Chapter 24


Young Will continues his sexual education in the tribe. First the junior boys welcome him with their version of the circle jerk.  “Nothing like a group blow job to get a new boy warmed up.”  Then Will watches spellbound as a group of horny men – a Marine, a Ranger and a police officer – pumped with testosterone after war game exercises, compete in a macho alpha-male contest to prove their dominance.

In the previous chapter

Will was eighteen, but an inexperienced, wet-behind-the-ears eighteen. He had lived with an abusive father who had suppressed his son’s sexual development and kept him in a state of permanent adolescence. The man suspected the boy’s sexual inclinations but condemned the mere idea of man-on-man sex as sinful.

It was only after leaving home that young Will’s eyes were opened and his cock began to stir. The identical twins, Kyle and Kevin, hired him as their assistant chef, and then he really plunged in at the deep end when the brothers invited him to become their boy in the tribe of lusty, oversexed men and their boys.

To call it an accelerated education would be an understatement. In quick succession Will witnessed a succession of erotic sex acts. He saw the tribe’s rugged gypsy leader Randy savagely fuck his lover Bob; he watched the two muscle-jocks Jason and Lloyd fuck; and he saw the macho young mechanic Pablo fuck his freckle-faced boy Tyler, then get butt-fucked himself by his adoptive dad Randy.

But Will himself remained largely a spectator, staying above the fray of sexual action. One thing he learned to enjoy was sucking cock – first with his new best friend Ben, then with Ben’s hot and handsome fireman Jason. However, Will was fiercely insistent on one inviolable rule. His own ass was definitely off-limits.

“Not that he wasn’t intrigued. When the other guys fucked he had been aroused so much that he jerked off watching them. And the ecstatic look on the men’s faces as they took cock in their ass, he tried to imagine what it must feel like. But all he did was watch and wonder. He could never actually do it. Never.

He came closest when he shared the twins’ bed as they made love. The twins were intimate in every possible way and when each one in turn took his brother’s cock inside him Will was lying so close, gazing up at the top man, he could almost – almost – imagine it was happening to him.

He was so turned on that he jerked off twice as each twin climaxed.

His mind was spinning, unable to process what had just happened. He had watched the twins make love before, but this time they were making love to him too, almost as if they were fucking him. They hadn’t, had they? He actually reached down between his legs and stroked his ass with his finger. No, it was intact. He felt a twinge of disappointment that he instantly suppressed.

The twins had noticed his gesture and Kyle laughed, “No, we kept our promise, Will. For all the tangle of love and lust we never came near your ass because you’ve made it clear that you could never do that. Will’s ass is private and always will be.”

“But who cares?” grinned Kevin. “What we just did was sensational – next best thing to actually doing the deed. Your ass is safe with us kiddo.”

They heard Will’s dog whimper in the corner of the room and Kyle said, “Hey, Norman, get your ass over here.” Norman trotted from his corner to the bed and Kevin hauled him aboard. “Now ain’t this grand,” Kyle said, “all four of us together?”

“But this ain’t all,” Kevin said, fondling Norman. “Rumor has it that you have another get-acquainted this evening – the obligatory meeting all new boys have with the junior boys.”

“Yeah, I’m a bit nervous about that,” Will said. “Do you think they’ll accept me?”

“Will,” Kyle said. “Bob’s boys are the twins, and the twins’ boy is you. That already gives you a certain status in the tribe. Plus you are cute as a button – and a lot of them will be depending on you in the future to help them cook for their masters, a skill few of them have.”

“Well, sir, I already know Ben, he’s kinda my best friend. We slept together once and sixty-nined. Brandon has been very kind to me, and Finn and Tyler were real friendly too. But I’m nervous about the one called Eddie. I really haven’t spoken to him much but Ben tells me he’s the senior junior boy. I guess that makes him the boys’ boss. And they say he is the boy of a big tough Marine Captain, so I’m afraid he’ll be kinda strict, the strong silent type, you know?”

The twins exchanged amused looks and Kevin said, “Oh I wouldn’t worry about Eddie, Will. Bossy? Maybe a bit. But silent? Not so much. I don’t think he’ll expect you to do much talking anyway. He usually takes care of that side of things.”

Kyle added, “And I’m sure he’ll take you to their duplex across the street. They all just moved in – Eddie and his Marine Hassan, and Brandon and the Forest Ranger Pete. Lot of uniforms in that house. And they’ll probably need you to cook for them sometimes,” Kevin said. “Eddie can’t boil water, and although Brandon’s a decent cook they mostly eat over here.”

Will was a great self-taught cook and, in addition to helping the twins in the kitchen, he was to be a kind of roving chef, helping prepare meals in other houses of the tribe. Kyle chuckled, “You play your cards right and you might even get to see the Marine and the Ranger fuck, which we hear they do more and more these days down in that playroom they got in their basement.

“And talking of cooking,” Kyle said, “it’s time we got back down to the kitchen. Playtime’s over, kids. Will, you can help us with dinner prep before your meeting with the boys, then come back to us afterwards. Sorry, kiddo, but the daily grind never stops for us chefs.”

Will’s eyes sparkled. “Oh I don’t want it to stop, sir. Any of it. I want it to go on forever.”

*****************   CHAPTER 424    ******************

Already the twins and Will had developed a coordinated rhythm working together, a wordless shorthand where Will anticipated what the twins wanted him to do without having to ask. They effortlessly began the prep for that evening’s dinner and around five pm they had everything ready for the oven, which is when they usually kicked back for a break with a glass of wine.

Will knew what was coming and it made him a bit nervous. “It’s about that time, kiddo,” Kyle said. “The junior boys should be home from work by now and they usually get together to …”

“… to gossip mostly” Kevin laughed. “To check what’s on the grapevine and add to it if possible. These days they meet upstairs in the new apartment where Tyler and Finn live.”

“I’ve been up there before, sir.” Will said. “That’s where I saw Pablo fuck Tyler.” He frowned. “Is it … like an initiation? What do you think they’ll make me do? I mean, I don’t really know Eddie but he’s a Marine’s boy – and the Marines have inductions don’t they?”

“Hey, stop worrying, Will, you’re reading too much into this. It’s just a meet and greet and you already know most of the boys. Will, you are a member of the tribe and you’re our boy. Nobody messes with us ‘cos we’re Bob’s boys and no one will mess with you ‘cos you’re ours. So get your ass over there, and when you’re done come back and help us get dinner on the table.

Will chose not to take off his dark green apron as it gave him confidence – a sign of belonging, a status symbol almost – he was one of the chefs. He went up to the big apartment and all the junior boys were sitting in a semi-circle – Eddie in the center, flanked by Brandon in his wheelchair, Ben, and the newer boys Finn and Tyler.

