Chapter 38


The twins’ boy Will, feeling guilty about causing an accident, begs to make amends to the twins. Later the kid grins at the tribe’s leader Bob. “I got punished, sir. I got spit-roasted.” Punishment is harsher for Bob’s lover Randy after selfishly neglecting Bob in a marathon fuck-fest with a new guy. Bound naked the rugged gypsy is forced to watch his handsome lover in a homoerotic display of self-love and muscle worship.

In the previous chapter

Young Will had run away from his abusive dad and joined the tribe as the twins’ boy.

The tribe’s leader, the macho gypsy Randy, had always been fiercely protective of all the boys, so when Will’s dad Seth showed up to grab his son and take him back home the enraged gypsy fought him off, beat him savagely and – the ultimate punishment, especially for a macho, homophobic top man – fucked his ass.

Not an auspicious start for a relationship! But, against all odds, the fight had ignited a spark between the two men, a sexual chemistry that later brought Seth and Randy back together for more sex. They were, as Randy said, cut from the same cloth, both good-looking muscular alpha males, with square stubbled jaws and the same pale blue eyes.

Confused, but sexually obsessed with the dark gypsy, the macho jock surrendered his manhood to Randy – crawled through the dirt and surrendered his ass. Later Seth was drawn into other sexual encounters that turned him on but then left him ashamed at what he had done.

Alone together in the guest house of Doctor Steve’s big house in the hills, Seth confided in Randy that sex with men excited but humiliated him. “It’s like I’m two different guys – the dominant hunk drinking with my buddies, and the guy who sucks dick and gets his ass ploughed. Plus I’ve made a total mess of my life at my age. I live in a shithole house, owe two months’ rent, work as a day laborer, lost my kid.”

Randy knew what Seth needed to restore his self-confidence. “Seth, you’ve been banged, beaten and roasted. It’s time you took a turn on top, man. You gotta fuck a guy! The tougher the guy the better – a big badass gypsy like me!” In a marathon fuck scene the newly dominant Seth pounded the gypsy’s ass into submission, then Randy turned the tables and reamed Seth, tied to the bed. Then they fell asleep in each other’s arms in the silent guest house.

But there was a big problem. From the start Randy had turned off his phone and told Seth, “I didn’t tell anyone I was coming up here so no one knows where I am and no one will bother us.”

But Randy didn’t know that down at the tribe’s compound one of the twins had had an accident and Randy’s lover Bob had been frantically trying to reach him for hours. When at last Randy heard the news from Steve his blood ran cold. He raced home, to find Bob and a tearful Will.

“Randy I’ve been trying to find you. Your phone was turned off … I was kinda frantic. Kevin had a fall in the kitchen, hit his head on the stove and knocked himself out. The ambulance took him to the emergency room. They did a CT scan and everything looks OK, no permanent damage, but he has to have lots of rest. They brought him back and he’s asleep here in the guestroom. Kyle’s with him in bed and of course he won’t leave him.”

“It was all my fault, sir,” Will blurted out. “I spilled some olive oil on the floor and was gonna mop it up when I’d finished at the stove but Kevin came in and skidded on the oil. He fell and hit his head. He wasn’t moving, sir, I was frantic.”

Bob quickly reassured Will that he was not to blame. Knowing work would calm the boy he reminded him of his job in the kitchen. “For the next few days you will be in charge of the kitchen, Will. It will mean a lot of work for you as you’ll be head chef until the twins come back. I want you to make the twins proud of you. You think you can handle all that?”

“Definitely, sir. The twins would expect it and I won’t let them down.” He hugged Bob and then, before he left, hugged Randy too. “I’m glad you’re back, sir. Bob needed you so bad.”

Randy had watched it all in a guilty silence as Bob and Will hugged. After Will left he went up to Bob who looked into his eyes … and burst into tears. He had held it all in up to now, he had to, but now that Randy was here he let it go and Randy wrapped his arms round him.

“I’m sorry, Randy, it’s just that seeing Kevin lying there … I love those guys so much. I needed you so bad.” Bob saw the guilt on Randy’s face. “Where were you anyway, Randy? Your phone went straight to voicemail every time I called.”

Randy shifted uneasily. “I, er, went up to Steve’s – to see Seth.”

“Seth?” Bob frowned. “You were with him all that time? What were you doing for so long?” Randy winced like a little boy with a secret, but then blurted out defiantly, “We were having sex, godammit – fucking great, incredible sex. He needed to fuck a guy for the first time, so he reamed my ass and it was fucking unbelievable.

“The guy is just like me, he fucks like me, like we were made for each other. After he came in my ass I tied him to the bed and butt-fucked him. He went apeshit for bondage and said he was in love with me. We fell asleep together exhausted and if Steve hadn’t woken us we’d probably still be there having sex, and then more sex.”

“That good, uh?” Bob murmured. His cool demeanor masked the anger and even fear that he was suppressing. As Steve had often said, ‘Randy sometimes thinks with his cock, which actually makes him incredibly sexy’. Bob knew that yelling at him would only make things worse. He had to stay calm and keep his focus on the twins and Will.

But Randy had no such restraint as he jumped to his feet. “I don’t know what happened to me, man, but sex with Seth was fucking spectacular. We’re so alike, I could … I could …”

“… could leave me for Seth, Randy?” Bob stood up and gazed into Randy’s eyes. That thing happened where their eyes became a portal to their private magical world where their souls merged. “Randy,” Bob said softly. “Do you want to leave me for Seth?”

“Fuck no. I could never ever leave you, buddy, you know that. But I … I should’ve been here for you, man. You needed me and I was fucking another guy. I let you down, and young Will and the twins. I’m such a fucking mess.”

“OK,” Bob said, “now you’ve got that out of your system let’s face facts. You’re obviously gonna see Seth again. I’ve never seen you so pumped up about a guy, and stifling your urges will just lead to more trouble. It could get real complicated but we’ll work at it.

