Chapter 39


The brawny gypsy Randy has insulted his lover Bob by fucking the new guy Seth. Randy’s punishment is to be tied up and forced to watch Bob make love to the handsome cop Mark – until he breaks free. The construction worker Seth, new to man-on-man sex, lusts for the perfect ass of the gymnast Tommy who teaches him, “You don’t jackhammer an ass like mine – you make love to it. Would you like to try, sir?” 

In the previous chapter

Randy was in deep trouble with his lover Bob.

It was all about Randy’s sexual feelings for the new man who had come into their lives – Seth, the estranged father of the twins’ boy Will. Alone together Seth confided in the macho gypsy Randy that he was new to sex with men, which excited and humiliated him at the same time.

“It’s like I’m two different guys – the dominant hunk drinking with my buddies, and the guy who sucks dick and gets his ass ploughed. Plus I’ve made a total mess of my life at my age. I live in a shithole house, owe two months’ rent, work as a day laborer, lost my kid.”

Randy knew what Seth needed to restore his self-confidence. In a marathon fuck scene Seth pounded the gypsy’s ass into submission, then Randy turned the tables and reamed Seth, tied to the bed. Exhausted they fell asleep in each other’s arms for several hours.

But there was a big problem. Randy had turned off his phone so no one would interrupt them. So he didn’t know that down at the tribe’s compound one of the twins had had an accident and Randy’s lover Bob had been frantically trying to reach him for hours. When at last Randy heard the news from his brother Doctor Steve he raced home and confronted Bob.

Bob held his anger in until bedtime when it spilled over. “When you finally came home, Randy I was so focused on poor Kevin that I suppressed my anger at you and pretended I could rise above it. But you wanna know something? I was not only angry – I was jealous.

“I know you well, Randy, and realized that Seth was more than a casual fuck. Your words to me still burn in my brain. ‘We were having sex, godammit – fucking great, incredible sex. The guy is just like me, he fucks like me, like we were made for each other. Sex with him was fucking spectacular. We’re so alike, I could …’

“I think you stopped yourself from saying ‘… could even leave you for Seth’. Even though you swore you would never leave me I had to make sure. Most of all I had to punish you. The guys all think you’re the man to fear when it comes to punishment. But you all underestimate me. I don’t often get angry, Randy, especially not with you, but damn, when I do …”

Bob knew physical punishment would have no effect on a man as tough as Randy so he came up with a novel form of emotional torment. He tied Randy to a chair facing a mirror and forced him to watch as he simply walked round the room, slowly shedding his clothes ready for bed, as if Randy had already left him and he lived alone.

It was the ordinariness of the scene that made it so painful. How many times had he seen Bob walk around their room just like this, barefoot and shirtless in jeans, casually taking care of the usual domestic details before coming to bed? Usually he would watch for a while then go up behind Bob, run his hands down his chest, nibble his ear and persuade him to come to bed.

But not this time. Now he was forced to watch helplessly, desperate to touch him, his rigid cock dripping pre-cum. And when Bob began admiring himself in the mirror, the bound gypsy was forced to watch his handsome lover in a homoerotic display of self-love and muscle worship.

What made it worse for Randy was that he was not watching Bob but his mirror image – not real, unreachable – as if he were spying on a man through a window. A voyeur would be able to jerk off as he watched, but Randy was bound helpless, forced to just watch.

The final torment was when Randy watched the naked muscle-god lie on the bed and jerk off, as if he were being fucked. The agonized gypsy strained in bondage and his cock exploded in a spontaneous orgasm, fueled by pain, frustration and the agony of guilt.

But Bob still hadn’t finished with Randy. “You’re a tough man to break – that arrogance is bred in the bone. And I’m still angry … still jealous. So here’s the kicker, Randy. It’s not over.” Bob gagged Randy again with a cum-soaked T-shirt, then called a number on his phone. “Hey buddy, what’s up? Just got home from work? … Ah, not much. Matter of fact I just rubbed one out and it’s still left me horny as hell. Feel like dropping by?”

Randy was now not only frustrated and helpless, he was scared. He had really hurt Bob, the man he had sworn to love and protect always. He loved the man body and soul and needed to prove it. He needed to be punished, punished bad.

In a few minutes their buddy Mark came in, still in his cop uniform just back from work and the two men hugged. Randy groaned into his gag, knowing what he was in for. The three guys loved each other and had three-way sex sometimes. But Randy had never been entirely comfortable about sharing Bob with Mark – he always felt a bit jealous of the gorgeous cop. And he had certainly never been excluded and forced to watch them together.

Mark smiled at Bob, “Hey, stud, what’s up?” He saw over Bob’s shoulder Randy tied naked to a chair and right away had a sense of what was going on. So he played along. “I was out on my beat when I heard about Kevin from Jamie. And that other stuff, this guy Seth and all.”

“Yeah, that’s partly why I called you, Mark. See, I think this time it may be different. Randy’s fallen hard for the guy, they’re like soul mates, at least in the sack, and there’s a chance that Randy might leave me for him.” Bob smiled. “I was kinda fantasizing what life would be like on my own. I just got off looking at myself in the mirror.”

“That’s enough to turn anyone on,” Mark grinned.

“Yeah and I just got through jerking off … except it left me horny for the real thing.”

“Well you called the right man, stud, you know that. Damn, you look good enough to eat, man, standing there in your shorts. Just let me get out of this uniform.”

Randy groaned into his gag as he looked in the mirror and saw Mark slowly unbutton his uniform shirt. He felt like an outsider looking through the bedroom window of a house, spying on a sexual encounter between a hot uniformed cop who had just come in and the musclehunk waiting for him, stripped down to his boxers.

*********************   BOOK 9: CHAPTER 39    *********************

The two men ignored Randy entirely. Tied to the chair facing the mirror he was forced to watch helplessly as Bob and Mark stood behind him by the bed gazing into each other’s eyes.

Once again Randy felt like a voyeur looking into a man’s bedroom window. To ease the frustration of watching his lover he even started to weave a fantasy about a cop on the beat answering a call to investigate a house and finding in the bedroom a handsome guy, with the build and chiseled looks of Superman, who has just got out of bed wearing only his boxers.

