Chapter 4


In the previous chapter

Miguel was the newest member of the tribe, a handsome, macho alpha male with similarities of temperament to the tribe’s undisputed boss Randy. Miguel was the lover of the construction boss Zack and lived with him and his boy Darius.

But he had recently become aware of a need in his life that had been simmering for a while and now surfaced when he spent time with Randy’s lover Bob and his twins, and the junior boys Ben and Tyler.

They were all spending the weekend at the Ritz-Carlton on the coast south of Los Angeles. Bob and his twins had taken Ben and Tyler there to teach them some of the finer things of life as a change from the rough and tumble of their lives in the tribe. And Miguel, a master chef, was there filling in for the hotel’s executive chef for a couple of days.

Miguel had spent the night in their two-room suite and, at Bob’s suggestion, had slept with Ben and Tyler in their room. His attraction to the boys led to a shower together where the boys tended to his muscular body, and their foreplay climaxed in bed in a stunning master/boy role reversal where he had boosted the shy boys’ confidence by letting them fuck him.

The next morning in a quiet moment over room-service breakfast Miguel had opened his heart to Bob. “I seem to have it all, buddy – a great lover in Zack, great home life with him and his boy Darius, great job as executive chef at the Ritz in L.A., plenty of money. But something’s been missing … something I barely felt at first, certainly I couldn’t put my finger on it. But I guess it’s been growing in me deep down.

“And then, this weekend, the penny dropped. I realized that I had always been with guys my own age. I loved that man-on-man, macho testosterone where I didn’t have to take care of anyone but myself. Then I saw you with the twins and got to know those sweet boys Tyler and Ben. And of course – it was as clear as day. I wanted a boy of my own. It’s like I can only be a real man if I have a boy to love, nurture and protect. Does that make sense to you, Bob?”

Bob smiled. “You only have to see me with the twins to answer that question, Miguel. That’s why all the men have their own boys. Without the boys the tribe would just be a bunch of oversexed alpha males boozing and fucking their brains out.

“You know, Miguel, in so many ways you remind me of Randy. His love and fierce protection of the boys is legendary even though, as I said before, he can be a mean son of a bitch with other men. I was listening to Tyler earlier describing how you took care of him when the poor kid panicked as he was about to fuck you and lost his hard-on. He was so embarrassed but you guided him through that beautifully, Miguel. I know you would be terrific with a boy of your own.”

Miguel sighed. “I can’t get over the thought that somewhere out there there’s a kid feeling alone, confused and afraid, and I want to wrap my arms round him and tell him he’s safe now.”

“It’ll come, Miguel,” Bob smiled. “Just take your time. If you want it bad enough these things have a way of resolving themselves.”

“Thanks, Bob. Right now I have to report to the hotel kitchen. But I’ll see you all after dinner OK? And maybe we can all go back to town together in the morning.”

“Sure. It might be a good idea for you to take Tyler and Ben in your car. Two boys chattering endlessly in your ear might just change your mind,” Bob grinned.

“I doubt that, buddy,” Miguel laughed. I’m more concerned about facing Randy again after fucking your hot ass. My dick always gets me in trouble.”

Bob laughed. “Another thing you share with Randy, dude.”

******************   CHAPTER 404   *******************

On their last full day at the hotel, Sunday, Bob, the twins and the junior boys Ben and Tyler relaxed and had fun.

The youngsters were now feeling confident in these opulent surroundings, having learned, under Bob’s guidance and the twins’ example, that they could be themselves provided they conformed to certain basic rules of good manners, especially in the hotel restaurant.

Miguel spent most of the day and evening supervising lunches and dinners in the restaurant, with the promise that he would again spend the night with the guys in their suite. As Bob and the boys walked on the beach, had brunch on the terrace then lounged by the pool, their conversation repeatedly turned to Miguel.

In the last twenty-four hours they had all indulged their sexual appetites to the full. Bob had at last yielded his ass to Miguel, braving whatever Randy’s reaction would be when they got back home. The twins had spent two nights with Bob, a luxury that was limited at home by their busy schedules. And Ben and Tyler had spent an ecstatic night with Miguel who was exploring his own rising desire to find a boy of his own.

And that last fact was what occupied most of their thoughts as they sat at brunch. “I think,” said a newly confident young Tyler, “that any boy who belonged to Miguel would think he had died and gone to heaven.”

“Well,” Bob said, “I don’t think Miguel wants a boy to actually ‘belong’ to him. What he’s looking for is someone who needs him as a kind of big brother, someone he can nurture and protect.”

“And fuck him too.” Ben said bluntly.

“Yeah, there’s always that,” Bob grinned. “That kinda goes with the territory. What about you Kyle and Kevin? You usually have your own take on important topics like this.”

The twins glanced at each other as they usually did, silently agreeing who would go first. “Well,” said Kyle, “we were talking about it earlier and we focused on what kind of a guy Miguel is, his real strengths and needs. We got our cue from how much he reminds us of Randy … you know, tough, ultra-macho, ready for a challenge … not to mention totally gorgeous and sexy.”

Kevin took over. “We first pictured a sweet nervous young guy of eighteen who needed an adult in his life, but that didn’t seem to fit. Oh, Miguel would be great with a boy like that – he’d be great with any boy – but it was the challenge thing that decided us. When you think how Randy is with boys … I mean he loves them to bits, but he can be a real disciplinarian. He don’t take shit from anyone and can whip any guy into shape.”

Kyle added, “We’ve also heard the story of how Mark handled Jamie when he first showed up – a rebellious skinhead at war with the world. Mark being a cop and all, it didn’t take him long to tame Jamie, and look at them now. We figured that’s the kind of challenge Miguel needs.”

“’Course, that’s just our opinion,” Kevin said with a shrug.

