Chapter 31


 Randy goes apeshit when young Will’s abusive dad Seth shows up and tries to drag him back home. A major fight ensues and Randy suspects Seth has deeply-buried desires. “What the fuck are you doin’, you pervert?” Seth yells. “I don’t go for this shit.” Randy grins, “Oh, I think you will, asshole – with the right man.” Later Randy licks his wounds in a homoerotic threesome with his lover Bob and the blond cop Mark. 

In the previous chapter

The twins, Kyle and Kevin, were pleased at the way their boy Will was maturing. He had come to them as an innocent 18-year-old who had recently run away from home. He had never had sex with another man but, boy, how quickly that changed when he joined the tribe.

Will had escaped an abusive father who had puritanically condemned men having sex with men as an abomination that would send the men straight to hell. But hypocritically he had tried to force himself on his son’s ass, an act that Will always managed to resist. The revulsion he felt had buried his own sexual urges deep – until they were awakened by the men of the tribe.

The job the twins created for the boy had introduced him gradually to all the men and boys of the tribe. An excellent self-taught cook he had become the tribe’s roving chef, catering meals at the houses and apartments of the various groups of men – small families within the larger tribe.

His latest gig had made him apprehensive at first. It was cooking dinner for the guys on the second floor – headed by black leather-master Zack, the tough mechanic Pablo, the musclehunk Miguel and their boys. “I mean that place is home to the toughest guys in the tribe,” Will said. “They’re into leather and stuff and can be real rough.”

After dinner Will joined the guys in what they called the rough room where the sex games had him at the center, his ass the target of the mechanic Pablo and the 10-inch black dick of Darius.

All this could have been terrifying, except for the presence of the tribe’s boss, the rugged ultra-sexy gypsy Randy. Randy and his lover Bob were the founders of the tribe and the twins were Bob’s boys. Randy had a reputation as a quick-to-anger savage when he was roused, and nothing roused him more than mis-treatment of any boy.

Randy had taken a special liking to Will. He was the kind of plucky young kid Randy loved and he had vowed always to protect him. Anxious about Will facing the leathermen alone Randy had found an excuse to join the party, much to Will’s relief. And he had hovered protectively over the freckle-faced young redhead throughout the evening. The macho boss’s very presence ensured that Will’s sexual exertions with the group would be all pleasure and no pain.

In the end Will was in a daze of sensory overload. Every orifice was under sexual attack by the group of lusty leathermen – and he loved being the new boy at their mercy. Darius buried his 10-inch cock deep inside Will while Zack pounded Darius’s ass. Pablo went to town sucking his cock while the other men jerked off over them and Randy smothered the boy’s mouth in a breath-sharing kiss.

“Stand by for the big finish, guys,” Zack yelled. “This is for you, kid …!” He slammed Darius’s ass and erupted inside him, making Darius’s long hose gush deep in Will’s ass and flood it with jizz. Miguel and the boys splashed their juice down on him as the boy’s cock exploded in Pablo’s mouth in one of the most spectacular orgasms of his young life.

When the excitement finally subsided the raucous group settled in for more drinking, laughter, and salacious stories. Randy sat with his arm round Will. “You sure you’re OK, kid?”

“Yes, thank you sir. I feel great … just kinda tired.”

“You bet,” Randy grinned. “Ten inches up the butt is enough to exhaust anyone. I’m gonna take you and Norman back to the twins now.”

“Thank you, sir. I had a great time here, I really did. But I’m real glad you were here. I think I would have been too nervous if you weren’t here to look out for me, sir.”

“Kid, what did I tell you? I’ll always protect you, no matter what – whenever, wherever.”

They couldn’t know it at the time but Randy would be called upon to do just that very soon, when Will would be threatened by a brutal enemy from his past.

*****************    BOOK 9: CHAPTER 31    ******************

When Randy and Will, and Will’s dog Norman, got back to the twins’ apartment Bob and the twins were waiting for them. Will’s sexual exploits with the leathermen were already common knowledge, thanks largely to Darius, the tribe’s self-appointed town crier who recorded all the happenings within the group, often on video, with a view to one day writing a history of the tribe.

The twins greeted Will effusively and Bob grinned at Randy with affection and admiration. Bob had always been drawn to the machismo and sexual magnetism of this dominant alpha male but what made him proudest of Randy was his protective instincts for the boys of the tribe, stemming from the big gypsy’s earlier hard-scrabble days on the mean streets of West Texas where he had used his fists to take care of his five younger brothers.

Bob, who had known of course that Randy had gone to Zack’s party with the sole purpose of looking out for Will, now hugged him and said simply, “Thank you buddy.”

“Yeah,” Randy growled, “and you know the only guy who didn’t get his rocks off at that fucking orgy was me. Watching Will get worked over by that group left me so fucking horny what I need now is some gorgeous muscle-stud, a real man’s man, for me to work over. I need to hear a top man begging to get his ass ploughed.

“Er, I myself have some experience on those lines,” Bob suggested, “though I’m not sure if I could satisfy the needs of an oversexed stallion who just wants to get his rocks off.”

“Fuck you, asshole. Get your ass across to our house and we’ll see if you’re man enough.” Randy went to Will and hugged him tight. “You did great tonight, kid. You sure you’re OK?”

“Never better, sir. And thank you for being there and taking care of me, sir.”

Randy ruffled Will’s hair. “Any time, Red. Whenever you need me, just holler.”

Bob hugged Will and smiled at the twins, “Take care of your boy, guys. Bed rest would be my suggestion, but it’s up to you – he’s your boy.”

After Randy dragged Bob out of the room Kevin said, “Are you sure you’re feeling OK, Will? No bruises, no bones broken?”

“I had a great time, sir. Only thing I am now is dog tired. It’s been a real active few weeks – jam packed and fun-filled – sex-filled too.”

Kyle grinned, “Yeah well you better do what Bob suggested and curl up with Norman. Kevin and me have been talking. You’ve been working real hard – non-stop – and we’re thinking of taking you away for a break – up the coast somewhere, maybe to the dunes where the guys have a couple of beach shacks We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Will kissed the twins and said to his sleepy pug, “Come on Norman, bed-time.” Norman trotted after him to their room.


