Chapter 21


 The inexperienced new boy Will makes a new friend, the sexy young gypsy Ben, the fireman’s boy. Will has never touched a man before but stays the night with Ben who teaches him the basics. “Guys can do each other, Will – it’s called sixty-nine.” Then the muscle-stud fireman Jason comes home hot and horny, shirtless in his firefighter gear, and sees Will. “New boy, eh? First time? On your knees, kid, open your mouth.”  

In the previous chapter

Faced with a major gathering of the whole tribe, Bob’s twins Kyle and Kevin hired a kitchen assistant to help them feed almost thirty hungry and festive guys.

“His name’s William,” Kyle told Bob, “a cute young redhead, just turned eighteen. He works in a grocery store part-time and needs extra work so he’s eager to help us over the weekend. Lives alone, no family, had a girlfriend once but says it didn’t work out. Seems lonely, kind’ve naïve”

“OK,” Bob said, “but, er, you don’t think he’d be kind of overwhelmed by working here surrounded by a bunch of guys? Things can get pretty raunchy around here, as you know.”

“We’re not sure,” Kevin said. “He is certainly wet behind the ears, seems not to have much of a life and never mentions a sex life. But we like him and we’d like to give it a try.”

But Will was more naïve and sexually repressed than they had imagined. When, by chance, he saw the twins making love he was horrified and almost ran away. But he had a long talk with the tribe’s leader Bob who explained the tribe to him and suggested that Will talk to the handsome Doctor Steve, a therapist and respected member of the tribe.

Steve got to the root of Will’s problems, asking first about his dad. “He’s very religious,” Will said, “and had always told me that men who liked men – you know, in that way, sir – were disgusting. It was evil and guys like that go to hell.”

Steve asked, “And do you like men in that way, Will?”

Will blushed deeply. “I … I don’t know, sir. If I ever thought I might, I pushed it away after what my dad said. I didn’t wanna do anything dirty, sir, and make my dad angry.”

“So tell me. When you masturbate, what do you think of?”

He blushed again. “I … I don’t jerk off, sir. My dad said that was wicked too. I‘ve had wet dreams, sir, where I wake up kind of sticky, but I never remember what I was dreaming of. I had a girl once that I liked, but then we tried going to bed and … you know … do it … it didn’t work.”

“You couldn’t get a hard-on?”

“That’s right sir. My dad found out and called me a sissy and all kinds of names and hit me. In the end he threw me out and I live on my own in a little studio apartment. Lately I became kind of friendly with the twins ‘cos they came into the store a lot and we talked about food and cooking. Then they offered me this weekend job and … so here I am.”

Finding Steve kind and easy to talk to Will opened up to him. He told him about seeing the twins make love and how horrified he was by his own erection. Then, earlier this morning he had secretly watched the tribe’s macho bosses Bob and Randy having rough sex in the garden. But this time he wasn’t shocked by it … he thought it looked wonderful and, as he watched, he jerked off for the first time in his life. “That wasn’t wicked, was it, sir?”

Steve smiled. “No it wasn’t wicked, Will, not at all. You are discovering yourself – you’re what we call ‘questioning.’ But the most important thing now is that you take things very slowly, one small step at a time, and don’t let anyone push you into doing anything you don’t want to.

“You’ve taken some initial steps already. You got a hard-on when you saw the twins make love. Then you went a step further watching Bob and Randy and actually stroked your cock and ejaculated … in secret so nobody saw you. And now I want to take it another step further. Those guys I came with – my lover Lloyd and his buddy, the handsome fireman Jason – got here early to work out together in Randy’s gym. And that’s where I’m taking you now.”

That was another revelation for Will. Feeling safe and relaxed with Steve he watched the two muscle-jocks work out competitively, ending up with Jason fucking Lloyd’s ass over a workbench. And now Will didn’t hold back. Yelling with excitement he pounded his cock to a huge orgasm – and not in secret this time but in the company of three hot and horny men.

When it was over Will looked at Steve in some confusion, but Steve said, “Will, you did just fine. You took another step, quite a big one. But here’s my advice now. The twins hired you for the kitchen, and I hear you’re doing a fine job there. So concentrate on that for now. Make your famous rhubarb pie and present it to all the guys and they’ll love you for it.”

“Sir,” Will frowned, “what did Jason mean when he said welcome to the tribe? And then he said I was the twins’ boy. I don’t understand.”

“Don’t go getting ahead of yourself, Will. Like I said, take all this one slow step at a time. Other new steps will come later but they have to come naturally. Don’t force anything. Stay close to the twins and do as they tell you. They are great guys and they’ll guide you. And you’ve also got Bob and Randy and me, so you’re in real good company.”

******************   CHAPTER 421   *******************

Will hurried back to the kitchen and washed his hands thoroughly, then put his dark green apron back on and reported to the twins.

Kyle, wiping sweat from his face with a cloth, grinned, “Everything go OK with Steve, Will? His methods can be a bit weird but they always work. I know I’m not supposed to ask cos patient/doctor stuff is private.”

“Oh I don’t care about that, sir. I can tell you guys anything … and it was amazing. But where are we at now in the kitchen, sir?”

“OK,” Kevin said. “A short while ago we took the three big roasts out of the oven and Brandon took them out to the table. You haven’t met Brian yet … ah, here he is.” Will was surprised to see another boy in a wheelchair. He looked a little like Brandon and smiled shyly.

“Hi, Will, I’m Brian, Brandon’s boyfriend. I work at the Grady House with Danny but we help out here at big events like today. I hear you’ve made rhubarb pies – I’ve never had that before. I’ve come to get the veggies to go with the roast – new potatoes and roasted Brussel sprouts. Looking forward to your pie, dude.” The twins loaded up his tray table and he rolled away.

“It’ll soon be time to put the pies in the oven, Will.” Kevin said. “How many have you made?”

“Eight, sir, eight slices in each, enough for the guys to have two slices each if they want. I’m serving it with a choice of ice-cream or yoghurt.”

And so Will had quickly become re-immersed in the vigorous kitchen activity as it reached its peak. And he loved it … he had never felt more alive – part of a team. It was almost enough to drive thoughts of sex from his mind. Well, almost. Several times he flashed on the image of Bob and Randy making love in the garden, and Jason fucking Lloyd in the gym.

In due course the pies came out of the oven, Will cut them into slices and Brandon and Brian carried them out. The four kitchen staff breathed a sigh of relief and slumped into chairs. Kyle poured four glasses of wine and offered a toast. “We did it, guys. To us!” They clinked glasses and Will had never felt happier in his life.