“Our focus should be on Will – we mustn’t screw it up for him. You’ll decide when he can finally see his dad again – just keep your dick in your pants when that happens. And sometime soon I’ll meet with Seth and we’ll help him sort out his money problems – for Will’s sake. But there’s just one thing I have to be sure of, Randy. Are we good? Are you sure you won’t leave me?”

Randy gazed at him. “I swear to you Bob, I could never do that. I couldn’t live without you, man.”

******************   BOOK 9: CHAPTER 38   ******************

Across the street from the main compound Eddie and Brandon lived in a duplex with their men Hassan and Pete. Eddie had just got home from Steve’s house and was engrossed in conversation with Brandon (with Eddie doing most of the talking as usual).

The grapevine had gone into overdrive, buzzing with news of Randy shacking up with Seth for hours while Bob was going frantic over his boy Kevin’s kitchen accident and trip to the hospital. But despite their curiosity the boys were reluctant to go over to the house and get in the way – Bob had enough to cope with already. So when Brandon’s phone rang he jumped on it, saw it was Will and put it on speaker.

“Guys,” said a breathless Will, “Bob said I should call you …”

“How is he?” Eddie jumped in “How’s Kevin doing?”

“He’s fine. They did one of those scan things at the hospital and there’s nothing serious – just a big bump on his head. He’s asleep in bed with Kyle ‘cos the docs say he should get plenty of rest for the next few days, and Kyle will stay with him – well you know the twins.”

“Great news,” said Brandon. “But how about the kitchen, dude?”

“Well that’s why Bob told me to call you guys. See, he’s put me in charge of the kitchen and said I should ask you to help me. He said he’ll clear it with Hassan and Pete. He’ll prob’ly make sure Jamie can spare you from the office, Brandon, and Nate can give you time off from your household stuff, Eddie.”

“Of course we’ll help, Will, no problem,” said Brandon.

“Thing is though,” Will said, “it’s already six o’clock and all the guys will be home for dinner soon. I got dinner all planned out but I’m really up against it so ….”

“We’ll be right over,” Eddie said eagerly, excited to be in the thick of the action again. He hated to be left out and the kitchen was ground zero – right where the accident had happened. Brandon was already wheeling himself out the door in his wheelchair and they both rushed across the street and into the kitchen.

They expected to see Will working energetically at the stove but instead he was sitting on a stool staring morosely at the floor. “That’s where it happened, guys,” Will said without looking up. “It was all my fault, see. I spilled olive oil on the floor and that made Kevin slip and … he was flat on the floor … I thought I’d killed him. I should a’ mopped the floor – it’s the first rule in a kitchen, mop up spills before someone falls. I didn’t and …”

Brandon moved to comfort him but Eddie restrained him. “Brandon, it don’t look like our buddy here is ready to be in charge – still in the mourning process. He’s had a shock, needs closer …”

“Closure,” Brandon corrected him, “but I know what you mean.” Catching on to Eddie’s tactic Brandon sighed. “He needs to lie down. We’ll take over here – I know how to scramble eggs.”

“And I know how to boil water,” Eddie grinned “… for coffee and stuff.”

Of course their fooling around had the desired effect of jolting Will out of his self-reproaching funk. He jumped to his feet and took command. “No dudes, I’m in charge here and thank god I am or the guys would have scrambled eggs and coffee for dinner – if that. Here, put on these aprons and get to work.

“Eddie, that pile of spinach and veggies over there … throw it all in that big salad bowl and toss it with the dressing I’ve made. Brandon, perhaps you could take out all the plates and dishes to the table by the pool and set it all up. After that I’m gonna need help with the steaks and the salmon for the fish-eaters. Coordination’s the secret, the twins taught me that.”

“And you’re teaching us,” Brandon chuckled. “OK, chef, you’re the boss.”

Soon they were all concentrating on their tasks under Will’s direction. The intensity of effort did not stop Eddie from talking – pretty much non-stop. He tried to make light of Kevin’s accident.

“I had falls like that when I was the bar-back in Uncle Mike’s bar. ‘Course, a lot of the time I was on my knees sucking dick so I didn’t have far to fall. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off was my motto, ‘specially with all that sawdust on the floor. Gotta keep focused when you’re sucking cock, ya know, that’s why I was so good at it …”

And so it went on in an unrelenting stream of consciousness. But he did not distract Will and Brandon. It became white noise in the background that actually helped their concentration. And when Bob came in to check on them he found a hive of activity.

“Everything under control, guys? Something smells good.”

“Pretty much, sir,” Will said raising his head briefly. “We’ll be on schedule. How’s Kevin doing?”

“He’s awake and moving around, with Kyle hovering over him like a mother hen. He even wanted to come down and help you but I soon put a lid on that. The docs said he has to rest and it’s my job to make sure he does. Don’t want a relapse, delayed shock or stuff like that. Kyle’s making a light snack for them both in my kitchen and I said that later you’d take them up something for dessert. Eddie, Brandon, thank you for helping out here. I hope William is not cracking the whip too hard.”

“Sir,” Eddie said, “whip cracking in this tribe kinda goes with the territory. I remember when I first came here and saw Darius with a whip like some muscleboy slave master I almost popped my cork. And then when he came towards me I …”

“Eddie, I’m sorry but I have to get back to Randy. We have a few things to work out, still. But your story sounds riveting. I’m sure these guys are dying to hear the rest of it.” Bob grinned playfully at the other two boys.

Brandon rolled his eyes at Bob, and Will heaved a big sigh. “Thank you for that suggestion, sir,” he smiled. “Just what we need.”

Bob ruffled Will’s hair. “Glad I could help, William. Any time …”

He left, the boys got back to work and Eddie got back to his story, “So, as I was saying …”


Dinner was served on time. Everyone was there who lived in the tribe’s compound and nearby houses – a show of solidarity after Kevin’s accident. At Bob’s urging the twins had stayed in his and Randy’s house. He had decreed that they sleep in the guestroom there for a few days so he could keep a close eye on Kevin until they felt sure he was completely back to health.