Eddie stood up and greeted Will with a handshake, trying to keep things formal. “Welcome, Will and take a seat.” Will sat facing the other boys and Eddie resumed his seat in the middle with an expression he hoped was imposing. “We haven’t met formally but I’m Eddie, the senior junior boy because I’ve been here the longest and I’m Hassan’s boy – he’s a big macho Marine.

“You’ve already met the other boys, but it’s a lot of names to remember so I’ll remind you. Brandon is Pete’s boy, Finn is Miguel’s boy, Tyler is Pablo’s boy, and Ben is Jason’s boy. ‘Course you already know that last one ‘cos rumor has it you slept with Ben and then sucked the fireman’s cock. Good for you.”

Then Eddie seemed to run out of ‘senior-junior-boy’ steam and he reverted to the garrulous Eddie everyone knew and loved. “Dude, we don’t have to ask what you’ve been doing ‘cos we got a system – a grapevine, jungle drums, whatever – where we know what’s happening almost before it’s happened. And, dude, the thing we find totally amazing is that you never touched a man before you met the twins and came to the tribe. Like, come on dude, is that really true?”

“Yes, sir. You see the thing is I …”

“And what’s even more amazing,” Eddie steamrollered on, “is that you never even touched yourself, like jerked off or nothing. Dude, how did you do that – or not do it as the case may be?”

“Well, sir, I …”

“I mean we jack off all the time – who wouldn’t surrounded by these gorgeous hunks of men? I myself can cum two, three times when I’m having sex with Hassan. He calls me his little gusher and I suppose …”

“Er, Eddie,” Brandon said gently, “maybe it would be interesting to hear Will explain all that himself – but only if you want to, Will.” Eddie frowned, feeling that he, the senior-junior boy, had been silenced. He was taking a deep breath to unleash more when Will finally spoke.

“It’s quite easy to explain, sirs. My dad always told me that if I had sex with men I would go to hell, and that masturbating was sinful too. It wasn’t till I came here that I realized he was wrong. I saw the twins making love, and Bob and Randy too, and I thought it looked really good so I jerked off watching them, sir.”

“Er, you don’t have to call us sir,” Brandon smiled. “Dude or bro work just fine.”

“Thank you, sir … dude. Anyway, I learn fast and I can suck cock now. When Ben and me slept together he taught me to sixty …” He frowned and Brandon prompted “… nine?”

“Yeah, that’s it, sixty-nine, sir … dude. Then when Jason came home from work after fighting a fire he looked just like he does in that fireman’s calendar – you know, major hot, no shirt or anything – and he told me to suck his cock. That was awesome, eh Ben?” He stopped and frowned. “Only thing I can’t do is, you know … what Randy did to Bob …”

“Fucked his ass?” Eddie said.

“Yeah that’s it. I could never do that and I told the twins and they said not to worry ‘cos boys are never made to do things they don’t want to.”

“Yeah, we heard about that,” Eddie said. “The twins are right, but I gotta say, dude, you don’t know what you’re missing. I mean, when I feel that Marine’s huge weapon in my ass my eyes roll back in my head and … well …” Eddie flapped his hands – he was on a roll again.

“Even the senior boys get fucked. We heard that you watched Randy fuck Pablo in his trailer at work and that, kiddo, is something to see – the gypsy drilling the mechanic’s ass. Happens a lot.

“And you’ve met Jamie, right? The handsome blond surfer jock, right? Well, what you didn’t knows is that just before his man Mark comes home – mister Greek-God cop – Jamie runs to their apartment, gets naked on the bed. And when the cop comes in he ploughs the surfer’s ass without even taking his uniform off. I’ve actually watched that and it’s like – major porn action.”

Brandon started to speak and almost got a word in sideways but Eddie soldiered on. “But to get back to sucking dick. No disrespect to Ben sixty-nining you, dude, but you ain’t really had your dick sucked until it’s been done by yours truly – master cock-sucker of the Western States.

“I had years of training, dude. See, I used to work as the bar-back at Uncle Mike’s leather bar in the desert – you saw Uncle Mike at the big party – older guy but still smokin’ hot. Anyway, there was a back room and I used to suck guys’ dicks for tips – they were lining up, made a shitload of money, dude. And I learned every trick in the book and invented a whole bunch of my own.”

Eddie’s eyes were dancing. “Hey, dude, why don’t I show you? It’ll be our welcome to the junior boys’ circle. And talking of circle, guys, lets treat our new buddy to our version of the circle jerk. Nothing like a good blow job after work to sharpen the appetite for dinner – and other things too.”

The other boys were resigned to letting Eddie take charge. They all loved him, Eddie always amused them and, hey, they never turned their back on a blow job. “OK,” Eddie said, “what’s the lineup? Obviously I’m gonna suck our new buddy Will so dude, take off that apron and sit in my chair. And Brandon, you sit next to him and Ben can do you. That leaves Tyler and Finn.

“Actually Will,” Eddie said in a conspiratorial tone, “when Miguel brought Finn into the tribe Finn was a bit like you, but for different reasons. See, he was a hustler and said he only had sex for money. So he’d let guys suck his dick but, like you, he sure never took dick up his butt. Said he was a top man, which he was until he met Miguel. Dude, when that Hispanic muscle-god tells a boy he’s gonna ream his ass the boy better get down on all fours. Finn sure did.”

“Eddie,” said Tyler who hadn’t spoken so far. “Finn still is pretty much a top man when him and me have sex. We often do it when we’re working in the garden. So can I suck his dick now?”

Finn said, “Damn straight you’re gonna blow me, dude … when our fearless leader has stopped talking. Seems the only time that happens is when he’s got a dick plugging his mouth, so get to work on Will, Eddie. Let’s get this cock-sucking show on the road.”

Will found he was having a great time with these guys who were raunchy and funny at the same time, and he thought Finn was hot with that macho hustler thing he had going. Will loved being part of the group, especially when Finn sat beside him and squeezed his balls. “You’re gonna love it, kid. Welcome to the junior boys’ club.”


As Eddie, Ben and Tyler knelt before the three seated boys Eddie looked up at Brandon with his impish grin and a quick conspiratorial wink. The two boys had been friends even before Brandon joined the tribe and Brandon knew Eddie better than most. He knew that, underneath all that stream-of-consciousness chatter, Eddie was no airhead. He was unfailingly kind with an innate sense of a new boy’s insecurities and how to put him at ease.

That skill he was intuitively putting to use now, no matter how mischievous and playful he seemed on the surface. And it worked. As Will sat shoulder to shoulder with Brandon and Finn he felt very much one of the gang. His initial fears on entering the room had vanished and he was now having fun. And Eddie was far from the strong silent leader he had feared – actually quite the opposite.

