Chapter 26


At the Grady House, the estate owned by the handsome Italian Mario and his movie-star lover Grady, shy young Will feels embarrassed and intimidated in the presence of the big-screen Tarzan. But that changes when he watches the two beautiful men make love. Will has always insisted that butt-fucking is off limits for him, but when he gazes down at the naked muscle-jock on the bed the temptation is too strong.

In the previous chapter

The twins’ boy, innocent newcomer Will, was not only their assistant in the kitchen. The twins wanted him to have a fulfilling role in the tribe, and also an opportunity to get familiar with the other men and boys.  So they created a new job for Will – as roving chef, going to assist at other houses in the tribe when they needed help in the kitchen.

The latest call for help had come from the Grady House, the large estate owned by the handsome Italian Mario and his movie-star lover, the big-screen Tarzan. They lived there behind high walls, hedges and security cameras to keep out prying paparazzi eyes.

Will worked there in the kitchen with the Grady House chef Danny. When he took a mid-morning break he was walking round the extensive grounds with his pug dog Norman, when he stumbled across Grady sitting on the ground in a depressed mood after a difficult week at the studio. Will had seen the Tarzan movie some time ago but now he didn’t recognize Grady.

Which was not really surprising. When the boys of the tribe mentioned Grady they never hinted that he was a movie star – just Mario’s lover. Plus, in the lonely and secluded life Will had lived it never occurred to him that he would ever meet a movie actor, let alone a big star.

So when he came face to face with Grady Will never thought to connect this handsome, rather disheveled jock in old shorts and tank top with his distant memory of the bronzed hero swinging from the trees in the movie. And Grady was reluctant to tell Will the truth. He wanted to be treated as a regular guy and knew that as soon as Will knew the truth he would be awestruck and freeze into silence. As it was, he was just a sweet, innocent kid with an affectionate dog.

Grady was easy to talk to and Will talked a lot. He said Grady was “almost as handsome” as the man he had seen in the movie. “That guy must be a great big star all over the world, and rich, don’t ya think? But I’ve heard that big stars like that can be a bit, like, vain and stuck up.”

Then Will got onto the thin ice of sex. “I’ve learned how to kiss and suck dick and, like, sixty-nine and drink cum and stuff. Only thing I won’t ever do is butt-fuck, sir, or let anyone near my ass.”

“Oh, why not?”

“Well, sir, first it would hurt a bunch. And … and I don’t think it’s real masculine to take a dick up your ass. I’ve seen real butch top men do it, like Pablo and Bob and Hassan, but that’s different ‘cos there was reasons they wanted it. But I don’t think top men really like getting fucked, do you? I mean, you, sir. You’re obviously a top man and I bet you fuck Mario’s ass like crazy, but you would never let anyone do it to you. You’d hate that as much as I would, wouldn’t you, sir?”

Grady loved Will’s innocent, youthful exuberance, but they were interrupted by the tribe’s big boss Randy and the rugged cop Mark who, at Mario’s suggestion, had come to cheer Grady up by doing to him what he loved best – getting his ass fucked. Will watched in awe, but it was after they had finished that the men let the cat out of the bag when Randy chuckled, “Maybe we should leave him tied up here so all the other guys can fuck him as they arrive.”

Mark grinned, “But his studio will have a hissy fit when the star don’t show up for work and the production shuts down. Damn, if we don’t set him free there won’t even be a Tarzan sequel.”

After they left Will frowned at Grady trying to process what he had just heard. “Sir, what they said. About you being the guy in the movie. Is it true?”

Grady winced. “Yeah, Will, I guess I should have told you but we were getting on so well and …”

“Oh no,” Will groaned miserably. “I’ve been so stupid, such an idiot. I should have guessed … why didn’t I realize? I’m sorry, sir, all those stupid things I said about movie stars, and then going on about my own sex life. I feel so embarrassed. I really didn’t know you’re a great big star. I’m sorry I said all those dumb things. I won’t bother you again, sir. Come on, Norman.”

With tears in his eyes Will ran away fast followed by Norman. He replayed in his mind the things he had said … ‘you’re almost as handsome as the guy in the movie’ … ‘‘stars are rich but can be vain and stuck up’ … ‘I wanted to jerk off looking at Tarzan’ … ‘I can sixty-nine and swallow cum’’ … ‘top men don’t get fucked’. Why had he babbled on like an idiot and said all those stupid things? If only he could take it all back. He couldn’t face Grady again. He would help Danny with lunch and then go home.

When he ran back into the kitchen Danny said, “Will, what’s the matter? What’s happened?”

But just then Grady came rushing in. “Sorry, Danny, but I need to speak to Will. Will, please look at me. It was all my fault, I should have told you. But it doesn’t make any difference, Will … I’m still the same me … I haven’t changed … You were great, I loved chatting to you … we can still be friends, can’t we?”

But Will was too embarrassed to look at him so Danny broke the awkward silence. “Sir, we’re coming to up the lunch crunch so maybe for now it would be better for Will to focus on that?”

“Yeah, yeah, sure, Danny. Sorry, I …” Grady ran his hand through his hair and wanted to go over and touch Will, but he stopped himself. “I … I … sorry guys. I’m sorry Will.” He stumbled outside and ran into Mario who was coming to check on the kitchen. He frowned at the anguished look on Grady’s face. Come va, amico, what’s happened? You look terrible.”

“Oh Mario, I fucked up so bad. It’s Will. I’ve been so stupid.” He told Mario the whole story, his conversation with Will and the boy’s dismay when he realized who Grady was. “We were getting along so well, Mario, he’s such a sweet kid. Everything was great until he found out about the Tarzan thing and it all changed. He said he felt stupid and embarrassed over what he had said.”

Si, amico, I can see why Will would be so upset. A big star can be very intimidating, especially for an inexperienced young boy like Will, and especially after he has poured out his secrets to you thinking you were just friendly Grady, Mario’s lover. Yes, I can see why he feels so embarrassed. He probably wants to leave here as soon as possible, but we can’t have that.”

“No, absolutely not, Mario, but what can I do to make Will see that I’m just the regular guy he chatted to at first, and help him get over this Tarzan bullshit? You know me, amico, the last thing I want is to hurt a sweet kid like Will. But I have hurt him … I’ve made such a mess.”