But whichever way he worked it, even as the opening scene of a porn video, Randy came back to the reality that he was watching his lover Bob and his good buddy Mark preparing to make love without him. And even though he had shot his load so recently he already felt his cock stirring at the erotic sight despite the pain and frustration he felt.

Mark knew that one of the things that turned Bob on was watching him slowly strip off his uniform. And Randy was not the only one with a fantasy. Bob and Randy were so in sync in the way their minds worked – including their sexual fantasies – that Bob too flashed on the notion that a police officer had just entered his bedroom while he was in bed in his shorts. As he watched the cop unbuttoning his uniform shirt Bob asked, “Er, what are you doing officer?”

Playing along Mark said, “I’m responding to a call we had from this address, sir. I just wasn’t expecting a … a man such as yourself to be here in bed. You know the police motto – ‘To Protect and Serve.’ While it seems that you are in no immediate need of protection, you could use some servicing from the Police Department. Am I right, sir?”

The black shirt was partially open now and Bob ran his hands under it and over the cop’s white T-shirt, feeling his solid pecs flex underneath. “Well, office, if you put it like that, I guess I could use some help from a … from a cop such as yourself.”

“In cases such as this, sir, law enforcement always takes charge, so I suggest you get back on the bed and leave everything to me.”

Bob lay on his back on the bed and watched Mark, just as Randy was watching their reflections in the mirror. The cop was a turn-on for them both as he pulled his shirt off and hung it in the bedpost at the foot of the bed.

He was a Greek-God icon with sculpted body and features pacing slowly round the bed looking down at Bob. His white T-shirt clung to his muscular torso, tapering down to a tight waist cinched by a heavy wide black belt hung with the law enforcement tools of his trade. His black serge pants, a silver stripe down the side, were tucked into high, shiny motorcycle boots.

Staring down at the near naked man on the bed he pulled his nightstick from his belt, tapped it in his palm and threw it on the bed beside Bob. Instinctively Randy pulled at his restraints imagining all the purposes the baton could be used for.

Mark got on the bed and stood astride Bob who gazed up at him in awe. “Are you ready to cooperate, sir?”

“Yes officer. I’ll do whatever you say.” Mark pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the floor. Bob stared up at the flawless body – his ripped abs, rock-hard pecs, broad shoulders and wide lats slanting down to his slim waist. It was this image of Mark – the shirtless, muscular cop – that always roused Bob, and now was no exception as his cock bulged in his shorts.

Mark planted a boot Bob’s chest and growled, “You know what to do.” The cop’s ‘sir’ was gone, a detail not lost on Randy. He was enraged at the thought of Bob taking orders from a cop just as he had that first day long ago when Bob had been pulled over by this same cop and ordered to strip. Randy tried to free himself and yelled futile protests into his gag, but the men were too involved in each other to react.

Bob wrapped his hands round the boot, Mark pulled his leg out of it and kicked the boot to the floor. Bob pulled off his sock, then did the same thing with the other boot. Mark reached behind his waist, pulled out a pair of handcuffs and looped them over a bedpost. Again Randy struggled, fearing the worst for Bob from the nightstick and the handcuffs.

Mark unzipped his pants, pushed them and his shorts down and stepped out of them. He stood naked over Bob, his cock pointing down at him. He leaned forward, braced his hands on the rail of the headboard and his muscles flexed as he lowered his body toward Bob. As his cock came close to Bob’s face he opened his mouth and took the shaft all the way down his throat.

Randy’s frustration was not so much that Mark was face-fucking his lover – worse than that, he knew Bob loved sucking the cop’s cock. And Mark didn’t go easy on him. He quickly increased the intensity of the fuck, his arched muscular body powering up and down above him

Randy screamed into his gag and rocked the chair. He couldn’t take this. It was one thing to watch helplessly as Bob got off on himself in the mirror – that was a turn-on. But now the bound gypsy was being forced to watch as Mark worked him over. He could only imagine what the cop had in mind with the nightstick on the bed and the handcuffs hanging on the bedpost.

Just as his agony built to a fever pitch … it was ended – by Bob himself. Mark had pulled out of Bob’s mouth, knelt between his legs, picked up the nightstick and stroked it threateningly.

“I’ve seen it before, man. A guy calls the cops not because he needs protection but because he’s into guys in uniform. When that happens the hoaxer needs to be punished for wasting police time. Last time that happened and I responded to a call from a big stud like yourself – well not as hot looking and built as you are with that superman face and body – I handcuffed him to the bed and used this nightstick on his ass. Looks like I gotta do the same to you, man – only this time I’m gonna enjoy it.”

“Not as much as you’ll enjoy this, officer.” Suddenly Bob pulled out from under Mark and flipped him over on his back. He pulled one of his arms up to the bedpost, grabbed the handcuff hooked to the bedpost and clicked it round the cop’s wrist. “Not such a tough cop now are you, big guy, cuffed to the bed butt naked?” Bob tossed the nightstick away. “We won’t be needing this, though. The club you’re gonna feel up your ass will be my dick, officer.”

“Fuck you, man,” Mark snarled. Of course, as a skilled cop Mark could ordinarily have fought off a man who tried this. But Mark was aware that some kind of punishment scenario was going down between Bob and Randy and Bob was calling the shots. Mark was prepared to play his part so he made a show of anger but willingly let Bob take charge. Besides, the prospect of being cuffed to the bed and butt-fucked by this gorgeous man was too good to pass up.

Mark pulled at his cuffed wrist and Bob pinned his other wrist to the bed. “Now I’m the one giving the orders, officer. You’re helpless with one arm cuffed and if you try to move your free arm it won’t be my cock up your ass but your own nightstick.”

Bob turned his head and flashed a quick grin at Randy’s anguished face in the mirror, the first time he had looked at him since Mark came in. And as their eyes met Randy knew …he knew that Bob had forgiven him.

Bob could have gone through with the ultimate torture for Randy – being forced to watch him get fucked by Mark. But Bob had spared him that torment by turning the tables on Mark, meaning that Randy’s punishment was over … well almost. Now he was forced to watch the two men he loved having sex – without him. His anger and fear for Bob was now replaced with raw lust.

