Chapter 30


 The Hispanic leather-master Miguel has been too tough on his defiant boy, the hot, tattooed ex-hustler Finn. In a rough-trade back-alley fantasy, roles become reversed and the rugged master ends up crawling to the arrogant young hustler in abject remorse. Then young rookie Will gets to face the rowdy group of leathermen in their lair where he learns to play rough and becomes the willing star when the games begin. 

In the previous chapter

The twins had created a job for their boy Will that he loved – being a roving chef to cater meals for other guys of the tribe in their homes. His latest gig was for the guys on the second floor in the compound – Zack and his boy Darius; Miguel and his boy Finn; Pablo and his boy Tyler.

Will told the twins he was a bit nervous about this one. “I mean that place is home to the toughest guys in the tribe. They’re into leather and stuff and can be real rough. And it means I’ll be cooking for Miguel, and he’s the big executive chef for that fancy hotel, ain’t he?”

The twins reassured him. “Will, be proud of who you are and never let anyone put you down. You are a person in your own right so let your imagination run free and don’t be afraid to express yourself. Don’t hide your light under a bushel, Will, ‘cos it shines real bright.”

But his anxiety increased when the twins’ master Bob said, “I hear that Miguel is having problems with his boy Finn. Miguel’s a real alpha male and likes a challenge – it’s why he chose this tough, cynical hustler as his boy. Finn fell in love with Miguel, but he still has that rebellious streak and it seems he’s going through a rough patch, making Miguel plenty mad.”

It turned out that Will was to become heavily involved in that particular drama. Miguel was helping Will prep for dinner in the kitchen when he explained what had happened. “The trouble started when, for whatever reason, Finn refused to let me fuck him. Maybe something I said triggered it. But dammit I’m his master and he was defying me. I got mad, he flared up and things escalated from there.

“So an hour or so ago I tied him up in our gym-cum-playroom here and said I wouldn’t release him until he backed down and I shoved my dick up his ass. And for good measure, to soften him up, I gave him a few cracks of the whip.”

Finn was Will’s friend and, recalling the twins’ advice to speak his mind, Will said, “Sir, I don’t think it’s fair. When I ran away from home after my dad tried to molest me I lived in my car for weeks and came across a lot of young hustlers. They were not bad boys deep down but they had to put up this tough front to the world for their own self-protection. Finn will prob’ly always have that hustler attitude inside him, seeing himself as a tough top man. And like he did on the streets, he cuts up rough when guys try to pressure him. Even you, sir.”

Impressed by Will’s boldness Miguel said, “Will, I love that guy but can’t see any way out of the mess. Would you be prepared to help me?”

The whole small group of men went into the sex-room where Finn was standing with his arms stretched up chained to a chin-up bar. Will approached and tried to reason with him. “Finn, I know what it feels like to be angry and scared at the same time and that’s what you and Miguel are. Dude, you love Miguel, but can’t you see how much he’s hurting? He’s in real pain.

“You won’t let him fuck you, even though you’re probably dying for it, and I understand that. I resisted anyone trying to fuck me for years. But there is a way out. “Let me fuck you, dude. Miguel will unchain you and patch things up if you do that, I know it. He’s dying to do that.”

So that’s what happened, and while Will fucked Finn he whispered fantasies in his ear, the story of the rebellious, tattooed hustler and the musclehunk leather-master who took him on as his boy. Will said, “I’m inside you, dude. Tell me you want it … you want me to fuck your ass.”

“God yeah,” Finn moaned, “I want it so bad.” But he was staring straight at Miguel as he said it. And that’s how it went, Finn begging to get fucked, ostensibly to Will but actually to the Hispanic muscle-god, shirtless in leather pants and boots. All Finn’s bravado and defiance fell away and there were tears running down his face as he spoke directly to his master. “Please, sir, I want to feel you inside me – I always wanted it. Forgive me, sir. Please …. I love you, sir.”

Miguel walked slowly toward Finn and stood in front of him, watching him get butt-fucked by Will. “Forgive me, Finn. I love you, boy. You’ll always be my boy.” Miguel sank to his knees and swallowed the length of Finn’s cock down his throat. It didn’t take long for Will’s cock to erupt deep in Finn’s ass, and for Finn to blast his own jizz into his master’s mouth.

And that was how Will saved the day. Heeding the twins’ advice he had let his imagination run free and conjured up a fantasy that was so raw it stripped Miguel and Finn of all pretense and made them confess their love and lust for each other.

As Zack untied Finn Miguel told Will, “Damn, you were incredible, kid. The twins are gonna hear of this. But right now I gotta take care of my boy. Thank you, Will – you’re a champ.”

Miguel helped Finn from the room as the others crowded round Will. Darius said, “Dude, the twins are not only gonna hear about it, they’re gonna see it. He waved his ever-present camera. “I got the whole show on film, kiddo, and it’s gonna make you a star.”

Zack shook Will’s hand. “You did us all a big favor, boy. You’ve gotta stay and eat with us, and after dinner we usually come back in here and play for a while. And kid, you’re gonna fit right in.”

“He sure will,” grinned Pablo. “Man, we’re gonna have fun with you.”

“Thank you, sir. And I still haven’t thanked you properly for all you did for me – rescuing my dog Norman and then giving me that great new car.”

“No sweat, dude,” Pablo grinned roguishly. “I know all kinds of ways you can thank me, kid.”

“But hey,” Will said, “I gotta dinner to cook. Dinner for six. Can you give me a hand, Tyler?”

“Dinner for seven, you mean,” Tyler laughed. “And helping you will be an honor, dude.”

******************    BOOK 9: CHAPTER 30    *****************

When they got to the kitchen Tyler looked admiringly at his friend Will. “Dude, you were totally awesome with Finn. That hot fantasy you described to him – how the hot leather-master takes on the defiant hustler as his boy and tries to tame him. It was just what they needed to hear. How did you come up with that?”

“I dunno, dude. Finn looked like a hustler in those torn Levis, no shirt, and it just kinda came out, I made it up as I went along. ‘Course everyone knew him and Miguel were just being obstinate. They love each other and both wanted to fuck but it was like a contest of wills, a standoff and neither would give way.

“Bob told me how it was with those two. Even though they’re master and boy they are kind of alike. Miguel is a tough alpha male used to getting his way, and he likes a challenge. But Finn still has that rough-trade young hustler inside him that makes him just as obstinate and rebellious. It’s what turns Miguel on about him – like stags butting heads, Miguel called it.

