Chapter 20


 The twins’ new, innocent young kitchen assistant, Will, has been sexually repressed by his dad who tells him man-on-man sex is evil. But that changes when Will secretly watches the tribe’s bosses, Randy and Bob, in a homoerotic session of what he learns is called rough sex. He comes further out of his shell watching two muscular gym jocks fuck after their workout. Will’s sexual education has just begun.

In the previous chapter

The upcoming gathering of the whole tribe would be a joyful occasion – but a lot of hard work for the identical twins Kyle and Kevin, who were Bob’s boys and the tribe’s chefs. So Bob was adamant. “Boys, you have to hire an assistant, at least part-time.”

“We’re way ahead of you, sir,” Kyle said. “We already have someone in mind. At the grocery store there’s a young kid who works in the produce section – a cute young redhead, just turned eighteen. When we go in there he talks to us a lot about cooking, and he has some really good ideas. He only works there part time and he’s looking for extra work.”

“Great. But, er, you don’t think he’d be kind of overwhelmed by working here surrounded by a bunch of guys? Things can get pretty raunchy around here, as you know.”

“We thought of that, sir, and we’re not sure,” Kevin said. “The boy is certainly wet behind the ears, seems to have not much of a life and never mentions a sex life. But he’s easy-going with us and we would like to give it a try.”

Later they told Bob, “His name’s William and he’s eager to come. He lives alone, no family, had a girlfriend once but says it didn’t work out. Seems lonely and kind’ve naïve. When we told him it would be all guys he said, ‘sort of like a stag party when a guy gets married’. Any advice, sir?”

“Remember,” Bob said, “you are chefs hiring this young man to assist you in the kitchen. His personal life is not your concern. You must judge William only how he performs in the kitchen.

One thing you absolutely must not do is nudge him in any particular direction in his personal life. A boy must find his own path in life, based on his own impulses and inclinations. He must not be directed toward any lifestyle by example or suggestion, is that clear?”

So William was hired for two days – Saturday afternoon to help with dinner for the group, and Sunday for the big gathering. Things went really well and Will lost some of his new-boy shyness as he worked with the twins in the kitchen. Several times he noticed the twins being very affectionate with each other, but he vaguely supposed that identical twins must always behave like this, didn’t they? But soon that harmless rationalization was totally shattered.

After Saturday’s dinner the twins’ suggested he stay the night in their guestroom, so they could make an early start in the morning. In his room William felt happier than he had felt in a long time. He wasn’t sure why this was, but he was sure looking forward to tomorrow. Before he got into bed he went down the hall to find the guest bathroom, but took a wrong and fateful turn.

He found himself at a door that was ajar. It was the twins’ bedroom and, hidden from sight, he watched in growing amazement and confusion as the twins made love. His first impulse was to turn away, but something kept him rooted to the spot as he watched them undress each other, hug and kiss. His confusion turned to horror as one brother fell to his knees and actually took the other’s cock in his mouth. And then they were on the bed and …

Will recoiled. No, this couldn’t be right. They were brothers, twins, and one was fucking the other. He was horrified, but like in a nightmare his legs wouldn’t move … he was condemned to watch with a mix of awe and repulsion as one handsome brother drove his penis into the other’s ass. It was horrifying … it was beautiful. It was a dream … a nightmare …

When the inevitable climax came Will realized to his horror that his own cock was rock hard in his shorts. Shocked back to reality his own erection disgusted him and he slapped at it, trying to make it go down. In a panic he had only one thought – to get away, out of danger.

As he stumbled downstairs the noise startled the twins who looked at each other in horror. They raced out of the house and caught up with Will at his car. He whirled round and yelled, “No, stop … get away, don’t touch me. My dad used to tell me what guys like you do to guys like me. You’ll try to recruit me, force me to do what you just did. But I swore to my dad I’m not like that. Just let me go. Please.”

“Oh, Will,” Kyle pleaded, “you can go if you like, of course you can. You’re free to do what you want. But please don’t leave us like this, hating us.”

“Will,” Kevin said gently. “Yes, my brother and I love each other, we always have, and in the way that you saw. But that’s us, Will, it’s what we feel, what we want. It’s not you, and we would never persuade you to be like us. Every guy should be free to choose for himself – to feel what he feels, to love who he wants in the way that he wants. Or not love at all, if that’s his choice.”

“Dude,” Kyle said, “we love working with you and really need your help tomorrow. If we promise not to touch you, ever, and not let anyone else touch you, won’t you come back? Your bedroom door has a lock and you can lock yourself in and feel perfectly safe. And tomorrow we’ll work together as we did today. Won’t you come back, Will – please?”

Will looked at the pleading twins and his panic lessened. “There’s a lock on the door, you say? And we wouldn’t talk about any of this? Like it never happened? You won’t tell anyone?”

They promised and Will relented. He walked sullenly back to the house and Kyle said to Kevin,

“We messed up, dude. We gotta take real good care of him – now more than ever.”

******************   CHAPTER 420    ******************

When the twins followed William upstairs to their apartment they heard his bedroom door close and the lock turn decisively.

They sighed and Kevin said, “Damn, I’m so sorry Will saw us making love. It must have been a real shock and I feel so bad for him. But it’s complicated ‘cos he seems to have a lot of hang-ups and insecurities. I know Bob said this is just a business proposition – we hired Will as our kitchen assistant and that’s it. But I still can’t help feeling responsible for him.”

“I know,” Kyle frowned, “me too. He’s such a great kid but I’m kinda out of my depth. I know we promised not to mention this to anyone but I wish we could tell Bob. Ah well, let’s sleep on it, bro, and see how Will feels in the morning.”

They curled up in bed and slept in each other’s arms as always. And they woke early next morning as they always did to get breakfast ready. There was no sound from Will’s room so they went down to the kitchen, started several pots of coffee for the guys and, while it was brewing, sat at the kitchen table to have their own breakfast.

A few minutes later they heard a door close upstairs and Will appeared looking poker-faced, obviously determined not to show any emotion. Kyle flashed a smile. “Hey Will, pull up a chair and have some breakfast. There’s plenty for all three of us.”

“’Morning,” Will muttered quickly, but they were grateful for anything as they did not relish the prospect of a day of silence. Another encouraging sign was that Will put on his dark green apron before helping himself to toast and oatmeal and sitting down with them.

