Chapter 22


The handsome Identical twins invite the inexperienced new boy, Will, to become their boy. In an act of gratitude he kneels before them and they double-team him – one at a time, then both together. Then Will watches the pornographic spectacle of the hot young mechanic Pablo pounding the ass of his awestruck freckle-faced boy Tyler.  Pablo treats Will to a stunning act of kindness that reduces the boy to tears.

In the previous chapter

Will had come a long way in three days. He had cum a lot too.

Working part-time in the produce section of a grocery store he had met the twins Kyle and Kevin who shopped there often. They had hired him for a weekend to help them cook for a gathering of the whole tribe at the tribe’s compound.

He loved working in the kitchen but it came as a shock to see all these good-looking, horny men gathered together. Will had no experience of man-on-man sex, none at all. His abusive father had told him the very idea of men with men was disgusting and any man involved would go to hell. Will had never even masturbated, believing that too was a sin. Eventually his dad threw him out of the house and he now lived alone in a small studio apartment.

But a couple of days with the tribe changed everything, and a series of events opened his eyes wide. First he accidentally saw the twins making love. What horrified him most was his own erection that he tried to swat away. Next day he secretly watched the tribe’s macho bosses Bob and Randy having rough sex in the garden. But this time he wasn’t shocked by it … he thought it looked wonderful and, as he watched, he jerked off for the first time in his life.

The tribe’s therapist Steve took him to watch the two gym jocks Jason and Lloyd work out competitively in the downstairs gym of the compound, which ended with Jason fucking Lloyd’s ass over a workbench. And now Will didn’t hold back. Yelling excitedly he pounded his cock to a huge orgasm – and not in secret this time but in the company of three hot and horny men.

His own sexuality confused him and Doctor Steve said, “You took another step, Will, quite a big one. You’re what we call questioning, and my advice is to take it one slow step at a time. Don’t force anything. Stay close to the twins and do as they tell you. They are great guys and they’ll guide you. And you’ve also got Bob and Randy and me, so you’re in real good company.”

Next day was the day of the big party where Will loved the hectic activity in the kitchen working with the twins. And at the party he made a new friend – the sexy young gypsy boy Ben, who was the boy of the handsome, muscular young fireman Jason. Will had seen pictures of Jason in the fireman’s calendar, dressed in his firefighter’s gear but shirtless.

That night Will stayed at the house of Jason and Ben. Jason was working the night shift so Ben and Will slept together and finally, for the first time, he touched a man. And not only touched him. Ben sucked his cock and they ended up in a sixty-nine position sucking each other off.

In the morning Jason came home after a long grueling night, dressed exactly as Will had seen him in the calendar – shirtless in heavy work pants and boots, red suspenders over his muscular chest and broad shoulders. Jason was still racing with testosterone and adrenaline, horny as hell, and he sprawled on a bench, leaning back with his arms spread along the back, his legs spread wide. “I don’t make you nervous, do I?” he asked the trembling boy.

“Yes you do, sir. I can’t help it.”

“Ah, sorry to hear that, ‘cos I got a little job for you. My boy may have told you that when I get home after a rough night I need to relax, get it all out of my system. And there’s one sure way to do that.” Suddenly his voice got harsher. “On your knees, boy.” It was a definite order.

Will’s legs turned to jelly and he fell to his knees between the fireman’s manspread legs. Jason grabbed the bulge in his pants and growled, “See this, boy? I got a head of steam been building up all night down there … gonna be one hell of an explosion. Think you can handle it, kid?”

Suddenly Will wanted the fireman’s cock more than anything in the world. The naïve young boy who until last night had never touched another man, unbuttoned Jason’s pants … and took his cock all the way down his throat. Using the tricks he had learned from Ben the night before he was thrilled to be servicing the rugged muscle-jock. He finally brought him to a spectacular climax and swallowed every last drop of the fireman’s bitter-sweet juice that poured into him.

When it was over Jason pulled Will on top of him and kissed him on the eyes. “Beautiful, Will. You sure that’s only the second time you’ve sucked cock? Hey, Ben, get your ass over here.” Ben ran and knelt next to Will, his eyes sparkling. “You did it, dude – every last drop.”

“Next time it’ll be both of you,” Jason smiled. “But right now, Ben, you’re gonna soothe my tired muscles in the shower, and then I need several hours sleep with you in my arms.” He smiled at Will. “And you, young man, we will see later – and very often. I’ve always wanted a friend for Ben and you, kiddo, are the one. We’re gonna have all kinds of fun.”

Just then Will’s cell phone rang, he put it on speaker and Kyle’s voice came on. “Hey, Will, if you can tear yourself away from your new buddy Ben for a while Bob has asked if you can meet with him, Kevin and me up here in half an hour. It’s kind of important ‘cos we have a lot of questions to ask and suggestions to make. Can you make it?”

“Absolutely, sir. I’ll be there.” He shut off the phone and Ben’s eyes gleamed. “Wow, that sounds serious, buddy. I hope it’s good news.”

Will smiled nervously. “So do I, dude. Keep your fingers crossed.”

******************   CHAPTER 422    ******************

After a long hug from his new best friend Ben, Will took off in his little beat-up car and drove up the hill headed for the tribe’s compound.

He had never felt more alive, his mind crowded with conflicting emotion – excitement, wonder, confusion, and nervousness about what came next. The last two days had been a whirlwind, launching him into a whole new world of possibilities he could never have imagined, so different from the solitary, repressed life he had lived so far.

The sex had been mind-boggling, especially with Ben and Jason, but the image that was uppermost in his mind was something less dramatic – the pleasure of working with the twins in the kitchen – cooking, chatting and relaxing afterwards.

They were an astonishing couple, identically beautiful but also calm, confident, kind, and very supportive of Will as he felt his way in this new world. Maybe their poise came from being the boys of the stunning alpha-male Bob, leader of the tribe with his lover Randy. Bob’s self-confidence had probably rubbed off on them and they were certainly young men Will could respect and try to copy.

As he drove he flashed on the night he secretly watched the twins making love to each other, a sight that had appalled him, sexually repressed as he was at the time. He had never seen anything like this – and they were brothers too!

But now, in hindsight, his feelings were different. Since then he had seen other men make love – Bob and Randy, Jason and Lloyd in the gym – and he had even had sex himself with Ben and Jason. So now when he thought back to the beautiful twins making love it seemed wonderful – something he would love to see again.