“Dude, when I was living in my car on the streets I ran a cross a lot of hustlers. Nice bunch of guys when you got to know them. But I learned that most of what they said was bullshit – they were only saying it to look tough – that rough trade image. So I knew what Finn was saying was bullshit too. It was obvious he wanted Miguel’s dick in his ass. I mean, that muscle-god, who wouldn’t? It turned out that fucking Finn myself was the only way to make him admit it.”

Tyler grinned. “Well it sure did the trick, dude, and I’m glad, ‘cos Finn’s my best buddy. We’re a team with our jobs as the gardeners in the grounds here. Man, I’d sure like to be a fly on the wall of their room right now to watch how Miguel and Finn make up.”

“Me too,” Will laughed. “But right now, dude, I gotta do what I’m paid to do – get dinner on the table for these guys. Miguel helped me with the prep and now I have to get the casserole in the oven.” He tossed Tyler an apron. “Here, put this on and I’ll tell you how you can help me.”

“Fire away, bro. You’re the boss.”


When Miguel helped the exhausted Finn into their bedroom he wrapped his arms round him and they stood in silence holding each other tight. Neither man actually apologized (it was not their style) but the hug said it all. Both of them knew each one was at fault for the same reason – their macho pride and refusal to give in to the other.

They were like magnets with the power to attract and repel. Their natural top-man qualities pulled them close in love and lust as they were now, but when those same qualities came face to face in conflict the force reversed and pushed the two men apart.

When at last the hug ended Miguel grinned, “We really made a mess of it this time didn’t we, dude? Was it something I said that started you off?”

“Dunno, sir. Can’t remember. Prob’ly something small that pressed a button from the past that I didn’t know I still had. My macho flared up like it used to when those johns would treat me like a cheap hustler. I pushed back hard – and they loved it.”

“So did I, Finn, but you couldn’t expect me to back down. You would have lost respect for me. But boy, I love that fire in you.

“You remember when I first saw you at that crazy leather event? You were tied to a chain-link fence and your ‘master’ was selling you off – a tattooed hustler with a hot bad-boy look and a rough trade attitude. When I approached you told me to ‘fuck off – I only do this for money and I don’t come cheap. Take it or leave it.’ I knew right then I wanted you for my boy – wanted to tame you. And I’ve been trying to tame you ever since.”

“You would never have tamed me, sir, except that I fell in love with you. I’d never been in love before and it threw me.”

Miguel grinned. “You know what turned me on the most? It was that macho arrogance when you said you made your customers crawl to you and beg for it. And the damndest thing was I could understand why they did it, even those tough leathermen, begging to suck the sneering hustler’s cock.

“Dammit, when I watched you chained up getting fucked in the ass by Will I imagined that same guy as a top man, watching men crawl to him. It’s why I came up to you, fell on my knees and sucked your cock until you shot your load in my face. Man that was hot.”

They gazed at each other and some kind of understanding passed between them that a line had been crossed. Their relationship was unlike any other – a constant test of wills between a muscular alpha male and his tough, defiant boy. It’s what they both needed, to have their manhood challenged to the point where roles were turned upside down, where the differences between top and bottom, master and boy, became blurred in a celebration of raw masculinity.

Miguel stared at Finn in his torn hustler jeans, his chest marked with stripes from the whip. A while ago Miguel’s angry reflex had been to punish the boy’s defiance. He had demanded to fuck the boy’s ass then chained him up and whipped him when he refused. But in so doing he had temporarily robbed Finn of his masculinity, his sense of his own dominance, the arrogance and toughness Miguel found so exciting.

That was the thing Miguel most regretted doing to this proud, tough young stud. He had to put it right, to find a way to reinforce the boy’s top-man image. And besides, Miguel wanted to know how those submissive customers had felt.

Finn broke away, dipped into the basket of dirty laundry and pulled out a dirty, ragged white tank top, stained with sweat and dry cum. He pulled it on and, still barefoot in torn jeans, leaned against the wall, one leg bent, foot pressed against the wall. It was the rough-trade attitude he had used as a hustler cruising in a dark alley, the bad-boy pose that turned on so many men.

Miguel, already wearing leather pants and boots, put on a black leather vest hanging loose over his bare chest – the same outfit he was wearing when he had gone to the leather event with Zack and first seen Finn. It was a similar look of so many of the leathermen who had cruised the alley and seen the surly, sexy hustler slouched against the wall.

Just as those men had, Miguel now leaned against the opposite wall and made eye contact with the sneering young hustler. So often in Finn’s past it began as a no-contact stare-down across the alley, as it did now with these two determined, macho men on opposite walls of the room. But Miguel glimpsed in Finn’s arrogant sneer the reason even top men had capitulated to him.

Finn was an expert at this subtle game and shifted his stance, giving added prominence to the bulge in his ripped pants. Confident in his own growing dominance, a contemptuous smile crossed his face. “On your knees, stud, he growled.”


It is often said that every top man once in a while feels a craving to reverse roles and surrender to another – when the right man comes along. And Finn was the right man. Miguel sank to his knees, and then flat on his stomach.

“You know what to do,” the hustler sneered. Miguel had wanted to know what those subservient men had felt, what had made them abase themselves, and now he felt it, a visceral hunger that went against his dominant nature – the strangely erotic thrill of submission.

Finn looked down at the handsome alpha male as he began to crawl across the floor, muscles flexing in his broad shoulders and biceps, back muscles rippling under the leather vest, his leather pants stretched tight over his round ass and muscled thighs.

As a hustler it had been Finn’s core fantasy to watch men debase themselves before him, especially the good looking leathermen. And this man was way hotter than any of them, with his chiseled Hispanic features, heavily stubbled jaw, dark hair and eyes, and his flawless physique.

Despite his boasts to the contrary, Finn had wanted Miguel the moment he first saw him. He had been bound to a fence, “for sale’ by a burly ‘owner’ who had fed and housed him but who Finn disliked. Even as he had snarled “take it or leave it” he was praying that Miguel would ‘buy’ him, would take him away and become his master.

And even yesterday when he lost his temper and refused to let Miguel fuck him he had wanted it desperately. He was such a fuck-up, he thought, defying the very man he craved. And now, watching that same man crawl to him as those guys had in the alley, it was a fantasy that drove him wild and he inhaled sharply, holding back the orgasm that strained in his filthy Levis.

Miguel was now so close that he reached forward, wrapped his hands round Finn’s ankle and dragged himself forward. He licked his bare feet, kissed them, and pulled himself up his leg hand over hand, his muscles gleaming under the overhead spotlights.