The twins took refuge in work details, launching into a chronology of the tasks they were to tackle in order. “Breakfast will be informal today as it’s Sunday and the guys usually straggle down at different times,” Kyle said. “We’ll set up a buffet table outside. That way they can help themselves while we get on prepping the big meal for the whole tribe. It’s due to start at about one o’clock and will go on all afternoon, merging into dinner for those who stick around.”

“Actually most of the communal meals are set up outdoors by the pool,” Kevin explained. “There is a big dining room but the guys prefer to be outdoors in the warm Southern California weather. Once we’ve got breakfast squared away here’s a list of the things we have to tackle.”

Concentrating on the major job at hand helped them all avoid thinking about last night or, god forbid, talking about it, but they were all still aware of the elephant in the middle of the room.

Pretty soon Brandon wheeled himself in to carry stuff out to the breakfast buffet and said a cheery “Hi, Will – these guy got you in harness already have they?”

Kevin grinned, “So how are you guys getting on in your new house, kiddo? Have the Marine and the Ranger stopped brawling? You and Eddie still haven’t told us how you christened the place the first night.”

“Oh don’t worry, dude, Eddie is bursting to tell the whole sordid story. He’ll probably stand up and make a speech to the whole tribe later, with illustrations – if Pete don’t gag him first.”

Will deliberately let the boys’ light-hearted banter flow right over his head, though a part of him couldn’t help envying the easy companionship they all seemed to share, so different from his own solitary life. In fact he let most things flow over him as he concentrated on his work, glad that the twins kept him busy in the kitchen so he could ignore the comings and goings outside.

He was trying to banish thoughts and images of last night from his mind – without much success. His initial shock and horror had mellowed down to a mix of confusion and anxiety. The twins seemed like decent guys but if they did horrible stuff like he saw last night, what were all these other guys capable of?

One thing he knew for sure, he definitely would not get involved in any part of their lives outside the kitchen, where he felt fairly safe, and he trusted the twins’ promise to shield him from all that. And another thing was certain sure. Any memory of his own stiff erection as he watched the twins fuck was totally eradicated from his mind without a trace. It simply never happened.


A short time later Bob came into the kitchen. “Hey guys, just dropped by to see how the troops are doing. You settling in nicely William?”

“Yes thank you sir,” Will said politely but without a trace of a smile. Bob saw an anxious glance pass between the twins and felt tension in the air. He knew the twins intimately and his sensitive antennas always caught any hint of trouble. He knew instantly that something was wrong.

“Oh by the way, William, Brandon needs to see you again in the office – just a couple of formalities. He’s made up your time card to keep track of your hours and he’ll give you a temporary debit card in case the twins send you out to by supplies. I know it sounds a bit formal but if we didn’t keep track of things like this everything would soon go to hell in a handbasket.”

“Helena Handbasket – great name for a drag queen,” Kyle joked in an attempt to lighten the atmosphere, though it brought just a couple of weak smiles. There was a lull in the workload so the twins suggested that Will take care of the business right away, and he left the kitchen.

“OK, guys, what’s up?” Bob asked, but was greeted with an uncomfortable silence. Finally Kevin said, “It’s something we promised Will we wouldn’t talk about, sir.”

Bob sighed impatiently. “Look, guys, this is me you’re talking to. You know we have no secrets between us. I respect your pledge of secrecy but anything you say here will be just between us three. Now something’s wrong and I need to know what it is.”

The twins exchange glances again and Kyle cleared his throat. “Well, sir, something bad happened last night. You know Will was staying overnight in our guestroom upstairs. Well he must have been looking for the bathroom or something ‘cos he came to our door instead, which we had stupidly left ajar. And we were …”

“Oh dear,” Bob said. “You were making love and he saw you. But he didn’t watch did he?”

“Well that’s the strange part, sir. He could have just left but it seems that he didn’t. He stayed for the whole thing, and you know how that goes, sir.”

“Probably rooted to the spot in horror. What was it … sucking, fucking, the works?”

“Pretty much, sir.”

“Jesus Christ, and Will saw the whole thing? Poor kid, he must have been devastated.”

“He was, sir,” Kevin said. “He ran out to his car but we ran after him and he was angry and terrified. Said something dumb like his dad used to tell him that guys like us recruited guys like him and made them do the same horrible stuff. But we managed to calm him down and told him he could lock himself in his room, and we would never tell anyone or mention it again.”

Kyle looked shamefaced. “And that’s the elephant in the room, sir, and it’s all our fault. We messed up and we’re not sure what to do now, but it can’t go on like this. Thing is, sir, we really like Will and wanted to take him under our wing and teach him. But we messed up.”

Bob frowned in thought. “No, kids, it’s not your fault – if anything it’s mine. It was my job to tell Will exactly what he was getting into here, instead of letting him go on thinking it was just a bunch of guys at a stag party. The worst possible way for him to find out was by accident. I should have told him everything up front and let him decide if he still wanted the job.”

Just then Will came back in with the employment packet Brandon had given him. “All taken care of?” Bob asked cheerfully. ”Er there are a few other things I wanted to go over, William. Maybe we could go to my office in my house out there just across the lawn. Used to be the neighbors’ house next door until we pulled the hedge down.”

Will looked nervously at the twins who smiled and nodded encouragingly, so he meekly followed Bob out of the kitchen.


As they crossed the short space between the kitchen and Bob’s new house Will grew increasingly nervous and asked, “Sir, what are you going to do to me?”

Bob stopped, put his hands on Will’s shoulders and smiled into his eyes. “William, while you are here with us I promise that nobody will hurt you or make you do anything you don’t want to. In fact that’s the kind of stuff I want to talk to you about, but you don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to.”

Will stared into the soft brown eyes set in the handsome face and relaxed. “It’s OK, sir.” He followed Bob into the house and up to his office where Bob offered him coffee. They sat at a small table and Will, twisting his cup nervously, said, “Sir, have I done something wrong?”

Bob smiled. “Not at all, William, in fact it is I who have done wrong. I should have had this talk with you as soon as you got here. Er, I understand your friends call you Will. May I?”

“Of course, sir. I would like that.”

“OK, so here goes. Kyle and Kevin are my boys, Will, and I hope you stick around here long enough to understand what that means. One thing it does mean is that we share everything, no secrets. I don’t want you to get angry, but they told me what happened last night. And I promise you that it stays between us – no one else will ever know unless you give your consent.”

Will shifted uneasily and said, “I’m glad you know, sir. I can’t get it out of my mind and it would have been hard working with Kyle and Kevin without talking about it.”

