Chapter 13


The final acts of Finn’s acceptance by the tribe play out. First Miguel and Pablo temporarily swap boys – the hunky Hispanic fucks freckled-faced Tyler while the rugged mechanic ploughs new boy Finn. Next, Eddie officially welcomes Finn to the tribe with a sex act that has the assembled tribe cheering. And finally the macho mechanic and his boy submit to four leathermen in a joint master/boy initiation. 

In the previous chapter

Pablo was one of the most senior boys in the tribe, the son of the leader Randy and the construction company’s chief mechanic.

When one of the masters, the macho Hispanic Miguel, brought a new boy into the tribe named Finn, he was welcomed by a meeting of the senior boys – all except Pablo who insulted the boy by scorning his former life as a hustler. Worse, when Finn staunchly defended himself and abruptly left the meeting, Pablo’s anger had flared and he physically attacked the boy.

Pablo had flouted the rules and conduct of the tribe and had to be punished. As one of the other senior boys, Jamie, put it, “Pablo, you have dishonored us with your impulsive attack on a new boy and not only insulted Finn but, even more serious, his master Miguel too.”

For this Pablo’s punishment was severe. Spread-eagled over a table he was tag-teamed by all the senior boys fucking him in turn. Pablo was contrite and earned the respect of the boys by enduring the harsh penance as something he deserved.

But after that there were a lot of fences to mend. First he made peace with his lover Darius, who was Zack’s boy and one of the most senior boys. Eager to forgive Pablo, Darius said, “Dude, young Finn was a great choice by Miguel. He’s real bright, knows his own mind and he’s great in the sack. In fact, Zack, Miguel, Finn and me have become a real tight little family. Trouble with you, kiddo, is you never took time to get to know them.”

“Huh, well I don’t think I’d be exactly welcome over there right now.”

“Dude, you gotta take this penance thing one step at a time. You’ve been punished by the other guys, then got your ass banged by me, and soon you gotta come across the street and make your peace with Finn, Miguel, Zack and me.” Darius grinned roguishly. “I can see it now, a hunky shirtless mechanic facing four leathermen who have a grudge to settle.”

Miguel had decided that, until tempers cooled, he should take Finn away for a week up to the Grady House, the home of the hunky movie-star Grady, and his Italian lover Mario. There they were joined by Pablo’s own boy Tyler, as Pablo did not want him to witness his punishment.

Finn was soon to become the tribe’s gardener and it had been suggested that Tyler become his assistant. The two boys hit it off right from the start, with shy Tyler looking up to the more worldly Finn as they worked in the extensive gardens of the Grady House.

Eager to be reunited with Tyler, Pablo went up to the Grady House right after work where he was warmly greeted by Mario who looked at him and smiled, “Perfetto. When Grady sees the greasy shirtless mechanic he will grovel at your feet. But I think it is your boy you have come to see, no? Tyler is such a sweet boy, and you are raising him well.

“He is somewhere in the grounds with Finn. Those two boys are getting along so well, already working together on the garden.” Mario paused. “Er, advance word on the grapevine is that your, er, difficulty has been resolved and peace is restored, non è vero?

“Yeah it’s true, more or less. A few loose ends, is all.”

Pablo ventured into the extensive grounds and caught sight of two distant figures working on the far side of the garden. Unseen by the boys he stopped and watched them. They were digging and weeding, stopping frequently to examine things that caught their interest. Finn was doing most of the talking, with Tyler gazing at him and listening intently as a pupil does to a teacher. Suddenly they laughed gleefully, hugged briefly and got back to work.

Tears came to Pablo’s eyes and he felt ashamed. Here was his boy happily embracing his new friend Finn, the very boy Pablo had treated with scorn, attacked and driven away. God he had been stupid. He went closer and suddenly Tyler looked up, broke into a beaming smile and rushed forward into his open arms.

“Hey, kiddo, so how’s the gardening racket eh?”

“I’m loving it, sir. There’s so much to learn, and all these bright colors. And … I kinda like getting my hands dirty, just like you, sir.” Pablo held him close, loving the feel of his lithe young body pressed against him.

Over Tyler’s shoulder he saw Finn shifting uneasily and starting to move away. He pulled away from Tyler and said, “Hey, Finn, don’t go, please. I have something important to say to you. And you stay too, Tyler. I want you to hear this.”

They sat on the grass in the shade of a tree and Pablo looked Finn in the eyes. “First of all, Finn, I want to thank you for making friends with Tyler right off the bat. I want you two to be buddies – and obviously Tyler has more sense than I do.”

He hesitated. “Which brings me to the hard part. Finn, I was a damn fool when we first met and treated you like no newcomer to the tribe should be treated. It wasn’t you, it was me and my hang-ups, suspicions, and my damn stupid anger. Everyone says you’re a great guy and I see now that they’re right. I was the only idiot. This afternoon I paid the price for that and got punished by the senior boys. After that, Darius tells me, I should also do penance to your little family of four …” he grinned. “… four tough leathermen apparently.”

“It’s real important too that I try to make amends to Miguel for hurting his boy. But most of all I wanted to make things right between you and me Finn after our rocky start.” He frowned, not sure how to continue. “Dude, I don’t deserve it, but will you give me a hug to show me there are no more hard feelings?”

Finn laughed, leaned over and hugged Pablo’s shirtless body tight. “Sir, the only hard feeling I have right now is in my cock. Even though you didn’t take to me at first I always thought you were one of the hottest guys in the tribe and I’m a bit jealous of Tyler. Maybe one day he’ll share you with me, if Miguel approves.”

“Approves of what, kiddo?” They had not heard Miguel approach and he now stood towering over them.

Pablo leapt to his feet, hesitated, then held out his hand. “Miguel, will you, er … will you shake my hand?”

On the ground the two boys held their breath and looked up at the rugged Hispanic and macho Mestizo staring into each other’s eyes.

******************    CHAPTER 413    *******************

There was a long frozen moment as Pablo and Miguel locked eyes while Pablo held his hand out waiting for Miguel to shake it.