“OK,” Kyle said, “now comes the ritual. Will, it’s customary for the guys out there to thank all those who made this possible, so out we go. Let’s go in style.” He grabbed four white chef’s hats and they put them on. Kevin put one on Will and pulled it jauntily to one side. As they left the kitchen they were a classic sight in their uniforms of dark green aprons and chef’s hats.

They stood in the background watching Randy stand and make his speech. “Gentlemen, welcome. It’s great to see all you guys together and looking so fucking sexy. That includes the contingent from the Grady House, and our Uncle Mike and his boy Larry from Palm Springs. Thanks for working on the bikes, Larry. They run like a dream.

“I’m happy to say the new buildings are finished thanks to all the tough, sweaty muscle-crunching work of our great crew – my buddy Zack, Darius, Pablo, Nate and our ever-talking liaison Eddie. And look around at this gorgeous garden, men, transformed from the jungle it used to be thanks to our new gardeners Tyler and Finn. Give it up for the workers, guys.” The youngsters stood up blushing deeply.

There were loud cheers and foot stamping and Randy shouted above the din, “Not to mention our office staff Jamie and Brandon, plus the guy who found all the money to pay for it – a kinda scrawny, plain-looking nerd some of you may know, goes by the name of Bob.”

“Fuck you, asshole,” Bob grinned as he stood up to be engulfed in Randy’s arms and a long passionate kiss, to cries of “Hey, get a room …” “Turn the hose on those guys.”

Bob finally sat down and Randy continued. “Now the guys who made this celebration possible.  First the crew who set this up and waited on us, the ever-gorgeous and athletic Tommy and his crew Brandon and Brian.” Tommy did an elegant gymnastic back flip while the two boys did spinning wheelies in their wheelchairs.

“And last but not least … hey, you four back there, step forward. Gentlemen, our chefs who created this feast – Kyle and Kevin, Danny and our cute new redhead Will. Take a bow, boys.”

In unison they walked forward in their chef’s hats and aprons and made a low bow to acknowledge the cheers. Will took his cue from the twins as they bowed a second time, then took off their hats and whirled them triumphantly in the air. Kyle shouted, “And how about that rhubarb pie, guys?” The twins pointed down above Will’s head to renewed deafening cheers of “More, more, more!”

As Will took his place at table between the twins Randy grinned at him from across the table. “Hear that, Red? They really like you. I do too. You should stick around, kid.”


Randy took his place next to Bob, and Will found himself facing a sea of unfamiliar faces. In a moment of panic he looked at Kyle then at Kevin, who said, “Don’t worry, kiddo, you’re with us. They all like you but they won’t bother you ‘cos, crazy as they all seem now, they know when to leave a boy alone until he’s ready. So who do you want to know about?

Will looked shyly up and down the table and said, “Sir, that real handsome guy at that end talking to the other handsome guy. I went to see the latest Tarzan movie, couple of times, and he looks just like the guy who played Tarzan. I think his name was Grady something.”

“Ah yes,” Kyle smiled. “I thought that would come up. You’ve heard us mention the Grady House. Well it belongs to him and his lover Mario. And that is the guy who plays Tarzan.”

Will looked at Kyle wide-eyed. “Really, sir?”

“Yes, we’ll introduce you later, but it brings up an important point, Will. Whatever you see and hear while you’re here is private and stays here. That applies especially to Grady as he is so famous. So you mustn’t mention it outside of the tribe. That’s very important.”

“Oh I wouldn’t, sir,” Will said earnestly. “Anyway,” he smiled, “I have nobody to mention it to.”

Will had been aware of a boy right opposite him staring at him. What struck him was that he looked like a young gypsy, a younger version of Randy. The boy smiled. “Hi, Will, I’m Ben. I’m Randy’s brother and Jason’s boy. That pie you made was great, by the way.”

Will instantly felt at ease with the good-looking, rather shy young man with his swarthy look, shaggy black hair and pale blue eyes, just like his big brother. “When we all lived in Texas Randy was the oldest of six brothers and he took care of us all. He came to L.A. and I followed him a few years later. I hitched all the way from Texas.”

“No kidding,” Will said, his eyes opening even wider. “Dude, I bet you’ve got some stories to tell. And you say you’re Jason’s boy? I’m not really sure what that means, though.”

Ben smiled proudly. “It means we live together and he takes care of me and I do whatever he wants. And usually he wants to …” He blushed, glancing at the twins and said. “Well, never mind about that …” and he trailed off.

“I can’t believe you live with that gorgeous fireman. “You know, I used to have a calendar …”

“I know, all the boys here have it. But you wanna know something? Jason’s in a new calendar and he’s on the cover and on the July page. It’s not on sale yet but he got me a copy. It’s totally awesome. I’ll show it to you later if you want.”

Ben grinned, “Actually tomorrow is our anniversary of when I became Jason’s boy. I wanted to give him a surprise, a kind of birthday lunch …” He chuckled. “Except I’m hopeless in the kitchen so I guess I’ll have to order in, but it’s not the same is it?”

Will said impulsively, “I could help you. I’m a pretty good cook – ask the twins. I could get stuff from the grocery store I work at, bring it over to your house and cook it for you both.”

“Dude, that would be so cool, Ben said eagerly, but then frowned. “But I couldn’t afford to pay you what the twins pay you.”

Will blushed, more in frustration than shyness. “Ben, I would never take your money. I would love to do it. Don’t talk about payment.” He turned to Kyle. “Could I sir? Could I go to Ben’s place and help him cook lunch for Jason?”

The twins had been listening with growing satisfaction. What they wanted above all was for Will to feel comfortable and to make friends among the tribe. And he and Ben certainly seemed to have hit it off. Kevin said, “Will, you don’t have to ask us – but we’re kind’ve glad you did. We think it’s a great idea.” He chuckled. “Ben here can’t boil water without burning it and it would be perfect for him to give Jason a surprise anniversary lunch. But sshh, don’t say any more ‘cos Jason might hear you. Let it be a surprise.”

Will and Ben exchanged conspiratorial smiles and Will had a feeling he had made a new friend.


The atmosphere was loud and festive as it always was when the tribe got together. For the rest of the meal Will stayed safely between the twins and talked to them and Ben. He wasn’t yet confident enough to meet the other guys, though he got encouraging smiles from many of them.

Eventually the twins took Will back to the kitchen to start the cleanup as Brandon and Brian began clearing the table and bringing in the dirty plates. Brian came in with the eight pie dishes piled up. “Look at that, Will,” he said, “not a crumb left, they lapped it up. You gotta do it again when you cook for us next, or better still come up to the Grady House and …” He bit his tongue knowing he had gone too far. “’Course, that all depends on Mario and Danny.”