The three kneeling boys moved in unison, Ben and Tyler taking their cue from Eddie. They pulled open the seated boys’ shorts and pulled out their cocks, already stiff – a result of youthful hormones and the sight of the approaching wide open mouths. Will was relaxed and ready … and then, “Aaaah.”

He uttered a long, loud gasp as soon as Eddie’s expert mouth lowered slowly over his shaft, alternately clenching and releasing his cock until it slid down his throat, where it came to rest. Eddie’s swallowing motions squeezed and massaged the head of Will’s cock deep in his warm throat, making Will howl out loud.

Next to him Finn gripped Will’s wrist tight and he grinned, “Incredible ain’t it, kid? Careful not to cum yet, though. You gotta make it last. Sit back and enjoy.”

Then Finn looked down at Tyler munching on his cock and his tone reverted to the harsh top-man hustler growl he had once used on his clients, which used to excite them as much as it now did Tyler. “Suck that fucking dick, boy. Let’s see what you got. Take it all the way down, bury your face in my pubes.” As the freckle-faced boy sucked harder Finn gently slapped his face, exciting him even more in his fantasy of bottom boy giving a blow-job to a hustler.

On the other side of Will the action was more sedate as the gentle young gypsy Ben sucked the cock of his long-time friend Brandon. “Damn that feels great, bro,” Brandon sighed. “Here, maybe this’ll help.” Brandon grabbed the wheels of his wheelchair and moved it gently back and forth in a rocking motion in time with Ben’s face bobbing up and down on his cock. It made Ben laugh and sputter, but he managed to continue and soon found the rhythm.

In the center, Eddie was really going to town on Will, determined to prove his boast as cock-sucker extraordinaire. Inexperienced though he was, Will knew this was in a class by itself. Every time his cock plunged down Eddie’s throat was different – sometimes tight, sometimes pulsing, and sometimes with no contact at all as Eddie lowered his wide-open mouth and breathed hot air on the shaft without touching it.

“Oh, dude,” Will panted, his heart beating so hard he thought it would burst from his chest. “I’ve never felt anything like this … aaah … my cock is … it feels like I’m gonna cum all the time. Yeah, that’s it … you’re gonna make me cum … I’m, gonna cum … aaagh!”

But that was a cry of frustration when, at the last minute, Eddie eased off and denied his orgasm. This was the technique Eddie had mastered long ago, sometimes called edging, where he repeatedly brought a man to the edge of his climax, then denied it and started over again, building to yet another cliff-edge of frustration.

“Eddie,” Will pleaded, “let me cum. It’s like I’m cumming all the time, except I’m not. Please, dude … you’re driving me crazy.”

Brandon smiled at Will. “Better get used to it, kiddo. This is an Eddie special, and he’s in charge. He’ll work that cock until you’re begging for release, but he’ll let you cum when he decides it’s time. He does the same thing to Hassan, and that, dude, is something to hear – a Marine begging a boy for mercy …aaah.”

Brandon’s sigh was a sign he was getting the same treatment from Ben. “Jesus,” he gasped, “Ben and Tyler get lessons from Eddie and they’re doing the same to me and Finn.”

So Will not only felt the exquisite sensation in his own cock but watched the effect on the boys on either side of him. The transformation in Finn was erotic. The fantasy had been of a hard-edged hustler forcing a boy to suck his cock, but the balance of power was changing. Finn groaned, “OK, boy, that’s enough. I’m gonna bust my load down your throat.” But Tyler had other ideas, edging the hustler to the cusp of orgasm and backing off at the last minute.”

“Damn you, boy. I told you I gotta shoot in your mouth. I can’t take this …”

Tyler pulled off and muttered, “Do you want me to stop, sir?”

“No, dammit. Suck, boy.” That was the ultimate frustration. The only alternative to this repeated denial was to end the whole thing. But, having been teased to the edge of climax so often, stopping and jerking off was not an option, so even the macho hustler was reduced to begging. “Fuck, my nuts are bursting … I gotta bust my load. Come on, kid, make me cum … please, kid … gimme a break here.”

The tension in the air raised the sexual hunger to a fever pitch and Eddie took his mouth off Will’s cock. “OK, guys, let’s have mercy on the poor fuckers, eh?” The others nodded, cocks still in their mouths, and from there it took no time at all. The three guys let rip, sucking hard and fast, no games now, the real deal. Will gasped and gripped the hands of the boys beside him, feeling their lust matching his as their cocks shuddered, they tensed and …”Aaagh.”

It was quite the spectacle as howls filled the room, the three boys flexed hard and at long last their exquisite torment ended as their cocks exploded in the throats of their buddies who had driven them over the edge of frustration and made them beg for release.


Having achieved sexual release the six boys celebrated with laughter which bounced off the walls. Will laughed as merrily as the rest and Eddie yelled, “Welcome aboard, dude. You have been well and truly initiated as a junior boy with an Eddie Special. But there’s one ritual left. Ben, Tyler stand up. The three got to their feet and stared down at the seated, sated boys.

“See, Will, it’s kind of a rule that at junior boy gatherings like this if one boy loses his load everyone has to. Ben, Tyler, you ready? On a count of three – uno … dos … tres!” With military precision each one yanked open his shorts, pulled out his cock and pointed it at the face of the boy he had just sucked off. They stroked hard and Eddie said, “I told you, Will, I’m known as the gusher – and this is why. Let ‘em have it guys …!”

Suddenly Will was blinded by the shower of semen that splashed into his face, a fate that befell Finn and Brandon at the same time. As he opened his mouth to laugh, more jizz flooded in and he was forced to swallow in big gulps. Laughing and choking Will felt faces press against his cheeks, lips press against his lips and tongues lick the cum running down his face.

Eddie laughed, “So what d’ya think, dudes, is he one of the three amigos? Oh wait a minute, that can’t be right. He counted, pointing at each one in turn. I guess it’s six amigos now …”

“Seven” Brandon said, “if you count Brian, which we do,” referring to his boyfriend who lived and worked at the Grady House. “Will,” Brandon smiled, “welcome to our group. Of course you are already in the tribe, protected by the twins and Bob, and it don’t get more solid than that.”

Will stood up and Finn hugged him and said in his gravelly voice, “Glad you’re one of us. And don’t worry about that hustler thing. I’d do you any time – no charge.” Amid the laughter he said, “Hey Tyler, we gotta do stuff in the garden before dinner. Now the sun’s lower we got watering to do, and we gotta fix that broken sprinkler.”

Tyler smiled at Will, then Finn threw his arm over his shoulder and they left. “They look like real good friends,” Will said, and Ben replied, “Boyfriends practically. Finn takes care of Tyler and they work great together in the garden. Now I gotta get back down to Jason’s house for when he comes home. He’ll want to fuck me as usual – hope he keeps his uniform on – then we’ll be back up here for dinner.”