Everyone around the table knew the story of Kevin, of course, and the fact that he was not seriously hurt. The grapevine had taken care of that. They were also aware that, at the critical time when Bob needed him most, Randy had been absent. They knew he had been fucking with this guy Seth they had been hearing so much about, though they didn’t know the graphic details. (The grapevine would soon fill them in.)

But nobody at dinner would go near that subject. They all knew better. If there was a problem between Bob and Randy, the founders of the tribe, it was a matter best left to them. Their relationship had always been intense, and complicated at times, but it was basically solid as a rock. They were both here at dinner and Randy managed to look remorseful and defiant at the same time – with remorse towards Bob and defiance for anyone who might challenge him.

Everyone knew the strain the twins’ absence put on the kitchen and were surprised when the meal was served on time – salad, steaks and all the trimmings. This was a tribute to Will and there were raucous cheers when he appeared with Brandon and Eddie, all in dark green aprons and white chefs’ hats, for the customary pre-meal bow.

Brandon and Eddie on either side raised his arms and Eddie yelled, “Our hero” to renewed cheers and whistles. The three boys took their places at table but after a short while Will looked anxiously at Bob who smiled, “OK, William, you can go to the twins now. You did a terrific job putting this meal together and they’ll be proud of you. Take them up a nice dessert – have you got any of that rhubarb pie in the fridge they like so much?”

“Not in the fridge, sir,” Will smiled – heating up in the oven.”

“You’re way ahead of me, William. I’ll have to watch out or you’ll be snatching Randy away from me. Go on, off you go, and spend time with the twins. I know they’d love that. Don’t worry about the cleanup here – we’ll take care of that.”

As he got up to leave Will said to Eddie and Brandon, “I can handle breakfast on my own, guys. I wouldn’t ask you to report to the kitchen at six o’clock.”

Eddie’s eyes opened wide and he gasped. “Six? In the a.m.? Means nothing to me, dude. You couldn’t pry these eyes open at that time with a crowbar.”

Hassan slapped Eddie gently round the head and smiled, “Don’t worry, Will. Any time you need him just let me know and I’ll make sure he’s there if I have to shove my boot up his ass.”

“Thank you sir,” Will laughed and hurried away to the kitchen where he pulled the pie out of the oven, took it across to Bob and Randy’s house into their kitchen and put it in their oven on a low heat to keep it warm. Then he took a deep breath before he knocked at the guestroom door.


The last time he had seen the twins was when Kevin was carried unconscious into the ambulance and a distraught Kyle had climbed in with him. When they came home later they went straight to bed in the guestroom.

Despite reassurances from Bob and later from Brandon and Eddie, Will was still consumed with guilt at having been the cause of the accident by spilling oil on the floor and being slow to mop it up. He was nervous about facing the twins, not knowing how much they blamed him. He knew the twins loved him but they were his masters and they had every right to punish him.

He was reassured by Kyle’s cheerful shout, “Come in.” He entered nervously and found them both sitting up in bed. “Hey, kiddo, how did dinner go? Sorry you had to cope on your own.”

“It went fine, sir. I wasn’t alone ‘cos I had Brandon and Eddie to help me. I told them what to do and they did great. Even Eddie’s non-stop voice got to be like background music.”

“That’s what’s known as ‘tuning out’, Will,” Kevin chuckled. “An essential skill in this crowd.”

Will noticed that Kevin’s voice was not as strong as Kyle’s which reminded him that he was still recovering from his concussion, ‘which was all my fault’ he thought to himself for the umpteenth time. He stood nervously shifting his weight from foot to foot.

Kyle asked, “Anything the matter, Will? Problems coping with the kitchen?”

“It’s not the kitchen, sir, I can handle that. It’s … it’s … Sirs, it was all my fault. I spilled the oil and I should’ve mopped it up. You always told me that spills have to be cleaned up right away, but I didn’t and that’s why Kevin …” He choked up and fought back tears.

“So that’s what’s worrying you,” Kevin said with a smile. “Don’t beat yourself up, kid, that kind of thing can happen anytime in a kitchen. It wasn’t your fault.”

“That’s what Bob told me, sir, but he was just trying to be kind. Maybe I’m not quick enough in the kitchen and if you want to fire me I understand.”

“Fire you? Who said anything about firing the best assistant chef we ever had … and the best boy? You gotta get over those guilty feelings, Will.”

“I keep thinking about it sir. If there was some way I could make amends – I’d do anything, sir.”

Kyle looked at Kevin in that way they had of communicating with the eyes. “Hmm, what d’ya think Kev? I hear a boy who needs to be punished.”

“Damn right,” Kevin said with a frown. “Sloppiness in the kitchen has to be punished some way.”

“Trouble is, Kev, you’re in no shape to tie the boy up and whip him, otherwise we would. But you’re the one who got hurt so you gotta decide on the punishment. Any ideas?”

“Hmm, you know I saw this video once about a security guard in a store who caught a kid shoplifting. He took him into a back room and punished him real good. The security guard made him kneel down and forced the kid to suck his dick. At the end the kid was coughing and drooling and promising never to steal stuff again.

“Like you say, Kyle, I’m in no shape to whip the boy but I haven’t had sex since way before the accident. I guess that even in a coma the juices still keep flowing and I built up a big head of steam. Look here …” Kevin pushed down the sheet and his cock sprang up tall and erect.

“Damn.  That horny, eh bro? I’d have taken care of that for you but I didn’t wanna get you worked up so soon. But I guess I could play the security guard and force the kid’s mouth down over my buddy’s schlong. Someone’s gotta relieve the stress in it.

Will watched Kyle with a mix of nervousness and exhilaration. His sense of guilt propelled him to think of this as a punishment, but his excitement grew as Kyle went to a closet and pulled out an old cop shirt that Mark had once given him complete with badge and sleeve flashes – “strictly for indoor use” Mark had said. Kyle put it on and let it hang open over his muscular chest.

The handsome, ripped young ‘security guard’ stared fiercely at him. “So you’re the culprit who caused the accident, eh boy? See my buddy there on the bed, still weak from the concussion you caused? Only thing that ain’t weak is his hard fucking prick there, and you’re gonna pay for your fuck-up by taking care of it. Get naked, boy.”