But his mind was wandering and he pulled himself together and focused on the upcoming meeting with Bob and the twins. He had no idea why they wanted to see him, but hoped it would lead to more part-time work with the twins. The alternative was a bleak prospect of returning to his solitary life in his little apartment and occasional chats with the twins in the produce section of the grocery store where he worked.

But this time they had only needed his help with a special event, so why would they offer him more work now the event was over? Maybe even if they didn’t they would let him come and visit sometimes. Also, he felt he had struck up a good friendship with Ben, so maybe he could visit him and stay in touch with the twins that way.

Ah, he thought, he was being silly to speculate about things that might never happen. Besides, he was approaching the gates of the compound, so he would soon find out why they wanted to see him. He pulled up, took a deep breath, and got out of his car.


When Will walked into the compound he was struck by how quiet it was, especially after all the raucous activity of yesterday. All the guys must be at work, he thought, which he was glad about as it would have been uncomfortable coming face to face with someone he didn’t know. As he walked toward the kitchen Kyle and Kevin came out to meet him.

They looked stunning as always, in identical dark blue T-shirts, white shorts and sneakers and Will scanned their faces trying to guess their mood and intentions. But all he got was the same friendly smiles as always.

“Will,” Kyle said, “thank you for being so prompt. Bob has asked us to meet him in the office just over there. You went there when you first came here, to see Brandon and sign your forms for temporary part-time employment.”

Will’s heart sank at the words temporary and part-time which to him seemed to close out the possibility of more. But he followed the twins to the office where he was surprised to see not only Bob sitting at the conference table, but also Brandon and his boss Jamie, the handsome young blond he barely knew.

Bob stood up with a big smile and shook Will’s hand. “William, welcome back. You know Brandon of course but you haven’t formally met our office manager Jamie, who is Mark’s boy. Mark is the blond police officer you saw at lunch yesterday. Can’t miss him – he’s the one looks like a Greek God.”

“Great to really meet you at last, Will,” Jamie smiled, standing up and shaking his hand. Will was dazzled by the striking blond casually dressed in tan board shorts and T-shirt, but he had a fleeting impression that the atmosphere was more formal than usual, with Bob calling him William and handshakes instead of hugs.

The twins took their places at the table with Brandon on one side of them, Jamie on the other and Bob sitting a slight distance away. Will sat across the table facing them, and Bob began.

“Will, thank you for meeting with us. We asked you here for several reasons, all inter-related, and I would first like to ask a few questions before handing over the meeting to the twins. First, and most important,” Bob grinned, “how did your evening go with Ben and Jason?”

“Oh.” Will was slightly taken aback by the question and answered shyly. “It … it was great, sir.” Nervously he blurted out, “And I learned to suck cock, sir.”

Bob smiled, “A handy skill to have around here, Will,” provoking grins round the table.

“That’s what Ben said, sir. I slept with him and we did … er, I think he called it sixty-nine. Does that sound right, sir?” he frowned.

“Word perfect,” Bob chuckled, “and music to my ears.”

“And the next morning, sir, Jason came home after fighting a fire and he looked just like that calendar picture – you know, no shirt. And he told me to suck his cock so I did and drank every drop of his cum, sir.” He blushed deeply realizing he had blurted out stuff he hadn’t been asked for and probably had nothing to do with this meeting.

But Bob smiled, “I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed it, Will. I think all the boys still jerk off to that calendar picture and you got a taste of the real thing. Also, without knowing it you’ve just answered most of the points I was going to raise, so I’ll let the twins take over.”

“Thank you, sir.” Here it comes, thought Will.

As always the twins took turns to speak and often completed each other’s sentence. Kyle began. “Will, we were very impressed with your kitchen skills yesterday and enjoyed working with you. How did you feel?”

“Sir, it was about the most fun thing I ever did. I loved the cooking and everything and especially being with you and Kevin …” He winced, thinking that was too personal. Kevin smiled, but then dashed his hopes of future work. “Of course, those events don’t come up often and most of the time we can manage on our own.”

“Oh, yes sir.” Then in a bold attempt to salvage something, “But I could maybe work part-time for you and part-time at the grocery store … maybe …”

“Er, that’s actually not what we were thinking of,” Kyle said, dashing Will’s hopes even further. The twins glanced at each other, then at Bob. Kevin smiled at Will. What we had in mind was offering you a full time job. When Jason called us yesterday to ask if you could stay the night there he mentioned how great the lunch was that you cooked for him and Ben. He thanked us for letting you go over there and help Ben out, said it was a great idea.”

“And that set us thinking,” Kyle took over. “Quite often the other houses need help cooking, either because the boys can’t cook, like Ben, or because they need more help, like some of the big parties at the Grady House. So you would be a kind of roving chef. 

"Much of the time, though, you would be helping us here because Bob says we work too long hours. I must confess it would be great not to get up at crack of dawn as we always do, and have someone else cook breakfast occasionally. Does that sound like something you would like to take on?”

Will gulped, then cleared his throat and stammered, “Yes, sir, very much. Thank you, sir.”

“The only thing is,” Kyle said with a slight frown, “it would mean you making some changes. You would have to give up your job at the grocery store and you would have to relocate – I mean, give up your apartment and move into the compound here. There are several options but we think the best would be for you to move permanently into our guestroom if you wouldn’t mind sharing our apartment with us.”

Will’s mind was reeling and his mouth was opening and closing like a goldfish. It was Jamie who unexpectedly saved him. “Will, the way our office works is that I mostly work on the construction company business and Brandon handles the household and payroll. So he’ll explain the details later, but generally speaking, boys who live and work in the compound get free room and board and a salary. You’ll find the pay is pretty generous, and …”

“Oh I’d work for nothing, sir. I don’t care about the money, I just want to come here and …”

Bob chuckled, “I’m afraid working here for nothing is not an option Will. But can we take that as a yes – that you would like to accept the twins’ offer?”

“Oh, yes please, sir. Nobody’s ever offered me anything like … I mean I’ve always been alone and …” To everyone’s surprise, Will included, his eyes brimmed with tears that started to flow down his cheeks. Embarrassed he wiped his face with the back of his hand and mumbled, “Sorry, sirs … I didn’t mean to … I don’t know why I …”

The other boys, several with moist eyes too, looked for help at Bob who said gently, “Will, I suggest you go with the twins and discuss your work and living arrangements. And later Jamie will call you to come back here to meet with him and Brandon on employment conditions, pay, that sort of thing.” Bob stood up and walked round the table. “Welcome to the tribe, Will. I think that definitely calls for a hug, don’t you?’’