Outside the crowd had broken up into small groups and were sitting round chatting and drinking. The twins and Will prepared a succession of snacks that kept the guys going until at last some of them said their goodbyes and left.

It was quite late by the time most of them had gone and Kyle, Kevin and Will were kicking back, sipping wine, exhausted but happy that things had gone so well. Will asked for their advice on what he should cook next day for Jason and Ben. “Ben says Jason likes to eat healthy, like fish, so I was thinking maybe baked salmon and spinach and then perhaps a fruit flan.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Kevin smiled. “Here, we always start with a menu. Then make a list of supplies you’ll need.” They were working together on that when Bob came in to congratulate and thank them one more time. “Quite a show you put on, guys. So how did it feel, Will, being in the middle of all this frenzied activity?”

Will’s eyes sparkled. “It felt great, sir, I loved it. And Kyle and Kevin are letting me go over to Ben and Jason’s house tomorrow to help Ben cook lunch for Jason on their … their anniversary,” he said, still not entirely comfortable with that concept.”

“I heard about that and it’s a great idea.” Bob said. “But you know you didn’t really need the twins’ permission to do that. You’re a free man, Will. You do what you want to do.”

“Oh, yes sir.” Will looked disappointed. “But I wanted them to be OK with it, sir. It felt kinda natural for me to ask them.”

“Good,” Bob said, throwing a glance at the twins. “And use that debit card Brandon gave you to pay for the food. It’ll be my anniversary present to Jason and Ben. My, it’s late. You guys should call it a day.”

“Er, would you like to stay the night here again, Will?” Kyle asked. Then he grinned, “The guestroom still has that lock on the door.”

“Oh, I don’t care about the stupid lock, sir. All that stuff yesterday was just me being …well, you know. Thank you for today, guys. I loved every minute of it. The twins hugged him in turn then he turned shyly to Bob and held out his hand.

“Oh, I think we’re beyond handshakes, Will. We tend to be big on hugs around here.” Bob wrapped his arms round Will in a long, warm hug. When they broke free Will looked down at the bulge in his shorts and blushed. Bob noticed it too and smiled, “We’re big on those around here too, kiddo. Now get to bed.”

Will almost skipped out of the room and Bob looked at the twins with a shrug and a smile. “Guys, you have to decide what to do about Will. So far I think you handled it just right, and I’m going to leave his future up to you. Now I better get over to Randy in our house. I have a feeling I’m in trouble for saying ‘Fuck you, asshole’ to him at the table with everyone watching.”


Bob was right. When he went into the new house that just the two of them shared, Randy was already in the bedroom in his boxer shorts ready for bed. “I just dropped into the kitchen,” Bob said, “to check on the twins and Will.”

“Yeah, they put on a fucking great meal those boys of yours. And how’s the new kid doing?”

“He seems to be having the best time. Told the twins he loved every minute of today.”

“Especially watching us fuck, eh?” Randy said with a devilish grin.

“That too, I guess. But he still has a long way to go to find himself and we mustn’t push or entice him. After all he hasn’t touched another man yet, except for hugs of gratitude. I’ve told the twins they have to decide how they want to handle his future, if any.

“Huh, that’s easy,” Randy grunted. “The kid’s one of us. I could tell that when he refused to get a beer and told me the twins are his bosses. That’s the whole story right there. So now that’s settled, I got something else to settle with you, man. About that ‘Fuck you, asshole’ stunt you pulled with me in front of all the guys. You can’t get away with shit like that.”

Bob rolled his eyes. “Uh-oh, here we go again.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” They were standing at the foot of the bed face to face and Bob assumed an aggressive stance, kicking off the game they played every now and then.

“What it means is this, asshole – payback time. Who in the hell made you tribal chief, anyway – standing up, making speeches, ordering guys around? Young Will had the right idea … saying no to the rough tough gypsy for once. It should happen more often – cut you down to size.”

Randy started to protest but Bob cut him off. “No, don’t tell me. So I bad-mouthed you in front of the tribe and you’ve gotta teach me a lesson. You go all caveman, tie me down to the bed and pound my ass with your almighty club, like you tied me to that tree this morning. Well we been there, done that too often, big guy, and now it’s your turn to learn a lesson or two.”

Bob pressed his hand on Randy’s chest and shoved hard, so he fell on his back on the bed. Bob pulled off his shirt and towered over Randy who stared up at the square-jawed muscle-god, stripped to the waist in jeans, the top of his white shorts showing just above the waistband.”

“Shit damn mother-fucker,” Randy breathed in awe. “When you get mad you are one hot son-of-a-bitch. Look what you do to me,” nodding down at the tent-pole in his shorts.

“Yeah, and that’s not all I’m gonna do, bossman,” Bob sneered. He reached down, put his hand in the fly of Randy’s shorts, yanked hard and tore them clear off to the sound of ripping fabric. “Look at you, the tough construction boss naked on the bed. Oh sure you could jump up and fight and you’d probably win. But you’re not gonna do that, are you? ‘Cos you’re as helpless lying there as if you were tied up. But just to make sure, let’s try this.”

He grabbed one of Randy wrists, pulled his arm up to the corner of the bed and used the torn shorts to tie his wrist to the bedpost. Instinctively the gypsy’s stubbled face looked up at his bound wrist, and his bicep and shoulder bulged as he pulled against the restraint.

Bob teased him some more. “Why don’t you reach up with your free hand and untie your wrist, stud? I used the escape knot you taught everyone so all you have to do is pull. But you won’t will you? And we both know why, don’t we? It’s because the big macho construction boss wants to get his ass fucked. Am I right?”

“Fuck you, man,” Randy growled, but it was true. Right now there was nothing Randy wanted more than to feel his lover’s cock in his ass. He watched the shirtless superman pace round the bed, stroking the bulge in his jeans, taunting him. In a sign of submission Randy reached up with his free hand and grabbed the other corner post as if he were tied, spread-eagled. He pulled his heels up to his butt and raised his hips, offering his ass.

Bob said, “I gotta admit, man, that looks pretty hot – a big tough gypsy surrendering his ass. But you know what you gotta do – you know what I wanna hear. Nothing turns me on like hearing a macho alpha male beg – especially begging for dick in his ass. So let’s hear it.”

Bob stood at the foot of the bed and slowly unbuttoned his jeans. He pushed them down, let them fall and stepped out of them. “Oh fuck,” Randy moaned, staring up at the handsome dark-haired musclehunk in white boxer briefs hugging his slim waist and hips. Etched under the briefs the shape of his long rod slanted diagonally upwards from the bulging balls, the tip tauntingly visible just above the waistband.

