Chapter 25


The two horny young gardeners are doing more than ploughing earth – they’re ploughing each other.  And new boy Will joins in. Then Will goes to the Grady House where he chats to Grady, without recognizing him as the movie-star who plays Tarzan. He watches the gypsy boss Randy and the blond cop Mark work on the muscle-jock’s ass in turn. But Will is shocked and embarrassed when he realizes who Grady is.

In the previous chapter

The newest and youngest member of the tribe, 18-year-old Will, was shy and inexperienced at first when the twins invited him to become their kitchen assistant and then, more importantly, their boy. Sexually repressed, he soon came out of his shell when he witnessed some of the homoerotic events that regularly took place in this group of horny men and their boys.

He had just ended an action-packed day, first being welcomed to the group of junior boys who initiated him by what they called a circle-jerk, which involved a whole lot of cock-sucking. But that was tame in comparison with what came later that evening, which blew his mind.

The twins, Kyle and Kevin, planned on Will becoming a roving chef to the various households in the tribe. His first job came when he was requested to cook for three men and their boys in the house across the street. It was a macho group of men in uniform – Hassan the Marine captain; Pete the forest ranger; and Mark the blond police officer; together with their boys.

Dinner went well and Will’s meal was a triumph. But after that came the mind-blowing part.

The three men had earlier taken part in military training exercises and when they came home they were pumped with testosterone. There was a naturally competitive impulse when the three alpha-males got together, and Will got to watch the predictable contest in the dark, mirrored basement of the house. The scene culminated with the muscular Marine, shirtless in chains, being worked over and fucked by the ranger and the cop.

Later, as they said goodnight, Mark smiled, “You did a great job tonight, kid. Food was terrific. I hope the, er, entertainment didn’t shock you too much.”

“A bit, sir,” Will smiled, “but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thank you, sir.”

When he got up to the twins’ apartment above the kitchen, where he had his own room, the brothers were already in bed but still awake. They beckoned him into their room where he was greeted excitedly by his beloved pug dog Norman, who had been in his bed in the corner of the twins’ room waiting for him.

Sit on the bed for a minute, both of you,” Kyle said. Will sat, cradling Norman. “So how did the party go, kiddo? Was your fish pie a success?”

“They loved it, sir, all of it. And the evening was … incredible.” He hesitated. “After dinner the guys went downstairs and they… well … can I tell you about that tomorrow, sirs?”

“Of course, Will,” Kevin smiled. “And there are other things we have to discuss tomorrow too. While you were away we had several phone calls for you. Seems word’s gone around and they all want you to cook for them. You’re gonna be busy, kiddo – starting at the Grady House.”

“There’s gonna be a big party up there,” Kyle explained, “and their chef and house manager Danny called to ask if you could help him in the kitchen at lunchtime. The Grady House is kinda special, the home of two lovers named Grady and Mario. Mario’s this handsome Italian hunk who kinda runs the place and checks out guys who’ve never been there before. He’s going to drop by here tomorrow if that’s OK.”

“But right now,” Kevin said, “it’s time you got some sleep, kiddo, after the day’s excitement. Well done, Will. We’re so proud of you.”

Soon Will was in his room, curled up with Norman. “You know Norman,” Will said drowsily, “I think we’re really gonna have fun here, you and me.” He yawned. “Wonder what this Grady House is like. The boys don’t talk about it much, like there’s some kinda mystery there.”

But before he could unravel the mystery Will and Norman were fast asleep.

*****************    CHAPTER 425    ******************

Despite his late night Will was up early next morning helping the twins get breakfast ready for the guys who lived in or near the compound. It was the usual casual meal, a buffet spread on the table in the garden where the guys could saunter in in their own time and help themselves.

With no table service the twins and Will were freed up to start planning the day’s schedule. The twins had put a large blackboard on the wall under a sign saying “Will’s Events.” Kyle explained, “We thought this would keep things organized, Will, so we could chalk up all the requests for your service as they come in and you could add your progress, like ‘accepted’… ‘in preparation’ … ‘ready’ … ‘completed’ … and ‘billed’ … stuff like that.”

“That way,” Kevin said, “we can all see at a glance what stage your various gigs are at and we can make sure you’re not taking on too much of a load. As you see, we already posted last night’s gig as ‘completed’ and Brandon can help you set up a system for billing. We’ve also posted the Grady House event for next Saturday. Can we put ‘accepted’ by that?”

“Yes please, sir,” Will said eagerly. “I already worked with Danny here for that big feast last week and I feel real comfortable with him. I learned a lot from him.”

Kyle smiled, “And hopefully it won’t be quite as dramatic as last night’s affair. We assume it was dramatic, eh, kiddo? We might even say pornographic?”

“Oh you could sure call it pornographic, sir – in a good way I mean.” With his habit of telling the twins everything he entertained them with a blow by blow account of all that happened in the basement dungeon between the soldier, the ranger and the cop. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to watch stuff like whipping and cock-and-ball torture, and the Marine’s gorgeous body stretched in chains. But actually I hardly had to close my eyes at all.

“See, I kinda had a feeling that, even though it looked real savage, the guys somehow had it under control, and Hassan even kinda wanted it, even when he yelled and struggled.”

“You got that right,” Kevin said, “and it’s an important lesson to learn. Remember we told you that no man or boy in the tribe is ever forced to do something he doesn’t want? Well the same applied even to those three tough military guys.

“They have a long history that goes way back so they know each other real well – their needs, cravings and pain thresholds. They’ve played out that whole chained captive fantasy before. And the great thing with those guys is that it becomes real to them, especially when they are real stoked after those war game exercises they go through.”

Kyle added, “Maybe sometimes guys go a bit over the top, especially Randy when he gets in a rage and fucks a guy as a punishment.”

“That’s the part that looked worst to me, sir, when Mark and Pete fucked Hassan’s ass in turn. That must’ve hurt bad.” He winced. “Well, sirs, you know how I feel about guys getting fucked in the ass. ‘Course, I could never do anything like that so …”

Kevin chuckled. “Well, one thing’s for sure, dude, you won’t see whips, chains and torture at your Grady House gig. Those guys are lot more what people call ‘civilized’. Mario has that sophisticated Italian thing going and Grady … well you’ll see …”

“Not that there won’t be any butt-fucking, kiddo,” Kyle said. “This is the tribe after all, and fucking kinda goes with the territory.” Seeing Will frown Kyle added quickly, “But we won’t say any more about that – we’ve gotta get on with our day.”