He put his arms round Will who pressed his damp cheek against Bob’s neck. When they separated Brandon wheeled round the table to Will and squeezed his hand. “Congratulations, dude. I’m here for you if you need any help at all. And later I’ll introduce you to the other boys – a great bunch of guys. They were all new boys once, just like you.”

Will thanked him, then looked up and saw the twins, each holding his hand out in an invitation to follow them, which he did, walking on a cloud.


When they got to the twins’ apartment above the kitchen Will was surprised that they didn’t get down to the nuts and bolts of his work duties. He saw the twins exchange uneasy looks and he began to get nervous again. They poured cups of coffee and all sat down, Will in an armchair, the twins on a couch facing him.

Kyle began the conversation. “Will, there is one other topic we want to raise that is really more important than work or any of that. Those issues are more or less a done deal, but …”

He glanced at Kevin who took over. “Will, yesterday at the big gathering of the tribe you saw all of the men gathered round the table with their boys. Did you get a sense of what that means?”

Will frowned. “Well, kind of, sir. Ben talked about that a bit. He said being Jason’s boy means that they live together, Jason takes care of him and Ben does whatever Jason wants him to.”

“Yeah,” Kyle smiled, “well that’s the CliffsNotes version of it, but there’s a lot more to it. The masters not only protect their boys, they nurture them and train them for their future. Each of the masters has his boy – Jason has Ben, Ranger Pete has Brandon and Bob has us. And not long ago one of the senior boys, Randy’s boy Pablo, got a boy of his own, young Tyler.”

Will’s brow wrinkled. “Does that … does that mean Pablo’s a master too … and are you masters, sirs?”

“Well,” Kevin said, “we don’t want to get bogged down in what guys call themselves. It’s up to them. Yeah, Pablo would call himself a master, but us? We don’t think of ourselves as masters. We are senior boys like Pablo, but we see ourselves more like big brothers.”

“And do you have a boy, sir?”

“Ah,” said Kevin with some relief. “Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty, eh Kyle?”

Kyle said, “What my brother is saying is this, Will … How would you like to become our boy?”

Will gave a puzzled frown …and then the penny dropped. His eyes opened wide and he said, “You mean … you mean …?”

“Please don’t answer right away, Will,” Kevin said. “It’s a big decision. It means you would live here with us and work with us as we discussed earlier. We would look out for you, teach you, care for you, and you in return would respect us as … as kind of your big brothers. We would be like a little family. Bob as our master and us two as your big brothers. You would be guided by us and follow our orders. And not only in the kitchen … there is also …” He looked at his brother for help.

“There is also,” Kyle said carefully, “the question of sex. It is usual in the tribe for masters and boys to have healthy sex lives with each other, with the master leading the way. Now we’ve thought of that and we realize that you are very new to all this and have very little experience. First of all, you would have to find us attractive and sexy enough to …”

“Oh no problem there, sir,” Will blurted out. “Of course I do … anyone would … you’re gorgeous. And like I said, I already learned how to suck cock with Jason and Ben. And I liked that.” But then his face clouded over. “But sir, that thing that I saw you do to Kevin, then I watched Bob do it to Randy, and Jason to Lloyd. You know, like, putting your …”

“You mean putting my cock in Kevin’s ass. It’s called fucking, Will, otherwise known as butt-fucking among other more colorful terms.”

“Yeah, that’s it, sir. Well, I gotta tell you now, sir, that I could never, ever do that. And you said a boy has to follow orders so,” he winced,” I guess I would be no good as your boy, sirs.”

“Will,” Kyle said, “a long time ago Randy issued an order that no boy should ever be made to do something he doesn’t want to, and that goes for us too. So the issue of your getting fucked is not a problem. Any other questions?”

Will frowned again. “Sir, I really liked Ben and we hit it off real well. But does this mean I can’t be friends with him anymore?”

Kyle chuckled. “Will, we want you to have friends. Most of the boys here have boyfriends that they love and have sex with. As a matter of fact men and boys in this tribe can have sex with whoever they want, though boys usually get their master’s approval first. But you must never have sex outside the tribe, that’s another Randy rule.”

Will relaxed a little and Kevin said. “We suggest that you go to your room for a while, get the feel of it, arrange it how you want and think hard about our suggestion. We’ll come and see if you have an answer for us, and then, if you like, you can help us prepare lunch for the guys.”

“Sir, I …”

“No, Will, don’t say anything now. It’s a big decision, a huge change in your life. So think hard.”

His mind reeling Will mumbled his thanks and went off to his room, a room that could end up being his room for good.


He took deep breaths and waited for his heart to stop pounding. He walked round the spacious room, aimlessly looking in closets, opening drawers and finding clothes already there. He went into the bathroom, mindlessly turned on taps for no real reason, then stood at the big picture window that overlooked the small garden where he had seen Bob and Randy making love.

He looked at their house just across the lawn, the bosses’ house where they lived and slept and … he flashed on that graphic scene again. Would he be asked to go over there sometimes and cook a meal for Bob and Randy when they chose to eat privately together? That thought focused his mind on what had just happened, what was still happening to him.

This room was his new home. He would live with the beautiful twins he admired and thought he already loved, though he wasn’t quite sure what that meant. He would work for them, with them, and also be a sort of traveling chef, cooking for the other guys when they needed it. He thought of the gorgeous Bob who looked like Superman. He remembered sleeping with Ben and laughing with him. And again his thoughts came back to the twins – his new big brothers.

This was his new family. Well, his only real family as he didn’t count the abusive father he had been scared of. It was all so overwhelming … and suddenly he felt tired. He sat on the edge of the bed and was surprised to feel tears running down his cheeks.

Then suddenly the floodgates opened – the floodgates of memory, of fear and loneliness. The tears became sobs, deep, wracking, uncontrollable sobs as he sat on the bed, elbows on his knees, head bowed, staring at the floor. It all poured out, all the pent-up years of sadness, years of feeling so alone, the only boy in the world like him, with no friends, only thoughts and feelings he suppressed ‘cos his dad told him they were wicked.

He had not been sorry when his dad kicked him out, except that his dad made him leave his dog behind, a little black pug who was his only friend. He was just over a year old and … the thought of the little dog again brought bitter sobs. He hoped his dad was treating him well, and many were the nights he had cried himself to sleep thinking about him.