Bob smiled at the twins with affection and pride. They were growing up so well – thoughtful, with an analytical intelligence that he greatly respected. And they had put into words some of the thoughts that had been rattling around his own head. “And it’s a well-reasoned opinion, guys,” he said. “I’m proud of you.”

As it turned out theirs was an opinion shared by another guy – Randy himself – as Miguel was to discover the next day.


That night, as arranged, Miguel spent his second night with the guys. As it was their last night here together they decided to go for broke and all sleep in the main bedroom. Despite the large room and the two king-size beds it was a bit crowded but that suited them fine. Bob held court in one bed and Miguel ruled the other, both being serviced in various combinations by the twins and the junior boys.

It was a romping, playful orgy with not much actual fucking but a whole lot of sucking going on – and a whole lot of laughter too. In the end, when exhaustion finally overcame them, they slept in the opposite configuration of the night before – Bob with Ben and Tyler in one bed, Miguel with the twins in the other.

They slept deep and long, with a late leisurely breakfast in the suite next morning. They took their time as Miguel had finished his short tour of duty in the hotel kitchens and the others were in no special hurry to hit the road for home.

But eventually they girded their loins – having answered the call of their loins so eagerly the night before – and were ready to take their reluctant leave of the hotel that had pampered them so well. Their visit had been hedonistic for them all and an education for the boys. As they waited outside for the valet to bring up their cars Tyler grinned at Ben. “Hey, dude, remember how scared we were when we first got here and tried to look like we owned the place?”

“Yeah, didn’t fool anyone though. It stood out a mile that we were new to all this. You gave the game away when the staff said ‘sir’ and you had no idea they were talking to you.”

“But look at us now, eh bro?” Tyler said. “Getting ‘sir-ed’ all over the place – and loving it.”

“Well don’t get too used to it, guys,” Bob smiled, “‘cos when we get home you’ll come down to earth with a bump and Pablo and Jason will be the ones expecting their boys to call them sir. That’s a little surprise I was saving for you Ben. While you were in the shower I got a call from Jason. The wildfires up in Ventura are more or less contained, Jason’s fire crew has been released and he’s on his way home. He’s coming straight to the house to wait for you.”

Ben was suddenly nervous for the opposite reason of when he arrived. “But look at me, sir, all dressed in my smart clothes. Jason likes me as his wild ragged gypsy.”

“Ben, I don’t think clothes will be on the fireman’s mind so much as an absence of them. Didn’t he say he wants you naked when he comes home? And by the way, that’s my last lesson of the trip. Always dress for the occasion – smart clothes for the hotel, casual clothes at home – and no clothes for your master.”

Their cars arrived and, as they had decided yesterday, Bob took the twins in his Mercedes and Miguel took Ben and Tyler in his SUV. There was a brief discussion as to who would sit up front and Miguel decreed that Ben would take the front seat now and change places with Tyler when they stopped for gas halfway. Bob grinned, “Well played, Miguel. When you have a boy of your own you’ll find you’re playing referee a whole lot.”

“Can’t wait,” Miguel chuckled.

They drove north in tandem for a while, Miguel’s SUV following the Mercedes, until Miguel swung off the freeway at a gas station and the boys changed seats, with Tyler proudly up front. As Bob had predicted, the excited boys chattered all the way. After being intimidated by the handsome Hispanic when they first met him they were now completely relaxed in his company, especially after having both butt-fucked him the night before last.

So their tongues were loosened and they peppered Miguel with questions about work in the hotel kitchens (”What’s it like giving orders to so many guys at once?”) and his life with Zack and Darius (“Do you guys get in leather all the time, and get tied up and stuff?”) and his plans for a boy of his own (“Would you choose a boy like one of us?”)

Miguel amiably tried to answer all of them, but mostly he loved just listening to them. Far from their chatter turning him off the idea, as Bob had jokingly predicted, having their youthful company for almost two hours only strengthened his determination to find a boy of his own.


Because of Miguel’s stop for gas Bob and the twins were ten minutes ahead of them. When they arrived at the house a small welcoming committee was waiting for them in the garden.

Randy, just back from the construction site, was waiting for Bob. Pablo the senior mechanic, shirtless in jeans as usual, waited for his boy Tyler. And the fireman Jason was there to meet his boy Ben. Jason had come direct from fighting the fires up north and was still in his heavy yellow firefighter pants with red suspenders over his blue uniform T shirt.

And hopping impatiently from foot to foot was the eager young Eddy, the tribe’s great communicator who had been in constant touch by phone with his pal Tyler and had broadcast all the goings on at the hotel to the rest of the tribe. The tribe’s ultra-efficient grapevine depended heavily on Eddie.

As Bob came through the gate he beamed at Randy and when they hugged he felt Randy’s cock stiffen against him, a sure sign of what awaited him upstairs. The twins greeted Pablo and Jason, and then Eddie descended on them.

“Dudes, while you were gone Nate and me did the cooking … kind’ve … with help from Danny from the Grady House. And I’ve been cleaning up the kitchen … kind’ve …” he winced. “Come and see, and tell me all about your adventures at the ritzy Ritz.”

“Sir,” Kyle grinned at Bob, “we’re gonna go survey the wreckage with Eddie. Might be a while.”

A few minutes later the SUV pulled up at the gate and Ben and Tyler ran in through the gate. Pablo stood up, opened his arms and Tyler rushed into them. Ben stood in front of Jason and said, “Sir, you look awesome.”

“And you look pretty smart in those clothes kiddo. Looks kinda cool, but are you still the gypsy boy I love? I seem to recall telling you that want you naked when I come home.”

“No problem there, sir.” Ignoring everyone but his master Ben pulled off his elegant shirt, kicked off his loafers and dropped his slacks. Jason grinned, “That’s more like it. I knew there must be a hot young gypsy under those fancy clothes. Guess I should get out of my uniform too.”