“Will,” Kevin chuckled, “I think you already know our young gardeners Tyler and Finn pretty well after that junior boy ‘circle jerk’ yesterday.” Will blushed as Kevin continued. “I believe they have already mentioned to you that they are planning a fairly extensive vegetable garden. It was Bob’s idea so we’d have our own fresh vegetables to work with.

“The boys get out to the garden early so when breakfast is cleared away that would be a good time for you to go and talk to them and make a list of the best vegetables to plant – the ones we use most. They could even plant some rhubarb for your famous rhubarb pies,” Kevin grinned.

Also, Mario from the Grady House will be dropping by. He’s an expert landscape gardener as well as Grady’s lover. He designed the grounds here and has regular discussions with the boys to keep them on the right track. He’ll, er, probably want to chat with you too.”

Just then the door flew open and Pablo burst in. “Sorry to interrupt, guys, but I need to borrow Will for a minute … got something to show him.”

Will looked at the twins who nodded. “Off you go, then kiddo.” He followed Pablo outside, with Norman trotting by his side. Pablo’s Doberman Billy rushed up and the dogs played excitedly. Norman’s reaction to Billy was similar to Will’s for Pablo – admiration and affection.

They went round the back of the house to the garages where Pablo threw out his arm and grinned, Ta-da!” It was Miguel’s 4Runner SUV. “I closed the deal on Miguel’s new BMW so he won’t be needing this anymore and he’s turned it over to the company. “I gave it a tune-up, test-drove it and it’s running just fine. Registration and insurance are in the glove box.” He tossed the keys to Will. “So, kiddo, it’s all yours, your very own!”

Will stared at the car in awe, then at Pablo, and impetuously wrapped his arms round him. “Thank you, thank you, sir. You’ve been so good to me, first bringing Norman back to me and now this awesome car. I love you, sir.”

“Thanks, kid. All in a day’s work for me. If you ever have problems, anyone hurts you, you just let me know and I’ll deal with them.”

“That’s just what Randy said, sir.”

Pablo laughed, “Well Randy and me are exactly alike, everyone knows that – or didn’t you get the memo, kid? By the way, I hear you had quite a session with the boys yesterday. My boy Tyler told me all about it. Do you get on OK with Tyler?”

“Oh yes, sir, we’re good buddies. Matter of fact I’m gonna go talk to him now about the vegetable garden.”

“Glad to hear it, kid. Yeah, you and him should get along real well. Anyway, I gotta get back to work. So enjoy the car, drive safe, buckle up and all that good stuff.” He kissed Will and as he walked away he looked back over his shoulder with his familiar crooked grin. “And if you ever change your mind about that sweet ass of yours, kid, just let me know. I’ll be first in line.”


Will ran back to the kitchen and gushed about his good fortune. “I got a new car, sirs – Pablo got it for me, a 4Runner that used to be Miguel’s. It’s an SUV. I’ve never had a car that big …”

“… or one where the windows go up,” Kevin laughed, referring to Will’s old wreck of a car where the windows were stuck open. “Anything you want to know about cars ask Pablo, our expert mechanic. And talking experts, you’re the vegetable expert around here, so go talk to Tyler and Finn about the kitchen garden. They’re way over there in the big plot behind that tall hedge.

“Yes, sir, thank you sir. Wow, you never know what’s gonna happen next around here.” Will was right about that – and was about to get another graphic example.

The future vegetable garden was currently a big grassy plot surrounded by a high hedge to hide it from the more formal, landscaped grounds. As he got close he could hear sounds coming from the boys, but when he came round the hedge he stopped dead in his tracks.

There was a tree in the middle of the grass and Tyler was standing with his chest pressed against it, his arms wrapped round the trunk hugging it. But what made Will gape was that Tyler’s jeans were down round his boots – and Finn was behind him fucking his ass.

He stood frozen to the spot and the boys were so engrossed in each other they didn’t notice him. At yesterday’s junior boy cock-sucking orgy Will had watched Tyler suck Finn’s cock and clearly saw the dynamic between them. They were best buddies, lovers almost, but there was a definite top/bottom vibe. Tyler was still quite shy and, being Pablo’s boy, had been taught to take the macho mechanic’s cock up his ass. He had got to love it and couldn’t get enough of it.

So he was tailor-made for Finn, the ex-hustler who always prided himself on being a top man. He had been tamed by his dominant master Miguel, but Miguel loved Finn’s hustler-rough edge and made sure he kept it. Put Tyler together with Finn and you got what Will was staring at now – two horny young gardeners, the tough one ploughing the ass of the bottom boy.

Finn was more muscular than Tyler and looked really hot, stripped to the waist in dirt-smothered jeans, his jaw clenched as he drove his dick in his buddy’s ass. Will’s first impulse was to be discreet, turn back and pretend he had seen nothing. But recalling yesterday’s very public cock sucking circle he suspected that the boys wouldn’t mind him watching. And he really wanted to.

Will took off his apron, fumbled with his shorts, pulled out his already hard dick and wrapped his hand round it. As he stroked it he groaned and the sound made Finn look up. Will stammered, “Oh sorry, dude … I didn’t … I wasn’t …”

Finn’s stern, rugged features suddenly broke into a dazzling smile. “Hey, buddy, don’t run away. Stick around, you’re one of us now so come and join us.”

Seeing what was happening to Tyler Will felt sure his ass would be next and he recoiled at the thought of being impaled on the hustler’s dick. But Finn’s next words reassured him. “Come on, dude, you can help me give this boy the treatment he deserves. A guy like this needs a tough hustler to keep him in check.”

Will smiled nervously, realizing that Finn and Tyler were playing out their hustler/bottom boy fantasy. But he wasn’t sure how he could help so he hung back and watched for a while, listening to their raunchy street-talk. In the past, talking dirty to his customers was Finn’s specialty, turning them on as he dominated and humiliated them.

“Fuck you, kid, I’m just using your ass to get my rocks off. A punk like you deserves to have my rod pounding your ass, you know that, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You like getting shoved against a tree and butt fucked by a grungy street hustler don’t you?”