After that things calmed down and, with no imminent catering jobs, Will settled into a routine of helping the twins, taking over the breakfasts a couple of days a week and letting them sleep in.

They told him about the plans they were making with Mark and Jamie for a weekend trip up the coast to the Guadalupe Dunes, along with the Aussies, Adam and Nate. Jamie and Nate were surfing buddies from way back and were keen to introduce Will to the sport. The prospect sounded exciting to Will and a lot more peaceful than his recent encounters with the tribe.

However, with these men nothing remained peaceful for long and there were many bumps in the road, some minor, some perilous, like the one that loomed now.

One afternoon during the lull between preparing lunch and dinner Will decided to take Norman for a walk a couple of miles down the hill to a small corner store to pick up a few supplies he needed. Brandon was taking a break from the office and Will asked him to join them.

Brandon and Will had become firm friends since the days when Will had first arrived in the tribe and Brandon had guided him through those nervous times. Brandon understood Will’s shyness as he had once lived alone in a small apartment just like Will, though Brandon had the added challenge of being in a wheelchair. He was now Ranger Pete’s boy and firmly established in the office on the grounds of the compound as assistant to the manager Jamie.

Will loved Brandon and admired the efficient way he ran the office, always calm, never ruffled whatever current drama surrounded him. Will was about to appreciate that quality even more.

The Washington Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles where they lived was an old rustic area with winding roads, mature, shady trees and long rural stretches of grass and scrub between houses. As they made their way down the hill, with Norman tugging on his leash and Brandon wheeling beside them, the boys talked about Will’s upcoming trip up the coast.

For all his travels around the tribe on his catering jobs Will had not got to know the cop Mark and his boy Jamie very well yet. “Guys always call Mark a Greek God,” Will said, “and I can see why. He can arrest me any time he likes.”

“Yeah,” Brandon laughed, “and he’s crazy about Jamie. Huh, the muscular blond cop and the athletic young surfer jock. Sounds like the opening scene of a porn movie, don’t it? The boys have weaved many a fantasy around those two, I can tell you.”

Will bought the few items he needed at the store and they started for home. The trek back up the hill was more energetic, of course, but Will knew better than to help push the wheelchair as Brandon was fiercely independent.

They had gone about half a mile when Brandon said, “Dude, have you noticed the van that seems to have been following us since we left the store? Let’s keep to the side and let him pass … he’s starting to spook me.

They hugged the side of the road and Will looked back over his shoulder. He went white. “Dude, it’s my dad. It’s Seth, my dad. Quick, let’s go in here where he can’t follow us.” Alarmed, Brandon wheeled himself after Will into a small clearing off the road surrounded by trees.

It all happened very fast. The idea was to go in the trees where the van couldn’t follow but that didn’t stop the driver from getting out and running after them. Brandon got a fleeting impression of Will’s dad, a tall muscular guy, younger than Brandon had imagined his dad would be. But his fury was clear enough as he caught up with Will and grabbed his arm.

“You’re coming with me, boy. You’re my son, you belong at home.”

“No, dad, please,” Will yelled in a panic. “I’ve got a new home and I’m happy. I’m scared of you, sir.” He struggled to free himself from Seth’s grip and dug his heels in the ground to avoid being dragged to the van. He managed to break free and run but his dad easily caught up with him and grabbed him in an even tighter grip.

The man ignored Brandon – what could a boy in a wheelchair do to stop him? Appalled and frightened by what he saw Brandon kept his head. Will had dropped Norman’s leash and as the terrified dog ran away Brandon leaned over, scooped him up and settled him firmly in his lap. He knew instinctively what to do next. He could call 911 but that would take too long. Instead he chose a number from his contacts list.

It answered right away and Brandon spoke calmly. “Sir, we have an emergency. Will and me were out walking and his dad showed up, he’s trying to take Will away, sir.”

“Where are you?”

“On the hill up to the house, half a mile north of that little corner store, sir. It’s very urgent, sir.”

“Be right there.”

The phone went dead and Brandon watched helplessly as Will struggled and breathlessly tried to reason with his dad. “Sir, if you let me go I promise I’ll come home to visit. I thought you hated me … why do you want me now?”

“Because you’re my son … you belong to me, not whatever faggot who’s fucking your ass now. I gotta save you, son, or you’ll go straight to hell. We belong together.”

Brandon knew Will’s history, of course, how his abusive father had tried to force himself on Will’s ass even though he condemned man-on-man sex as evil. The only thing that comforted Brandon now was that Randy knew all this, too, and had sworn to protect Will. He held tight to the shivering Norman and prayed that Randy would be quick.


Randy had been working at the construction site when Brandon’s call came. He was instantly galvanized into action with only one thought in mind. His boy Will was I trouble. Without a word to anyone he dropped everything and raced to the gate where he had parked his Harley motorbike. In one move he threw his leg over the bike, kick started it and roared away.

Breaking every speed limit, taking every short cut, he sped along the back roads and screeched round corners, his stubbled gypsy face a mask of fury as he growled, “Asshole mother-fucker … I’ll kill him, I’ll fucking kill the son of a bitch.”

Brandon was starting to despair. Will was losing the struggle and pleaded with his dad who had dragged him to the wide open door of the van. Will pressed his foot against the van’s side in a last desperate attempt to stop from being shoved in. Brandon racked his brain to think of a way to help and cursed himself for being in a wheelchair. He knew that if he intervened physically the man would just kick him over, which would only add to the mayhem.

And then he heard it – the sound of an engine roaring closer and closer. In a blur Randy burst onto the scene, leaping off his bike while it was still moving and letting it careen into a ditch.

He launched himself at the man from behind, wrapping his arm round his throat, pulling him away from Will and spinning him round so his feet came off the ground and his legs flailed. He let go and Seth spun across the clearing and landed in a heap under a tree.

Stunned, the father looked up and said, “Who the fuck are you?”

“Your worst fucking nightmare, asshole. The man you’ve been waiting for all your life to teach you a lesson about abusing kids and trying to rape them.”

“I’m the boy’s father.”

“Not anymore you’re not. You’re not fit to wipe his ass even though you’re a fucking asswipe. The boy belongs to me.” Randy grabbed Seth’s T-shirt, pulled him to his feet against the tree and slammed his fist in his stomach in a series of brutal gut punches that made the man howl. He was fading under the barrage of blows and in a last desperate move he brought his knees crashing up into Randy’s balls.