“Grady, amore. It was all very unfortunate but you are not to blame. You just wanted a friendship with the new boy without ‘the Tarzan bullshit’ as you call it getting in the way. But … I believe there may be something we can do to put things right,” Mario smiled.

“I have spoken to the twins about Will, and one odd thing sticks in my mind – his insistence that he could never fuck or get fucked. That’s an issue for the twins to sort out, but I do think it points to a way of making Will feel confident with you again. I think we should ask the twins and Will to stay the night so Will can get to know you better, Grady – in whatever way he chooses.

*****************   CHAPTER 426   ******************

As the young chef Danny had said, the lunch crunch was on and the men of the tribe were arriving at the Grady House for their monthly meeting.

So there was no time to address, or even think about, the problem that had so suddenly erupted when Will had found out that Grady, the handsome man he had been talking to, was the heart-throb star of the popular Tarzan movies. Will felt embarrassed and mortified that he had poured out all his secrets to him, and Grady felt huge guilt that he had not told Will the truth right away.

But all this had to be put on hold as things heated up in the kitchen. Danny’s lover Tommy had arrived from Steve’s house where he was house manager. An experienced party manager he was working with young Brian, Grady and Mario’s boy, who despite being in a wheelchair, was used to setting the outdoor table for the masters’ lunch. He shuttled from kitchen to table with dishes piled on his wheelchair tray table.

There would be eleven men, plus the hosts Mario and Grady. It was not only an occasion to discuss matters affecting the tribe and fixing problems, but also a chance for the top men of the tribe to socialize and swap stories that became increasingly raunchy as more wine was poured.

With Tommy and Brian doing duty out at the table Will was able to stay in the kitchen working with Danny. He was always most comfortable in a kitchen and, in any case, felt he could not possibly go out and face Grady again after what Will considered his own embarrassing performance earlier when he had talked so in impulsively and indiscreetly.

Had he known that Grady was a major celebrity he would have been intimidated into silence, something he now fervently wished had happened. Never mind, he had made a fool of himself, he thought, and would put it all behind him. He would finish helping Danny cook the lunches, then quietly leave with his dog Norman and never come back.

Will wasn’t the only one nursing regrets. Grady was at the table with Mario and all the masters of the tribe, something he normally enjoyed as everyone treated him as just a regular one of the guys. But this time he was less lively than usual as he thought of poor Will and blamed himself for being the cause of his distress. Mario had said they would put things right later, but in the meantime Grady hated the thought of Will being unhappy in the kitchen.

On one of Brian’s trips out to the table Grady pulled him aside for a quiet word. Grady loved the quiet, earnest youngster whom he had made his boy. He always told Brian that during tough days at the studio he longed to get home to Brian and ‘dish the dirt’ with him. He confided everything to Brian, and now unloaded his anxiety about Will. Brian listened carefully, blinking solemnly behind his wire-frame glasses.

“Sir,” he said when Grady had finished, “I understand exactly what Will is feeling. Don’t you remember how shy and uncomfortable I was when I first came here and discovered you were this big star? I couldn’t think of anything to say, but if I had blabbed out all my secrets as Will did I would have been so embarrassed I would have run away.

“But that’s just it, kiddo. I’m afraid that’s what Will’s gonna do after lunch is over. And it’s all my fault. Do you think I behaved badly?”

Brian frowned earnestly. “I do think you made a mistake, sir, in not telling Will the truth about yourself right away. But I wouldn’t say you behaved badly. Look, sir, would you like me to have a word with him? We get along well and I can talk to him, you know, boy to boy.”

“Please Brian, that would be wonderful. I’m sure he doesn’t want to face me, so tell him I’m really sorry and I want us to be friends. Persuade him to stick around – please, kiddo.”

Brian smiled at last. “For you, sir, anything. You know that.”

Grady kissed him on the lips. “I love you, kid, and tomorrow we’ll get together and dish about the party. I love doing that with you – best part of the whole thing.”


Lunch was a noisy affair, mixing tribal business with stories, sexual innuendos and a whole lot of laughter. Finally they came to dessert – Will’s rhubarb pie with ice cream or yoghurt for the health conscious, which most of the men were. When Brian came out with the coffee and an assortment of after-dinner drinks the meal wound down, though the men became no less rowdy.

The kitchen staff took a breather before the cleanup happened. Danny and his lover Tommy went off to a secluded part of the garden to relieve their pent up desires for each other and Brian said, “Will, while Danny’s away I usually chill for a while outside. D’you wanna join me?”

Will had been planning a discreet departure but he liked Brian so a few minutes with him would be OK. They took a jug of ice-tea to a table just outside the kitchen and drank in silence for a while. Then Brian launched into the topic that was hanging over them like a cold mist.

“Dude, I wanted to talk to you about you and Grady. He told me what happened between you.”

Will bristled. “Oh yeah, I suppose he’s told everyone by now and the whole tribe’s having a good laugh over the crazy new boy who can’t keep his stupid mouth shut.”

It was Brian’s turn to bristle and he blushed slightly. “Will that’s not fair. Grady would never blab about private stuff like that to the other guys. He’s real upset and angry with himself, but he’s only told Mario and me ‘cos we’re his family. He’s the most wonderful, kindest man you’ll ever meet and he would never want to hurt a boy like you.”

“Sorry, Brian, I didn’t mean that.”

“That’s OK, dude, ‘cos I know how you feel. I was in your place once when I first met Grady and was nervous and tongue-tied ‘cos I’d never met a film star before. But he was great to me and over time I got to love him and he asked me to be his boy.”

“That’s great for you, dude, but he’s still a movie star and I’m just a dumb …”

“Will, let me tell you about Grady. See, there are two different Gradys – three actually. First, there’s the movie actor at the Warner studios. He loves his work, and he’s real popular with the cast and crew he works with every day. He’s the life and soul of the party there and keeps things going even when problems crop up, which they do all the time. This morning he was in a bad mood ‘cos he’d had a real tough week at the studio – lost his temper a couple of times.

“Second of all, there’s the Grady you saw on the screen and probably online and in magazines – the big heartthrob celebrity. That part he really don’t like – all the P.R. appearances, press, paparazzi, promotions where he has to smile and be charming all the time. Oh, he’s great with his fans, but it’s exhausting and scares him too ‘cos it don’t feel real to him, he has to pretend.