“Yes, sir. I love it.”

“Yeah but that’s too fucking easy. Kid like you needs to get spit-roasted.” Finn pulled Tyler back off the tree, and roughly forced him down on the grass on his hands and knees. “Hey buddy,” Finn called to Will. “Get over here and help me give this punk a lesson he won’t forget.”

By now Will had learned what spit-roasting meant and knew what Finn expected of him. He had also learned that the guys of the tribe got into fantasies, but this action sure looked real – the submissive boy on all fours and the tough, shirtless Hustler kneeling behind him gripping the boy’s waist and pulling his ass back onto his cock.

And Will wanted to get in on the action. He stood in front of Tyler’s bowed head and stared across his back at Finn. Finn reached forward, grabbed Tyler’s hair and pulled his head back so his face was staring at Will’s cock. “Here’s his mouth, dude. You know what to do.”

He sure did. Will looked down at the freckled face and saw the gleam of excitement in Tyler’s eyes. He wanted this, no doubt about it – so Will gave it to him. Unlike the rougher Finn Will was careful as he slid his cock into Tyler’s mouth and down his throat. But he needn’t have worried. Tyler had become quite the expert at sucking cock – mostly his master Pablo’s but also most of the other junior boys.”

Finn grinned at Will. “OK, dude, we’re a team. Plug the kid’s face like I’m plugging his butt. Let’s go, buddy.”

That made Will feel he really was accepted as one of the boys – an exuberant feeling that empowered him as he fucked Tyler’s face and grinned over at the ex-hustler pounding his ass.

Having taken cock-sucking lessons from Eddie, Tyler was quite the expert and Will moaned with pleasure feeling the boy’s throat muscles squeezing his cock. It soon became a piston driving into Tyler’s hot mouth and Will learned to coordinate his thrusts with Finn’s.

“Hey,” Finn smiled, “you’re damn good at this, bro. It’s a pleasure to do business with you – the ‘business’ being our spit-roasted buddy here.”

Tyler was in spit-roast heaven, loving the sensation of taking it at both ends. Tonight he would tell Pablo all about it. Pablo enjoyed listening to his boy’s sexual adventures with his buddies. It made him good and horny before he fucked the boy – Tyler’s favorite thing in the world.

The tableau of the two young gardeners and the chef in action was wildly erotic. They were supposed to be discussing vegetables but, as they would later tell their buddies, cock came before cabbage every time, an opinion the others would solemnly agree with.

But stiff cocks had a shorter shelf-live than cabbage and Will found himself getting desperate for release. “Finn,” he panted, “I think I need to cum real soon. Would that be OK d’you think?”

“You wanna blow your wad in the kid’s mouth? Sure, dude, I can go for that. Let’s give him a double dose and make him bust his load on the ground.” Finn leaned forward, Will did the same and their lips met as they pounded faster. When they separated Finn pushed a fist in the air and laughed, “OK, this is it … ride him, cowboy … I’m gonna shoot in his ass … yeaah!”

Tyler bucked beneath them as he felt one cock explode in his ass, the other pour jizz in his mouth, and his own cock jerked and spewed semen on the grass beneath him. Finn grinned at Will. “We did it, bro. Like I always say, nothing like a spit roast to show a kid who’s boss.”

Will, concerned for Tyler, pulled his cock from his mouth and said, “You OK, Tyler?”

Tyler fell over on his back, cum running down his chin, and burst out laughing. “Thank you guys. I can’t wait to tell Pablo … it’ll get him all stoked, just the way I like him.” The other two knelt beside him and tickled him all over making him squirm in a fit off giggles.

Then suddenly – “Bellissimo – congratulazioni, ragazzi.”


Mario was standing at the gap in the hedge, bestowing on them his gorgeous dark Italian smile.

The boys scrambled to their feet. Finn shoved his cock back in his pants, Tyler jerked up his jeans and Will buttoned his shorts and put his apron back on. They stumbled over each other to apologize. “Sir, we’re very sorry …” “…didn’t know you were there …” “we didn’t mean to …”

“Boys, boys,” Mario laughed, “please do not apologize, I enjoyed the show. It is I who should apologize for invading your privacy. When I came through the hedge and saw you I should have turned back, but I did not want to miss uno spettacolo like that. I only wish mi amore Grady had been here too. Do you forgive me?”

Finn mumbled, “Aw, sir, nothing to forgive …” while the other two blushed deeply.

“I dropped by as promised so you could show me over the grounds and we can see how the landscaping is coming along. And we should talk about this vegetable garden that Bob wisely suggested you create. But most important, I came to meet our new friend Will.”

Will had been staring in awe at the man with the classic Mediterranean good looks, dark chiseled features, curly black hair and seductive green eyes that could only be described as dreamy. His naturally muscular body was evident beneath his casually sexy clothes – beige slacks, a white linen shirt flapping open over his chest and blue striped slider sandals. He had broad shoulders, hard pecs and a slim waist cinched by an elegant brown belt.

Ciao, bambino, I am Mario, and you are the Will we have been hearing so much about. It’s a pleasure to meet you at last – una rossa, a beautiful redhead.” Will found Mario’s lilting Italian accent very sexy and held out his hand. But Mario ignored it and pulled him into a gentle hug, kissing him on both cheeks.

While Finn and Tyler worked in the background Mario put the awestruck Will at his ease. “So, you are the twins’ boy … such handsome young men and such great chefs. How are you getting on here, Will?”

“Er, just great, sir. Kyle and Kevin have been wonderful to me and the boys have been great.”

“So I see,” Mario grinned mischievously. “You seem to be fitting in very well.” Will blushed. “Ah mi scusi, Will … that was naughty of me … my mouth often gets me in trouble. Ecco, I understand that you are giving advice to your friends about the vegetable garden.”

Will was on safer ground. “Yes, sir. See, I used to work in the produce section of a big grocery store so I know a lot about vegetables – you know, when they are ripe, what lasts, what doesn’t. And working with the twins I know what they would most like to get fresh from our own garden.”

“I’m sure your advice will be invaluable, Will. And it must be exciting to visit your former workmates at the store and tell them all about your new life here.” Mario chuckled. “Heaven knows there are enough stories here to entertain your friends with.”

“Well, actually no, sir. I mean, sure there are lots of stories but I never go back and chat to the people at the store. I was never that friendly with them so I don’t keep up with them.”

