Chapter 27


New boy Will has come a long way in his sex education in the tribe. For the first time he fucks his best buddy, the young gypsy Ben. But he has always adamantly refused to submit his own virgin ass to another man. Then at last the day comes when he faces the whole group, “Sirs, I’m ready. I want to prove to all you guys, and to myself, that I can do it.”  The big question is which of the assembled men will be his first.

In the previous chapter

The twins’ new boy Will went up to the Grady House kitchen to help the chef Danny cook dinner for the gathering of the tribe there. But he got a whole lot more than kitchen experience.

He had a rocky start. When he first met the house’s owner Grady he did not realize this was the same Grady who starred in the hugely popular Tarzan movies. So he innocently ‘ran off at the mouth’, giving his opinion freely about movies and sex. When he discovered the truth he was hugely embarrassed and spent the rest of the day avoiding Grady, unable to face him.

But that evening when the festivities were over Grady’s lover Mario invited the twins and Will to stay overnight in the main guestroom. Before bed they shared a nightcap in Grady and Mario’s master suite. It was all very laid-back and, inevitably, Mario and Grady could not keep their hands off each other and made love, watched by Will and the twins.

Ever since Will had first met the twins he had insisted that he could never get involved in butt-fucking. Sure he had learned how to suck cock, but fucking was a line he would not cross. But now, as he watched Mario lovingly enter Grady’s ass, he realized that fucking ass was not just an animal act but the ultimate expression of love and passion between these two beautiful men.

He did not jerk off watching it. Somehow that seemed a cop-out, just an easy way to get his rocks off. What he was watching now was too special for that. These two lovers were surely feeling a sensation way beyond that. He wanted to cum, but he wanted to feel something closer to what Mario and Grady were feeling.

When the men had climaxed and Mario got off the bed Will stared down at the sexy, seductive muscle-jock lying naked on the bed. Mario knew just what Will was feeling and said softly, “Will, you know you do not have to do anything you don’t want to, that’s always the rule. But I think I know what you want. Do you want it?”

Will admitted that he did and Grady flashed his dazzling smile and held his arms out. He looked beautiful, sexy … and fun. Will knelt on the bed as he had seen Mario do and did something he had never done before – had always sworn he wouldn’t. He fucked ass.

It was something that would be forever engraved on Will’s mind, the sight of the handsome, young jock smiling up at him, his muscles rippling as he pounded his cock in his fist and yelled, “That feels awesome, kiddo. I love it … fuck me dude! You’re gonna make me cum, kid …” As cum spurted from his cock and splashed on his flexed abs, Will lost all control and howled as he collapsed on top of Grady, his cock driving in and exploding in the depths of his shuddering ass.

Will’s former embarrassment and intimidation was over and he and Grady could be friends. As they lay together catching their breath he asked, “Can I still make those pies for you tomorrow?”

Grady had earlier explained that when he went to the studio next day he wanted to take small gifts to the cast and crew to make up for losing his temper several times on the set last week. Will had suggested making his famous rhubarb pies for Grady to take and Grady loved the idea.

So now he grinned, “Of course, dude, absolutely. See, there’s an old saying in this house: Butt-fuck at night, pie in the morning. It’s a well-known rule. You can’t get out of it now, kiddo.”

When Will and the twins left the room Mario said to the twins, “Take good care of him, guys. He’s a special boy.” Grady ruffled Will’s hair and laughed, “Yeah, bakes a great pie and fucks a mean butt. Perfect combo.”

As soon as Will and the twins were in their guestroom an ebullient Will said, “I did it, sirs. I fucked … I fucked Grady.”

“And he sure won’t be the last,” Kyle grinned. “Wait ‘till your buddy Ben hears about this.” They smiled indulgently while Will called his best friend. “Dude, you will never believe … d’you wanna get fucked in the butt, dude?”

“No, you didn’t … dude, that is so cool. Who … when … you wanna fuck me?”

“Tomorrow, Ben. I’ll come to see you on your lunch break … maybe fuck you then.”

“Or maybe I’ll fuck you, bro.”

“Oh no, it don’t work like that, Ben. I only fuck, I don’t get fucked. That ain’t never gonna happen. I guess … I guess that makes me a top man, don’t ya think?”

Ben laughed, “Guess it does, dude.” As the boys talked the twins went into the bathroom to brush their teeth. “Hmm,” Kevin said, “it’s time we settled this with Will once and for all, eh bro?”

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed. “Time for that little family dinner we’ve been planning. Just the eight of us – all in the family. Nothing like a supportive family to help a boy get his priorities straight.”

*******************   CHAPTER 427    *******************

Lying in bed between the twins Will was sure he was too excited to sleep – his mind was racing with wild thoughts.

Maybe the twins wanted him to fuck them. He could do that. He could fuck them one by one … he could cum twice … he had cum twice in Grady, hadn’t he? Or maybe he would wait until tomorrow when he’d fuck his best friend Ben. That’s it, he’d take lunch to the guys at the construction site then fuck Ben.

Man, he wanted to fuck again so bad. It had felt so good inside Grady … inside Grady! That sounded so cool. He had fucked Grady, the man he had once seen on the big screen as Tarzan. He had fucked Tarzan!

That thought made his dick hard and he thought he would go to the bathroom and jerk off. On second thoughts, no, he would never jerk off again … he didn’t need to … he would only cum in another guy’s ass. Let’s think, after Ben who’s next … maybe … maybe …”

And he fell asleep. It had been a long, busy day and finally exhaustion had overcome his excitement. On either side of their boy the twins grinned at each other across him and kissed his cheeks. They reached over him and linked hands on his chest. Soon they were all asleep, even Norman, Will’s little pug dog. Norman always took his cue from his master and now closed his eyes, curled up in his basket in the corner.


Next morning Will’s internal clock woke him early, even before the twins, who for once could sleep in late as they didn’t have to prepare breakfast for the tribe. Carefully he slid out from between them and they instinctively put their arms over each other in their sleep. Will pulled on his shorts and T-shirt and hurried down to the kitchen, followed by Norman who leapt out of his basket. “Come on Norman,” Will said. “Lot’s to do, lot’s to do.”

At the kitchen door he saw chef Danny in the arms of his lover Tommy, the blond gymnast who was manager of Steve’s house in the hills. They had spent the night together here and were saying a passionate goodbye. Will stopped in his tracks, not wanting to spoil the emotional moment. “Oh, sorry, sirs. I’ll come back.”