“Good,” Bob smiled. “I should have described the setup here when you first arrived. This big gathering of men today is not a stag party. They all belong to what we call a tribe – men and boys who love each other. There are almost thirty guys living in various houses.. There are the men, sometimes called masters, including me, and most of us have boys who we love and protect. There are about six senior boys, including the twins, and the rest are junior boys.

Bob paused to see Will’s reaction – mostly a furrowed brow as the boy tried to take it all in.

“Almost all the guys live as couples, what we call lovers. One example is the twins whom you saw making love last night. I’m sorry you stumbled across that, I imagine it came as a great shock. But what they did is something all the other men here do in one way or another. Another example is myself and that big gypsy-looking guy who asked you for a beer yesterday.”

“Yes, sir, I made a big mistake when I refused him, but I didn’t know …”

“Of course you didn’t and nobody is blaming you. In fact Randy, that’s his name, was highly amused that you said no to him. Nobody ever does as he’s the big boss around here. He liked you for that, said you had balls, which is a big compliment coming from him. Randy can be very tough with men who challenge him but he loves all the boys and protects them fiercely.

“Randy and I are the founders of the tribe. We met by chance years ago and … and we fell in love. Yes, two macho alpha males and we fell in love, although we are very different. Randy is very physical – tough, quick to anger, quick with his fists. He works as the boss of the tribe’s construction company, which is very successful and supports the tribe. I run the business side and … well … do what I’m doing now – talk to boys who are confused or in trouble.”

“You mean, like, he’s the brawn and you’re the brain, sir?”

Bob laughed heartily. “Will, I do like you. Yes, you could put it like that. But here’s the thing you have to understand. Randy and I love each other … we make love and have sex together, doing what you saw the twins do last night – all of it, and other things besides.”

Will blushed. “Really, sir?”

“Yes, Will. What you saw last night with the twins was gentle love-making, but Randy can often be much fiercer. He’s the muscular gypsy construction worker with the stern look, the stubbled jaw and long black hair, and he can be savage sometimes when he makes love to me.”

“Does he hurt you, sir?”

“No, Will. He used to but not anymore – at least he doesn’t hurt me more than I want. But you see, I do want it, Will – that raw masculinity is what I love about him. But then suddenly he can be as tender as the twins were last night. A lot of the men here make love ferociously like that. It’s what’s called rough sex and there’s a lot of it going around in the tribe.

“Right now, for example, Randy is at the construction site. He went over there this morning to meet with one of the foremen who challenged his authority. That’s something that makes him real mad. The foreman is as big and tough as Randy and they may even go mano-a-mano in a fistfight to sort it all out. If they do he’ll come home all riled up and most likely take it out on me. But I love it when I stare into those hypnotic blue eyes of his while he pounds my ass.”

Will flinched and Bob said, “I’m sorry, Will, I’ve gone too far. But I didn’t want to pull any punches. I didn’t want to insult your intelligence and sugarcoat things.”

“Like that ‘stag party thing’, sir?”

“Yes, Will,” Bob smiled. “The only stags here are the human ones who lock horns sometimes in territorial disputes that usually end up with one man pounding the other’s ass. Sorry, there I go again being too graphic. But now I’ll give you time to decide whether you want to leave us and pretend all this never happened. Nobody would blame you if you did. But I know the twins like you very much and say you’re doing a great job, so they would be sorry to see you leave.”

Bob paused and in the silence Will frowned in thought. “Sir,” he said at last, “I don’t need time to decide. I really like working in the kitchen with Kyle and Kevin and they have been real kind to me. So was Brandon in the office, and … and now you, sir. It’s sort of exciting to think of cooking for thirty people and I don’t want to let the twins down. So I would like to stay, sir.”

“I’m very glad to hear it, Will,” Bob smiled. “Before you go, let me make one other thing clear. While you are here nobody will ask you about your own sexuality. That is a private matter and nothing to do with any of us.

I am sure that the junior boys especially will take you to their hearts. It’s what they call circling the wagons around a boy who is troubled or confused. But nobody will try to persuade you to change or to become like us. That awful word ‘recruit’ is absolute nonsense and nothing like that will happen here, OK?”

“Thank you, sir.”

“And one last thing, Will. One of the men you will meet is Randy’s brother Steve. Except for the blue eyes and the muscular build he’s quite the opposite of Randy – a Beverly Hills therapist who has helped most of us through tough times with private therapy sessions. If things get too much for you or you just want to talk, there is no better guy than Doctor Steve and I’m sure he’d be happy to talk to you. You can say anything you like to him and it stays strictly confidential.”

Just then they heard a roar of an engine, a screech of brakes and a truck door slam. “Oops, that’s Randy. And it sounds like he’s in a rage. I know the signs. I’ll come down with you.”

Bob shook hands with Will who said, “Thank you, sir.” Impulsively he hugged Bob briefly, then pulled away in embarrassment. They went down to the garden to face Randy.


‘In a rage’ barely described it – Randy was a fearsome sight. As Bob predicted, there had obviously been a fight and Randy bore all the marks of it. He was dressed as always in his work gear – dirt-streaked jeans, heavy boots and an old sweaty tank over his muscular chest. But the shirt was torn down one side and hung loosely from one shoulder.

“Fucking son-of-a-bitch asshole,” Randy growled. “Tough mother-fucker, but I showed him who’s boss.”

“Did he quit?” Bob asked.

“Nah – in fact he’s got more respect for me now. He knows where we stand. He’s a good worker – just needed to be taught a lesson is all.”

Suddenly Randy caught sight of Will standing nervously behind Bob – and his whole demeanor changed. Will was to witness the extraordinary difference in the two sides of Randy as his dark angry face suddenly broke into a broad smile. “Hey Red, how you doin’, kiddo?” He ruffled Will’s hair. “You know, you’re the first redhead we got in this crowd. Suits you, boy. You settling in OK? Bob been giving you a pep-talk has he?”

“Ye …yes thank you, sir.”

“Yeah, we’ve all had to sit through the one of those. Thinks he’s the top dog around here but we know better, don’t we?” He put his finger under Will’s chin, pushed his face up and stared down at him with his seductive pale blue eyes. “Listen kiddo, anyone gives you a bad time you come and tell me. I’ll take care of you and they damn well won’t do it again. Now get your ass back to the kitchen, Red, ‘cos I hear you’re doing a great job and the twins need you real bad.”