“And I gotta go back and help the twins with dinner,” Will said. He put on his apron but Eddie stopped him. “Here, let me wipe your face. Can’t work in the kitchen with cum dripping over everything. Hmm, on second thoughts it might spice things up a bit.”

“Uggh, gross,” said Brandon as Eddie wiped Will’s face. Will said, “Dude, thanks for that incredible blow job. Er, can you teach me how to suck dick like that? I’d love to do it for the twins, seeing as how they can’t butt-fuck me.”

“Well,” Eddie said. “I’m always pretty booked up … but sure, I can find time for you across the street at our place. We’ll even do it in the basement dungeon we got over there. Anyway, it’s about time you got to know my Marine Hassan and Brandon’s man Ranger Pete. Hell, talking of those guys and the dungeon in the same breath makes my dick hard. Come on Brandon, let’s go check if our men are home yet – see what we can do for them.

And with that, this meeting of the junior boys adjourned. It had been one for the record books.

***********************         ***********************

When Will got back to the kitchen he looked flushed and breathless. The twins grinned at each other and Kyle said, “Good meeting, Will? Here, you missed a bit.” With a cloth he wiped a streak of cum from the side of his neck.

Will blushed. “Sirs it was awesome. Eddie wasn’t at all the strong silent type I was afraid off. In fact he talked a whole lot.”

“You don’t say,” Kevin laughed. “Will, Eddie is famous for that. When Hassan calls him his little gusher he’s not only referring to streams of jizz, he also means the torrent of words that gush out of him nonstop. So they accepted you as one of them?”

“Oh yes, sir, and to welcome me Eddie sucked my dick. It was unbelievable.”

“Huh, a blow-job from the master is a definite sign of acceptance. Guys used to line up for that”

“So Eddie told me, sir, and he said he would give me lessons, ‘cos I wanna do it for you, sirs, so you can at least fuck my face ‘cos … like, you can’t fuck my ass. I’m sorry about that but …”

“Will stop,” Kyle said. “We’ve dealt with that subject and moved on. There are much more important things to talk about – like your first job as roving chef. How about that?”

“Really, sir? Already?” Will’s eyes were shining.

“Yes. We thought it best if requests for your services come through us at first, as we know your schedule and when you’ll be free. It was Jamie who called us about this one. He’s just closing the office and then he’ll come over and explain.”

Feeling excited and nervous Will got to work tidying the kitchen, clearing the decks before the dinner rush that would start in half an hour. It wasn’t long before Jamie came in, looking gorgeous as ever in his usual board shorts, loose tank top and unlaced sneakers.

“Is this a good time, guys,” he asked, “before the dinner rush? Mark won’t be home for a while and then I’ll have to go home and … well you know,” he grinned.

Will knew what he meant ‘cos Eddie had told him … going home every evening, getting naked on the bed and waiting for the cop to come in and fuck him. The thought of this gorgeous surfer jock getting fucked by a uniformed cop made Will hard under his apron.

“Perfect timing, Jamie,” Kyle said. “We usually wait until the first guys start to gather outside before we put the main course in the oven. Here, join us in a glass of wine and explain to Will what you have in mind.” They all sat round the kitchen table and Will poured the wine.

“I guess I better start at the beginning and set up the deal,” Jamie said. “See, Will, about twice a year Hassan, Pete and Mark – the uniform guys as we sometimes call them – volunteer to take part in inter-agency drills in the Angeles Forest to practice responses to crisis scenarios like terrorism, shootings, hostage taking, that kind of thing. They deliberately involve all the services to test their coordination, including the military, law enforcement and the forest service as the rangers know the terrain better than anyone.

“Mark, Pete and Hassan always take part as they consider the drills essential, but also, I suspect, because they get off on the macho atmosphere of all those soldiers, cops, rangers challenging each other in tests of strength and courage. They love a chance to flex their muscles. And let me tell you, kiddo, when those three guys get home the testosterone and adrenaline are still flowing. Also they are hungry so their boys try to rustle up some food for them, though it’s usually been kind of hit or miss.

This year, as it turns out, Hassan and Pete have just moved into that duplex across the street with their boys Eddie and Brandon, so Mark had the idea of doing a real dinner at their place. The idea is they provide the location and Mark will supply the food. Only trouble is, food is easier said than done. Brandon’s pretty good in the kitchen, but Eddie is a hopeless cook and I’m not much better.

“We thought of calling a caterer but the guys didn’t want outsiders cramping their style as they kinda like letting loose. And the twins would be too busy cooking dinner for the tribe. Then suddenly, like mana from heaven, there was you, Will. The twins had spread the word that you are a great cook and would be available for catering jobs … so here I am, dude, asking if you could do that for us.”

Will’s first impulse was nervousness whether he could handle a meal for tough, macho guys like the Marine, the Ranger and the police officer. Seeing him hesitate, Jamie jumped in again. “Of course, you would have Brandon Eddie and me to help out but you would be in charge of the kitchen, which by the way is state of the art in that house, thanks to Randy and his crew.”

“And we could certainly help you plan the menu and get supplies,” Kyle said. “What would it be, dinner for six? You could handle that kiddo, especially with the boys as your assistants.”

Will’s confidence was building – and he wanted the twins to be proud of him. “I … I’d like to give it a try, sir,” he said, his eyes shining.

“Great, then it’s a deal,” Jamie said, “and you can send your bill to Mark ‘cos he’s covering the catering.” Jamie hesitated with a slight frown. “Er, there is one other thing I should mention, Will – full disclosure. Like I said, when the guys get home after all that rugged action they are still pumped with testosterone and adrenaline and are not about to call it quits. They wanna get it all out of their system, so my guess is they’ll go down to the basement and do just that.

“The basement was created by Zack when he lived there – it’s a kind of windowless gym, playroom, dungeon, whatever you want it to be, and the guys can get real creative. Things can even get kinda rough, knowing the history of Mark and Hassan – the twins can fill you in on that. But I emphasize this, Will. The boys are not involved in any way, except as spectators if they want to be, which of course they always do. But once the dinner is over you are free to leave, of course, or stick around with your buddies if you choose to.

“Hey, is that the time? Mark will be home any time now. I gotta be ready for him. Thanks a million, Will. It’ll be fun.”


Will watched Jamie run across the lawn to his apartment and once again thought how strange and wonderful this tribe was. The authoritative surfer jock, having just addressed them so confidently, was now transformed into the cop’s obedient boy, running to get ready for him, naked on the bed, offering his ass to the uniformed officer.

Will was excited at the prospect of catering their dinner, but said, “Sirs, I know a lot about Brandon and Eddie and even Jamie now, but I’d like to know more about their men. I mean, what did Jamie mean about Mark and Hassan’s history?”