Finn looked down scornfully, ripped open his pants and pulled out his long, iron-hard cock. He grabbed Miguel’s black hair, pulled his face back and gazed down at the spectacular leather-master, his vest hanging open over his chest displaying the slabs of his pecs that had just scraped over the floor. Finn was overwhelmed by the sight of the macho top-man degraded in abject submission. “Fuck,” Finn breathed … “Jesus …Fuck!”

He pulled Miguel’s head forward, forcing his mouth onto his cock. Again he resisted his orgasm as he watched his own long cock slide between the full lips of the ruggedly handsome face. “Eat it, man,” he growled. Miguel braced his hands on Finn’s slim hips and chowed down on the hustler’s cock. Always the top-man Miguel now felt the thrill of sexual surrender to another man, a sensation heightened by the fantasy of this being a tattooed hustler cruising a back alley.

The only other cock Miguel regularly sucked was his lover Zack’s, his equal in strength and masculinity that were the basis of their relationship. He now used on Finn all the cock-sucking skills he had learned from Zack, swallowing it deep then clenching his throat hard round it. He reached up and clamped his hands on Finn’s chest, clawing downward and ripping the thin tank down until the fragments hung from his shoulders

It drove Finn so wild that he was on the cusp of orgasm when he suddenly pushed Miguel’s head back off his cock, leaving him to lick the pre-cum oozing from the tip. Finn stared down at the intense dark eyes and growled, “Now tell me what you really want, big guy.”

Miguel gazed up at Finn’s almost bare chest and saw the stripes of the whip he had lashed across it. In a fit of anger he had whipped his own boy when he refused to yield his ass to him … his own boy, the boy he loved and had sworn to protect. Now he had to show the depths of his remorse. “I want you to fuck me, man. I want you to shove that big hustler dick up my ass.”

An arrogant smile spread over the young man’s face, the same smile the other men used to see when they groveled to the macho hustler and begged him to fuck them. Finn stepped back and Miguel fell forward on his face. He lay there arms stretched forward on the floor in the posture of a supplicant abasing himself before a master.

Finn walked round behind him, bent down and pulled off Miguel’s boots. Then he reached under him, unzipped his pants and slowly tugged them off. They slid down over his ass and Finn gulped hard as he saw the hard white globes set off by the tan lines of his gold-bronzed flesh. He tossed the pants aside and stared down at the muscle-god lying on his stomach in only his leather vest, his shoulders and muscled arms stretched up from the top, the mounds of his ass rising up from his waist below it.

The man’s sculpted face was turned sideways on the floor, his thick black hair curled at the nape of his neck. “Fuuuck,” Finn breathed, “that is so fucking hot, man.” He dropped to his kneed between his legs and spat on his cock already spit-soaked from Miguel’s mouth, then leaned forward and pressed his hands on the back of the leather vest, feeling his back muscles flex hard underneath it.

Finn growled, “This is what guys used to beg for, to get reamed by the macho hunk of rough trade. They paid good money for it, but for you, big guy, it’s on the house.”

“Aaaagh!” Miguel raised his head and howled as Finn’s rod drove deep in his ass. It pulled back and plunged in again at the start of a ferocious fuck. As he rode the leatherman’s ass Finn stared at the wall mirror, reached forward and grabbed Miguel’s hair. “I wanna watch you take it, stud.”

He pulled his head back with such force that Miguel’s chest came off the floor and he braced his hands on the floor, arms straight, his back arched backward, a position that made his shoulders bulge and the mounds of his ass flex hard as Finn’s cock pistoned inside it.

“Fuck, man, that feels so damn good. Yeah, fuck my ass. Pound it, man.”

The image Miguel saw I the mirror was pornographic – the handsome alpha leatherman, his arms and shoulders braced hard, his chest and ripped abs flexing under the open black vest. And behind him he saw the defiant, tattooed hustler, the shreds of his tank top hanging over his whip-striped chest taking revenge for the flogging.

Finn snarled, “Anyone chains me up and whips me just ‘cos he can’t have my ass gets this, man. When I worked the streets a lot of guys tried it till I learned to protect myself. That’s what you’re seeing now, man, a tough young stud who don’t take no shit from no one. Any asshole prick tries that, even a macho top man, he ends up crawling on the ground begging for it.”

The sight of the near-naked tattooed stud pounding his ass, a tough young hustler trash talking and punishing a john who had injured him, was hugely erotic to Miguel. He wanted to be abused, he needed to be dominated and fucked in the ass. “Fuck me hard, man. I need it so bad. I was wrong to chain you and whip you. Have your revenge – I deserve it. Fuck me … my ass is yours. I submit to you, man …”

At last the man was begging for it, always Finn’s moment of triumph when he dominated a man who was paying him for sex. But this was no stranger in an alley. This was the man he loved, the man who had taken him in as his boy. This was his master, the man he worshipped.

And suddenly the balance of power changed.

Finn pulled out, flipped Miguel over on his back and pushed his cock back in, gently this time. He gazed down at the ruggedly beautiful face and said, “Sir, it all got messed up. I don’t know why I said you couldn’t fuck me when I wanted it real bad. Sometimes I fuck up and don’t know why. Can we forget all the bullshit, sir? I’m not a hustler anymore, and you’re not some guy I met in a back alley.”

“Although that would have been kinda hot, don’t you think?” Miguel grinned.

Finn managed a smile. “Sure would. And I do love fucking you, sir, a gorgeous alpha top man, ‘cos I worship you. I’m so glad I’m your boy. So can I fuck you, sir? Not to prove how tough I am but to show you how much I love you?”

“Sounds like a plan, dude. Your cock feels so good in my ass you could make me cum whenever you choose. Right now you’re in control – you’re the top man.”

Finn reached down and twisted Miguel’s bulging nipples in his fingers as he fucked harder and faster. Miguel grabbed his own cock with one hand, reached up with the other and ran his fingers over Finn’s chest, tracing the lines of the whip marks. “You’re right, kid. Let’s cut all the crap and just love each other, OK? You wanna seal the deal? You ready?”

“I’ve been ready all the time, sir. I’m real close.” Finn stared down at the muscle-god in the leather vest and watched his body flex, heard his yell and saw him pound his cock to a huge eruption of cum all over his chest and over the vest.

The stubbled Hispanic face, thrashing from side to side as he came, was so fucking beautiful Finn had to worship it in the best way he knew. He pulled his cock out of Miguel’s ass, leaned far forward and braced one hand on the bed above Miguel’s head. The other hand grabbed his cock, he pointed it down at his master’s face and said, “I’m gonna cum, sir.”

He stroked it twice and it blasted a stream of jizz that splashed down on Miguel’s face and into his mouth. Miguel swallowed hard, then Finn fell on top of him and they shared the juice in a long, passionate kiss.