“And what about family and other friends, they must be very excited for you?”

“Well, you see, sir, my father hated me so I left home and lived alone in a small apartment with my dog Norman. The only time I went out was to walk Norman, but I was shy and never spoke to neighbors and didn’t make any friends. See, I thought I was different from everyone else – until I came here and discovered that the feelings I had were the same as the guys had here. So this is my family, sir, these are my friends – I guess you could say this is my world.”

“I’m happy to know that you have found your right place in life Will. It is sad that so many people do not. So they make things up, exaggerate and boast about their lives on social media.”

“Not me, sir. Besides … can I tell you something? Er, you are in the tribe, aren’t you, sir?”

Sicertamente! Why do you ask, Will?”

Will lowered his voice conspiratorially. “Well, sir, there’s a rule here that the twins said is very important. They said … let me see … they said, ‘what happens in the tribe stays in the tribe’. What that means, sir, is nobody can go out and blab about the life here, you know, tell stories like you said. Even Eddie doesn’t and he talks a whole lot.

“Like I said, I don’t have any friends outside, but even if I did I would never say anything about my life here. I mean, it would be kind of … what’s the word? … a betrayal of the guys here.”

Mario smiled at the earnest young face gazing up at him. “That is very loyal of you, Will. And the good news is that we are to have the pleasure of your company at the Grady House when you come to help Danny in the kitchen this weekend.”

Will did not realize it but he had just passed the test. The other boys, listening in the background, had some idea what had happened as they recalled similar talks with Mario before their first time at the Grady House. But Will was troubled. “But, sir, are you sure you still want me there after you saw me, you know, fucking Tyler’s face?”

Mario threw his head back in a gale of laughter. “Will, mi amico, if we banned everyone we had seen having sex the Grady House would be completely empty.”

“Besides, Will,” Mario smiled, “I have a request from mi amore Grady. When we were here for that big feast there was such a crowd we didn’t have a chance to speak to you but Grady certainly remembers your rhubarb pie. He loved it so much that, if it’s not too much trouble, he would like to have some more when you come to cook for us. I will mention it to Danny, but do you think you could do that for us?”

“Oh, of course, sir,” Will beamed, now totally at ease. “And if your friend has any other requests just let me know.” Mario smiled, recalling the most common request Grady made, which had nothing to do with food – more about his other appetites.

Just then there was a scuffle and Will’s pug came bounding forward from behind the hedge. Will grinned, “Ah, I wondered where you got to. Sir, this my dog Norman. I had to leave him at my dad’s place but Pablo rescued him and brought him to me.”

“Ah, che dolce,” Mario said, scooping Norman up in his arms. “You must bring him with you when you come next weekend. Grady would love to meet him. Now, let’s talk vegetables.”

The other boys joined them and Mario listened, cradling Norman, while Will gave confident opinions on what they should cultivate. “Excellent suggestions, Will,” Mario said, then handed Norman back to him prior to going off to inspect the grounds with Tyler and Finn. “It was a pleasure talking to you Will, and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. I think you and Grady will get along very well. Ciao, bambino.”

Will watched Mario walk off with the other two boys and murmured, “Norman, now that was a classy guy, that accent and everything and all those foreign words.” He put Norman on the ground and they ran back to the kitchen where Kyle said, “Hey, so how’d it go, kiddo?”

As always Will told them everything, blushing frequently as he related the spit-roast part. His eyes sparkled as he talked about Mario. “He’s so cool, sirs … so gorgeous in that Italian way of his. We had a nice talk, and he was great cos he seemed real interested in my family and friends. ‘Course, I told him I didn’t have any outside of you guys and the tribe – I mean, you are my family now – and I mentioned that thing you told me about ‘what happens in the tribe stays in the tribe’. He seemed to like that.”

The twins exchange quick glances, knowing exactly what Mario had been doing and that Will had apparently passed the confidentiality test.

“He said he was glad I was going up to his house and I should take Norman. He said his friend liked my rhubarb pie and could I make some more when I go and help Danny. He talked a lot about his friend … well I guess he would, them being lovers and all.”

Will frowned. “At that big party last week when I helped you cook I kinda saw the whole tribe at once and it was all a bit of a blur, so I can’t really remember what his friend looked like, except that he was real handsome, I think. Whenever I ask about him and that Grady House place the boys don’t say much. But I guess I’ll meet him when I’m there. He’s a lucky guy to have Mario for a lover, don’t you think, sirs?”

“I think they’re both lucky,” Kevin said. “But you’ll see for yourself on Saturday, Will.”


As the week wore on the twins told Will more about the upcoming gathering at the Grady House. Kyle explained, “It happens about once a month, Will. The men of the tribe get together over lunch to talk about issues that have come up in the tribe and hash out solutions to any problems. Plus it’s a nice, congenial way for all the men to get together socially – just the men, peer to peer. They don’t get too many opportunities for that as they all work at different times.”

Kevin added, “And there’s a reason why it has become traditional for Grady and Mario to host the meeting. They sometimes feel somewhat isolated behind the high security walls of the Grady House. It’s like a separate world and most of the time it’s just them, plus the house manager Danny and houseboy Brian. But they love to have fun and are never happier than when they are surrounded by all the men and boys of the tribe.”

“After the lunch,” Kyle said, “the boys will all come up to join the men and there’s generally a great big raucous dinner in the evening. We will be coming up to help in the kitchen then, but we can’t be there for lunch as we have duties here. That’s where you come in to help Danny with the smaller lunch for a dozen or so men.

“You’ll have to go up there pretty early to help Danny prep, and in the meantime we and you will have a conference call with Danny to find out what he wants you to bring with you.” Kevin smiled. “Thanks to Pablo you now have a big SUV with tons of cargo space to schlepp stuff up there – and one thing you’ll need for sure will be plenty of rhubarb.”

As the week wore on Will became more and more excited at the prospect of going to a place he had heard mentioned often by the boys, but still knew little about. At the big tribal party here at the compound he had worked closely with Danny, so he had no fears of being his kitchen assistant. But things had been so hectic then that he had had little chance to get to know Brian.