Randy doubled over gasping in pain and Seth pulled his head up by the hair and slammed the back of his fist against the stubbled jaw, sending Randy reeling backward and crashing to the ground cupping his aching balls. The man was on top of him in an instant and they rolled over the ground trading punches’

“Come here, Will,” Brandon called out to Will who stood frozen in fear. “Get out of their way.” Will heard him dimly and came and stood by Brandon’s chair. They watched the fight in horror. Randy was wearing his usual work gear of boots, filthy jeans and an old sweaty tank top. Seth was also in jeans and boots and a ragged gray T-shirt.

It occurred to Brandon that the men were evenly matched. He had expected Will’s dad to be older and heavy set but now he could see that he wasn’t that much older than Randy and well built, almost as muscular as Randy and handsome too in a wild, rugged sort of way with shaggy black hair, blue eyes and a square stubbled jaw, just like Randy’s. In any other setting Brandon might have thought of him as sexy, though now all he could see was the monster who had hurt his friend Will.

The boys felt helpless as they watched the battle rage. Shirts got ripped until the two dominant musclehunks were wrestling stripped to the waist in just jeans and boots. It was a homoerotic sight despite their fears, and they took comfort in seeing Randy slowly get the upper hand, kneeling over the man and slapping his face from side to side.

But once again Seth found a last desperate way out. He pulled his knee back, pressed his boot against Randy’s chest and shoved hard. Randy rose up on his feet and reeled backward across the clearing and against a tree.

Seth pulled himself groggily to his feet as Randy advanced on him. Knowing he was all but finished the man reached down and picked a dead branch off the ground that he swung at Randy, smashing it into his stomach and sending him crashing heavily back on the ground.

Their positions reversed Seth straddled him and looked down at the dazed gypsy. “Pay-back time, asshole,” he sneered and began slamming his face from side to side.

The boys watched in wide-eyed horror, knowing the foul move with the branch had left Randy stunned and helpless. “NO!” Will shouted. He ran forward, picked up the branch and, using all the strength he could muster, crashed it across his father’s back and neck.

Seth howled, looked round and reached behind him, giving Randy the few precious seconds he needed. With the roar of a wounded bull, stoked by rage and testosterone, Randy threw the man off him and stood up, towering over him, breath heaving, eyes blazing.

He bent down, hooked his hands under Seth’s armpits and hauled him to his feet. He half carried, half dragged him to the same tree, threw him against it and the onslaught was merciless – a rain of blows to his gut, his chest and, just for good measure, a vicious knee to the groin. He grabbed the man’s hair and slammed his head back against the tree. Seth looked glassy eyed, his knees buckled and he slid down the tree into a heap on the ground.

The fight was over. But Randy’s rage was not.


Randy paced like a raging bull around the man he had just pummeled to the ground. A relieved Will ran up to him and touched his arm. “Are you OK, sir? Is there anything I can …?”

“I’m fine kid. And I’m gonna make sure this asshole is out of your life for good.”

“Sir, thank you for saving me but I don’t want you to get into trouble for …”

“Listen, kid. This is between your dad and me and I’ll deal with it my own way. One thing I need to know. You say he tried to fuck you often when you lived with him. Is that true?”

Will frowned and blushed deeply. “Sir, I would never lie to you. Bob told me I always have to tell the truth and …

“Sorry kid, but I had to know.” Will looked up at the shirtless gypsy, his body and face marked with dirt, cuts and bruises, and was surprised to see a gleaming smile. Randy ruffled his hair. “I told you I’d take care of you, Red, and I did. And you did great swinging that log at the right time. Good thing we’ve been working those muscles in the gym, eh? But now I gotta take care of this sicko here in case he forces himself on other boys like you. So you go over there with your buddies Brandon and Norman and leave the rest to me.”

Will managed a weak smile and did as ordered. Brandon held his hand. “He’s right dude. When Randy’s all riled up like this no one can stop him. He hates what your dad did to you and when a man fights back like he did, Randy has to show him who’s the real boss.” Will perched on the wheelchair’s arm and put one hand on Brandon’s shoulder and the other on Norman.

They watched as Randy paced and stared down at the dazed, groaning man. The mere sight of him fueled his rage even more. He grabbed Seth’s boots and pulled him flat on the ground, his head near the tree. He pulled his arms up round the tree trunk and picked up the shredded remains of both their shirts. He tied the man’s wrists behind the tree so he was stretched helpless on the ground.

He bent down and slapped his face to bring him round. “Wake up, douchebag, I ain’t finished with you yet.” The man blinked, shook his head and pulled helplessly at his bound wrists. “Fuck you, man,” he groaned. “Let me go or I’ll have your ass thrown in jail for assault.”

“You know,” Randy snarled, “guys like you make me wanna throw up, fucking hypocrites who call sex evil while trying to fuck your own boy. It ain’t my ass gonna suffer in jail, dickhead. It’s your ass gonna suffer right now. You’re gonna get a taste of your own medicine so you’ll know how a man feels when he gets the same treatment you tried to give your boy.

Randy reached down, ripped open Seth’s jeans and pulled them and his shorts all the way down to his boots. “What the fuck are you doin’, man? You fucking crazy? I don’t go for this shit, you pervert.”

“But I have a feeling you will, asshole, given time – and the right man.” Randy pulled his cock out of his jeans, stiff as a pole and thick as a beer can. “See, rock hard and all ready for you. A good fight always makes me horny, especially with a guy like you.” Randy knelt down, pushed the man’s legs up high and spat on his cock.

“No, man, don’t. I can’t … I’ve never … please, man …aaagh …” His head flew back and he screamed as the huge shaft slammed in his ass. “No, please … the pain, I …” He blacked out for a second and when he came to he felt the gypsy’s huge cock filling his ass, not moving.

“Sorry, no foreplay, man. Now there’s an easy way and a hard way to do this, asshole. The hard way is you resist while I torture your ass. The easy way is to go with it, to want it. And the funny thing is I think you do want it. Let me hear you say it, stud, and I’ll go easy on you.”