He ruffled Will’s hair again – “love that hair, kid” – and Will ran back to the kitchen, feeling strangely elated and not upset this time by the hard-on in his shorts. Also, he knew beyond a doubt what he wanted. He wanted to watch.

In the kitchen the twins were kicking back taking a breather and Kevin asked, “How did it go with Bob, Will? Everything OK.”

Will managed a smile. “Yes, sir, very OK actually. Er, could I go up to my room for a minute?”

“Sure. As you see we’re taking a breather ‘cos the prep is more or less under control. We won’t start Phase-Two, the actual cooking, for half an hour or so, so go clean up and have a rest. We’ll call when we need you?”

Will ran upstairs and Kyle grinned at Kevin. “Wonder what that was all about, bro?”

“Dunno. But he looked kind of excited. Must be something Bob said”


In the private garden by the new house Bob knew exactly what was coming – and it made his cock stir in his jeans. Randy was ranting again. “You know, dammit, you treat a guy well, give him authority over a crew, and when I tell him he fucked up over something he takes it as a challenge. Well no asshole challenges me … ever. I tried to reason with him …”

“… for all of ten seconds,” Bob grinned.

“Whatever. I could see he was spoiling for a fight …”

“… and you weren’t?”

“Whatever. So I gave him a fight – knock-down-drag-out. Fuck, he’s a big tough son of a bitch. He got in some good punches, had me crawling on the ground, dammit. Took a while but in the end I was too much for him, had the mother fucker pinned to the ground, could have finished him off but he gave up, called me boss.”

Bob could read between the lines. It had been a real brawl and the guy gave Randy as good as he got. It could have gone either way and it took all of Randy’s strength before he finally came out on top. And an evenly matched fight like that, one Randy had to struggle to win, unnerved Randy’s sense of his own invincibility.

Randy was the boss, always, had to be, and when he met a guy who could take him the distance and almost win he had to prove to himself his own dominance. As Bob had said to Will – “He’ll come home all riled up and most likely take it out on me.” And now his fierce blue eyes piercing him like lasers confirmed that beyond a doubt. If he could top Bob, the most virile, most beautiful man he knew, he would reaffirm his position as undisputed boss of his world.


Upstairs Will had discovered that the window of his guest room in the twins’ apartment overlooked the garden where Randy and Bob were facing off. The window was open so he could hear everything, but fine sheer curtains shielded him from view so he could watch unseen.

And this was different from watching the twins last night, which had happened by accident and shocked him. This time Bob had opened up to him and told him what to expect when Randy came home angry after a fight, though he still found it hard to believe that two such handsome macho guys like this could actually have sex.

But it wasn’t just curiosity that made him watch now. He found himself thinking of Bob’s gentle smile and Randy’s piercing blue eyes that had caused his cock to stir. This time he wasn’t rooted to the spot in horror. He wanted to see this and it didn’t even matter if his cock got hard.

He watched spellbound as the two men confronted each other and Randy said, “You know what I want, man … what I gotta have.” Will’s eyes opened wide as he saw Bob slowly pull off his white V-neck T-shirt and stood facing Randy stripped to the waist in jeans, his flawlessly muscular body gleaming in the morning sun.

He was one of the most beautiful man Will had ever seen, and it made his dick hard. Bob kicked off his loafers and stood barefoot in jeans for a moment before unbuttoning his jeans and letting them drop. He now faced Randy in just white boxers and Will could see underneath them the shape of his long hard cock. Bob pushed his hands under the waistband of his shorts, pushed them down and down and stepped out of them buck naked.

Will was close enough to see Randy’s eyes flash as he stared at his naked lover, his cock standing out like a pole from his thick, dark pubic hair. But the boy wasn’t ready for Randy’s savage tone as he said, “Mother-fucker, now I’ll really show you who’s boss around here.”

Why was he angry at Bob? Bob said they were lovers, so why …? Then Will remembered what Bob had told him. ‘When a man challenges Randy it makes him really mad. After a fight he comes home all riled up and will most likely take it out on me.’ Even though this was all new to Will he sensed that Randy was using Bob to vent his anger, as if he was the rival who had challenged him. And Will’s cock shuddered.

He gasped as Randy reached forward, clamped his hand on Bob’s shoulder and forced him down on his knees in front of him. With his hand behind Bob’s neck he pulled his face forward and forced his mouth onto the bulge in his filthy jeans. He ground his crotch hard against the handsome face, then pulled back, ripped opened his pants and pulled out his massive cock.

As Bob stared up at Randy Will thought his square-jawed chiseled features looked like Superman. And when his mouth sagged open it was like a naked Superman kneeling in submission and surrendering to a rival.

Randy grabbed his dark hair and yanked his face forward so the thick shaft drove into his open mouth until Bob’s face was buried in Randy’s pubic hair. “Yeah, eat it, mother-fucker,” he growled. “Eat the boss’s cock.” Still holding Bob’s hair in his fist Randy pushed his head back, then pulled it down on his cock again, making the big man sputter and choke.

Will turned his face away. It was horrible to watch this kind, beautiful, muscular man being humiliated like this, forced to suck the construction boss’s huge cock. He couldn’t watch anymore. But then he remembered Bob’s other words to him. ‘Randy doesn’t hurt me more than I want. You see, I do want it, Will – that raw masculinity is what I love about him.”

Well if Bob really wanted this … Will turned to the window again and saw Randy driving his cock in and out of his mouth, making Bob choke. Spit flowed over his chin and tears streamed from his eyes. Surely he can’t take much more, Will thought, and at that moment Randy pulled his cock back out of his mouth leaving Bob coughing and sputtering. “What d’ya say, asshole?”

“Thank you, sir.”

Will was shocked to hear those words from this powerful man who resembled Superman, but he was even more astonished when Randy suddenly bent down, put both hands behind Bob’s head … and kissed him ravenously. Bob reached up and ran his hands over Randy’s chest, then pulled Randy’s face down lower into an even more passionate kiss.

Randy pulled back and stroked Bob’s face tenderly. “I love you man. God, I love you.” Then he stepped back, pressed his boot on Bob’s chest and shoved him on his back on the ground.

Gazing at the muscular superman lying naked on his back Will was unaware that he had pulled his own cock out of his shorts and was stroking it.


