kevin said. “Many experts say a man’s biggest sex organ is his brain.”

“Yeah, well they ain’t never been fucked by Randy is what I got to say to them.”

Kyle grinned. “What my brother means, Will, is that sex is as much an adventure for the mind as it is for the body. More so even. I mean, when Randy pinned you down while he fucked you, what were you thinking?”

“Aside from the fact that that monster schlong felt great in my ass, sir? Well, like I said, I fantasized about all the other guys who’ve been tied up and fucked – you know, Bob tied to a tree, Mark chained in a dungeon and Tarzan in a cage. That all made it much hotter, sir.”

Kyle looked at Kevin. Hm, what d’ya think, bro? Sounds like this kid is talking himself into something kinda special.”

“Well he certainly deserves it,” Kevin said. “He’s supposed to be our boy but all he does is talk about Randy, the size of his dick, how great a fuck he was, how he’s fallen in love with him. I mean, Randy’s way hot and he’s the boss of the tribe and all, but what are we, chopped liver?”

“I know, brother. And if we was to fuck him he’d only be fantasizing about Randy and his sexy blue eyes and his ‘monster schlong’.

“No, that’s not true, sir. I swear, if you …”

“Did we say you could talk boy?” Kyle snarled. “We’re your masters and we’re in charge here.”

The curt rebuke startled Will but strangely made his cock swell in his shorts. By now he trusted the twins completely and knew they would never hurt him. He was also pretty sure they were toying with him … weren’t they?

“No doubt about it,” Kyle said, “The boy needs to be taught a lesson. You up for it, bro?”

Will was sitting between the twins and suddenly will felt himself grabbed under the arms, lifted up bodily and frog-marched to the bed. Kyle grabbed his wrists, Kevin his ankles and he was swung back and forth before being tossed on the bed on his back. Stunned he felt one twin pulling off his shirt, the other his shorts. Kyle growled, “Don’t you dare move, boy.”

Will didn’t know whether to be scared or excited lying spread-eagled on the bed butt naked. The other boys had told him what they did for their masters and that had made him feel inadequate by comparison. So far the twins had only fucked him once, gently and carefully. Will loved his masters and wanted to be a good boy for them, giving them as much as the other boys gave theirs. Seemed like that time had come.

The twins were behind him where he couldn’t see them but suddenly he felt his wrists grabbed and some kind of restraints buckled round them. It felt like they were fleece lined so they didn’t hurt, even when they were roped to the bed posts. The twins stood side by side at the foot of the bed and stared down at him.

“Now that looks better, don’t you think so, bro? That’s how a boy should look, tied up at the mercy of his master – or masters in this case. Most boys in the tribe only have to service one master, but this one has to put out for two. Think he’s up to it?”

“Only one way to find out, dude. OK, boy, let’s see you get free.”

His arms stretched up in a V, Will pulled on his wrists, craning his neck to see how the restraints were roped to the bed. For the first time in his life he was tied up helpless and he felt a fleeting stab of panic, which quickly disappeared. The junior boys had talked a lot about bondage but had also stressed that everyone had been taught to use escape knots by Randy who insisted on them. If a man panicked he could be released instantly with one tug of a rope.

Will trusted the twins implicitly, but there was still that edge that bondage caused – the fear-tinged thrill of being completely in a man’s power. So he struggled and writhed on the bed, aware that he was giving his masters the pleasure they sought.

“Damn, that looks hot,” Kevin said. “Feels great to have a boy you can use however you want, don’t it Kyle?”

“Especially this boy,” Kyle agreed. “Now we gotta decide what we’re gonna do to him. It’ll be like a second initiation – his introduction to bondage. Let’s decide over a drink, bro?”


To Will’s great surprise, and a pang of disappointment, the twins walked away from the bed, sat back on the couch and poured more brandy. Form his position on the bed he could watch them drink – and plot – but they were ignoring him.

Kevin said, “Did you hear how Mario talked about locking Grady in a cage as his sex slave, to be let out only to get butt-fucked and abused. Quite a trip eh? Tarzan captured and caged as a sex slave. I was thinking, maybe we should do that to our kid.”

“Hmm, great idea. We’ll keep him chained and only let him free when he’s got work to do. We’d fuck him or spit-roast him whenever we feel like it and we could have one of those drinking parties – you know, invite the toughest masters like Randy, Zack, Hassan and Miguel. They’d be sitting around getting drunk, talking about what they’re gonna do to the kid in the cage, then lining up to fuck him.”

They went on discussing the possibilities and driving Will wild, helpless to get free or touch his dick or even respond. They were treating him like a piece of meat to be manhandled by their buddies – and it excited the hell out of him.

After tying him up the twins hadn’t touched him and he began to understand that thing about the brain. As Kyle had said, ‘sex is as much an adventure for the mind as it is for the body. More so even.’ All this talk was making Will’s brain work overtime on multiple fantasies. And there was a direct line from his brain to his cock, which stood at full attention.

The conversation was having a similar effect on the twins themselves. “Dammit, bro,” Kyle said, “all this talk of sex slaves in cages has made my dick roaring hard. I gotta do something – and I do not mean jerk off.”