“And then, number three, there’s the real Grady – the one who lives here, the lover of Mario and my friend. He has to keep the other world, his public world, outside behind those high walls and gates, which is why we have such elaborate security. He loves it here where he can be himself and not have people staring in awe at him. All those men with him right now treat him like a regular guy, one of them, and he loves that.

“And the guy you met was that real Grady. He was thrilled that you didn’t recognize him. To you he was just Mario’s lover and he loved the way you talked to him and shared your thoughts.”

“But why didn’t he tell me who he was?”

“The answer to that, dude, is in what happened when you did find out. You ran away from him. All the time here he tries to be just a normal guy, and he succeeds most of the time. He knew that once you realized who he was you’d have stars in your eyes and wouldn’t see the real Grady anymore. You’d only see the movie star and it would intimidate you and you wouldn’t talk to him anymore, not really talk to him like you did at first.

“I’ll tell you one last thing, dude. Grady gets so tired of all the glamor and sophistication and he loves boys like us, especially the shy, innocent ones. They are the total opposite of his jet-set movie-star world. And believe me, Will, he would never do anything, anything to hurt a boy like that. That’s why he is so upset now, ‘cos he knows he has hurt you. And that’s why he’s scared you will run away and never speak to him again.

“And that, dude, is why I’ve talked to you, much more than I usually do. I usually let other guys do the talking. And that’s why I’m asking you not to leave, Will. Please, it would hurt Grady so much and … and I love him.”

Will stirred the ice in his glass with his straw and frowned in thought as Brian continued. “Dude, all the boys of the tribe will be here in a couple of hours, and the twins too, and they and Danny will need help in the kitchen for the big dinner tonight. I think they would feel real unhappy if you were not here, Will. You are now one of the chefs … you can’t let them down just because something upset and embarrassed you. Your place is here, dude.”

That last bit clinched the deal, the appeal to his professional duties and his work ethic. No, he couldn’t let the twins down. “OK, Brian. I’ll stick around ‘cos they need me. Nobody ever needed me before. Feels good.”


“Hey you guys, you gonna sit here dishing all day?” It was Danny, with a big smile and the obvious afterglow of sex with his lover Tommy in a quiet corner of the garden. As they all went back into the kitchen Will said shyly to Danny, “Oh, er, I will be sticking around all day if that’s OK with you, sir?”

“OK?” Danny grinned, “it’s essential, dude. I need you, can’t do without you. You were terrific at lunch, but even with the twins’ help it’s a big job keeping the crowd of hungry men and boys fed. But first we gotta go and take our bow for lunch – it’s kinda traditional, the men expect it.”

They made an impressive quartet. Another tradition was that each house had its own color aprons. Will was in the tribe’s dark green, of course. Danny and Brian wore the Grady House burgundy, and Tommy, manager of Steve’s house, was in navy blue. Danny, Will and Brian put on jaunty chefs’ hats and they all went out to receive the men’s thanks.

Randy always took the leading role at masters’ meetings like this and he now shouted above the chatter, “Guys, listen up. It’s time to thank the chefs and servers who provided this great fucking meal for all of us. So raise your glasses, gentlemen, to Danny, Brian, Tommy and Will.”

A loud jumble of voices shouted all the names and, in their usual ritual, the boys took off their hats and flourished them in a dramatic deep bow. Then they set about clearing the table.

In all of this Will carefully avoided eye contact with Grady as he moved around the table. But as he gathered up the water glasses he was so nervous when he came to Grady that he knocked one over and some of the water dripped on Grady’s lap. Will flushed deep red and murmured, “Sorry, sir,” dabbing at the water with a napkin, still not making eye contact.

“It’s OK, dude,” Grady said and touched Will’s wrist, but he pulled it back and hurried back to the kitchen with his tray.” Grady sighed and looked helplessly at Mario who smiled, “Pazienza, amico. It will take a while. Later … you’ll see.”

Will was still blushing when he got back to the kitchen, but there was a ton of work to do cleaning up after lunch and setting up for the afternoon and evening. Brian took up his usual post at the dishwashers. Stationed there in his wheelchair he had a knack of loading them fuller than anyone else while the other guys handed plates to him.

Eventually it was all done and when the twins arrived Kyle laughed, “Hey, Kevin, check it out – the perfect kitchen. These guys have got everything under control, they don’t need us. We’re out of here, bro.”

“The hell you are,” Danny laughed. “Pretty soon the hordes will descend and we’ll be feeding more than two dozen hungry mouths. Your boy Will has been great during lunch but we’ll need all hands on deck this evening. So you’re staying, even if we have to tie you down.”

“Promises, promises,” grinned Kevin. “But, tempting as it sounds, don’t let’s go there right now, dudes, or they’ll have to whistle for their food.”

“OK, dude, bondage is out,” Danny chuckled. “Anyway, the rush won’t start for an hour or so, so why don’t you guys take Will out into the garden and relax for a while.”

The men had split into small groups in various places in the garden and the twins headed naturally to where Grady and Mario were talking to Randy and Bob. But Will steered them in the other direction. “Sirs, could we go this way to that bench over there under the trees?”

A bit surprised the twins agreed and when they were sitting together on the bench Kevin said, “So, Will, how do you like the Grady House? Impressive ain’t it?”

“Yes, sir … it’s very nice,” the boy said lamely and the twins exchanged glances. Something was up. “Anything on your mind, Will?” Kyle asked.

“Sirs, there’s something I gotta tell you. It’s about Grady …” And the whole painful story poured out. The twins let their boy talk and listened in silence. “So you see, sirs, I made a total fool of myself, shooting my mouth off not knowing Grady was this big celebrity. I mean, he’s Tarzan, sirs. I’ve never met a movie star before. If I had known I would …

“… you would have kept quiet and just stared at him in awe,” Kyle interrupted him at last. “Your mouth would have opened and closed like a goldfish and that would have been the end of it – exactly what Grady knew would happen if he told you who he was. He hates it when guys are intimidated by him. He longs to be treated just like all the other guys.”

“That’s what Brian told me, sir. I planned on leaving here right after lunch but Brian said I had a job to do and shouldn’t desert Danny and you guys in the kitchen. So I’m staying, sir, but I can’t speak to Grady again.”