With his exhibitionist flair for flaunting his stunning body Jason knew exactly how to turn his boy on – and everyone else watching too. He stood up and pushed the red suspenders down off his shoulders so they hung from his waist. Then he slowly pulled his T-shirt off over his head and stood stripped to the waist in his bulky pants and heavy boots. Ben gaped in awe and his cock rose up like a flagpole.

Jason chuckled. “That’s my boy. I was gonna throw you over my shoulder in a fireman’s lift, kiddo, and carry you off home, but I can’t wait for that. I’ve spent a week on blazing hillsides fighting wildfires and in rest periods I thought of your sweet ass but was too exhausted even to jack off. So I’ve built up a powerful head of steam, kid, and you’re gonna get it real good.”

“Yes please, sir,” Ben said eagerly.

“Hey guys,” Jason said, “is it OK if we go use that grassy patch under the tree over there?”

“The whole damn garden is all yours, stud,” Randy grinned. “Be my guest … go and fuck my kid brother’s brains out.”

Jason grabbed Ben by his long hard dick and tugged him over to the patch of grass where Ben instantly lay on his back, pulled his legs back and offered his ass to the bare-chested fireman. Jason gazed down at the swarthy young gypsy, ripped open his pants, pulled out his rock hard dick, spat on it and stroked it slowly.

To Ben it was like a porn movie fantasy – a handsome blond fireman, shirtless in heavy pants and boots, suspenders dangling from his waist, his muscles rippling as he stroked his cock, looking down at him hungrily. Jason growled, “Man, I’ve waited for this all week. You know where this rod is going, don’t you kid?

“In my ass, sir.”

“Damn right.” Jason knelt between Ben’s legs and gently eased his cock inside him. Ben looked up at the chiseled, square-jawed features and deep blue eyes and felt he was in heaven. All the stuff at the hotel had been great, a lot of fun. But there was nothing like giving his ass to his gorgeous master.

Jason smiled down at him. “I hear that you actually butt-fucked that big stud Miguel, eh? Wish I’d been there to see that.”

“Yes, sir. But there’s nothing better in the world than this, getting fucked by you. I love you, sir”

Jason grinned, “Love you too, kid. I’ll probably fuck you for the rest of the day and most of the night. How’s that sound?”

“Awesome, sir,” Ben smiled as he reached up and stroked the fireman’s pecs.

Across the garden Randy said, “Well we won’t be seeing much of those two today. Looks like they’re in for a long-haul fuck.”

“And what about you, Tyler?” Pablo said. “I hear that after fucking Miguel you’re pretty much a top man now, so I guess I don’t get to plough your ass anymore, eh?”

“Oh no, sir, I mean yes, sir,” Tyler said in a panic. “I only did that once and I’m still your boy. Look.” Hurriedly he pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants. I’m still your boy ain’t I, sir?”

Pablo laughed. “Just kidding, dude. Jason wasn’t the only one dreaming of a sweet young ass and building up a head of steam. Come with me up to my room and I’ll prove it to you.”

As they were about to leave Bob coughed. “Er, aren’t you forgetting something Tyler? All these new clothes of yours and Ben’s on the ground here. You don’t have staff now to pick up after you like you did at the hotel, you know.”

“Oh, sorry, sir.” Tyler scooped up the clothes. “I’ll have them cleaned tomorrow, sir. And sir, thank you for this weekend. I loved it all … and I love you too, sir.” He glanced anxiously at Pablo. “Is it OK for me to say that, sir?”

Pablo laughed, “’Course it is, kid – everyone else does. Pablo winked at Bob, threw his arm over the boy’s shoulder, and they disappeared into the house.

That left just Bob and Randy with Miguel. Miguel had stayed in the background watching the boys greet their men, and his eyes shone as he saw their warm hugs, gentle teasing and sexual foreplay. Randy noticed the affectionate look on his face and said, “Yeah, they’re great kids – all our boys are great kids – and Bob told me you were real good with them.”

He paused, then suggested, “Look, Zack and Darius are still holding the fort at work, won’t be home for a while, so why don’t you come upstairs for a beer with Bob and me. We got stuff to talk about and a piece of business to take care of.”

Miguel cast a puzzled glance at Bob who simply smiled and they all went up to the master suite.


Randy was still dressed in his usual work clothes – grubby jeans, boots and a tank top smeared with dirt and grease. His one concession to decorum was to pull off the sweaty tank, grab a towel and wipe his dirty face and chest. Then he went to their small private kitchen, came back with a six pack of beer and threw a bottle each to Bob and Miguel. He twisted the top off another and sprawled in an armchair. The others sat facing him and he flashed his roguish grin.

“So, big guy, sounds like you had quite a weekend in that fancy hotel. Being head honcho in a place like that must make you horny ‘cos when they let you out of the kitchen you butt-fucked my man here, then got your own ass ploughed by those two kids. Now that surprised me when Bob told me. Guy like you could easily cornhole a couple a’ young asses before breakfast and then come back for seconds. You must really like those boys to let them near your ass.”

“Sure I do, Randy, they’re terrific young guys and they soon lost their shyness. But it goes a lot deeper than that. Bob probably told you that for some time I’ve been watching all you guys with your boys and feeling envious.

“See, my life so far has been kind of unsettled, living alone, my only focus being my work. But when I hooked up with Zack and we became a couple he kinda domesticated me, brought out those fraternal instincts that had been buried in me. You know he’s building that addition on his house for me and, well, I realized that I wanted a boy of my own with me there. Like I told Bob, I keep thinking that somewhere out there there’s a kid feeling alone, confused, maybe scared, longing for someone to wrap his arms round him and tell him he’s safe.”

“Hmm,” Randy’s brow furrowed in thought. He took a long swig of beer and studied Miguel carefully. “You’re right, buddy, there’s a lot of kids out there needing protection. But there are all sorts, and they’re not all sweet shy young kids like Tyler, Ben and Brandon.