Randy’s cock stood straight up oozing pre-cum but he held onto the bed-posts and moaned, “Fuck, I need it so bad.”

“Yeah, but this is one thing even you can’t order a man to do. You’re always the boss of every situation, throwing your orders around, getting everything you want. But now you’re helpless, big guy. The one thing you can’t force a man to do is fuck your ass, no matter how much you need it … and you need it real bad, don’t you? Only thing you can do, bossman, is beg.”

Bob slid his hands under the waistband of his briefs and pushed them down. As they fell his cock sprang out and pointed at Randy. Randy went wild, gripping the bedposts hard, his body writhing, muscles flexing, moaning in desperation, “Fuck … I wanna feel you inside me. I gotta have it. Please, man … you’re so fucking gorgeous I gotta feel your dick in my ass. I’m begging you, man. Please … please, sir … Fuuuck me!”

Bob smiled and stroked his cock tauntingly. He touched the pre-cum oozing from it, then bent down and ran his sticky finger over Randy’s lips, making him suck his finger as if he were sucking cock. He let the desperate man writhe a bit longer, then knelt between his legs and pushed them back. He stared into Randy’s pleading blue eyes. “My dick is as hard and as dry as a rock, and you are gonna feel it, mother-fucker.”

“Aaagh!” Randy’s head jerked back, his shaggy black hair flew wildly, his body convulsed and he screamed as the long shaft speared his ass and drove all the way down and over the inner sphincter where it settled in the fiery depths. Breathing heavily Randy gazed up into Bob’s dark brown eyes and groaned pleadingly. “Oh god, I love you, man. I gotta have you always … don’t ever leave me. I can’t live without you, buddy.”

“You’ll never have to, Randy. But there’s one thing you will have to do – submit your ass to me whenever I tell you to. So I can fuck the big gypsy bossman like this.” Bob pulled his cock all the way back, then plunged it in again … and again and again … at the start of a savage fuck that mirrored the one Randy have given him that same morning.

Bob had told Will that what he loved about Randy was his raw, rugged masculinity, especially when Randy used it to overpower him and fuck his ass. But there was something that could be even more erotic – watching that rugged alpha male submit, offer his ass and beg to get fucked.

Many men shared that core homoerotic fantasy – watching a master surrender his manhood to another alpha male. And there was no more rugged, dominant master than the macho gypsy, and no more powerful alpha male than Bob. It was a sight that never failed to enthrall the tribe watching the two lovers together, knowing that, for all his power and strength, Randy would always submit to the man he worshipped. It was Bob’s ultimate mastery that topped all others – the reason Randy was his slave.

And now the slave was getting his ass reamed as the master’s merciless shaft pistoned inside him. Any other man would have succumbed to the pain, but not Randy. He felt no pain as he gazed up into the chiseled features of the man he loved more than life. Bob leaned forward and clamped his hands over Randy’s flexing biceps, pinning them to the bed.

He smiled, “Now you know how much I love you, Randy, why I could never leave you. You’re the love of my life. And now I’m gonna make you do something you always make me do. And you’re gonna do it at the exact moment I tell you to.”

At last the piston in Randy’s ass slowed from a brutal pounding to a gentle caress, easing slowly

in and out of him. “Look into my eyes, Randy, the way you always do. I am everything you could ever want – your lover, your master, your slave. We’ll be together always, living together, loving together … and cumming together – as I’m making you cum now. Let’s do it bossman.”

Tears came to their eyes and they were united in mind and body … especially body as they climaxed in perfect unison, Bob pouring his juice deep in his lover’s ass while jets of semen blasted from Randy’s cock and splashed onto his own writhing body.

When he lay still Bob smiled, “Hmm, maybe I should leave you like that and fuck you all night.”

“Whatever you say, man,” Randy grinned. “You’re the boss.”


Wrapped in each other’s arms Randy and Bob were soon fast asleep – which is more than could be said for young Will not far away in the twin’s guestroom. He was so excited that he found it hard to sleep, running over and over in his mind all the new things that had happened to him, from the joy of working in the kitchen with the twins to the amazing sight of so many handsome men and boys all gathered together.

He recalled his talks with Bob and Doctor Steve, and the spectacle of Randy and Bob making love, and Jason and Lloyd fucking in the gym. Then his mind turned to tomorrow when he would be cooking lunch for the gorgeous fireman Jason and his boy Ben. He had got on really well with Ben and already thought of him as a friend.

He thought mostly of the twins who he looked up to as role models and hoped he could work with them again. He wondered what they were doing now in their room – probably making love as he had watched them do the night before. And that thought powered his dreams.

He rose early and went down to the kitchen where the twins were already preparing breakfast, and they gladly accepted his offer of help. When breakfast was over Kyle and Kevin went over Will’s lunch menu and packed up a box with utensils and condiments that Jason’s kitchen might not contain. Here, Kevin chuckled, tossing an apron and chef’s hat to Will. “You gotta look the part. You can return them when you come back.”

They hugged him, gave him a few last-minute suggestions and wished him luck. As he drove off one thought lodged in his mind. ‘When you come back?’ What did they mean by that? Did they expect him back? He had only been hired for the weekend. He shrugged it off and concentrated on the task ahead. First of all shopping, which he did efficiently and quickly.

He found Jason’s house easily, not far away at the end of a narrow road in a rustic area known as the Arroyo Seco, a tree-dense valley. It was not entirely Seco as a small stream still ran through it, forming one of the boundaries of Jason’s garden. Will walked tentatively through the gate not wanting to give away the anniversary surprise to Jason.

Ben came running out grinning broadly. “You came,” he shouted.

“Did you think I wouldn’t?” Will laughed. Then lowering his voice, “Where’s Jason?”

“It’s OK, he’s gone to the fire-station for a training session, they do them all the time. But he’ll be back for lunch. Then he’s working the night shift so he’ll be leaving about six o’clock, but that’ll give us time for a long lunch.”

“I guess being a fireman he’s gone a lot.”

“Yeah, and tell you the truth I get a bit lonely here on my own, though I’ve got my job as a mechanic at Randy’s construction site. It’s real quiet here at night and even a bit spooky when I hear the coyotes howling in the Arroyo. But dude it’s worth it when we’re here together. Like this morning when we woke up and he made love to me – he called it an anniversary fuck.”

“Dude,” Will said, “there are probably a ton of boys out there who could only dream of living with the fireman from that calendar.”