“Why ever not?” Kevin asked. ”I don’t see the problem. OK, maybe you made a clumsy start with Grady, but he’s a great guy and only wants to be friends with you.”

“But I feel so embarrassed and he is this big star, the Tarzan I saw in the movie, so gorgeous I wanted to jerk off looking at him. Maybe you guys treat him like an ordinary guy but I could never do that, especially after making such a fool of myself in front of him.”

He had run out of steam and the twins glanced at each other again. Kyle said, “Well that’s a pity, Will, ‘cos Mario called us earlier with an invitation. He suggested that, as it would be a late evening, we three should stay the night here. We thought it would be a blast for us all to spend the night in a fancy house like this.”

Kevin took over. “So we checked around and Nate offered to handle breakfast at the house tomorrow morning. Jamie and Eddie will help him and there won’t be many guys for breakfast after the big blowout up here. We should have checked with you first, but we thought you would be all for it. Of course, we would never make you do something you don’t want to do, but …”

The twins had been a little surprised to get Mario’s invitation but now they understood perfectly. Mario, as usual, was being the peacemaker, trying to bring Will and Grady together in a small, family group after everyone else had gone home. Will looked from one to the other uncertainly but realized that his place was always with the twins and he didn’t want to disappoint them.

“Sirs, did Mario tell you all about me being so stupid with Grady? Is that why he invited you?”

“Will, he told us absolutely nothing. He and Grady would keep something that private to themselves. The first we heard the story was just now from you.”

“And …” Will frowned, “… you’ll be with me all the time? You wouldn’t leave me alone with …”

“Will, you’re our boy, of course we’ll take care of you. We won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

Will smiled shyly. “In that case I would like to stay here with you, sirs. I’m sorry to be so silly about all this. It’s just, I felt kinda out of my depth.”

It’s OK, kiddo,” Kyle smiled, “You’re allowed. You’ll see, everything will turn out just fine.”


The rest of the day was predictably boisterous, controlled chaos, as the boys arrived and the guys let their hair down and partied – just what Grady and Mario wanted, what they loved best. Mario knew that this was the best tonic for Grady, to set him up for another hard week at the studio. He moved easily among men and boys and loved being just another one of the crowd.

In all the activity there was not much chance of Will having to talk to Grady again. Tommy was tending the outdoor bar and Brian and Will were kept busy ferrying drinks and snacks to all the tables around the garden where men gathered in groups. Occasionally in his travels Will caught sight of Grady smiling in his direction, which made him blush. At least now he tried not to blush, but that was like trying not to sneeze – beyond his control.

From time to time Brian and Will took a breather, sitting at a table with glasses of wine. “Look at them all,” Brian said, “having so much fun. And from the outside you would never know all this was going on in here. And all these guys here are sworn to secrecy. Like, when Mario came down to your house to talk to you about gardening you didn’t realize it but he was checking to make sure that you wouldn’t go blabbing about Grady all over town. “Anyway, dude,” Brian smiled behind his glasses, “I’m glad you passed the test.”

Some of the other boys were approaching and Brian said confidentially, “Oh, by the way dude, none of the other boys know what happened between you and Grady. That’s one thing that don’t go up on the grapevine.”

Eddie, Ben and Brandon descended on them and Eddie was in full flood. “Incredible here, ain’t it Will? And rumor has it that you and the twins are staying the night ‘cos you’ll be working here so late. Brandon’s staying too.”

Brandon grinned at Brian. “Yeah, I’m staying with my boyfriend here. We do that as often as we can, but you won’t see much of us, Will, ‘cos we’ll be holed up in Brian’s room. ‘Course, I’ll be leaving Pete on his own but he’s OK with that. Gives him a chance to spend time with Hassan – what he calls ‘quality time’.”

“Yeah and we all know what that means,” Eddie said. “Which leaves me, yours truly, to entertain the Marine and the Ranger together. The things I do for you, Brandon.”

“What, you scared you can’t handle both guys, dude?”

“Scared? I could handle those guys with both hands tied behind my back. Which, come to think of it, they may be. Still, you won’t hear me complain.”

Soon Brian and Will had to go back to the kitchen where dinner prep was getting into full swing. As always, the head chef was the one whose kitchen it was, this time Danny who led the group. And Will was having a great time in the thick of it all with three expert chefs in a place where he felt most secure – the kitchen. It all culminated in the big rowdy dinner for twenty-eight men and boys, and three dogs – Billy, Milly and Norman. The tribe at its boisterous best.


It was late when the last stragglers made for the gate and, after profuse thanks to the hosts Grady and Mario, got in their cars and headed home. Left behind doing the last of the cleanup were Danny and his lover Tommy, Brian and his boyfriend Brandon, the twins and Will – and of course Mario and Grady.

They were not quite finished when Mario called a halt. “Basta, mi amici … enough is enough. You have all worked so hard and now it is time for bed and for love. Brian, take Brandon to your room where you will forget work and simply be in love. Danny and Tommy I don’t need to tell you what to do. I sometimes think you wrote the book of love. So off you go.”

There were hugs all round and the two couples eagerly made for their rooms. That left Mario, Grady, the twins and Will. The boy finally had to face Grady, having been able to avoid him all day in the noisy crowd. Now he tried to make eye contact several times but blushed deeply each time. His former embarrassment ran deep, coupled with the intimidation he felt at being in the presence of a handsome film star.

Mario saw his discomfort and said, “Signori, you will have our best guest room that overlooks the south lawn. There are two big beds in there so you have your choice – if you need one,” he smiled playfully. “But before that we have a suggestion. Grady loves to ‘talk out the party’ as he calls it, or ‘have a good gossip’ as he also calls it. So we would be honored if you would join us for coffee, brandy, liqueurs – and a good gossip.”

The twins beamed, guessing that Mario had planned this all along with Will in mind. But they checked with Will, aware of his nervousness around Grady. “What do you think, Will?” Kyle asked. “We could go to bed right away, of course, but it might be fun, eh?”

Will knew that if he backed out the twins would be disappointed, so he said, “OK sir, sure.”

“Molto bene.” Mario flashed a dazzling smile. “And since you have been serving us all day, it will be my turn to serve you as our guests. Mario and Grady led them up the rather grand curving staircase with Norman jumping from step to step beside Will. The twins grinned at Will. “Pretty nifty, eh kiddo?”