“Ah that,” Kyle smiled. “Well it’s a long story stretching back years, but here’s the CliffsNotes version. Years ago Mark was an army lieutenant in the Arab war and he was captured and interrogated in a cell in the desert. His interrogator was Hassan, a soldier on the Arab side. Mark, was chained to the wall, stripped to the waist, and tortured by Hassan.

“But in the crucible of enmity and pain a strange thing happened. The dark, swarthy young Arab found himself falling in love with the handsome blond American and he fucked his ass until Mark shot a load of jizz across the cell. Hassan released him, wanting to make love to him, but Mark overpowered him, fucked him savagely, then chained him up and subjected him to the same torment. Which, amazingly, made Hassan lust for Mark even more.”

Kevin took up the story. “After the war Hassan couldn’t get Mark out of his mind so he came to America to find him and enlisted in the Marines, where his knowledge of Arabic was a big plus. He bought a small house in the middle of the desert outside Palm Springs and lured Mark to it, where he found Hassan chained in the middle of the room begging for the same harsh treatment to make amends to Mark. After that they became close friends, lovers almost, and from time to time reenact that scene with one of them chained up and worked over by the other.

“Wow,” Will said. He loved hearing the twins tell stories of the tribe, especially one’s as graphic as this that made his dick hard. “And what about Pete, sirs? Is he rough too?”

“Oh not as much as the other two, though he can still be a tough authoritarian in his job. His introduction to the tribe came when he was patrolling the forest and he came across Randy and Zack watching their boys Pablo and Darius fuck. He was disgusted by the sight and threatened to arrest them all. But Randy had other ideas and – long story short – seduced the macho ranger and ended up fucking him. Soon after that Pete joined the tribe.”

“Wow, so what do you think they’ll do after dinner in this dungeon place they got over there?”

“Oh, there’s no knowing,” Kyle said. “When those guys are stoked after their war games all bets are off. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be hot. You might decide you wanna stay and watch. It’s fine with us if you do.” Kyle grinned. “All part of your education, kiddo.”


The dinner for the uniform guys was to be on Friday, and for the next few days it was the focus of Will’s thoughts. It was his first big test of being in charge of a kitchen and catering a meal for a group of guys. Fortunately he had the support of the twins in the planning and preparation.

Will decided that some things could be made in advance – deviled eggs for appetizers and fruit flan for dessert. They discussed the main course and Will impressed the twins by coming up with the idea of a fish pie. “At the market I worked in they had variety packs of different fish and shellfish intended for fish pies. It’s easy to serve and I think the guys will like it.”

The day before the event Will and Jamie went over to the guys’ house to check out what was in the kitchen and, most important, to make sure the drinks cabinet was well stocked. Then he went shopping with the twins for all the supplies, including the wine. He used a credit card that Brandon had set up exclusively for use in Will’s catering expenses, to make accounting and billing easier. That evening he made several fruit flans and stored them in the fridge.

When Friday came he was ready by early afternoon. Brandon came and helped Will ferry the food, wine, dishes and utensils across the street. Jamie had given Brandon the afternoon off from the office and Eddie got off early to help too.

Will was well aware of his much lower position on the totem pole than the other two boys. He was in awe of Eddie for his easy confidence, his humor and, not least, the masterly way he sucked cock. And he admired Brandon’s status as assistant office manager. But although Will was very much their junior he knew that the kitchen was his territory and he had to take charge there for everything to go smoothly.

To their credit the other two boys understood this and willingly took orders from the newcomer. Eddie made frequent use of his crooked salute and impish “Aye-eye, sir.”

Will was wearing his dark green apron of course and said, “Guys, I brought two more aprons with me for you. We should all wear aprons and chefs’ hats – kinda like a uniform, looks more professional. My reputation is on the line here. They agreed, put on the aprons and set the hats at a jaunty angle. Eddie saluted. “Reporting for duty, sir!

But despite his confidence in the kitchen Will was still nervous about the men who would be coming home soon, and pumped the boys for information. “I mean, are they really strict?”

Inevitably Eddie launched into a tale. “Let me tell you, dude. One time I had a big argument with Hassan and stormed out. I went back to Palm Springs and got my job back at Mike’s bar. Thought I could make money sucking cock in the back room like I used to. But Mike tipped Hassan off that I was there.

“Well, there I was on my knees with a line of leathermen before me and I opened by mouth for the first cock when suddenly the door crashed open and a voice said, ‘Out of my way! Get back, nobody touch him. That’s my boy!’ He broke through the crowd and yanked me up off the floor. He threw me over his shoulder, stormed out with me, threw me in his jeep and drove me straight back to L.A. where he fucked my ass. Boy, I never argued with the man again.”

“Mark can be just as tough,” Brandon said. “When the twins first came to the house they were trying to steal Bob’s car ‘cos they had nowhere to sleep. Mark’s a by-the-book cop and was gonna arrest them for grand theft auto. But Bob took pity on them – you know Bob – and persuaded Mark to turn them over to him. Mark’s in love with Bob and can’t deny him anything.”

“Mark did the same with Jamie,” Eddie said. “He was running wild with his buddy Larry, couple of skinheads, and they had a big fright with Pablo. Mark was gonna arrest them too for assault but Bob intervened. Well, cut a long story short …”

Brandon grinned, “Huh, that’ll be the day.”

Eddie glared at him and said, “Like I was saying before I was interrupted, long story short, Jamie wound up as Mark’s boy, the stud he is now. There, that short enough for you?”

Will was about to head off the friendly slanging match when Jamie came in. “I just had a call from Mark and they’re on their way – all in Mark’s truck. They sounded pretty raucous, real stoked. Everything on track here, Will?

“Pretty much, sir. I know you said they’ll want to eat as soon as they get here so the appetizers are already on the table, the salad’s been tossed and the fish pie is in the oven. There are fruit flans in the fridge.”

“Good, job, Will,” Jamie smiled. “Me and Mark are coming up to a date night soon – you know, romantic dinner, the works – so I’ll count on you to cater that too. Now I’ll go and mix the martinis. If I know those guys they’ll be demanding drinks and food as soon as they come in.”

Will frowned. “Sir, when Mark gets here will you have to, you know, get on the bed and…”

Jamie laughed, “No not this time, Will, just for once. Oh he’ll be good and horny, they all will after all that macho action with other uniformed hunks. But this is guys’ night and, like I said, they do what they want and we just sit and watch.

Jamie went to take care of the drinks and soon they heard a squeal of brakes outside. “Out we go,” Will said, straightening his chef’s hat. “We gotta look like we know what we’re doing.”

They went out to the dining room and stood smartly in a row beside the table. They heard the men laughing and talking in loud lusty voices, and when they came into the room Will gasped.