And as for the owners, he was in awe of Mario the elegant Italian he had talked to briefly. But he knew almost nothing about Grady whom he had only glimpsed at the party and vaguely recalled him being handsome. But so were all the other guys and it was pretty much a blur. Grady was like the Grady House itself – the names were mentioned often by the boys but they didn’t actually say much about them at all. Strange ….


Saturday dawned and Will was up early, with butterflies in his stomach as he gathered together all the food, dishes and utensils Danny had asked him to bring. The twins helped him load the 4Runner and Kevin asked if he was feeling confident. “A bit nervous actually, sir.”

“Don’t be kiddo. You are very good at what you do and remember, one kitchen is basically pretty much like another and the routine for a meal like this is very similar. Danny will be helpful, you know that, and we’ll be up there later in the afternoon to start on dinner. So work hard – this is what you love to do – and have fun at the Grady House.

Will climbed into his new car, settled Norman in the passenger seat, and set off. He looked in the rearview mirror at the twins waving to him and suddenly felt very alone, with a stab of panic. At moments like this he spoke to Norman for comfort.

“You know, Norman, we’re not really alone, and won’t be ever again. We have the twins looking out for us, and Bob and Randy, Pablo and Ben … all those guys. ‘Course, this Grady House place is new, but Mario seemed like a really nice guy. Hope his lover is too. And we already know Danny and Brian. Yeah, no need to worry dude, we’ll be just fine.”

Will was saying that more for his own comfort than Norman’s, but his self-confidence weakened a little as he followed the twins’ directions and came closer to the house. He drove down the narrow, private tree-shaded road and alongside the high, dense hedge that shielded the house from view. Then he came to the gap in the hedge and the high green metal gates. This place was much bigger than he imagined and now he was nervous.

He stopped, reached out to the intercom and pressed the button. He saw a camera atop the gatepost swivel to face him and was about to panic again until he heard Brian’s cheerful voice. “Hey, Will, good to see you. Welcome to the Grady House. Inside the gates turn right and drive to the big kitchen doors at the side of the house.

Suddenly, rather grandly, the gates swung silently open and Will drove in. He gasped at his first view of the splendid two-story house with its large windows and ivy-covered brick walls. As instructed he drove to the side of the house where a smiling Danny and Brian, in his wheelchair, were waiting for him. “Great new wheels, dude,” Brian said before Will even got out. “Almost as good as mine. Wasn’t this Miguel’s car before?”

“Yeah, but he’s got a new BMW so Pablo gave me this.” Will got down followed by Norman who leapt out and raced up to Brian yelping, part greeting and part establishing his right to be there. Brian pulled him up into his lap while Danny hugged Will. “Good to see you, Will – perfect timing. Man, you needed this car for all the stuff you have to schlepp around. Let’s unload it.”

From then on it was all business. Brian helped them transfer the food and equipment into the kitchen then raced off with a “later, dude.” Danny gave Will a quick orientation of the kitchen then showed him the menu and told him what needed to be done.

As Kevin had said earlier, kitchen routine was similar from one house to another and they were soon working in harmony together. Will not only followed orders but even braved a few suggestions of his own, which impressed Danny.

As they worked Danny explained how things would play out. “The twins probably told you it’s a lunch for the men of the tribe, scheduled for one o’clock. Two of the guys, Randy and Mark, will come earlier to do their monthly security check, inspecting the fences and hedges, making sure there are no gaps and checking that the security cameras are all working. Mark does an outside perimeter check so he usually comes in uniform which gives him more authority if he has to chase anyone away.

“We’ll probably prep until about eleven and then take a break. The twins and I believe that it’s good to take a break before the action heats up and, as the twins say, the chaos starts. Then Tommy will arrive to help Brian set up the table outside on the lawn under a big tree. You may recall that Tommy is that gorgeous blond gymnast who’s the manager of Doctor Steve’s house and my lover,” Danny said, blushing slightly.

And so that’s how it went. They worked together so fast that the prep was finished just before eleven when Mario came in. “Will, bambino,” he smiled pulling him into a hug and a two-cheek kiss. Forgive me for not being here to greet you but I, er, I had work to do trying to cheer up Grady who is not in the best mood today.” He chuckled. “I sometimes think I should have been a therapist like Doctor Steve. Danny, is it time for your break?” Danny nodded.

“Good, then Will has time for a quick tour of the house. You and Norman, amico.”

For most of the tour Will’s jaw sagged open as he saw the opulent rooms, the grand staircase, the elevator, and the downstairs viewing theater. “Quite posh, is it not,” Mario smiled. “I swear that Grady and I would be just as happy in a small cottage in the woods, but he has to entertain quite a bit and a big house is expected.

“The grounds are particularly fine and,” Mario grinned, “I permit myself to boast that I designed the landscaping and did a lot of the work myself. I love working in the garden, a place where I can unwind.

“Grady often relaxes in the garden too, all on his own. He’s out there now somewhere, brooding no doubt, the depressed mood he’s in. I’m sorry I cannot accompany you there as I need to meet with Brian, but feel free to wander with Norman.” Mario laughed. “And if you should stumble across Grady maybe you can cheer him up.”

Will doubted that would happen, but he thanked Mario and took Norman outside. “Dude,” he said to the pug, “this is all so grand. And just think, only a few weeks ago I was living in that little apartment, cooking for myself – and I didn’t have you. Dude, I think we fell into a pot of jam.”


Mario was right about Grady. He was out in his favorite spot under a big shade tree on the far side of the grounds – and he was brooding. Sitting on the grass leaning against the tree he was hugging his knees and staring mournfully at the ground.

It had been a really tough week of five-am make-up calls, complicated scenes requiring multiple tedious takes, lots of mistakes and frayed nerves. He had lost his temper several times, which he hated to do, appearing like a prima donna, although as the star, the whole production was resting on his shoulders. Normally it was his unfailing good humor and sense of fun that kept the atmosphere light on the set, and the crew genuinely loved him. And it was that quality that made audiences love him too.

But this morning he had taken out his bad mood on Mario and given him a hard time, something else he hated. He adored his lover and owed him a great deal; he was consistently supportive and loving in even the bleakest circumstances. Even now Mario was working hard to make the day a success and Grady’s bad mood would probably put a damper on everything.

“Fuck,” he growled softly. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Suddenly he was startled by a small dog throwing himself at him and licking his face. A voice said, “Norman, come here. I’m sorry, sir. You’re a bad boy!”