Miguel’s feelings toward Pablo were uncertain after what Pablo had done to his boy Finn so recently. He had insulted him, attacked him and dashed his hopes for a friendly welcome into the tribe. Miguel had seen Pablo only briefly after the attack and received a brief apology. But then he had brought Finn up to the Grady House and they had not seen Pablo since – until now.

Hence the tense moment, which could have gone either way. The boys held their breath … then relaxed as Miguel’s face broke into a smile and he gripped Pablo’s hand in his. The boys exhaled with audible relief and Miguel looked down at them. “Pablo and I need to talk, so don’t you guys have work to do?”

“Yes sir,” they said in unison and went back to digging and weeding, exchanging what they thought were secret grins, but which both men noticed. And the boys’ reaction set the tone of the conversation that followed.

They walked some distance away and sat at a wooden table under a tree facing each other. “Thank god for the boys, eh?” Miguel said. “They have a simple common sense that could put us to shame. They took an instant liking to each other – and that was that, no bullshit.”

There was an awkward silence until Pablo broke the ice with, “Man, I know this is gonna sound lame, but I’m really sorry for …”

“No, no wait, man. Me first … I got a few things to say. Listen, Pablo, when I first came to the tribe and did that crazy thing with Randy, going off together for three days and fucking our brains out, one of the many guys I offended was you. I can only imagine what you thought of me, an outsider sweeping in and running off with Randy, Bob’s lover and your dad.”

“Ah, no sweat, dude. Every guy in the tribe has fallen under Randy’s spell at some time. The man’s a sex magnate.”

“No, that’s too easy, Pablo. It takes two to tango and I was just as much at fault, although all of you guys’ anger was directed at Randy and I kinda got away with it. I apologized to Bob but never said anything to you, and I regret that.

“And I imagine that when you saw me come back that day with Finn in tow your resentment of me tainted your reaction to him. When I arrived in the tribe Randy had welcomed me with open arms and a three-day fuck, so you weren’t gonna give my boy such an easy time of it.”

“No, man, I …”

“Come on, dude, I’m pretty close to the mark, aren’t I?”

Pablo sighed. “Yeah, I guess it did go down pretty much like that. Then my anger kicked in and … Jesus … I’m ashamed of myself, Miguel. Finn is a great kid and …”

“OK, no more apologies, eh? I offended you, you offended me so we’re quits. Let’s call it a draw. Look at those boys over there, dude, working, laughing, getting on like a house on fire. We should take a leaf out of their book and be friends. After all, we have a lot in common.”

“Yeah we do at that, especially our boys. Damn, they’ve both had a rough time. We should make it up to them … something that proves you and me have really buried the hatchet … and something that gives them a little thrill. Any ideas?”

Miguel grinned. “As a matter of fact ...”


After more plotting, the men went back to where the boys were working and they looked up, faces smeared with dirt. They searched for signs in the men’s faces to see if they had settled their differences, but what they got instead confused them.

Miguel looked at them and winced. “Couple a’ grubby young punks, wouldn’t you say, buddy?”

“Yeah … kinda sexy, though,” Pablo grinned. “Hell, I know what tough, dirty work is and it always makes me fucking horny.”

“I hear ya, dude. And I guess these boys feel the same. Did you hear that yesterday while they were working out here they sucked each other’s dicks?

“No kidding? And you allowed that?”

“Well, I haven’t got round to punishing my boy yet.”

Being talked about like this confused the boys and made them a bit nervous, but kind of excited too. What was going on?

“You gonna fuck his ass?” Pablo asked casually. “Is he a decent fuck, your Finn?”

“Great fuck … great ass. He only recently learned to take it up the butt and now he can’t get enough of it. What about your kid Tyler?”

“Oh boy, he loves my dick up his ass, that right kiddo?”

“Yes sir,” Tyler said smartly.

“Hey, man, you wanna check him out for yourself?” Pablo asked, as if the idea had just occurred to him.

“Hmm, that’s real generous of you, Pablo.” Miguel frowned. “So what do you get out of this?”

“Ain’t it obvious? Finn’s ass, of course. Hell, when I got here and gave him a no-hard-feelings hug he said it made his dick hard. Called me one of the hottest men in the tribe and hoped one day that Tyler would share me with him – if you approved. So do you, buddy?”

Miguel stroked his chin, then grinned. “Hell why not? Now we’re such good buddies, nothing wrong with a boy swap once in a while. It’s what friends do, eh … share?”

By this time Finn and Tyler were squeezing each other’s hand in nervous excitement. There was something sexy about their masters bargaining over them like they were boys to be traded like pieces of ass between two hot and horny men. And they both had a feeling the men were doing this to turn them on – which they were – and which it did.

Miguel pulled a tube of lube from his pocket. “Left over from last night. Your boy need lube?”

“Not with me, he takes it any way he can get it. But with you … ah, I guess maybe you should.”

“Same with my kid. OK, stud, let’s do it.”

Miguel pulled off his shirt and they stood together, each one bare-chested in jeans, towering over the boys – Pablo facing his own boy Tyler, Miguel facing Finn. And the ritual began to unfold. As the boys watched spellbound, the men turned to each other and kissed – a sign of reconciliation which they now affirmed by the act of swapping boys.

They changed places so Miguel was smiling down at Tyler and Pablo at Finn. In unison they pulled their cocks out of their pants and lubed them up. At the same time the boys quickly pulled off their T-shirts and shorts and lay naked, offering their asses.

The men dropped to their knees between the boys’ legs and Miguel smiled across at Finn. “You up for this, kiddo?”

“Absolutely, sir.”

“Same here, sir,” Tyler said to Pablo.”

And so the game began. Again the men moved in unison, hooking the boys’ legs over their shoulders and easing their cocks slowly and gently into their asses. They were much more careful and restrained than when they fucked their own boys. This was, after all, a healing of wounds. The boys had become buddies quickly, and then Miguel and Pablo had reconciled. And now the ultimate gesture of forgiveness – each man offering his boy to the other.