Quick to obey, Will pulled off the apron he was still wearing, then his T-shirt and shorts. Kyle grabbed the back of his neck and said, “You think this boy’s ready to make amends, buddy?”

“Only one way to find out,” Kevin said. “Force him.”

Kyle pressed down on Will’s neck and forced him to his knees beside the bed. “Open your fucking mouth, boy.” Will opened wide and Kyle pushed his head down over his brother’s cock, all the way down until the boy’s face sank into his pubic hair. He pulled it back and pushed it down again, then stood back.

“OK, you got the taste of it, boy. Now suck it good. A boy like you needs to be punished and forced to suck dick.”

Will’s head jerked up and down as he ‘made amends’ to Kevin. As he sucked he raised his eyes to the mirror and saw Kyle standing fiercely behind him, his cop shirt open over his chest. Will knew, of course, that this was not exactly punishment, but he did want to make amends for causing the accident. His favorite thing was pleasing the twins and now he had the added incentive to prove to Kevin how sorry he was.

By now, thanks to Eddie’s lessons and lots of practice, Will was an accomplished cock-sucker. He used all the tricks he had learned to help him please Kevin – taking his cock all the way down his throat, squeezing his throat muscles tight round it, pursing his lips hard and pulling back slowly. Then he opened his mouth wide and breathed warm air over the pulsing rod.

He felt shivers of excitement run through Kevin but he was skilled enough to stop just at the point of orgasm, relax and pause before starting all over again. “That’s it, boy, make my buddy feel good,” Kyle growled. He stood over Will, grabbed his shock of red hair from behind and pushed his face down on the long shaft. “How’s he doing, buddy,” Kyle asked. “He giving you what you need?”

“Not bad, but I don’t think he’s suffering enough. We should up the stakes.”

Kyle knelt behind Will, grabbed his hair again and pulled his face off Kevin’s cock, forcing him to look in the mirror. Will almost lost his load as he saw himself, his jaw sagging, dribbling drool, with the handsome Kyle in his police shirt glaring at him from behind. “Guess you need some prodding, boy. Maybe this’ll make you work.

Kyle slapped his ass, just hard enough to sting and Will moaned, “Thank you, sir.”

“You know you deserve this after what you did, boy.”

“Yes sir. I’ll take it, sir. I’ll take it all.”

“Even this, boy?” Kyle dipped his fingers in a jar of lube by the bed, greased up his cock … and drove it deep in Will’s ass. “What d’you say, kid?”

“Aaagh … thank you sir?”

“Did I tell you to stop sucking my buddy’s dick?”

“No, sir. Sorry, sir.” Will again swallowed Kevin’s cock while Kyle pounded his ass.

“Give it to him, bro,” Kevin shouted. “Spit roasting is what this kid needs – punished by both his masters at once.”

The pounding at both ends was exactly what Will craved, a way to absolve his guilt – to be spit roasted by the handsome young jocks he loved. It wasn’t long before all three felt their balls bursting and their climaxes approaching. “OK, boy,” Kyle yelled, “make my buddy bust his load. You’re gonna drink his jizz and don’t you dare spill a drop.”

Will summoned all his strength to plunge down on his master’s cock while he saw Kyle in the mirror pounding his ass, the cop shirt hanging from his shoulders exposing his flexed muscles. “Fuck,” Kevin shouted, “I’m gonna do it, bro. The kid’s making me cum … drink it, boy … here it comes … aaagh!”

Will felt the musky taste of semen spurting in his throat and he gulped it down greedily, determined not to spill a drop. It was not made any easier by the sensation of Kyle’s cock pounding his ass harder and harder until it exploded inside him. As cum poured in his mouth and ass he felt his own cock shudder and splash its load on the floor by the bed.

It took long seconds for the three of them to empty their cocks and regain their breath, and then Will felt Kyle lift him up, fold him in his arms and kiss him passionately. When at last he broke away he said, “You know Randy’s rule, kiddo. When a man’s been punished it’s done, over, forgotten. And that’s how it is with us. No more talk of guilt or fault. You’re our boy and that’s that. Now you gotta help me take care of Kevin.

Kyle pulled Will down on the bed and said, “You feel OK, Kev – not too much excitement?”

Kevin smiled. “Brother let me tell you, if you ever find me unconscious again don’t call the ambulance – call Will and make him suck my dick. That’s enough to wake anyone up, however deep the coma. But now I’m feeling hungry – have a craving for something sweet.”

“Like rhubarb pie, sir?”

“Really, kid? You really have rhubarb pie?”

“In the oven keeping warm, sir. I’ll go get it.” As he stood up he almost stepped in his pool of cum on the floor, but Kyle laughed, “That’s one spill you don’t have to mop up, Will. Looks fine where it is.” Amid the laughter Will grabbed his apron and ran from the room.


A few minutes later Will came back from the kitchen wheeling a cart bearing the pie, ice cream, yoghurt and coffee. He threw a cloth over a small table and set everything on it. “Ta-da!” He stood back and gestured toward the feast. Naked under his apron the young redhead had a broad grin on his freckled face. “Totally adorable,” Kevin laughed. “And bearing gifts too,” Kyle added. “No less than the best rhubarb pie ever made.”

They were placing chairs round the table when there was a knock at the door and Bob came in. “Don’t mean to interrupt anything guys, just wanted to check in on you Kevin. Feeling OK?”

“Never better, sir. Especially with the smell of rhubarb pie under my nose.”

“You just got round to serving it, William?” Bob asked. “You came up here ages ago. What’ve you been doing all this time?”

“Getting punished, sir.” Will grinned proudly behind his glasses. “I got spit-roasted.”

Bob’s eyes opened wide. “No shit, really? Bit extreme wasn’t it, guys?” he said with the barest hint of a smile. “Kind of harsh.”