Bob was not only dominating the cop, he was dominating Randy too. He had dominated him ever since he had come into the room, not by tying him up but by reminding Randy how passionately he loved Bob and would do anything to make amends for his folly with Seth. His passion now peaked as he drooled at the sight of his lover fucking a cop.

Bob spat on his cock and stroked it. He pushed Mark’s legs back, stared into his blue-gray eyes and he drove his cock deep in his ass. “Aaaah,” Mark sighed. It was a lame attempt at anguish but came out as what it was – the ecstasy of feeling this beautiful man’s shaft inside him.

All pretense of a fantasy cop invasion faded away as the two men savored the joy of making love – even if the naked blond did have one hand cuffed to the bed. “Damn that feels good,” Mark moaned. “I fucking love you, man. Fuck me, buddy. Yeaah.” Bob bent down and kissed him, then pulled back and gazed into his eyes as he made love to his ass.

Relieved of the fear that Bob might get hurt, Randy was captivated by the sight of his lover dominating the naked cop, both of them his buddies, men he loved – and lusted for. And it was lust that now consumed him. And he needed to express his remorse to them both for the arrogant way he had behaved with Seth. He wanted the reverse of arrogance – and above all, dammit, he wanted to be part of the action.

He was like a tethered stallion rearing up trying to break out of his stall. His jaw clenched, he bit into his gag and pulled frantically at his bound wrists. He rocked the chair from side to side until with a mighty heave he sent it crashing over on the ground. As it hit the floor the wooden arm cracked. His muscles bulged as he yanked at it desperately and felt it come looser until finally it broke. He was able to slide his bound wrist along the broken arm until it came free.

In a few seconds of frenzied action Randy pulled off his gag, untied his other wrist and bound ankles and dropped to the floor, panting hard – but free. His core instinct was to leap at the couple on the bed and pull them apart. But, chastened by this whole experience, his need to reclaim Bob through remorse overcame his macho impulses and he fell on his stomach.

He crawled on his belly toward the bed and both Bob and Mark were impressed by the tough macho gypsy debasing himself by clawing his way across the floor. When he reached the bed he stared up at Bob and said, “I’m sorry, man. Forgive me.” The fuck continued uninterrupted and Randy gazed at Bob’s shaft driving into the cop’s ass. Mark’s cock was rock hard, dripping pre-cum and, as one top man fucked another, Randy assumed the humble role of cock sucker.

He wrapped his mouth round Mark’s cock and swallowed it deep down his throat. Mark gasped and grabbed the gypsy’s shaggy black hair with his free hand, pulling his face down on his cock again and again while Bob continued to ramrod Mark’s ass.

And that was the homoerotic tableau that brought this wild episode to a close. The naked cop, one arm cuffed to the bed, getting fucked by a dominant stud and sucked off by the remorseful gypsy. The trio had enjoyed three-way sex before but never quite like this with so many impulses behind their actions – guilt, punishment, frustration, remorse, wounded manhood – all finding their ultimate expression in man-on-man lust.

The three alpha males were finally able to indulge their nobler feelings. Bob gazed down lovingly at the rugged gypsy doing humble penance. Randy was purging himself of guilt at having hurt the man he idolized. And Mark was happy to have helped his buddies along their healing path – plus getting fucked and sucked as a reward.

Mark gazed up in awe at Bob. “You feel so fucking good inside me, man, I can’t take any more. I’m so damn close. And this cock-sucking gypsy is driving me wild. Fuck me, man. Make me come in his mouth.”

It was almost as if Bob was fucking them both – Mark in the ass, Randy in his mouth – as he pulled back and drove his cock deep in the cop’s ass, making Mark’s cock jerk and explode in Randy who gulped his semen down in his final act of remorse.


The three exhausted men lay panting on the bed in a tangle of naked limbs as they tried to regain their breath and untangle their thoughts.

Mark, having been freed of his own handcuff, roused himself and said, “Fucking awesome, man. Damn, sex with you two is great. But I should get going before we crank it up again.”

“Really?” Bob said. “You can stay the night, you know?”

“Nah, I gotta get back to Jamie. Besides, you two have got a lot to sort out, judging by what I saw here.” He grinned down at the broken chair. “Luckily, as it turns out, the only one to get hurt was the chair.”

He quickly pulled on his pants, buckled his belt and slotted in it his nightstick and handcuffs. He grinned, “I could leave these here if you think you’re gonna need ‘em, guys.”

“Thanks Mark, but I think we’re done with handcuffs and clubs,” Bob said. “For now anyway – until the next time.”

“There won’t be any goddam next time,” Randy grinned. “No chair – it’s broke, remember?”

Mark picked up his boots and slung his shirt and T-shirt over his shoulder. His voice changed tone as he said to Bob, “I won’t report your hoax emergency call this time, sir, but if it happens again I won’t be so forgiving and it’ll be you handcuffed naked to the bed.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, officer,” Bob grinned. “It’s good to know you’re here to protect and serve.”

“Enjoy the rest of your night, sirs.”

After he left Bob and Randy lay together on the bed. Randy spoke hesitantly. “Er, does that mean … like, are we OK again buddy?”

“Randy, you made the rule – a man fucks up, gets punished and that’s an end of it. And I wrung an apology out of you which is no mean feat. I really put you through the wringer, didn’t I?”

“Ah, bound and gagged I can handle, even the stuff with Mark. But you know what really got to me? All that ordinary domestic stuff, watching you sit at your desk, move around the room taking your clothes off, getting ready for bed. I’ve watched that a thousand times as I lay on the bed stroking my dick waiting for you to climb in with me. It’s my life, you’re my life, buddy. And dammit, I was on the verge of losing that, of losing you.

“It scares me, Bob. And this ain’t the first time. Remember when Miguel first came here and I took him up to the lake and we spent three days fucking? He said he was in love with me and I forgot about everything else and ended up insulting you and the whole tribe. That mess was sorted out by the boys and I paid a heavy price – tied up by Pablo, degraded by the twins, while Darius took care of Miguel by tying him up and working him over.