“No, Will, don’t go. Tommy was just leaving. Has to be back early at Steve’s place.”

“So Will,” Tommy smiled, “did you have a good night at the Grady House. You sure look like it.”

Will’s eyes sparkled. “Yes thank you, sir. I …” and it all spilled out. “I fucked Grady. First time I ever fucked … and I fucked Grady! Oh, I’m not supposed to say that, am I?”

“Dude,” Danny laughed, “you can say anything as long as it stays in the tribe – this is probably already on the grapevine anyway. Way to go, Will. I knew you could do it. And he’s a great fuck, isn’t he. A guy could cum just looking at him – and to think that Tarzan takes it up the ass!”

Danny went to see Tommy off at the gate and Will made a start in the kitchen. When Danny came back he explained the drill. “I’m going to make breakfast for Mario and Grady and I’m sure you want to do the same for the twins.”

“Yes, sir. They usually eat a light breakfast on the run while they cook for the guys, but today I’d like to taken them a real breakfast in bed.”

“Good. Brian won’t be here to help, he’ll be sleeping late with Brandon, so you can take up breakfast for all the guys. There’s a trolley over there that you can take up in the elevator. You’ll probably stay and eat with the twins, no?”

“Oh no, sir, ‘cos …” He hesitated. “See, the thing is I made a promise to Grady and it involves doing stuff in the kitchen. He said he wants to take a present for the guys in the studio ‘cos …”

“Yeah, I know all about that and I think he’s gonna ask me to go out and find some – I dunno – some little trinkets or something …”

“Well, sir, I suggested that I could make a bunch of rhubarb pies and he could take those in. He loved the idea …”

“Of course he did, Will, ‘cos it’s a terrific idea. And it lets me off the hook – I had no idea what I was gonna buy. But Grady taking in the pies would be perfect, more personal. I’ve got tons of ice-cream here he can take too. While you’re delivering the breakfasts I’ll clean up here and then the ovens will be all yours. I have to make up the week’s menus and a list of supplies.”

Soon they loaded the trolley and Will wheeled it from the kitchen down the hall to the elevator with Norman at his heels. He went first to Brian’s room. He was still in bed with his lover Brandon and said, “Dude, you didn’t have to do this. I feel guilty not being down there with you.”

“Well Danny cooked it but I wanted to bring it to you ‘cos you guys have been so good to me.”

“And …?” Brandon asked, with a mischievous grin. “And …?”

Will blushed. “And … I fucked Grady last night … my first time.”

“Yes!” shouted Brian and Brandon, high fiving each other.”

“Er, you don’t mind, do you Brian? I mean you being Grady’s boy and everything.”

“Dude, if I got upset every time Grady got fucked I’d be a real mess. Don’t worry, I spend a ton of time with Grady anyway. He’ll probably want to tell me all about it later when he gets home from work. Hi Norman.”

The dog ran around wagging his tale as Will pulled the tray from the cart and set it up on the bed for the boys. “Gotta serve the twins now, then Grady and Mario. Bon appétit, guys.”

In the guest room the twins were awake but still lying in each other’s arms. “Hi, Will,” Kyle said drowsily. “What’s this?”

“Room service, sir,” Will smiled broadly, as Norman bounded in after him.

“Well that’s a switch,” Kevin laughed. “I could get used to this. Hey, bro, we should have hired this kid years ago. Just set it in the table there, kiddo, and you’ll stay and eat with us, right?”

“I can’t, sir. I have to take breakfast in to Grady and Mario and then get back to the kitchen to bake the pies.”

“Ah yes, the famous pies,” Kyle said. “Mustn’t forget those – they’re Grady’s ticket to forgiveness by the crew on set. And, er, by the way, knock first at the guys’ door before you go in. They might still be … you know … saying good morning to each other.”

Actually they had just finished. When Will knocked at the double doors a muffled voice said, “Come in.” He wheeled the trolley in and stopped. Mario and Grady had obviously just had sex and were still kissing. “Oh sorry, sirs, too soon. I’ll come back.”

“Nonsense,” Grady chuckled. “Nothing you ain’t seen before kiddo. Nothing you ain’t done, either. Remember last night?”

“I’ll never forget it, sir,” Will blushed.”

Grazie tanti, bambino,” Mario said. “Let me help you.” He got out of bed, buck naked, his cock swinging as he walked and Will got an instant hard-on. Mario helped Will set up breakfast on the table and grinned, “If we put the tray on the bed it will upset. Grady is feeling very frisky this morning. He got double fucked last night.”

“Yes, I know sir,” Will smiled. Mario invited Will to eat with them but he said, “I have to go back and make a start on all those pies. I’ll have them hot and ready to go when you leave, sir,” he told Grady. “Do they send a limousine for you, sir? I read that studios do that for stars like you.”

Grady chuckled, “Nah, I insist on driving there in my old truck. The studio would prefer to send a limo to make sure I show up on time. If they had their way they’d protect their investment by putting me in a cage and only let me out when it’s time to shoot. Hey, Mario, there’s an idea. You wanna keep Tarzan in a cage as your prisoner for you to fuck whenever you want? Sounds good to me.”

Mario laughed. “The thought gives me an erection, amico. Maybe I will buy a cage and Will and I will lock you in it and take turns fucking you, eh Will? But now we must stop being silly and let Will get back to the kitchen. Otherwise you’ll show up at the studio pie-less.”


Danny was having breakfast with Brian and Brandon in Brian’s room, leaving the kitchen free for Will’s big task which he tackled with enthusiasm. He wanted to please Grady after the thrill Grady had given him last night, showing him how to fuck for the first time. He had at last got over his star-struck nerves and was able to see Grady as a friend – albeit a very glamorous one.

And as he worked preparing the pie crust Will also felt proud to be a small part of Grady’s day at the studio, his thank-you gift to the cast and crew. Maybe his pies would even be tasted by other movie stars in the film, he thought, trying to picture the scene on the set.

After a while the twins dropped in on Will to see how things were going. “Great, sirs,” he said. “I’ll have them ready and packed by the time Grady leaves.”

“Good. We’re going back home now to do the packed lunches for the guys on the construction site. “Er, we were wondering if you would be back in time to take them to Randy, Zack, Darius, Pablo and the rest of the crew. Oh, and Ben too,” Kevin said playfully. “Mustn’t forget Ben.”