Upstairs they walked to the end of the long corridor and through the double doors of the large master suite. Mario led them past the large bed to the sitting area at a wide bay window. “Here, this is where Grady and I always unwind and we hope you will unwind too after such a hectic day.” The twins chose the couch and Will sat between them with Norman in his lap. While Mario went to get the drinks Grady flopped onto a couch facing them.

“Phew, what a day. But I think everybody had fun, don’t you, guys? I know I did. I’m glad I don’t have one of those early sparrow-fart calls tomorrow. Often I leave here at five in the morning but tomorrow I’m not called until noon – and I have no lines to learn, just a lot of tree swinging that I can do in my sleep by now – and may have to tomorrow,” he laughed.

He was wearing what he had worn most of the day – a loose T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops – and though it was all casual and understated he still managed to look gorgeous. Some men carry glamor with them, the twins thought, and Grady was one of them.

Mario wheeled in the drinks tray. “Brandy, liqueurs, wine, whatever you want, amici.”

“Brandy for Kyle and me please,” said Kevin and raised his eyebrows at Will, who said shyly, “Same for me, please, sir.”

Mario sat next to Grady and launched into a story he had heard at the party that made them all laugh, especially as he got several of the words wrong. “Scusami, amici,” that was the brandy talking. When I am drinking my English becomes … how you say …”

“… horrible?” Grady laughed. “Is that the word you were searching for, dude? Never mind. I love your Italian. Guys, sometimes in bed he whispers Italian in my ear until I fall asleep.”

Mario pouted. “Are you saying that my words bore you and send you to sleep?”

“Yeah, but you have a terrific way of waking me up, kiddo. And I might need some of that pretty soon.”

Amid laughter they all talked animatedly about the party – all except Will who kept silent, feeling outclassed by these four confident men. The others had the tact not to drag him into the conversation but let him move at his own speed.

Grady was having fun. “Did anyone notice that when Randy went to do his security check in that remote part of the grounds under the trees Bob went with him, and they were gone a long, long time,” rolling his eyes suggestively.”

Mario chuckled, “Ah, that would explain, er, il calorecome si dice in inglese? … the afterglow, when they returned. Enough heat to set the bushes on fire.”

“And they weren’t the only ones,” Grady laughed. “Why is it when the guys come here there’s always so much sex going on?”

“Well,” Kyle said, “they do say that the tone of a party is set by the hosts.”

Grady snuggled against Mario. “You hear that, dude? Maybe we should put Kyle’s theory to the test. Don’t worry I have a late call tomorrow and it’ll be an easy day …” he sighed “… once I have made amends to the crew for my bad mood last week. Things got so tense that I lost my temper several times and behaved like a real prima donna.

“Tomorrow I want to apologize by taking them all some little gifts. But I have no idea what. Maybe I’ll ask Danny to go out and try to find some little trinkets.” Another sigh. “I can’t even go shopping these days – I attract too much attention.”

“What about pie, sir?” The small voice had come from Will, so unexpected that they all turned and looked at him. That, of course, brought a deep blush and he regretted saying anything, but he soldiered on. “I could make some rhubarb pie, sir.”

Grady’s eyes gleamed. “What a terrific idea, Will. They would love your rhubarb pie.” Then he frowned. “Nah, trouble is, it’s a big crew if you count grips, props, carpenters, hair and makeup, wardrobe, extras and all the rest. Man, must be about fifty of them.”

“No problem there, sir.” Will was on more solid ground now, where he was the expert. “Those big pie dishes get about eight slices each. I could easily make seven or eight pies tomorrow morning. I brought a ton of rhubarb yesterday and there’s a lot left over, and with Danny’s two big ovens it would be a cinch. I also brought some of those heated food bags that I carry food around in my job … they hold about four pies to a bag. And I know Danny has a lot of ice-cream in the freezers. You could take that too.”

Will suddenly stopped talking, embarrassed that all eyes were on him. But Grady said, “Will, you are a life saver. I can see it now – me arriving on the set like Santa Claus with two bags slung over my shoulders and holding tubs of ice-cream. I would lay it all out on the craft services table and the guys would descend like locusts. Grady would be the hero of the hour and all would be forgiven. Will, you are a genius.”

Mario laughed, “Amore, you paint an overly dramatic picture of your arrival at the studio, and I suspect the crew has already forgiven you for your understandable temper tantrums last week. But I’m not sure it is fair to ask Will to go to so much time and trouble to …”

“But I want to, sir. I want to make up for being so stupid yesterday when I met Grady and …”

“Oh dude …” Grady leaned forward and touched Will’s knee. “There’s nothing to apologize for. I was the one at fault. But if me accepting the pies makes you feel better, let’s go for it, kiddo.”

Will settled back between the twins feeling much more comfortable now. The ice had been broken, he had spoken and been taken seriously. He still couldn’t imagine seeing Grady as an ordinary guy – would probably never happen – but he felt able to relax.

Grady, as usual, felt free as air and laughed, “Man, all this talk of rhubarb pies and Bob and Randy fucking under the trees, and afterglow and … damn, makes me feel horny. Mario, what you gonna do about that?”


“Will, Kyle,” Kevin said, “I think that’s our cue to say goodnight.”

“Hell no,” Grady protested. “It’s you’re cue to stay and watch, eh Mario?”

Mario smiled and shrugged. “It’s true that Grady and I love it when Brian watches us making love. But tonight Brian has his hands full with Brandon – or I should say hands full of Brandon. So instead we have you three handsome young men as an audience. Will, rumor has it that you have already watched several men of the tribe fuck rather savagely. But you will see no ropes or whips here. It is good you should see two men simply making love, especially as it’s all in the cause of Anglo-Italian relations.”

Kyle grinned at Will. “Kiddo, that sounds like an offer we can’t refuse. Here, have some more brandy, sit back, sip, and enjoy the view.”

The brandy was already having a soothing effect on Will and he felt a glow as he nestled between the twins, with Norman now asleep at his feet. (Sleep had overcome the pug’s curiosity at how all these new friends of his master behaved.)

From then on Grady and Mario only had eyes for each other. They stood up and faced each other and gently stroked their lover’s face. Grady pulled Mario’s face toward him and they kissed, long and tenderly. When at last Grady pulled back he smiled, “I loved today, Mario … thank you. Funny, no matter how big the party, how many men, it all comes down in the end to just us two making love.”