A few minutes later as Finn lay with his head on Miguel’s chest he said, “Sir, I want to ask you something. Like I said, I know I fuck up a lot and prob’ly will again, But, sir, you would never get so mad that you’d throw me out, would you? I mean, I couldn’t live without you, sir.”

“Hey, hey, buddy. The days of guys throwing you out are over. I said from the start I would protect you, and I’ll protect you even against your own fuckups and mine. One thing this whole mess proved is that we are really alike. That means we’ll probably fight again, that’s who we are, but it also means we need each other real bad so we’re in this for good, kiddo.”

Miguel grinned roguishly. “And another thing. That stuff about the back alley. Maybe we could actually do that sometime. I mean, this hot Hispanic leatherman would go cruising, looking for a piece of rough trade and he’d see this mean-looking tattooed hustler leaning against a wall…”

Finn raised his head and grinned at Miguel. “Right there with you, sir. Maybe one of those hot humid summer nights …”

“Or better still, kid, one of those rainy nights when the ground is wet and muddy …”

***********************            **********************

While they traded fantasies, things were coming to a head in the kitchen for Will and Tyler. Now it was all a matter of timing. Two large casseroles were already in the oven and the prosciutto-wrapped asparagus was on a baking tray ready to go in. Tyler was focused on the tasks Will had given him.

They had already set the dining-room table earlier and now Darius came in to check on their progress. “We’ll be all set in half an hour, sir, if that suits,” Will said.

“Perfect,” Darius grinned. “You know what they say about great sex – it’s all a matter of timing, and lighting.”

“What’s that got to do with food, Darius?”

“Same thing. A good meal is all about the timing. The lighting? Maybe not so much. That comes later when we get to play in that room down the hall. We call it the rough room – for good reason. And you’ll be with us, Will. Hell, you’ll be the star if that video of you and Finn is anything to go by. It was smoking hot, and that story you came up with about the hustler and the leatherman. Who writes your dialog, kid?” Darius laughed at his own joke, ruffled Will’s hair and left.”

“He’s a great guy, isn’t he?” Will said.

“The best,” Tyler agreed. “He fools around a lot – Pablo calls him the class clown – but don’t let that fool you. You should see him on the construction site, shirtless in black jeans, strong as an ox. And if he sees anyone being mean to any of the boys he’s like a tiger. I think what makes him so self-confident is that humongous dick he’s got – ten inches of prime black beef.”

“Prime beef?” came another voice. “Sounds like my cue to enter.” It was Finn, looking totally different from the exhausted man who had been released from his chains after getting whipped and butt-fucked. He was now wearing new jeans and a black V-neck T-shirt that Miguel had suggested for dinner.

But more than that, it was his whole attitude that was different. Far from the beaten man, he now had an alpha-male bearing and a glow of confidence about him that the boys knew must have come from his reconciliation with Miguel. They didn’t know that he had actually topped his master in a role-reversal porn scene, but they would as soon as it went up on the grapevine … as it certainly would like everything else that went on here.

Finn was regarded by the other junior boys with some awe. As an ex-hustler he had much more sexual experience than the others, especially Will and Tyler who had come here as shy innocents. Finn had the attitude of some of the senior boys, an ego that was, of course, at the root of his clashes with Miguel, and subsequent dramatic reconciliations.

Now he came over to Will, took him in his arms and hugged him tight. “Dude, I gotta thank you for what you did, coming between me and Miguel and our stupid obstinate fight. You were incredible, dude, can’t think how you came up with that, and you really brought us back together in a big way. Wish you could have seen Miguel and me just now.”

Will grinned. “Well you looked the part, Finn, and I kinda just made it up as I went along. I was glad to be of help. And now you can be a help to me. Dinner’s ready to go and we need someone to ferry it to the dining room. You’ll need to wear this, I always carry spares. He tossed a green apron to Finn who looked at it, grinned and put it on. How do I look, guys.”

“Like a hot, handsome waiter – a bit rough round the edges,” Tyler grinned. “Guys like that. If you were working for tips you’d make a fortune. Here grab these dishes and I’ll come with you.”

Left alone in the kitchen Will sank into a chair and figured he could take a breather for a few minutes, so he called the twins.”

“Hey, kiddo,” came Kevin’s voice. “We’re hanging out in the kitchen with Randy so I’ll put you on speaker. Randy’s kinda at a loose end ‘cos Bob’s at a conference this evening and won’t be home ‘til late.”

“So how’s it going, kid?” asked Kyle. “You don’t need to tell us about what happened in their playroom – Miguel called us and told us all about it. Dude, sounds like you were amazing, the stuff you came up with while you fucked Finn. Miguel said you were the star of the show. ‘Course, you’ve always been a star for Kevin and me and now you’re in Darius’s movie that he’s gonna bring over tomorrow for a showing. But more important, how’s dinner working out, kid?”

“Real well, thank you, sir. I’m in that lull before we put the food on the table – Tyler and Finn will help me with that. And, er, the guys want me stay and eat with them if that’s OK with you, sirs.”

“Quite right,” Kevin said. “You should join them for dinner after all you’ve done for them. Give you a chance to know them better.”

“And there’s something else, sir. After dinners like this Zack said they always go to that room of theirs and kinda kick back and have fun. Not sure what he means, but they all want me to be there for that too.”

Randy’s voice came over the speaker. “And how do you feel about that, kid? You want to?”

“Well it might be interesting, sir, and I do want to thank Pablo for rescuing Norman and giving me that new car. He said he can think of ways I can thank him.”

OK,” Randy said, “but you know the golden rule. You never do anything you don’t want to, is that clear?”

“Absolutely, sir. Oh, I better go now ‘cos Tyler and Finn are back and the casserole’s ready to come out of the oven. I’ll call you later, sirs, and keep you posted.”

He rang off and the twins looked uneasily at Randy. “You think it’s OK, sir?”

Randy fingered the beer bottle he was holding. “Yeah, sure. I know Zack like a brother and he’d never let anything bad happen even when they’ve all been drinking. Pablo’s my boy and I can guess what he meant about Will thanking him, but I’ve trained him to respect the boys and he wouldn’t hurt the kid.”

But still there was an uneasy feeling in the air and Randy said, “Tell you what, I gotta take tomorrow’s work schedule to Zack and spend a few minutes going over the game plan for tomorrow. So after I’ve eaten with you guys I’ll go up there, talk to Zack and check everything out. Might even stick around for a while if that would make you guys feel better.”

“Thank you, sir,” they said in unison. “It would make us more comfortable knowing that you’re there,” Kyle added. “Then we’d know Will’s in good hands.”


