Chapter 40


The macho construction worker Seth has gone from sexual repression to obsession – from homophobia to homo-lust. Now he tangles with the guys who play rough, the black leather-master Zack, his boy Darius and their pals. Bound naked Seth suffers mightily to prove he’s as tough as any man. “Damn,” Zack says, “you’re one tough, sexy son of a bitch, Seth. You get the prize – anyone you want – take your pick.”

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The big brawny construction worker Seth was learning fast.

Only a few weeks ago he had been a rabidly homophobic guy who had punished his son Will for his attraction to men and abused him to the point where Will had run away from home. It was the best move Will could have made as he joined the tribe in the prestigious position of the twins’ boy and was now happily living and working with them as assistant chef.

Seth’s life changed too when he met Randy, the tribe’s macho boss. Like so many men before him, Seth fell under the spell of the dark gypsy’s magnetic sexuality. Their first meeting made Seth realize that his homophobia masked his own attraction to men, which he had stubbornly repressed for years.

Seth and Randy were physically alike – rugged muscular alpha males – and after several wildly erotic encounters Seth found that he was “in love with Randy, or in lust or some damn thing.” But his doubts about his own sexuality still confused him, especially as he was seduced into sexual acts with a few other members of the tribe. He was turned on by sucking dick, getting fucked, and even bondage – being at the mercy of a man like Randy, for example.

Seth’s personal life was a mess. He worked off and on as a day laborer, lived in a shabby apartment in a shabby neighborhood and was broke – two months behind on the rent. Randy’s lover Bob, who had not yet met Seth, wanted to help Seth, for the sake of his estranged son Will “because, Randy, I want him to be proud of his father. Every boy should be proud of his dad.”

Bob proposed that Seth should have a job on their company’s construction site. He would work for the co-manager of the company, Zack, Randy’s close buddy. “Randy, tell Seth to drop by the office tomorrow morning. Jamie and Brandon will tell him that Zack is hiring men for the new project and they’ll make an appointment with him at the office for when Zack gets home.”

Bob also arranged that Randy’s brother Steve would offer to rent the guesthouse on his extensive property to Seth. When Seth went to check it out he was shown around by Steve’s young house manager, a former gymnast Tommy who was not only beautiful but had a stunning ass that Seth lusted for and ended up fucking. Tommy willingly helped him through his fumbling first steps. “The thing is, sir, you don’t jackhammer an ass like mine – you make love to it.”

It was the first time Seth had actually made love to, and fucked, a handsome young jock like Tommy and it had a profound effect on him. He felt empowered, his manhood restored.

So later in the day when he drove to the tribe’s compound to meet with Zack in the business office he was confident at not having to fake it as he always had with other construction bosses, hiding his sexual inclinations from them and himself.

He didn’t know much about this Zack but guessed he was probably like all the other bosses who had treated him like dirt. with their swaggering machismo making him feel inferior. He had always learned to grit his teeth and control his temper – until he didn’t and got fired. Well this time he wouldn’t be intimidated, he would stand up for himself, not be ashamed of what he was.

But his resolve almost failed him when he walked into the office and found the guy waiting for him. Zack stood up and gave him a bone crushing handshake. Yeah, Seth thought, this was one of those guys alright, making it clear right off the bat that he was the tough, macho boss.

The trouble was that Seth had a boner in his pants just looking at the man, shirtless in black jeans and boots. He was one for those powerful black guys, his muscular body seemingly etched in ebony. His handsome face, shaved head and penetrating gray eyes were enough to intimidate any man. But one thing Seth was not gonna do was call this hunk sir, boss or not.”

After they talked about the prospective job for a while Seth screwed up his courage, looked Zack full in the eye and said, “Look, man, there’s one thing I wanna make clear so there’s no trouble later. Truth is, lately I’ve been screwing around with guys … you know, sexually … I mean fucking, the whole thing. Now if that’s a problem for you say so right now and I’ll get the hell out of here.”

Zack stared at Seth, then threw his head back and roared with laughter till tears came to his eyes. “Shit damn, Seth, I’m sorry to laugh but that is fucking perfect. You thought I was the kinda guy to look down on you because of who you screwed?”

“You mean …?”

“I mean, Seth, that I’ve been a buddy of Randy for years. Hell, we’ve fucked, often. And dude, I know all about you and Randy and the other guys. One thing you’ll have to learn around here is that everyone knows what everyone else does almost as soon as it happens. So it’s cool, dude. You do what you want and fuck who you want. No concern of mine.”

Seth felt a mix of relief and resentment that this guy knew all about him. But Zack was quick to put him at his ease. “Listen Seth, I don’t go in for all this job interview shit. I judge men by my gut instinct. Hey, you got any plans for dinner? ‘Cos there’s a few guys I live with I want you to meet. We’ll be making dinner for ourselves tonight, so I’d like you to join us.”

“Well, sure, I guess, if …”

“Great, and after dinner we’ll show you a few of the ways we relax. From what I hear about you I have a strong feeling you’ll be real interested. Come on man, follow me.”

********************   BOOK 9: CHAPTER 40    *******************

Taken aback by this sudden turn of events Seth followed Zack out of the office, across the garden and into one of the entrances to the big L-shaped residence. As they went upstairs Zack said, “There’s a ramp in the back to get up here. Randy put that in. There’s ramps all over the place that he built to make buildings accessible to a couple of the kids in wheelchairs.