“Which is as it should be, amore.” Mario took a few steps back. Vieni, bell’uomo, excite me. Show me what I love best.”

Staring into Mario’s eyes Grady slowly pulled off his T-shirt and flung it in the direction of the couch. It was caught by Will who hugged it to himself, smiling at Kyle and Kevin. Then Grady unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to the floor.

Underneath he was wearing black bikini briefs like the ones he had once appeared in as an underwear model on huge billboards all over town, causing many a driver to pull over and jerk off gazing up at the stunning muscle-jock. Will had seen that same picture online and now he stared at him, squeezing that same man’s T-shirt tight to his chest.

Spettacolare,” Mario breathed and ran his hands over his lover’s face and body, then walked round him, stroking his back then squeezing his butt through the briefs, “Oh yeah,” Grady moaned, “you know what I want, man.”

Again Mario stood in front of the near naked jock, his gaze running over his broad shoulders, sculpted chest, washboard abs and flared lats that narrowed down to his slim waist and the black briefs. Mario gaze went back up to his face, the square-cut features with prominent cheekbones and lantern jaw, his black hair a tangled mass falling over his forehead. His full lips framed a dazzling smile and his stunning pale green eyes danced with joy and mischief.

“Che uomo bellissimo,” Mario sighed. “Ti adoro, amore.”  Mario unbuttoned his linen shirt and shrugged it off his shoulders, letting it float to the floor. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his slacks, pushed them and his shorts down and stepped out of them and his slider sandals.

“Oh fuck, man,” Grady said, staring at his handsome Italian lover, buck naked, with his dark, Mediterranean looks, perfect physique and flawlessly smooth tanned skin. “You are so fucking sexy, dude. Man I want you so much.”

“All in good time, amico,” Mario smiled. “You cannot rush these things.” He sank to his knees and kissed Grady’s muscled thighs, then licked them all the way up to the bulging briefs. He clamped his mouth over the bulge and felt Grady’s cock shudder under the thin fabric. The long shape ran diagonally upward and the tip protruded over the top of the briefs. Mario licked it, catching the pre-cum on the tip of his tongue and drawing it out in long gossamer threads.

Will gazed in breathless awe at the men’s delicate foreplay to making love. He already knew how he wanted it to end – and he was not disappointed.

Mario clenched his teeth over the top of the briefs and slowly pulled them down over the bulge. The rigid cock sprang out and slapped him in the face. Grady chuckled merrily, “Be careful what you wish for, amico.”

Silenzio,” Mario smiled. “We have ways of making you stop talking.” He lowered his mouth over Grady’s cock and sucked it down his throat until his face was buried in Grady’s curly black pubic hair. Grady gasped, reached down and pressed both hands behind Mario’s head pushing it down and back on his cock, pausing to restrain his climax when he felt it approaching.

Will was stoking the bulge in his shorts, transfixed by the sight of the classically handsome Italian, his square jaw open wide as he fed on the cock of the man who was an object of lust all over the world – the other, unreal world outside the high walls. But Will at last forgot that world of movie stars and embraced this private world where there were no stars, only men in love. Whoever Grady was outside, in here he was just a man in love – in love with the beautiful man kneeling at his feet.

Kevin whispered to Will, “What you are witnessing, kiddo, is pure love. A beautiful sight eh?”

“Yes sir,” he said softly, in a trance that pleased the twins who exchanged satisfied smiles.

But Grady was not exactly using the language of love. “Dude, you’re driving me crazy, you know that,” he laughed. “Any minute now I’m gonna lose my load down your throat … and that’s not what I want. You know what I want, you Italian cock-tease. What I always want.” He leaned down, curled his hands under Mario’s arms and pulled him up, off his cock and onto his feet. They smiled at each other, eyes sparkling.

Bene, il momento è arrivato, the moment you have waited for all day, mi amore. Come with me.” Mario took his hand and led him to the bed. Their smiles were playful as Mario gave Grady a shove and he fell on his back on the bed. Mario stood at the foot of the bed, licked the palm of his hand, then curled it round his cock to moisten it.

Will held his breath. As Mario had said, he had watched other men of the tribe fuck, but it wasn’t what you could call making love. He had watched a raging Randy take out his anger on Bob’s ass in a savage fuck. He had seen the two gym jocks Lloyd and Jason fuck in gym-buddy rivalry. And he had stared at the bound Marine Hassan get butt-fucked in turn by Ranger Pete and the cop Mark.

But this was different. Now he was watching two lovers making tender love, and what he was about to see was the culmination of that. He understood now that putting your dick in a man’s ass was not an expression of anger or dominance. It was the ultimate way to make love.

So he stopped rubbing his own cock. Somehow that seemed a cop-out, just an easy way to get his rocks off as Eddie would say. What he was watching now was too special for that.

Grady put his hands behind his knees, pulled his legs back and offered his ass to his lover. Mario knelt on the bed so his cock touched his lover’s ass. He leaned forward over him and braced his hands on the bed. He bent his head and pressed their lips gently together.

After a long, tender kiss Mario raised his head, smiled into his lover’s eyes and said softly, “Tell me, Grady. Tell me what you want. I love to hear it.”

“I want to feel you inside me, Mario, inside my ass. Please, buddy. Fuck me. I need it so bad.”

Mario frowned teasingly, “Let me see if I remember. Ah, si, I think I know what you mean. Something like this?” He pressed his cock against Grady’s ass and the head slid inside.

Grady gasped, “Oh, fuck. God I love you, man. Kiss me, make love to me Mario. Mario bent and kissed him again while he eased his cock all the way deep in his ass. Grady reached up, pressed his hands against Mario’s cheeks and held his face, kissing him passionately as he felt his lover’s cock pull slowly back, then sink in again, deeper than before.

Mario pulled his face free at last and smiled at Grady. “Just let me look at you, amore. Such a beautiful man, my man, and you love me.”

Grady stretched his arms up to the corners of the bed in a spread-eagled gesture of total surrender to his lover. In silence now they gazed at each other with serene smiles on their lips as Mario caressed Grady’s ass with his cock, sometimes slow, sometimes persistent, watching Grady’s face for signs of joy, finding new, subtle ways to give him new jolts of pleasure.