“No more than he deserved …” Kyle said. “… and wanted,” Kevin grinned. “And we think that, with his tendency to cause havoc, we shouldn’t let the boy loose in the house tonight. We should keep him captive in here and force him to sleep with us.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Bob grinned. “And if you get horny in the night you’ve got a cute redhead right there to fuck – punish him some more.” Will’s eyes were sparkling. “And talking of punishment,” Bob said, “I gotta do some of that myself. I can’t let Randy get away with spending hours with Seth, his phone shut off, just when we needed him in a crisis. Right now he’s still drinking with Zack, talking about hiring a new guy so it’ll be a while before he comes to bed.

“While you wait, why don’t you join us, sir?” Kyle asked eagerly.

“Well sure I’d love to, but do you think there’s enough pie for four?”

“Absolutely, sir,” Will grinned. “And I have a spare in the oven just in case.”

“OK, lead me to it, William.” Bob and the twins sat at the table while Will walked round and served the pie with a choice of ice-cream or yoghurt – or both. He poured the coffee and sat with them. But pretty soon Bob sensed that something was troubling the boy. “Is there something on your mind, William?”

“Er, kind of, sir. See, me and Eddie were talking …”

“Uh-oh,” Bob said smiling at the twins.

“Well Eddie usually knows what’s going on and he said that the guy Zack’s gonna hire is my dad Seth, and he’s prob’ly gonna live in Doctor Steve’s guesthouse where Eddie and Hassan used to live.”

“Jesus,” Bob said, “that grapevine of you guys is real scary. I’m beginning to think the whole place is bugged, wired for sound. Stuff is on the grapevine the minute it happens.”

“Eddie did say that right now it’s all … er, connector …?’

“Conjecture, William.”

“Yeah, that’s the one, sir.”

“And young Eddie is a big gossip.”

“Not really, sir. He says he just has an enquiring mind.”

“Same thing, kiddo.”

“See, Eddie talked to Tommy, who asked Steve, and at dinner Eddie spoke to Darius who had chatted to Zack and …”

“Ok, OK, kiddo, I don’t need a tour of all the grapevine’s branches and tendrils, it would take all night. But cut to the chase, William, and explain what’s bothering you.”

“Well, sir, it may only be …er, con-jector … but seeing as how Randy and Seth are now such good friends, and if Seth goes to work for Zack, and moves into Steve’s guesthouse … well.”

“Well what, William?”

“See, I love my life with the twins, sir …”

“Even when you get spit-roasted?” Bob smiled.

“Especially when I get spit-roasted, sir … oh wait, that was s’posed to be my punishment so I guess I didn’t like it … but just between you and me, sir, I really did …” He trailed off and blushed. “And now I’ve lost my train of thought, sir.”

Bob had difficulty stifling his laughter. “You were saying you love your life with the twins.”

“Oh yeah, that’s the one. So, after I ran away from home the twins and you and Randy became my family and I love it, and I don’t wanna change it. But now that Seth is, like, accepted …”

Bob got more serious. “OK, William, I know where you’re going with this so listen carefully. It’s the most natural thing in the world that kids live with their parents until they grow up and then leave the nest, some as young as eighteen like yourself. They fall in love and build families of their own. And that’s what you are doing. You left home, fell in love with the twins and joined their family – Randy, me, Pablo and Ben.

We are your family now, William, and nothing’s gonna change that. We all love you and you’re perfectly safe with us. However, when kids leave home they don’t break all ties with their folks. They can still love them, stay in touch, go back and visit every so often. With you, that side of it is in Randy’s hands. He loves you a lot, kiddo, and takes care of you, so he’ll be the one to decide how, when and where, you have your first visit with Seth.

“It’s what I told you before, William. The twins are like your big brothers, I’m like a surrogate father, and Randy … well Randy takes care of us all … when he’s not screwing up,” Bob added quietly almost under his breath. The twins caught the last remark and looked at each other, wondering what price Randy was about to pay for ‘screwing up’.

“Does that explain things and put your mind at rest, William?”

“Yes thank you, sir,” Will beamed, blinking rapidly behind his glasses. “It’s great to be loved by so many guys I love. More pie sir?”

Just then they heard a door slam and Bob smiled, “No thank you, William, delicious as it is. Sounds like I have some other business to take care of.”

“That ‘screwing up’ thing, sir?” Will blinked earnestly.

Bob ruffled Will’s red hair. “You’re so smart, kid. Just don’t go putting it on the grapevine. It’ll be up there soon enough.”


When Bob walked into the master bedroom Randy was already there, dressed in his usual jeans, boots and a rumpled T-shirt. He looked up at Bob with the face of a kid who’s done something wrong – part guilty, part defiant.

Bob already knew he had the upper hand over Randy. After all, when the scary drama of Kevin’s accident was unfolding Randy was not only absent and unreachable. He was, as he later said defiantly, alone with Seth, first in a marathon sex session and then entwined in exhausted sleep for several hours.

When he had told Bob this it had been more like a boast. “We were having sex, godammit, fucking great, incredible sex. The guy is just like me, he fucks like me, like we were made for each other. We were all over the floor until I submitted to him and begged him to cum in my ass. After that I tied him to the bed and butt-fucked him, and he fucking loved bondage.”

Bob well knew that when Randy was cornered he came out fighting. Whenever he surrendered in an argument it came out as a sullen “Fuck you, man.” Randy felt genuine remorse at not being here when Bob needed him most – he always prided himself on being Bob’s protector. But his macho reflex had been to take a defiant ‘so-what?’ attitude. He was fully aware, though, that he was in the wrong, and he knew that Bob knew.

That defensive defiance persisted now as he looked up at Bob. He accepted that he was due some form of punishment – it was his own rule in the tribe that if a man or boy acts badly he has to be punished. But he also knew full well that he could take any physical punishment Bob or any man dished out.

“What you gonna do, man, tie me up and whip me?” It was said almost as a challenge.

“Randy, I wish for once in your life you would just apologize. When you’re in the wrong your reflex is always to brazen it out – the big bad-ass gypsy never says sorry to any man. To you it would feel like an act of defeat.”