“Hey, who said anything about jerking off? We got a boy to take care of shit like that and he’s all tied up and going nowhere.” They took their last shots of brandy, got up and stood at the foot of the bed again. “Damn, look at that rod, dude – he’s up for this. Damn, he’s begging for it.”

Will’s body tingled as he watched the identical twins pull off their shirts and tower over him. Instinctively he wanted to touch them but realized again that he was bound helpless, but he still pulled at his restraints and squirmed on the bed. Watching their handsome boy’s lithe young body struggling turned the twins on even more and Kevin said, “OK, let’s warm him up, dude.”

They knelt on the floor, one on each side of the bed, leaned down and pressed their lips against his in a double kiss. Will desperately wanted to wrap his arms round them but he was learning the thrill of frustration, which made the kiss even more intense. When they pulled back Kevin looked down at him. “Me and my brother, we’re gonna work our boy over. You OK with that?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” That check to make sure he was up for this was unexpected and gave him an additional jolt of confidence that he would come to no harm. From then on he could take anything from his masters.

The twins moved down to his chest and licked his nipples. Again that impulse to touch them or, more urgently, to touch his own cock, and again he had to comply, powerless to do anything but lie tied to the bed and accept whatever his masters did to him.

When the licks became gentle bites on his nipples he groaned, knowing that at any instant they could hurt him badly, and trusting that they wouldn’t. The twins were aware of the fine line between pleasure and pain and gazed into each other’s eyes across Will’s body, together judging how to push him just up to his pain threshold.

When they reached it and Will groaned louder they stopped. And immediately Will felt two tongues licking the length of his rigid cock, then one mouth lowering over it, to be replaced in quick succession by the other. He was on the verge of orgasm when it all stopped and Kyle said, “Don’t you dare cum, boy. Not until we give you permission.”

“No, sir,” Will panted. He was being drawn into a whole new world where he depended entirely on his masters for his safety and his pleasure. It was an enthralling experience and he knew what the climax would be … or he thought he did.

The twins stood up and Kevin said. “OK, I’m done pussyfooting around with this kid. He’s gonna get his ass ploughed and I’m the guy to do it.”

He started to unbutton his shorts but Kyle said, “Not so fast, dude. You went first yesterday. I get first crack at his crack this time.”

“The hell you, do,” Kevin retorted. “Dammit, there’s only one way to settle this.” He pulled a small table to the end of the bed and they planted chairs on opposite sides. They sat facing each other, sideways on to Will who watched with growing excitement. The handsome young brothers were actually going to compete for his ass!

They planted their elbows on the table, raised their forearms, locked hands and locked eyes. Kyle called it. “Three, two, one – now!

Will had never seen the twins look sexier than they did now, biceps and shoulders flexing hard, a fierce look on their usually placid faces as they stared intensely into each other’s eyes. Will could have cum just watching them, two identically beautiful young jocks arm wrestling, their muscles rippling, jaws clenched as they competed with their bodies and their eyes. And his ass would be the winner’s prize!

He watched mesmerized as the advantage waivered from side to side, first one arm pressed almost to the table, then fighting back and pressuring the other. The boy knew that whoever went first he would eventually take their cocks in his ass one after the other, but he also knew that Kyle was the slightly more aggressive of the two.

And when one arm finally slammed back on the table it was Kyle who shouted in triumph. “His ass I mine, bro. Boy am I ready for this.” He stared down at Will. “I had to fight for your ass, boy, so you better be ready. Good thing you’re tightly roped to the bed.”

They removed the table and chairs, then dropped their shorts and Will saw two long, identical cocks spring out, hard as steel. Instinctively he pulled at his restraints, and again felt that frisson of fear and exhilaration as he knew he would feel those same cocks in his ass in turn.

Kyle leaned down and pushed Will’s legs high in the air. “Grab ‘em, bro.” Standing behind Will’s head Kevin reached forward and took over, grabbing the boy’s ankles and pulling the legs back even farther, exposing the boy’s helpless ass to whatever treatment was in store for him. Kyle looked down at him and said, “I should just spit on your ass, boy, but I’ll have mercy on you this once. He picked up a jar of lube and slowly greased up his cock.”

His wrists tied, his legs locked back by Kevin, Will was immobilized and he knew how vulnerable his ass was. For an instant he flashed back on his dad trying to fuck him and he clenched his ass, but then looked up into Kyle’s eyes and relaxed. Bob had told him to bury the past, and that was easy to do with the twins. He flashed on the memory of Randy holding him down and fucking him and now it was the turn of his masters, the identically handsome twins.

He stared up at Kyle’s face that had the hint of a smile, and a feeling of exhilaration seized him, the sensation of being totally at his mercy. There was no way of resisting as Kyle knelt on the bed and said, “Here it comes … you wanna feel your master’s dick in your ass, boy?”

“Yes please, sir.”

“Hey what am I saying?” Kyle laughed. “Want it or not you’re gonna get it, boy, you have no choice. I wrestled my brother for that ass and I won, it’s mine, I own it.” He fingered the exposed butt, then presses his cock against the hole and eased it inside, paused, then slid it in all the way down the chute.”