The major imperative now was to give the other man’s boy pleasure. As he buried his cock in Finn Pablo smiled down at him. “This is my way of welcoming you to the tribe, Finn, after my false start. Some guys just say ‘welcome to the tribe,” but I prefer actions to words. How’s it feel, kiddo?”

Finn looked up at the mechanic’s chiseled Mestizo features and the bare muscular torso streaked with grease. “Feels awesome, sir, but I knew it would. Tyler talks about you nonstop as we work together – how much he loves you and loves to feel you inside him. Now I know what he meant. You look so hot, sir, and your cock feels so good in my ass. Don’t stop, sir, please.”

Next to them Tyler was looking up at the handsome Hispanic and taking deep breaths as the thick rod slid inside him. Miguel smiled down at the wide-eyed freckled face. “Remember when Bob brought you and your buddy Ben down to that hotel and we all had sex in your room? That’s when I knew I wanted a boy of my own – and the result was your new buddy Finn here.

“I never got to fuck you that time, so now this is my way of thanking you for Finn. Man, you’ve got a great ass. Pablo is a lucky man … he fuck you every night does he?”

“Sometimes twice,” Tyler grinned, blushed and glanced over at Pablo. “But I’m glad he let you fuck me. Please … don’t hold back, sir. I can take it. Pablo knows that.”

“That true, man?” Miguel asked Pablo. “Sounds to me as if these boys of ours are really hot to trot. What say we turn up the heat?”

Pablo grinned. “My boy can take it, just like he said. Let’s give it to them, dude. But don’t let them touch their cocks.”

Both men leaned forward and pinned the boys’ wrists to the ground above their heads. Then the gentle ass massage accelerated into a fiercer, deeper fuck. Having exchanged boys the men were not as sure of their limits as they were with their own boy, so they fucked in unison, careful to slow down at the first hint of pain.

But the boys felt no pain as they lay side by side gazing up at the fantasy of the square jawed

Hispanic and rugged mechanic, muscles rippling as they rose and fell above them. They glanced at each other, sharing the same wild sensation that brought them even closer together.

The same feeling of intimacy gripped the men. Recent adversaries, they now came to fully appreciate each other’s dominant sexual power and were turned on by each other as well as their boys. It was a perfect foursome and Miguel grinned at Pablo. “Man, this is hot, watching our boys get fucked together. We should do this more often.”

The gentle fuck got faster and fiercer and lasted as long as they could all hold back their orgasms. But the heat generated by the two pile-driving men and their ecstatic boys could have only one conclusion. “Damn I’m close,” Pablo panted

“Me too, stud. How about you boys? You ready to bust your nuts?”

“Yes please, sir,” the boys said together.

The men released the boys’ wrists and they reached over and stroked each other’s dick. “Jeez,” Miguel grinned, “that looks hot, doing each other. Hey guys, let’s go for a quad climax, think we can do that? Count us down, Pablo.”

“Damn, I’m ready right now,” Pablo panted. “This is such a fucking turn-on, a real ball-buster. OK, here it comes, guys. Fuck yeah … let’s do it, men … Now!”

It really was a quadruple orgasm as their shouts rang out over the garden. The boys pounded each other’s cock into a shower of cum that splashed over their bodies while the men thrust in deep and poured hot juice inside them. Their hearts beat wildly, their breathing was ragged as the boys stared at each other – and started to laugh. The men joined in and it was a merry foursome as the men fell on top of the boys and stifled their laughter with a kiss.

But eventually, “Hey, Pablo … get your hands off my boy?’’

“You want him back?” Pablo asked Miguel in mock surprise.

“Well,” Miguel shrugged, “I guess. I mean, we could swap back don’t you think?”

The boys looked at each other, eyes sparkling, and each reclaimed his own master by climbing on top of him. “OK, OK … we get the message, boys.”

As they all lay together on the grass Pablo said, “You were right, Miguel, we should do this more often. I kinda envy your little family – you two, Zack and Darius – living all together.

“Well you’re sorta part of it in a way,” Miguel said, “you being Darius’s longtime lover. When you come to think of it it’s a real tangled web. Zack and me are lovers, so are you and Darius, who is also Zack’s boy. You love your boy Tyler, I love Finn and these two have become buddies. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to divide your time. Only answer to that is to all live together. I think Zack would go for that.”

“Hm, yeah. Only thing is to find a place big enough to accommodate all six of us.”

Their musings were interrupted by the approach of Mario, being dragged toward them by Eddie who was saying, “See, I told you, sir. They’re all together in a heap and it looks like they all just did the wild thing. That’s a turn up for the books. Who’d a thunk it?”

Mario laughed, “Eddy, mi amico, my fragile grasp of English is not helped by your language. But signori, despite my young friend’s fractured English I see that he is correct. You do appear to have done what we Italians would call la cosa selvaggio, loosely translated as the wild thing. At least I thunk so.”

“You thunk right, Mario,” Pablo grinned.

“Which I assume is cause for congratulations and a celebration as you appear to have successfully, er … come si dice? … buried the hatchet, no?”

“And not between each other’s shoulder blades, Mario, contrary to some gloomy expectations.”

Eccellente! E congratulazioni. And the celebration comes next as people are starting to gather for a group dinner. The junior boys, I believe, want to welcome Finn in their own way as one of them.” Mario smiled down at them, all of them near naked and covered in dirt and grass stains. “And next you will all want a shower, I think … thunk?”

“Pablo, Tyler has a room of his own here, which …” Mario smiled playfully “… I believe he has not used yet, preferring instead to share the room of Miguel and Finn last night. But you, er, might wish to do the same, as the shower in that room is very large. Several of our previous guests have told me that it comfortably accommodates four. Just a suggestion, signori.

A suggestion which they gladly took, provoking many startled glances as Eddie proudly led the dirty, cum-splashed, half naked foursome through the gathering crowd and into the house.