The dinner was served with the help of Tyler and Finn and, after one last check of the kitchen, Will took off his apron and joined them, sitting between Tyler and Finn and across from Darius. “Damn this is good,” said Darius, talking with his mouth full. “Where did you learn to cook like this, kiddo? The twins?”

“Well, sir, Kyle and Kevin shared a lot of their expertise with me but I already knew a lot. See, when I lived alone in my little apartment I didn’t go out much and spent a lot of my time cooking for myself, experimenting, making up recipes. “Course, there was no one else to tell me it was good or bad so I had to be my own judge.” He shrugged, “I didn’t even have Norman then ‘cos my dad wouldn’t let me take him with me when I left home.”

In describing how he had learned to cook Will had inadvertently described how he had lived – a lonely life, separated even from his best pal, his little pug. The guys’ natural compassion for lost lonely boys caused knowing looks around the table, especially between Zack and Miguel, Darius and Pablo.”

“Just shows how quick life can change,” Pablo said. “Same thing happened to me years ago when I was only twenty and working as a virtual captive in the garage of the Baxter brothers. I had no hope of getting out until one day this big tough gypsy guy and his cop buddy came riding in to gas up their motor bikes. “

After Randy beat up the Baxters and Mark had them arrested for their meth lab, Randy took me out of there. I’ll never forget what he said as I climbed on the bike behind him. ‘We ride fast, kid, so you’ll have to hold on tight to me.’ I said, ‘I’ll hold on tight to you, sir, for as long as you want.’ And I guess I’ve been doing that ever since.”

There was silence for a few minutes as they wolfed down the food and thought of their own similar stories of damaged lives and sudden rescues. The mood was lightened when the three dogs burst in into the room, Billy, Milly and Norman, chasing each other round the table. “Hey Billy,” Pablo snapped, “cool it dude. Take your pals and go eat your own food in the corner.” The Doberman obeyed of course, and Milly and Norman followed him meekly. Billy took after Pablo who took after Randy – all natural leaders.

Dinner resumed and Zack said, “This food is great, kid, but it seems cooking’s not your only talent. When you came here you helped Miguel and Finn sort through their spot of bother in that room at the end of the hall. The result is this happy band of brothers you see round the table. We owe you big time, Will.”

“Yeah,” Darius said, “and we’ll show you how grateful we are later in that same room – what we call the rough room. Man that place has seen a whole bunch of stuff since we moved in here – frustrations worked out, scores settled, fantasies lived, and just plain old rough sex – leathermen and their boys doing their stuff with all their toys. Guys, you remember the time …?”

And they were off and running, swapping stories of the wild and crazy times they had in ‘the rough room’. They didn’t hold back the raunchy details and they followed Darius’s time-honored tradition – ‘exaggerations accepted, guys’.

As Will listened his mind went back to the image of Finn, his shirtless body stretched in chains with whip marks across his chest. With a mix of excitement and fear he looked round the table at the big boss Zack with his muscular black body, rugged face and shaved head, the ultimate leather-master. Across the table was the smiling Darius whose main claim to fame was his massive cock – ‘ten inches of prime black beef’ as Tyler had called it.

Then there was Randy’s boy, the tough young mechanic Pablo who could match Randy in ferocity and anger but with less of Randy’s maturity and restraint. Will wanted to thank him in some way for rescuing Norman and for getting him a great SUV, and Pablo had said he could think of ways for Will to do that. But what did that mean?”

As the wine flowed and the group got more boisterous Will had increasing doubts. Maybe he should just clean up the kitchen and get out of here. But he didn’t want to look like a wimp to these guys, and there was a part of him that was excited and wanted to stay.

His cock got hard in his shorts as he recalled the smell of leather and the image of Miguel shirtless in leather pants. He remembered Bob tied to a tree and getting reamed by his lover Randy, and above all the exhilaration he himself felt when the twins tied him up and he was completely at their mercy as they both fucked his ass.

But he trusted Bob and the twins totally and knew they would never go too far. Could the same be said of this group of rowdy leathermen where he was a new boy and they didn’t even know his limits?

Then something happened that put all his fears to rest. The door opened and Randy walked in.

“Hey, big guy,” Zack shouted. “What you doing, crashing our party?”

“Well,” Randy shrugged, “I didn’t get an invite but I heard it was the place to be. There was no bouncer on the door, and even if there had been …” he grinned.

“… you’d have busted in anyway,” Zack laughed.

“Seriously, though, bro, I’m sorry to barge in but I wanted to bring you this work schedule for tomorrow so we’d all be on the same page opening the new site.” He threw a folder on a side table. “Maybe you could cast an eye over it later. And now I’ll get out of your hair.”

“The hell you will,” Zack roared. “Sit your tight ass down, bro, and have a drink. We was just getting warmed up here. And you can join the festivities after dinner too.” There were enthusiastic shouts from the other men so Randy said, “OK, guys, just so long as I don’t get chained up and gang fucked by a bunch of leather drunks.”

“Now there’s a thought,” grinned Darius. “That would be one for the archives.”

Randy was quickly absorbed into the raucous group and sat next to Darius facing Will. Their eyes met and Randy flashed a smile and winked at him. “Hey, Red, how’s it hangin’?”

“Very well, thank you, sir.” At that moment Will had a pretty good idea that Randy had dropped by to make sure nothing bad happened to him – maybe to reassure the twins. He suddenly felt totally protected, his anxiety faded and excitement took its place.

It was time to get coffee and after-dinner drinks so Will piled up the dirty plates to take to the kitchen. “Here, let me give you a hand, kid,” Randy said, picking up more plates and following him through the door.

In the kitchen Will put down the plates and looked at Randy. “Would it be OK to hug you, sir?”

“OK? It’s damn well mandatory, kiddo.” He held out his arms and wrapped them round the boy.

“I’m so glad you’re here, sir. I wasn’t sure …”

“I know, I know, they can be a pretty wild bunch sometimes when they party and let loose. Sometimes they go over the top, and you are the new boy here.” He pulled back and ruffled Will’s hair. “But hey, Red, didn’t I tell you I’d never let anyone hurt you? Tell you the truth, those papers I brought Zack could have waited till tomorrow but I wanted to check in on you.

“Zack knows that damn well, he knew why I came. We’ve known each other for years and I love him like a brother. But he’s the boss here and he runs the show. So I’ll just sit on the sidelines and watch, maybe jerk off. But I’ll be keeping an eye on you, kid.”

“Thank you, sir. Now maybe you can hand me the plates while I load the dishwasher.”

“Damn, what the fuck d’you take me for, the kitchen help?” Randy grinned.