Will sighed, never taking his eyes of the muscular young jock who had him at his mercy. He tried to shift position but he was trapped, impaled on his young master’s shaft. A swirling mix of sensations overwhelmed him. He had felt all of them before – sex with both twins, getting his ass fucked, being held down at the mercy of Randy – but never all together like now.

This time he was actually roped to the bed, his legs pulled back by one brother as the other one fucked his ass. He was helpless to do anything but take what they dished out, and he was elated to be entirely in the power of the muscular brothers.

In contrast to Kyle’s trash talk, treating his boy like a fuck slave, Kyle’s fuck was gentle at first, building slowly to a rougher invasion of his boy’s ass. And still the twins competed for the ass they shared. Soon Kevin was growling, “Hey, his ass is mine too, ya know. My turn now.”

“Fuck you, bro, I ain’t finished. Aaah, what the hell, I guess you can have him for a minute, but don’t unload your jizz in it. I was the winner so I don’t want your sloppy second when I pump my jizz inside him.” He pulled out of Will’s ass and took Kevin’s place pulling back his legs while Kevin pushed his cock in his ass.

And that’s how it went, with each twin taking his turn in a competitive back-and-forth over his ass. Hearing them squabble over him Will felt like their sex toy, just a piece of ass to fight over as he felt first one cock, then the other piston deep inside him. It could have felt demeaning but to Will it was the reverse. Paradoxically he felt empowered as an object of lust to be held down and fought over by the two muscle-jocks.

With his legs pulled so far back his own cock pointed down at his face. Pre-cum oozed from it and he caught it on his tongue as it dripped down on him. Many times he thought he was about to bust his load over himself, but the twins always sensed his approaching climax and paused, adding frustration to the mix of sensations.

The debate became focused on which brother was to shoot first in his ass and there seemed no way of resolving it, until at last Kevin said, “Dammit, bro, I’m tired of this. I just wanna lie back and get my dick serviced by our boy.”

Their positions changed. The fucking stopped and the twins freed his wrists (with one simple pull on the escape knot). Kyle pulled a dazed Will to his feet and Kevin lay on his back on the bed, his rigid cock pointing straight up. “On your knees, boy, over his waist,” Kyle ordered.

Will obeyed, straddling Kevin on his knees on the bed. Kyle’s next order reminded Will of an ordered a master gives to dog – “Sit, boy” – a comparison that excited Will even more. He lowered his hips and inhaled sharply as he felt the tip of Kevin’s cock slide between his cheeks. This was another first for Will, riding a man’s cock, which gave him some measure of control as he lowered himself onto Kevin’s long rod until it pressed deep against the back of his ass.

“That’s it, kid,” Kevin smiled up at him. “Service your master like a good boy should. Ride his cock, dude.” It was an exhilarating sensation being able to please his master by rising up and down on his cock – the dual pleasure of getting butt-fucked by a cock and fucking a cock with his ass. He quickly learned the rhythm of teasing the cock then going fast and deep. “You’re good at this, kiddo,” Kevin said. “Feels great. Lean forward and grab the rail.”

Will reached forward and grabbed the brass rail at the top of the headboard. Kevin reach up too and curled his hands round it from below, covering Will’s hands and squeezing hard. Will felt as trapped as he had been when his hands were tied, and it felt good riding Kevin’s shaft from this angle leaning forward. He looked at the wall mirror behind the bed and grinned at himself, a self he had never seen before – confidently servicing his master.

“Don’t you shoot in his ass, bro,” came Kyle’s voice from behind him. “I won him … he’s mine.”

“Good luck with that, dude,” Kevin laughed. “It’s me inside him and you know what they say – possession is nine-tenths of the law.”

“Fuck you, man,” Kyle growled. And suddenly Will gasped.

He felt Kyle’s hands on his back pushing him further forward, still impaled on Kevin’s cock. Then, unbelievably, Kyle’s rod pressed against his ass on top of Kevin’s. Suddenly he knew what would happen – what he had to let happen. Remembering all the advice from the twins and from Randy about relaxing and not to panic he breathed deeply, raised his ass a little way up Kevin’s cock and felt Kyle’s well-lubed rod sliding slowly inside on top of Kevin’s.

He remembered taking both of their cocks in his mouth at once, but now they were inside his ass – both together! He had taken Randy’s cock inside him, and that was huge, but this hurt.

He almost gave way to panic until he heard Kyle’s soothing voice in his ear. “You’re doing great, kiddo. This is as close as three guys can get. Breath deep and enjoy. Me and my brother love making love to each other, and now our dicks are making love to each other inside our boy’s ass. That’s as intimate as it gets, Will.”

Slowly the pain disappeared and Will began again to move slowly up and down on Kevin’s rod, feeling his brother’s cock sliding in with it. He couldn’t believe it, getting double fucked by the gorgeous twins. He looked down at Kevin’s smiling face, then up at Kyle’s identical mirror image over his shoulder. He was in a trance, it couldn’t be real – but the building pressure in his cock was and he knew he couldn’t hold back.

Kyle knew too and said, “OK, guys, only one way this can end – three guys cumming together. You ready, Kev? You ready to empty your load with me in our little brother’s ass?”

“Let’s do it guys. We love you Will … cum with us … yeah … yeah … aaagh!”