“Fuck you, man … aaagh!” Randy drove in so hard the man would say anything. “OK, OK, whatever your say. OK I want it, I want it.” Randy slammed in again. “Aaagh, I want it, I want it, sir,” he sobbed. “Please, sir, fuck my ass …”

“That’s better. Maybe, like you say, we sinners will burn in hellfire forever, but it’ll be worth it. Now look at me, look at my eyes, and breathe deep.”

And the fuck began, with the dark gypsy looking down at the swarthy face, piercing him with his hypnotic blue eyes. Seth’s eyes, also blue, still had a look of defiance in them and Randy said, “You’re gonna take my dick up your ass until I’m ready to pour my sperm inside you. And you’re gonna lose the attitude, you’re gonna surrender your ass to me, or I’ll split you wide open and when I’ve finished I’ll beat you to a fucking pulp. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir. Please don’t hurt me, sir.”

Randy started slow at first with the looming threat of the caveman savagery he had used many times on other men. He leaned forward, wrapped his hands round Seth’s biceps and pinned them to the ground.

By now Will was gripping Brandon’s shoulder hard. “Brandon I’m scared. Randy could hurt him real bad and get arrested and sent to prison. He’s so angry he could kill him, dude. I’ve got to stop it”

“You can’t do that, Will. But I know someone who can.” Brandon took out his phone again and punched another number on this contact list. “Hello, sir, it’s Brandon.” He spoke calmly and concisely. “Sorry to trouble you but we have an emergency. I was out with Will and he got attacked by his dad. I called Randy who came and beat the guy up but … you know Randy, sir, he’s real angry and this is the guy who hurt Will so …”

“I get the picture, kid. Where are you exactly?”

“On the road home, sir, halfway between the corner store and the Glenalbyn turn-off. It’s real urgent, sir. We’re afraid Randy will hurt him.

“I’m on it kid. Don’t do anything. Just wait.


Randy could have ripped the guy open, as he said, but he had in mind humiliation rather than physical damage. He also wanted to scare the guy and make him beg some more. So his fuck was, by his standards, fairly gentle but every so often he would drive his rod in deep to get the response he wanted – “No, no, please, sir, I’ll do what you say.”

“Who does your ass belong to, big guy?”

“To you, sir. I love your cock in my ass, sir.”

“Yeah, keep saying that, man. Look into my eyes and keep saying it.”

“I love your cock in my ass, sir. I love your cock inside me. I love your cock in my ass.” It became a mantra as he stared up at the hypnotic blue eyes. Seth was drifting into another world where he felt sensations he had never felt before – or sensations he had buried under a mound of hypocritical cant about hell and damnation.

Randy bent down close to Seth’s face, their eyes only inches apart, then he brushed their lips together. Reflexively Seth turned his head and spat out Randy’s saliva. But when he looked up again and saw himself reflected in Randy’s eyes … his mouth opened. Randy locked his mouth over his and forced him to breathe the same air back and forth.”

But suddenly reality crashed in on Seth again and he wrenched his mouth away. “What the fuck are you doing to me, man? I told you, I don’t do this stuff … aaagh!” The iron hard cock plunged in again and the man became compliant.

Randy looked down at Seth’s cock and grinned. “Your dick don’t agree with you, man. It’s hard as a rock. The name’s Seth, right? Well, Seth, I wanna see your true colors. I’m gonna make you do something you’ve probably wanted to do for years, except you were in heavy denial – even when you tried to force yourself on your kid’s ass.

“I’m sure you’ve jerked off a million times – that’s all assholes like you ever do. But this time’s gonna be different – you’re not even gonna touch it. See, I’m still mad at you, man, for what you did to your boy. So I’m gonna drill your damned ass until you submit to me and blow your fucking wad all over your stud body.”

“Fucking pervert!”

“OK that does it, you shit-for-brains mother-fucker. Randy pulled his dick back and plunged it deep in the man’s ass, pulled back and rammed it in again, the start of a savage pile-driving assault on his ass. Seth screamed, writhed and pleaded for mercy but Randy said, “Only one way you’re gonna stop this, meathead. I told you to look at me.”

The man stared up at Randy’s blue eyes piercing his like lasers, and even in the midst of pain and anger he was being drawn into the rugged gypsy’s power. “Fuck, that hurts so bad, man. I can’t take any more. OK, you win … I submit … please … I submit.”

“Prove it,” Randy said locking eyes with the suffering musclehunk. “Tell me you want it, man. Let me hear it.”

Again the mantra … “I want it, sir. I want your cock in my ass … fuck me … fuck me.” He pleaded desperately as the massive cock pistoned inside him and he found himself drowning in the gypsy’s hypnotic eyes. He struggled to free himself from Randy’s viselike grip as a new sensation welled up from his balls and seized his whole body. “NO!” he screamed. “No …you can’t make me do it … aaagh …!”

His body bucked and his head thrashed from side to side. Then suddenly he became still as he stared into Randy’s smiling eyes. “Fuck you man, you’re gonna make me cum. I’m gonna cum … no … no … I’m gonna … aaagh!” His cock jerked and erupted in spurts of semen that splashed on his abs, his chest and even his face.

Randy pulled back one last time and drove his cock in again, erupting deep inside him. “And that, Seth, is how it feels when a real man pumps his jizz in your ass.” He bent down and smothered Seth’s mouth in a churning open-mouthed kiss. The man went wild, pressing his tongue against Randy’s in a hungry, passionate kiss like a starving man desperate for food.

Randy pulled back, licked the cum from Seth’s face, licked his eyes, then kissed him again. And again Seth reciprocated, pressing his lips hard against Randy so they had to share the same hot, heaving breaths between them.

But at last, as Seth’s cock and his adrenaline drained, reality slowly returned and the man woke as if from a wet dream. And when he felt the sticky liquid on his body he realized to his horror that he had orgasmed under this wild, powerful man. Shame and humiliation surged through him, then disgust, then anger. He wrenched his mouth off Randy’s turned his face to the side and spat out a mix of his own jizz and Randy’s spit.”

Randy flashed an arrogant smile. “Too late for that, dude – you lost. Look at you … I thrashed you … tied you up … shoved my dick up your pathetic ass and made you bust your fucking load, man, without even touching you dick. Beat’s jerking off don’t it? Man, you shot a massive load – you really wanted that. Any time you wanna replay, just holler.”