“Ooh that reminds me. I’ve got something to show you. After they brought the boxes from Will’s car into the kitchen, Ben pulled him into the bedroom. Will was taken aback by their big untidy bed, the sheets all rumpled, underwear tossed around, and a faint smell of semen in the air – all the remnants of their ‘anniversary fuck’, Will supposed, feeling his cock stir in his shorts.

Ben reached under the bed and pulled out the new fireman’s calendar he had mentioned, yet to go on sale. “Look at that, dude,” Ben smiled proudly. “The cover.”

Smiling out from the cover was Jason, and Will gasped. He was wearing his heavy tan firefighting pants with the suspenders hanging down at the sides, heavy boots and his peaked fireman’s helmet. And he was shirtless, his muscled body gleaming with sweat and marked with streaks of soot and dirt. He was holding a hose with a suggestive smile on his face.

Will’s cock was hard in his shorts as Ben flicked to the July page, and there he was again. He was wearing the same pants, still shirtless, but his wide red suspenders were now up over his bare shoulders, showing off his bare torso even more. And in this picture he was carrying his helmet, his handsome face crowned with an unruly mass of blond hair.

“Dude, those are great pictures. Stunning.”

Ben grinned, “Ain’t they? I’m thinking of buying a whole bunch of calendars when they go on sale, and giving them as presents to all the boys in the tribe. I’ll save one for you too.”

His head still spinning Will had difficulty focusing on anything else, but he pulled himself together and said, “Ben. We better make a start on lunch, eh?” Reluctantly they put the calendar back under the bed and returned to the kitchen.


While Ben unloaded the food, utensils and condiments, Will inspected the kitchen. “Wow, this is a great space, dude, great stove and appliances.”

“Yeah,” Ben said, “my brother Randy made sure of that when he renovated it. Only trouble is it ain’t used much, not for proper cooking anyway. When Jason has a day off he shows me how to cook but when I’m on my own it’s the microwave gets the most use.”

“Well, we’ll take care of that right now,” Will laughed. “The twins helped me with this so I know exactly what I’m gonna do, and you gotta help me, dude.”

“Oh I wanna be your assistant, Will, ‘cos I wanna learn.”

Will put on his dark green apron and they found one for Ben, a white one hanging unused in a closet. Then they got to work.”

Will was methodical and they worked comfortably side by side. They chatted as they worked and their conversation became more easy-going and frank as it went along. Ben told stories of his marathon hitch-hike from Texas to find his big brother Randy in L.A. But mostly he talked about Jason and was obviously crazy about him. In fact he shared intimate details of their love making until he suddenly blushed and stopped short.

“Oh, sorry, dude. I forgot. You’re not into all this kinda stuff are you? I mean the twins told me you’re OK watching other guys, even Jason and Lloyd, but you don’t actually do it yourself. I don’t want you to think I’m trying to recruit you or anything like that.”

It was Will’s turn to blush. “Bob said that word recruit is crazy, Ben, and I don’t mind you talking all you want. Matter of fact, if I can tell you how to cook, you can tell me how two guys make love. Like, I mean, how do you even start?”

Ben grinned, intrigued with the idea of him teaching another boy something. “Well, dude, I guess usually it starts with a kiss.”

“See, I can’t get my mind around that – two guys kissing.”

“It’s easy, and real nice. Here, I’ll show you.” Ben came close to Will, leaned forward and their lips touched. But when Ben pushed Will’s mouth open with his tongue Will recoiled.”

“Oh sorry, dude,” Ben said. “Too much, eh? I shouldn’t have …”

There was an uneasy silence, broken by Will. “Er, could we, like, try that again?”

“’Course.” They did it again and this time Will opened his mouth and their tongues met. Will pressed harder against Ben’s mouth, sliding their lips together, and it was some time before they broke apart. Ben grinned. “So did you feel anything … I mean like, in your cock?”

Will smiled, “Yeah … yeah I think I did. You’re right, dude … it’s kinda nice too.”

They didn’t try it again but both worked with smiles on their faces. Ben had a feeling Will had crossed a bridge … and Will felt so too.


When the food was ready they set up a table in the garden by the stream and tried to make it look classy with a white cloth and decent silverware. Ben had bought some roses that he now put in a vase on the table.

Just as they were putting the finishing touches they heard Jason’s SUV pull up. Will ran into the kitchen to check on the salmon, leaving Ben by the table grinning from ear to ear. When Jason came through the gate he stopped and smiled. “What’s all this?”

“Happy Anniversary, sir.”

“Kiddo, you’re magical, you know that. Come here my little gypsy.” Jason wrapped his arms round Ben and kissed his cheeks, his eyes and then his lips, long and hard. When he pulled back he grinned. “And what’s with the apron, kid? Don’t tell me you cooked lunch.”

“Not exactly sir. I, er, had a little help … a lot of help actually. Hey, Will,” he shouted.

Will came marching out, dressed in his apron and chef’s hat and carrying a tray of drinks and hors d’oeuvres. “Will, you look terrific,” Jason laughed. “Come here and get a hug.”

Will was vaguely disappointed that Jason was wearing just his regular navy blue uniform rather than the firefighting gear in the calendar, but he still looked stunning and felt great too as Jason pressed his body against him. “Will, this is real kind of you to help Ben out with his anniversary surprise. You’ll stay to lunch with us, won’t you?”

Ben’s eyes sparkled and he nodded eagerly at Will. “Well, thank you sir. Just for lunch then. And then I better go back to the twins and return my apron and the things I brought with me.”

From then on it was plain sailing. Lunch was a festive affair as Will lost his nervousness around Jason and asked all kinds of questions about the life of a firefighter. He and Ben laughed a lot and Jason was pleased to see that Ben seemed to have made a friend.

As the lunch was winding down he looked at both boys and said, “Ben, you know I’m working all night tonight and I hate to leave you all alone here. How would you like Will to spend the night here, keep you company?”

Ben’s shining eyes gave the answer and Jason said, “Will, if you have no other plans, do you think you could sleep over? It would make me feel a lot better about leaving Ben. I’d square it away with the twins, of course.”

The idea appealed to Will as he had been rather dreading going back to his dreary studio apartment after all the excitement of the tribe. Jason called the twins who loved the idea. Anything that made Will happy and boosted his confidence was fine with them.

After Will had cleaned up the kitchen he said goodbye to Jason and Ben who both thanked him profusely for providing lunch. Then he left them alone to continue their anniversary celebration, and he had few doubts as to how they would do that.