“Hell, those kids are easy to love. Every time I see young Brandon wheeling his wheelchair so proudly and independently it brings tears to my eyes. I love that kid … so brave and determined. Pablo was gutsy like that, you know, when I discovered him some years ago working for a family of thugs in the desert. Got him out of there real fast.

“But there’s another kind of guy, a kid who’s lost and survives abuse by becoming mean and arrogant, picking fights with everyone. Hell, I should know all about that. Look at me, angry as hell, taking no shit from anyone and solving everything with my fists.” He threw his head back and laughed. “Damn, if any guy had come along and tried to save me I’d have slugged him.”

“And you mean you’ve changed?” Miguel grinned playfully.

“Not much, dude, you’re right. I can still be mean as shit, I know it. Only thing that changed me was …” he grinned at Bob … “was falling in love with this big lug. Even then I still got angry and swung my fists.”

“And I’ve still got the bruises to prove it,” Bob chuckled.

“Ah, quit complaining, you ol’ grouch. OK, so you tamed me a bit, but we’re doing just fine now. But listen, I got off track here. What I’m trying to say Miguel is that you are one tough, macho son of a bitch like me and you could handle a young guy who’s had it rough and sees everyone as the enemy. Just make sure he’s over eighteen or you can get into a mess of trouble. Besides, there’s outfits like Child Protective Services for minors, but when a kid turns eighteen he’s on his own – out of foster care but not ready for the world.

“As an example of the kind of kid I mean you only have to look at Mark’s Jamie. When he showed up here with his pal Larry, they were mean, arrogant mother-fuckers – young punks living on the streets. Most guys would have turned their backs on kids like that, but not Mark. He saw something worth salvaging in Jamie.

“It takes real men like the cop Mark, and our wise older pal Mike in Palms springs. They didn’t take any shit from those delinquents and they tamed them. And look at them now. Jamie worships Mark and Larry’s crazy in love with Mike. You should check in with Mark and Jamie and get their take on all this, buddy.”

Randy paused to take another long drink of beer while Bob and Miguel looked at him with respect, affection and some surprise. Randy’s public image was the tough authoritarian gypsy boss but occasionally, in the company of his equals like Bob and Miguel, he opened up and they glimpsed the man’s generous, compassionate soul. But Randy never liked feeling emotionally exposed so he abruptly changed the subject.

“OK, I’ve had my say on that subject. Now for the other business we have to see to.”

His blue eyes looked piercingly at Miguel who knew exactly what was coming. “OK,” Miguel said, “no need to spell it out, big guy. Let me say it for you. Out on the cliffs, overlooking the ocean … I fucked your man’s ass. You let it go at the time ‘cos you thought it gave Bob pleasure – which it did, I might add. But we all know Bob’s ass is precious to you so it’s a case of ‘Beware all those who enter here’. There’s a price to pay, and it’s always the same.”

“Damn right,” Randy said with a raunchy grin. “Dude, you and me got off to a pretty wild start when first you came here. We’re two of a kind, you and me, we both felt the same fire in our loins and threw caution to the winds. We went up to the lake, caught some fish, fucked our brains out and made love for days. OK, we were thoughtless mean mother fuckers, me especially, and we hurt the man I love and you got to love.

“I don’t wanna stir up those old demons, but since then we haven’t touched each other out of respect for Bob. But now you two have done the deed and given me an excuse to do what I’ve been wanting to do ever since that fishing trip. More than an excuse. It’s my duty as a guardian of the flame – Bob’s ass.”

Miguel stood up and grinned at Randy. “Look at you, man, the blue-eyed, black-haired gypsy with the chiseled face, stubbled jaw and the body of death, shirtless in those filthy old jeans and boots. So damn gorgeous and so fucking sexy. Yeah, when I fucked Bob I knew the price of entry, a price I’m lusting to pay now.”

Miguel was wearing cargo shorts, sneakers and the black ribbed tank top Bob had given him at the hotel. All of which he now shed and stood gloriously naked in front of the two lovers. “Bob, this is Randy and me playing our horny sex games again but this time we need your approval.”

Bob smiled. “Miguel, when you fucked me on that cliff I knew this moment would come. I only hoped I’d be around to see it. So here I am, there you are, and Randy is staring at you with a gleam in his eye I know so well. So let the games begin.”


Miguel smiled at Randy and knelt on his hands and knees before him on the floor facing a full-length wall mirror. Randy took his time. He casually surveyed the musclehunk on all fours, then threw his head back and took a long draft of beer. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand then slowly hauled himself out of his chair and walked round Miguel.

“OK, let’s see what we got here,” he said in his deep Texan drawl. “A big muscle-stud, handsome, Hispanic, built like a brick shithouse. Top man too, I’d say. Must be ‘cos he fucked my man in the ass. But shit, he don’t look like no top man now, on the floor, hands and knees, waiting to get butt-fucked doggy style. That is what you want, right, stud?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Damn I like to hear to hear that word from a hunk like you. Louder, man.”

“Yes sir,” Miguel said strongly. He stared at the shirtless gypsy in the mirror. “I want you to fuck my ass, sir.”

Bob stirred in his chair, his cock pulsing in his jeans as he watched the amazing spectacle of one rugged alpha male dominating another. A few days ago Miguel had pounded Bob’s ass in a dynamic power fuck. But such was Randy’s sexual magnetism, here was that same top man debasing himself on all fours offering his own ass to the ultimate master. Bob stroked the bulge in his jeans, careful not to erupt in a climax that was so close.

Still toying with the pleading man Randy took a final gulp of beer, then reached down and pressed a finger in Miguel’s hole. “Hmm, tight as a drum, like a top-man should be. Needs some lube. He held his beer up to the light and grinned. “Yeah, just enough left. He upended the bottle and poured the remains of his beer over Miguel’s waiting ass.”