“Damn you, you fucking savage. You’re an animal. I’ll sue for assault, drag you into court and get your ass thrown in jail where you’ll get gang raped by all the big mother-fuckers in there. Then it’ll be you begging for mercy, big guy.”

“Nah, I don’t think so, asshole. And I’m real sorry you’re taking this attitude. Like I said, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. What’s it to be?”

“Damn you to hell, man. I’m gonna fucking kill you.”

“OK, stud, hard way it is.” Randy suddenly yanked his cock fast out of the depths of his ass, making the man convulse in screams and pull frantically at his restraints. Randy was on his feet towering over him and watching him struggle.

“You know, stud, in another life you and me could’ve been real good fuck buddies. “You’re my kinda guy – a big tough musclehunk, handy with your fists, good-looking too in a rough kinda way, a bit like me. Yeah, we could have had fun. It’s a pity you’re such a fucking asshole, spouting that hellfire and brimstone bullshit you peddle, when all the time what you really want is a big thick schlong up your ass – like mine.”

“Then of course there’s what you did to that boy over there. I don’t mind you being an asshole, dude, but not that kind of asshole. You do not hurt boys. Read my lips, douchebag … you … do … not … hurt … boys. I guess I gotta leave you with something to remind you of that. Huh, you think you’re humiliated right now eh? Well try this on for size. I needed to get rid of all that beer anyway.”

Randy grabbed his cock and pointed it down at the bound man. A dribble of piss came from it and Seth pleaded, “No … fuck no … you can’t …” But his words were drowned in a stream of warm yellow liquid that splashed down on his face and body. As he opened his mouth to scream it poured into it, making him gulp and gag. The degradation overwhelmed him and he sobbed in humiliation and the squalor of abject defeat.

And that’s when they heard the police siren.


Mark roared up on his police motor cycle in full uniform and helmet. He calmly parked the bike, swung his leg over it and took off his helmet. As he ran his hand through his blond hair and surveyed the scene he didn’t miss the startled look on the face of the man on the ground – a look he had seen many times, the lustful reaction to a tall, muscular Greek-god cop in uniform.

Mark looked around and said, “OK, who called this in?”

“I called the cops, sir,” Brandon said. Will moved to speak but Brandon squeezed his hand and shot him a warning glance. Brandon knew how Mark would handle this, which is why he had called him rather than anyone else.

“OK, sir,” the officer said, “as you were a witness to the whole event please tell me exactly what you saw – and I want the truth, no exaggerations.”

Brandon calmly and factually told the whole story from the time he had first noticed the white van, to the scene as it stood now. He did gloss over some of the sexual details as the officer could see that for himself.

The man started to shout his outrage but Mark said, “I want one person at a time, sir. Your turn will come. So, young man, you are sure that man began the hostilities?”

“Absolutely sir. He is my friend’s estranged father and he tried to kidnap him. I only called this other man because I knew him and he’s the best fighter I know.”

Mark walked over to the men. “You two, there’s to be no more fighting or I’ll call for back up and throw both your asses in jail.” Then to Randy, “And you, sir, put that thing away – it’s still dripping. Urine I assume.”

Randy stifled a grin and said politely, “Yes, officer.” He shoved his dick back in his pants and buttoned up.

Seth yelled, “I want a charge brought against that man for assault and battery, bestiality and sexual abuse. He shoved his dick up my ass …”

“And made you bust your load, asshole,” Randy growled. “Let’s not forget that.”

“Be quiet!” Mark roared. “Any more outbursts like that and you’ll both be on a charge. Now you, sir. I’m going to untie you and I want you to stand up. Keep at least six feet away from this man or I’ll cuff you.”

He felt Seth’s pulse, pressed various points on his body and made him wiggle his fingers. “No serious injuries, it seems, just scratches and bruises. Er, is that your own semen on your face and body, sir?” The man growled in response. Mark went behind the tree and untied Seth’s wrists easily, noting Randy’s use of the escape knot. Even in a rage he used it – second nature.

The man pulled himself unsteadily to his feet and pulled up his pants. He kept his distance from Randy but clenched his fists. “I still want that man charged, officer. And I want my son back, that’s why I came here. He ran away, but his place is with me.”

Mark turned to Will. “Young man, why did you run away from home?”

Will blushed and hesitated, but Brandon spoke up. “Sir, my friend don’t like to talk about it, but may I speak for him?” Mark nodded. “Will, that’s my friend’s name, told me that his father used to beat him and many times he tried to force himself on him …like, you know, fuck him, sir … like, in the ass. It started when he was fifteen. Will resisted but had to leave home, and his dad wouldn’t let him take his dog. This is him in my lap, sir, his name’s Norman.”

“The dog is not material to this case,” Mark said. Will started to protest in defense of Norman but Brandon squeezed his arm again.

“Right,” Mark said. “If I call for backup and haul you to jail there’ll be a ton of paperwork, and I prefer cases like this to be settled out of court. You two men are guilty of disturbing the peace but that’s all, as there was equal aggression on both sides. As for the charges, we have two options. You, sir, wish to bring charges of assault against this man, which is your right. And you, young man, can bring charges against your father for sexual assault and attempted rape.

“I will just point out that the boy would have the stronger case. The men assaulted each other – not much more than a bar brawl. You however, young man, have the more serious charge of sexual assault against a minor. The courts take a very serious view of that and so, I might say, do cell-mates in jail on an inmate convicted of rape of a minor. You must think hard, sir, about whether you want to subject yourself to that kind of treatment. What you got here today was a walk in the park by comparison.

“So my question to you, sir, is do you still want to bring assault charges against this man, knowing that the boy could bring more serious felony charges against you?”

The man shuffled uneasily. “Nah, I guess not.”

“And young man, do you wish to charge your father with sexual assault?”

“No thank you, sir.”

“Good. Now the final point is custody of this young man. How old are you now, son?”

“I just turned eighteen, sir.”

“Ah, well that makes the situation easier as you are technically an adult and no longer under parental supervision. So the choice is yours. Do you want to go back and live with your father?”

“I do not, sir.”