The action speeded up. Randy grabbed Bob’s wrists and dragged him on his back over the lawn to a tree. Will watched in growing amazement as Randy yanked at the torn tank hanging on his body and ripped it off. He wound it into a rope and tied one end to one of Bob’s wrists, then pulled the rope round the base of the tree and tied the other end to Bob’s other wrist.

“No,” Will moaned softly as he stared down at the disturbing sight. It was as if Superman had been captured and tied up naked. Lying on his back Bob’s arms were stretched up above his head. Tied to the tree his magnificent body writhed on the ground trying to get free. Above him loomed the ferocious gypsy, stripped to the waist, his stiff rod sticking out of his pants still wet with the spit from Bob’s mouth.

“You lubed it good,” Randy growled, his eyes blazing down at his captive. “And you know where it’s going, man.” He dropped to his knees between Bob’s legs, grabbed an ankle and pushed one leg up high, exposing his ass. “You want this bad, don’t you, stud?”

“You know I do,” Bob said, staring up into the laser blue eyes.”

Last night Will had watched one twin fuck the other’s ass and he had recoiled in shock. But this was different. In a way Bob had prepared him by explaining his love of Randy and his fierce, magnetic sexuality. So although it looked as if the bound Superman were in jeopardy Will knew that Bob wanted it and that Randy would not hurt him more than he wanted.

That knowledge helped Will’s acceptance of what he was witnessing, which was sorely tested as he watched Randy push Bob’s leg further back, gaze down at him and press his cock against his exposed ass. And suddenly …. “Aaaagh!”

He saw Bob’s head jerk back and heard him howl, as Randy plunged his thick shaft deep in his ass. Will flinched, looked away and took his hand off his cock. But when he turned back to the window he was amazed to see the look of euphoria on both men’s faces as Randy pounded his lover’s ass, driving his cock in deeper and harder with each thrust.

As Will stroked his own cock faster his body was charged with an excitement he had never felt before. Watching these two handsome powerful men make love in this extreme way should have appalled him … but the reverse was true. It thrilled him and all his former distress and inhibitions were driven away by the extraordinary sight of the men in the garden beneath him.

He stared down at the shirtless construction worker, his muscles flexing as his hips moved up and down and his cock pistoned in his lover’s ass. Bob’s body shuddered as he stared up at the swarthy gypsy face, the square cut jaw, long black hair and piercing blue eyes. It was a picture Will would always keep engraved in his memory, a picture that now brought him to life with feelings that overwhelmed him.

He watched as the attack on Bob’s ass slowed and Randy bent lower, their faces only inches apart. He heard Randy say, “That was just to show you who’s boss, buddy. But now I’m gonna make love to your ass … and to your eyes. I gave that asshole a good thrashing but now I need to make love. Tell me you love me, man. I need to hear it real bad right now.”

“You know I do, Randy. No one can give me what you do. You can do anything to me, anything you want to. And you know you can make me cum just by looking at you. Make me do that, Randy. Please.”

Will had heard every word but frowned, not quite sure what was happening. He saw Randy’s cock easing slowly in and out of Bob, saw Bob tremble. But it was more than that … it was the way they were looking at each other, as if they were in another world, their own world. He knew he was getting a glimpse of the love that is possible between men, a concept he had always rejected as shameful and unnatural.

Will was pounding his cock now as he gazed down at the leaders of the tribe making love. He saw their bodies tense, saw Randy pull all the way out, pause, then enter Bob again and push in slowly, inch by inch. And still they stared into each other’s eyes as Bob said, “I love you, man. You feel so good inside me. Cum inside me, please, Randy. I’m so close … oh fuck I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum …. Here it comes … I love you man … I love you … aaah!”

In a trance Will saw Bob’s cock shudder and blast a stream of semen over his heaving chest, then another, while Randy pulled back one last time, plunged his cock deep inside his lover and howled triumphantly, “Yeaah.” Will knew the gypsy’s semen was flowing inside Bob and the sight of the two spectacular men drove him over the edge.

He pounded his cock, felt a sensation in his balls he had never felt before, felt it racing up his cock until, “Aaah … aaah … aaah.” His body shuddered and his cock erupted in a stream of cum that blasted out and slammed against the window. His cock kept pumping semen in an explosive orgasm, the first real orgasm he had ever experience in his repressed world of sexual rejection and denial.

Everything changed. It was as if he had left his sepia world and found a door that led to a new world blazing with color. He was light-headed, surprised by joy.

At last, his orgasm ended and his cock ran dry. His adrenaline drained from him and he realized that he was not floating, he was planted firmly in the real world. It had been drummed into him that man-on-man sex was dirty and if he was ever involved in it he would feel degraded and ashamed. And those were the negative feelings that started to wash over him now.

But then he looked through the window and saw Randy and Bob … in each other’s arms, kissing, hugging, loving and laughing with joy. And Will knew for sure this was not degrading, not a thing to be ashamed of. These two men had done nothing wrong, quite the opposite … they had made love. Bob’s kind brown eyes and Randy’s pale blue eyes had made love. It was not wrong – it was wonderful.

But the real world pulled him back. Still dazed he stuffed his cock back in his shorts, then grabbed a towel from his bed and set to work cleaning the window that streamed with his cum. It was not perfect but soon he had cleaned off enough cum to escape notice. He quickly put his apron back on and ran downstairs.


When he burst into the kitchen he was a boy transformed. The twins looked up and saw not the silent, sullen youth of before but one who glowed. His expression had changed from somber to sunny and there was a new spring in his step. He had blossomed from a nice-looking kid to a positively handsome young man.

“You have a good rest, Will?” Kyle smiled.

“Yes thank you, sir.”

The new improved Will was clearly not the result of bedrest but there was no time to go into that. They had work to do, and Kevin said, “Will, we would like to introduce you to our good friend Danny who’s come to lend a hand. He is the talented chef and house manager of the Grady House not far from here, and his specialty is as a pastry chef.”

Will looked at the goof-looking young man with tousled hair and dancing eyes, wearing tan khakis and a white polo shirt over an obviously lithe, muscular body. He shook Will’s hand and smiled, “Hey, Will, I’ve been hearing all about you – and your famous rhubarb pie.”

Will blushed. “Well, hardly famous, sir. I mean you’re a professional pastry chef and I just cook for myself and play around with food. I do like rhubarb though and I brought a lot with me.

“So I see. I haven’t used rhubarb much in desserts but it does have a distinctive taste, so how about we get together and you show me how you prepare it?” Danny put on one of the dark green aprons and, although he was the chef for the famous Grady, it was understood that today the twins were in charge in their own kitchen. “So, guys, what would you like us to do?”