He had lived rough for a while until he had got a job at the market and saved up to get his own little apartment where his only pleasure was cooking for himself. At least he was on his own there, alone with his suppressed desires, his guilt and confusion – always confusion.

And then one day he had met the twins … and they seemed to like him. He looked forward to them coming into the store and talking to him … the only people who had ever really talked to him … like a friend.

His tears now were not tears of self-pity but tears of relief. Because the loneliness was over … he had a home, a real home, with real friends like Ben, a wonderful man like Bob, and his two new big brothers who he wanted desperately to be worthy of, to show them how grateful he was, to give them whatever they asked for. He wanted to show them that he could do that … he wanted to be the best boy they could have chosen.

His sobs died down and the ugly memories faded as he wiped away his tears with the back of his hand. Time to kiss the past goodbye – no, slap it goodbye. He had a future to live.


The twins had heard his loud sobs. Kevin had instinctively gone toward his bedroom door but Kyle held him back. “No, bro, it’s a good thing. Let him get it out of his system. Give him a while.” The twins had inherited Bob’s compassion and sensitivity for what others were feeling – one of the reasons Bob was sure they would be good for a fragile young man like Will. So they waited until the sobbing stopped and they heard the bathroom tap running.

Kevin tapped on the door. “Will, are you OK?”

The door opened and Will stood there with a nervous smile. He had splashed cold water on his face but it was obvious he had been crying. “May we come in, Will?” Kyle asked. Inside they looked round the room and Kevin said, “Do you like it, Will? Is there anything you want changed? We can always ask Randy to come and …”

“No, sir … I mean yes, sir, I love it, it’s perfect. And yes, sirs, the answer’s yes, I do want to be your boy … definitely … definitely. Please, sirs … and thank you.”

They smiled broadly and were about to answer but held back as it was obvious that Will wanted to talk, as if to make up for all the silent years. “Sirs, I know I’m new with no real experience of … of life, sirs. But I can learn and I’ll work hard and … and also make you feel good, I really can. I’d like to show you what I mean sir … to thank you for … well, everything. Can I show you … will you let me show you?”

The twins glanced at each other, sensing intuitively that it was best to let Will go ahead and express himself however he chose to. “Of course, Will,” Kevin smiled. “Do whatever you want.”

Will took a deep breath, gained confidence from the warmth of their smiles, and said. “OK, sirs, here we go.” And he sank to his knees.

He almost lost his nerve, face to face with two bulges under identical white shorts. He reached up, unzipped one pair of shorts and Kevin’s cock flopped out. He did the same to the other shorts and came face to face with Kyle’s cock which, uncannily, swung in unison with his brother’s. Again he faltered, wondering if he had bitten off more than he could chew. No, no biting, no chewing, he remembered Ben’s instructions.

The twins kissed as they always did at moments like this, then looked down at Will’s mop of red hair and eased their hips forward, rubbing their cocks against his face. Will was in a trance as the two cocks gently slapped his face and pressed against his cheeks, lips and eyes. When they pulled away he stared at the cocks swinging before him, trying to decide which to take first.

Kyle said, “Take your time, Will, no hurry. Just remember, you’re our boy now.”

That emboldened him. He was their boy, therefore this was expected of him. Staring at the two cocks he lost sight of which was whose. So he leaned toward one, licked the head, then ran his tongue up the whole shaft to the wiry brown pubic hair. He felt exhilarated.

He had only sucked two cocks before this – Ben’s in bed last night when they sixty-nined and Jason’s this morning when the firefighter had come home hot, horny and shirtless. They had both been exciting in their own way but this was completely different, much more intense.

This time it wasn’t an experiment with Ben or raw lust for the fireman. These were the young men he had just committed to sharing his life with as their boy. He wanted to prove his devotion and … and his love. So he made love to the cock that was growing hard under his tongue.

Soon it was pointing straight at him and he opened his mouth wide and pushed his mouth forward on it. “Oh yeah,” Kevin moaned above him. “I love that, Will. Show your big brother how much you love his cock.” Those words released any lingering inhibitions Will might have and he buried his face in Kevin’s pubic hair, then pulled all the way back and pushed forward again, letting the hard shaft slide down his throat.

There was no gagging or choking. He had learned from Ben to breathe through his nose and he found new joy in feeding on his young master’s cock. He put his hands on Kevin’s thighs to steady himself as the cock pistoned in his mouth. It tasted wonderful, filling his mouth, banging against the back of his throat, and although tears streamed from his eyes he felt no pain, only the joy of giving pleasure to his new master.

Suddenly he heard Kyle’s voice. “Hey, bro, how about letting me have a taste of our boy?” Kevin’s cock pulled out to be immediately replaced by the identical shaft of his brother. Will had already noticed that Kyle was slightly more assertive than Kevin, and it was true too of the forceful way Kyle fucked his face.

And that’s how it went for what seemed like an eternity. There was barely a break as one cock pounded his mouth only to be replaced by another. The tears flowed, spit ran down his chin, but he never faltered. If this was his life from now on, servicing these identically beautiful twins, the thought thrilled him.

Kevin moaned, “Damn, you are gonna be a great little cocksucker, boy. Can’t wait to loan you out to Bob. And you’re gonna have to do this whenever we want, eh Kyle?” One cock pulled out as the other plunged in and Kyle said with a laugh in his voice, “Yeah. When we’re chopping veggies at the kitchen table it gets kind of boring so we might have you get under the table and suck our dicks like you’re doing now. You ready for that?”

He pulled Will’s head back by the hair and let his cock come out long enough for will to sputter, “Yes, sir, definitely. Thank you, sir …” His words were stifled by the long rod driving in again.

Will could have done this forever, he thought, except that his jaw was starting to ache. Then suddenly it stopped as one cock pulled out … and was not replaced by the other. His jaw sagged open and Kyle said, “That’s it, kid, open wide.” He obeyed, and then … no, it wasn’t possible … he couldn’t … Incredibly he felt the two heads push into his mouth at the same time!

The brothers were gentle, careful not to hurt him as their cocks, pressed together and eased in deeper. He heard Kevin say, “We like to make love to each other, Will, and now our cocks are making love in your mouth. If it’s too much and you want to stop just raise your hand.”

But nothing could have made him give up. It hurt a bit, it was scary and it felt at first like he was suffocating. He choked a little but forced himself to relax and breathe steadily though his nose. At first the cocks only went in a few inches and moved in an out together. But then they changed the rhythm so one cock was sliding against each other in his mouth.