“Well then, I am prepared to close this case with no charges, just a warning that if there is any repetition of this incident or anything similar I will throw the book at you both, is that clear?”

“Yeah,” growled the man. “Yes, officer,” Randy said. “Thank you for being so reasonable.” His tone changed as he turned on the man. “And you, asshole, if you come within a mile of this kid you’ll tangle with me again, and it won’t be pretty. Next time it won’t be my dick up your ass, it’ll be my fist.”

The man took a step toward Randy but Mark intervened. “Er, despite the crudeness of that remark, sir, the man does have a point. You must stay away from the boy. He could take out a restraining order against you. Do you want to go that route, young man?”

“No thank you, sir. And would it be OK if I said something to my dad before he leaves.”

“Fine, just don’t stand too close.”

“Dad, I just want you to know that I’m sorry you got hurt. You know, I did love you once, before you found out that I liked men and you told me I was evil and would go to hell. And if you really do miss me, dad, well I know what loneliness can be like. So maybe I could come to visit you sometime. ‘Course I would bring with me one of the guys I know to look after me …”

“It’s called supervised visits,” Mark said. “Closely supervised.”

“Yeah, I guess,” said the man. “I would like that. I know I treated you bad, kid. Er, would you be bringing this guy with you?” nodding at Randy.

“Most likely, sir.”

Randy and Seth exchanged a long look that was no longer hatred. Then he got in his van and drove away.

Mark grinned. “Damn that fucking arrogant look of yours, Randy. You know you’ve got him, don’t you? Reeled him in like a fish and made him cum all over himself. But you know, dude, you do push the envelope sometimes. You came this close to putting the man in hospital and getting yourself in a whole mess of trouble. And that piss thing was a bit over the top.

“Oh, I know why you did it and I respect that, but it’s a good job Brandon called me and I was able to keep things from escalating. That legal stuff I talked about was a bit shaky, but this uniform goes a long way to intimidate men. At least I kept the guy from suing. Brandon, it seems we all have a lot to thank you for – calling Randy to protect Will, then calling me to protect Randy. Man, I’d like to have you in my corner if I’m ever in trouble.”

Then Will spoke up. “Sir, thank you for coming and saving me, and I’m sorry you got hurt.”

“Ah, goes with the territory, Red – the protection racket. And you were no slouch when it came to the rough stuff. You were real handy with that branch, slugging him like you did – we made a great team. And you’re a good kid, saying what you said to your dad. Hell, the guy is real good with his fists and I can respect that. Maybe one day I will take you and visit him.”

Randy turned to Mark and frowned. “But while I think of it, there’s just one thing, man. That crack about the ‘crudeness of my remark’.”

“What?” Mark said. “Talking about shoving your fist up a guy’s ass ain’t crude?”

Randy flashed his roguish grin. “Depends on the ass – and the fist? Seriously though, buddy, I gotta thank you for coming when you did and bailing us all out. Man you looked hot in that fucking uniform laying down the law. I was ready to get down on the ground and let the police officer cuff me and reprimand me right there. OK let’s hit the road, buddy, and I’ll think of a way of showing my gratitude to you.”

Randy pulled his bike out of the ditch and straddled it. Mark sat astride his black and white police bike and said, “My shift’s over so I’ll ride back home with you. Hey, you guys want a police escort back to the house?”

“No thank you, sir,” Will said. “Norman’s gotta finish his walk and he takes his time, sniffing every plant and the butt of every dog he meets.”

“The mutt’s got his priorities right,” Randy grinned at Mark. “Look at those kids, not a care in the world. You’d never know they’ve just been attacked.”

“That’s what you give them, buddy, a feeling of total security. It’s what I love about you, man.”

They roared away together up the hill and Will said, “Dude, I gotta call the twins and Bob and fill them in on what happened, before Randy and Mark get there.


When the men arrived at the house they parked their bikes and sauntered in through the gates, Randy shirtless in jeans, Mark in his uniform. They were met by an anxious Bob and the twins. “Guys,” Bob said, “Will just called with a quick rundown of what happened – Jesus, Randy, you look like a truck hit you. Come indoors, you could both use a drink. Kyle, Kevin, wait for Will and Brandon and take care of them. Make sure there’s no delayed shock or anything.”

The three men walked through the garden to Bob and Randy’s house and up to the master bedroom. “Scotch for me, buddy,” said Randy sinking exhausted in an armchair. Bob and Mark faced him on a couch and Bob poured Scotch all round.

Bob sighed, “I suppose it was inevitable that if you ever came across William’s father you would thrash him for what he did to the boy. The bit I find amazing is that you humiliated him by fucking his ass and actually gave him an orgasm.”

“Ah the guy’s a total fake. When the kid first told us about him it was obvious the man was a nut-job, spouting all that religious bullshit that men having sex were evil and would burn in the fires of hell. Then Will confesses to you, Bob, that his dad tried to punish him by fucking his ass. Well, you add two and two and … sexual repression anyone?

“What clinched it was when I looked at the man – I can always tell. When I had him pinned to the ground and stared into his eyes I saw it right away. There was fear, of course, but lust too. He craved something and it was obvious what. I just pulled it out of him by making him repeat stuff like a mantra – ‘I want it, I want to get fucked, I want to get fucked’. Huh, I could a’ told him thatbut he had to say it. So I gave it to him.”

Mark chuckled. “I guess your brother Steve is not the only psychologist in the family.”

“Ah, you just have to understand men and sex, which I do. The guy wants it again too, I could see the lust in his eyes when he looked at me before he left. Remember what he said to Will? ‘Will you be bringing that man with you?’ He’s as transparent as glass.

“But I don’t want him sniffing round here again. So I’ll probably look him up and fuck him again. He’ll really get into it when he’s not squealing like a stuck pig with all that ‘I’m-not-into-this’ crap. ‘Course he’s fucking into it – when the right man comes along,” he said with a swaggering grin.

Zack smiled, “You are so fucking arrogant, man – like every man’s gonna fall in love with you.”

“Well, a few of them I have to beat to a pulp first. Then they’re ready. But enough about me. How about that kid, eh? He saw the other man was fighting dirty by slugging me with that branch and damn if young Red don’t pick up the branch and whack him with it. Gave me just the chance I needed to finish him off. I’ll have to start calling the kid Big Red.”