“I met one of them in the office – Brandon. You mean Randy did all that for two kids?”

Zack chuckled. “You only know one side of Randy, Seth. When it comes to the boys in the tribe he’ll do anything – no effort or expense spared. He especially loves gutsy kids like Brandon. That’s why he defended your boy Will so ferociously.”

Seth winced at the memory of how he had tried to capture Will and take him back home, and how Randy had roared up like a lion defending his young. Zack glided smoothly over that episode as he led Seth into the large living room. “Here we are. Our group has a real big suite of apartments covering the whole of this floor. OK, what would you like to drink, Seth?”

Seth was impressed and somewhat intimidated by the large room, classy but masculine at the same time. “Er, a beer, I guess.”

“A man after my own heart,” Zack grinned, pulling on a sleeveless black denim shirt over his bare torso. “Ah, here comes Tyler.” Seth looked up at a good-looking freckled faced kid of about nineteen with an obviously well-defined slim body under his T-shirt and shorts.

“Seth, meet Tyler.” Tyler blushed shyly as he shook Seth’s hand, and covered his shyness by talking. “Hello, sir, I’m Pablo’s boy,” he said with a hint of pride. “I’m helping Miguel in the kitchen – he’s a big important chef and he don’t usually cook for us at home ‘cos Will does that for us – he’s our friend and cooks great food and …” Suddenly his blush deepened and he winced. “Oh, sorry sir, you’re his dad and I’m not supposed to …”

Zack flashed a smile. “That’s OK, kid. Would you bring Seth and me a couple of beers?”

“Right away, sir. Sorry, sir.” Tyler ran out and came right back with two open bottles of beer, chips and dip, then hurried out.

Zack took a swig of beer and clinked bottles with Seth. “Welcome to the tribe, man. We might as well deal with that Will thing right away. Everyone knows your history with your boy, but they also know that Randy dealt with that and he’ll decide what happens next. You’re here to get to know us and hopefully land a job, so that side of things is no concern of ours.

“Will’s a great kid and real popular around here. He’s the twins’ boy and their assistant chef, and on the side he caters meals for some of the groups like us. He’d be here except that he’s cooking for the guys across the street tonight. He’s much in demand and earns good money. You should be real proud of him.

“So let me explain how it works around here. The tribe is made up of small groups, families really. Our family is headed by me and my lover Miguel who’s in the kitchen as Tyler said. Then there’s my boy Darius and his boyfriend Pablo who are in their bedroom fucking right now. Pablo is Randy’s adopted son. There’s Pablo’s boy Tyler you just met, and Miguel’s boy Finn.

“Altogether that makes six horny guys and there’s a whole lotta fucking going on as you can imagine. Or maybe you can’t, but you will. We have a gym-cum-playroom in the back that I’ll show you later. Now I know you’re new to all this emphasis on sex, but I want you to sit back, chill out and go with the flow, Seth.”


It wasn’t hard to relax with this guy, Seth found. What impressed him was that the powerful black hunk, a macho boss of a construction company, could talk so casually of a horny group of men, of two boys having sex in the next room, of a back room that he called a playroom. It made his own blurted confession of learning how to have sex with guys small potatoes somehow. So Seth drank his beer and chilled as instructed.

Minutes later the door burst open and Seth had another shock. The two guys who came in were hardly boys. They were both strapping young bucks, probably in their early twenties … and both butt naked.

One was a smiling black guy, tall, muscular … and hung like a horse, a dick swinging between his legs that must have been all of ten inches. His friend was a young musclehunk with handsome Mestizo features and shaggy black hair like Randy’s. It was obvious they had just got through having sex.

“Jesus, guys,” Zack said, “put on some damn clothes will ya? We’ve got a guest – he don’t wanna see you two naked.”

“Speak for yourself, sir,” the black guy grinned. “My dick alone always attracts a crowd.” He walked unabashedly up to Seth and shook his hand. “Hello, sir, you must be Seth. I’m Darius. Sorry we aren’t exactly dressed for dinner yet, but if you’re curious about what we were doing feast your eyes on this. Darius grabbed Pablo turned him around and Seth’s eyes opened wide at the sight of the boy’s perfect bubble butt.

“You don’t see an ass like that every day of the week,” Darius chuckled. “As we always say, that ass and my schlong – a match made in heaven.”

Pablo turned round, gave Seth his sexy, crooked grin and shook hands. “Although, sir, rumor has it that you recently helped yourself to the second hottest ass in the tribe, that gorgeous gymnast Tommy. Man, you zeroed in on that like a bullseye.”

“Damn,” Seth smiled, “Zack was right – word sure gets around here fast.”

“It’s what’s known as the grapevine, sir,” Darius grinned. “Tommy told Danny who mentioned it to Eddie and, well, when Eddie gets hold of something like that it’s off to the races.”

“Guys, will you go put some fucking clothes on?” Zack barked. “Standing there chatting to Seth like that you remind me of a recurring dream where I’m talking to a crowd and I’m buck naked.”