Mark was in his full cop uniform – black shirt over his muscular torso, with a triangle of white T-shirt at the open neck, heavy belt round his slim waist, black pants with a silver stripe down the sides tucked into high, shiny black motorcycle boots.

Pete was standing tall and handsome in his Ranger uniform – tan shirt with a flash of a white tank top at the neck, dark green pants and heavy black boots.

And Hassan looked positively scary with his dark chiseled Arab/Asian features, in combat gear - camouflage fatigues and a gray camouflage shirt, sleeves rolled up to his bulging biceps, the shirt hanging open over a khaki tank stretched over the slabs of his pecs.

Will froze for a moment until Mark stepped forward and pulled Jamie into a tight hug. “Man, it’s good to set eyes on that sexy face and feel your body. I could make love to your ass right here, but that would be impolite to my buddies.”

“Wouldn’t hear me complain,” said Hassan’s deep voice, “except I could murder for a drink.”

“Coming right up, sir,” Jamie said, breaking away from Mark. “And gentlemen, allow me to introduce our catering team for tonight – Will and Co.”

“Man you’re a smart looking outfit,” Mark grinned. “Cute too. Are you kids part of the package?”

“Not tonight, sir,” Jamie said sternly. ‘Course, who you end up spending the night with is open to negotiation.”

“Well I’m gonna open negotiations with this one,” said Pete, kneeling before a beaming Brandon. He kissed him hard, then grinned, “Kiddo, that apron looks real sexy on you. Maybe tonight you can wear it in bed – and nothing else. Fucking you like that would be a first.”

“As for you, soldier,” Hassan said to Eddie, “when we’re in bed lose the clothes but keep the hat. Never fucked a cute young chef before.”

When the laughter subsided Mark went to a slightly bewildered Will. “Kid, those twins must be mighty proud of you. Thanks for doing this for us. Great smells coming from the kitchen … what are we having?”

“Well, sir, the appetizers, deviled eggs, are already on the table. Dessert will be a fruit flan and the main course is what you can smell from here – fish pie, sir – haddock, salmon, shrimp and … all sorts of other things.”

“Ah, a chef never discloses his secret recipe, eh? Well done kiddo.” Mark ruffled Will’s hair and kissed him on the lips. Will felt his legs buckle and his dick swell, but he regained his composure and said, “OK, boys, back to the kitchen.’’

Mark said, “And as for my comrades in arms, you mean mother-fuckers … let’s party!”


And party they did, loudly and lustily, their conversation laced with friendly taunts and obscenities that increased with their consumption of wine. At first Will was busy in the kitchen but soon he joined Jamie and the boys at the table, where they listened with awe and stiff dicks to the red-blooded, swaggering accounts of the day’s activities.

“Thank god you guys had the Marines to give the orders,” Hassan boasted. “All you had to do was follow our lead.”

“Bullshit,” Mark protested. “Those clueless fucking boneheads just stood around like deer in headlights waiting for orders from law enforcement.”

Pete shouted above the others, “You’d all have been lost without us rangers. Damn, you’d still be wandering around the forest trying to find your way home.”

And so the ribbing continued and the challenging tone accelerated as the meal went on. Will, brand new to all this testosterone-laced machismo, was realizing that when a soldier, a ranger and a police officer got together the result was bound to be an alpha-male contest for dominance. These three guys were displaying the underlying trial of strength that ran through the tribe, triggering challenges between construction worker, cop, soldier, leather man and all the other alpha men of the tribe.

It was an atmosphere that Will found exciting and highly erotic, and he sported an erection most of the day. He loved being part of it, a new boy protected by the men and pledged to serve them. Except that there was one way he was unable to serve them that the other boys took for granted – offering their asses to their masters.

Will swatted that problem away and focused on his duties. He and Brandon were sitting closest to the kitchen so they could get up, clear away one course and bring on the next. The fish pie was a triumph and he flushed with excitement as the men raised their glasses to “the chef”.

Gradually the boisterous dinner party wound through the desert, coffee and brandy, and the tone among the men, now well laced with wine and brandy, assumed an air of inevitability. The physical activity of the day, and the subsequent macho talk around the table had generated a buildup of testosterone that now sought relief through sex. The men were horny and all knew intuitively that their challenges, implicit throughout their conversation, had to be settled.

Mark was the one to address the subject head on. “OK, guys, we all know what’s going on here. When Zack built this place he had the foresight to include a basement room that is still intact, with everything three horny guys could need. All we need is a victim. Brandon, you got a deck of cards in the house, kid?”

Brandon looked at Pete who nodded his approval. “Yes we do, sir. I’ll get them from the bedroom. He wheeled himself out and quickly came back with the cards that he put on the table. The tension in the room rose with the air of expectancy that made Will’s heart pound.

Mark splayed the cards out on the table and said, “Gentlemen, make your choice. Aces are high, low card is the victim, agreed?” The others nodded their agreement and silently the three men picked a card and laid it face down on the table. Hassan was the first to turn up his card. Ten of diamonds. Pretty safe pick. Pete went next. King of Hearts. He was safe.

Brandon smiled at Pete, then at Eddie and Jamie. Jamie’s heart was beating wildly as things were not looking good for Mark. He had to beat a ten. Will was holding his breath. He wasn’t sure what ‘victim’ meant but he was glad for Brandon’s sake that it wouldn’t be Pete.

The tension on the room reached its peak as Mark’s turn came. He grabbed his card and slapped it face-up on the table. Ace of Spades.

“Damn,” Hassan said quietly.


A few minutes later the men had left the room through the door to the basement. Jamie and the boys were quickly clearing the table and stacking dishes in the kitchen. As they worked Will came up to Eddie and whispered in his ear. “How you doing Eddie?”

“Oh, fine,” Eddie grinned, with no false bravado. “I don’t worry about Hassan. He’s a Marine, he’s trained to take whatever other guys dish out. I mean, you’ve heard the saga of how in the war Hassan chained Mark up and interrogated him, then Mark turned the tables on him. And they’ve been playing out that scenario off and on ever since.”

“Yeah,” Brandon added, “and lately, since we all moved into this duplex together, Pete and Hassan have been going down to the basement sometimes. Eddie and me don’t watch, but we think they do something the same with each other. See, they had a big fight when we first moved in but after that they came to like each other, they got off on each other – you know that macho challenge thing all these guys have got going.

“Actually,” Jamie said, “there’s even more to it than that. It’s a phenomenon that Doctor Steve explained to me once. He says it’s quite common that when some men have a whole lot of power – company executives, construction bosses, military officers – it builds up to the point where they want the opposite. They need to de-stress and become subservient to someone.