Will blushed, remembering that the twins had heard his phone conversation with Ben last night. Coming off his high after fucking Grady Will had giddily said that Ben was next – during his lunch break. “Er, yes, sir,” Will grinned. “I’ll be back after Grady leaves here with the pies. So sure, I can go and take lunch to Ben … I mean, and all the guys, sir.” The twins grinned at each other and left Will to his baking.

Using both ovens Will was ready in plenty of time. He was bending down pulling the last of the pies out when he felt someone behind him pressing against his butt. He stood up, arms folded round him from behind and a voice said in his ear, “Me Tarzan, you Will.” A hand reached round and stroked the bulge in his shorts. “Mm, mm, yes, I remember that.”

Will spun round to be enveloped in Grady’s arms. “Hey there, stud,” Grady grinned playfully. “Something feels good. Mmm, and something smells good too.” He closed his eyes and inhaled dramatically. “Smells like … let me guess … could it be? … can it be? … rhubarb pie?”

“Yes, sir, and I have to get them in the heated bags right away so they’ll stay warm.”

“Is this man molesting you, Will?” came Mario’s accented voice. “Unhand him, villain, or I will have to call our favorite cop Mark to restrain you.”

Grady grinned, “You wouldn’t hear me complain, being restrained by that hunk. I’ll be swinging on vines all afternoon at the studio but I’d much rather be swinging on the cop’s dick.”

Disgustoso” Mario grinned, “and in front of this innocent boy. What will he think?”

“He’ll think I’m adorable … and for your information he’s not so innocent. He’s a terrific butt-fucker, and I should know – it was my butt he fucked. I bet he’s got a stiff dick under those shorts right now. Am I right, kiddo?”

Will blushed. “You are, sir.”

“I rest my case,” Grady smiled smugly.

“Grady,” Mario said sternly. “Stop playing the fool or you will be late at the studio. Give him the bags, Will.”

Grady took one bag and slung it diagonally over his shoulder, then the second over the other shoulder. Will took a shopping bag from the fridge containing tubs of ice-cream and Grady hitched it under his arm. “There, how do I look … just like Santa Claus?”

Will giggled, “Not exactly, sir.”

“I will probably arrive just as they break for lunch, so I will spread all these goodies dramatically over the craft table ‘Ta-da!’ and they will forgive me for being a prima donna last week.”

“And what about that prima donna performance, amico. Will they forgive that too?”

“They will when they taste Will’s pie,” Grady laughed. “Kid, I gotta love you and leave you, but you’ll be back up here soon, I’m sure, and I’ll be waiting,” he smiled roguishly. He kissed Will long and hard on the lips, then turned and left.

Mario sighed and rolled his eyes at Will – “Impossibile,” – and followed Grady out to his truck.


Will cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the gear he had brought with him, and was ready to leave.

Mario put his hands on Will’s shoulders and smiled affectionately. “Bel ragazzo it was such a pleasure having you here. Thank you for all your hard work, Will – mille grazie – you have given Grady and me so much pleasure. And, er, I think you have learned some new things too, no?”

“You mean like how to fuck, sir?”

Precisamente, amico,” Mario laughed. “So a whole new skill has opened up for you, one that will give pleasure to so many others – starting with your young friend Ben if I am not mistaken.”

“Yes, sir. I’m going to take him lunch now and we’ll … we’ll …”

“You will become closer friends than ever,” Mario said with a mischievous smile. “So off you go. And remember, Will, we have to entertain often here and Danny will need a lot of help, so I hope we shall see you very often. I know Grady wants that.” He crouched down and picked up Norman. “Ciao, Norman, we shall have the pleasure of your company too, I’m sure.”

Mario carried Norman out to Will’s SUV, and placed him on the seat beside Will. As they drove off Mario waved, “Arrivederci, mi amici. See you soon.”

Driving down the hill Will was feeling happier than ever. “Well that went pretty well, don’t you think, Norman? Danny said I was a big help in the kitchen, I got to know Mario and Grady – after an embarrassing start – and I learned how to fuck, which I never thought I would do. I fucked Tarzan, how about that, Norman? I think the twins were proud of me, don’t you?”

That was confirmed by their enthusiastic welcome when he got to the house. “So here you are,” Kyle said, “the conquering hero comes home. You did so well up at the Grady House, Will – something of a triumph, I’d say.”

“But work for a chef never stops,” said Kevin. “It’s almost time for the midday break on the construction site and we have all their lunches packed and ready to go. So unload the gear you brought from the Grady House and we’ll help you load up the lunch bags. And better to leave Norman with us. The construction site’s not a safe place for him.”

Kevin glanced at Kyle who said, “And, er, by the way, kiddo, we can handle the few lunches here, so if you want to stay at the site and, er, eat lunch with your buddy Ben, for example, that’s fine. Take your time – no rush to get back.”

By now Will had learned to read the twinkle in Kyle’s eye as saying more than his actual words – a word like lunch, for instance, that could cover a bunch of things …


When he pulled up at the gates to the construction site Pablo and Ben ran out to meet him. To Will the two mechanics looked really hot. Pablo was looking more macho than ever, shirtless in black jeans and boots. Copying his dad, Randy, he had let his black hair grow longer and it now hung over his chiseled Mestizo features that were streaked with grease.

His assistant Ben, Randy’s kid brother, in turn copied Pablo in black jeans and boots, though he wore a greasy T-shirt. Like his big brother, Ben had shaggy black hair that hung round his dark young gypsy face.

“Great timing, kid,” Pablo said. “We’re just starting our meeting and we’ll eat while we talk. Randy, Zack, Darius and me are meeting with three of the foremen. See, kid,” Pablo explained assertively, “in construction things get to a critical point where you have to reassess your strategy. So the managers get together, often in a lunch meeting, to hash things out. And you came just in time, kiddo.”

For a moment Will thought he was expected to serve the top guys, but Pablo added, “We meet at a big table out back so I’ll schlep the food over there.”

“Er, sir,” Will said. “I’ve got separate bags here for Ben and me so is it OK if …?”

“Sure, go do your thing, kids. Ah, you brought a 12-pack of beer, good thinking, Will.” Will started to help him carry everything but Pablo grinned. “Hey, kid, this is me, Pablo. If I can carry a whole I-beam on my own I can damn well handle this lot.”