“And the crowd is pumping their dicks in a mass jerk-off,” Darius laughed. “OK, Pablo, let’s do what the gentleman says. Seems my schlong and your butt might offend our guest here.”

“Oh, I didn’t say that guys, in fact I …” Seth began, but they were gone, with Darius’s hand over Pablo’s butt. Seth turned to Zack … and laughed.

“That’s more like it, dude. Like I said, sit back and enjoy, there’s more to come.”

“Er, I was surprised those guys of yours called me sir. I mean, I’m the one being interviewed.”

“Ah, it was automatic. Around here there’s men, or masters as we’re called, and senior boys and juniors. Darius and Pablo are definitely senior boys but they took it for granted you’re one of the men. Damn, you look like Randy – a husky tough guy – and more or less the same age as us, so it came natural to call your sir.

“The fact that you’ve fucked up some stuff don’t count. Hell, if a guy got demoted every time he fucked up Randy would be the janitor. But even when he fucks up, the boys call him sir – couldn’t be anything else. He’s the boss.”

Seth looked puzzled. “So is this the job interview, Zack?”

“Pretty much. Oh I can see at a glance that you can handle the work physically, Seth, major musclehunk like you. But round here we work as a team and I have to be sure that a guy fits in.

“I mean, you’re Will’s dad – and don’t worry, all that bullshit will sort itself out – and you’re already a buddy of boss Randy. Plus you know Doc Steve and you’ve sucked Hassan and fucked Tommy, so you’re almost one of the tribe, much closer to us than the average crew guy on the construction site. That’s why I asked you to dinner.”

“And talking of dinner, guys …”

Seth looked up and groaned, “Oh shit,” as Miguel came in and flashed a dazzling smile. “Hey buddy, you Seth, me chef,” pointing to the chef’s hat perched jauntily on his head. Stunned, Seth stood up and shook his hand – another bone crusher like Zack’s.

The man was a swarthy, sexy muscle-god., ruggedly handsome with chiseled Hispanic features, heavily-stubbled square jaw, thick black hair and penetrating dark eyes. He was wearing cargo shorts and a loose Hawaiian shirt open almost to the waist, revealing his muscled torso. “I’m on kitchen duty today with the help of Tyler and my boy Finn,” Miguel grinned. “Normally I don’t cook here ‘cos I do it for a living.”

“Miguel is the executive chef at the Ritz Carlton in downtown L.A.,” Zack said proudly. Miguel bent down and kissed his lover on the mouth. “Thanks for the promo, stud.”

Miguel explained, “Most nights, Seth, the tribe eats dinner together out by the pool cooked by the twins and your boy Will. But one night a week we cook for ourselves, or rather we hire Will to cater it for us. Tonight we lost out to the guys across the street. Will is real popular and for good reason. He’s a really accomplished chef and a terrific kid.”

Seth frowned. “Er, me being here is a last minute thing so if it’s too much of an imposition …”

“Hell no,” Miguel laughed. “I rule a kitchen that serves hundreds each day at the hotel so if six becomes seven tonight that’s a blip on the radar. It’ll be a pleasure to serve you, Seth. I came in to tell you both that dinner will be on the table in ten minutes.”

Miguel left and Seth grinned, “I dunno, if I can make it through dinner, Zack. All these guys are so damn gorgeous I’ve had a roaring hard-on in my pants since I laid eyes on you, then those naked guys, and now your lover. I could have creamed my jeans each time. And all you guys are couples so I I’ll prob’ly have to go and jack off in the bathroom.

Zack laughed. “Hey whatever floats your boat, stud – pretty much anything goes here. And don’t worry about that couples thing. We kinda mix and match here, especially when we party after dinner as you’ll see. So try not to bust your nuts until then – there’ll be plenty of time for that. Come on, let’s eat. Don’t know about you but I’m starved.


When Seth found himself sitting at the dining table with this boisterous group of guys it was an exhilarating new experience – capping a week of mind-blowing firsts. But this one was in a league all of its own.

Up to now whatever sex he had was a spur of the moment thing – like the time he had impulsively fallen on his knees and sucked the Marine’s dick. Even with Randy it had been pure lust. Hell he couldn’t keep his hands off the sexy gypsy, and when he fucked him he went at it like a stallion in heat.

It had been different with Tommy. The hot young gymnast had shown him that it didn’t have to be slam-bam-thank-you-man. You could actually make love to a guy while you fucked him.

But being here with Zack and his family was a whole different thing. And that was the point – it was a family, a family of men, each with his own distinct personality. It was a complex group with intertwined relationships. The big boss Zack had his own boy Darius and a handsome lover Miguel. Darius had a boyfriend Pablo, the sexy Mestizo mechanic, who had his own boy who clearly worshiped him – the shy freckle-faced Tyler.

Miguel too had his own boy Finn, the last one of the group to meet Seth as they sat down for dinner. Finn too was a different kind of guy – one of the junior boys but with a toughness about him, a cocky attitude that apparently the alpha Miguel had found sexy as he choose him as his boy. When Finn introduced himself to Seth it became clear where that toughness came from.

“Hello, sir, I’m Finn, and I’m Miguel’s boy, though I still wonder why he took me on.” He shot a cheeky grin at Miguel. “I was quite the handful – he practically had to tame me. See, when he met me I was a hustler – passed from hand to hand, bitter at the whole world. Miguel turned my life around and now I’m a landscape gardener here with my pal Tyler.”