“Well,” Kyle said, “the division of labor seems pretty clear, eh bro?” looking at Kevin. “Sure,” Kevin agreed. “While we two are gonna be busy with the three big roasts and all the trimmings for the main course, why don’t you guys handle the appetizers and dessert?”

Any thoughts of sex were temporarily subdued in Will as he got down to work with Danny, who asked how he made his pie. “Well here’s what I do with the rhubarb, sir, I’ll show you. The problem I usually have is with the pastry and getting it nice and flaky.”

“Ah, well you’ve come to the right man, Will, ‘cos pastry is my forté. There are a few little tricks that’ll give you great results every time …”

And so the morning progressed with all four boys concentrating hard on their work. They found that they developed a rhythm of working comfortably together, four guys in one kitchen, and everything progressed nicely for the next few hours. Even though Will was absorbed in his task, when he was working alone chopping and mixing his thoughts kept flashing back to what he had seen from his bedroom window.

He was elated but confused, with an edge of anxiety and embarrassment creeping in all the time. He knew what he felt but didn’t understand what he felt or why he felt it. It was all so new – uncharted waters – and he would love to talk about it. But he couldn’t talk to the twins because he would have felt uncomfortable going back over what they had done last night. Bob had been really kind when he spoke to him earlier, but he obviously couldn’t talk to him and reveal that he had watched him and Randy making love in the garden.

So he kept his head down and, though he worked hard and was a great help in the kitchen, the ever-sensitive twins sensed that there was something on his mind, especially after he had come back from his ‘rest’ with a mysterious gleam in his eye. They felt responsible for him but he evidently had some deep issues that were beyond their ability to help.

But the solution was at hand. They had reached a point in their preparations where the appetizers were all done, and the pies were ready for the oven. Danny had gone on a break and the twins were still working on the main course, the three roasts.

When Danny came back in Kyle said, “Will, why don’t you take your break now? Danny will help us with the main course and things will crank up to high gear for you when the guys are ready for dessert later and your pies go in the oven.”

Kevin added. “Right now Tommy, who you haven’t met yet, will take over with the junior boys, setting the table and serving drinks to the early arrivals. So now would be a good time for you to relax for a while, get your strength up for the tough stuff later.”

Will was grateful for the break where he could be alone to try to sort out his thoughts and feelings. So he took a bottle of water outside and sat at a small table in the garden just outside the kitchen. The first of the arrivals came through the gate, three guys who were obviously together and in a good mood – and Will could hardly believe his eyes.


Will saw Brandon and another boy go up to greet them and offer them drinks. Two of the guys were in gym clothes … and one of them Will knew! Not personally, of course, but he had seen him in a picture and …and … He pushed the memory from his mind.

Suddenly the third man looked up and noticed him. And that’s when Will got another shock. As he came toward him Will saw that he looked just like Randy. Well, not just like him. This man was wearing casual beige slacks and a crisp white dress shirt. He was clean shaven with shorter hair than Randy but he had the same handsome, square-cut features and pale blue eyes and an obviously muscular body under his smart shirt.

His face broke into a warm smile as he came up to Will. “No, don’t tell me. You must be William, right? The only redhead in the whole crowd. Looks very good on you, suits you.”

Will jumped to his feet and said, “That’s what Randy said, sir. He calls me Red.”

“Yep, that sounds like my brother.” He shook Will’s hand with a firm grip. “I’m Steve, Randy’s brother. You may have heard of me from Bob.”

“Yes, sir. You’re Doctor Steve.”

“That’s me, kiddo, Shrink to the Stars – and there are plenty of stars in this crowd as you’ll find out. At least a lot of them think they’re stars. Which they are in a way, I suppose. So how’s it going for you here, William? May I call you Will?”

“Of course, sir. And it’s going very well. I like the twins and working in the kitchen, and Bob is very kind and very handsome …”


“Excuse me, sir?”

“I heard a ‘but’ coming. Is there something you’d like to talk about, Will?

Will shifted uneasily and frowned. “Sir … is it true what Bob said that you talk to guys who have problems? ‘Cos if it is I really would like to …”

Steve flashed another smile. “I understand, and of course we can talk. Right now if you like.”

Steve took Will back into the kitchen and spoke to the twins. “Hi, guys. I know how busy you are, but is it possible for me to borrow Will for a while? I would like to talk to him.”

“Of course, sir,” Kyle said. “We’ve come to a pause while all the guys gather. That’ll take a while, so talk for as long as you like. Why don’t you use Will’s room upstairs? You’ll be nice and private there.” Will looked anxiously at them and Kevin smiled. “It’s fine, Will. In fact it’s a very good idea. And when you come back it’ll be time for your rhubarb pie.”


Up in the guestroom Will closed the door behind them and sat facing Steve across the small table. “Sir,” Will said, bursting to tell him something. “Those two guys who came with you. I know one of them, sir. Not the dark-haired one, the other one. Well, I don’t actually know him but I’ve seen him in a picture …”

“Ah,” Steve chuckled, “the famous fireman’s calendar. Yes, that’s our Jason, the gorgeous stud fireman. Most of the boys have that calendar under their beds. Do you?”

Will blushed. “Not anymore, sir. I only had it for a short while ‘cos when my dad saw it he got angry and threw it away …said it was indecent, a fireman with no shirt on.”

“Tell me more about your dad, Will.”

“Well, sir, when he saw me with the calendar he thought I liked men … you know, in that way. He’s very religious and had always told me that men who liked men in that way were disgusting. It was evil and guys like that go to hell.”

“And do you? Do you like men, Will?”

He blushed deeply. “I … I don’t know, sir. Like, if ever I thought I might, I pushed it away after what my dad said. I didn’t wanna do anything dirty, sir, and make my dad angry.”

“So tell me. When you masturbate, what do you think of?”

Another deep blush. “I … I don’t jerk off, sir. My dad said that was wicked too. I … I‘ve had wet dreams, sir, where I wake up all kind of sticky, but I never remember what I was dreaming of. I had a girlfriend once and we liked each other, but then we tried going to bed and … you know … do it … but it didn’t work.”

“You couldn’t get a hard-on?”

“That’s right sir. My dad found out and called me a sissy and all kinds of names and hit me. I was scared of my dad. And when he found me with that calendar he went crazy and … and threw me out. I lived rough for a while until I got a part-time job at the grocery store, saved up and found a little studio apartment where I live on my own. Safer that way.”