It was intoxicating, servicing both brothers at once. He felt like the kid brother on his knees as his big brothers both fucked his face together. It wasn’t only the incredible physical sensation, it was the fantasy of being used by these two beautiful twins, his brothers, that now made his body and his own cock, shudder.

He knew he was approaching his climax, and the twins knew it too. “Will,” Kyle said. Welcome to the family. This is your baptism, our way of making you our boy. We want you to cum now … just as we will … all three together.

They each reached one hand down and held his head still as they pulled slowly back, then pushed in again. Will felt the heads of their cocks swell, he heard the twins moan … and felt semen gushing down his throat. He was in another world as he frantically gulped his brothers’ juice and screamed into the gag of their cock as his own cock erupted in his shorts.

He thought he would choke on the river of cum but then the twins pulled out and he felt the remains of their juice blast in his face. He shut his eyes and for a moment everything went dark.


When he opened his eyes the twins were kneeling before him and he saw the blurry image of two faces smiling anxiously at him. “Are you OK, Will? Did we hurt you? Did we go too far?”

Will regained his wits and a big smile spread over his face. “I’m fine, sirs. You didn’t hurt me at all. I loved every minute of it.”

He raised his hand to his face to brush away the semen but Kevin said. “No wait, dude, let us take care of that.” The brothers leaned forward and licked the cum off his face, sucking it in until his face was clean. Then they kissed him in a three-way cum-slick open-mouthed kiss. His mind was spinning, he was floating above ground … but then Kyle brought him back to earth.

“You were real special, kiddo, and we would love to go on making love to you but you know what? We gotta get lunch started. Come on, boy – work. The twins stood up, hooked their hands under his arms and pulled him to his feet. One last kiss on the cheeks, then Kevin said, “We can’t go down to the kitchen like this, we gotta jump in the shower. Maybe we should christen your shower if that’s OK with you, Will?”

“Sure, sir, of course, I …,” but they were already stripping naked so Will did the same. What he loved was the matter-of-fact way they all went to the shower, stood together and lathered each other up. It was as if they had done this before, part of a routine, which he guessed it would be in the future.

A short while later they were all trooping down to the kitchen where the twins were all business. “Fortunately not many today,” Kyle explained as they put on their aprons. “The way it works is the guys are all supposed to tell us by 10 a.m. if they’ll be home for lunch. You’ll be in charge of the list from now on, Will. The guys who work at the compound are usually here – Bob, Jamie and Brandon in the office, house-manager Nate, and our two young gardeners Tyler and Finn. But, er, sometimes Randy shows up from the construction site without telling us.”

“Well,” Will suggested, “I guess as he’s the big boss he can do what he likes.”

Kyle chuckled, “You got that right, kiddo. No one says no to Randy – except you, kiddo,” he laughed, “when you refused to get him a beer saying you had to report back to us.”

“He’ll probably never forgive me for that,” Will said gloomily.

“Nonsense,” Kevin laughed. “He loved it, the idea of the new boy saying no to the boss. Showed you had balls, he said, and proved you were one of us. Pablo’s the same, expects nobody ever to say no to him. As Randy’s adopted son he copies him in everything …”

“… including showing up unannounced for lunch?” Will grinned.

“Hey,” Kevin laughed, “you latch on pretty quick to how things work around here, dude. Anyway, it’s just the guys in the house today so we’ll be nine at table. A simple, light lunch and maybe you can rustle up something healthy for dessert.”

“Like, say, yoghurt and mixed berries, sir? There are lots of things you can do with yoghurt.”

The twins exchanged mischievous smiles. “Yeah, and some you never thought of, kiddo.”

Will had a vague idea that had something to do with sex but wasn’t sure what. But as his thoughts were on sex he asked, “Er, sirs, when we were upstairs and you were … you know …”

“… fucking your face?”

Will blushed, “Yeah, that sir. Well, that thing you said about me getting under the kitchen table while you’re working and … like, sucking you off? Did you mean that, sir?”

“Damn straight,” Kyle laughed. “Part of your kitchen duties, kid. Except not right now ‘cos we’re running behind on lunch. Bob likes it on the table at one o’clock. He’s big on everyone eating together. You know, the family that eats together lives in peace together, and Bob works hard to keep the peace.”

They worked on, mostly in silence, though Will had a smile on his face as he thought about what had happened in the last few hours and tried to imagine what his future with the twins would be like. When the prep was finished they took a breather and Kyle made a suggestion.

“Will, after lunch is cleared away we want you to start getting to know the tribe better. You should start with the upstairs in the main house. It has recently been remodeled by Randy and is now home to six guys, and you’ll probably be called on to help them cook sometimes. You should check it out this afternoon.”


By just after one o’clock everyone was at the table by the pool when the twins went out with Will. “Guys,” Kyle said, “we have an announcement. It’s now official … Will here is our boy.”

Will blushed as everyone round the table cheered. Nate stood up, shook his hand and said in his Australian drawl, “Good on ya, mate. We haven’t actually met yet but I’m Nate, the house manager here, and I live next door with my man Adam, another Aussie.

“And I don’t think you’ve been introduced to our gardeners either, Tyler and Finn. Tyler is Pablo’s boy and Finn is Miguel’s boy. I know, it’s a lot of names at first but you’ll get to know them all. When we’re done here maybe Tyler and Finn can take you upstairs and show you their new apartment. It’s quite impressive.”

A little overwhelmed Will shook their hands and they flashed welcoming smiles. Sitting between the twins Will regained his confidence and was soon talking with the boys across the table who were planning a vegetable garden but wanted advice. “I used to work in the produce section of the grocery store,” Will said eagerly, “and I think you should plant some of the veggies that are not so common. We could work on that together.”

By the time lunch was over the three boys were friends, and Nate said, “Listen mates, Brandon and I can clear the table and help so why don’t you blokes take Will and show him your apartment ‘cos the plan is he’ll be coming there sometimes to help with the cooking.

Will turned to the twins for their approval and Kevin said, “Take all the time you need, Will. Dinner tonight won’t be a big affair and we can handle the prep on our own. We’ll see you later.”

Will liked the sound of that last bit and read all kinds of things into the innocuous phrase.


Tyler and Finn were pleased to show Will their new home, in the happy knowledge that they were no longer the newest boys in the tribe.

“Wow,” Will said in wide-eyed wonder as they showed him into the opulent main suite where Zack and Miguel lived. “It’s gorgeous. And you say Zack and Miguel are lovers?”