“Yeah,” Pablo laughed, “and those two don’t only trim the bushes, they trim each other. If you roam the grounds here you’re likely to trip over a couple of horny gardeners, and earth ain’t all they’re ploughing.”

Amid the laughter Tyler blushed but held his own. “But you taught me, sir, that I should always do what comes natural. It gets hot out there in the garden, hotter still mucking around in the dirt with a stud like Finn.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, kiddo, the mechanic said. Just as long as you and your ass are ready for me when I come home from work sweaty and greasy after slaving away on those trucks.” Pablo grabbed Tyler’s head and pulled him into a raunchy kiss.

Zack smiled proudly at the group round the table. “You see, Seth, all these guys in one way or another work for the tribe. Darius and Pablo work with me on the construction site and Finn and Tyler work in the grounds here. Only exception is Mr. High & Mighty executive chef here at his fancy shmancy hotel downtown. Sometimes I wonder why he sticks around this rough crowd.”

“Maybe I like a bit of rough,” Miguel said. “Anyway, if I tried to leave you’d only tie me up and whip my ass.”

“You wish,” Zack laughed. “So, Seth, you see what you’ll be getting into if you come to work for us. But you’ve already had lots of experience on construction sites, right?”

“Yea but it was not like this group, Zack.” They all fell silent, munching their food and giving all their attention to Seth. They were about to learn more about this newcomer – more fodder for the grapevine. “See, I was never a regular part of the crew. I was a day laborer, low man on the totem pole. And man, did those bosses let me know it. Gave me all the menial jobs, treated me like dirt.”

“Fuck, I know what you mean, Seth,” Zack said. “In my early days in construction I ran across some real sons of bitches running construction sites, barking orders, striding around like their own shit don’t stink. You really had to grit your teeth, hunker down and take their abuse.”

“Yeah,” Seth said, “except that I didn’t. I’m not the kind of guy to get pushed around like that. I took it for a while but always ended up slugging the mother-fuckers. Had some real knock down drag outs. I usually beat the guy up and my reward was to get my ass fired. Huh, come to think of it Randy was the only guy I couldn’t beat.

“Anyway, that’s why no job lasted long and I moved around so much.” Seth winced, “Shit damn, I guess I just talked myself out of a job, didn’t I? Way to go, Seth, I never did learn how to lie on job interviews.”

Zack roared with laughter. “Oh, I dunno, dude, you sound like you’d fit right in. What d’ya say Darius, Pablo? Think we should hire this guy?”

“Damn straight,” Darius yelled. He and Pablo enthusiastically banged their palms on the table. “Can’t wait to see a fight between you two, sir, and the winner gets to suck my dick – all ten inches straight down the throat.”

When the laughter died down Zack said, “Seriously, though Seth, this outfit ain’t like those other mother-fuckers. Nobody is treated like dirt around here ‘cos nobody is dirt. There are two bosses of the construction company, Randy and me, and neither of us would ever ask a man to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves.

“That goes for the tribe too. We’re a team, men and boys, everyone treated with respect – construction bosses and crew, mechanics, gardeners, cooks, office staff, house managers, the whole crowd. That all really comes down from Randy and Bob who founded the tribe.”

Finn agreed. “A lot of us boys come from the wrong side of the tracks, sir, abused and treated like dirt. Hell, a hustler like me knew all about that. A lot of those assholes thought a hundred bucks bought them the right to make me do whatever they wanted – and there were plenty of weirdos out there. If Miguel hadn’t met me and seen some glimmer of good in me I’d still be out there and …” Finn choked up and Miguel put his arm round him in a tight hug.

Seth looked oddly downcast and said haltingly, “Guys, there’s something I … I wanna say right here. I was one of the assholes who abused a boy – my boy Will who ran away and lived rough until he was rescued by you guys. So you may wanna think again about hiring me, Zack.”

All eyes turned to Zack who said, “Seth, I already said that Randy is taking care of that side of things, as he sure let you know when you first showed up. Like you said, Randy is a tough man to beat in a fight, and a tough man to resist when he turns those sexy blue eyes on you. He beat you and fucked you, and you’ve fucked him. He seems to have accepted you and he loves Will so we’ll leave all that to him and won’t let it muddy the waters here.

“Like I said, I go on gut instinct about a man, and my gut says you would be an asset to the construction site. The job’s yours if you want it, Seth.”

The table erupted in cheers and Seth shook Zack’s hand. Miguel said, “This calls for a celebration after dinner, guys.”

“In the time honored way, sir?” Darius grinned. “The back room?”

“Is there any other way, leatherboy?


A short while later the whole group was sprawled around in the back room, the gym-cum-playroom Zack had mentioned earlier. When Seth had first walked in his cock stiffened in his pants, the room was so redolent of sex. The room itself was sexy, with its gym equipment, sex paraphernalia scattered around the floor and mirrored walls on all sides.

“Man, you guys sure go for mirrors in a big way,” Seth said.