“Dammit, Bob, sometimes my dick takes over my brain, and I had shit for brains to start with. I mean, what if I go crazy like that again, dude?”

“Stop it Randy – it’s starting to sound like self-pity. Now look at me – look at me!” Their eyes met and that’s all it took to reassure both men. They saw into each other’s souls and that transcended all the struggles and squabbles of daily life. “You know you and I are in this for the long haul, Randy. But even so, you will probably lose your mind again when the next stud comes along, falls ‘in love’ with you and your dick does the thinking for you.

“You’re addicted to sex, man – as my ass knows well. But you know what happens when any other kind of addict is tempted. He calls his sponsor who talks him back from the edge of the cliff. So think of me as your sponsor and the next time you fall in lust with some big stud call me and I’ll talk you down off the ledge – even if it means tying you to a chair … once I’ve got this one mended. Or call Doctor Steve if that works better.”

“Not Steve,” Randy grinned. “When my shrink brother tells me to do something I do the very opposite.” He kissed Bob. “Man I love being here with you. I can’t imagine not having this. And we’ve put together quite the tribe haven’t we since those early days.”

“We have, Randy, and that’s what we’ve gotta talk about now. We’ve got new men and a lot to arrange. You threw a spanner in the works but now we’ve taken care of that it’s time we concentrated on others rather than ourselves. Will first of all.”

“Does that kid hate me, dude? I love the boy and it would hurt me if … “

“No, you know that kid worships you, like the sun shines out of your ass. Besides he was preoccupied with his own guilt at spilling the oil in the kitchen that caused Kevin to slip and fall. But the twins took care of that. Will told me proudly, “I got punished, sir. I got spit roasted.”

Randy laughed. “Some punishment. Kid probably loved it. Your twins are getting good at this.”

“They learned from the best.”

“But where do we go from here on Will and Seth?”

“That’ll be your department eventually, Randy. Will is still haunted by the memory of his dad abusing him but you know the boy trusts you to keep him safe. But first we gotta help Seth. Can’t have him living in a slum, broke and dispirited and working as a casual day laborer.

“First his house. I’ve been speaking to Steve and he’s scheduled another therapy appointment with Seth for tomorrow. And then he’s gonna offer to rent the guesthouse to Seth. It’s been empty since Hassan vacated it, and Steve said he would offer him the first month free till he’s on his feet financially.

“Which brings me to money and his job. And here, Randy, I want you to stay in the background. Whatever we offer him I don’t want him to see it as charity from you. Big alpha stud like that would feel humiliated, especially if it came from you. In any case, he’ll be working for Zack, not you, so I want it to go through regular business channels – through the office.

“I’ll alert Jamie and Brandon and I want you to suggest to Seth that he drop by the office tomorrow morning before he goes up to Steve’s. They’ll tell him that Zack is looking to hire men for the new project and they’ll make an appointment with him at the office for when Zack gets home. I’ll also come up with some kind of loan scheme to help Seth out of his money problems.

“I know you’ll stay in touch with Seth but you must wean him off his dependence on you so he stands on his own feet. That’s vital for an alpha male like Seth. I’m doing this mainly for Will, Randy, because I want him to be proud of his father. Every boy should be proud of his dad like Pablo is of you. That young man idolizes you.”

“And when will you meet Seth?”

“Oh not for some time, Randy. It’s best I stay in the background for now. I don’t want Seth to think I’m manipulating his life. A meeting between me and Seth is a big bridge to cross – one we’ll cross when we come to it.”

Randy grinned. “Dammit, you’ve got everything worked out ain’t you, dude? You have a habit of taking over like you’re the boss, and it’s usually at this point that I start to get mad because you’ve taken charge again. I’m the top man here and don’t you forget it.”

Bob smiled at him. “Aye-aye sir. Hey, why don’t we wind the clock back a bit to an average night before all this happened?”

Bob got out of bed, pulled on his boxers and T-shirt and walked round the room picking up discarded clothes and folding them up. Randy watched his lover as he had done earlier, only this time he was not tied to a chair. This time it was like every other night of their lives – Randy’s favorite moment of the day as he watched his lover and stroked his cock.

Bob righted the chair lying on its side, then strolled over to his desk. He sat down and opened the same file he had perused earlier. He frowned as he concentrated on the pages until Randy said, “Hey, buddy, you coming to bed?”

“Sure,” Bob said. He closed the file, stood up and stretched. He rolled his head to relax his neck muscles and yawned. Randy watched as Bob pulled his shirt off over his head and draped it over a chair back, then dropped his shorts. He walked naked to the bed and climbed in beside Randy who folded his arms round him.

“So,” Randy said softly in his ear, “are we back, buddy?”

“Randy, we never went away.”


The next morning everything seemed back to normal, the regular routine, except that the grapevine was even more active than usual, with the boys especially getting up to speed on what had happened overnight and the prospects for today.

Will was up at 6am as usual to do the breakfasts and Kevin insisted that he was well enough to help. But Bob stood firm that he had to spend at least another morning quietly to make sure his recuperation was complete. So they reached a compromise. Kyle would help Will in the kitchen and Kevin would stay in the guestroom working on menus for the coming week. After that it would be business as usual.

Breakfast was livelier than ever, and every man’s arrival was scrutinized by the boys for signs of the guy’s mood. Eddie seemed a bit disappointed that every mood was buoyant. He had expected some trailing clouds of smoldering resentment that would be extra fodder for the grapevine. But no, if anything there was a palpable sense of relief in the air.

Bob and Randy had emerged all smiles, and Mark and Jamie were among the last to appear in the after-glow of morning sex. So no drama there, Eddie thought.

Randy had phoned Seth and urged him to drop by the office on his way up to Steve’s house, and Bob now huddled with Jamie and Brandon to fill them in on what to expect and what to tell Seth. Will and Kyle had taken their usual bow in apron and chef’s hats, bearing the good tidings that Kevin was fully recovered and would be back in the kitchen later today.

Randy and Zack had their heads together in discussions about the new project they were starting up. Zack would be in charge of hiring the crew and he had agreed to interview Seth if he was interested in a job with them.