When Will got back to the tribe’s compound and rejoined the twins in the kitchen he had a vague, unusual feeling of having come home. The twins were in their lull between lunch and dinner so the three of them sat at the kitchen table and gossiped over a bottle of wine. The twins listened enthusiastically as Will described the lunch he had made, what went right and what didn’t. The twins offered suggestions to avoid the mistakes next time.

Will thanked them for letting him spend the night with Ben and, instead of their usual protest that he didn’t need their permission, they just smiled benignly. They had realized by now that Will needed the security in his life of having someone in charge whom he could respect and trust, a feeling he never got from his hostile father.

When Will got back to the house by the Arroyo Jason had left and Ben was on his knees weeding a flower bed. It struck Will as a rather sad, solitary picture of a boy all alone waiting for his master to get home from work. Will realized why Jason had asked him to stay and he was more than happy to spend time with his new friend.

The two boys had a great time together. Will helped him in the garden, then they went indoors, played video games, had a snack in the kitchen, then watched a movie when Will discovered one of his favorites in Ben’s extensive DVD collection.

They got to know each other well, with that welcome surprise of discovering all the things they had in common. They laughed a lot and, by the time they went to bed had that feeling, as with all the best friendships, that they had known each other for years.

Bedtime brought a moment of awkwardness when Ben said, “Er, we have a nice guestroom if you prefer but … well, when Jason’s not here I get kinda spooked sleeping alone, so …”

“You wanna sleep in the same bed?” Will asked brightly. “No problem dude. We can do that.”

“I promise I won’t lay a finger on you, Will, ‘cos I know you don’t like that, but there is one thing. See the bed, sheets all rumpled and Jason’s underwear all over the place? I leave it like that deliberately after we’ve had sex – makes me feel closer to Jason. But if you want us to change the sheets, I’ve got some clean ones …”

Will laughed “Nah, you should see my bed at home – it’s a tip. This looks just fine.” They were a bit shy at first about taking off their clothes but that soon went away and Ben took off his boxer briefs too as he did routinely. “I always sleep bare-ass naked, always have. Guess it’s the gypsy in me. But if you prefer me to …”

“I do too,” Will grinned. ‘Course with me it makes no difference ‘cos I always sleep alone. Saves on laundry too.” So they happily got on the bed naked, with a single sheet pulled up only to their waists as it was a warm night.

Side by side on their backs, careful not to touch each other, they started to doze. As he drifted off Ben was thinking of Jason as always. He was almost asleep as he turned onto his side, reached out and put his arm over his waist. Except it was not Jason. It was his pal Will.

He quickly pulled back in embarrassment and mumbled, “Sorry, dude, I didn’t mean that. Did I wake you up?”

Will stared up at the ceiling. “No sweat, dude. I wasn’t asleep … I can’t ‘cos … well …”

Ben opened his eyes, looked over at his bedmate and sputtered with laughter. The sheet over Will’s waist had risen like a circus tent. “Yeah, I get it dude.”

Blushing, Will said, “Ben, I think I gotta go to the bathroom and, like, jerk off or something.”

“OK, suit yourself, buddy.” There was an awkward silence. “Only there are other ways of dealing with a situation like that.”

Will frowned. “Like what?”

“Well, it probably don’t apply to you ‘cos I know you’re not into that kinda stuff, but a buddy can take care of it for you.” He waited for Will to recoil but he didn’t. He turned his head and looked into Ben’s blue eyes. “OK,” Ben said, “I’ll show you. But you can say stop anytime you want.”

Ben moved down the bed and got up in his knees. “He pulled the sheet down off Will’s cock that stood up stiff as a pole. “Wow, you have a real nice thing, dude. And you’re hot to trot, there’s pre-cum already. He leaned down, poked out his tongue and press the tip against the gauzy liquid at the tip. Will jerked and Ben said, “Want me to stop, dude?”

“No, no. It feels … wow …” Ben began again, licking the head of his friend’s cock, running his tongue round the hard sensitive corona to the sound of Will’s loud groans. He pulled back and said, “You haven’t met our buddy Eddie yet, but he’s the best cocksucker in the whole world and taught all us boys some of his technique. Want me to show you?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Will said breathlessly. “I’ve never done anything like this before, never let anyone touch me, not like this. You won’t tell the other guys, will you, Ben?”

“Just between us, bro,” Ben grinned. “OK, here goes … just say the word if you wanna stop.”

But he didn’t want to stop, no way. His body was alive as it had never been before as Ben opened his mouth and lowered it slowly down over Will’s cock. It was a whole different feeling from jerking off – the warmth, the softness of Ben’s lips – and it caused a sensation in his cock that spread through his whole body.

But there was something else, more than just the intense physical sensation. He looked down at Ben’s head, the shaggy black hair, the dark handsome face going down on his cock and … and he had never felt closer to anyone in his life. Is this what the twins felt when they made love? Is this what even the big bosses Bob and Randy felt when he had seen them making love in the garden? “Aaaah,” he moaned again and again as he felt Ben’s throat clench round his cock and the warm lips move up and down the whole length.

Ben used all the tricks Eddie had taught him, and he realized the responsibility he had. This kid had never touched a guy sexually before and never even thought of putting his cock in a guy’s mouth. It made Ben nervous, but excited and even empowered. This was Will’s first time, and it was up to Ben to make him feel so good he would want more.”

Will was breathing heavily now, his cock was shuddering and his body was on fire. “Dude,” he moaned. I think … I think I’m gonna cum … it feels so …”

Ben pulled off right away. “No, Will, you gotta make it last. If you cum too soon it’s like wham-bam-thank-you-man and it’s over.”

“How does it feel for you, Ben? I mean, does it taste … do you actually like … Oh I dunno.”

Ben paused, wondering if he dared to … then he took the plunge. “Do you wanna find out, Will? ‘Cos there’s something guys do all the time so they both get off. Jason and me do it, and it’s really great. We call it sixty nine, but I’m not sure if you …”

“I wanna try, dude,” Will said impulsively. “We can always stop if it … you know.” The next thing he knew Ben had turned round on the bed, lying on his side with his feet up at the headboard. Will found himself facing Ben’s cock that was hard as a rod. Was he meant to …? No he couldn’t do that. It was kinda disgusting to think of a man’s cock in his mouth and his mind flashed on all the things his dad had told him were dirty and wicked.

But suddenly he gasped as he felt Ben’s mouth on his cock again, and the thrill immediately came back. He looked down at Ben, whose blue eyes were shining as he feasted on Will’s cock. He was loving it, so … Will flicked out his tongue and touched the tip of Ben’s cock. That wasn’t bad, so he licked it. Then Ben suddenly pushed his hips forward and his cock was … inside his mouth!