At that moment, in the master suite down in the tribe’s compound, Bob was waiting with Mark for Randy to come home from work, so they could all go up to the Grady House together. Bob had wanted some time alone with Mark to discuss some matters with the cop, who had always been in love with Bob and now formed a close threesome with him and Randy.

“Mark, I wanted to mention the meeting the senior boys had when they convened to decide on Pablo’s punishment. I think you know that Darius films most of those meetings …”

“… for prosperity …” Mark grinned.

“Yes, for prosperity as Darius insists on calling it,” Bob chuckled. “Anyway he often gives me a copy of it to keep me informed, and this time I thought you would like to see part of it. Your boy Jamie took charge at this meeting and I’ve cued the disc up to the part when he opened it with a short speech. He clicked on the remote and Jamie came on the screen addressing Pablo.

“Pablo, none of us likes this. The boys in this tribe, seniors and juniors, normally circle the wagons when one of us is in trouble. But you dishonored us with your impulsive attack on a new boy and not only insulted Finn but, even more serious, his master Miguel too.

“What hurts the most, Pablo, is that this tribe had always been a refuge for boys who’ve had a raw deal in life. All of us here fit that description – me and my skinhead pal Larry running wild on the streets, the homeless twins living rough, Nate a lonely kid far from home. You yourself were rescued from a gang of thugs, Pablo. Not to mention junior boys like Eddie, sucking dicks for tips in the back room of a bar, and Brandon living a brave and difficult life alone in a wheelchair.

“The tribe rescued us all, welcomed and nurtured us.

“Then along comes this damaged young guy, living the degrading life of a hustler to survive. Miguel finds him, sees promise in him, and gives him a chance of salvation. Finn is just taking his first nervous steps on the path to redemption that we all took, but you, the ‘boss’s boy’, block his way. You heap scorn on him, reject him, attack him and drive him away. Way to go, Pablo. What you did runs counter to everything the tribe stands for.”

Bob clicked off the TV and there was a momentarily silence as Bob looked at Mark whose eyes brimmed with tears. “God, he’s beautiful, isn’t he Bob? That speech was perfect – he defined the tribe exactly. I am so proud of my boy – he has matured into just what I hoped for.”

“He’s a great credit to you, Mark.”

“I gotta do something to show him how much I love him, Bob. I sometimes take him for granted – always expect him to be there naked on the bed when I come home from work. Maybe a trip out to Uncle Mike in Palm Springs so we can spend time together and he can visit his pal Larry.”

“Good. Just thought you should see that, Mark. There’s something else I wanted you to know. I haven’t mentioned it before so as not to jinx the deal, but you know the house next door where the old couple live? Randy has always helped the old folk out by keeping the place in good repair at almost no cost and they love him for it.

“They always knew Randy and I wanted to buy the place if ever they moved. Well now they have health issues and have decided to move into an easier place, a condo …”

“And you’re buying the place?” Mark asked eagerly.

“It’s what Randy wants, really. He wants to buy it for me, he says, a house of our own. Of course he’ll cut down the hedge and it’ll become part of the compound – one big extensive property. And it means that this suite will be empty, along with the other rooms on this floor that nobody uses much. The whole upper floor would become one large space for a group of guys to live in. You and Jamie would still have the whole ground floor, of course.

“See, Mark. I love this tribe and I’ve always wanted it to be more centralized instead of spread out over so many small houses. So, er, there are all kinds of possibilities,” he smiled mysteriously.

Mark smiled warmly at his handsome friend. “You’ve got a master plan in that devious mind of yours don’t you old buddy?”

“Well yeah, I do have a plan … still have to work out a few details. There would be a lot of negotiation and it would mean quite an upheaval in the tribe, but we can handle any problems that arise. We always have in the past.”

“God I love you, man.” Mark came close and smiled into Bob’s eyes. “You know how much I always want to…” He trailed off as they heard the screech of breaks outside and a door slam. “Ah, Randy’s home,” Bob said. “Later, Mark, I promise. Right now we have to go and join the festivities at the Grady House.


When the three men, along with Jamie, arrived at the house and the gates swung open the festivities were already in full swing. After the pall of gloom that had hovered over the tribe lately, following Pablo’s treatment of Finn and the resulting animosity, the mood had lightened on the news that most of the broken fences had been repaired and peace restored.

As Miguel’s chosen boy, Finn had already been welcomed by all the men and by the senior boys. Pablo had taken his punishment and made amends with Miguel and Finn. Finn had been befriended from the start by Eddie (the self-styled ‘senior junior’ boy), and more recently by young Tyler. And now it was the turn of the junior boys – Eddie, Ben, Brandon, Brian and Tyler – to welcome Finn into their group.

As always at the Grady House things were casual and light-hearted, with the hosts Grady and Mario blending in almost like a couple of guests.

Grady had spent most of the day at the studio shooting scenes for the sequel to his popular Tarzan movie. It had been a tough day, requiring many takes for what Grady called the long ‘talky’ scenes, rather than the action scenes he preferred. Brian had spent hours with him running lines for the parts he found hard to memorize. When Grady returned from the studio he had jumped into the festivities with great relief, becoming ‘just one of the boys’ which he loved.

The twins had come up to help the young chef Danny prepare dinner and they asked Miguel, the executive chef at a five-star hotel, to supervise them. The handsome Ranger Pete was there with his boy Brandon, and the fireman Jason had accompanied his boy Ben. Even the normally reclusive Hassan, the hunky Arab/Asian Marine, had come with his boy Eddie.

The men naturally gravitated to each other and were sitting in a group with beer and wine. Bob chose this moment to tell them about his and Randy’s purchase of the house next door to the compound, which would be their home.

“About time you two had your own house, guys,” Pete said. “And it’s perfect ‘cos when the two lots are knocked into one the house becomes part of the compound. I kinda wish Brandon and me lived closer. We love that little bungalow of ours and we’ve been real happy there but I’m always uneasy about leaving him there on his own, away from you guys.”