“The other hero is Brandon,” Mark said. “He’s amazing, so calm and steady in a crises. First he calls you Randy and then when he sees things getting out of hand he calls me to put a lid on things and keep you out of jail. Cool as a cucumber the boy describes the scene and tells me the exact location.”

“And thank god you responded the way you did, Mark,” Bob said. “Brandon called and told me what you said, quoting the law and all. If it were not for you Randy would probably be in jail right now rather than sitting here drinking Scotch.”

“He’s right, officer,” Randy said, “and I’ve hit on the perfect way to thank you. See, normally when I come home from a fight I get it out of my system by fucking my man here. He loves it.”

Bob grinned and raised his glass.

“But this time I already got it out of my system by fucking the guy I beat up. And tell you the truth, I’m feeling a bit beat up myself, and I always have to be on top of my game when I fuck Bob.” Randy took a slug of Scotch, clearly enjoying himself.

“So here’s the situation. One: I don’t wanna cheat Bob out of a good fuck. Two: I don’t wanna get out of this chair – just wanna lick my wounds and get drunk. Three: I gotta reward the cop who kept me out of jail by giving him something that’s precious to me. And we know the officer is always horny after all day astride that motorcycle. So what’s a guy to do?”

Bob and Mark grinned at each other knowing exactly where this was going. These guys were a unique threesome – three alpha males, all dominant, who loved each other. That should have made them equal, but then it gets complicated.

Randy is crazy about Bob and feels possessive of him – any man wants him they have to deal with Randy. Bob worships Randy but he’s also wildly in love with Mark. Mark had been in love with Bob since the day he first laid eyes on him, but he also loves and admires Randy. There is an underlying tension between Randy and Mark over their passion for Bob.

Bob smiled. He had a way of cutting through undergrowth. “Randy, are you offering my ass to Mark by way of thanks for saving your hide?”

“Pretty much, dude,” Randy said casually. “Like I said, I’m beat. All I wanna do it sit here and watch my two best buds get it on together. I’ll just drink and rub one out while I watch.”

Mark looked at Bob and shrugged. “Better not disappoint the man. I just saw what he did to a guy who defied him – almost tore him apart. He’s just emptied his load in the guy’s ass, but do you think we can give him something that’ll make him shoot another load?”

“Dunno,” Bob shrugged. “We could give it a try.”


Randy nestled back in the armchair smiling smugly. He had given both his buddies something he knew they wanted, while at the same time casually reaffirming that he was in charge, that Bob belonged to him but he approved of Mark loving him too. Bob and Mark understood all that but shrugged it off as Randy being Randy. Their focus right now was on each other.

Bob got to his feet and stood facing Mark. Bob was, as usual, dressed in blue-jeans, loafers on bare feet and a white V-neck T-shirt that he now pulled off slowly. Mark’s heart beat faster as he stared up at the shirtless muscle-god, a clone of Superman. Bob kicked off his loafers and pushed down his jeans, leaving on his white boxers.

His brown eyes stared down at Mark, then he casually walked over to the bed and lay down on his back, linking his hands behind his head.

Mark rose from his chair and paced round the bed without taking his eyes off Bob. At one point he pulled his night stick from his belt and tapped it in his palm, a quasi-menacing gesture that reinforced the power of his office and uniform. The act was not lost on Bob whose cock stiffened in his shorts.

Mark stood at the foot of the bed and undid three buttons of his black uniform shirt. He slid one hand under the shirt and ran it over the white T-shirt stretched over his chest. Still holding his night stick in the other hand he rubbed it against the growing bulge in his black serge pants, sowing doubt whether the night-stick or his cock would pierce Bob’s ass.

Then Mark unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and pulled the shirttail from the belt round his slim waist. He tossed the night-stick on the bed and slowly shrugged the shirt back off his shoulders until it dropped to the floor.

“Aaah,” Bob moaned, staring up at the blond cop, his chiseled Greek-god features and the T-shirt hugging the contours of his pecs, the short sleeves tight round his biceps. “That looks incredible, man,” he breathed, his cock rising under his shorts like a tent pole.

Mark knelt beside the bed, bent forward and clamped his open mouth over the shorts so the bulge of the cock filled his mouth. He breathed warm air over it, feeling it stir in his mouth under the shorts. When the shorts were soaked with his spit Mark pulled them down and Bob’s cock sprung up. He pulled the shorts off and pressed them against his own face, inhaling deeply.

Then he knelt by the bed again, pressed the shorts over Bob’s face … and kissed him through them. Bob was driven wild with desire and frustration, feeling Mark’s lips and tongue, but feeling them only through the thin cotton of his own shorts.

At last Mark tossed the soaking shorts aside and kissed him, their tongues searching frantically in their mouths, pressing against each other. Bob reached up and curled his hand behind Mark’s neck, running his fingers through the thick blond hair curled at the nape.

Suddenly Mark stood up and Bob knew what came next. The cop reached behind his own neck and slowly pulled up on his T-shirt. It broke free of his waist and rose up to reveal his eight-pack abs, then up over the slabs of his pecs, then over his face and he tossed it aside.

“Oh, fuck. Damn that’s so fucking gorgeous,” Bob moaned, staring up at the shirtless cop, with his broad shoulders, his flared lats slanting down to his tight waist cinched by his heavy black belt. His black pants with a silver stripe hugged his thighs and were tucked into high, shiny black motorcycle boots.

At this moment Bob would have done anything for this man. He remembered first meeting him when the cop had pulled him over in a remote wilderness part of the park and made him strip naked. The cop had pulled out his dick and masturbated looking at him. Mark remembered it too – and now wanted the opposite to happen.

He picked up the night stick and stood up on the bed, astride Bob. Bob gazed up at the muscular blond cop, stripped naked to the waist, towering over him, and his cock shuddered, oozing pre-cum. Mark raised one leg and planted his boot on Bob’s chest. Bob gasped, especially when the cop held the nightstick in one hand, curled his other hand round it and stroked it, his blue-gray eyes gazing down at him.

Bob reached up and gripped the boot tight in his hands, pulling it down harder on his chest, feeling the ecstasy of being at the mercy of this beautiful man. Mark moved his boot forward and planted it on the bed beside Bob’s head. Instinctively Bob turned his face and licked the boot, all the time glancing up at the shirtless police officer.