When it touched the back of his throat Will gagged and choked, and he pulled off coughing loudly. But when he recovered he felt Ben’s hand reach down round the back of his head and gently push him back onto his cock. “Breath through your nose, dude,” Ben said, then went back to sucking. It was strange at first but gradually he began to relax … and even enjoy.”

He bit down on the rod in his mouth but Ben yelled, “No teeth, dude. First rule, no teeth. Purse your lips, use your lips.” Will blushed as he tried again, and this time it worked. He felt what Ben was doing to him and tried to do the same. It was incredible, sucking a guy’s dick while he sucked yours. They were both feeling the same thing – almost like sucking your own cock.

He still gagged a bit but not like before, and he learned how to control it. The problem now was the excitement that coursed through his body and centered on his cock, making it shudder in Ben’s mouth. As Ben sucked faster, so did Will. He lost all sense of where he was or what he was doing. He was consumed by the incredible sensation in his cock and the feel of his buddy’s cock pushing down his throat.

He lost control, his body spasmed, his cock caught fire and “aaagh” he screamed into the gag of Ben’s cock as his own exploded in Ben’s mouth in an orgasm, a whole sensation, more intense than anything he had ever felt in his life. But then he felt the cock in his mouth bulge, it pulled back and plunged in deep, pouring warm bitter sweet juice down his throat.

At first he tensed up, unable to move as his mouth filled with semen. Then he recoiled, jerked his head back and coughed. Desperately he reach for an empty glass by the bed and coughed into it, clearing his throat, spitting out the strange, pungent liquid that didn’t belong in him.

When he had rid himself of as much as he could he handed the glass to Ben. “Here, you want this?” he sputtered … and was surprised to hear Ben laugh. Ben pulled himself round to face Will and grinned, “I swallowed it, dude. Every last drop of your jizz – tasted great. And you did great – except for the teeth but everyone does that at first. I think even I did but damn, my first time was so long ago, the Ark was still afloat, so who the hell can remember?”

He laughed at his own joke and Will joined in as they rolled over the bed in each other’s arms. When they calmed down Ben said, “Seriously, though, dude, you should learn to swallow. I tell you, when I swallow Jason’s cum I’m in heaven. Look …” He reached under the bed and pulled out the calendar they had looked at earlier. Will gazed at the homoerotic picture of the muscular blond young fireman, shirtless in his firefighting gear.

Ben was on a roll. “See that, dude, that bulge in his pants? That’s his big dick in there. Picture it, you yank open his pants, pull out his dick and suck it into your mouth. And pretty soon the fireman shoots his load inside you … and you swallow it. Look at that man, dude, you are gulping down his jizz. It’s like nectar from a god – his is a god, a gorgeous blond muscle-god and his cock’s in your mouth and you are drinking his juice. I do it every day, and you wonder why I go around with a smile on my face?”

Will looked at Ben’s sparkling eyes, and threw his arms round him. “I love you, dude. Really, I actually do.” They pulled the blanket up over themselves and fell asleep in each other’s arms – the young gypsy and the new boy who, until two days ago, had never touched another man.


They got up early next morning and worked together to tidy up the bedroom for Jason. They stripped the bed, threw the linens in the washing machine and made it up with fresh sheets. Ben looked around and said, “There, it’s ready for him. See, when he gets home he usually crashes for several hours – sometimes with me, sometimes alone depending on his mood.

“It depends whether his company was called out during the night. If it’s a big fire he usually comes home exhausted, straight from the firehouse without stopping to change his clothes. Firefighting gives guys like him a rush of adrenaline and it’s still racing when he gets home, hot, horny and thirsty. What he wants at times like that is a beer and to get his rocks off, not necessarily in that order.

“See, Will, in the thick of the action he’s surrounded by big tough macho guys all pumped with testosterone and adrenaline. But when he gets home he wants the opposite. That’s why he likes to find me waiting for him – a young, kinda shy guy to take care of him.”

At that moment Ben’s cell phone rang, he snatched it up and listened. “Yes, sir. Oh, I’m sorry, sir. Sure, sir. Absolutely. Thank you, sir.” He shut off the phone and said, “The worst. He says it was a big warehouse fire over on the east side. They are the worst and it took them over five hours to knock it down. So like I said, he’s gonna need a lot of tender loving care. He’s on his way now.”

They just had time to get out juice from the fridge, put on a pot of coffee and grab a couple of cold beers before they heard his car pull up outside. They ran outside and stopped as he came through the gate. Will was spellbound. That was the picture in the calendar – exactly.

Jason was still wearing his tan firefighting pants and heavy boots and he was shirtless with the red suspenders pulled up over his bare chest. His sweat soaked uniform T-shirt was thrown over his shoulder. After the night’s exertions his muscles were still pumped and his face and bare chest were streaked with soot and grease. His goggles hung loose round his neck and he was carrying his big helmet.

Will was rooted to the spot, hardly able to breathe as he stared at the homoerotic picture that had come to life, even more spectacular in the flesh than on the page. With a whoop Ben ran across the grass to him and Jason flashed a dazzling smile. He clamped his helmet on Ben’s head and smiled. “Boy, you are a sight for sore, smoke-filled eyes, kiddo. And you look kinda cute in that helmet.”

“Rough night, sir?”

The worst. Here let me feel that body. He pulled him into a tight hug, Ben kissed him and they stayed like that for some time. When they broke apart Ben whispered in his ear at some length during which Jason looked over Ben’s shoulder at Will and grinned. Ben came over to Will who had the beer and said, “He wants the beer now, dude, and he wants you to take it to him.”

Will walked hesitantly forward to where Jason was standing by a garden bench. He pulled his goggles from round his neck and hung them on a corner of the bench. Then he shrugged the suspenders off his shoulders and let them hang at his sides from his waist. He sat down on the bench, leaning back with his legs manspread wide, his arms stretched along the back of the bench, and he grinned up at Will.

Will felt himself go weak, his legs buckle and he closed his eyes to steady himself. When he opened them the young shirtless fireman looked even more gorgeous and sexy than before, if that were possible. Jason reached one hand forward and grinned, “You gonna give me that beer or not, boy?”

“Yes sir, sorry, sir.” Will twisted the cap off and handed him the bottle. Jason took a long, deep swig and Will watched his prominent Adam’s apple move down and up in his throat. Everything about the muscled fireman man was supremely masculine and sexy to Will. Jason spread his arms along the back of the bench again, beer in one hand and looked up at Will. “So, kid, my boy been treating you well?”