“You have any friends?”

“Not really, sir. I mostly stay home and I like to cook for myself. But I became kind of friendly with the twins ‘cos they came into the store a lot and we talked about food and cooking. Then they offered me this weekend job and … so here I am.”

Steve smiled. “And what’s happened since you came here?”

Will blushed even deeper and hesitated. “Will,” Steve said, “what you tell me is strictly between you and me. I’m a licensed therapist and I’m not allowed to tell anyone what we talk about.”

“Well, OK sir. Last night I slept in this room and before bed I went looking for the bathroom and went to the twins’ bedroom by mistake. The door was open a crack and I saw them making love. I should have run away but I stayed and watched, I don’t know why. I was shocked but it was, I dunno, kinda beautiful, sir.

“But then they, like, finished and I suddenly looked down and my own cock was hard. That really disgusted me. I tried to swat it away and then panicked and tried to run away. But the twins caught up with me and asked me to stay. They’re such great guys, sir, that eventually I came back and locked my door.”

“Has anything else happened since then, Will?”

“Well, this morning, sir, Bob talked to me for a long time and told me all about the tribe. I thought it was a kind of stag party, but it’s not. Bob told me that he and Randy were lovers and sometimes had what he called, er, rough sex, I think. Then Randy came home real mad ‘cos he’d had a fight at work, and Bob had already told me Randy would take it out on him.

“Sir, I know it was wrong but I really wanted to watch, so I came up here and watched from that window. And Randy actually tied Bob up and fucked him real hard. It was incredible, sir, they looked so hot, and without thinking I stroked my cock. And when they, you know, had their climax … so did I, sir. I stroked my cock until it pumped semen all over that window. It was … it was my first time, sir, and … and it felt wonderful. I thought I would feel ashamed, but I didn’t. It wasn’t wicked, was it, sir?”

Steve smiled. “No it wasn’t wicked, Will, not at all. Actually, what you are doing is discovering yourself, the real you. You are what we call ‘questioning.’ But the most important thing now is that you take things very slowly, one small step at a time, and don’t let anyone push you into doing anything you don’t want to.

“You’ve already taken some steps. Let’s see. So far you have looked at Jason’s picture, then last night got an erection when you saw the twins making love. And today you went a step further watching Bob and Randy and actually stroked your cock and had an orgasm … in secret so nobody saw you. So now I want to take it another step further.

“Those two men I came with, Jason and my lover Lloyd, arrived early before the gathering gets started so they could work out together in Randy’s gym down in the basement. And that, Will, is where I’m taking you now.”


Will liked Doctor Steve. He already liked Bob and his quiet kindness, and Randy who, tough as he was, had ruffled his hair, called him Red and said he would protect him. And now this guy was kind of like a combination of the two – strong like Randy and gentle like Bob. So Will trusted him as he followed him down to the garden, then through a door that led to a flight of stairs.

“This leads down to the gym Randy built for all the guys to use,” Steve explained. “He often acts as their trainer. And this is where my lover Lloyd and the fireman Jason came to work out. They’re both gym regulars and often work out together before a gathering of the tribe.” Steve chuckled. “They say it works off the calories and allows them to eat more.”

When they went through the door at the bottom Will blinked in the sudden bright lights after the gloom of the stairs. When he opened his eyes he gasped and grabbed Steve’s arm. “Oh, sir.”

It was a large, well-equipped gym, and in the middle, shirtless in gym shorts and sneakers were Steve’s lover and … and the fireman from the calendar picture Will remembered so well.

Steve squeezed his hand. “Will, this is really still part of your therapy and you don’t have to do anything you dislike. We don’t have to stay and we can leave at any time.”

“No, sir,” the boy said decisively, “I want to stay, sir. If you’ll stay with me.”

“Of course I will,” Steve smiled. “I’m your therapist – and your friend, I hope.”

On seeing the fireman, Will got an instant erection and, far from hating it or being confused by it, he welcomed it. It reminded him of how he had felt watching Bob and Randy. Steve called out, “Hey, guys. Sorry to interrupt your labors but I’ve brought our new chef Will with me and we’d like to watch you work out if you don’t mind.”

“Mind?” Jason laughed. “I love an audience, Doc, you know that. I’m a narcissist, and proud of it. Why do you think I work out so hard and pose for calendars?” He came forward and flashed a smile at Will who thought his legs would cave in.

“Hey, Will, welcome to the tribe. I’m Jason. He gripped Will’s hand in a tight handshake and squeezed his shoulder with the other hand. The sudden movement caused a few drops of sweat to fall from his face down onto Will’s and he blinked. His cock jerked and he almost creamed his shorts. It was as if the gorgeous fireman had stepped out of the calendar and was actually here, in just gym shorts – he could touch him, hear him, smell the sweat of his muscular body, feel it drip on him.”

“Oh, sorry, dude,” Jason said and gently wiped Will’s face. “Sweat kinda goes with the territory around here.”

Lloyd approached and shoved Jason aside. “Hey, stop hogging the limelight, big guy, and showing off for the kid here. Hi, Will – Lloyd, Steve’s lover and Jason’s rival. Yeah, we’re workout partners but it always becomes a competition. And guess what the prize is for the winner. Hey, we can do better than a handshake.” The handsome gym jock wrapped his sweaty arms round Will and hugged him tight.

When he broke away he grinned at Jason. “OK man, let’s get back and see how much you can press. You’ve been fucking feeble so far.”

As the gym buddies got back to their friendly rivalry Steve steered Will over to two chairs against the wall where they had a view of the whole gym, reflected endlessly in wall to wall mirrors. They sat side by side and Steve said, “You OK, Will? Let me know if it gets too much.”

“No, I’m fine sir,” he said, eyes fixed on the two muscular jocks. “I definitely want to stay, sir.”

Steve glanced at the gleam in Will’s eyes, far different from his earlier shyness.

Lloyd and Jason were already well into their workout and, as usual their competitive streak was heating up. As Lloyd lay on the bench and Jason stood behind him spotting him, the rep count was a measure of their relative strength. Jason leaned forward over Lloyd who found himself looking up Jason’s shorts and his dick swinging under them.

“Asshole, get that dick out of my face, it’s a distraction.”

“Not what you said the last time it was in your ass, dude.”