And so the men eventually dispersed to their various jobs with, as Eddie noted, renewed vigor and a spring to their steps. Darius noticed the disappointed on his pal’s face and said as he left, “Sorry to disappoint, kiddo. Looks like a no-drama day.”

Eddie scoffed, “It’s never a no-drama day, dude – even if I have to make stuff up.”


In the office later when Jamie and Brandon were working together as usual Jamie said, “You know, Brandon, how Bob told us to try and avoid intimidating Seth with office procedures he might find unfamiliar. He’s a tough husky guy a bit like Randy, but he’s fallen on hard times so his pride is wounded. So maybe he’d be more comfortable if a younger guy explained all the stuff about money and jobs.”

“Especially one in a wheelchair, eh dude?”

Jamie blushed. “Of course I didn’t mean that, dipshit. It’s just that you have this quiet matter-of-fact approach that puts everyone at ease.” But they both understood the unstated undercurrent of the situation. Seth was most confused about his attraction to men, and meeting the gorgeous blond California surfer might knock him off balance and distract him from the business at hand.

“Anyway, kiddo, you usually handle personnel matters and I’m still wading through this budget for the new project. But I’ll be here in the background if you need any help.”

“Of course I’ll handle it, Jamie. I already saw Seth just that once when he tried to snatch Will and got in that big fight with Randy, so I’d like to get a closer look after everything I’ve heard about him since. And Will has become a good buddy so knowing his dad better might help me relieve some of Will’s anxiety about him.”

They got back to work and were both concentrating hard on their computers when there was a knock on the door and Jamie opened it. “You must be Seth, sir. Please come in, we were expecting you.”

Brandon looked up from his computer and his cock stiffened. He had forgotten what a handsome hunk the man was, with the same wild, sexy look as Randy – tall, muscular, rugged face, stubbled jaw, long shaggy hair and pale blue eyes. But his strong macho appearance did not match his hesitancy and obvious discomfort at being here.

“Randy alerted us that you would be dropping by for some preliminary information about job openings. My colleague Brandon handles personnel matters so I’ll leave him to fill you in.”

Brandon looked up from his wheelchair and held out his hand. Seth took it but then recognition hit. “Oh, you’re the same kid who …”

“Water under the bridge, sir,” Brandon interrupted. “This is about jobs and hiring, and I should stress that personnel matters are strictly confidential so anything we say stays right here.”

“Look, kid,” Seth said gruffly, “I’m not looking for any favors or a handout here just because I…”
Again Brandon interrupted. “Oh no, sir, you would be doing us a favor. The Company has this big project opening up and we’re putting together a whole new crew, and these days it’s not easy to find construction guys who, er, fit in with our team. So thank you for coming in, sir, we really appreciate it.”

He saw Seth visibly relax as he explained the project, the needs they had, and gave him an application form. “The man in charge of this project is Zack, sir, and he’ll be doing the hiring. He often interviews guys right here after he gets home for work. If you decide that you’re interested in a job with us I could set up an appointment for you at 6pm if that’s convenient.”

Primed earlier by Bob, Brandon added, “There is one other program we have for prospective employees. We understand that new hires may need assistance before the paychecks start coming in, so we do offer no-interest bridging loans to help men get stable before starting work.

“Like I said, kid, I don’t want no handouts.”

“Oh, believe me, sir, the Company does this in its own self-interest, to promote goodwill and loyalty among the crew. The bosses know from experience that a lump sum can be a real help sometimes for men between jobs.” That seemed to calm Seth down and Brandon concluded the interview with, “Would you like time to think about all this, sir?”

But before he could answer, the door suddenly flew open and Will burst in. “Dude, you’ll never guess what Kyle …”

There was a heavy silence as Seth got to his feet and stared at a startled Will, wearing his dark green apron over T-shirt and shorts, his chef’s hat at a jaunty angle, his tousled red hair poking out underneath. His freckled face blushed deeply and he blinked nervously behind his glasses.

There was a frozen moment until Seth said, “Hey Will.”

Will gulped. “H … Hello, sir. I … didn’t know you were here …” Another silence, then, “Er, Brandon, you’re busy and I shouldn’t have barged in like that. Sorry, dude, I’ll come back later.” He rushed back out of the office.

Seth sat down heavily and Brandon could see tears coming to his eyes. “Sir, it’s none of my business but I do want to say that Will is doing great and he’s very happy here. He loves his job in the kitchen and has made a lot of friends. I … I just didn’t want you to worry, sir.”

“Yeah, thanks, kid … for saying that. And, er, about that job. I don’t need time to think. I’ll be here. Six o’clock, you say, with this guy Zack? Yeah, I’ll be here … definitely.”

“Excellent, sir. I’ll tell Zack to expect you. It was a pleasure to meet you, sir.”


Will dashed back into the kitchen and Kyle said, “Hey, hey, what’s up, Will? What’s happened?”

“I shouldn’t have gone … I barged into the office and my dad was there taking to Brandon. I haven’t seen him since that day he …”

“Hey, chill out kiddo. You knew Seth would be applying for a job with the company. He was on his way up to Steve’s house for a shrink session and word is that Steve’s gonna ask him if he wants to rent the guesthouse up there that Hassan used to have. Bob and Randy are trying to help the guy out, put him back on his feet.”

Kyle smiled reassuringly. “But that does not include having you meet with him any time soon. Randy’s in charge of that and you know he won’t let your dad near you until he thinks Seth’s good and ready. That chance meeting in the office was unfortunate but …”

Suddenly the door flew open and Kevin breezed in. He threw his arms in the air with, “He’s Baaack! Bob released me from prison and here I am – or rather here we are, the terrible trio back together.”

Kyle hugged his brother and they both hugged Will. Will laughed and anxiety over his dad evaporated in the joy of being back at work with the two men he loved.
“OK,” Kevin said, “so let’s see what kind of mess you two have made while I’ve been gone …”


While Will’s mind was being diverted to happier thoughts, Seth was still fixated on the image of his boy as he drove up the hill toward Mulholland and Steve’s place. He loved that Will was happy in his new life. He looked real cute in that chef’s outfit and certainly seemed a whole lot better than when they lived together and he had … He pounded his hands on the steering wheel at the thought of how he had abused that sweet kid and made him run away from home.