Will felt his masters’ cocks swell in his ass and suddenly it was bathed with a flood of warm juice as his own cock exploded over Kevin and poured semen down on his face. Kevin opened his mouth and drank his boy’s cum, gulp after gulp. Then the twins’ voices faded, everything went dark and Will collapsed forward on top of Kevin.


“Will, you OK? Are you OK?” He opened his eyes to see two anxious faces above him. He was lying on his back with the twins on either side. “Will, did we hurt you?”

Will’s face broke into a smile. “Of course not, sirs. I’m fine, I loved it. Did I really get double fucked by you guys?”

“You sure did,” Kevin said. “And you realize all that trash talk beforehand was just part of the act, uh? We told you sex is as much a mind-trip as a physical act.”

“I remember that, sir, and I loved it all. But I tell you one guy who wasn’t so impressed. Look.” He nodded toward the basket in the corner where Norman the pug was curled up snoring.

They all burst out laughing and Kyle said, “And that’s where you should be, kiddo, fast asleep in bed. But before you go we’ve got a couple things to say to you. What we did tonight was just about the ultimate that three guys can do together. Happens only once in a while. And it makes you totally our boy. You’ve come a long way, Will, in just a few short weeks.”

Kevin took over. “And like we told you before – be proud of who you are. You’re now part of our little family, the boy of Bob’s boys under Randy’s protection and it don’t get much better than that. But you are also a person in your own right so let your imagination run free and don’t be afraid to express yourself. Don’t hide your light under a bushel, Will, ‘cos it shines real bright. Never let anyone put you down … speak up for yourself when you go on your catering gigs.”

“Thank you, sir. The Friday gig does scare me a bit. I mean that second floor is home to the toughest guys in the tribe – Zack and Miguel, Darius and Pablo. I know their boys Tyler and Finn and we get on real well, but those men are into leather and stuff and can be real rough.”

“Not with you they won’t be,” Kyle said firmly. “They know they’d have to answer to Randy and Bob and that wouldn’t be pretty. You’re there to do a job, cook dinner, so remember who you are, speak up for yourself and you won’t be involved in any rough stuff.”

Which was not entirely true as Will was to find out.

**********************           ***********************

Will knew that a successful catering job was all in the planning. And he had planned well for this next job, knowing that he would be cooking for Miguel, the executive chef at the Ritz Carlton downtown. As Miguel was in a kitchen all day he hated to take his job home and cook.

The dinner party was for their small interconnected family of six, which would not normally be a challenge for Will, and the junior boys would help him. But he had not spent much time with what were known as the leathermen.

All he knew was that Zack, a handsome black muscle was an equal with Randy, a co-boss of the construction company, and Darius and Pablo we’re both senior guys on the construction site. Miguel, Zack’s lover, was a ruggedly handsome Hispanic with a muscled physique. The junior boys, Tyler and Finn, worked together as the tribe’s gardeners and Will had got to know them well, even watching them have sex behind the bushes one day.

Will had previously checked out their kitchen and stocked it with all the supplies he would need. He planned on getting there early so he wouldn’t be rushed. On Friday the twins wished him luck and Kevin grinned, “One other thing, kiddo. If there’s any sex up there that you wanna get involved in, feel free. You know our open views on that.”

Will carried his bags of supplies across the garden with his pug bouncing along at his heels. “Well, Norman, here we go again. Seems like one adventure after another since we came here. Not so sure about this one, though. But at least you’ll have your pals Billy and Milly to play with.”

When he climbed the stairs and knocked on the imposing front door he was welcomed in by Darius. The black guy was almost as big and muscular as his man Zack, but was known for his friendly easy-going attitude to everyone. He had a rich sense of humor and loved to hear all the tribe’s gossip.

With a gleaming smile he said, “Welcome to the fun house, Will. I haven’t got to know you well, yet, but I’ve heard a ton of stuff about you. Like getting double-fucked by the twins. Way to go, kid. Those identical twins are a double act I’d sure like to tangle with.” Will blushed slightly, but Darius’s sense of fun was infectious and put Will at ease right away. The mood was lightened even more as Pablo’s dog Billy and Tyler’s Milly came rushing up to lick and sniff Norman.

“You know where the kitchen is and Pablo will send your pal Tyler in to help you.” Darius frowned. “Er, you should know that we currently have a situation going on, involving Miguel and his boy Finn. It got so bad we almost canceled the party, but Miguel’s got it in hand – kind of – so we’re going ahead. It won’t involve you in the kitchen and I’m only telling you in case you feel a certain … tension in the air.

“And don’t feel shy about cooking for Miguel just ‘cos he’s this top-flight chef in a fancy shmancy hotel. He may drop in on you but he’s real easy-going – well except when he’s got this Finn shit going on. Then he can get real … anyway. Anything you need, kid, come and ask me.”

Feeling confused and uneasy about what Darius had just said Will made his way to the kitchen and started to organize things. A few minutes later the door opened and Will said, “Hey, Tyler. Good to see you dude. Have you come to give me a hand here?”