Randy came close to Bob, put his hands on his shoulders, smiled at him with those hypnotic pale blue eyes and said soothingly. “Buddy, we don’t have to fight. OK, so I shouldn’t have shut my phone off – but I wasn’t to know you’d be handling a crisis. And hell, what I did with Seth was good for the guy, made him see for the first time what kind of a man he is. Now he knows, and I know, that he likes to fuck, get fucked and he’s into bondage.”

Bob pulled away sharply. “Randy stop. First you’re defiant, then you try to seduce me with those eyes of yours. Well it won’t work, Randy, not this time. I’m too mad at you.”

The soothing approach vanished and Randy raised his voice. “So what the fuck do you want from me, dude? Throw myself out the window, crawl on my belly, or flog my own back like those monks do?”

“It’s called self-flagellation, Randy, and it’s not a bad idea. Except you wouldn’t feel it no matter how hard you whipped yourself. Come to that you wouldn’t feel it if I tied you up naked and had all the guys come in here and lash you in turn. That’s the thing with you, stud, you’re as tough as old boots and you think that makes you invincible.

“Has done up to now, buddy,” Randy grinned, making Bob even madder.

“Fuck you, Randy. You know I’m in love with you and you trade on that. But I still have ways of punishing you for your selfish behavior and that arrogant damn grin of yours.”

“OK, man, go ahead. I’m prepared to do penance. Do anything you want – anything at all.”

“You may regret saying that, Randy. But OK, I will. First of all, get naked.”

“No problem, man,” Randy said confidently. Getting naked played right into his arrogant sense of himself and his magnetic sexuality.

Bob realized that this would not be a physical trial of strength but a psychological contest of wills. Randy beat everyone when it came to bodily strength and rugged beauty, even though Bob was certainly no slouch in that department himself. But when it came to superior intellect Bob beat him hands down. It was one reason they fit so perfectly together.”

Bob watched while Randy pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his boots and dropped his jeans. Standing arrogantly naked, flaunting his superb physique, Randy held his arms out and grinned tauntingly. “OK, next?”

Bob pulled a chair over to a spot in the bedroom ten feet away from a floor-length wall mirror. It was a simple wooden chair with arms, perfect for Bob’s purpose. “OK, sit.”

Randy strode to the chair, admired himself in the mirror and sat down, his forearms resting on the arms of the chair. Bob went to the laundry hamper and pulled out several dirty T-shirts. One of them he twisted into a rope as he said, “So Seth is into bondage, is he? Does that go also for his all-afternoon fuck buddy? Guess we’ll find out.”

He used the twisted shirt to tie one of Randy’s wrists tight to the arm of the chair. “Kinder than a rope,” Bob said. “Won’t cut so much when you struggle to get free. And you will struggle, dude, I guarantee.” He did the same with another shirt, tying his other wrist to the chair, then quickly used two others to tie his ankles to the chair legs.

Randy grinned at the mirror and struggled a bit for the purpose of flexing his muscles. “Looks pretty damn hot, eh buddy? Big macho stud gypsy tied to a chair, awaiting his fate?”

“Oh yeah.” Bob bent down and picked up another shirt from the floor. “If I’m not mistaken this is the shirt you were holding when you came bursting in here after your afternoon of sex.” Bob held it up to his face and inhaled. “Mmm, definitely your cum. What – did you use your shirt to wipe your cum off Seth’s face after you shot your load all over it?”

“Damn you’re good,” Randy grinned. “Yeah, and I told him I’d bring it home and maybe use it as a gag for you when we fooled around together.”

“Hm, well it makes me gag alright, but that’s not quite what I had in mind. He flashed his sexiest smile at Randy in the mirror, then bent down and pressed their mouths together in a long, hard, passionate kiss. When he pulled away Randy said, “Mmm, you taste good.”

“Don’t I though?” Bob smiled again. “But I don’t wanna hear a top man beg, not just yet. So …” He pressed the cum-stained tee into Randy’s mouth and tied it behind his head in a gag. “Right, we’re all set. Let the punishment begin.”

Randy braced for a blow of some kind … but nothing. Instead Bob went and sat at his desk and began leafing through a work file. He was wearing his usual jeans, loafers and white V-neck T-shirt. And now he also wore over the tee a blue shirt that he had put on against the chill in the air at dinner. The long sleeves were rolled up to the elbows as he worked.

Randy frowned and tried to ask what he was doing, but the only result was muffled words through the gag. He couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. He could only watch Bob and wonder what the hell was going on.


Bob paid him no attention. He was concentrating hard, seemed to be adding up figures. He occasionally ran his hand through his hair, raised his head and frowned in thought, before focusing again on the file. Instinctively Randy pulled at his restraints and spoke unintelligibly into his gag. But what really made him mad was the feeling of his cock getting hard.

Randy loved to watch Bob work, the handsome business executive, face tense with concentration, dark hair falling over his brow. It was one of the times he loved Bob the most. Usually he would watch for a while then go up behind him, run his hands down his chest, nibble his ear and persuade him to come to bed. And it always worked.

But not this time. All he could do was watch helplessly until at last Bob closed the file stretched his arms up, rolled his head to relax his neck muscles, and yawned. He stood up, stretched again and walked toward the mirror, almost stumbling over Randy who he seemed to see for the first time. Standing behind him Bob looked at the bound man in the mirror.

“You know Randy, even though you seem to have fallen hard for Seth, you swore you would never leave me and I think I believe you. But I have to prepare for the worst so I couldn’t help wondering what living alone, without you, would be like. And guess what? It didn’t seem half bad. It would let me be selfish, not having to worry about anyone else. I could work as late as I want, go to bed when I want, even have sex by myself.

He looked at himself in the mirror. Hmm, not bad – not bad at all.” He moved a few steps to the side so he had a clear view of himself in the big wide mirror without the naked man in the chair impeding his view. And Randy had a clear view of him too as he stretched and yawned again. “Time for bed, buddy,” Bob said to himself in the mirror.”