But Seth knew that at last he was being given a chance to straighten his life out and stop being such a loser. He might even make Will proud of him, he really wanted that. He felt sure it was all thanks to Randy … and as soon as he thought of Randy his cock got hard. Seth realized now that sex had been at the core of his problems, always having to deny his own sexual urges.

But Randy had shown him a different way, and the few other men he had met in his group seemed like decent guys. He actually looked forward to his second session with Steve, a man he felt he could trust, in spite of his strange methods – or because of them. He remembered his time in Steve’s gym with Lloyd and Tommy … aah, that gorgeous blond gymnast with the ‘buns of death’ as Lloyd called his ass.

He wasn’t sure of a new job with this guy called Zack. He dimly recalled that Randy had mentioned him but couldn’t remember what he said about him. Ah, he was probably the same kind of big-headed construction boss like so many he had worked under. But he had learned to grit his teeth and control his temper – until he didn’t and lost his job.

When at last he drove up the long drive to Steve’s big house Tommy was waiting for him at the door, in the same tight black pants he was wearing before. “Good to see you again, sir, Steve’s waiting for you in his office. Come on through, follow me.”

Just like last time Seth couldn’t take his eyes off that ass, the hard globes flexing under the tight pants as he walked with that gymnast strut. Steve got up from his desk smiling broadly and shook Seth’s hand. Welcome back, Seth, good to see you. Thank you, Tommy, you’ll be around won’t you?”

“Absolutely, sir, anything you want.” Seth turned his head and watched the gorgeous ass leaving the room. The direction of his gaze was not lost on Steve who said, “Right, take a seat Seth and we’ll get started.”

Steve eased into the session by asking Seth a series of easy questions, drawing him out as much as possible. They quickly got onto the subject of sex and Seth told him about the last time he was here, how Randy had taken him down the path to the guesthouse and he had fucked Randy, the first and only time in his life he had ever fucked a guy.

“Then Randy surprised me by tying me up and fucking me. Doc, I gotta tell you, that bondage stuff was a real turn-on, like, being at a guy’s mercy. Do you think that makes me kinda weird?”

“Not at all, Seth. A lot of the guys round here get into that, even big macho top guys like you.”

“Anyway we slept for few hours until Tommy came to tell Randy he was urgently needed at home and he ran off like a bat out of hell. I think there was some big problem, and it was probably me that caused it as usual.”

“Seth, I know all about that incident and I can assure you that you were not to blame. But it’s clear you are feeling your way with the whole sex issue which can sure be a tangle of emotions for a man new to it all like yourself. OK, so how many men have you fucked so far?”

Seth frowned. “Well, only Randy of course. I … I think I might be in love with him, or lust or some damn thing. I sure wanna fuck him again. ‘Course, the last time I was here I fooled around in your gym downstairs with Lloyd and Tommy and I got … what d’ya call it … spit roasted? And then I kinda lost my mind and sucked that Marine’s dick. Well you were there, you saw the whole thing. But no, Randy’s the only guy I’ve fucked, the only guy I really want.”

“Hmm, you see that’s a problem, Seth. I feel certain that sexually you are drawn exclusively to men but you’ll never be able to fully indulge your desires unless you wean yourself away from Randy.” Seth looked startled and Steve was quick to add, “Oh I’m not suggesting that you avoid Randy completely. But you can’t focus the whole of your sex life on him alone.

“See, I have formed the opinion that you are a very sexual creature, like Randy, and deep down you’re what we flippantly call an ‘ass man’, happiest when you’re fucking ass – or you would be if you could find another ass to fuck. So I would encourage that.”

The rest of the time they got onto other aspects of Seth’s life and plans for his future. Steve was very enthusiastic about the prospect of his working for Zack and, when their fifty-minute session was almost over he said, “There is another subject I wanted touch on Seth – where you live. You told me you hate your present house and you’re behind on your rent, so I suggest a move. That guesthouse down the path that you and Randy used last time … did you like it?”

“Yeah, doc, seemed like a great place – quiet, great views. A guy could be comfortable there”

“Well the thing is, it’s for rent. Our previous tenant Hassan, a guy you’ll no doubt meet in due course, moved out some weeks ago and Lloyd and I have been looking for just the right tenant. That’s hard to find, as the guy will be living so close to us, but you come highly recommended by Randy so I wondered if you would be interested. We’re so keen on getting the right tenant that we are offering the first month free. Would you like to take another look at the place and see what you think?”

“Yeah … yeah, sure, doc, I guess …”

“Good, let me have Tommy show it to you. As our house manager he knows more about the place than I do, all its features and quirks. I’ll just check that he’s not busy.” Steve went to the kitchen and told Tommy of the plan. “Er, what do you think of Seth, Tommy?”

“I like him, sir, and I think he’s real hot. Reminds me of Randy in some ways.”

“Good, I’m glad you feel that way. Seth was in the guesthouse with Randy one time but,” he grinned, “he was focused other things than the house. So I’d like you to show him the place –take as much time as you need. I want Seth to feel at home there so, er, anything he needs …”

“Sir, I know exactly what you mean. And I think I know what Seth needs. I’d be happy to oblige.”

“Remember, Tommy, don’t do anything you don’t want to do, that’s a firm rule.”

“I certainly won’t, sir. You see, I know exactly what I need too.”


Tommy came into Steve’s office and said, “Sir, The doctor has asked me to show you the guesthouse, so if you would follow me. It’s just down the path … as you know already,” he added with an impish smile.

Seth followed Tommy from the room, fixated as always on his flawless ass. He was so mesmerized by it he was kind of disappointed when Tommy waited for him to catch up and they walked down the steep dirt path side by side.

“The previous tenants were Hassan and his boy Eddie. You met them the last time you were here, the time you …” He tailed off, wary of bringing up what Seth had done on his previous visit. But Seth completed his sentence.

“… the time I sucked the soldier’s dick. I went kinda crazy, I guess. Er, do you think my behavior then will spoil my chances of getting the guesthouse?”