Pablo loaded up and Will said meekly, “Bon appétit, sir.”

“What? Oh that, yeah. Thanks kid. You done great.”

Ben looked at Will with shining eyes. “Dude, let’s go to Randy’s office in the trailer, I’ve got the spare key. He’ll be at his meeting for a long time so we’ll have the place to ourselves.”

There was an air of expectation between them as they carried their lunch bags to the trailer and Ben let them in. Will looked around and shuddered as his dick got hard in his shorts. “You OK, dude?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, but it all just came back. Last time I was here I sat on the couch and watched Randy push Pablo over that table with all the papers on it and pull down his pants and fuck his ass. It made me cum watching it.”

“Yea,” Ben chuckled, “watching Randy fuck will do that every time. He gets real horny in the middle of the day and he’s even fucked me in here like that.” Ben put the food bags on the low table in front of the couch and after a hesitant silence, asked, “You hungry, dude?”

Will grinned. “Horny.”

“Me too,” Ben said, his eyes shining. “So, you actually did it, dude? You actually fucked Grady? Man that guy is a sensational fuck ‘cos he loves it so much. He must have loved it with you ‘cos it was your first time.” Another hesitant pause. “Who did you do next?”

“Nobody yet – but I’m dying to. Er, like, that’s kinda why I’m here.”

“Damn I was hoping you’d say that. You know that night we slept together and sixty-nined and everything, I was dying for you to fuck me but you said you’d never done that and never would. But now that Grady’s broken you in …” Ben fished in his pocket and pulled something out. “See this? It’s a tube of lube. Never leave home without it. There’s none in here ‘cos Randy never uses it. You’re lucky if that guy even spits on his cock before shoving it in.”

Will’s cock was straining in his shorts. “And you say Randy fucked you here like he did when I watched him do Pablo?”

“Yeah, you wanna see?” Ben pulled off his T-shirt and stood facing the wide drafting table. He bent forward over it, spread his arms and grabbed the edges, just as Pablo had done. “See, dude, I know the drill.”

Will dropped his shorts, grabbed his dick and stood behind Ben. He hesitated. “I … I think I’m losing my nerve, Ben. What if it don’t work?”

“Who cares?” Ben said over his shoulder. “If it don’t work we’ll still be best buds and have fun together. We can suck dick and stuff, then try the fucking thing again. But it will work, dude. It worked with Grady and he’s a hot movie star – enough to intimidate anyone. But I’m just old Ben – and I wanna feel my buddy’s dick in my ass, dude.”

Ben’s breezy attitude gave Will more confidence, which was bolstered even more when he reached round Ben, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down below his ass.

“You’ve got a great ass, Ben. No wonder Randy wants to fuck you.”

“You want to too, bro, you know you do. You said that’s why you came here. Look at that mirror on the wall over the table. You can watch my face while you shove it in. Come on dude, just squeeze some of that lube over your dick and stroke it.”

When Will did that it felt great. He had never actually used lube before – he’d never needed it to masturbate, and now gliding his greasy hand over his cock reminded him of how his cock had felt in Grady’s ass. It was rock hard again as he pressed it between the mounds of Ben’s ass.

He grabbed Ben’s hips as he had seen Randy do to Pablo and flashed on the erotic image of Randy plunging his cock into Pablo’s ass. He did the same … and they both howled. “Dude, that feels awesome,” Will shouted.

“Yeah, but take it easy, dude. This ain’t Randy and Pablo. We’re just two guys and it’s only your second time. See, pull back slowly … that’s it … and ease it back in.”

“Yeah that’s better,” Will said. “Man that feels hot … your ass is like a furnace, dude.”

“Tell me about it,” Ben grinned. “Now, look in the mirror and watch my face as you fuck me. Easy does it.”

And then it clicked. Will stared at the gypsy face, the shaggy back hair, thick eyebrows, high cheekbones and stubbled chin – and the pale blue eyes. Just like his brother Randy. He slid his cock in and out slowly and it was like fucking a junior version of the boss. “Wow, I never knew it could be like this, dude,” Will groaned. “I fucking love it”

Will had never felt this … this dominant before, fucking another guy, his best friend. As he stared at Ben’s sparkling blue eyes in the mirror and moved his cock in and out, a bit deeper each time, it felt different from Grady. That had been nerve-racking at first, fucking a movie star while Mario and the twins watched. But here they were just two young guys, all alone, fucking on their lunch break.

It felt easy, natural, but exciting too, making his cock shudder with a sensation that spread all over his body. As he fucked faster he felt alive, powerful, and closer to Ben, almost like being a part of him.

“Feels good, eh, dude?” Ben grinned in the mirror. “Damn your cock feels good in my ass.”

“It feels kind of unreal, Ben, like nothing I’ve ever felt.” As he fucked he ran his fingers through Ben’s shaggy hair, then down his neck, over his shoulders and muscular back, down his lats to his slim waist that he held tight, watching his own cock disappear between the white globes.

“You are so beautiful, Ben … and you feel so beautiful. Do you like me fucking you, dude?”

“I love it, Will. Not just your dick, though that feels awesome. But it’s the whole thing, feeling you so close to me … inside me. You look beautiful too, bro. Let’s always be friends, Will.”

Will fell into a natural rhythm as his cock massaged the warm, velvet membrane of his buddy’s ass. He had never felt this intimacy with a boy his own age. It wasn’t the same as the love he felt for the twins, or the exhilaration he had felt fucking Tarzan, or the affection shown to him by Bob and Randy and all the other guys.

This was a guy he could relate to, boy to boy, and he felt totally relaxed and excited at the same time. Ben was right. Even if fucking didn’t work they would still have fun together ‘cos they were friends. But it was working, better than he could ever have imagined. He looked in the mirror at the grinning gypsy face and remembered how Randy had fucked. Trying to imitate Randy he growled, “Your ass is mine, boy. Brace yourself, kid, ‘cos you’re gonna get reamed.”

Ben laughed at the feeble imitation and his eyes sparkled. “So do it, stud. Let’s see what you got. Let’s see if you can cum in my ass while I grab my cock and rub one out, eh, dude?”

Feeling freer than ever before Will fucked faster and deeper and felt himself reaching the point of no return. “Dude, I think I’m gonna do it … your ass feels so hot I’m gonna cum … oh fuck, it’s incredible … damn … I’m cumming … here it comes dude … Aaagh!” Will pulled back, plunged in hard and his cock erupted deep in his friend’s silky hot ass, while Ben howled as he pounded his own cock under the table and shot his load all over the floor.