Will was mesmerized. Having lived in a cold world empty of love, he was starting to understand what love meant.

These were two exquisitely beautiful men, rich and successful, but Will remembered something Mario had told him when he gave him a tour of the house. “But I swear that Grady and I would be just as happy in a small cottage in the woods.” And now Will could believe that was true. This is all the men really needed – not money, not fame, just to be together and to make love.

Everything else was … just the other world. And these guys were in a world of their own, a world they could create wherever they were. Will thought of the high walls surrounding the house. But these men created their own walls that kept them safe, and inside them they had everything they needed – each other.

The savage fucks Will had witnessed so far had thrilled but disturbed him, a physical act of lust, dominance or rivalry. But this was a pure act of love between two equally beautiful men. Will had of course seen it once before when he watched the twins make love. Never were two men closer than the identical brothers and they too lived in their own private world. He loved them and had made love with them in his way. Except no fucking for him – he could never do that.

As Mario rose and fell above Grady, who pushed upward to receive his lover’s shaft inside him, Will saw the same intense gaze that he had seen in the twins. As with them, love was in the eyes, the touch, the lips, in words spoken and unspoken and, yes, in the act of fucking too.

Will had called Grady a top man because he looked the part – a muscled, sculpted jock. But now he was on his back getting fucked, and ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ were as irrelevant as the outside world of fame and wealth. Will smiled to himself when he thought of the twins and tried to imagine a top and a bottom. Silly. How could there be? They were identical.

All these thoughts raced through Will’s mind as he watched. He could never have articulated them in so many words, of course. But his feelings didn’t need words as he gazed at the men’s luminous faces, full of joy, and wondered what Mario was feeling in his cock as it moved inside the man he loved.

Will’s own cock was rock hard in his shorts but he didn’t want to touch it, didn’t want to jerk off as he had done several times in the excitement of watching one man dominate another.

So far the only way Will had cum was by stroking his cock or shoving it in someone’s mouth. But these two lovers were surely feeling a sensation way beyond that. He wanted to cum now, but he wanted to feel something closer to what Mario and Grady were feeling. And even when their climax approached he just watched and listened.

“Amore,” Mario smiled, “I know you are close, I always know. But you know you have to ask. I love to look at you, such a beautiful man, pleading to feel my juice inside you.”

“I gotta have it, dude. My favorite thing in the world, feeling your warm jizz in my ass. I love you man … hmm, seems maybe I’ve told you that once or twice before,” he grinned. “But I’ll go on saying it forever and ever.” Grady reached up and stroked Mario’s face, then curled a hand behind his neck. “I wanna feel it all, amico – all of you, everything.”

He pulled Mario’s face down and their mouths closed over each other in a passionate kiss. Mario’s hips rose and fell faster and faster, their muffled groans grew louder.

Will gripped the twins’ hands as they saw Mario rear up, grab Grady’s ankles and push his legs high in the air. Grady grabbed his own cock and pounded it as his lover pounded his ass. They gazed at each other, Mario shouted “Ti amo, signore, ti adoro” and they burst into joyful laughter as Mario poured his juice inside Grady who sprayed his own cum all over his heaving chest.


“And that’s how lovers make love, kiddo,” Kevin said, smiling at Will whose eyes were shining.

Mario leant down and kissed Grady one last time. Then he smiled, “And that, mi amico, is that.” He slowly pulled out of his ass and Grady groaned, “Ah, abandoned again.”

Mario stood up, picked up a towel and wiped his cock. He turned to Will, held out his hand and pulled him to his feet. “There, did you enjoy that Will?”

“Yes, sir, very much, sir.”

“And did you cum while you watched?”

“No, sir. It didn’t seem … I mean jerking off was …”

Insufficiente? Not enough? I know just what you mean, amico. And so does Grady. Look at the poor man.”

Will stared down at the naked muscle-jock who smiled up at him ruefully and groaned, “You see, Will, abandoned again. As my friend said, Insufficiente.

“Huh, pay no attention to him, Will.  The man is insatiable.”

But Will could not help paying attention to him. He gazed down at the body that had just been fucked by Mario, at the face that had been kissed by Mario, the face he had seen tossing in ecstasy as he got fucked. And he saw the cum splashed over this abs and chest. Will’s cock shuddered in his shorts and he thought he might cum, but somehow it didn’t happen … somehow he wanted more.

Mario and Grady intentionally kept it light-hearted. “Ah,” Mario said, “his demands are endless. But the beast has to be fed, so … you do what you want to, Will.”

And suddenly Will knew what he wanted to do. In a minor panic he looked over at the twins who smiled at him. Kyle shrugged, “You heard what the man said, kiddo. The beast has to be fed.”

Will turned back to Grady who was looking mournful. “At least, let me see you do what Mario did, Will. It turns me on.”

His voice was so sexy, so seductive that, without thinking, Will pulled off his shirt and kicked off his sneakers. He unbuttoned his shorts, let them fall and pushed down his boxer briefs. His cock sprang out, hard as a rod – and then he panicked and turned, but Mario was there and put his arms round him. Will felt his naked muscular body press against him and heard his lilting voice. “Will, you know you do not have to do anything you don’t want to, that’s always the rule. But I think I know what you want. Do you want it?”

Will looked up into the handsome smiling face and stammered, “I … I’m not sure, sir. Yes I am, I do know. Yes please, sir.”

Mario gently turned him around to face the bed. “Well there he is, amico. Ready and willing.”

Will hesitated and looked at the twins again who smiled encouragingly. Grady flashed his dazzling smile and held his arms out. He looked beautiful, sexy … and fun. Will knelt on the bed as he had seen Mario do and Grady pulled his legs back.

“Sir, I’m not sure how … I mean, I’ve never done this before.”

“Oh I have,” Grady said gaily, “lots and lots of times. Here, let me help.” He reached down, gently took hold of Will’s cock and pressed the head against his ass, which was still slick from Mario’s cum. “OK, now lean forward like you saw Mario do.” Will leaned forward, put his hands on the bed and stared down at the smiling green eyes.

“Just so you know, kiddo, this is an honor for me. Your first time. You heard how I asked Mario, so I’m asking you now, Will. Please fuck me. Please put your dick in my ass. I really want it.”