Tommy chuckled. “Absolutely not, sir. It increases your chances – shows you are one of us.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Seth said brusquely.

“I’m sorry, sir, I shouldn’t have said that. It’s not my place to get into personal issues. So here’s the house. Parking is up at the main house as there’s only that narrow dirt path down here. Inside Tommy showed Seth around, pointing out the various features of the small house.

In the bedroom Tommy looked at the disheveled bed and said, “Oh, I’m sorry sir but I haven’t got round to changing the bed after you and Randy …” He winced – back on thin ice again. “Here, I’ll cover it with this blanket.” Tommy leaned forward and stretched over the bed, giving Seth a spectacular view of his ass pointing straight up at him. “Damn,” he moaned softly – but loud enough that Tommy heard him.

Recovering from the awkwardness Tommy said, “Out here there is a utility closet with a washer and dryer. We’ve had problems with the washer but it’s fixed now. If problems recur feel free to call me and I’ll service it and … er, that goes for anything else you find you need.”

There was a palpable tension in the air that Tommy tried to defuse when they got to the kitchen. “It’s a small kitchen, sir, but very workable. And a full-size fridge, stocked with beer and wine to welcome the next tenant. Er, would you care for beer now, sir? You could sit here and get the feel of the place – the vibes, or what they called in olden times the household gods.”

“Yeah sure,” Seth said. As they sat facing each other across the kitchen table sipping beer Seth said suddenly, “Look, kid, level with me. How much has the doc told you about me?”

“Oh nothing, sir. His therapy sessions are strictly confidential.”

“OK, so let me level with you. When you told me just now, ‘you’re one of us’, it made me mad but … I kinda liked the sound of it too. See, I’m sexually fucked up – it’s like I want it but I don’t.”

“But you do,” Tommy grinned, which lessened the tension and made Seth smile.

“I mean, the last time I was up here I watched Lloyd fuck you, Tommy, and it drove me wild. You have a spectacular ass, you know that of course.”

“It seems to turn certain guys on, yes sir. Before I took up gymnastics I was an ice skater, a sport that builds great asses, as you know if you’ve ever watched figure skating.”

“But don’t that drive you mad, guys staring at your ass all the time?”

“Not at all. I’m kind of vain, a bit of an exhibitionist and – as you might have guessed, sir – I love to feel a man’s dick in my ass. I still recall the first time Randy butt-fucked me at the hotel I worked at. A trip to the moon that was.”

Seth’s eyes gleamed. “Randy’s fucked you?”

“Oh many times,” Tommy smiled. “I prefer big macho dominant types like Randy … similar to the way you are, sir,”

“But you told me you have a, what d’ya call it, a boy friend?”

Tommy chuckled, “Oh Danny doesn’t mind. He gets fucked too. See, Randy made a rule in the tribe. We can fuck around all we like provided it stays in the tribe, never outside.”

There was another silence as they took long swigs of beer. “Sir,” Tommy said, “you asked me to level with you so I’ll stick my neck out here. I’ve noticed you staring at my ass and I’ve also seen the permanent bulge in your jeans. So my question is, do you want to fuck me?”

Startled by the blunt question Seth blurted out, “Sure I do … I mean no, hell no.”

“But hell yes you do, sir?”

Seth sighed. “I told you I was new to all this, kid. Of course I wanna shove my dick in that perfect ass. But … but I’m not sure I know how to. What I mean is, the only guy I’ve ever fucked is Randy and we went at it like two wild animals. But a beautiful young jock like you? I mean I wouldn’t wanna hurt you, or anything, and I’m sure I would if I jackhammered you.”

“The thing is, sir, you don’t exactly jackhammer an ass like mine – you make love to it. Would you like to try it, sir?”

“Like now? Here? We don’t have time … what would Steve say?”

Tommy laughed. “Doctor Steve would be all for it, sir. In fact I rather think he was hoping for it.”

Seth grinned. “Damn, that doc is something else. I like the guy.”

“You say you’re new to all this, sir, but I’m not. I’ve shown other guys how to fuck and, to tell you the truth, the minute I saw you my heart missed a beat. You are such a stud, a real man – powerful, muscular, with that rugged look of a gypsy, like Randy. Let me put it this way. Please fuck my ass, sir. I want it real bad.”

They stood up facing each other and Seth clamped his hand round the blond’s head and pulled his face to him in a savage, grinding kiss. Tommy loved the construction worker’s beery taste but it was too rough. He pulled back and smiled. “Let me show you another way, sir.”

He stretched out his tongue and licked Seth’s lips, then pressed their closed mouths gently together. He eased his tongue between Seth’s lips and licked his tongue. Seth reciprocated, curbing his desire to eat the boy’s mouth, and made love to it instead. His cock was rock hard in his jeans as he ran his fingers through Tommy’s blond hair and their mouths sealed tight so they were sharing the same breath back and forth.

Finally Tommy pulled back and smiled. “That’s how you make love … and it’s the same when you fuck.”

“Damn, I never knew you could make love to a man like that. With Randy it was, like, rough, man-on-man, almost like a contest.”

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that, Seth ...” (time to lose the ‘sir’ he thought) “… but there are lots of ways of loving a man. That’s what makes it all so great. Come with me.”

They went into the bedroom and faced each other. Tommy reached behind his neck and pulled his gray T-shirt off over his head. Seth gazed spellbound at the beautiful, flaw-free gymnast, stripped to the waist, tight black pants hugging his slim waist and muscled thighs.

Tommy smiled and nodded to Seth who pulled his own shirt off. He ran his hand over the construction worker’s hairy chest. “You are such a hot, sexy man, Seth. Please, I would like to see you naked.”

Quickly, clumsily, Seth pulled off his boots and pushed down his jeans. His massive cock sprang out and Tommy stared at it wide-eyed. “Now you,” Seth said. Tommy slipped off his shoes and unbuttoned his black pants. He turned his back to Seth and lowered his pants over his ass, slowly revealing the firm, perfect white globes.

Impulsively Seth slapped the cheeks then grabbed the ass in claw-like hands and squeezed them painfully. “No wait, Seth. Make love to them as we did just now. Try on your knees.”