“Same here,” said Hassan. “You know me, always a bit of a hermit, but I think I’ve outgrown that little guest house hideaway of Steve’s. Hell, I’m a well-paid Marine Captain – about time I bought a place of my own. And it’s not fair to Eddie up there. He’s the life and soul of any party but up there in the hills it’s a party of two and a guy can go stir crazy. I think it’s time for me to join the land of the living and look for a place for Eddie and me closer to you guys.”

Randy glanced at Bob, then turned to Zack. “Zack, my boy Pablo was telling me about the, er, little party he had up here earlier with Miguel and their two boys. Seems like you all have quite a complicated thing going on there.

“I mean, shit, talk about a tangled web. Miguel is your man and Darius is your boy, and Darius is Pablo’s lover from way back. And it seems your two boys are hitting it off real good and Darius calls Finn his little brother. Sounds a lot like family to me, and Pablo and his kid should be part of it. And I’d be OK with that. Except your house is too small for all six of you.”

“’Course,” Bob said casually, swirling the wine around in his glass, “soon there’s gonna be the whole top floor of the house vacant. If you all were to move in there, that would leave your house empty, Zack, right across the street from us.” He shrugged. “Just saying …”

Mark grinned at Bob and said quietly, “You are too fucking devious, man. Do you always get what you want?”

“I hope so, officer – maybe even my favorite cop … later.


Suddenly Eddie’s voice pierced the air. “Guys … guys … listen up. Hey, guys, quiet! This is me talking.”

Pete grinned. “No kidding. Like you said, Hassan, life and soul of the party.”

Eddie was standing on a stool waving his arms like a windmill. And finally the he got the silence he wanted. “Guys, as the senior junior boy it’s my job to welcome Finn to the select group of junior boys. We don’t admit just anyone off the streets.” He winced. “Oh, shit, dude, that didn’t come out like it should have. By streets, I wasn’t referring to your previous job as … oh shit …”

Finn laughed, “Dude, you should quit while you’re ahead. Sure I was a hustler, but I ain’t the only one who came into the tribe off the streets. Let’s see a show of hands, guys.” Many hands shot up amid a roar of laughter.

“OK, OK,” Eddie conceded, “we get your point, Finn. I myself was in the back room of a bar sucking dick until the day Darius walked in and from then it was off to the races …”

“You’re losing the plot, dude,” Brandon shouted. “Just cut to the chase.”

“OK, OK,” Eddie said, raising his palms. “As I was saying before I was interrupted – or actually interrupted myself I guess you could say …” the murmurs got louder. “… OK, the thing is, us boys want Finn to become one of us, making us the ‘five amigos’ …”

“Six,” said Brian sitting next to Grady who was having a blast and whispered, “That’s my boy.”

“Six?” Eddie frowned. “No, wait, let’s see – there’s me, Brandon …” He sensed he was losing his audience again and shouted, “OK, OK, six then, I take your word for it. The thing is, we always welcome a new guy in some kind of special way. Us boys got together and thought of gang fucking him, but that’s kind of old by now – been there, done that. Then we thought about lining up and let him suck our dicks, like pulling the train. But that would take too long and you guys might get hungry for dinner.

“You can say that again, kid,” Randy roared – “I’m fucking starved.”

He was joined by a chorus of agreement and Bob shouted above it, “Eddie … the chase? As in cut to …”

“Jeez, you guys are a tough room. Worse than that back room where I … Alright, alright, here it is. So us boys elected just one of us to give Finn his welcome present – a master blow job. We took a vote and it was unanimous. I mean that back room I mentioned was not only a great talking point, it produced the primo deep throat … ta-da!” He spread his arms. “Yours truly.”

Amid cheers and catcalls Eddie jumped off his stool, grabbed the back of Finn’s chair and pulled him into the middle of the lawn where he sat in full view of the whole group. Playing the scene to the hilt Eddie waved his hand at Finn, “Behold – the party boy. And behold,” pointing at himself with both hands, “his welcome committee.”

Milking the moment dramatically he picked up a glass from a nearby table, took a swig of water and gargled. He stretched his jaw, ran his fingers over his lips and cracked his knuckles. (Though nobody quite understood what cracked knuckles had to do with a blow job.)

In fact the natives were getting restless again and Mario pleaded, “Bambino, we have foreplay in my country too, but this is … ridicolo.

Grady roared with laughter. “What my friend is trying to say, Eddie, is – shut up and suck!”

Eddie gave him a defiant look. “Sir, this is a master at work here. But OK, here goes.”

He knelt between Finn’s manspread legs, unbuttoned his shorts and pulled out his semi-hard dick. He began with the tease – flicking his tongue at the head, running it down the length of the shaft and licking his balls. He was so adept, even at the tease, that Finn’s cock was hard in seconds. Eddie pulled back and waved his hand at Finn’s cock with a “Ta-da” worthy of a magician producing a wand from a hat.

Then, at long last, he got down to business, lowering his mouth slowly down the shaft, not stopping until it was deep in his throat. He paused dramatically with no sound of gagging, and this feat alone brought cheers from the audience and a deep groan of satisfaction from Finn.

From then on it was vintage Eddie, using his full bag of tricks to excite the new boy – bringing him close to his climax again and again, then pulling back and subjecting him to the exquisite frustration of denial. He squeezed his throat muscles round the shaft, relaxed them and exhaled hot air over it, pulled all the way back … and repeated the whole sequence.

The raucous cheers had died down to an awed silence at the spectators watched Finn’s face fall from side to side in obvious ecstasy. An irreverent Ben called out mockingly, “But tell us how you really feel, dude.”

“Aaah,” Finn groaned and opened his eyes. “If this is what joining the boys means, sign me up, guys.” He smiled at Miguel who was overjoyed to see his boy the center of attention and having such a great time.

It was the longest, most elaborate blow-job any of the spectators had seen or experienced themselves, although they had all been treated to an Eddie special at one time or another. Some of the boys had tears in their eyes as they watched the initiation of their new friend Finn.