Grady looked up and grinned at the embarrassed young redhead. “How do you know I’m a bad boy, dude, you hardly know me? But you’re right, as it happens, I have been a bad boy.”

“Oh not you, sir, I didn’t mean you. Come here, Norman, leave the gentleman alone.”

“No, no, leave him here, kiddo. Right now I’m down in the dumps and need someone to lick my face. And Norman does it real well. Any other tricks he knows?”

Will stared down at this handsome man dressed in baggy shorts and a loose tank top over his obviously perfect physique. He had been slumped in an attitude of despair but suddenly his beautiful features broke into a dazzling smile. Yes, this was the man he had glimpsed next to Mario at the feast last week. Must be his lover.

“Hey,” Grady said, “you must be Will, the rhubarb pie guy we’ve been hearing about. Well so much for the smiling welcome, me with my doom and gloom face. Come and sit with Norman and me, Will, and get acquainted. I need someone to talk to.”

There was something about the man’s tone that appealed to Will and he sat on the grass next to him. As Grady fondled Norman Will stared at him, studying his face. Grady grinned, “What’s the matter, bro, have I got spinach in my teeth or something. He ran a fingernail between his teeth.”

“No, sir, it’s nothing like that. But you look quite a lot like that guy who plays Tarzan in the movie. Can’t remember the actor’s name and it’s quite a long time since I saw the movie, but you’re almost as handsome as him too.”

Grady flashed another smile, “Will, I think I love you already.” This was a first. He was used to being instantly recognized, of course, but when new people, potential friends, realized who he was that was an instant impediment to a real friendship. He was no longer just Grady, he was Grady, movie star, and there was a barrier between them. It was one reason he loved the men of the tribe so much. To them he was just one of the guys – he could blend in and have fun.

It was not really surprising that Will did not recognize Grady as the movie Tarzan. He did not put 2 and 2 together because he didn’t have a 2. The boys had mentioned Grady, sure, but never hinted that he was a movie star or said what he did for a living. As far as Will knew he was just the lover of Mario who pulled in their income from his landscaping business.

Plus, in the lonely and secluded life Will had lived it was extremely unlikely he would ever meet a movie actor, let alone a movie star, so when he came face to face with Grady he never thought to connect this handsome, rather disheveled jock in old shorts and tank with his distant memory of the bronzed hero swinging from the trees in the movie.

Grady knew that out of fairness he should tell Will who he really was. But he couldn’t bring himself to, not yet. He knew that as soon as Will realized that he would be awestruck and freeze into silence. As it was, he was just a sweet, innocent kid with an affectionate dog.

And a kid who was talking a lot because being nervous made him do that. “But I guess those guys in the movies have a lot of makeup on, and they put things over the lights to make them look good, don’t you think? I’ve seen movies where the faces are so blurred you can’t hardly tell who they are. Not that this guy is like that. I have a feeling that even without the makeup and stuff he’d prob’ly still look pretty good – like you, sir. Have you seen the movie?”

“Er, yes, actually I have. What did you think of it?”

“I loved it, sir – I mean the guy is a really good actor – and he has a great body. He looks as if he’s having fun swinging from the trees and all. The theater was packed, and the audience loved it. I read somewhere that they’re making another one, a sequel I think they call it. He must be a great big star, like all over the world – and rich, don’t ya think? But I’ve heard that big stars like that can be a bit, you know, vain and stuck up. But he’s real lucky to have all that.”

Suddenly this sweet boy made Grady feel very humble, wallowing in self-pity feeling so sorry for himself and being mean to Mario.

“The only part I found hard to watch, sir, was when those soldiers captured Tarzan and tied him up and tortured him with whips and stuff. That was hard, sir.”

“Yeah,” Grady nodded, “that was hard to do … hard to watch, I mean.

“But it kinda turned me on too, sir.” Will hesitated, then leaned close and said conspiratorially, “Can I tell you a secret, sir?”

“Sure, kiddo, I love secrets.”

“Well, sir, in that dark theater I … well … watching Tarzan turned me on and my dick got hard. I would have jerked off except my dad told me it was a sin to masturbate. But I’ve learned a whole lot since I met the twins.” He frowned. “You are a member of the tribe, aren’t you, sir?”

“Card carrying member, dude, cross my heart.”

“Good, ‘cos I can’t tell anyone this outside the tribe. Well, I learned how to kiss and suck dick and, like, sixty-nine and drink cum and stuff. Only thing I don’t do and never will is butt-fuck, sir, or let anyone near my ass.”

“Oh, why not?”

“Well, sir, first it would hurt a bunch. And … and I don’t think it’s real masculine to take a dick up your ass. I’ve seen real butch top men do it, like Pablo and Bob and Hassan, but that’s different ‘cos there was reason’s they wanted it. But I don’t think top men really like getting fucked, do you? I mean, you, sir. You’re obviously a top man and I bet you fuck Mario’s ass like crazy, but you would never let anyone do it to you. You’d hate that as much as I would, wouldn’t you, sir?”

“Well …”

“Tell you the truth, sir, when I watched that scene where the soldiers worked Tarzan over I even kinda fantasized about them sticking their dicks up his ass, and that really turned me on. But that would never happen even in a movie – and it would never happen in real life, would it sir?”

“Well, kiddo,” Grady said slowly, stifling a smile, “that kinda depends …”

Just then they heard voices coming closer. “Ah,” Grady said, “sounds like Randy and Mark doing their security check. And they’re coming this way.”

Will stood up. “I should go, sir.” He picked Norman up off Grady’s lap.

“No, Will, please, don’t leave. Go and sit over there with Norman. I really want you to stay.”

Bewildered, Will did as requested as the men approached.


Of course Will had already watched Randy and Mark in hardcore action, but his jaw still dropped when the two men burst through the bushes. Mark was, as Danny had earlier explained, in his full cop uniform – black shirt, black pants with a silver strip, tucked into high shiny motorcycle boots. Randy was in his usual jeans and an old T-shirt (but a clean one at Bob’s insistence).

Just the sight of these two powerful men was intimidating and from their fierce expressions this was not a friendly visit. Will saw Grady flinch as they towered over him and Randy said, “We’ve been talking to Mario and it seems you’re in a rotten mood and took it out on him.”