“That’s Randy,” Zack said. “His belief is that sex worth having is worth seeing – all around you. And I gotta say I agree with him, so do all the other guys. Ah good, here comes the beer.” Tyler and Finn brought in six-packs and that, on top of the wine he had drunk at dinner, made Seth even more relaxed. So Zack decided the new guy was ready to talk about his own sex acts.

As the others listened intently Zack said, “Like I said earlier, Seth, this room is where we guys play. And when we say we have fun here, it generally means we have sex here. You don’t have to join in, of course. If you prefer to just watch that’s fine. The guys love an audience.

But according to the grapevine buzz it seems you’ve already got around a bit sexually. So tell me the things that stand out.”

“Well, it’s all new to me, Zack, but I’ve kinda got over my hang-ups about the whole thing. ‘Course, it was Randy first made me see the light. Getting fucked by him was mind blowing, the first man ever to do that. And when he told me to ream his ass I went at it like an animal.

“Then when I fucked Tommy it was a whole different thing. He told me ‘You don’t exactly jackhammer an ass like mine – you make love to it.’ So I did, nice and gentle, and it was great. I never knew one guy could make love to another like that.”

“Yeah,” Zack smiled, “there’s a lot more to fucking than just shoving your dick in a hole. Er, anything else stand out?” Zack already knew the answer to that question. He was just drawing Seth out.

“Well …” Seth lowered his voice but everyone could still hear. “See, the second time Randy fucked me he … well he tied me to the bed. It freaked me out at first but then when I realized I was at Randy’s mercy it felt … sounds weird I know but dammit it was so fucking hot, being dominated by a guy. I mean, I’ve heard of bondage and everything but I never thought I … man, do I sound crazy to you?”

“Seth, look around you. See those ropes and wrist restraints hanging from the chin-up bar? And the ropes and collars over there in the corner? What do you think us guys get up to when we unwind here after a hard day’s work? Throw in some hot leather gear and … well, you’ll see.

“But there’s one thing I wanna make clear in case you do ever indulge in that kind of rough stuff. Never ever let anyone tie you up who you don’t absolutely trust. Of course you can trust Randy and us guys. It’s one reason Randy never lets any of the boys play outside the tribe. And he also taught everyone his escape knot, so if anyone panics one pull of the rope and he’s free.

“But enough talk, let’s give you a demonstration. Come on Darius, you’re the guy with the lurid imagination. How about it?”

“Hmm, well, I did notice a gleam in Seth’s eye when we talked about the hot young gardeners making out in the bushes. Seems to me they deserve some kind of punishment for that.”

Finn and Tyler grinned at each other and then looked expectantly at their masters, Miguel and Pablo, who stood up slowly. Pablo said, “Don’t know about you, Miguel, but it seems to me I been giving Tyler too much rope fucking with Finn every day.”

“I agree,” Miguel said grimly. “And talking of rope …”


As Seth watched the guys’ preparations he was struck once again by the image of a family. Even though they were setting up for some pretty elaborate sex the familial love they all shared shone through everything.

And it occurred to Seth that his own boy Will was now part of a family like this – well, maybe not exactly like this with their talk of rough sex and all. He realized now that he could never have provided Will with a family this warm and loving while he was such a mess himself, and he was happy that Will had landed in such a great place. He was loved by the twins Seth had heard so much about and protected by Randy and this guy called Bob that Randy had talked of so often.

Seth was roused out of these comforting thoughts by the tableau that now met his eyes. The ropes hanging from the chin-up bar Zack had earlier pointed out were being put to good use. The two gardeners, Finn and Tyler, were butt naked, their arms stretched straight upward, wrists secured in restraints at the ends of the ropes.

They were standing back to back and their masters Pablo and Miguel stood together shirtless admiring their handiwork. Seth had a pang of concern for the boys but that soon vanished when he saw that both boys had hard erections. They were evidently excited to be at the mercy of their masters, eager to please them, and as the action began Seth grasped more forcefully than ever the depth of love and affection that existed between man and boy.

Tyler obviously worshipped the hunky mechanic Pablo and pride gleamed in his eyes. Pablo stroked his boy’s face, neck and chest, tweaking his nipples. “So, kid, you gonna show our new visitor what a good boy you are for me?”

“Definitely, sir. I’ll do whatever you tell me to, sir.” Pablo put his hands round Tyler’s face and kissed him long and hard.

Miguel’s interaction with Finn was different but no less loving. “Well, look at you, stud. This is how I first saw you, tied to a chain-link fence and offered for sale by that asshole who claimed to own you. As I recall you put on a real tough act and told me to ‘fuck off’.”

“Yeah, but inside I was desperate for you to rescue me from that thug. I knew I wanted you though I denied it even to myself.”

“And you kept up that defiant act for days till you finally broke and took my dick up your ass. But now look at you. Tied up again like you were that day – out of the frying pan into the fire, eh?”

“Yeah but this time I really want it. I love you, sir – proud to be your boy.”

“You’re the perfect boy for me, Finn – I love it that you’re still that tough young buck. But this time it’s me got you tied up, and instead of ‘fuck off’ it’ll be ‘fuck me’.”

Seth could tell that the love and lust between man and boy was genuine, but he also realized that the dialogue was partly to show off to him. If their intention was meant to turn him on – it worked. His cock was rock hard as he stared at the two handsome young guys tied back to back and wondered what their masters had in store for them.