They stared at each other in the mirror in disbelief. Ben panted, “We did it, dude. We fucked!” and they erupted in peals of laughter. Then, above the laughter, they heard a deep voice.

“What the fuck do you kids think this is, a fuck palace?”

Startled Will pulled his cock out and spun round, spraying the last of his cum at Randy’s feet. Blushing red he stammered, “Oh, sir … we thought … we didn’t think you’d be back so soon.”

“Evidently,” Randy growled. Then his face broke into a gleaming smile.

Quickly pulling up his shorts Will frowned. “You … you’re not mad, sir?”

“Kid,” Randy laughed, “I get mad a lot around here, just ask the guys. But one thing that don’t make me mad is watching two young guys fuck. Turns me on. Yeah, I heard you fucked Tarzan at the Grady House, and now you ploughed my little brother. How was he, Ben?”

Standing next to Will Ben pulled up his jeans and grinned, “Awesome, sir, considering it was only his second time.” Ben knew his big brother well and knew he wouldn’t be mad.

“Yeah,” Randy agreed. “Looked pretty hot from where I was standing. One thing, kiddo …” Will listened intently. “What you did was start slow then picked up speed and bam! But next time try some variation. Be gentle, make him want more, then fuck hard right up to his limit but don’t let him cum. Back off and tease him, making him want more … and so on. Get the picture?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you sir.”

“I’ll show you what I mean when we start those gym workouts. OK, kids, I’m not gonna throw you out – eat your food together. I just came by to get some plans we need … and more beer.”

He went to the end of the trailer and sorted through a cabinet for the plans. The boys sat on the couch and Ben said, “Dude, I saw you flinch when Randy said he would show you how a guy fucks. Tell me something … how come you’re so definite about not getting your ass fucked?”

Will’s face darkened. “I don’t wanna talk about that, Ben.”

“But kid, best buddies tell each other everything.”

“I know, but not that, dude. It’s something I … I never talk about, never will.”

Randy had overheard this exchange and made a mental note to tell Bob. Then, as he left, he smiled, “So Bob tells me him and the twins are planning a family dinner – them and me, you two, Pablo and his boy Tyler. Family’s important to Bob and me so be there, kids. And remember those butt-fucking tips I gave you, kiddo. You can drive a man crazy like that.”


That was the first Ben and Will had heard about the dinner and they were excited. “See, dude, ours is sort of a family within a family,” Ben said. The tribe is made up of smaller groups, like families, but ours is kind’ve the senior family ‘cos it’s got Bob and Randy at the head, then their boys and the boys’ boys – and me as Randy’s kid brother. It’s real cool being in that family.”

As they ate their lunch and gossiped about the tribe Will was feeling more secure than ever. It was now taken for granted that he and Ben were officially best friends and fuck buddies, with only that one cloud that Will had refused to discuss. Soon the whistle went for the end of the break and Ben jumped to his feet. “I gotta get back to work with Pablo, kiddo.”

“You go, dude. I can easily clear and pack this up. And, er, thanks for everything, Ben.”

“Love ya, bro. And next time Jason works the night shift maybe the twins will let you come down and sleep with me – kind of a boys’ night in.” They kissed and Will watched Ben run across the construction site back to work.

When he got back to the kitchen the twins were naturally curious about how things had gone and listened intently to Will’s breathless account. Then Will asked them about the dinner Randy had mentioned and Kyle gave him the scoop.

“Yeah, it was Bob’s idea for the family to get together over at their new house in the compound. It’ll be on Friday ‘cos that’s the evening a lot of the other guys take their boys out for dinner. So we’ll leave a kind of buffet in the kitchen for the stragglers to come and help themselves. And we three will cook the family dinner in Bob and Randy’s kitchen. You can help us plan the menu. It’ll be a whole lot of fun.”

Kyle was right about that. It was fun, and a whole lot more – a turning point for Will in the tribe.

When Will had joined the tribe and come to live with the twins it was a huge transition for him, with many new and confusing ideas and changes. The twins’ suggestion had been to take it one step at a time, which was sound advice. Step by step he had adapted to his new life, confronting each new challenge in turn. And with each step he had become more secure, one of the boys, culminating in learning how to fuck and gaining a new best friend in the process.

In bed that night he said earnestly to Norman, “Well here we are Norman in this weird and wonderful new world. We’re safe, with lots of guys to protect us, like Randy, Bob and the twins and we can leave all that fear and misery behind us. I felt bad about not telling Ben, but some things, dude, you just don’t talk about.

“Hey, you’ve got some new pals too – Billy and Milly. I’m sure Pablo and Tyler will bring them to the party too. That’ll make you happy, eh kid?’

But Norman was already snoring beside him. “Sorry if I bored you, kid,” Will smiled and closed his eyes.


Friday came and the excitement grew in the kitchen of Bob and Randy’s house. The twins and Will had, of course, already cooked many times for the tribe and other groups, but never for their own small family so they wanted to make this special. There would only be eight of them but their preferences differed. For example, Bob was open to experimenting with new foods but Randy was a solid steak and potatoes guy in which, as in all things, Pablo copied him.

So they had put together a varied menu that catered to all the tastes, with various options. They left the dessert to Will who opted for a fruit flan as he said, “Rhubarb pie is a bit been-there-done-that, don’t you think, sirs? Kinda done to death?”

If the spirit was light hearted in the kitchen it was decidedly festive in the large dining room that overlooked the extensive grounds of the tribe’s compound. The men and boys at the table were a raucous group, and joining in the festive spirit were Norman and his pals Billy and Milly, racing round and adding to the din.

Dress was casual, of course, but Bob had insisted that Randy wear a clean T-shirt and jeans. In his black T-shirt he still managed to look like a rough-edge gypsy with his shaggy black hair, craggy features and heavily stubbled jaw. His smiling pale blue eyes melted hearts as always.

Bob was wearing a simple blue and white check short-sleeved shirt that made him look just as gorgeous as he did in his usual V-neck white T-shirt. Pablo was dressed similar to Randy while the others were mostly in shorts and various kinds of polo shirts. It was, as Bob wryly said, “what passes in this group for smart casual.”

When the dinner had been served and the twins and Will joined them at the table the tempo picked up and so did the laughter. Randy stood up to propose the toast. It wasn’t only the wine that made him uncharacteristically emotional.