Will was mesmerized watching the two men move from one piece of equipment to another, grunting with effort, their muscles rippling and gleaming under the lights. All the time they were trying to one-up each other until finally Lloyd said, “I’d say it’s a draw so far, man. You ready for the usual tie-breaker or are you gonna wimp out on me and give me the win?”

“Fuck you, man,” Jason grinned. “Let’s do it.” They walked under a pair of chin-up bars hanging down from the ceiling. Many were the times these had been used by pairs of macho jocks as the deciding contest to declare a winner. Lloyd and Jason jumped up, grabbed the bars and hung from them a few feet apart face to face, locking eyes and flexing their muscles.

“Usual stakes?” Lloyd said. “Winner takes the loser’s ass? Man, I can’t wait to humiliate the arrogant fireman and tame his tight ass.”

Will held his breath as the contest began, the two men pulling themselves up on the bars in a series of lifts, moving in unison, staring defiantly into each other’s eyes. They held the position with their chin above the bar for three seconds before lowering themselves and starting again.

It was an awesome sight. When Will had looked at the fireman’s picture on the calendar he had wondered what it looked like when he moved, and now he was seeing that same perfect physique in a muscle crunching trial of strength that strained his shoulders, biceps, chest and lats. From the corner of his eye Will saw Steve rubbing his crotch and he did the same.

Will was dying to touch his cock and was relieved when Steve whispered in his ear, “I always love watching Lloyd do this. So I’m gonna pull out my cock … feel free to do the same, Will.”

Man and boy stroked their cocks as the contest continued and the count reached twenty. Both athletes were showing signs of exhaustion, with Will silently rooting for the fireman. And at last exhaustion overwhelmed them both and they hung from the bar, unable to do one more lift.

“Another draw, buddy?” Lloyd panted.

“Fuck you, man,” Jason growled. Will watched as the magnificent body streamed with sweat, muscles aching, the face grimacing in pain, and he willed Jason to make one last superhuman effort. His body tensed, muscles flexed … and slowly, agonizingly, he began to rise. “Yes,” Will blurted out. “You can do it, sir.”

With his last ounce of strength Jason pulled himself up until his chin was over the bar, held it for a count of three, then dropped to the ground. Lloyd, unable to match the effort, dropped too.

“He wins! The fireman wins again,” Jason shouted, his sweat-drenched face ginning in triumph as he faced the mirror and flexed his biceps in a dramatic bodybuilder pose. Then he turned to Steve and Will. What do the two refs say? Fireman wins?”

Will smiled up at Steve and nodded eagerly. Steve said solemnly, my fellow ref and I have conferred and the verdict is … the fireman wins. Take your prize, champ?”

“Fuck,” Lloyd said loudly, but there was a gleam in his eye and Steve knew very well that Lloyd had been longing to surrender his ass to the fireman. He loved getting butt-fucked by Jason.

Lloyd threw himself face down on a high bench that faced the two spectators. He, reached down and grabbed the front legs while his ass hung over the back. Jason yanked at Lloyd’s shorts and they fell round his feet. Then the fireman loosened his own shorts, let them drop and stood in naked glory, his cock fully erect as he pumped his fists in a triumphant “Yeaaah!”

Will was pumping his dick hard now and Steve whispered “Slow down, kiddo. Not yet.”

Jason spat in his palms, rubbed them together and spread his spit over his cock. He stood behind his victim and pressed his hands on the back of Lloyd’s narrow waist. “Your ass is mine, dude. I won, and now your ass is mine. Brace yourself, stud. You’re gonna get fuuucked!” Jason grinned straight at Will ... and slammed his cock deep in Lloyd’s ass.

Will was dazzled by the spectacle of the two gym jocks fucking. The gorgeous young fireman from the picture had pushed his magnificent body to the muscle-crushing extreme, had beaten the other athlete … and was now fucking his ass! His body looked spectacular, his muscles ripped after his supreme effort, gleaming with sweat, his rugged, square-cut features intensely focused as he pounded ass.

Will was pounding his own cock now and Steve whispered in his ear, “It’s OK, kiddo, I’m right there with you. Let’s do it together.”

Jason looked magnificent riding Lloyd’s ass. He raised his right arm, pumped his fist in the air and yelled, “Your ass is mine buddy.”

Enthralled, Will yelled, “Yeah, ride him, sir … fuck his ass. You look so hot, sir. I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum … aaagh.” Staring at the naked fireman pouring cum in his buddy’s ass, and hearing Steve groan next to him, Will felt his own juice rising up his cock and blasting out of it … for the second time that day.


Will had climaxed at the same time as the men and now everything went momentarily blank. Slowly he came back to the real world, opened his eyes and saw the two muscle-jocks hugging. Then they broke apart, put on their shorts, and Jason came over to Will, pulled him out of his chair and threw his arms round him.

“Outstanding, kiddo. We should do that again, soon.” He saw a warning frown from Steve and said, “Well, whenever the twins say it’s OK. You’re their boy aren’t you?”

“Well, sir. I’m helping them in the kitchen right now but …” Steve stood up and saved him. “Which is where you’ve got to get back to pronto, Will.”

Jason turned to Lloyd. “Damn, all that exercise has made me hungry as a horse, buddy. But we’ve gotta save room for that rhubarb pie everyone’s talking about.”

Steve laughed. “Well you won’t be getting any unless Will gets back to the kitchen, ‘cos he’s the one making it.”

“OK, Doc. Come on Lloyd. Let’s go get cleaned up and change into something more presentable than sweaty gym shorts.” Jason threw his arm over Lloyd’s shoulder and they left.

Will looked at Steve in some confusion. “Sir, did I … I mean, was I …?”

“Will, you did just fine. You took another step, quite a big one. But here’s my advice now. The twins hired you for the kitchen, and I hear you’re doing a fine job there. So concentrate on that for now. Make your pie and present it to all the guys and they’ll love you for it.”

“Sir, what did Jason mean when he said welcome to the tribe? And then he said I was the twins’ boy. I don’t understand.”

“Don’t go getting ahead of yourself, Will. Like I said, take all this one slow step at a time. Other new steps will come later but they have to come naturally. Don’t force anything. Stay close to the twins and do as they tell you. They are great guys and they’ll guide you. And you’ve also got Bob and Randy and me, so you’re in real good company.”

Will hugged him. “Thank you, sir … thank you for everything.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Will. You did it all yourself. You go on like this, kiddo, and I see a great future for you.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 421


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