“Hell, we don’t have to look far for examples. Even big boss Randy has submitted to a guy like Zack and, of course, he loves to get his ass fucked by Bob. Well, there’s no bigger example of power than a Marine Captain throwing out orders all day to young soldiers. Those guys practically worship him – they’d crawl over hot coals if he told them to. So Hassan probably feels the need to get worked over himself, especially by a man he loves like Mark.”

Eddie grinned, “I myself think one of the hottest things to see is a big macho muscle-stud get tied up and worked over by another alpha-male. Hell, if they’re honest, most of the guys here would say the same. It’s a real common fantasy. So guys, what the hell are we doing here blabbing about it? We got the hottest scene playing out right under our feet, so let’s go, dudes.”


Jamie and the three boys used the back door to the basement. The ground sloped down behind the house and Randy had made a path down to the small door. Randy always had Brandon in mind, making sure he could go everywhere the other boys went. It also gave the boys a more discreet entrance so they could go in and watch without interrupting the action.

The other boys were not new to this, but Will was and his heart was beating wildly. He wasn’t sure he wanted to see violence but after hearing the guys explain the whole thing his excitement overcame his fears. The door creaked open, Brandon wheeled himself in first and the others followed and stood in the shadows by the wall.

It was a large black room with many floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and spotlights in the center of the room where the action took place. Will stared open-mouthed at the sight that met his eyes. In the middle stood the prisoner Hassan, his muscular body stretched upward, wrists manacled to chains that hung from the ceiling. He still wore his camouflage fatigue pants and heavy combat boots but his shirt had been stripped off and his khaki tank top still clung to his torso, damp now from the sweat that gleamed under the spotlights.

His tank was still partly tucked into the belt at his slim waist, though part had pulled out and upward, giving glimpses of his ripped abs underneath. Will’s cock was instantly rigid as he stared at the swarthy soldier, his body stretched in bondage, his exotically handsome Arab/Asian features and shaggy jet black hair.

Mark and Pete, still in uniform, walked round their prisoner deciding what to do to him. Mark approached and cupped the soldier’s chin in his hand. “You lost, soldier, and it’s you in chains this time. Payback time.”

“Fuck you, asshole,” Hassan growled and Mark slapped his face. “You’re in no position to fuck anyone, or to insult them. Man, we gotta teach you a lesson.” He unbuckled the soldier’s belt and slid it out of his pants. “See this, soldier? Look in the mirror and you’ll see a Marine getting lashed with his own belt.”

He raised his arm and the captain yelled as the belt fell across his chest. His body jolted, writhing in chains, his muscles flexing to withstand the slashing belt.

Standing behind him Pete said, “Hey officer, I think we can do a little better than that.” He reached round, grabbed the front of Hassan’s tank and ripped it open, then clamped his fingers on his nipples and twisted hard. “Aaagh,” Hassan groaned again … “mother fucker!”

Will stared in disbelief at the handsome Arab Marine, body stretched helplessly in bondage, his tank ripped open baring his solid pecs, vulnerable now to what came next. Will instinctively pulled his cock out of his shorts and stroked it as he watched Mark again raise his arm and bring the belt down across the soldier’s bare chest.

The captain’s shouts bounced off the walls as Mark delivered three more strokes, ripping the shirt off one shoulder so it hung diagonally across his almost bare chest.

Pete came round and joined Mark. “What d’ya say officer? Let’s work on those tits some more. Contemptuously he ripped the tank off the other shoulder and it hung limply round Hassan’s waist. Pete and Mark kissed in front of him, then licked his nipples and bit them lightly in their teeth. The soldier’s face thrashed from side to side grimacing in pain.

Pete groped the bulge in the fatigue pants, then pulled his face back off his chest and said, “Hey Mark, take a look at this.” He unzipped the pants and the soldier’s huge cock sprang out, rock hard and oozing pre-cum. “Damn, seems like those Marine’s get off being tortured. I gotta get a mouthful of that.”

Pete sank to his knees, flicked out his tongue and licked the pre-cum at the tip of the cock. Hassan moaned, this time not with pain but desire. Then Pete took the whole length of the Marine’s cock down his throat and began sucking it. Like the other men, Hassan’s orgasm had been building all day, craving this moment of release, and he groaned, “Oh yeah, fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum … aaah.” But Pete pulled away, leaving Hassan moaning in frustration, his climax denied.

“Hey, give me some room here,” Mark said. He had picked up a short length of cord that he now tied round the base of Hassan’s scrotum and between the balls, so the balls bulged as the cock shuddered. Pete leaned forward and licked the balls, sucked them in his mouth, then licked the head of his cock, especially the hard sensitive corona.

He was driving Hassan wild, working his cock and his bound balls, bringing him to the cusp of orgasm again and again. The exquisite torment continued until Mark intervened. Pete stood up and Mark said, “OK, soldier, time for the Marine Captain to submit to the ranger and the cop.”

Mark wrapped Hassan’s belt round his own wrist, leaving just ten inches exposed. He flicked the belt first against Hassan’s rigid cock, then against his bulging balls. Will stared at the spectacle of the shirtless Arab soldier, his muscular body chained and stretched in bondage, his dark handsome features wincing as his cock and balls were tortured and pain shot from them through his flexed and straining body.

Mark growled. “Hurts real bad, eh, man? All you have to do is submit. Just say the word, soldier. Remember what you said to me in that desert dungeon? – ‘just talk soldier, give me the information and the pain will stop’. Same now, captain, just talk, say you submit, that I’ve won, and the pain will stop.”

“Go to hell, man,” Hassan groaned through gritted teeth. “I couldn’t break you then and no way you’ll break me now. Go on, whip me, torture my balls, I’ll never submit to you, asshole.”

Mark pulled away. “You know what, Pete, he’s right. He’s a Marine, trained to withstand torture. Physical torture, that is. Time to change tactics, buddy, and try psychological torment.”


Will had almost cum several times watching Mark and Pete work on the bound Marine and making him howl in pain. This kind of hard-core action was new to him, something he instinctively shied away from. He could never understand how one person could deliberately hurt another, even if that person actually wanted it, as the boys said Hassan did.

But despite those natural feelings Will found this whole floodlit display of rugged, uniformed men in a trial of strength homoerotic and sexually exciting, resulting in his near orgasms. But now he was able to relax as it seemed the rough stuff was over, though he had no idea what came next.

At first almost nothing came next. Mark and Pete ignored the chained soldier and seemed more interested in each other. They faced each other, smiled and kissed, gently at first, then building into a passionate embrace between the handsome cop and muscular ranger. Will was reminded of watching the twins start to make love as they embraced, then began to remove each other’s clothes – as Mark and Pete did now.

They slowly unbuttoned each other’s shirts, revealing the contours of their torsos pressing against their undershirts. The black cop shirt and tan ranger shirt fell to the floor and they gazed at each other in admiration, the cop in a white T-shirt and the ranger in a ribbed tank-top. They ran their hands over each other’s chests as a prelude to making love.