Seth sank to his knees and breathed deeply to calm his frenzy. He leaned forward and licked the white globes, bit them gently, then pushed his tongue between them and buried his face in the soft, downy fuzz of the jock’s ass.”

At last Tommy pulled away, turned round and let Seth see that his cock was already dripping pre-cum. Tommy lay on his back on the bed and slid his heels back giving Seth a perfect view of his perfect ass. “Please, sir. It’s yours. I want to feel you inside me so bad.”

Seth knelt on the bed, pushed Tommy’s knees back a bit farther and pressed his cock between the cheeks. He stopped, uncertain what to do next. This was not Randy where he would have plunged his cock in savagely.

Guidance came again from Tommy. “Push in just over the sphincter and stop, Seth.” He did as instructed and gasped. The head of his cock was enveloped in the soft warm membrane of Tommy’s ass. He was inside the beautiful ass of the muscular blond athlete.

“Now, ease in gently and slowly, Seth. Above all don’t cum. If you feel you’re about to shoot, stop and take a deep breath.” Again Seth obeyed and felt the sensuous warmth move slowly up to length of his cock until it came to rest in velvet softness deep inside. For a moment he thought he would cum so he pulled back a little and smiled at Tommy. “Just in time,” Seth said. “OK, kid, I think I got the hang of it. I can take it from here.”

And so for the first time in his life Seth made love to a beautiful young man. Seth had already sucked, been fucked, spit roasted and had fucked savagely. But this time was no trial of strength. It was soft, sweet, loving – in the head as much as the cock. He gazed down at the chiseled features of the blond jock and pulled his cock back, paused, and then pushed again.

“Fuck,” he breathed. “This feels so … so fucking incredible, man. Man, that ass. Damn, I could cum over and over again inside you.”

“No don’t, Seth. You feel so good inside me I want it to last. You’re so hot.” He reached up pulled Seth’s head down and they kissed lovingly while Seth eased in and out of Tommy’s ass.

When Seth pulled back Tommy pressed his palms on his chest, digging his fingers into the slabs of his pecs, staring up into his blue eyes. He loved his rugged maleness, a macho construction worker who had never made love to another man like this before. He was clumsy, unsure, but sexy as hell. It was a perfect match between a handsome, sophisticated young jock and a rugged laborer learning how to make love.

The love making went on and on until Seth said, “Your ass is so fucking hot, boy, it’s driving me wild. I wanna pump my jizz in you, man.”

“Me too, Seth and I’ll tell you how. Deep inside there’s an inner sphincter. Fuck me harder a few times, then plunge in real deep.” Seth smiled, leaned forward and pinned Tommy’s wrists to the bed. “You’re trapped now, boy. Your ass is mine.”

Testosterone surged through Seth as he held the handsome young athlete captive, fucked harder, deeper until suddenly the head of his cock passed over the inner sphincter and erupted in the fiery depths of the jock’s ass. His screams bounced off the walls as he stared in disbelief at the blond gymnast writhing beneath him, his own cock pumping juice over his perfect body.

They gazed at each other for long minutes until Tommy’s face broke into a smile. “And that, sir, is how you make love to a man – and his ass. You were spectacular, sir. And I do hope you decide to rent this house. It would be great having you living just down the hill from us.”

“Don’t forget, Tommy, you did say I could call on you if I need anything when I’m living here.”

“Absolutely, sir, anything at all.” Tommy grinned. “And you don’t even have to wait until the washer breaks down again.”


Seth’s encounter with Tommy had had a profound effect on him. He felt empowered, his manhood restored. And later in the day when he drove back to the tribe’s compound to meet with Zack in the business office he was confident at not having to fake it as he always had with other construction bosses, hiding his sexual inclinations from them and himself.

He didn’t know much about this Zack. When Randy had mentioned him he hadn’t paid attention, he had been so into Randy. But he was probably like all the other bosses who had treated him like dirt with their swaggering machismo making him feel inferior. Well this time he wouldn’t be intimidated, he would stand up for himself, not be ashamed of what he was.

But his resolve almost failed him when he walked into the office and found the guy waiting for him. Zack stood up and gave him a bone crushing handshake. Yeah, Seth thought, this was one of those guys alright, making it clear right off the bat that he was the tough, macho boss.

The trouble was that Seth had a boner in his pants just looking at the man, shirtless in black jeans and boots. He was one for those powerful black guys, his muscular body like it was etched in ebony. His handsome face, shaved head and penetrating gray eyes were enough to intimidate any man. But one thing Seth was not gonna do was call this hunk sir, boss or not.”

They sat down and Zack talked about the company and the job for a while, then asked if Seth had any questions. Seth screwed up his courage, looked Zack full in the eye and said, “Look, man, there’s one thing I wanna make clear so there’s no trouble later. Truth is, lately I’ve been screwing around with guys – you know, sexually … I mean fucking, the whole thing. Now if that’s a problem for you say so right now and I’ll get the hell out of here.”
Seth glared at him and Zack stared right back. Suddenly Zack threw his head back and roared with laughter till tears came to his eyes. “Shit damn, Seth, I’m sorry to laugh but that is fucking perfect. You thought I was the kinda guy to look down on you because of who you screwed?”

“You mean …?”

“I mean, Seth, that I’ve been a buddy of Randy for years. Hell, we’ve fucked, often. And dude, I know all about you and Randy and the other guys. One thing you’ll have to learn around here is that everyone knows what everyone else does almost as soon as it happens. So it’s cool, dude. You do what you want and fuck who you want. No concern of mine.”

Seth felt a mix of relief and resentment that this guy knew all about him. But Zack was quick to put him at his ease. “Listen Seth, I don’t go in for all this job interview shit. I judge men by my gut instinct. Hey, you got any plans for dinner? ‘Cos there’s a few guys I live with I want you to meet. We’ll be making dinner for ourselves tonight, so I’d like you to join us.”

“Well, sure, I guess, if …”

“Great, and after dinner we’ll show you a few of the ways we relax. From what I hear about you I have a strong feeling you’ll be real interested. Come on man, follow me.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Book 9: Chapter 40

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