“Well I am the boss of the kitchen, sir, and at least I’m not making you wear an apron.”

Randy roared with laughter. “Fuck you, Red.”


When the meal was finally over Tyler and Finn took Will to Tyler’s room. “Dude,” Tyler said, “this is gonna be one of those leather deals and you gotta look the part. A lot of the time in bars you see guys posing in leather, real butch like – it’s called S&M, stand and model. But Pablo says if you get some of them guys in a real rough leather situation they’d squeal like stuck pigs.

“But these guys – Zack, Darius, Miguel and Pablo – are the real deal. The men like their boys to be in leather too and, sorry dude, but those shorts just won’t cut it.” Tyler opened his closet. “Let’s see here. Pablo bought me several outfits and we’re about the same size so try these.”

He handed Will a small size in leather pants and Will dropped his shorts, pulled the pants on and buckled the black belt. Tyler fished out a leather shirt with short sleeves and Tyler put it on too. It was small enough to cling to his upper body. He stood in front of a full length mirror and the other guys stood behind him appraising the look. “What d’ya think Finn?” Tyler asked.

Finn ran his hands over the leather shirt, then down past the waist to the bulge in the pants. “Looks hot, dude. Hey, Will, you wanna butt-fuck me again?”

Will giggled and Tyler said, “Down boy, I have a feeling you’ll be getting that hustler ass of yours reamed good by a certain dark-haired muscle-god.” Tyler frowned. “But what are we gonna do for Will’s boots? I only got one pair.”

“You know,” Finn said, “there’s a look a lot of masters like, seeing a boy in leather but barefoot. You know, kind of a junior leather stud but vulnerable. We could go with that. I think Pablo would like that … and that is who we’re trying to please, ain’t it, or have I got my wires crossed?”

“Nah, you’re right, dude. Will told Pablo he wants to thank him for Norman and the car, and Pablo told me he’s gonna take what’s due to him. I think we all know what that means. But don’t worry, Will, it’s not as if Pablo has the same massive ten inches as Darius. And you do get fucked OK don’t you, Will?”

“Hey, I took Randy’s dick up my ass and I loved it.”

“’Nuf said. If you got ploughed by the King of the Gypsies you can take anything.”

“I better get dressed too,” Finn said. “Miguel likes me in jeans and chaps – says it shows off my ass and makes him horny. And he wants me to wear a ragged sweaty ol’ tank – he likes that rough trade look. How about you Tyler?”

Tyler pulled on leather pants and boots, and his unique touch, on Pablo’s instructions, was suspenders holding up his pants and pulled up over his bare chest. It looked surprisingly hot and Tyler grinned, “It’s what turns Pablo on, and what Pablo wants Pablo gets. As you’ll find out Will.”


It was quite a scene when the men came into the rough room and joined the boys. The leader Zack was, as usual, stripped to the waist in leather pants and boots. His chiseled ebony physique – broad shoulders, sculpted pecs and ripped abs – was stunning and he knew better than to cover it with anything. His ruggedly handsome features and shaved head combined with the arrogant smile of a man who knew just how beautiful he was.

His boy Darius had on chaps over blue-jeans and the studded harness he always wore crossed over his muscular black chest. The bulge in his jeans, outlined by the chaps, was evidence of the huge ten inches he was packing underneath. He was perfect as Zack’s boy. Miguel was in the same leather pants and open leather vest he had on when he had submitted his ass to Finn.

Pablo, as in all things, copied his dad Randy. Randy was never one for dressing up. His mere presence was his statement, always striking in the same jeans, boots and old tank top he wore on the construction site. Likewise Pablo was shirtless in black jeans and boots, minus the grease that usually streaked his face and chest when working as a mechanic.

Randy walked past Will, squeezed his shoulder and whispered, “That barefoot leather look is real sexy, Red. Sure makes me wanna fuck you.” Will grinned as Randy sprawled in a chair at the side of the room, yielding the floor to the master of the house Zack.

Standing under the spotlights Zack said, “Gentlemen, tonight we have a new member in our group, a young man we owe a double vote of thanks. First, at Miguel’s request, he intervened in the standoff between Miguel and Finn. The result you see here is a couple hotter for each other than ever.” Zack paused for cheers and applause. “Second, we have to thank Will for providing what I think we all agree was the best meal we’ve had since we moved in here.”

The cheers and foot stomping made Will blush as Zack gave him the floor. He cleared his throat and said, “I just wanna say, sirs, that being here with you makes me feel good and a bit scared.”

“Scared is good,” Darius yelled. “Makes a boy even sexier, kiddo.”

Will smiled nervously. “I also wanna say thank you to Pablo, who has been real good to me since I came here. When I left my dad’s he made me leave my best pal Norman behind and that was real hard. But Pablo went and got my dog from my dad’s house and brought him back to me. That means everything to me.

“Then Pablo saw the old wreck of a car I was driving and he gave me the spiffy SUV Miguel used to drive. It makes all the difference in my work and makes me feel … like a real guy. I can’t think of a way of thanking you for all that, sir, but I hope you can.”

“Damn straight I can, kiddo, especially looking at you now. That’s a terrific look for a boy, leather pants and shirt but barefoot. Outfit like that could get you in a whole mess of trouble, kid. And I know my boy Tyler must have kitted you out like that. Tyler get your ass over here … you deserve to be thanked too.

Tyler came to the center of the room and grinned at Will. Pablo took Will’s face in his hands and kissed him, a grinding kiss that made Will’s cock stiffen in his pants. “You gonna be a good boy for me, kiddo, make the twins proud of you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“OK, on your knees.” Will obeyed. “Now I think you know how to thank my boy here. Show him, Tyler.”

Tyler pulled out his cock and grinned down at his friend. Will opened his mouth and swallowed his cock like an expert cock-sucker – which he was becoming. Pablo stood back and watched the two cute eighteen-year-olds – Tyler in leather pants and suspenders over a bare chest, Will on his knees bracing his hands on his buddy’s hips as he chowed down on his cock.

“A great sight, don’t you think, guys? And an easy start for Will, sir,” Pablo said to Randy who grinned raising his beer bottle. Pablo knew that Randy was here to protect the twins’ boy, and he was showing off to Randy, proving that he could be a real master – in control but careful not to hurt or scare the boy.

Pablo grinned, “Someday, guys, we should have an evening where all the boys perform for their masters in a boy orgy. But right now I have other plans for our cute redhead, so Tyler, I want you to bring it on home.” There was a harsh edge to his voice. “Pound his face, boy.”