The boys were about the same age, both the most junior boys, and had struck up a friendship as soon as they met shortly after Will joined the tribe. They hugged but it wasn’t the usual warm Tyler hug. It was obvious right away that he was not happy and Will wondered if it had anything to do with the Miguel and Finn stuff Darius had mentioned. Will knew that Tyler and Finn were best buddies, working together all day as the tribe’s gardeners, even fucking on their breaks.

Seeing tears in Tyler’s eyes Will said, “Hey, dude, we’ve got tons of time. Before we start chopping vegetables let’s have a glass of ice tea and catch up, eh?” Tyler smiled feebly and sat at the butcher-block table. Will poured two glasses and sat facing him. “OK, you go first dude. There’s obviously something up. Shoot.”

“Will, there’s been problems before but this time it’s real bad. It’s Finn and Miguel.”

“Yeah, Darius mentioned that. But I thought Miguel loved his boy and Finn kinda worships him.”

“Sure they do … usually. But it’s been kind of a rocky relationship. See, Miguel is a real tough guy, likes a challenge, which is why, when he wanted a boy of his own, he chose Finn, a real tough, arrogant hustler – you know, bitter from the kind of life he led. But Miguel was a match for him, took no nonsense from him, and Finn soon fell in love with him. But that’s on his good days. It’s kinda like, once a hustler, always a hustler … no I don’t really mean that …”

Will said, “I once heard someone say you can take the boy off the streets but you can’t take the streets out of the boy.

“Yeah, that’s more like it, dude. See even when he was turning tricks he was always the rough tough top man, that’s what the customers wanted. And now he’s one of the junior boys and Miguel’s his master. So sometimes the old Finn rears up and rebels at taking orders. It happened the other day when he was in a bad mood and refused to do what Miguel told him to and cussed him out real bad. Well, the shit really hit the fan and Miguel went ape-shit. No one talks to that stud like that, least of all his own boy.”

“So what happened?”

“Problem is both guys are alike in a way, real obstinate, they dig their heels in. The tougher Miguel treated him the more stubborn Finn got and became kinda like a deadlock. ‘Course, it’s a rule that you don’t intervene between a master and his boy but everyone feels bad about it. Finn was way out of line, it’s true, but the other guys think that Miguel went a bit over the top.”

“So how does it stand now, dude?”

Tyler frowned and looked around furtively. “Er, I can show you if you like. I shouldn’t involve you, but I feel so bad for Finn and ….”

“OK, Tyler, let’s go.”

Will followed Tyler from the kitchen and down the hall. In the distance they heard muffled voices from the other guys who were gathered in another room. At the end of the corridor was a heavy door and Tyler listened at it before slowly pushing it open. When they went in Will gasped.

The room was the guys’ playroom-cum-gym, and in the middle stood Finn. His arms were stretched up to a chin-bar and chained to it, with manacles round his wrists. He was shirtless and barefoot in old torn jeans from his hustler days, tattoos on his shoulder and one of his pecs.

What really horrified Will was the whip hanging round his neck and the obvious whip marks across his tattooed chest. Tyler ran up to him and kissed him. “Dude, why don’t you give in, apologize to Miguel and give him what he wants. He loves you, Finn, you know that and all you have to do is show him you’re his boy and he’s your master.”

“Fuck him,” Finn growled. “He’ll never break me however hard he fucking whips me. I don’t submit to no one. I’m no one’s fuck slave and I ain’t got no master, so he can go to hell. All I wanna do is get the fuck away from this place, and away from him.”

Suddenly, “What the fuck are you two doing here?” They spun round to see Miguel, looking savage in leather pants, boots and a loose sleeveless shirt hanging open over his muscular torso. “Get the fuck out of here, boys, or I’ll have you chained up with this dickhead.”

With a frightened glance at Finn the boys ran out of the room and back to the kitchen. “Dude,” Tyler said, “I’m sorry I got you involved in that, I shouldn’t have. It has nothing to do with you, it’s just that I hate to see Finn like that. He’s a good guy, really, he is and it’s not fair that …”

“I know, I know,” Will said. “I feel the same, but there’s nothing we can do right now. Buddy, you better not stay here ‘cos if Miguel comes in he’ll think we’re conspiring or something and you’ll get in trouble. I’m fine ‘cos I got Randy and the twins to protect me, but you better get back to Pablo. You’re his boy after all. I can manage here OK.”

Tyler hesitated, they hugged and he left the room.

Feeling upset Will took refuge in what he knew best – cooking. He put on his dark green apron, pulled out the vegetables and starting chopping carrots and celery for a stew. He tried, and failed, to get Finn out of his mind. He half thought he should just clear out of here but decided against it. The twins had told him he was there to do a job and he would stay and do it.

Bob had mentioned that there were problems between Miguel and Finn but said that, whatever they were, they wouldn’t involve him. But the twins had also told him to be proud, to speak up and be himself. So he took a deep breath, set his jaw and aggressively chopped away.

And that’s what he was doing when Miguel found him.


At the sound of the door Will whirled round with the knife in his hand and saw Miguel who smiled and raised his hands, “Whoa, that knife looks lethal, Will. I give up … don’t shoot.”

Will managed a smile. “It wasn’t meant for you, sir. I was chopping carrots.”