Miguel grinned and nodded at Pablo and they turned their boys to face each other, the ropes twisting above them. “So, guys,” Pablo said, “you confessed to fooling around with each other in the garden, drilling each other when you should be digging dirt. What is that? You boys love each other or something? Come on, show us.”

Their bodies pressed together face to face, Finn and Tyler looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Their faces eased together in a gentle kiss that quickly built in intensity until they were eating each other’s mouths hungrily. Their cocks ground hard against each other and their mouths churned … when suddenly they pulled apart and howled as they felt their masters’ cocks drive into their asses.

“Did I we tell you to stop?” Miguel yelled. “You’re gonna make love to your buddy while you get ploughed by your masters.” Both boys glanced sideways and saw themselves getting fucked by the stud mechanic and the muscled Hispanic. That erotic image and the feel of the pistons in their asses made them lock their mouths together again with increased passion.

Seth was blown away by the spectacle of the bound boys making love and the men flexing their muscles as they stood behind them pounding ass. He stroked the bulge in his jeans and imagined what the boys were feeling, helplessly stretched in bondage and getting banged by these two spectacular men. He wanted to feel what they felt, as he had when Randy had tied him down to the bed and fucked his ass.

He was so turned on by the pornographic sight that he would have creamed his jeans if the foursome had not beaten him to it. It was Miguel who gave the word. “Hey Pablo, I’m coming to a boil here, can’t hold out much longer.”

“Me neither, stud. Let’s let them have it But they’ve gotta cum first. You ready boys?”

“Yes, sir,” Tyler panted, and Finn said, “Let’s do it kiddo.” They stared into each other’s eyes and their pelvises ground against each other until their bodies tensed and their cocks erupted between them, spurting cum up between their bodies. Their asses jerked back to meet their masters’ juice pouring inside them.

What Seth heard next surprised him – raucous laughter from the men and their boys. The cocks slid out of the boys who turned round to be enveloped in their masters’ arms. Miguel reached up, pulled the rope hanging from the escape knot and the boys’ wrists came free. The men threw their arms over their boys’ shoulders and they all faced Seth.

Miguel grinned, “And that, Seth, is how men and boys make love in this house. Bondage takes it to a whole new level – you should try it sometime.”


Seth wanted to try it now. Watching Finn and Tyler at the mercy of Miguel and Pablo made Seth flash on the time he was tied to the bed at the mercy of Randy who had fucked him while he struggled helplessly. He kind of wished Randy were here now for a repeat performance.

He stood up, walked over to the spot below the chin-up bar and looked up at the ropes hanging from it. Pablo said, “You wanna try it out, buddy? You told us that you got turned on when Randy tied you to the bed. Well, we ain’t got a bed here but you saw what we did to our boys. Personally I prefer to see the ropes like this …” He stood on a bench and pushed the ropes to both ends of the bar. “Like that the guy’s arms are stretched up in a V. Real hot.”

Seth looked around and realized that Zack and Darius had quietly left the room while he was concentrating on the action. “They’ll be back,” Pablo grinned. “And when they do … look, this whole thing obviously turns you on, dude, so if you wanna get serious …”

Miguel smiled seductively. “Like Zack said, you can trust us and there’s always that escape knot thing so, if you panic, one tug and you’re free. Better to lose the clothes, though. Makes it feel more real.”

Seth was tired of being treated like a fragile rookie. Dammit, he was as big and tough as all these guys He could do anything they could do and he wanted to prove it. He especially wanted to prove it to Miguel. He wasn’t sure why except that Miguel was a spectacular looking guy and he wanted … well, first things first.

Impulsively he pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his boots and took off his jeans. “Jesus,” Miguel said running his hands over Seth’s muscular physique, “you are built like a brick shithouse, man. Dammit, you could take anything these guys throw at you and more. I see why Randy fell for you so hard and spent the whole afternoon with you fucking.”

Seth found himself pleased with Miguel’s admiration and as Miguel stared into Seth’s rugged, features and sexy blue eyes his cock got hard again in his pants, so soon after emptying its load in Finn’s ass. Both men felt the spark and Miguel said, “Come on Pablo, let’s get the big guy ready for the guys when they come back.”

They grabbed Seth’s wrists, pulled his arms up to the ropes and secured him in the restraints. Realizing he was a prisoner Seth pulled at the ropes and did feel a moment of panic but one look at Miguel’s smiling dark eyes reassured him. “Don’t worry, Seth, I won’t let anything bad happen to you – nothing you don’t want anyway.”

Miguel went to the corner and picked a whip up from the floor, a cat o’ nine tails with several dozen rawhide braids, the kind of whip that hurts but a tough man can endure and even get off on if he’s that way inclined – and Miguel guessed that Seth was. He hung the whip round Seth’s neck and noted his short sharp intake of breath. He grabbed the whip, pulled Seth toward him and kissed him hard, pressing their tongues together.

Suddenly Miguel pulled back and stared into his blue eyes. “Shit, I’m gonna leave the next part to Zack and Darius, man, or I’m gonna get myself in big trouble. I hear them coming, but you ain’t seen the last of me big guy.”

Miguel walked away and sat with Pablo and their boys to watch the next act of Seth’s initiation.