Mark added, “Mario’s a friend of ours and we don’t like to see him hurt. I could arrest you for domestic abuse but me and my buddy Randy prefer to settle these things in our own way.”

Grady knew Mario would never complain about him and it wasn’t hard to guess what their real conversation had been. Mario had indeed told them that Grady was in a funk but he had asked them to help pull him out of it with an act they all knew would surely do the trick – angry expressions and all.

But, of course, Will knew none of this and looked on anxiously, hugging Norman for comfort.

“Look at him,” Randy sneered, “so fucking full of himself. Thinks he’s so hot nobody can touch him. He needs to be pulled down off his fucking pedestal. So what d’ya think, officer?”

“Well, this to start with. See those young trees?” He indicated two slender trees about five feet apart. “They should do.”

“Right there with you, officer.” Randy pulled off his T-shirt while Mark unbuttoned his uniform shirt, shrugged it off and took off the T-shirt he wore underneath. Grady gasped as he stared up at the shirtless muscular men – the dark stubbled Gypsy bare-chested in jeans, the blond cop stripped to the waist in black uniform pants and high boots.

Will held Norman tighter, feeling scared and turned on at the same time, especially at what happened next. The men each grabbed one of Grady’s wrists and pulled the muscle-jock across the grass on his back to the two trees. Each man used his T-shirt to tie one wrist to each tree, spread-eagling him helplessly on the ground. They pulled his shorts off over his legs, then both ripped his tank-top off his chest and let the shreds fall over his waist and cock.

Instinctively Grady struggled against his restraints, body stretched on the ground, reminding Will for a second of the scene in the movie where Tarzan was staked out on the ground in only his loincloth with the soldiers looming over him. But even then Will didn’t make the connection, his mind was so stuffed with crowding images that made his dick hard.

“Arrogant fucking prick,” Randy growled. “This is what you get when you humiliate our buddy. You need a dose of humiliation yourself. OK, officer, we’ll toss to see who gets first crack at the jock’s ass.” He pulled a coin from his pocket, flipped it, and slapped it on the back of his hand.

Mark called heads and Randy grinned, “Heads it is. Go for it, stud.”

The cop unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, spat on it and stroked it. “No,” Grady groaned. “I can’t …”

Will was mesmerized. Part of him wanted to flee, but he was anchored to the spot by the erotic image of the rugged, shirtless cop, his muscles rippling as he stroked his cock and stared down at the helpless jock, naked except for the fragments of cloth round his waist.

Mark knelt on the ground between Grady’s legs and pushed them back. “Here it comes, big guy. Just what you need.” The cop drove his cock in the prisoner’s ass, making him throw his head back and howl. Will wanted to get up and stop them, angry that Mark was disobeying the rule of the tribe that no one is forced to do anything he doesn’t want.

But then he stared in amazement at the look on Grady’s face, not of pain but of ecstasy. “Oh shit,” he moaned, “I’ve got a cop’s fucking rod in my ass. Damn, he’s reaming my ass.” Again he struggled against his bound wrists, the muscles of his perfect physique flexing and straining, his dark chiseled features grimacing in exquisite pain as the powerful cop ramrodded his ass.

By now Will’s fear had been overtaken by lust as he gazed at the amazing scene and stroked his own cock. Could it really be that the young jock wanted this? Suddenly it didn’t seem important. Will had seen enough since he had come to the tribe to know that men’s roles were not so cut and dried.

He had seen the ultimate alpha male Bob get his ass hammered by Randy. He had seen the macho mechanic Pablo fuck his boy Tyler and then get his own ass savagely pounded by Randy. But whatever dynamic was playing out – and he didn’t fully understand most of them – he had a sense that the rule of never forcing a man beyond his limit was always observed.

By now Grady’s eyes were glazing over and his head was thrashing from side to side on the grass, his shuddering body impaled on the cop’s shaft. “Oh fuck,” he moaned. “I can’t take any more. I’m gonna cum … I’m gonna cum … aaagh.”

His cock reared up, the cloth fragments fell away and cum spurted high in the air and splashed down on his sculpted chest. Mark pulled back, then rammed his cock in one last time. It erupted deep inside the prisoner’s ass as Mark groaned a satisfied “Yeaaah”, watching more cum pour from his victim’s cock.

Mark pulled out, jumped up and stuffed his cock back in his pants. “Your turn now, Randy. You think you can make the young buck cum again?”

“Damn straight I can. I’ve never ploughed a man yet without him busting a load.” He pulled out his cock and spat on it as Mark had done. Grady looked up that the dark, muscular gypsy and groaned, “No more … I can’t take anymore … not that huge cock.”

By now Will realized that these protestations were all part of the scene, although he couldn’t imagine Grady cumming again. His body was already smothered in his own jizz. “Aaagh!” Grady howled as Randy took Mark’s place and pushed his huge dick in his ass. It was not a classic, savage Randy fuck, but it was pretty rough.

Most mornings, before he went to the studio, Grady went to Randy’s gym for a muscle-crunching workout, and most mornings Randy rewarded him at the end by butt-fucking him. It ended with a huge orgasm that relaxed the actor and set him up for the day’s work. But now he wasn’t so sure. He had just shot a massive load for the cop and he felt drained.

Randy sensed this and he looked over at Will for the first time. “Hey, kid, get over here. This guy needs you. You know how to suck dick, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir, Ben and Eddie showed me.” He told Norman to ‘stay’ and came to kneel beside Grady who grinned at him. “Hey, Will … give me a hand here, dude – or a mouth rather.” Will looked from him to Randy who smiled, “Let’s do it together kid. See if we can make the guy shoot another load, eh? Can you do that?”

“I would do anything for you, sir,” Will said to his hero, and leaned forward. Grady’s cock was not quite hard when he sucked it into his mouth but Will remembered how Eddie had sucked his cock at the junior boys’ initiation and tried to use the same technique. What excited him now was that when his face was buried in Grady’s pubic hair he could feel Randy’s cock slamming into his ass right next to his face and Randy’s pubes brushing against his cheek.

“Damn that’s hot,” Randy said, “The cute redhead sucking the prisoner’s dick while I ream his ass. Go for it, kid, eat that dick. You wanna drink the jock’s cum don’t you?”