“So I see, Miguel grinned. “I’m sorry to barge in on your preparations for dinner, I know no chef likes to be interrupted. But I had to came and apologize for my rudeness. I was unpardonably rude to you just now, Will, and you didn’t deserve it. You are a guest in our house, an honored guest as you are cooking our dinner, and I shouldn’t have said what I did. I lost my temper.”

“That’s OK, sir,” Will said timidly. “Me and Tyler shouldn’t have …”

There was an awkward pause that Miguel lightened with, “So what’s in the menu, Will?”

Will was on safer ground here and said, “Casserole for the main course, sir, with asparagus wrapped in prosciutto to start. I made an apple pie yesterday and just have to warm it up – a good old standby.” He fidgeted a bit. “Sir, I feel intimidated cooking for you, being a top chef and all, and if you think …”

“Will there’s a rule among chefs that there has to be one head of the kitchen, and here that’s you. What you described sounds delicious and I wouldn’t dare interfere. But I would like to offer my help with menial tasks like chopping and mixing – under your direction, of course.”

Will was amazed at the change in this gorgeous man from the ferocious man with Finn. Looking at him now Will’s cock was hard in his shorts. He was ruggedly handsome, a swarthy sexy muscle-god with chiseled Hispanic features, heavily stubbled square jaw, thick black hair and penetrating dark eyes. His sleeveless shirt hung open over his muscular chest displaying the slabs of his pecs, and his leather pants hugged his slim waist and muscled thighs.

“I brought another apron if you want it, sir – the dark green kind we always use in the main house.” Miguel put it on and within minutes they were working together, two chefs discussing the ingredients in the casserole, cooking methods and temperatures. Miguel was very impressed by the boy’s knowledge, especially as he had heard that Will was self-taught.

They developed a camaraderie as they worked together and for a while the topic of Finn faded into the background – but only for a while. When all the prep was done it was too early to start the actual cooking so Will said, “Sir, at this point I usually take a break with a glass of wine.”

“So do I,” Miguel smiled, “my favorite time. Is that an invitation, Will?”

In a few minutes they were sitting facing each other across the butcher block table sipping white wine. But without the natural rhythm of two chefs working together there was a sudden awkward silence. A lot was churning in Will’s mind and, remembering the twin’s advice, he finally screwed up his courage. “Sir, I know it’s not my place to say anything but the twins have told me to be my own man and if there’s something on my mind to come out with it.”

“This is about Finn, or course, eh Will?”

“It is, sir. I know it’s a rule that no one can get involved between a master and his boy, especially not a new junior boy like me, but …” he faltered … “but I have to say it, sir. I just don’t think it’s fair.”

He shrank back from his own boldness and waited for the blast of anger. But it didn’t come. Miguel looked at Will not with anger but with something that bordered on amusement. Here was this cute young redhead with a freckled face – couldn’t be much older than eighteen, a new boy in the tribe with a reputation for shyness. And he was telling him, a master, that his treatment of his own boy was unfair. That took a lot of guts and he wondered where it came from.

“It’s kind of been hanging like a shadow over us, hasn’t it, Will? So I would like to clear the air and hear your take on the situation. Don’t be nervous, I won’t bite. Go ahead.”

Even while they had worked together Will had been gathering his thoughts in the back of his mind and now they all spilled out. Encouraged by Miguel’s tone Will took a deep breath.

“See, sir, Kyle and Kevin told me how most of the boys in the tribe came from troubled lives – they were kinda damaged. The twins themselves had been trying to steal Bob’s car. Jamie had been a skinhead street punk. Eddie had been a bar-back sucking dick for tips. And then you found Finn, turning tricks as a street hustler.

“Sir, I myself had run away from home after my dad beat me and tried to molest me. I spent the first few months living in my car, and I came across a lot of young hustlers in that time. They were not bad boys deep down but they had to put up this tough front to the world to avoid being abused. And they had a hair trigger – the slightest word could set them off and … er, maybe this time it was just something you said.

“I did the same toward my dad – clenched my ass and refused to let him fuck me. But here’s the thing, sir, the rougher he got the more I resisted. I was damned if I was gonna give in … like my survival depended on it.”

“But, Will, I’m Finn’s friend, I love the guy, but he still cussed and disobeyed me.”

“But see, that’s the hustler thing still in him, sir. Like, all that armor I put on when I was alone and scared stayed with me, even when strangers tried to be kind to me. With me it came out as shyness, with Finn it was anger. I think he’ll always have the hustler attitude inside him, seeing himself as a tough top man. And like his days on the streets, he cuts up rough when guys try to pressure him. Even you, sir.”

Will suddenly shut up, having talked more in one go than he had ever done before. He didn’t know how he had the nerve to do it, except that the twins had encouraged him to speak up and give his opinions. Maybe his education went a lot further than just learning to take it up the ass.

Miguel guessed that a long lecture like this was way beyond Will’s normal range and wondered what had prompted it. Friendship, that must be it. He was aware of Finn’s friendship with Tyler, and knew that they both liked Will a lot. Pals like that defend each other. He contrasted that with his own angry treatment of Finn and for the first time questioned his own judgement. He decided to level with this plucky young kid.