Bob’s other hand reached down to grab his own rigid cock but Mark growled “No.” With his other foot he kicked Bob’s arm back and stepped lightly on his bicep, pinning his arm to the bed. “You know what I want, man. You recall when I jerked off looking at you that first day? That’s what I want from you now. I know you want it too.”

Bob was going wild. He stared up at the cop, then turned and licked his boot beside his face, kissing it, biting it. He heard Mark’s voice and looked up again to see the cop stroking his night-stick in his fist. You’re my prisoner now, man, and I’m gonna fuck your ass. Maybe I’ll put you in handcuffs, shove this stick up your ass and torture you until you beg for mercy. Then you’ll feel the cop’s own rod pounding your ass and you’ll scream, your balls will explode and …”

“Aaagh,” Bob howled as his cock erupted with semen that splashed over his own heaving body.


“What d’ya think, big guy?” Mark grinned at Randy. “He busted his load, no hands.”

“Pretty impressive, dude,” Randy said, slurring his words and stroking his cock. But I gave him to you so you could fuck his ass.  Where’s that?”

“That comes next, bro. But I know he don’t get foreplay from you so I figured I’d give him mostly foreplay this time. The fuck comes next, and the challenge is to make Superman bust another load.”

Mark tossed the night-stick on the floor, stepped off the bed and walked over to the nightstand. He pulled a jar of lube from the drawer, ripped open his pants and lubed up the long cock that sprang out.

He smiled down at Bob who was staring up at the cop stroking his cock. “You gonna fuck me now, sir? You gonna shove that dick up my ass?”

“Damn right I am. It’s what I wanted that first day in the woods, to make you bend over and take the cop’s cock in your ass. Well, you’re on the bed now butt naked, so better late than never.”

Mark knelt on the bed, Bob bent his knees and pushed his ass up, offering it to him. Mark leaned over him, bracing his hands on the bed beside his head. “OK, here it comes buddy – to show you I love you.” Gently he eased his cock in Bob’s ass and pushed it down deep into the warm depths. He fucked him gently at first, then faster as he bent down and kissed him.

“Feel good, Bob?”

“Fuck, you know it does, man. Make love to my ass, officer.”

And so he did, massaging his ass with his cock, never taking his eyes off him. Randy stood up (unsteadily) jerking his own cock faster as he watched the shirtless cop make love to Bob. Part of that stirred a vague feeling of unease in Randy seeing the love light in Bob’s eyes, but he had given them his blessing and he enjoyed giving pleasure to two men he loved so much.

Mark was getting close to his climax and Bob was pounding his cock in his fist, ready to cum again. “Hey, buddy,” Mark said, “come and give us a hand here.” Randy grinned, knowing he would be needed, and walked over to the bed. He grabbed Mark behind his head and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Bob’s cock jerked as he looked up at the blond cop and swarthy gypsy, both shirtless, mouths locked in a churning kiss. “Damn that’s hot. Guys, I think I’m gonna cum again.”

Randy broke away from Mark and grinned, “Well, let’s make sure of that, shall we?” He pointed his cock at Bob’s face and shot cum all over it. Then he turned to Mark, grabbed his hair and blasted the rest of his juice in his face. Bob looked at the macho cop with semen running down his handsome face and yelled, “That’s so fucking hot l’m gonna cum … I’m cumming … aaagh”

Mark drove his cock in deep one last time and it exploded in Bob’s ass as Bob pumped jizz all over his body for the second time.


“Man, that was a trip,” Mark said as they sat in the chairs again, unwinding over the last of the Scotch. “A bit different from you fucking that Seth character, eh boss?”

“Ah he was different, a challenge, and he’s gonna get more. I’ll do him a service, open his eyes to who he really is. Open his ass too when it comes to that.”

Bob laughed. “Thanks again Mark … for keeping Randy out of jail and keeping me so stoked I came twice. Let’s hope things calm down a bit, now. Too much excitement for these tired bones. So rumor has it you and Jamie are off on a trip with Will and the twins and the Aussies Adam and Nate. You and the Aussies have become pretty close lately I hear.”

“Yeah, well Nate and Jamie have been best friends ever since Nate joined the tribe and they’re big surfing buddies. The idea is for them to introduce Will to the sport. He’s real excited. He’s hasn’t got to know Jamie and Nate well yet, so it’ll be fun for him.

“And you and Adam?” Bob asked carefully. “I’ve always thought of you two as a lot alike – both drop-dead gorgeous, both of you with sexy young jocks as your boys. ‘Course, being so similar can sometimes lead to, er, tension sometimes, as I know only too well with Randy here and some of the macho guys he’s tangled with. Alpha males are always competitive, mostly friendly but … not always.”

“Damn, you don’t miss much do you, Bob, with those sensitive antennas of yours? Yeah, Adam and me have become real close. We think alike, have the same outlook on life …”

“But …?

Mark shrugged. “Well, I’ve seen the way Adam looks at Jamie. Obviously he lusts after him – I mean who wouldn’t? Sexy blond California surfer – everyone’s fantasy. But I can’t get comfortable with that yet. I mean, you know me and Jamie – real close. I feel kind of possessive about Jamie, not ready to share him – like the way you feel about Bob, Randy. But it sort of gets in the way of my friendship with Adam.”

“Yeah, you can’t let stuff like that smolder,” Bob said. “They have a way of blowing up.”

“Absolutely right, buddy. To tell you the truth that’s one reason I suggested Adam and Nate come on the trip. Up in the dunes we’ll have a chance to clear the air – one way or the other.”

“I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, buddy. I’m sure things will turn out fine. So Randy, how about you and me get cleaned up before dinner? It’s likely to be a celebration this evening and you’ll be the hero of the hour, having saved Will from the clutches of his dad. The grapevine is humming. ‘Course, with all your scratches and bruises you’ll look the part of the wounded warrior – the boys will like that.”

“And I’ve gotta get back to Jamie,” Mark said, “see how he’s doing, and what he’s doing.” He chuckled. “Like I said, I’m kinda possessive.”

After tight hugs he left the room and Bob raised his eyebrows at Randy and shrugged.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Book 9: Chapter 32


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