Gazing at himself Bob slowly unbuttoned the blue shirt and let it hang open over his chest. The white T-shirt underneath gave a hint of his pecs and ripped abs etched under the tight fabric. With Randy following his every move in the mirror Bob walked about the room casually as if preparing for bed. He pulled back the bedcovers, plumped up the pillows and filled a glass with water on the bedside table.

He went back to the mirror, ran his hands over the shape of his pecs under the blue shirt and smiled admiringly at himself. Then he shrugged off the shirt, went to the clothes closet and draped the shirt over a hanger. Randy’s cock was now fully erect and this was the moment he usually took charge, threw Bob on the bed and yanked off his T-shirt. But not this time.

Instead he was forced to watch as Bob again admired himself in the mirror stroking the front of his T-shirt, then flexing one arm and kissing the bicep that bulged under the short sleeve. Randy yelled into his gag but Bob ignored the muffled sounds, walked closer to the mirror and spoke to his own reflection. “Feels good being alone together at last, eh man? Long time since we met like this – there’s always someone else around muscling in.”

Bob reached behind his neck, grabbed the top of his T-shirt and pulled up slowly. Randy watched as it came loose at his waist and rose up to reveal the ridges of his eight-pack abs, then the mounds of his pecs. Bob pulled the tee off over his head and flung it on the floor in front of Randy.

He kicked off his loafers, smiled at the mirror and slid his hands in the jeans’ pocket, pushing down on the waist to reveal a few inches of his white undershorts above the waistband. Randy was going wild. This was one of Randy’s hottest images of his superman lover – shirtless, barefoot in jeans with a glimpse of his shorts at his slim waist. He was yelling into his gag, pulling frantically at his bound wrists, desperate to free himself. He struggled so hard he started to choke into his gag.

Bob tore himself away from his own reflection and seemed suddenly to notice the naked man in the chair. “Don’t want you to choke to death, stud. But when I take this off I don’t wanna hear you yell or it goes right back on.” He untied the T-shirt gag and draped it round Randy’s neck.”

“Buddy, don’t do this to me. Let me just touch you, man, just a touch …”

“Ah,” Bob warmed him and touched the T-shirt gag. “See, I told you not to speak, dude. I don’t wanna hear you, I don’t wanna feel your touch or even look at you. You had all afternoon to touch and talk to the new man in your life. Like I said, I wanna get a sense of what life on my own would be like if it comes to that. As far as I’m concerned, man, you’re already gone.”

Bob left Randy to stew in frustrated silence and turned his concentration to the bare-chested hunk in the mirror. He walked forward and stroked the glass. “You got too much sun today, man. Gotta hydrate that skin, keep that healthy glow.” He walked over to the bedside table and picked up a bottle of moisturizing cream, then went back to the mirror to apply it.

He squeezed a load of cream in his palm, rubbed his hands together then ran them lightly over his face, applying it evenly. He ran his hands down his neck, then over his shoulders, arms and chest, making love to his own body. It was all highly sensuous and Randy clenched his jaw to avoid yelling for him to stop. Instead he mutely watched, unable to tear his gaze away from the homoerotic body worship, struggling hopelessly to free himself.

If only he could focus his anger on a rival who Bob was making love to. But there was no rival – only Bob himself. And what made it worse was that he was watching just Bob’s reflection – in another place, inaccessible, behind glass.

It was like watching him through a window, a voyeur spying on a man through the bedroom window of his house undressing for bed, a man he lusted for but could never have. But at least the voyeur could jack off as he watched the unattainable muscle-god walking round his room. The bound Randy couldn’t even do that, which made his straining erection almost painful.

“Damn,” Bob said to the mirror as he caressed his own body, “that feels so fucking sexy … almost makes me cream my jeans. Not yet though.” He turned away from the mirror went into the bathroom and Randy heard him brushing his teeth. Bob came back wiping his mouth with a towel. He threw the towel over his shoulder and went back to the desk, as if a thought had occurred to him.

Standing by his desk he opened the file and stared at it while idly running his hand over his chest and lightly tweaking his nipples. Randy was close to sobbing. It was the ordinariness of the scene that made it so painful. How many times had he seen Bob walk around their room just like this, barefoot and shirtless in jeans, casually stopping at his desk, then taking care of the usual domestic details before coming to bed?

How many times had Randy lain on the bed smiling to himself and stroking his cock as he watched his gorgeous lover move around getting ready for bed? It was like foreplay, knowing all he had to do was say the word and Bob would come to him, drop his jeans and his shorts, and fall into bed in his arms. He didn’t have to think about it, took it for granted. It always worked … until it didn’t. Like now.

And he had brought this on himself. He had spent hours fucking with Seth, taking it for granted that Bob would be waiting for him when he got home. But now here he was watching his shirtless lover – except that it was his mirror image, not real, unreachable, as if he were watching a hot guy in a solo muscle-worship video – look, drool, but you can’t touch. It was like a recurring nightmare, reaching out for his lover but being unable to touch, to feel.

Bob’s moisturized body gleamed under the lights, his muscles rippling as he flexed slightly, admiring the man in the mirror. “OK, you gorgeous son of a bitch,” Bob said, “I can’t take any more of this. My nuts are fit to bust.” He unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop, then stared at himself now wearing just white boxers, his stiff cock as a tent pole underneath.

He rubbed his bulge, then pushed down his boxers and watched as his long hard cock sprang out. “Damn, that thing is gushing pre-cum,” he moaned. “No time to lose, buddy.” Naked now he paced round the room, closing windows, picking up his jeans and folding them over the back of a chair, all the last-minute chores before bed.

Then at last, he lowered himself on the bed and lay on his back staring up at the ceiling. His hand automatically folded round his cock and he stroked it. His other hand reached down between his legs and his fingers curled under and massaged his ass. “Oh yeah, fuck me, man. I need it so bad, I’m so fucking hot.”