Will noticed Hassan wince and pull against his chained wrists, but the boy didn’t know what was going through the soldier’s mind and paid little attention, focusing instead on the police officer and the ranger making love. They kissed again, then separated, stood back and Mark slowly removed his T-shirt, Pete his tank top. Stripped to the waist now they looked spectacular, their muscles rippling under the lights.

Pete walked forward, fell to his knees, unzipped Mark’s pants and pulled out his cock. Again the chains rattled and Hassan groaned “No…” as he stared at Mark’s cock. But the other men paid him no attention as Mark eased his cock into Pete’s mouth and started to fuck his face.

“No, man,” Hassan groaned again pulling at his chains watching the two shirtless men, one swallowing the other’s cock. He became more agitated the more aggressively the ranger sucked the cop’s shaft, especially when Mark grabbed Pete’s head in both hands and pounded his face. “No!” Hassan yelled, “fuck no. Stop. Don’t do this.”

Still they ignored the Marine pulling helplessly on the chains and staring at Mark’s rod driving in Pete’s mouth. Mark groaned, “Damn, you lock so hot man, your mouth wrapped round my dick. I’m real close buddy. I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum …”

No … no don’t!” the captain shouted desperately, part order, part plea. “Don’t cum … I want it … I want your dick in me, man, I need it so bad.”

Mark pulled his dick out of Pete’s mouth, turned to the struggling Marine and repeated what he had said before. “Hurts real bad, eh, man? Like I said, all you have to do is submit. Just say the word, soldier.”

The Marine broke. The tough Marine Captain who could withstand any torture, now gave in to his tormenters. “OK, I can’t take any more. I submit. Please don’t cum. I need to feel your dick in my ass … I gotta have it, man. All day I watched you and wanted to feel you inside me. Please, sir, don’t cum. I beg you …please … I submit.

Within seconds the men were on their feet and Mark’s blue-gray eyes stared at the chained prisoner. “Tell me what you told me in that desert cell … say it again.”

“I love you, man. Please fuck me … fuck my ass. I surrender. My ass is yours, sir.”

Pete was behind Hassan and yanked his fatigues pants down from his ass. Hassan’s eyes opened wide and he yelled as he felt the ranger’s cock pierce his ass. “Oh yeah … fuck … Damn that feels good … pound that ass, ranger.”

Mark was untying the cord from Hassan’s balls and fondled them, closing his fist round them and stretching them. He stared into his eyes and said, “Remember how you ordered me to cum all those years ago, soldier? Now I’m ordering you. You’re helpless in chains, getting worked on by two tough, horny guys, and while my buddy pounds your ass you’re gonna cum for me as a sign of total submission.”

“No, not yet … not till I feel your cock in my ass.”

Mark fell to his knees facing the prisoner’s cock and squeezed his balls tighter. “That was an order, soldier. I beat you, broke you. You surrendered and now you’re gonna shoot your load. Do it, Pete. Make him cum, buddy.”

Hassan struggled mightily to resist but he knew he was beaten. “No,” he screamed. Your crushing my balls … I can’t take any more. No … I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum … Aaagh.”

As Pete poured jizz deep in his ass Hassan’s body shook, he screamed, and his cock blasted a jet of semen into Mark’s open mouth. He swallowed hard, every last drop of the semen that erupted from the soldier, who slumped in exhaustion and hung from the chains.

Mark stood up, cupped Hassan’s chin and pushed his face up so their eyes met. Last act, buddy. Cast your mind back to that desert dungeon. Remember how you chained me up, tortured my body and fucked my ass? You ordered me to cum and I did, right across the room on the dirt floor.”

Mark went behind him. “Now look in that mirror. You see the big Arab solder? The American lieutenant has overpowered him and chained him up as you chained him. You have fallen in love with your captive and now you want to feel his cock in your ass … like this.” He drove his cock in Hassan’s cum-slick ass making him gasp … “Oh fuck yeah.”

As Mark fucked the Marine faster and deeper he said in his ear, “I know you just already shot your load, buddy, but now you’re gonna cum again, right across the room like you made me do. And you’re gonna cum because you love me. You confessed it then and I wanna hear it now, while I fuck your hot ass. Do it soldier. That’s an order.”

He drove his shaft in the soldier’s ass like a piston and Hassan’s body flexed as he shouted. “Oh fuck, man, I do … I love you. All day I’ve wanted your dick in my ass, man. Damn you’re gonna make me cum again, I can’t believe it. It feels so damn good. Yeah, fuck me officer. You win, I submit. I love you, man … I love you … aaagh!”

The chained Marine sprayed another jet of semen across the room. Then his heaving, exhausted body again hung from his chains, his cock dripping, while in the shadows four boys pumped their cocks to orgasm at the end of a spectacle they would never forget.


It was very late when the party broke up. Jamie persuaded Will to leave the kitchen cleanup till tomorrow so they could leave Hassan and Pete to take their boys to bed. Mark and Jamie accompanied him across the street and as they said goodnight Mark said, “You did a great job tonight, kiddo. Food was terrific. I hope the, er, entertainment didn’t shock you too much.”

“A bit, sir,” Will smiled, “but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thank you, sir.”

When he got up to the apartment the twins were already in bed but still awake. “Come in Will,” Kevin said. He was greeted but an excited Norman who had been in his bed in the corner of the twins’ room waiting for him.

Sit on the bed for a minute, both of you,” Kyle said. Will sat, cradling Norman. “So how did the party go, kiddo. Was your pie a success?”

“They loved it, sir, all of it. And the evening was … incredible.” He hesitated. “After dinner they went downstairs and … well … can I tell you about that tomorrow, sirs?”

“Of course, Will,” Kevin smiled. “And there are other things we have to discuss tomorrow too. While you were away we had several phone calls for you. Seems word’s gone around and they all want you to cook for them. You’re gonna be busy, kiddo – starting at the Grady House.”

“There’s gonna be a big party up there,” Kyle explained, “and Danny called to ask if you could help him in the kitchen. The Grady House is kinda special, the home of two lovers named Grady and Mario. Mario’s this handsome Italian hunk who kinda runs the place and checks out guys who’ve never been there before. He wants to come and chat to you tomorrow if that’s OK.”

“But right now,” Kevin said, “it’s time you got some sleep, kiddo, after the day’s excitement. Well done, Will. We’re so proud of you.”

Soon Will was in his room, curled up with Norman. “You know Norman,” Will said drowsily, “I think we’re really gonna have fun here, you and me.” He yawned. “Wonder what this Grady House is like. The boys don’t talk about it much, like there’s some kinda mystery there.”

But before he could unravel the mystery Will and Norman were fast asleep.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 425


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