“Y-yes, sir. Very well … very, very well actually.”

Jason chuckled, “Yeah he was just telling me about that. Your first time, eh? That’s amazing. Damn after a night with all these seasoned pros, big macho guys I’m in the mood for someone brand new – like fresh meat, eh?” he chuckled. “I don’t make you nervous, do I?”

“Yes you do, sir. I can’t help it.”

“Ah, sorry to hear that, ‘cos I got a little job for you. My boy may have told you that when I get home after a rough night I need to relax, get it all out of my system. And there’s one sure way to do that.” Suddenly his voice got harsher. “On your knees, boy.” It was a definite order.

Will’s legs turned to jelly and he fell to his knees between the fireman’s manspread legs. Jason grabbed the bulge in his pants and growled, “See this, boy? I got a head of steam building up all night down there and it’s straining for release. Gonna be one hell of an explosion. Think you can handle it?”

Will croaked, gulped hard and stammered, “Yes, sir. Yes please, sir.”

“Good. I can’t be your first, my boy already beat me to that, but I can damn well be the second. So go for it, boy. Let’s see if you’re as good as my boy says you are.” Jason took another swig of beer, then spread his arms back along the bench and spread his legs wider.”

Will’s head was swimming. He was dreaming, had to be. Last night after he had looked at the fireman’s picture in the calendar and Ben had described how it would be to suck his dick he had fallen asleep. He had dreamed it was real, still was dreaming, and soon he would wake up.

“Well what are you waiting for, boy?” The stern voice woke him up. But he had not been asleep. He looked up at the macho young fireman, at the handsome, square jawed face staring at him. His bare chest was streaked with dirt, his muscular arms stretched out sideways on the bench. Will’s awe-struck gaze traveled down from his face, down his neck, down the slabs of his pecs, over the ridges of his eight-pack abs, to the slim waist and … the bulge in his pants.

And suddenly he wanted it. At this moment he wanted the fireman’s cock more than anything in the world. He found the strength in his arms to reach forward and open the top button of the pants, then the next and the next until the fly lay open. He reached inside the undershorts and felt it – the hard shape of the fireman’s huge cock. He pulled on it and it sprang out, standing straight up, long and thick.

“See that, boy? It’s waiting for you, waiting for your mouth. You know what to do.”

Will gazed at the shaft in a trance. Right now it was the only thing that existed in his world … and he wanted it so bad. Trying to remember everything he and Ben had done last night he leaned forward and licked the long pole, tentatively at first, then with growing confidence. He licked lower and buried his face in the damp wiry blond pubic hair, stinking of sweat and piss.

The smell of the man intoxicated him and he pulled the balls out of the shorts. They too were sweaty and smelled of the grease that had seeped through the pants. Working on pure carnal instinct now he licked the stinking balls then opened his mouth wide and sucked them in, hearing the fireman’s deep groan above him.

Then he licked the cock all the way up, making love to it. Remembering how his own cock had jumped when Ben licked the hard corona at the base of the head he kissed Jason’s then licked it and heard the man groan, “Oh fuck, boy, yeah that’s it. Work it, boy, work that cock.”

Will was at the tip now, drawing out a long gossamer thread of pre-cum on the tip of his tongue. Jason was moaning loudly, breathing heavily, and growled, “Boy, you’re driving me crazy here. I said suck that cock … eat it.” He grabbed Will’s tangle of red hair and rammed his face down on his cock. Shocked, Will gagged and choked and thought he would suffocate, when Jason pulled his head back just in time.

“You’re not gonna wimp out on me are you boy? You do know how to suck dick, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. It won’t happen again, sir.” Desperate to please the young firefighter he lowered his mouth over the cock again until it was touching the back of his throat. As Ben had taught him he pursed his lips hard round the base of the cock, then pulled back, sliding all the way up to the head. He paused, then slammed is mouth down on the cock again.

“That’s more like it boy. Yeah eat that cock, man. Suck it, it’s yours, the fireman’s cock is yours, filling you mouth and you love it, boy, you know you do.”

It was true. Will wanted to eat the gorgeous cock, make love to it, worship it. He lost all inhibitions, all fears, and devoted himself to the object of his new-found lust. He learned quickly, how to tease, to clamp his throat round the cock, then breath warm air on it before licking the head, making the fireman groan for more, then plunging down again and swallowing it halfway down his throat.

Tears streamed from his eyes as he found new ways to please the muscle-god fireman, licking, kissing, even breaking Ben’s rule and biting it slightly. He knew from Jason’s howls and groans that he brought him to the edge of his orgasm several times until finally the fireman yelled, “I gotta cum, boy. You’re making me fucking cum. Damn that’s hot. Here it comes boy. Yeaahh!”

He grabbed Will’s hair again, pulled his face all the way up, then slammed it back down on his cock. Will’s face was buried in the stinking pubes as the cock erupted deep in his throat.

Momentarily everything went dark, and when he regained his senses seconds later Will found himself gulping hard, swallowing the bitter sweet liquid, the fireman’s jizz that poured endlessly from his cock. He drank it all … loving the musky taste.

At long last the flow slowed to a trickle and then stopped. His face was still buried in the fireman’s sweaty crotch when Jason pressed his hands gently on the sides of his face and pulled it up slowly. His cock fell out of his mouth and he gazed down at the exhausted boy, his face streaked with tears, cum trickling down his chin.

He pulled Will’s body on top of him and kissed him on the eyes. “Fucking beautiful, Will. You sure that’s only the second time you’ve sucked cock? Hey, Ben, get your ass over here.”

Ben ran over and he knelt next to Will, his eyes sparkling. “You did it, dude,” he grinned. “Every last drop.”

“Next time it’ll be both of you,” Jason smiled. “But right now, Ben, you’re gonna soothe my tired muscles in the shower, and then I need several hours sleep with you in my arms.” He smiled at Will. “And you, young man, we will see later – and very often. I’ve always wanted a friend for Ben and you, kiddo, are the one. We’re gonna have all kinds of fun.”

Just then, as if on cue, Will’s cell phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket, put it on speaker and Kyle’s voice came on. “Hey, Will, if you can tear yourself away from your new buddy Ben for a while Bob has asked if you can meet with him, Kevin and me up here in half an hour. It’s kind of important ‘cos we have a lot of questions to ask and suggestions about your future. Can you make it?”

“Absolutely, sir. I’ll be there.” He shut off the phone and Ben’s eyes gleamed. “Wow, that sounds serious, buddy. I hope it’s good news.”

Will smiled nervously. “So do I, dude. Keep your fingers crossed.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 422


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