“Yeah,” Tyler grinned, “but it’s complicated. Let’s see if I can get this right. Zack and Miguel are big stud masters and they’re lovers. Zack’s boy is Darius and he lives in the next suite with his lover Pablo who is Randy’s boy. They’re both senior boys and Pablo is the only senior boy to have his own boy – me,” Tyler beamed proudly. “At least, that was true until the twins got their own boy – you, Will.”

Finn took over. “And my master is Miguel, wait till you see him – totally drop-dead gorgeous. Tyler and me have our own rooms, but there’s a lot of room swapping at night … like I often sleep with Miguel, or even Zack and Miguel, and sometimes I sleep with Tyler if he’s not sleeping with his master Pablo …”

“Hey, hey, stop!” Will laughed. “I’ll never keep up or remember who belongs with who. I mean, like, Tyler, you’re … you’re Pablo’s boy, right?”

“Oh no mistake about that, dude. I met him in Palm Springs at Uncle Mike’s place. They were doing this bondage thing in the garden where Pablo had tied Miguel to a tree and was fucking the crap out of him. I had seen Pablo on the street and thought he was the total stud so I followed him. I climbed a tree to watch him but the branch broke and I fell at his feet. I guess you could say I’ve been at his feet ever since.

“He took me on as his boy and I totally worship him. He’s the construction company’s chief mechanic, so macho, and I would do anything for him. Well, at first I couldn’t ‘cos there was no way I was gonna take his dick up my ass, but he taught me how and now, damn, I just love it.

“See Pablo is Randy’s adopted son and he’s a lot like Randy – you know, the big boss, gets angry, fights a lot. And when he fucks … Jesus, they say Randy’s like a caveman, well Pablo is like son of caveman. But when I look up at him … man, like I said, he could do anything to me.”

Will asked if he could see the kitchen and they took him through to the large dining room and the adjoining kitchen. Will did a quick tour of inspection and said, “This is a great kitchen, guys, you could easily cook dinner here for all six of you.”

“Yeah,” Finn said, “trouble is no-one can really cook – except Miguel, of course who’s the best cook in the world ‘cos he’s the executive chef at the Ritz-Carlton downtown. But when he comes home after hours in the kitchen supervising the chefs there, the last thing he wants is to start cooking for us. And who can blame him? But word on the grapevine is that’s what the twins have in mind for you, Will, to help whenever guys like us prefer to eat in our own apartment.”

“Yeah,” Will blushed, “but I’d be way too intimidated to cock a meal for an executive chef from the Ritz. I mean …”

He was interrupted by the squeal of breaks and the slam of a car door and they went back to the bedroom and looked through the window. The gate flew open and Pablo strode across the lawn with a face like thunder. Even so, Will thought, it was a great face, a Mestizo face with high cheekbones, square jaw, almond shaped eyes and thick black hair. He was shirtless in black jeans and boots and his face and body were streaked with what looked like grease from his job as mechanic.

Will remembered being scared of Randy the first time he met him, and he now felt scared of Pablo too, especially when he burst into the room clenching his jaw and his fists. “Fuck ‘em. Mother-fucking assholes,” he growled, his eyes blazing.

“Sir,” Tyler said nervously, “we didn’t expect you home so soon. This here is Will, sir, we were just showing him …”

Pablo focused on the room for the first time and said, “Oh yeah. Hey kid, you’re the twin’s new boy. Good for you, boy.” He abruptly returned to his main topic and mostly addressed Tyler though really he was just venting. Tyler didn’t mind when that happened – it made his dick hard.

“Fucking asshole truck driver! Getting on my case ‘cos his damn truck wasn’t ready. Ben and me had been working on it all day and I told the asshole he was a fucking idiot. Called him a fucking lousy driver, shredding the damn gears like that. Told him to keep both hands on the fucking wheel instead of jacking off to those porn pictures in his cab.

“He hauled back and took a swing at me. Huh, nobody gets away with that. We had a knock-down drag-out and I was standing over him beaten in the dust when Randy came up. He went apeshit, yelled at me for slugging the driver. ‘You should talk,’ I said, ‘you’re always swinging your fists.’ He said it was OK when he did it but not me. Then I lost it – cursed at him, told him to take his lousy job and shove it. ‘See how long your outfit lasts without me, ‘cos I quit!’”

He glared at Tyler. “I need to fuck. On the bed, kid.” Tyler instantly shed his T-shirt and shorts and lay naked on his back on the bed.

Will had listened and watched Pablo’s angry tirade in increasing fear and now mumbled, “Sir, I should go back to …”

“Nah, stay here, kid. Do you good to see how a boy takes care of his master.” Finn grabbed Will’s forearm and pulled him to the side of the room against the wall. Nervous as he was there was a part of Will that wanted to watch the sexy young mechanic fuck his boy. He was scared for Tyler, but when he looked at the boy he saw in his eyes not fear but excitement. Did he really get off being treated like this?

Pablo’s muscular body was heaving, his eyes blazing as he yanked open his jeans and pulled out his long cock, hard as iron. He knelt between Tyler’s legs, spat on his palms and rubbed his spit over his cock. He pushed the boy’s legs back and glared at him. “You ready, boy?”

“Yes, sir. Yes please, sir. Aaagh!” He gasped as Pablo plunged his cock deep in his ass. It was the start of what was known in the tribe as a Randy fuck, a savage cock-pounding assault on a man’s ass by an alpha male to vent his anger and assert his dominance after a tough fight.

Will watched spellbound as the handsome Mestizo drove his shaft in and out of his boy’s ass like a piston, his muscular body flexing, his chest and face covered in grease and dripping with sweat. It was a pornographic sight – a hot young mechanic pounding the ass of a freckle-faced boy staring up at him in awe. Tyler reached up and clamped his hands over Pablo’s pecs, digging his fingers into the sinewy muscles.

Will tensed, thinking that Tyler was trying to push his attacker away but Finn whispered, “Don’t worry, dude, he’s loving it. Pablo gave him a safe word if he wants to stop, but he won’t want to. See, when Pablo is being the rough, tough alpha male, that’s what turns Tyler on most.

In those words Will heard an echo of what Bob had once told him about Randy. “I like it when he’s rough, Will – that raw masculinity is what I love about him. But then suddenly he can be really tender. You’ll see.”