“Will, the trouble started a few nights ago when, for whatever reason, Finn refused to let me fuck him. Maybe, like you say, something I said triggered it. But dammit I’m his master and he was defying me. I got mad, he flared up like you said a defensive hustler would, and things escalated from there.

“So, an hour or so ago I tied him up like you saw and said I wouldn’t release him until he backed down and I shoved my dick up his ass. And for good measure, to soften him up, I gave him a few cracks of the whip.”

“Which only made him more defiant, I suppose, sir.”

“Of course you’re right, Will.” He stared at the boy, sizing him up, and forming a plan. “Will, I love that guy but can’t see any way out of the mess. Would you be prepared to help me? I’d clear it with the twins, of course. We’ve got almost an hour before you have to start cooking.”

“Sir, I like Finn a lot, I know the way he thinks, so I’ll do anything you think will help. I do have one suggestion if you don’t mind, sir. See, I always said I would never let a guy butt-fuck me. But when the time came and the twins fucked me at last it was a family affair. I wanted to prove that I was worthy to be their boy, not only to them but to Randy, Bob, Ben and the whole family.

“I may be wrong but I have a hunch that Finn might be feeling the same. If he really does want to show how much he loves you he’d prob’ly would want to show the whole family that he still wants to be one of them, even though he rants on about wanting to get the hell out.”

Miguel smiled. “Kid, your cooking skills were so good I couldn’t believe you were self-taught. The same must go for your good old common sense. That must be self-taught too.”

Will grinned. “Sir, you learn more living alone and on the streets than you ever would in a classroom – or in cooking school.”


A short while later the scene was set in the gym/playroom. Zack, Darius, Pablo and Tyler were sitting on benches against the wall, Will was standing next to Miguel, and of course Finn was still in the middle of the room under the spotlights, his arms stretched up, chained at the wrists.

Barefoot and stripped to the waist in old torn jeans, he had watched the group gather and knew what was coming. He was going to get a public flogging from Miguel. Well fuck him. He’d never break him. He braced for the worst and clenched his jaw defiantly as Miguel approached.

Their eyes met – Finn’s rebellious, Miguel’s stern but with an edge of sadness that Finn was too resentful (and scared) to notice. Finn flinched as Miguel pulled the whip from around his neck – and then tossed it aside. Finn faltered, in confusion and relief.

Miguel stared at him with a level gaze. “Finn, I want you to know one thing. I love you, boy. You’re the right man for me – tough, defiant, a real challenge. But that makes us alike and leads to problems, like two stags butting heads. And it’s brought us to a stalemate.

“You don’t wanna get fucked by me, so I won’t. But I’ve been talking to your friend Will and he helped me see a few things more clearly. You and me, we’re not only lovers, we’re friends, or should be. Friendship is real important and that’s what I’m relying on now. Not our friendship ‘cos that’s rocky right now, but your other friend Will. I said I wouldn’t release you until you got your ass fucked and that still stands. But I’m gonna bow out and hand it over to Will.”

To Finn’s surprise Miguel walked away and whispered privately to Will, “OK, kid, you’re on.”

Will went to face Finn who growled, “What the fuck you doing here, dude? You got nothin’ to do with this mess.”

“I do, Finn, because you’re my friend, and friends help each other.” Will spoke quietly but the other guys could hear. They just listened silently in growing surprise. “Finn, I know what it feels like to be angry and scared at the same time and that’s what you and Miguel are. Dude, you love Miguel, anyone can see that, but can’t you see how much he’s hurting? He’s in real pain, Finn, and he can’t see a way out of the mess.”

“So why did he send you?”

“Finn, you won’t let him fuck you, even though you’re probably dying for it, and I understand that. I resisted someone trying to fuck me for years. But there is a way out.”

“Oh yeah?” Finn’s voice was harsh but deep down he was grabbing at straws.

“Let me fuck you, dude. Miguel will unchain you and patch things up if you do that. He’ll make love to you, I know it. He’s dying to do that.”

“Yeah, well, he can go fuck himself, and you too, pal.”

Will winced, looked at him, then turned to walk away. Finn saw the last glimmer of hope fading and said, “Wait.” Will came back. “Dude, if you’re saying you want to fuck my ass, that’s different. I mean, I’d let you do it anytime ‘cos I like you, you’re a buddy. Do you want it?”

Will smiled. “Dude, it’s every boy’s fantasy to fuck a real tough arrogant top man, especially a defiant tattooed hustler, shirtless and barefoot in torn jeans, and especially when he’s helpless in chains. Hell, why wouldn’t I want that? Just look at this tent pole, dude.” Finn looked down at Will’s shorts, sticking out like a circus tent.

For the first time Finn grinned. “Well if you put it like that, dude, what are you waiting for?”

Will kissed him on the lips, then walked behind him and pushed Finn’s jeans down below his ass. Then he pulled from his pocket a tube of lube (‘don’t leave home without it’). He dropped his shorts and lubed his cock. The he reached round, tweaked Finn’s nipples hard, ground his cock against his ass and spoke in his ear, loud enough for the others to hear.

“Look in the mirror, dude, and see what I saw when I first walked in here. Damn it was hot. A tough, handsome young hustler with a sexy, tattooed bad-boy look, always a top man who makes his johns crawl to him and beg to get fucked by him.