Tyler knew he was being displayed by Pablo to the group and he was eager to please him. And pleasing his young master was easy as he loved fucking his buddy’s mouth and making his eyes water. Tyler knew exactly what Pablo meant by ‘bring it on home’.

He said quietly to Will, “This is it, buddy. I’m real close. Damn, your mouth feels good … I’m gonna cum … yeah … aaah!” His cock blasted semen down his buddy’s throat, then he pulled back and spurted more jizz in the eager, freckled face.

Will grinned up at him and Tyler pulled him to his feet and kissed him, their mouths lubricated with Tyler’s juice. Pablo finally pulled them apart and kissed Tyler, then Will, licking his boy’s cum off his face. Pablo rewarded them with his crooked smile. He stood between them and raised their arms like a ref at a tied boxing match. “Gentlemen, give it up for Tyler and Will.”

Amid wild applause Tyler, smiling broadly, sat down next to Randy. “You did great, kid. How’s Will doing?”

“He’s having a great time, sir. You don’t have to worry about him. But I’m glad you’re here, sir.”


Pablo’s dark brown eyes bored into Will’s. “My turn now kid. When you said you wanted to thank me you knew what I’d choose, right?”

“To fuck my ass, sir?”

“Damn right. I know my dad’s given you his seal of approval but I gotta do the same on behalf of the senior boys. When you first got here you watched me butt-fuck my boy, your buddy Tyler. So, you still wanna take my dick up your ass?”

“Yes please, sir. When I watched you and Tyler I kinda wondered what Tyler was feeling.”

“Well you’re about to find out, kiddo. Here, take off that shirt and lay back on this bench.” He indicated a high, padded gym bench that the guys used for dumbbell presses. Randy was sitting by the wall in line with the bench with an uninterrupted view. Will glanced at him and he raised his beer bottle with a smile of encouragement. If Randy was OK with this, so was Will.

He lay on his back shirtless, reached back and grabbed the edge behind his head. “That’s right, boy,” Pablo grinned … “gives me a straight shot.” He unbuckled Will’s leather pants and pulled them down and off over his bare feet. Then he ripped open his own jeans, pulled out his thick cock and spat on it. He stroked it to rock hardness, then pushed Will’s legs back. The bench was just the right height and Pablo’s crotch was level with the boy’s ass.

“My dad and me, we don’t go in for foreplay – go straight for the gold. So here it comes, kid.” He pressed the head of his dick against the bare ass and eased it in with a slow, steady drive.

Will sighed with pleasure and relief. He knew that Pablo copied Randy in everything – they both looked fierce and had a reputation for violence, but they could be gentle with a boy too and this was a replay of when Randy had fucked him.

The boy looked up at the mechanic’s handsome Mestizo face with high cheekbones, square jaw, almond shaped eyes and shaggy black hair like Randy’s. His eyes ran down the shirtless torso – broad shoulders, rock hard pecs, washboard abs and a slim waist – down to the mass of black pubic hair and the cock disappearing in his ass. Pablo’s muscles rippled and flexed as the shaft drove in harder and faster.

“You got a great ass, kid,” Pablo grinned. “My dick feel good inside you?”

“It feels great, sir … you’re so beautiful and sexy. Just like Randy.”

Will couldn’t have paid him a greater compliment, but it did feel like a younger version of Randy fucking him. But Randy was a master fuck and Will was nervous that Pablo might not have the restraint of the more experienced man. But when Will turned his head to the side he saw in the mirror that Randy was sitting behind him making steady eye contact with Pablo. Will sensed that Randy was controlling everything, which dispelled his anxiety and increased his pleasure.

Pablo said, “You know I could rip you open, kid, but I have other ways of torturing that cute ass.” He had learned from Randy the skill of teasing a boy, bringing him to the edge of orgasm and then pulling back, driving the kid wild with frustration and desire.

Repeatedly Will’s body shuddered and he groaned, “I’m gonna cum, sir … I’m gonna cum …” But Pablo stopped and grinned tauntingly, “Not till I say you can, kid. I’ve got another big thrill in store for you, and that’s when you’ll pump your jizz.”

He continued to tease and frustrate the boy for a while and even when the end came he denied Will his climax. “You wanna feel my hot jizz in your ass, kiddo?”

“Yes please, sir.”

“But you don’t cum – that’s an order.” His cock pistoned deeper in Will’s ass, his body flexed and he yelled, “Yeah, gimme that ass, boy. Damn that feels good … yeaahh!” As Will felt the young mechanic’s cock erupt in his ass, flooding it with sperm, he gritted his teeth in a desperate attempt to avoid losing his own load.

But Pablo had already pulled out and gave him a triumphant smile. “You are one hot fuck, kid. So, you’ve thanked me, you’ve thanked my boy, but what about my boyfriend? Darius and me go back a long way so I gotta give him a chunk of the action here. I promised you a big thrill, kid, and when I say big I mean big. Hey, Darius, haul that chunk of beef over here.”

As Darius sauntered over to take Pablo’s place Randy stood up grim-faced. But Zack stood and put a restraining arm on him. “I got this, bro. I’ll take care of it. Trust me.” Randy relaxed somewhat and watched as Zack went and stood behind Darius.

Darius was game for anything and this was all fun to him. He looked down at Will and flashed his gleaming smile. “You ready for the big finish kiddo? You served us that luscious beef stew thingy so the least I can do is let you sample my hunk of beef.”

Will stared up at the handsome, smiling black face, and at the muscular chest crossed by the studded leather harness. He looked so hot, and whatever fear Will felt was driven away by the sight of the young jock’s dancing green eyes. However, his fear returned when Darius unbuttoned his jeans and slowly pulled out his cock inch by inch by inch – ten in all.

Will had never seen such a massive cock and couldn’t imagine it fitting in any ass, least of all his own. But suddenly Randy was on his knees by the side of the bench staring down at him.

“I’m right here, kid, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Darius has a famously huge schlong but he’s a real good guy and would never hurt anyone. Besides, his master Zack will be controlling him. Zack is like a brother to me and I’d trust him with my life. Now, how do you feel about this?”

“A bit scared, sir, but I’d like to give it a try. I mean Darius is so gorgeous, sir, and the other boys have all taken his dick in them. I wanna know how it feels.”

“That’s my boy, Red,” Randy grinned. “But I’ll be right here and one word from you and everything stops.”

Zack was standing behind Darius talking softly in his ear. “I trust you totally, dude, and I know you don’t need me here telling you this. But that kid is real precious to my buddy Randy who’s super protective. You could do a lot of damage with that weapon of yours, as you well know, so just to keep everyone happy I’ll kind of control the thrust, so to speak. You OK with that?”