“That’s it for foreplay, bro. I recall how you like to get right down to business, so this time I’ll bring the business to you.” Randy yanked open his jeans pulled out his massive cock and spat on it. “Oh fuck,” Miguel groaned staring in the mirror at the bare-chested construction worker stroking his thick shaft. “Man I want that so bad. I wanna feel that fucking rod in my ass.”

Randy dropped to his knees behind him and pressed the head of his cock against his hole. He reached one arm forward, grabbed the Hispanic’s thick black hair and pulled his head back, forcing him to stare up at him in the mirror. “You gotta do better than that, stud. Big sexy motherfucker like you … I gotta hear you beg for it. Look at my eyes, man, and beg.”

Miguel stared at the hypnotic laser-blue eyes set in the dark gypsy face and yielded completely to the overpowering force of the man. Losing any remaining shreds of manly dignity he groaned, “Please, I wanna feel you inside me so bad. I’m begging you, man. Fuck me, shove you dick in my ass … I beg you … Aaagh!”

“His scream echoed round the room as Randy plunged his iron shaft deep in his ass, pulled back and drove it in again, and again, deeper each time. The muscled body bucked and heaved beneath him like a stallion being broken in, his face thrashing from side to side. “Fuck … fuck … fuck you, man … yeah, fuck my ass. Harder, stud. That all you got?”

Bob stirred uneasily thinking they were out of control, but then saw the intensity of their gaze as they locked eyes in the mirror. They were in a place where only men of this virile power could go, locked in a celebration of their manhood. Bob had often felt the savagery of Randy’s fucks and the unique blend of pain and ecstasy, so he had some sense of what Miguel was feeling as Randy’s cock pistoned in his ass with increasing force.

Bob had taken his hand off his bulge, knowing that the extraordinary spectacle could make him cream his pants in an instant. Watching them Bob finally understood why the two men had gone off together in those early days, how they had bonded so completely and fucked for days, erasing everything and everyone else from their minds. He was watching it now, two men lost in a world of mutual passion and pain.

“Man, you are one hot fuck,” Randy growled. “Your ass is on fire. You feel that, stud? I want you to really feel me inside you.”

“Oh I feel you,” Miguel moaned, staring wild-eyed at the mirror. “Look at you – one mean, gorgeous son of a bitch. Your boys must have worshipped you, knowing you could whip any man’s ass and keep them safe. Don’t stop, man. Fuck me, ride my ass.”

Bob was amazed that they could maintain the force and intensity for so long but he knew exactly what Randy was doing. On one level this was all for Bob’s benefit – Randy needed to prove his ultimate supremacy to his lover, no matter what other man came along or who fucked whom. When Bob had told Randy that Miguel had fucked his ass Randy did not react with violence or anger. But Bob knew he would ultimately need to demonstrate that he was the only man truly worthy of Bob’s love. And that’s what he was doing now.

Bob wondered at their stamina, how they could both hold back their climax, something he was having a problem with himself. As if by osmosis Randy sensed this. “Don’t you fucking cum, man. Only one place you’re gonna shoot your load. Get over there,” nodding at Miguel’s head.

Bob stood in front of Miguel, pulled off his shirt, unzipped his jeans and pulled out his rock hard dick. Randy again grabbed Miguel’s hair and pulled his face back, forcing him to look up at Bob, his cock pointing at his face. “OK, big guy, you fucked my man’s ass and now you’re gonna suck his dick while I hammer your ass. Look at that gorgeous fucking man and tell him what you feel. Let me hear you say it, man.”

While the pile-driver pounded his ass Miguel gazed up at Bob’s sculpted torso, the square-cut features and deep brown eyes, and said, “I love you, man. I love you. Please, man, fuck me … fuck my face.” His stubbled jaw sagged open and Bob eased the whole length of his cock into his mouth and down his throat.

Bob looked across the heaving body at Randy who was smiling triumphantly. “I had to do this … it was for you, buddy. Now you know – I am the best of them all, the only man for you. You do know that don’t you, Bob?”

Again that fleeting little-boy plea that always melted, Bob’s heart, coming as it did from the fierce gypsy, the ultimate dominant male. “I always knew that, Randy, right from the beginning. You don’t have to prove anything to me – but I love it when you do. Let’s spit roast this gorgeous man, buddy. Let’s give him what he wants.”

Randy smiled. “And you know what I’m gonna give you, don’t you? The thing you like best.”

Randy’s pale blue eyes pierced Bob’s, and the eyes were the portal into that secret world they loved and shared, a world where they became one and saw into each other’s souls. They made love with their eyes while they fucked their buddy with their cocks, his mouth and his ass, harder and faster until they reached the point of no return.

“Together again, eh Bob? We’ll cum together like we always do, only this time in this beautiful man we both lust for. Let’s give it to him, buddy.”

“I love you so much, Randy. God, you’re gonna make me cum … fuck … I’m gonna cum in his mouth … aaah … aaagh!” His muscles flexed as he shot a massive load down Miguel’s throat, and Randy’s cock erupted in his ass.

The rugged Hispanic, spit roasted by the two spectacular lovers, screamed into the gag of the cock as his own cock exploded in a massive orgasm. He gulped down the juice of one man and felt the sperm of the other pouring in his ass – the gift of love and reconciliation from the two undisputed and inseparable leaders of the tribe.


The cocks pulled out and Miguel let out a howl of joy and pumped his fists in the air before collapsing on his back on the floor. He linked his hands behind his head and stared up at the two flawless lovers. “Guys, I always wanna be your friend? I’m in love with Zack and you’re both in love with Mark, but can we always be buddies and do this again sometimes?”

They both reached down and pulled him to his feet. “Damn,” Randy grinned, “something as wild as that has to happen again. Hey, next time, how about we all get together with Zack and Mark? The Clash of the Titans eh?”