In the end it was easy. Grady’s ass was so slick with cum that Will’s cock slid in all on its own and he felt the sudden soft warmth round the head of his cock. “OK, now ease your hips forward, just like Mario did. That’s it, you feel it? You feel your cock sliding right down in my ass. Oh, Will, that feels incredible. Your first time. I love it, kiddo.”

Feel it? Will wasn’t sure what he felt, except a heat that radiated from his cock through his whole body. He felt his cock push against the back of Grady’s ass, saw his face smiling up at him … the handsome face, the magnificent body … and he was inside it … inside this beautiful man. It was incredible … it was … aaagh!” His body shook, he wasn’t sure what was happening but it felt wonderful … wonderful.

He was infused with a warmth, a peace, a joy that … “Oh no … oh no …” He had cum inside Grady, deep in his ass. It was over, almost before it had begun. “Oh, no, I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to … please don’t make me pull out, sir. Please let me stay inside you.”

Grady beamed. “Don’t you dare pull out, kiddo. Your cock feels so damn good inside me. And you’re gonna fuck me. The hard part’s over. Now you’re a pro, kiddo, and you can cum again. So relax, have fun … and fuck … my … ass!”

Will was relaxed. He felt different, empowered, confident. His cock was still hard and he pulled it slowly back. It felt like the same euphoric sensation in reverse as his cock slid against the soft membrane of Grady’s ass. Then he pushed in again, this time without fearing a spontaneous orgasm. And he saw the same ecstatic smile in Grady’s eyes as when Mario had fucked him.

He was clumsy at first and Grady had to direct him. “Not so fast, kiddo, not so jerky … that’s it, nice and gentle, take your time. See, that feel’s better. Kid, you are gonna be a hot little butt-fucker I can tell. Take it from me – I’m an expert.”

That made Will laugh and helped him feel even more relaxed and confident. It wasn’t long before he was fucking … well, if not exactly like a pro, at least eagerly enough to give Grady real pleasure. What he lacked in technique he made up for in youthful enthusiasm and Grady loved gazing up at the eager, shining young face. He felt real affection for this shy kid, taking his first tentative steps in the tribe, and was thrilled to be his first fuck, a major step for any new boy.

Will looked down at Grady’s dancing eyes and felt he was falling in love, or lust or … whatever it was it was making his cock shudder. “Sir, I think I’m close again. Is it OK if I cum inside you again?”

“OK?” he laughed. “It’s an order, kid. And I know just what’ll clinch it. Watch this.” Grady grabbed his own cock and stroked it faster and faster. He had already shot a load for Mario, but he wanted to make Will’s first time something he would always remember.

And it was something that would be forever engraved on Will’s mind, the sight of the handsome, young jock smiling up at him, his muscles rippling as he pounded his cock in his fist. Will fucked harder, faster, his cock was in fire, his whole body was on fire as he saw the handsome face thrash from side to side. “That feels awesome, kiddo. I love it … fuck me dude!”

Impulsively Will pressed his hands on Grady’s chest and dug his fingers in his hard pecs. He rose up off his knees, his body arched over Grady on hands and feet, hips rising and falling over his ass, his cock drilling deeper and deeper. “Man, you’re incredible,” Grady yelled pumping his cock. “You’re gonna make me cum, kid … fuck … I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum …yeaahh!”

Grady’s body tensed as cum spurted from his cock and splashed on his flexed abs. The sight made Will lose all control and he howled in triumph as his hips plunged one last time and he collapsed on top of Grady, his cock driving in and exploding in the depths of his shuddering ass.

Grady pulled Will’s face down in a churning kiss and he slid over Grady’s cum-slicked body. Finally he slid off him and lay on his back beside him. They heard applause, propped themselves up on their elbows and looked up at Mario and the twins standing at the foot of the bed clapping and cheering. ‘Yeah … way to go, kid,” Kyle shouted

Magnifico, bambino,” Mario laughed. “Oh, scusi, I should not call you bambino after that performance. You are all man.”

Grady turned Will over to face him. “Now do you think we can be friends, Will?”

“I think so, sir. Yes definitely. And can I still make those pies for you tomorrow?”

“Of course, dude, absolutely. See, there’s an old saying in the Grady House. Butt-fuck at night, pie in the morning. It’s a well-known rule. You can’t get out of it now, kiddo.”


They were all exhilarated … and exhausted. It was time for bed. Will stood facing Grady and Mario and flung his arms round each of them in turn. “Thank you, sirs, thank you. You have done so much for me. I’ll always remember this.”

“Take good care of him, guys,” Mario said to the twins. “He’s a special boy.”

Grady ruffled Will’s hair and laughed, “Yeah, bakes a great pie and fucks a mean butt. Perfect combo. Who knew?”

They finally left and as soon as they were in the guestroom an ebullient Will said, “I did it, sirs. I fucked … I fucked Grady.”

“And he sure won’t be the last,” Kyle grinned. “Wait ‘till your buddy Ben hears about this.”

Will’s eyes gleamed. “Can I tell him now, sirs? He’ll be real stoked.” They couldn’t deny him anything right now so he called Ben and put him on speaker. “Dude, it’s me. Are you still awake? Didn’t wake you up, did I?

“No, dude, that’s fine. I’m still waiting for Jason to come in. What’s up?”

“Dude, you will never believe … d’you wanna get fucked in the butt, dude?”

“No, you didn’t … dude, that is so cool. Who … when … you wanna fuck me?”

“Tomorrow, dude. I’ll come to see you on your lunch break. Maybe fuck you then.”

“Or maybe I’ll fuck you, kiddo.”

“Oh no, it don’t work like that, Ben. I only fuck, I don’t get fucked. That ain’t never gonna happen. I guess … I guess that makes me a top man, don’t ya think?”

Ben laughed, “Guess it does, dude.” The twins let them talk and went into the bathroom to brush their teeth. “Hmm,” Kevin said, “it’s time we settled this with Will once and for all, eh bro?”

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed. “Time for that family dinner we’ve been planning. Us three, Bob and Randy of course, Randy’s boy Pablo, his brother Ben and Pablo’s boy Tyler. Just the eight of us – keep it all in the family.”

Kevin grinned, “Yeah, nothing like a supportive family to help a boy get his priorities straight.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 427


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