Yes he did, and he also wanted to please his hero. Will’s cock was rock hard, still hanging out of his shorts, and he used every cock-sucking trick he had learned, swallowing the gorgeous man’s cock until his jaws ached.

Grady looked up at the gypsy’s square, stubbled features, then down at the energetic redhead moving up and down on his cock. And incredibly he felt his cock fill with jizz and shudder in the boy’s mouth.

“Jesus, that feels great. Fuck my ass, man. Suck my dick, kid … I’m gonna cum in your mouth … drink my jizz, boy …. Yeaah …!”

Will felt Randy’s cock slam in Grady’s ass right by his cheek, and the cock in his mouth spurted cum that he swallowed, gulp after gulp. He heard Randy’s howl of triumph, Grady’s ecstatic yell, and felt his own cock erupt over Grady’s writhing body.

Mark laughed, “Damn, a triple climax. If that don’t chase away your blues, Grady, nothing will.”


Will got to his feet and the two men stood on either side of him their arms over his shoulder. “Good job, Will,” Randy said. “Man you give good head. Look at the gorgeous man, in fuck heaven. We should probably leave him tied up here so all the guys can fuck him as they arrive – a never-ending gang bang.”

“Yeah,” Mark grinned, “but his studio will have a hissy fit when the star don’t show up for work.”

“Guess so, dude. And if we tell them, ‘Sorry, Tarzan’s a bit tied up right now’, that wouldn’t cut much ice when the production shuts down. Damn, if we don’t set him free there won’t even be a Tarzan sequel. Will, you do the honors and release Tarzan here, OK kid?”

“They walked away, still chuckling and left Will gazing down at Grady, trying to process what he had just heard. In a daze he bent down and easily freed Grady’s wrists as the guys had used escape knots as always. Grady rubbed his wrists and propped himself up on his elbows, smiling up at Will. “Man that was something else, eh kiddo? You were terrific.”

But Will was frowning, “Sir, what they said. About you being the guy in the movie. Is it true?”

Grady winced. “Yeah, Will, I guess I should have told you but we were getting on so well and …”

“No,” Will groaned miserably. “I’ve been so stupid, such an idiot. I should have guessed … why didn’t I realize? I’m sorry, sir, all those stupid things I said about the movies … you know, telling you all about makeup and lights and what it’s like to be a star. And then going on about my own sex life. I feel so embarrassed. I’m sorry, sir, I really didn’t know you’re a great a big star. I’m sorry for saying all those dumb things. I won’t bother you again, sir. Come on, Norman.”

With tears in his eyes Will ran away fast followed by Norman. An appalled Grady shouted, “No, Will, come back. It wasn’t like that … please, kiddo.”

As Will ran back across the grounds he kept replaying in his mind snippets of things he had said … ‘you’re almost as handsome as the guy in the movie’ … ‘they have a lot of makeup on, lights that make them look good’ … ‘stars are rich but can be vain and stuck up’ … ‘I wanted to jerk off looking at Tarzan’ … ‘I can sixty-nine and swallow cum’’ … ‘top men don’t like getting fucked’.

Why had he chattered on like an idiot, said all those stupid, stupid things? If only he could take it all back. He couldn’t face him again. He would help Danny with lunch and then leave – go back home with Norman.

Danny was already back at work when Will came running into the kitchen. Without looking up Danny said, “Great timing, Will, I just came back myself. Time to crank it up as the guys will be arriving soon.” Then he looked up and was startled by the obvious distress on Will’s face and the trace of tears on his cheeks. “Will, what’s the matter. What’s happened?”

“Nothing, sir. I just want to stay in the kitchen, sir.”

Danny was about to reply when Grady came rushing in wearing just shorts. “Sorry, Danny, but I need to speak to Will. Will, please look at me. It was all my fault, I should have told you. But it doesn’t make any difference, Will … I’m still the same me … I haven’t changed … You were great, I loved chatting to you … we can still be friends, can’t we?”

But Will was too embarrassed to look at him. He was pulling bunches of spinach apart rather aggressively and had no idea what to say to Grady. There was an uncomfortable silence, broken by Danny who said, “Sir, we’re coming up to the lunch crunch so perhaps for now it would be better for Will to concentrate on that?”

“Yeah, yeah, sure, Danny. Sorry, I …” Grady ran his hand through his hair and wanted to go over and touch Will, but he stopped himself. “I … I … sorry guys. I’m sorry Will.”

He stumbled outside and ran into Mario who was coming to check on the kitchen. He frowned at the anguished look on Grady’s face. Come va, amico, what’s happened? You look terrible.”

“Oh Mario, I fucked up so bad. It’s Will. I’ve been so stupid.” He told Mario the whole story, his conversation with Will, then the sex, and Will’s dismay when he realized who Grady was. “We were getting along so well, Mario, he’s such a sweet kid. It wasn’t the sex, either, I think he really liked that. Everything was great until he found out about the Tarzan thing and everything changed. He said he felt stupid and embarrassed because of what he had said.”

Si, amico, I can see why Will would be so upset. When you and I first met even I could not distinguish between the real Grady and move star Grady. A big star can be very intimidating, especially for an inexperienced young boy like Will, and especially after he has poured out his secrets to you thinking you were just Grady, Mario’s lover. Yes, I can see why he feels so embarrassed. He probably wants to leave here as soon as possible, but we can’t have that.”

“No, absolutely not, Mario, but what can I do to make Will see that I’m just the regular guy he chatted to at first, and help him get over this Tarzan bullshit? You know me, amico, the last thing I want is to hurt a sweet kid like Will. But I have hurt him … I’ve made such a mess.”

“Grady, amore. It was all very unfortunate but you are not to blame. You just wanted a friendship with the new boy without ‘the Tarzan bullshit’ as you call it getting in the way. But … I believe there may be something we can do to put things right.

“I have spoken to the twins at length about Will, and one odd thing that sticks in my mind is his absolute insistence that he could never fuck or get fucked. I do not want to get involved in that issue – that’s for the twins to sort out.

“However, I think that therein lies a method of making Will feel confident with you again. I think we should ask the twins and Will to stay the night. That will give Will time to know you better, Grady – in whatever way he chooses.

Grady gazed lovingly at him. “I love you so much, Mario. I’ll do whatever you tell me to.”

“You may have to, amore,” Mario smiled.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 426

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