“With Darius to film it,” Miguel laughed. “Another one for ‘prosperity’ as he would say.”

Miguel got dressed and the other two did up their jeans and pulled on their discarded shirts. “Talking of Zack,” Randy said, “I gotta go back to him and Darius at the construction site. They’re working on a tough job so it might be a while before they’re home. I’ll tell them what we did here and it’ll sound so hot that you can expect more of the same from those two, Miguel.”

“I’d bet money on it,” Miguel laughed. “I called Zack earlier and he wants to take Darius and me out to dinner to celebrate. But, like you say, I suspect the real celebration will come later.”

In the meantime, dude,” Randy said, “don’t forget what I told you about all the lost boys out there. You can always go for a shy kid like Tyler, of course, but I think a guy like you needs more of a challenge – some damaged young punk who’ll only survive when some master tames him. They’re out there, bro, believe me. Like I said, Jamie used to be one of them. Ask him.”

They all went downstairs to the garden, Randy pulled Miguel into a man hug and said, “Fucking spectacular, dude.” He turned to Bob. “As for you, man, you’re next. I haven’t finished with you yet.” He gave him a savage kiss on the mouth, then grinned, “Later man,” and strode out through the gate. Miguel shook his head and smiled, “He’s incredible, Bob. You’re probably the only guy in the world who could tame him.”

“The real question is, dude, who tames who. But right now I gotta go check in with the twins in the kitchen, which is probably a disaster zone after being left to Eddie’s tender mercies. While you’re waiting for Zack why don’t you drop into the office? Jamie’s there working with Brandon until Mark gets home from his shift.

They hugged warmly. “Great weekend, Bob. Thanks for all the advice and … well, thanks for everything, man.” Bob went in the direction of the kitchen and Miguel crossed the lawn to the small office building.


Jamie and Brandon were hunched over their desks focused intently on computer screens when he came in. They looked up and he was greeted by two broad smiles. “Welcome back, sir,” Jamie said. “Did, er, everything go OK upstairs?”

“It was wild, guys, kind of insane.”

“Always is with Randy, sir,” Brandon smiled.

“I can believe it. And by the way, he’s crazy about you, kiddo. Loves you a whole lot.”

“Randy is great with all the boys, sir. Talking of which, we’re told you’ve been getting a lot of advice about boys.”

On Miguel’s surprised look Jamie chuckled. “By now you should know about the grapevine, sir. Everyone knows everything as soon as it happens. It’s like, the twins tell Nate, Nate tells Eddie and that’s like putting it on the public address system. Spreads like a computer virus. Brandon and me were just talking about you and your search for a boy.”

“Well, it’s not got to the search stage yet, guys. First it was just a gleam in my eye, then I realized how much I wanted it. And, er, actually that’s one reason I’m here. It was Randy’s suggestion. See he mentioned you two as sort of opposites. You Brandon were ideal boy material – sweet, loving, gutsy, perfect for Pete. I think Randy’s even a bit envious of him.

“You on the other hand, Jamie, were cut from a much coarser cloth. Oops, sorry dude, that came out much meaner than I intended.”

Jamie laughed. “Don’t worry, I’ve heard worse – and you’re dead right. You probably heard the story before – how Larry and me were running wild, mean, nasty young thugs with huge chips on our shoulders against the world. We came here to even the score with Pablo and even flicked out knives but Mark came just in time. He was gonna run us in and we would’ve faced jail time but Bob took mercy on us and Randy put us to work on an extension they were building.

“Larry high-tailed it home to Missouri, though years later he came back and he’s Mike’s boy now in Palm Springs. Mark started to see some good in me, I guess. I cleaned up my act, grew my hair long and he took me for a trip up to his cabin in the dunes. But boy was I a handful – still full of resentment. But Mark knew how to handle me.

“I thought I was the big stud ladies’ man – came on to a waitress where we stopped for the night and went to fuck her – but I couldn’t get it up. I went back to our motel room and saw Mark sleeping naked. I had never seen such a gorgeous man before and went into the bathroom and jerked off looking through the half-open door.

“Well, that was it. As time went on Mark handled me like an expert, knew exactly what buttons to press, when to crack the whip, when to back off. He played me like a flute. Well, long story short, I fell in love with him, the love grew and grew until I came to worship him, would do anything to please him. And that’s the way it is to this day. Every evening when he comes home from work he expects me to be …”

Jamie’s cell phone rang. “It’s Mark. I’ll take it next door, sir.” He went into the adjoining office that Bob used and left Miguel with Brandon.

Miguel grinned, “Some story eh, kiddo?”

“Yes sir, and that was just the short CliffsNotes version. Sometimes when work is slack Jamie tells me the whole thing – how his feelings changed over time from anger to love. There’s a bit on the beach that brings tears to my eyes … Jamie got in trouble in the waves and nearly drowned. Mark rescued him, pulled him onto the sand and gave him the kiss of life. When Jamie came to he felt Mark’s lips on his, then looked up and saw that gorgeous face smiling down at him … and that’s the exact moment he fell in love.”

“Yeah, amazing story.”

“That’s the kind of guy you should look for, sir. Boys like me and Eddie are easy to love but I feel sorry for guys like Jamie who took a wrong turn in life and fucked everything up. They pretend to be tough but they’re often lonely and some end up in prison as Jamie nearly did. Nobody cares about them but they’re people too and everyone needs love, don’t you think, sir?”

“I sure do kiddo,” Miguel said with moist eyes. “Damn, I can see why Randy loves you so much, Brandon. And Pete’s a real lucky guy to have you as his boy.”