“Guys, as I look around this table my mind goes back to when Bob and I met and we were living in a rundown motel. Man, we’ve come a long way since then, ain’t we? Look at you all – three generations, you could say. On Bob’s side his boys Kyle and Kevin and their boy, our newest member Will. And I’ve got my boy, my son Pablo and his boy Tyler. And then there’s my handsome young gypsy brother Ben. Quite a collection, and I love you all.

“So gentlemen, raise your glasses to … The Family.”

“The Family” they all shouted, with cheers and applause. There were tears in Randy’s eyes as he looked down at Bob and said, “See what you’ve done, big guy? You stuck around and took all my bullshit and this is the result.” Bob stood up, Randy wrapped him in his arms and they kissed passionately, to the inevitable chorus of “get a room … get a room.”

“Hey, we got a room,” Randy said as they broke apart. “This is it. What, you want us to fuck right here on the table?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Pablo laughed. “The boys always complain about having to polish it after you’ve done your thing.”

It was all downhill from there as the wine-fueled conversation became more raucous and more raunchy. The main course was cleared, they went on to Will’s desert and coffee, and by the time they got to after-dinner drinks the talk was mostly about the sexual exploits of the tribe, and they swapped stories of their own triumphs.

And that’s when the problem started.

Randy talked about coming home and fucking Bob, who countered with the many times he had reamed Randy’s ass. Same when Randy boasted about fucking Pablo in his trailer at work and Pablo protested, “Yeah, but don’t leave out all the times I’ve ploughed your ass, stud.”

Pablo was on a roll as he described in graphic detail the joys of coming home from work greasy and sweaty and going out in the garden where Tyler was working, streaked with dirt. Man, you ain’t fucked till you’ve reamed the ass of a hot young gardener, who I must say can’t get enough of it, eh Tyler my boy?” Tyler gave a wide-eyed grin and nodded enthusiastically.

“Well, I’ll leave the grunge to you guys,” Bob said. “But you ain’t got what I got – identical twins. After a day staring at a computer screen there’s nothing like gazing at two identically gorgeous faces and fucking each guy in turn – that’s unless they already butt-fucked each other.”

Randy shouted over the laughter, “And talking of fraternal fucks, young Ben here is one of the finest. Hell, I take one look at that ass bending over a truck, drag him in my office and give him the Randy treatment. And he fucking loves it.”

“Can’t get enough, sir,” Ben grinned.

“So here’s to butt-fucking,” Randy said, raising his glass and slurring a bit. “Forget jacking off. Nothing beats a great fuck – morning, noon and night.”

There was one of those unaccountable brief silences, during which it occurred to several of them that in all this Will’s name had not been mentioned. It certainly occurred to Will who was feeling like the odd man out. He blushed suddenly and stood up. “Er, I gotta tidy up in the kitchen.” He grabbed a few dirty plates for show and hurried out of the room.

There was another uncomfortable silence and a certain amount of guilt round the table for the way they had all talked so bawdily about the joys of butt-fucking without regard to Will’s feelings on the subject. Kyle and Kevin stood but Bob waved them back down. “No, guys. If it’s OK with you, let me go. I think this goes deeper than you think. I’ll talk to him.”

“He’s right, guys,” Randy said. “This one’s on Bob.”


Randy had earlier relayed to Bob the snippet of conversation he had heard between Ben and Will in the trailer, when Will had fiercely refused to talk about why he would never let anyone fuck him. It had set Bob wondering and it played on his mind now as he went into the kitchen and found Will glumly doing busy work, loading the dishwasher.

He looked up and Bob said, “Will, do you remember when you first came here and I said if ever you had a problem, or anyone hurt you, to come and talk privately to me. Maybe now is one of those moments. It all got a bit raunchy out there with all that talk of guys fucking guys. Maybe it offended you.

Bob sat at the small butcher-block table and Will sat facing him. He looked into the soft, kind brown eyes and said, “It didn’t offend me, sir, and the guys didn’t hurt me. They were just having fun, and I love them like that.”

“But …” Bob smiled.

“Well, sir, they were talking about how great it is to fuck their boys and when it got round to me … well there was nothing, ‘cos I can’t do that. The twins can’t fuck me.”

“Why not, Will?” Bob asked gently.

Will frowned, “Why not? Well, like I’ve said, sir, my dad always told me it was wicked, and that real men would never do that.”

“Is that the real reason, Will?”

“Yes, sir,” Will said unconvincingly.

Acting on instinct Bob took a risk. “William, is this about your father?”

Will inhaled sharply, winced … and his eyes filled with tears. “I … I … sir, you won’t tell anyone else will you, sir?”

“Absolutely not, Will. I promise, this is strictly between you and me.”

Tears rolled down Will’s cheeks as he stammered …. “He tried to fuck me, sir. Lots of times. He said it was God’s punishment for my wicked thoughts about men. He would get drunk and pin me down to the floor or the bed and he had this big hard cock that he tried to force in my butt.”

“And did he?”

“No, sir, I never let him. I clenched my ass real tight and he couldn’t do it. He slapped me around a bit but I never gave in and he eventually got tired of it and stormed out. That’s the main reason I ran away from home. Sir, I never talked to anyone about this, not even Norman, but he saw, he watched while it happened and he growled but he couldn’t do anything. It was just him and me and … and …”

Bob stood up, pulled Will to his feet and the boy collapsed in his arms, sobbing uncontrollably as all the terror and loneliness of those years overflowed at long last. Bob just held him tight for long, long minutes, and it seemed that the racking sobs would never end. There were tears in Bob’s eyes too, but he held them back, needing to be strong for both of them.

Eventually, sheer exhaustion overcame Will and his sobs diminished to heavy, uneven breaths. Bob led him to a couch in the corner of the kitchen and pulled him down beside him. “I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to …” Will began but Bob said, “Sssh,” and spoke gently.

“Will, look at me while I tell you this. What you just described is all in the past. You are not that boy anymore, and that is no longer your family. You now belong to a proud, loving family and you have two wonderful young men who love and care for you. They want you to be proud and happy as they are.

“Nothing like you described will ever, ever happen to you again. That is my solemn promise to you, William, and Randy would kill a man if he caught him doing that to a boy. You are safe here and, as I have always said, no one will ever make you do anything you don’t want to.