Finn himself was being driven crazy – in a good way – and the crowd was mesmerized for a while, but after long minutes had passed their enthusiasm became tinged with impatience. And they were all getting hungry. It fell to young Tyler, the shyest of them all, to speak for the whole group as he said plaintively, “Eddie, I want my dinner.”

The spell was broken and Pablo hugged his boy. “Spoken like a real man, kiddo, and I think he speaks for us all Eddie. You think you can make Finn cum at last?”

Eddie pulled off Finn’s cock and gave Pablo a withering look. “Dumb question, dude. Can Eddie make a man cum?! Duh!”

“I would really like you to, buddy.” Finn smiled. “If it’s OK with you.”

“I was just getting fired up,” Eddie grumbled, “but if that’s what you all want. Watch it and weep, guys.”

It took him mere seconds. “He attacked Finn’s cock, aggressively sucking, squeezing and making Finn howl. “Jesus, dude, that’s fucking … man, you’re gonna make me … I’m gonna … fuck … I love you guys … aaagh!” His body bucked in the chair, his head flew back and his cock exploded in a pent-up load of jism deep in Eddie’s throat.

The crowd rose in a boisterous standing ovation while Finn’s cock drained in Eddie’s mouth. Then Eddie pulled off, sprang to his feet, smiled triumphantly and waved the back of his hand over a dry chin. “And not a drop was spilt,” he boasted, to renewed cheers.

“But wait … there’s more,” he shouted. He pulled out his own cock and stood over Finn sitting stunned in his chair. “This, gentlemen, is what’s known in the trade as the ‘coo de grass’.” He grinned down at Finn and after just a few strokes of his cock said, “Welcome to the five … er, six amigos, dude. You’re one of us. This is from all the boys … yeaaah!”

Cum spurted from his cock and splashed down on Finn’s upturned laughing face, running down his forehead, his cheeks, and dripping from his chin onto his neck.

Eddie pulled him up out of his chair and raised his arm in the air like a triumphant prizefighter. “Gentlemen, let’s hear it for Finn, the newest member of our tribe.”

Amid the cheers and whistles Miguel jumped up and hugged Finn and then Eddie. “Guys, Finn and I wanna thank you all for making us feel so welcome. And a special thanks to Eddie for that spirited performance.”

Miguel grinned, “It was Charles Dickens who said his technique was to ‘Make then laugh, make them cry, make them wait.’ And Eddie, you certainly did all three.”


The saga of Finn’s admission to the tribe was nearing its end. He and Miguel had personally gone through a rocky start where the damaged, suspicious hustler had to learn that kindness really did exist, and that it was possible, and joyful, to fall in love with a man like Miguel.

Together they had navigated the choppy waters of acceptance by the tribe, starting with Miguel’s lover Zack, then the other senior men and senior boys. Finn had been befriended first by Eddie, then Darius and Tyler, but had run up against the brick wall of a hostile Pablo, a drama that had only just been fully resolved today.

And finally the ebullient Eddie had rolled out the welcome wagon on behalf of the junior boys in his uniquely garrulous and theatrical style, where he had made the spectators laugh, a few of them cry – and all of them wait.

In fact they had waited so long that the moment the cheering stopped, dinner was brought out and served by Danny and the twins, and the men fell on the food like a voracious horde. And over it all Mario and Grady presided in their understated way, happy to put the celebrity life temporarily behind them and become an integral part of such a colorful band of men and boys.

The evening proceeded in a predictably raucous manner, replete with one-upping jokes and near constant laughter.

Bob did manage to refer again to the project close to his heart of reorganizing the tribe’s living arrangements. Actually, the first part of that had already begun with the imminent addition of Pablo and Tyler to the family of Zack, Miguel and their two boys. That would signal not only the start of a new chapter in their lives, but also the close of the chapter of Finn’s admission to the tribe. In this, though, there was still one final act to play out – as soon as they got home.

So it was no surprise to anyone that they were among the first to leave the Grady House as the rest of them lounged over coffee and brandy. There were effusive farewells and extravagant thanks to their hosts Grady and Mario, with promises to return soon. “La nostra casa è la vostra casa, amici” Mario assured them with a broad smile. Miguel said to them all. “Thanks again, guys for embracing Finn the way you have. It means everything to us.”

The small party left in separate trucks – Zack, Miguel, Darius and Finn in one, Pablo and Tyler in the other. But that separation was about to be erased for good.”


When they got back to Zack’s house Darius said, “Hey, guys, the night is still young. How about a nightcap – drinks in the garden, eh?

“We’ll get them,” Pablo said. “Tyler, Finn, follow me.”

While those three were rattling round in the kitchen Zack sat with Miguel and Darius in the balmy air outside. Zack said, “Er, I wanted to make sure. Are you two really on board with the prospect of Pablo and Tyler becoming part of our little group?”

Darius said, “If you ask me if feels like a family already. I mean, Pablo’s been my lover for years, and Tyler has taken a real liking to ‘my little brother’ Finn. All of us living together would just make it kind of official.”

Zack looked at Miguel who said. “I totally agree. I think it would be great for Finn to have a buddy like Tyler who looks up to him. I saw how it makes Finn think of himself as a man, rather than just the new boy on the block. Course, there’s still the question of space. I mean, us three couples should have our own separate space, even though we’re all living together.

“Hey, dude,” Zack grinned, “look who you’re talking to. We run a big construction company, so whatever we wanna build, we build. And that upper floor across the street is huge – we can remodel it into whatever configuration we like after Bob and Randy move into their own house.”

He frowned pensively. “No, I was thinking of something else. I mean, us four have become real close. You’re my man, Miguel, Darius is my boy and Finn is Darius’s ‘little brother’. Pablo’s a pretty dominant guy, like his dad Randy. I wonder if he could adapt to living with us.”