Randy was a wild tortured gypsy straining desperately to get free. He couldn’t stay silent anymore, but at least he didn’t yell – quite the reverse. All his defiance was gone, he knew he was beaten and his only hope was to beg. “Please, man, don’t torture me like this. I was wrong and I apologize. I’m sorry for what I did. I love you man, I must have been crazy. Please, buddy, don’t cum like that. Cum in my mouth, in my ass, I’ll do anything you tell me to. I’m begging you, man. Help me …”

But Bob knew how to punish a man until he groveled – even a man like the arrogant, macho gypsy tried naked to the chair. So he ignored his pleas and carried on with his masturbatory fantasies, pounding his cock harder and faster.

“Man your cock feels so good in my ass. Fuck me, stud, make me cum. Yeah, shoot your jizz in my ass, man. My fucking balls are bursting … I’m gonna cum … fuck … fuck, I’m gonna cum … aaagh.” A white plume of semen blasted from his cock, rose in the air and splashed down on his chest, followed by another, and another, smothering his neck and face with his own jizz.

“No!” Randy howled, watching the magnificent body tense, the muscles flex and the chiseled features grimace in the ecstasy of orgasm. Randy wanted desperately to fuck him, to be the reason for his climax as he always was before. “No,” he yelled again watching his lover writhe on the bed as he always did when Randy came inside him … in his ass … gazing into his eyes and … aaagh!”

Straining desperately in bondage the agonized gypsy’s cock shuddered and exploded in a spontaneous orgasm, fueled by pain, frustration and the agony of guilt. He sobbed, “I’m sorry man. I apologize … forgive me.”


Time seemed to stand still in the suddenly silent room. Then Bob stirred and slowly eased himself off the bed and onto his feet. He walked up to his shattered lover, pulled the T-shirt from around Randy’s neck and used it to wipe the jizz from his own face, neck and chest.

“Is this how you wiped your cum off Seth after you came all over him? That was after he fucked you and you tied him down and reamed his ass. Quite an orgy. When you finally came home I was so focused on poor Kevin that I suppressed my anger at you and pretended I could rise above it. But you wanna know something, Randy? I was not only angry – I was jealous.

“I know you well, Randy, and realized that Seth was more than a casual fuck. Your words to me still burn in my brain. ‘We were having sex, godammit – fucking great, incredible sex. The guy is just like me, he fucks like me, like we were made for each other, and he said he was in love with me. I don’t know what happened to me, man, but sex with him was fucking spectacular. We’re so alike, I could …’

“And I completed your sentence … ‘could even leave you for Seth’.” That’s what scared me and even though you swore you would never leave me I had to make sure. I even wanted a sense of how life would be without you. Most of all I had to punish you. The guys all think you’re the man to fear when it comes to punishment. But they, and you, underestimate me. I don’t often get angry, Randy, especially not with you, but damn, when I do …”

“OK, man, you’ve punished me big time, and now you know – you broke me.”

“But that’s just the thing, Randy, I don’t think I have. You’re a tough man to break – that arrogance is bred in the bone. And I’m still angry … still jealous. So here’s the kicker, Randy. It’s not over. It gets better – or worse, depending on your point of view.”

Bob held the cum-soaked T-shirt to his own face and breathed in. “Mmm, your cum and mine. A match made in heaven? We’ll see. But for now it’s all you’re gonna get. Bob tied the gagged round Randy’s mouth again and ignored his muffled groans of protest. He went to the mirror as before and smiled at his reflection.

“Damn that was hot. It was so fucking hot that I want more. I want the real thing. Luckily, if I ever end up alone there’s plenty of company I could call up and they’d come running.”

Bob went to the phone on the bedside table and punched a number. “Hey buddy, what’s up? Just got home from work? Good timing … Ah, not much. Matter of fact I just rubbed one out and it’s still left me horny as hell. Feel like dropping by? … In two minutes? Perfect.”

Randy was now not only frustrated and helpless, he was scared. He had never seen Bob quite like this – this angry – and what he had said about being jealous sank in. He had really hurt Bob, the man he had sworn to love and protect always. He loved the man body and soul and needed to prove it. He needed to be punished, punished bad. So he waited.

Bob pulled on his boxers and tidied the bed and in a few minutes there was a knock on the door. “It’s open,” Bob called out … and in walked Mark, still in his cop uniform obviously just back from work. Bob went up to him and they hugged.

Randy groaned into his gag. So this was it, and he knew what he was in for. The three guys loved each other and had three-way sex sometimes. But Randy had never been entirely comfortable about sharing Bob with Mark – he always felt a bit jealous of the gorgeous cop. And he had certainly never been excluded and forced to watch them together.

Mark smiled at Bob, “Hey, stud, what’s up? You sounded kinda different on the phone. You OK?” Mark looked over Bob’s shoulder and saw Randy tied naked to a chair. Right away he had a sense of what was going on, and he played along.

“Yeah, I’m OK, Mark. Been a bitch of a day is all. But Kevin’s coming along fine – he’s in bed with Kyle and Will.”

“Yeah, I was out working when all that went down and heard about it from Jamie. And that other stuff … this guy Seth and all.”

“Yeah, that’s partly why I called you, Mark. See, I think this time it may be different. Randy’s fallen hard for the guy, they’re like soul mates, at least in the sack, and there’s a chance that Randy might leave me for him.”

“No kidding. Well at least that would leave the field clear for me, buddy.”

Bob smiled. “I was kinda fantasizing what life would be like on my own and I think that sexually it wouldn’t be a problem. I just got off looking at myself in the mirror.”

“That’s enough to turn anyone on,” Mark grinned.

“Yeah and I just got through jerking off. Worked great, except it left me horny for the real thing.”

“So you called me. Well you came to the right man, stud, you know that. Jamie’s away tonight visiting his pal Larry in the desert, so I got all night.”

They walked over to the bed, standing behind Randy, and Mark said, “You look good enough to eat, big guy, standing there in your shorts. Just let me get out of this uniform.”

Randy groaned into his gag as he looked in the mirror and saw Mark slowly unbutton his uniform shirt, gazing steadily into Bob’s eyes. He felt like an outsider looking through the bedroom window of a house, spying on a sexual encounter between a hot uniformed cop who had just come in and the musclehunk waiting for him, stripped down to his boxers.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Book 9: Chapter 39

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