“Now I’m going to ask you a very direct question, William, so think hard. After all I’ve said, do you want to offer your ass to someone?”

Will looked straight into the brown eyes and said quietly, “More than anything, sir. But ..”

“No, no more ‘buts’,” Bob smiled. “Next question. Who would you choose to fuck you?”

“Are you saying you want to fuck me, sir?”

Bob chuckled, “No, Will. It would be an honor and maybe one day I will but that was not my question. I asked who you would choose to be the first to fuck you.”

“The twins, of course, sir. I’m their boy and I love them.”

“Excellent. Now here’s what I’d like you to do. First, now that you’ve told me about the past I want you to leave it in the past. It’s what we call exorcising your demons. And I want you to go to the twins. We can send the other guys away and you can use the master bed here.”

“No, sir.” Will stood up and clenched his fists. “This is my family, sir, and I want to show them that I can get fucked just as good as they can. I’ll prove that I’m one of them. And in front of everyone, I want to make the twins see how much I love them. That’s what I want, please sir.”

Bob stood up and smiled at him. “Then that’s what you shall have William. You are every bit the strong, proud boy I always thought you were. You are a tribute to your family and I’m proud of you. Now, take your time. Splash some cold water on your face to take away the signs of tears. Drink some water, take a few deep breaths, then come and join us. Say whatever you want to say and do whatever you want. Nobody will be judging you. We all love you, Will.”

Bob kissed him on the cheek and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Will feeling like a new boy.


When Bob joined the others he was met with questioning looks but he remained non-committal. “Will and I had a little chat and I think he’s feeling better. I’ll let him speak for himself.”

The conversation now was muted as they all felt that, in their family exuberance, they had ignored Will’s feelings. And they guessed that Bob’s ‘little chat’ with Will had been a lot more than that.

That feeling was reinforced when Will appeared a few minutes later. He looked different, standing erect, shoulders back, chest out. The shyness had gone, there was a confidence in his bearing and in his eyes. “Every …” His voice cracked, he gulped and momentarily lost his nerve. He looked at Bob and was reassured by his warm, encouraging smile.

“Everyone, I would like to say something. I want to thank you for welcoming me as a new member of your family. I love being here with you all … it has changed my life.” He managed a smile. “Norman’s too.” The chuckles gave him the confidence to go on.

“When you were all talking about how you love coming home to your boys it made me see there was something I had to do to really become like your boys – something I really wanted to do.” He fixed his gaze on the twins. “Sirs, I want to show you how much I love you, and there’s one way left to do that. Bob told me we could use the master bedroom, so I would like to do that.”

The twins glanced at Bob, then smiled at Will as they stood up. “But one more thing,” Will said quickly. “I want to prove to all of you guys … and to myself … that I really am one of the family. So I would like you to come with us … if that’s OK with you, sirs,” he said with a slight blush, in deference to Kyle and Kevin.

The twins walked over to Will and kissed him on his cheeks. They took his hand and led him to the bedroom, followed by the other men and boys who were all slightly stunned. In the rear Randy smiled at Bob. “You son of a bitch. I love you, man.”

In the bedroom Bob signaled to the others that they should sit on the couch and chairs by the window and leave center stage, the bed, to the twins and their boy. Still keeping his poise Will faced the twins and quickly took off his clothes. Then he lay on the bed on his back, butt naked.

The twins stood at the foot of the bed and stripped off their clothes. Kyle picked up a jar of lube from the bedside table and with a knowing look handed it to Kevin. They had, as usual, come to a wordless understanding. Kevin lubed his cock and knelt on the bed between Will’s legs. “Are you sure about this, kiddo?” he smiled.

“Absolutely, sir. I, er, may not be very good at it, so …”

“Sssh … all you have to do is relax and have fun. We can stop, start again … fall asleep,” Kevin grinned, “whatever you want.”

“Not much chance I’ll fall asleep I think, sir.” The ripple of laughter among the onlookers dissolved any remaining tension in the room as Kevin said, “Well one thing’s for sure, Will, you’ve watched enough guys fuck in this family to know the drill. Let’s see what you got, kid.”

Will fixed his eyes on Kevin’s as he hooked his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back. “Good,” Kevin smiled. “OK, let’s give it a go, eh? He pressed the head of his cock against Will’s virgin ass and immediately felt it clench tight so he stopped.

“See, the secret is, Will, to relax and you’re doing the opposite. No hurry. Take a few deep breaths and relax your ass. Try pushing down on it a bit, that opens it up. And if you want to you can put your hands on my chest to make you feel safer knowing you can push me away.”

“I don’t want to push you away, sir. I want you inside me.”

“Atta boy. You ready for another try?”

“I … I think so, sir.”

This time Kevin pressed harder. “Don’t clench your ass, Will. Push down, welcome it. You want it so much Will. I know you want to feel my cock in your ass … like this …” The head of his cock passed over the sphincter.

In a moment of panic Will flashed on the face of his father, his ass clenched tight and he moaned in pain. He forced himself to think of Bob’s smiling face instead of his dad’s and then suddenly his groans were stifled by a warm mouth pressing on his.

Kyle had knelt on the floor by the bed and was bending down kissing Will. He pulled back and said, “Deep breaths, Will … good deep breaths. Will, we’re inside you … in your ass … something we always wanted. Look at me, Will. Look into my eyes.”

The use of the plural ‘we’ was instinctive on Kyle’s part, and mesmerizing to Will. He closed his eyes for a second, then reopened them and saw Kevin above him and an identical face bent over him. “Feeling better, kiddo?” Kyle grinned. “We won’t move until you say it’s OK.”

Will wasn’t sure what he was feeling as he concentrated on the pain in his ass, on the verge several times of saying no. He took deep breaths as instructed and slowly, imperceptibly, the pain diminished … and then was gone, replaced by … by something he couldn’t begin to understand. All he knew was he wanted more. “Please, sir, could you push a bit …”

“… a bit deeper, kiddo? Sure, nice and slow.” Will looked from Kevin to Kyle as he felt the cock ease ever so slowly inside him and come to rest deep inside. Again Kyle closed his mouth over

Will’s in an open-mouthed kiss so they were sharing the same air passing between them. Will felt he was dreaming, one of those Technicolor dreams where he was in a pastel world that he had never visited before and never wanted to leave.