Darius grinned. “Might take a little persuasion. I know Pablo as well as I know myself. All he needs is to prove that he’s tough enough to be one of us. He needs to show Tyler as well as us that he’s an equal. And that’s easily arranged. A little – er – ritual? An initiation?”

“Right there with you, dude,” Zack grinned. Just then Finn came out with chips and dip that he set on the table. “Hey, kiddo,” Miguel said. “Leave that for a minute. You’re coming with us.” The four of them ran into the house, avoiding the kitchen – conspirators hatching a plan.


When Pablo and Tyler emerged with a selection of drinks and snacks they found the garden empty. “They must be taking a leak, or something,” Pablo said. “No need for us to wait though. Zack told us to make ourselves at home. Talking of which, kiddo, how would you feel if we made our home with these guys?”

“I think I would like it, sir. Only, I would still be your boy, wouldn’t I? You wouldn’t have to share me with Zack and Miguel?”

“Hell no, I don’t share you with anyone, kid, unless we want to. I’m just as tough as those guys and, like I’ve told you before, I’ll always protect you and you’ll never have to do anything you don’t want to.”

They suddenly looked up and Pablo ginned – “Uh-oh”. Coming from the house were three leathermen and a leatherboy – all in black leather pants, Zack shirtless, Darius with a studded leather harness across his chest, Miguel and Finn in open leather vests.

“Shit damn, no need to guess where this is going,” Pablo said. “Looks like a fucking inquisition. Some kind of initiation is it?”

“Pretty close,” Zack said with a gleam in his eye. “See, all this talk of you and your boy joining our group. Not a bad idea in principle but, as you see, we’re a tough crowd of leathermen and we’re not sure if you would measure up, dude. Besides, what you did to Finn … seems every damn guy in the tribe has punished you for that – except me, the founder of this little group.”

Far from being intimidated, Pablo stood up defiantly, the macho stud mechanic facing the black leather-master. “Oh come off it, man, we all know you wanna show off to your buddies by working me over. Well bring it on, dude.” Pablo pulled off his black T-shirt and locked eyes with Zack, flexing the muscles of his bare torso. “I can take anything you dish out, stud. Here I’ll make it easy for you.”

Pablo walked over to the tree where ropes hung more or less permanently from a high branch. “Looks like you’ve got the arena already set up. This where you throw the Christians to the lions?” He reached up and slid his hands through the leather restraints at the end of the ropes.

“OK, leatherman, what’s it to be? No lions, I guess, they’re so Ancient Rome. Whips, maybe … a good flogging? Or you gonna force me to suck all your dicks or gang fuck me? Or a good old spit-roast? Whatever, man, I can take it.”

Zack grinned at Miguel who shrugged, “Gotta admit, bro, he’s got the right attitude. He’s as arrogant and macho as you would be in the same circumstances. He fits right in.”

“Yeah, but talk is cheap. Let’s see how he squeals with my big black rod up his ass.”

“Hey, just a minute here, sirs,” said Finn, who was standing next to Tyler. “I know I’m the low man on the totem pole in this group, but don’t I get a say in this? It’s one thing to initiate the master, but what about his boy? If there are gonna be two boys in this family – Tyler and me – don’t I get to check out the boy while the men are checking out his master?”

Finn felt Tyler tense next to him but Finn turned, winked at him and kissed him on the cheek. Then Darius spoke up. “He’s got a point, guys. Master on master, boy on boy – the classic initiation. Leave it to me, guys. I know about this stuff – damn, I’ve filmed enough of it. Call it set decoration.

The men smiled indulgently and Finn squeezed Tyler’s hand as Darius got to work. From an old box of toys under the tree he pulled another set of wrist restraints and clipped them to the same rope as Pablo’s. Next he pulled out two leather collars and went up to Pablo. With the twinkle in his eye that Pablo always loved, Darius said softly, “You look so fucking hot like that, dude. Love you, bro.”

Darius buckled the collar round Pablo’s neck then went over to Finn and Tyler and gave the other collar to Finn. “You wanna do the honors, dude?”

Finn took off Tyler’s shirt, smiled at him and gently buckled the collar round his neck. “Don’t worry kiddo,” he whispered, “you’re gonna love it.” He led him over to stand chest to chest against Pablo, then raised his arms and slid his hands through the second set of restraints. The final piece of ‘set decoration’ was when Darius linked the two collars together with a short rope.

The scene was set. Darius picked up the camera he had brought out of the house and said, “Establishing shot, guys.” He got a wide-angle shot of the garden, then closer on the master and his boy pressed against each other, arms raised, wrists bound, with a two-foot length of rope linking their collars. Pablo smiled at Tyler. “Don’t worry, kid, we can always slide our hands free if you want to.”

“I don’t want to, sir. I think this is kinda hot. I know Finn would never hurt me and you wouldn’t let him.”

“That’s my boy,” Pablo grinned and kissed him. Right on cue Darius moved in for the close-up.

Zack said to Finn. “OK, Finn, let’s get this show on the road.” They shook hands and Finn said, “Sir, I haven’t fucked Tyler before so I think I need lube ‘cos …” Darius sidled up to him – “right there with you, brother” – and gave him a tube of lube. Zack and Finn pulled their cocks out of their pants and Finn lubed his. Zack said mockingly. “You need lube, Pablo?”

“Duh!” Pablo said indignantly.

“Good answer, bro. OK, this is it … you two wanna join us let’s see if you got what it takes.”

Finn took his cue from Zack who walked behind Pablo, unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down round his knees, while Finn did the same with Tyler’s shorts. “Let the fuck begin,” Miguel shouted.

The men acted in unison but the comparison stopped there. Zack growled into Pablo’s ear, “Randy’s always boasting how you can take his savage fucks, and god knows you take Darius’s ten inches often enough. So let’s see …” He drove his dick in hard and deep and Pablo ginned mockingly. “That all you got, stud?”

The thrust jerked Pablo harder against Tyler while Finn eased his cock slowly and gently inside him. “Aaah, oh yeah, that feels so good,” Tyler sighed. “Yeah, fuck me, dude. I love it.”