Jamie came back in. “I was just talking to Mark, sir. He knows all about you wanting a boy – everyone knows by now – and he made a suggestion. See, I was about to tell you that when he comes home from work he always expects me to be waiting for him naked on the bed. It’s kind of a ritual that started years ago and … and I love it, sir. I think about it all day. It’s usually a private thing but he suggested that this time I should bring you to our bedroom so you can see what a man like him does with his boy when they’re alone.”

“And you wouldn’t mind, Jamie?”

“Actually, now I describe it to you, sir, no, I wouldn’t mind at all. It would be kind of a turn-on to have another guy watch us for once – especially a guy like you.”

Miguel turned to someone who would know. “What do you think Brandon?”

“Sounds like a great idea to me, sir – just what you need. You see two guys like Mark and Jamie make love and you’re gonna want to run right out and find your own boy. I say go for it.”

“Thanks, kiddo,” Jamie smiled. “You think you can hold the fort here for a while? We gotta hurry, though. Mark said he’d be home in ten minutes.”

Miguel saw a change come over Jamie. Usually he was the cool, competent senior boy but now he scampered rather than strode across the garden to his and Mark’s ground floor apartment. Miguel followed him into the bedroom where Jamie hurriedly kicked off his sneakers, pulled off his T-shirt and dropped the board shorts he always wore. Then he lay on his back on the bed facing the door.

“Jesus,” Miguel said softly, staring down at the naked blond surfer. “That looks so beautiful, Jamie. Mark must have that image in his mind all day.”

“He says he does, sir. And that bike throbbing between his legs for eight hours makes his dick strain against his uniform pants, he says. Sometimes he pulls over to a secluded spot and pulls out his cock, still sitting astride his bike, and jerks off thinking about me. But sometimes he nurses his hard-on all day and when he comes through the door he don’t even stop to take off his uniform. All we can do now is wait.”


Miguel sat on the far side of the room while Jamie focused on the door, oblivious of Miguel now, oblivious of everything except the imminent arrival of the police officer. They heard the sound of a vehicle pulling up outside and Miguel was amazed to see Jamie’s cock slowly rise up like a pole. His excitement was contagious and Miguel shared the thrill of a boy waiting for his master. He thought how much he would love to be greeted by a boy like that.

Suddenly the door opened and there stood the handsome blond police officer in uniform – black shirt with a flash of white T-shirt at the open collar, black serge pants with a silver stripe tucked into high shiny motorcycle boots. The cop’s muscular torso bulged under the shirt, narrowing down to the slim waist cinched by a heavy uniform belt. Miguel’s own cock stiffened in his shorts at the homoerotic sight.

Mark’s blue-gray eyes fixed on the naked young jock on the bed. “Fuck, I need you today, boy, need that ass.” He unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard cock, dipped his finger in a jar of lube by the bed and greased up his cock. “Bitch of a fucking day. Bunch of assholes. I need to get my rocks off real bad. Is it that ass ready for me, boy?”

“Yes, sir,” Jamie said, pulling his legs back and offering his ass.

“Fuck yeah, beautiful ass. I gotta have it, boy.” He knelt on the bed, pushed the surfer’s legs higher … and eased his cock inside him. “Aaah,” Jamie moaned. “Thank you, sir. Fuck my ass, please, sir.”

The cop’s rod slid deep in his ass and Jamie locked his legs round Mark’s waist. He stared up in awe as the cop unbuttoned his shirt, revealing more and more of the white T-shirt, then shrugged the black shirt off. “Aah, I love that, sir,” Jamie gasped running his hands over the white shirt and feeling the solid pecs flex underneath. Mark ramped up the speed and passion of his pounding cock driving Jamie wild. He dug his finger into Mark’s pecs, pulling down on the shirt until he heard it rip.

Jamie lost all control. He grabbed the T-shirt by the neck and yanked it down until it hung in shreds over the chest. As Mark’s hips drove forward the torn shirt fell round his waist, and across the room Miguel groaned loudly and pulled his cock out of his shorts. It was a pornographic image, the muscle-cop, stripped to the waist, his shredded T-ripped hanging in shreds from his black belt, pinning his boy’s wrists to the bed while he ploughed his ass.

Hearing Miguel’s ecstatic groan Mark growled, “Get your ass over here, stud. I want you to watch my beautiful boy. Kneel on his hands.”

Mark released his wrists but Jamie kept his arms and hands flat on the bed above his head. Mark stood behind his head and knelt on his palms, so Jamie was their prisoner – his ass impaled on his master’s cock, his hands pinned down by Miguel.

“Looks gorgeous, don’t he?” Mark smiled. “That’s my boy. He’ll do whatever I tell him, even cum on command. When he does, buddy, so do we. You ready?”

“Dammit, officer, you know I am,” Miguel said, pounding his rod in his fist.

Moving more gently now Mark smiled down at Jamie and made love to his ass with his cock. “I love you, Jamie. Best boy a guy ever had. You gonna show me and my buddy how you cum?”

“Yes, sir.” Jamie gazed up at the shirtless cop and waited for his order.

Mark eased his cock tenderly in and out of his boy’s ass, pausing, teasing, and made love to him with his eyes. “You’re ready, kiddo, I can always tell. I love to watch you cum. Do it, Jamie. Do it for me now.”

Jamie gasped, his cock reared up and shot a plume of semen that rose in in the air and splashed down on his heaving chest as he felt the cop pour into him the hot, pent-up juice he had been nursing all day. The sight of master and boy climaxing together was so erotic for Miguel that his own cock shuddered and sprayed juice over the blond jock’s handsome face.

When their breathing subsided Mark leaned forward and lay on top of his boy, licking Miguel’s cum from his cheeks and kissing him tenderly on his eyes and lips. Miguel stared down at them with tears in his eyes and moaned softly, “I want that, I want that so bad.”

Mark stood up and smiled at him. “I thought you should see that, buddy, so you would know just how good it can be when two guys are in love as much as we are. Jamie’s more than a boy now. He’s my man and he always will be. Right, Jamie?”