“Sir,” Darius grinned, “have you ever known me turn down a fuck from you? I love your dick in my ass, sir, always have, and together we’ll make sure this cute kid loves mine in his. I assume you are gonna fuck me, sir?”

“Does this answer your question, stud?” Zack pressed his chest against Darius’s back and ground the bulge in his leather pants against his ass. Then he yanked the pants open, pulled out his iron-hard cock and asked, “You up for a dry fuck, boy?”

“Duh! Dumb question, sir. High and dry is my motto, sir. High up in my ass and dry as a bone.”

“Damn I love you, bro. Here it comes.” There were moans from both men as Zack eased his cock in his boy’s ass – all the way up ‘high and dry’. “OK, do a number on the boy with those green eyes of yours and show him what ten black inches feels like.”

Darius did just that – stared down at the nervous Will and pushed the head of his cock inside him. “Fortunately my pal Pablo lubed you up good with his jizz. It takes a while for it all to go in, dude, but if it hurts be sure and let me know. See, if I hurt you that fierce gypsy friend of yours there will beat me up and that would be way ugly. We don’t do ugly around here.”

Will chuckled, which helped as Darius’s cock began to inch in. Behind him Zack was pushing in too to set the rhythm, though in fact it was mostly for show to alleviate fears. Zack trusted Darius to know what he was doing – he had eased his monster dick in enough guys in his time.

Will held his breath but Randy said, “No – deep breaths kiddo, relax and enjoy.” Will looked from Randy’s blue eyes to the homoerotic sight of the black leather hunk, a harness over his sculpted chest as he pushed his cock endlessly in the boy’s ass. At one point Will panicked and tensed and Darius stopped, Zack too. Will frowned and looked at Randy whose blue eyes smiled at him. “Moment of panic is all, kid. How does it feel though?”

“It feels … if feels incredible, sir. It never stops … it touches things I’ve never felt before. It’s OK, sir, I want it all.”

Randy nodded at Darius and it continued. Will was drifting into the whole sensation now as Darius pulled back a little, paused, then eased in deeper than before until, unbelievably, Will felt Darius’s pubic hair pressing against his ass.

And there was the gleaming smile again as Darius said, “That’s it, dude, I’m all the way in – all ten inches. ‘Course I always say it’s longer than ten but then that scares guys away and … Oops there I go again. I’m supposed to be filling your butt with my jizz, not filling your ears with my bullshit. Sorry kid.”

Will laughed, which made his ass clench round the huge shaft and he gasped, “Aah!” Darius sighed, “Yeah, I get that a lot … I ask guys if it hurts and they say, ‘Only when I laugh.’ That caused more laughter so Darius pulled back a little and gently massaged Will’s ass, deep inside him, touching places deep down that had never been touched before.

“Sir, it feels really good, different from anything else …”

“Hey, I am different from anything else, dude. One of a kind, and a good thing too – two ten inch schlongs at once would be too much even for you, kid. Sorry, there I go again and you wanting to bust your load. That is what you want eh, kid?”

“Sir, I’ve been holding back for so long but Pablo said I can’t cum until …”

“Oh forget that guy, dude … what does he know? He’s only a mechanic. But I myself have to get permission from my man. Hey, Zack. Are we ready for the big finish here?”

“Yeah but we gotta do it right, show our young chef here how grateful we are. Come on guys, let’s make this a group effort.”

Pablo walked up and grinned at Darius. “I’ll get you later for that mechanic crack, asshole. But first, young Will, you deserve a big send-off from the guys on the second floor. Hit it, men.”

Miguel, Finn and Tyler came forward and looked down at Will while Pablo knelt and clamped his mouth over Will’s cock. As Zack and Darius ramped up the pace of their dual fuck Will stared up at the lusty group of leathermen and boys towering over him. Suddenly the view was blocked by Randy’s blue eyes staring down at him. “I told you they were great guys, kid. Just go with the flow.”

“Sir, would you kiss me, sir.”

“It’ll be my pleasure. I love you kid.”

Will was in a daze of sensory overload. Every orifice was under sexual attack by a bunch of lusty leathermen – and he loved being the new boy at their mercy. As Randy pressed his lips hard over Will’s Zack gave the signal for the grand finale. He pounded Darius’s ass, Darius buried his cock deep inside Will, Pablo went to town sucking his cock, the other men jerked off and Randy smothered the boy in a breath-sharing kiss.

“Stand by for the big finish, guys,” Zack yelled. “This is for you, kid … Aaaagh!”

Zack slammed Darius’s ass and erupted inside him, making Darius’s long hose gush deep in Will’s ass and flood it with jizz. Miguel and the boys splashed their juice down on him as the boy’s cock exploded in Pablo’s mouth in one of the most spectacular orgasms of his young life.


The room erupted in laughter as they all pulled back and Darius eased out of his ass, inch by careful inch. Randy helped Will unsteadily to his feet, his face and body streaming with cum. Pablo and Darius grabbed a wrist each and pushed his arms high in the air. “Gentlemen,” Pablo shouted. “We give you … the chef.”

Gradually the noise subsided and the raucous group settled in for more drinking, laughter, and salacious stories. Randy sat with his arm round Will. “You sure you’re OK, kid?”

“Yes, thank you sir. I feel great … just kinda tired.”

“You bet,” Randy grinned. “Ten inches up the butt is enough to exhaust anyone. I’m gonna take you and Norman back to the twins now. Leave the kitchen the way it is, you can take care of it tomorrow. No hurry, these guys don’t use it much anyway.”

“Thank you, sir. I had a great time here, I really did. But I’m real glad you were here. I think I would have been too nervous if you weren’t here to look out for me, sir.”

“Kid, what did I tell you? I’ll always protect you, no matter what – whenever, wherever.”

They couldn’t know it at the time but Randy would be called upon to do just that very soon, when Will would be threatened by a brutal enemy from his past. Fueled by rage the savage gypsy would need all his fighting strength to defend Will, with help from the police officer Mark, who would impose the rule of law and become another good friend to the boy.

But right now the mood was festive and Randy helped Will to his feet and told Zack they were leaving. “You were terrific, Will,” Zack smiled, “the star of the second floor. See you at our next dinner party, eh?”

“I’ll be there, sir,” Will grinned.

“Oh and Randy,” Zack said. “I’ll be sure to look over the work schedule you brought in that folder.” He grinned, “That, er, is why you came tonight, eh buddy?”

Randy chuckled. “Fuck you, man. I love you, bro.”

The two men hugged, then Randy helped Will out of the room and down the hall.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Book 9: Chapter 31

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