Seth’s cock was throbbing and he was pumped, ready to do whatever it took and take whatever it took to prove himself. But eager as he was his courage failed him for an instant as he saw Zack and Darius come in … now dressed in leather.

Zack was wearing black leather pants with a heavy belt at his slim waist. A black leather vest hung open over the hard mounds of his pecs and ripped, washboard abs. Darius wore a black tank top stretched over his muscular torso and black leather chaps over blue-jeans, his monster cock bulging under his jeans at the chaps’ open crotch.

Zack walked up to Seth and grinned. “Well, well, the guys sure got you good and ready for the leathermen. You look fucking hot, big guy. He reached up and felt the leather wrist restraints, then ran his hand down his stretched arms and over his chest. He leaned forward and licked the sweat from his armpits, then kissed him hard on the mouth so Seth tasted his own sweat.

He pulled the whip from around the captive’s neck and replaced it with a studded black leather collar that he buckled round his neck. “Yeah, perfect,” Zack grinned. “Now let’s see how good you fit in here, buddy.” He raised the whip and brought it down lightly across his chest, then again. Seth’s eyes gleamed and he moaned a guttural, “Fuck yeah.”

“Yeah?” Zack grinned. “One of us, eh buddy? Let’s make sure.” He raised his arm and whipped harder, watching Seth’s face to judge his pain threshold. Seth pulled at the ropes, his body writhed and he growled, “That all you got, man? Come on stud, don’t fuck around, give it to me.”

Miguel, Pablo and the boys exchanged surprised looks. They knew Seth was tough but this was a shocker. “He fucking loves it,” Pablo said quietly.

Zack kissed Seth again and said, “Fucking beautiful, man.” He raised his arm again and landed the whip harder across his chest, again and again, and still Seth howled. “Fuck yeah, give it to me, mother-fucker. Let me feel it”

Zack yelled, “Grab the other one, Darius.” Darius picked up another whip from the floor and the flogging began in earnest, Zack across his chest, Darius across his back. A startled Tyler squeezed Pablo’s arm. “Is he OK, sir? Are they hurting him bad?”

“Don’t worry, kid, Zack knows what he’s doing, and he knows Seth wants it like crazy.” They were all stroking their cocks as they gazed in awe at the naked construction worker’s spectacular body writhing in bondage, red stripes appearing on his back and chest as he flexed hard to withstand the blows. His eyes blazed at Zack and at last he yelled, “OK, fuck me, man. Fuck my ass. Show me what you got, asshole.”

“That’s enough,” Zack said to Darius and the whipping stopped. Zack grabbed Seth’s shaggy hair and they stared into each other’s eyes, man to man. “Holy shit,” Zack groaned, “you are my kind of man, buddy – fucking incredible.” He kissed him again, harder this time, their mouths grinding together, tongues fighting each other.

He pulled back at last and said, “It’ll be a privilege to fuck you, buddy. You’re one of us.” Zack walked behind him and Seth looked in the mirror. He saw Zack pull his huge cock out of his leather pants, spit on it and stroke it.

“Give it to me, Zack. Make me feel it … aaagh!” His shout filled the room as Zack plunged his cock in his ass, making the helpless body jerk forward and strain against the ropes. As the fuck intensified Seth flexed his muscles and clenched his jaw. Suddenly he turned his head and stared straight at Miguel, piercing him with his steely blue eyes – a defiant, challenging look. Miguel pulled his hand off his cock or he would have shot another load right there.

As Zack drilled his ass there was a faint grin on Seth’s swarthy features, an arrogant pride that he could take whatever Zack piled on him, no matter how rough. Then Darius joined in. He pulled a bench in front of Seth and stood on it, the bulge in his jeans level with Seth’s anguished face. He ripped open his jeans and his monster shaft sprang out.

Seth gasped. It was the first time he had seen Darius’s 10-inch black cock – the first time he had ever seen a cock this big. He flicked out his tongue and licked the pre-cum oozing from the head. Darius pressed his cock against Seth’s face and rubbed the whole length up against it until his balls were pressing against his lips. Reflexively Seth opened his mouth wide, sucked in the balls and pursed his lips over the back of the scrotum, his face buried in the tangle of sweaty black pubic hair.

He breathed in the damp, musky smell, then pulled back off the balls and stared up at Darius. “Give it to me, man. Make me eat that fucking cock.”

“Damn, you’re really going for broke here, stud. OK, you asked for it.” Darius grabbed the collar round Seth’s neck and pulled his face forward onto his cock.

The spectators watched in awe as the brawny construction worker got his ass jackhammered by the black leather-master while the leatherboy pushed his massive cock in his mouth – inch by inch by inch. Seth choked, Darius paused, then eased in deeper until once again Seth’s face was buried in his wiry pubes.

“Dammit, sir, he’s taken the whole damn thing,” Darius said to Zack who grinned, “Go for it, boy. I wanna watch you fuck that macho face while I unload my jizz in his ass.”

Seth was transported into another world, a world of ecstasy and pain, pride and defiance. He had never felt more powerful, more of a man, than he did now, enduring the onslaught of the two leathermen – the master impaling him on his pounding cock while his boy held his collar and chocked him with his massive shaft.