They were his whole world. He was being consumed by the twins, the men he loved, his ass full of one’s cock and his mouth full of the other’s breath. When at last Kyle pulled away Will’s eyes sparkled and he said to Kyle, “Fuck me, sir,” then to Kevin, “Please, sir, fuck my ass.”

It wasn’t just that pain left his body, it was that pure joy flooded in. He stared up at Kevin, at his beautiful face and flawless body, muscles flexing as he moved in and out of him. The once shy boy felt wild, reckless, capable of anything … on top of the world. “Fuck me, sir,” he kept yelling as he reached up and pressed his hands against Kevin’s chest, not to push him away but to feel the flesh, the sinews of the gorgeous young man rippling under his palms as he fucked him.

Kevin knew that Will had lost all inhibitions so he was careful not to go too far too fast. He exchanged glances with Kyle … and pulled out of the boy’s ass. “No, no,” Will said frantically, don’t stop, please sir … aaah.” He sighed as Kyle took his brother’s place and slid his identical cock deep inside him.

And that’s how it went, the brothers taking turns in their boy’s ass, while the other worked on his face and mouth. The spectators watched in disbelief when, at one point, Kevin was ploughing Will’s ass while Kyle stood behind his head. The brother’s leaned toward each other over Will’s body and kissed each other. Kyle’s cock was pointing straight down over Will’s mouth and he lowered his hips. Will was flying in another world as he got butt-fucked and face-fucked by his beautiful identical masters while they kissed over him.

All this time Will had been driven to the edge of orgasm but the twins had pulled him back each time. But now they knew Will was nearing his limit. They smiled at each other – time for the finale. Kyle pulled out of Will’s mouth, went to the other end of the bed and stood behind Kevin.

Will gasped as he saw Kyle’s face over his brother’s shoulder. Surely not … But it was true. Kyle wrapped his arm round Kevin’s chest, kissed the back of his neck … and pushed his cock into his brother’s ass while Kevin fucked their boy.

They moved in perfect harmony and Will had the dazed sensation that he was being fucked by both men at once. His mind whirled, seeing two identical faces above him as he was fucked by … by one man, two men … the same man? As the cock drove harder and deeper in his ass he heard his own voice shouting, “Sirs, I’m gonna cum … I can’t stop … please, sir.”

“Do it, boy,” Kevin grinned, “and feel my jizz in your ass … the first time you ever had cum in your ass. Yeah, that’s it kiddo … now …!”

Will howled as he felt Kevin’s cock explode in his ass, bathing it in warm juice while his own cock shuddered and spurted semen all over his trembling body. He was dimly aware of Kevin pulling out, to be replaced by Kyle who drove his cock in deep and added his own juice to his brother’s inside their boy. Incredibly Will felt more semen racing up his cock which erupted in a second spontaneous orgasm, amid cheers from the spectators who were now all on their feet.

They had all been stroking their cocks as they watched Will’s spectacular initiation by the twins and now Randy led them over to the bed and they stood around it. Will looked up at the swarthy gypsy Randy, the superman face of Bob, the macho mechanic Pablo, his handsome boy Tyler and the young gypsy Ben.

A smile lit Randy’s swarthy features. “Get a good look, kid. This is your family now. The twins have finally tamed your ass but we’ve gotta give you the ritual family baptism. Ready guys?”

Will looked up at the five men pounding their cocks. He heard their jubilant shouts, saw their cocks erupt, and he laughed with joy, writhing on the bed under the shower of semen that splashed down on his face and body from all sides.

He heard Randy’s voice rise above the cheers and laughter. “You did it, boy. You’re one of us. And that, gentlemen, concludes this family meeting. As Darius would say, definitely one for the archives.”


Bob smiled down at the cum-splashed Will. “Well done, William. You jumped that last hurdle in style. Er, Randy, if you don’t mind sharing the guest room with me I suggest we leave Will and the twins to sleep here – and whatever else they have to do.”

Ben knelt beside Will and kissed him. “That was way cool, dude. Can’t wait to get you in my bed. Later dude. Gotta get back to Jason – the fireman will been wanting a piece of my ass.”

Pablo and his boy Tyler went back to their own small family across the compound and, with a final hug for the twins, Bob and Randy retired to the guest room.

“Buddy,” Randy said, “I dunno what you said to that boy but it sure as hell worked.” He frowned. “But why is it you always seem to take control and settle everything on your own. Do I need to remind you again that I am the boss of this outfit? I could have whipped that kid into shape.”

“That’s what I was afraid of,” Bob chuckled. “Sounds to me as if you are cranking up that old act of asserting your authority, showing me you’re in charge and putting me in my place.”

“Damn straight,” Randy growled. “Hey, we’ve never done it in this room before. Let’s hit it, stud.”

On the other side of the compound Pablo and Tyler went home to join their own family of Zack and Darius, Miguel and Finn who were at the tail end of dinner and sitting around over coffee and brandy. “So how did dinner go over there?” Darius asked, always eager for more stories for his archive, the more graphic the better.

Tyler was more than happy to pour it all out, and even the most jaded of them hung on the boy’s every word describing the stunning initiation and virgin fuck of young Will. “Dammit,” Zack said, always competitive with Randy, “we should have our own family dinner here. We haven’t done that since we moved into this big fancy place. We should have our own initiation.”

“Great idea, bro,” Miguel said, “but don’t expect me to cater it. I spend my whole professional life as chef in charge of the kitchen at the Ritz and I don’t wanna cook at home too. I only did tonight because the twins were busy fucking their kid. Hey, we haven’t got to know young Will yet, so why don’t we get him to cater it. That’s his job isn’t it – roving chef – and I hear he’s pretty good.”

“Not a bad idea,” Pablo agreed. “I’m not sure how he’d react to our version of initiation, though, whichever of us is the victim. Sure, he finally got fucked tonight but that stuff was pretty vanilla and our playroom down the hall with its ropes and chains might be a bit rich for the kid’s blood.”

“I dunno,” Zack said. “The boy wouldn’t have to do anything, just watch the rest of us play, and I hear he’s already watched a whole bunch of stuff already. Might be a learning experience for the kid. He could always leave if it got too down and dirty.

Miguel’s boy Finn grinned. “In my experience from my hustler days, once a guy dips his toe in the swamp he always wants more. Guys I dealt with couldn’t get enough.”

Zack laughed, “So that’s a go, then, eh guys? Let’s check when Will’s available. We’ll show him how real men party.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 428


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