Will also remembered that Pablo copied Randy in most things. And this was the same as when Randy had stormed home after a fight and he had pounded Bob’s ass, with Will watching from an upstairs window as he was watching Pablo now. Seeing the joy in Tyler’s eyes Will relaxed and became aware that his own cock was hard in his shorts.

Pablo had now grabbed Tyler’s wrists and was pinning them to the bed, leaning over him as he fucked him, and staring into his eyes. “Nobody talks down to me like, especially not some asshole truck driver. I showed him I’m the boss and I’ll ream his fucking ass, that right, boy?”

“Yes, sir. You’re my master, sir. My ass is yours. Fuck me, sir. Please fuck me …”

As Will watched Pablo’s rod driving in and out of Tyler he became lost in the fantasy of the young boy begging the muscle-jock mechanic to plough his ass. He could even understand how Tyler felt – pleasing his master, absorbing his rage, giving his master what he needed. Pablo had told Will, ‘do you good to see how a boy takes care of his master’.

That’s what he was watching, but even in this homoerotic euphoria a thought nagged at the back of his mind. He could never do this for the twins, never offer his ass like this. Then again he had never seen the twins in a rage like this.

Everything was coming to a head now as Pablo growled, “You wanna feel your master’s jizz in your ass, kid? You gonna bust a load to prove you’re his boy?”

“Yes, sir. Yes please, sir. I love you, sir. You feel so good inside me, you’re gonna make me cum … sir, I can’t stop … please cum in me … aaah …”

Pinning the boy’s arms to the bed Pablo rose up in his feet, his body arched over him giving him maximum thrust in his ass. His hips fell suddenly and the globes of Pablo’s perfect ass flexed as his cock plunged in deep. He yelled, “Here it comes boy … fuck ‘em … fuck ‘em all … I am the best … aaagh!” And they shot their loads together, master and boy in a perfect union of power and submission.

Will stared spellbound and was barely aware of Finn’s hand reaching over and rubbing against the bulge in his shorts … until his body jerked, he gasped, his cock erupted and he felt cum running down his leg.


Suddenly Will witnessed the transformation in Pablo, as Bob had described it in Randy – from savage fighter to tender lover. Pablo was cradling Tyler in his arms murmuring, “You OK kid? Not hurt or anything?”

“I feel great, sir. Always do with you.”

“And you, Will …” Pablo looked up at him. “I was a bit gruff with you when I came in – other things on my mind. You doing OK, boys taking care of you? Those twins are lucky guys to have you, you’re obviously one of us,” he chuckled. “I can see by the cum running down your leg.”

Just then there was a furious scratching at the door. Finn opened it … and two dogs came tumbling in – Pablo’s Doberman Billy and Tyler’s terrier-mix Milly, jumping on the bed and falling all over their masters. There was the usual rough and tumble until Pablo ordered, “Down boy. Go say hi to our new boy Will.”

The dogs calmed down and looked at the newcomer with some suspicion. Billy got down, followed as always by Milly, and they walked cautiously toward hm. Will got down on one knee, offered the back of his hand and soon he was rubbing their heads and they were licking him.

“Jeez, they sure took to you fast,” Pablo grinned. “Anyone Billy gives his lick of approval to is fine in my book. Will, meet Billy and Milly. You like dogs, kiddo?”

“Very much, sir. I have a …” his voice caught and he cleared his throat “… I had a dog of my own. His name’s Norman, a puppy really, just over a year old.”

“Where is he now?” Pablo frowned.

Will swallowed hard and winced. “When my dad threw me out, sir, he wouldn’t let me take Norman. I know dad didn’t want him but he said a boy as wicked as me shouldn’t be in charge of anything, even a dog. I was living rough for a while, but I would’ve taken care of him – we were pals, he was my only friend …” he fought back tears “… and I really miss him. I think of him all the time. He’s a black pug with those big round eyes and … and I keep wondering if my dad is being mean to him, just because he was mine, and …”

He turned his head away and there was an uncomfortable silence in the room. Pablo’s mind went back to his own troubled youth when he was thrown out of his last foster home and they wouldn’t let him take Billy with him. It was Randy who put that right.

Pablo jumped up, grabbed a towel, wiped the worst of the grease from his face and chest and pulled on a T-shirt. “I gotta go. Take care of Will, guys. Give him a clean pair of shorts before he goes back to the kitchen. Don’t want the twins to get the wrong idea.”

With a last hug for Tyler he left and they all assumed he was going back to the construction site to make his peace with Randy. But as he walked across the garden he made a detour into the office where only Brandon was working.

Brandon looked up and smiled. “You been fighting again, dude? Rumor has it Randy was not best pleased and you quit. Have you come to pick up your termination papers?”

Pablo grinned. “Yeah, like that’s gonna happen, dude. You know rumor’s usually a bunch of bullshit. Randy yelled a lot but he loved it. He’s the one who first taught me how to throw a punch. Listen dude, I need a favor. You know that new boy Will. Do you have stuff like prior addresses on his work application?”

Brandon looked at him suspiciously. “Er, we do, yes, we always ask that. But Pablo, you know as well as I do that personnel files are confidential. I am not at liberty to divulge any …”

“Oh can it, dude. This is me, Pablo – he who must be obeyed.” He grinned, ruffled Brandon’s hair and mimicked his words – “not at liberty to divulge … that’s bullshit, bro.”

“No, it’s regulations. What on earth do you want it for anyway?”

“OK, I’ll tell you, and then see how you feel.” He spoke quietly for a few minutes, at the end of which Brandon said, “You know, Pablo, under that fist-swinging caveman exterior of yours you really are just a big old softie.”

With a disapproving sigh Brandon pulled out a personnel file, took out a page and put it in the copier. He detached the output tray so when the form came out it drifted down to the floor. Then he went back to his computer. “Dude, I have a shitload of work here so I’d be obliged if you’d get out of my hair. And you haven’t been here and I haven’t spoken to you. Is that clear?”

“Clear as day, boss. You’re a prince among men. I owe one, bro – remind me to fuck you sometime soon – a Pablo special.” He scooped the form up off the floor, kissed Brandon on the cheek and was gone.

Brandon sighed, “The things I do for these guys.”


When Will went back to the kitchen the twins were in the middle of dinner prep. He put on his apron and got to work. How was your tour of the upstairs?” Kyle asked.

“It’s great, very nice kitchen. But I got more than I bargained for. Pablo came home early in a towering rage after a big fight with a truck driver. Said he beat the guy up, Randy yelled at him and he quit his job.”