And so the action gathered speed as the black leather-master ramrodded his cock deep in the mechanic’s ass and Finn gently made love to Tyler’s. Miguel watched the spectacle in awe, master and boy tied facing each other, submitting to a double butt-fuck as the price of admission to the group. Darius knew he was capturing one for the archives as he circled unobtrusively.

The greatest impact was felt, naturally, by the two inductees, with an intensity caused by more than the invasion of their asses. They had made love often, of course – but never like this. Tied together, gazing into each other’s eyes, their physical closeness brought a greater emotional bond than they had ever felt before. They were each feeling the identical sensation as the men behind them pushed them hard against each other, chest to chest and groin to groin.

“You doing OK, kid,” Pablo asked. “We can stop anytime.”

“I’m feeling great, sir, this close to you. I don’t wanna stop.”

In this precarious situation Pablo felt an even greater imperative to protect his boy. When Zack plunged in hard and deep Pablo reflexively jerked his head backward but, joined by their collars, that jerked Tyler’s head forward with a look of alarm. Pablo soothed him by locking their mouths together in a passionate kiss as the assault on their asses continued.

But above all was a feeling of joy, ecstasy even, as Zack’s cock pistoned inside Pablo and Finn eased gently in and out of his new friend. Pablo and Tyler were united in a wave of physical excitement as their chests and abs rubbed together, their cocks grinding against each other straining to cum. It was a relief to hear Zack say, “Hey, Finn, you wanna bring it home, buddy?”

“Ready when you are, sir.”

“Come on guys,” Zack said to Pablo and Tyler. Show us how much you wanna join us. You know what we want from you. Do it, guys.”

They were more than ready. As their bodies and cocks churned against each other Pablo smiled at his wide-eyed boy. “Let’s show ‘em, eh kiddo? I love you, boy. Cum for me … cum with me.” He shouted, “This is us, guys … we’re here, and we ain’t leaving. Yeaahh!”

Their bodies shuddered, they kissed hungrily, and their cocks erupted against each other, while Zack and Finn filled their asses with juice in a physical act of welcome. When they were drained Miguel rushed forward and quickly untied their wrists and unbuckled the collars.

Tyler fell into Pablo’s arms and Miguel wrapped his arms round Finn. “You did great, kid. You are definitely my man.” Finn felt a tap on his shoulder, turned and there was Tyler with a big grin on his freckled face. Pablo shook hands with Zack and Miguel, and Zack said, “OK, men, now for that drink. And let’s start planning this big new home of ours.”

As the men and boys sat round the table Darius got one last shot of the newly united family, then lowered his camera and yelled, “And that’s a wrap. And when I say wrap I really mean a wrap! The saga of brother Finn’s entrance into this tribe seems to have lasted for ever. So I pronounce this chapter well and truly closed. Now let’s get on with our lives”


Across the street in the compound’s large ground-floor apartment another couple was making plans – the cop Mark and his boy Jamie, the blond surfer. Having just got home from the Grady House they were kicking back, just the two of them, and Mark said something he had been holding back until they were alone.

“Jamie, earlier today Bob played me part of the video Darius shot of the senior boys meeting yesterday. He wanted me to see that little speech you made to Pablo about what makes the tribe special – about how it’s always been a refuge for boys who’ve had a raw deal in life. Man, I don’t mind telling you it brought tears to my eyes. It was so eloquent and right on target.”

“I was only saying what I feel, sir.”

“But that’s the point, Jamie. Your feelings are what I love about you … plus the small fact of you being a drop-dead gorgeous young jock. Jamie, I don’t express my own feelings often … it comes from being a cop, I guess. And sometimes I think I take you for granted – you know, you’re always there on the bed waiting for me to fuck you when I get off my shift.”

“Highlight of my day, sir,” Jamie grinned.

“Mine too, buddy. But seriously, you make me so damn proud of you, and I want us to spend time together so I can really show you the love and respect I feel for you. I’ve got a ton of comp time coming at work so how about we take off for a week somewhere, you and me? Maybe go out to the desert to see Uncle Mike and your pal Larry in Palm Springs?”

“Thank you for saying that about me, sir, and I’d love to get away together. As a matter of fact there’s something I wanted to tell you – get it off my chest. It’s about Mike and his boy Larry. You know that trouble they had some time back when Larry was fooling around with some guy and Mike thought Larry would leave him?”

“Sure but that was all smoothed over wasn’t it?”

“It was, but it seems Larry’s gone off the rails again, something more serious this time. He called to confide in me and asked me not to spread it around, but I’ve been wanting to tell you.”

Mark sighed and shook his head. “Yeah, Larry had the same wild early life as you, but then you met me and he went back to that abusive family. He had it rough and never had much of a chance until he met Mike and they fell in love. But I guess he still has that bad seed buried deep inside. I’m sorry to hear that ‘cos I love old Mike as we all do. So are you saying you’d like us to go out to the Springs so you can check Larry out and see if you can help?”

That’s about it, sir. I just think that he needs a pal right now. We go back a long way and I’m probably one of the few guys he can talk to. Things are rough between him and Mike right now, but you know Mike – doesn’t want the tribe to know, thinks he can sort it out by himself.”

“Sounds pretty urgent to me,” Mark said. “I think I can swing it to start my leave tomorrow – you know, family emergency and all that – and I think I can persuade Bob to give you a week off from the office.”

Jamie chuckled. “I think you could persuade Bob to do anything, sir, he’s so crazy about you.”

Good, that’s the plan. But Jamie, I wanna do something for you right now. Whatever you want. Close your eyes and make a wish.”

Jamie smiled and shut his eyes. “Hmm … I wish … I wish I could open my eyes and see a gorgeous blond cop in uniform standing there, about to arrest me for … say … lewd conduct.”

“Man, I am about to prove to you that sometimes, as in all good stories, wishes really do come true. Wait right there.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 414

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