Jamie grinned up at him. “Now and forever, officer.”


Miguel left them alone to make love and went across the street to the home he shared with Zack and Darius. They returned home a short time later and there was an emotional reunion. “Damn,” Zack laughed, “anyone would think you’d been gone a month, not just a weekend.”

“It feels like a month, buddy. I’ve learned so much – about myself mostly.”

“And your craving for a boy,” Zack said. “I’m right there with you, dude. My life changed when I hooked up with this young buck here.”

They got cleaned up and went out to dinner as Zack had promised. Their conversation naturally centered in the topic of the day, Miguel’s desire for a boy of his own. He told them of the advice he had received so far from all sides – Randy, Bob, the twins, Jamie and even Brandon. Especially Brandon … his words had moved him the most.

“Funny thing is, everyone’s advice was pretty much the same,” Miguel told them, “but Brandon put it best. He said he felt sorry for guys who take a wrong turn in life and fuck everything up. They pretend to be tough but they often end up in prison as Jamie nearly did before Mark rescued him. Nobody cares about them, Brandon said, ‘but they’re people too and everyone needs love, don’t you think?’”

“Love that kid,” Darius said. “But he’s right … and I was almost a guy like that. Long time ago I fell in with a bunch of well-off leather guys who hired hot guys to put on sex shows for them. I worked for them – you know, a kid doing all the grunt work, though they treated me pretty good.

“And that’s where I met Randy and Bob. They needed money back then and put on a show like the guys had never seen before, nor ever since I bet. Those two muscle-gods were so hot I escaped from the rich group and followed them to their home. Randy was rough on me at first, but I stuck it out – and here I am.”

“Which gives me an idea,” Zack grinned. “You gotta get out more, Miguel, meet more guys. This Saturday there’s one of those big leather events they put on in a warehouse on the east side. We don’t usually go to those things ‘cos there are so many phonies there – you know, guys who put on leather and think it makes them instant masters of the universe.

“There’s all kinds of crazy stuff goes on, but it’s all for show, though some of it crosses the line and makes me mad. Still, it can be amusing for a while, and you do get to meet some real decent, genuine guys who are into leather.”

“Sounds like fun,” Miguel grinned. “Sure, we could drop in for a while.”

And so a few days later they put on their leather gear – Zack in leather pants and black tank top, Darius in leather chaps over jeans and a leather harness crossed over his chest, and Miguel in black jeans and an open leather vest making his muscled chest look more striking than ever.

They caused quite a stir when they went into the cavernous space, two stunning black muscle-studs, and a handsome Hispanic with a body that wouldn’t quit. Heads turned as they walked through the crowd, though the three guys themselves were less impressed by what they saw.

“See, lots of posing,” Zack said, “acting out scenarios that don’t really work. Like that guy over there loaded with enough leather paraphernalia to sink the Titanic and leading his so-called boy around with collar and leash.”

Zack and Darius did meet a few of their buddies and passed the time of day with them, sharing a laugh or two, but pretty soon the three guys were ready to leave. They could put on a much better show of their own at home. They were wending their way slowly to the exit when Miguel happened to glance over at a small area they hadn’t noticed, partly hidden by a chain link fence.

Miguel squinted through the gloom at a guy standing against the fence, his arms stretched up, wrists tied to the fence. He wore a collar and there was a sign by him wired to the fence.”

“Is that for real?” Miguel said incredulously. “It says ‘For Sale’.”

“You never know,” Darius said. “A lot of the time they’re just playing out a fantasy, but there is this kind of sub-culture where young guys are passed around from one older guy to another – kind of trophy-boys, fuck-boys.”

“But what kind of guy would submit to crap like that?”

“You’d be surprised,” Darius said. “It’s low self-esteem – young hustlers who, for whatever reason, have been so abused they think their only value is to be passed around from one guy to the next, mostly for money. I’ve come across a few guys like that. They’re usually bitter, defiant, trying to act tough despite their degrading life. A hustler’s life can be pretty lonely ‘cos, like Brandon said, nobody really cares about them. They’re on a downward spiral with no way out.”

Miguel frowned. “But look at that guy – great body and a kinda handsome face under that scruff of beard and long scraggy hair. I bet he would clean up pretty good. I’m gonna take a look.” He walked casually over to the fence and stood in front of the guy. The man wouldn’t make eye contact at first, though whether it was shame or defiance Miguel couldn’t tell.

“Look at me, boy.” Miguel’s deep, accented voice was arresting and the man at last looked at him. Yes, definitely defiance, but mixed with … hard to tell … weariness, defensiveness, loneliness like Darius said … but mostly defiance, toughness as a shield against abuse maybe. Could be … hard to tell.

But then Miguel saw something else. The man broke eye contact for a second and glanced down at Miguel’s body, then back up to his face with a flicker of … something Miguel had seen before in men who admired him but looked quickly away, faking disinterest.

“How old are you?” Miguel asked.

A pause, then “Twenty two.”

“What’s your name?”

“Finn,” he said impatiently. “Look, I only do this for the money and I don’t come cheap. Take it or leave it.”

“Hm, attitude like that, I guess I’ll leave it.” Again that flicker, this time a hint of disappointment.

Miguel made as if to turn away and came face to face with a heavyset bearded guy of around fifty – no oil painting, Miguel thought.

“Interested in my boy are you? Haven’t seen you around here before, not one of the regulars. Good looking stud ain’t he. Versatile too – he’ll do anything if the price is right. Bit of an attitude but I knocked that out of him. Only reason I’m putting him up for sale is I get bored easy. Trading him in for a new model … like a car,” he said with a throaty cackle.

Miguel frowned. “Last time I checked selling guys was illegal. But I guess you’ve given him room and board and want some return on your money. How much do you want for him?”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 405


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