“But then he meets a customer who turns the tables on him. The guy’s a fucking muscle-god, a knock-out handsome Hispanic, dark hair, penetrating eyes, stripped to the waist in leather pants and boots. God knows why he would pay for sex but he sees this hustler as a challenge.

“He takes the hustler to his place where he has a dungeon. They get a bit drunk and the young stud is so hot for the rugged Hispanic that he lets him chain him up, thinking bondage sex with a hunk like this would be hot. He knows the guy wants to fuck him but he puts on this top-man show and cock-teases the leatherman by refusing to take his dick up his ass. He wants to prove how tough he can be by making the musclehunk beg for it.

“But the man has other ideas. This guy is a real alpha male, no one ever says no to him, and he has ways of dealing with a cock-teasing hustler like this. He gets angry, totally loses it and grabs a whip from the wall. The hustler is scared and tugs at his chains but realizes he’s helpless – he has to take it. The lashes rain down on his chest but instead of breaking him, the flogging only makes him more defiant. He’ll be damned if he submits to this son of a bitch.

It becomes a contest of wills, a trial of strength. The chained stud is tough, defiant – and sexy as hell – but the leatherman is mad now and wants the hustler to be the one to beg for it, like he used to make his johns beg. So the master decides to humiliate him.

“He’s got this boy, a young freckle-faced red-head with a thin body but a big cock. And he orders him to fuck the chained hustler. So the kid does. He gets behind the prisoner, lubes up his cock and plunges it into the hustler’s ass … like this …”

“Aaagh.” Finn yelled not so much in pain as in frustration that this was not the leather-hunk’s cock. The cock felt good but as he saw the Hispanic muscle-god, shirtless in leather pants, arms folded across his bare chest, he knew what he wanted, what he had lusted for all along.

Will said in his ear, “I’m inside you, dude. Tell me you want it … you want me to fuck your ass.”

“God yeah,” Finn moaned, “I want it so bad.” He was staring straight at Miguel. “I want you to fuck me so bad. Man, I love your dick in my ass.” Will fucked harder, harder than he had ever fucked before and Finn moaned, “Yeah that’s it, ream my fucking ass – harder, fuck me harder.”

Finn locked eyes with Miguel across the room. “I want your dick so bad, sir. Please fuck me, I’m begging you, sir. Tie me up, whip me, whatever you want, sir, make me crawl, beg, but fuck me with that massive cock.”

Will was thrilled with himself. He never knew that he had all this in him or where it came from. The twins had sensed it and now it was pouring out as he fucked the tattooed hustler’s ass and stared at the bare-chested leather-master Finn was gazing at. It was a whole new trip and Will was having a blast. But he knew he had to cum soon in Finn’s ass.

There were tears running down Finn’s face now and he was talking directly to his master. “Please, sir, I want to feel you inside me – I always wanted it, always do. Forgive me, sir. Please …. I love you, sir.”

Miguel walked slowly toward Finn and stood in front of him, watching him get butt-fucked by Will. “Forgive me, Finn. I love you, boy. You’ll always be my boy.”

Miguel sank to his knees, leaned forward and swallowed the whole length of Finn’s cock down his throat. Will looked down at the pornographic sight of the rugged, muscular leather-master, stripped to the waist, on his knees, sucking his own boy’s cock, pushed him over the edge as he pounded Finn’s ass. “Shit, I’m gonna cum … I can’t hold it back … I’m gonna cum … aaagh …”

His cock erupted deep in Finn’s ass, which clenched round it as Finn blasted his own jizz into his master’s mouth. Miguel pulled back and more semen splashed onto his handsome, chiseled features, his black hair and the thick stubble of his chin. He stood up, took Finn’s face in his hands and kissed him hard, sharing the thick warm juice from mouth the mouth.

The others ran forward and Zack worked on releasing Finn’s wrists. Miguel grabbed Will as he pulled out of Finn’s ass and hugged him, sliding his cum-splashed cheeks against Will’s face. Damn, you were incredible, kid. The twins are gonna hear of this. But right now I gotta take care of my boy. Thank you, Will – you’re a champ.”

As the chains fell away Miguel caught Finn who collapsed in his master’s arms, and Miguel helped him from the room. The others crowded round Will and Darius said, “Dude, the twins are not only gonna hear about it, they’re gonna see it, every last detail.” He waved his ever-present camera. “I got the whole show on film, kiddo, and it’s gonna make you a star.”

Zack shook Will’s hand. “You did us all a big favor, boy. You’ve gotta stay and eat with us, and after dinner we usually come back in here and play for a while. And kid, you’re gonna fit right in.”

“He sure will,” grinned Pablo. “Man, we’re gonna have fun with you.”

“Thank you, sir. And I still haven’t thanked you properly for all you did for me – rescuing my dog Norman and then giving me that great car.”

“No sweat, dude,” Pablo grinned roguishly. “I know all kinds of ways you can thank me, kid.”

“But hey,” Will said, “I got a dinner to cook. Dinner for six. Can you give me a hand, Tyler?”

“Dinner for seven, you mean,” Tyler laughed. “And helping you will be an honor, dude.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Book 9: Chapter 30

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