“Sounds like par for the course,” smiled Kevin.

“Anyway, he took it all out on Tyler and butt-fucked him real ferocious-like. I thought he was hurting him but, get this, Tyler loved it. Pablo said I should watch so I could see how a boy really takes care of his master.”

The twins exchanged anxious glances and Kyle said. ”Will, not everyone in the tribe fucks like Randy and Pablo. Pablo copies Randy’s caveman style because … because he’s his son. But not every boy has to enjoy a savage fuck like Tyler does. He loves being the tough mechanic’s boy, but other couples are much more tender and loving – like Brandon and Pete for example.”

“Anyway,” Will said, “Pablo left kind of abruptly and Tyler and Finn said he was going back to the construction site to make his peace with Randy.”

The twins again exchange glances, but this time with knowing smiles. They had spoken to Brandon who always told them absolutely everything – except the content of personnel files, of course. Everyone knew they were private.


It was dinnertime and everyone was home from work and gathered round the outdoor table – everyone except Pablo. Nobody liked to ask but they assumed his reconciliation with Randy after the fight had not gone well. But that was not really much of a concern as they all knew how close father and son were and it would take more than a stupid fight to split them up.

The twins and Will had brought out the last of the side dishes and were making room for them on the table when a truck drew up outside. Must be Pablo. In a few minutes Pablo came through the gate and called out, “Hey, Will, you got a friend come to visit.”

Will looked at the twins with a puzzled frown. “I don’t have any friends, it can’t …” Then his eyes opened wide as a small black pug came through the gate blinking uncertainly.

“Norman!” Will rushed across the lawn, fell on his knees and scooped the dog in his arms. Tears flowed down his cheeks to be licked off by Norman who squealed joy. As the crowd watched there were many moist eyes around the table. Will kissed and fondled his dog and felt, not for the first time here, that he was dreaming and afraid he would wake up.

But it was real, Norman was real and Will’s emotion overflowed. Tears were still running down his cheeks as he stood up, cradling his dog, and stared at Pablo … “But, how … where … I mean, I don’t understand how …”

“Ah, I went to see your dad and we had a little chat. Man, that guy is something else, a real weirdo … oh, sorry, dude. But I mean, he had the dog tied up in the yard and was real hostile at first, a total prick … sorry, dude. The guy’s a nut job but I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. And like my dad Randy said when he rescued Billy all those years ago, nobody says no to him … and me neither, ‘cos I’m a chip off the old block, that right sir?”

Randy was smiling at him proudly through moist eyes. Everyone knew that this story was a re-play of Pablo’s own story when he first came to live with Randy and told him how he had been forced to leave his dog at his foster home. Randy had jumped in his truck and done exactly as Pablo had just done – he had reunited the boy and his dog. And now, years after that act of kindness, Pablo was paying it forward.

“Wait,” Pablo said, “we need someone else’s approval. Billy, Milly, get your asses over here.”

Will put Norman on the ground as the two dogs ran out from under the table and stopped at the sight of the small pug blinking nervously. Milly hung back but Billy, a natural leader like his master, came forward, sniffed, nuzzled, walked round the pug, then looked up at Pablo. Pablo crouched down, stroked Norman and said to Billy, “It’s OK, dude, he’s one of us … so’s Will.”

Billy licked the pug, Milly came forward and joined in. Will turned his shining, tear-stained face to the twins and said, “Is it OK, sirs? Can I keep him?”

The twins laughed and Kevin said, “Will, if we said no we’d be lynched by this crowd. Of course you can, buddy. Norman will be one of the family.

Pablo sat beside Randy and said, “Like you always taught me, sir, no one says no to us. Am I forgiven, sir? Can I have my job back?”

Stifling his proud smile Randy frowned. “Hmm, dunno, I’ll have to think about that, son.”

“Fuck you, sir,” Pablo grinned.

“Actually, my mind was running on the same track, boy – only the other way round. It’s your ass gonna get ploughed. About time too. Been a long time since I reamed that perfect butt.”

The dinner resumed, the noise built, and Norman sat happily beside Will, the latest and certainly the smallest member of the tribe.


That night Will lay in bed in his new home with Norman snuggled beside him. He felt so happy it scared him. With this kind of happiness the bubble has to pop, doesn’t it. Then he thought of the twins sleeping together just down the hall and he was certain they and the rest of the tribe would not let anything bad happen to him or to Norman.

He thought back over the day that had begun with the twins’ offer of a new job, a new place to live … and a new life as the twins’ boy. All he could ever have wished for in his wildest dreams.

He thought of how he had tried to prove himself by sucking the brothers’ cocks, one at a time and then both together! He recalled Pablo coming home, handsome and sexy in his rage, and how Tyler had eagerly offered his ass to his master – showing how a boy really takes care of his master, as Pablo had said.

And that was the problem. That was the worm of anxiety that wriggled through Will’s happiness and lodged as a constant irritant in the back of his mind. He kept seeing the look of ecstasy on Tyler’s face as he offered his ass to his master and he knew that could never be him. He could never do that for the twins. He could never ‘really take care of his masters’, in Pablo’s words, or be a proper boy for them.

He sighed, comforting himself with the thought that the twins had laughed the issue off as unimportant to them. Well, to make up for that defect in himself he would work hard for them in the kitchen, would love them, help them … and suck their cocks all day and all night if they wanted him to. But that one flaw kept nagging at him. If only …”

He turned his thoughts to more pleasant prospects. He still had many of the tribe still to meet. He supposed he would be in the group of junior boys he had heard so much about. He still had to meet the one they called Eddie who was the senior junior boy. He hoped Eddie wouldn’t be the strong silent type, tough and scary like Pablo.

He had heard rumors of the leathermen – Zack and his boy Darius, and wondered what that meant. Was it just the way they dressed … or what?

And then there was the Grady House that everyone talked about, where that gorgeous man lived who played Tarzan. Danny worked there and said that Will would sometimes go and help him in the kitchen there on busy days. He probably wouldn’t meet the famous actor though, which was just as well as he would be tongue-tied meeting a big celebrity living in a whole different world. He was most likely intimidating, as all movie-stars were, and so far above him that he wouldn’t even notice a boy like him.

But right now here he was, reunited with his pal Norman cuddled against him. And eventually all his thoughts started to merge into a jumble. He heard Norman snoring quietly beside him and soon he was snoring too, both fast asleep in their new home.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 423

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