Seth pulled frantically against the ropes, he thought he would suffocate, would be ripped apart when suddenly he heard Zack howl, “Here it comes, man. I’m gonna unload in that hot fucking ass. Yeah … fuck yeah … aaagh!” Seth’s body spasmed, his muscles flexed as he felt the leatherman’s jizz filling his ass and he choked on the boy’s cock.

The room started to spin and he thought he would pass out when abruptly both cocks pulled out of him and he slumped, hanging limply from the ropes. Darius grinned at Zack over Seth’s shoulder. “He’s finished, sir. No man could take any more of that.”

But he was wrong. Seth opened his eyes and raised his head, tears streaming down his cheeks, drool running down his sagging, stubbled jaw. He stared up at Darius. “Fuck me, man. Shove that fucking thing in my ass.”

“Damn, you hear that sir?” Darius said to Zack. “He ain’t done for. This is one tough son of a bitch. OK, Seth, I was gonna jack off in your face, but if you insist …”

Darius got down from the bench, pushed it aside and traded places. Zack came round to face the prisoner who no longer slumped but stood proudly, his body still stretched upward on full display. “Dammit, Seth, you are one tough sexy mother fucker. We’ve seen some hot scenes in this room but you, man … this is right up there. You sure you want more, dude?”

Seth growled, “Asshole. I told your boy to shove his rod up my ass.”

Zack’s eyes flashed and he grabbed Seth’s collar. “Nobody talks to me like that … I don’t take orders from anyone.” He pulled Seth’s head forward by the collar and pressed their mouths together hard in a painful, stifling kiss – teeth, tongues, anything that hurt. Then he pulled roughly away – “Get it?”

Seth gave a defiant smile, leaned forward and retaliated with an equally rough, grinding kiss.

“Dammit, man. OK, Darius, take his ass.” Seth winced as he felt the head of the huge cock enter him, but his pale blue eyes never wavered from their steady gaze into Zack’s. As the shaft pushed ever deeper into him Zack squeezed Seth’s nipples hard. Seth smiled. “That all you got, leatherman?”

Zack stared at him … then smiled. “Fuck, man, you are something else, one tough son of a bitch. You and me are gonna be great buddies. But now me and my boy are gonna finish you off and watch you bust your load. My boy’s dick can do that. OK, Darius, bring it home, boy.”

“Right away, sir.” He pulled all the way back, then drove the whole length of his cock deep inside Seth, then again and again. Zack grabbed Seth’s cock in one hand and stroked it hard while he tortured his nipple with the other. “All you have to do is bust your load, man, and it’s over – a sign of submission. You know you wanna cum … you’re balls are bursting, you can’t take any more. Look at me, stud … give up, submit …!”

“Aaagh!” The yell came not from Seth but from Darius. “That fucking ass is so hot after you ploughed it, sir. I gotta cum … fuck … I’m gonna cum … yeaahh!”

Seth’s body tensed as he felt the leatherboy’s cock erupt deep in his ass. But his eyes remained steady, boring into Zack’s with a look of triumph. He knew he had won. He had proved himself as an equal in this group of guys who played rough.”


“Damn!” Zack looked down at Seth’s still-dry cock then up at his face … and smiled. “That was one hell of an initiation man, and you proved what a tough, sexy son of a bitch you are. What do you think, guys?”

Pablo, Miguel and their boys got up and gave the new man a standing ovation. Darius eased his dick out and Zack reached up and released Seth’s wrists. His arms dropped and he rubbed his wrists and aching muscles.

“OK, man,” Zack grinned, “that was a hell of a performance. You took everything we threw at you and came back for more. You win, buddy, you deserve a reward. Look around the room … anything you want, Seth. Take your pick.”

“There’s only one thing I want, Zack. And he knows it ‘cos he wants it too.”

There was a puzzled silence and Zack followed Seth’s gaze that was focused on – Miguel. And Miguel was staring back at him. “Shit damn,” Zack said quietly. He walked over to Miguel, sat next to him and said softly, “Is it true, buddy. Do you want it?”

“Only if it’s OK with you Zack. You know I would never do anything to hurt you. Not like I did that stupid time I shacked up with Randy for three days.”

“Hmm,” Zack pondered, then smiled. “OK, anything my man wants he gets. But on my terms – I’m in charge.” They kissed warmly and Zack went back to Seth. “OK, stud, you won so I’m gonna make the ultimate sacrifice and loan my man out to you. I’ll get him ready for you.

Miguel stood up and gazed across the room at Seth. There was a wealth of meaning in their eyes – lust, admiration, pride, anticipation. Mostly lust. Miguel stripped naked, Zack took off his leather vest and put it on Miguel. “On the floor, stud,” Zack ordered.

Miguel lay on his back on the floor between the upright posts of the gym cable equipment. One at a time Zack pulled his arms straight out to the side and tied his wrists to the posts with lengths of rope that littered the floor. Zack grinned at Seth. “OK, big guy – he’s all yours.”

Zack sat with the other guys and Seth walked over to Miguel. “Holy fucking shit.” He stared down at the bound muscle-god, the strong Hispanic face with its square stubbled jaw. His body seemed carved in granite, ripped muscles flexing as he pulled against the ropes binding him. He was naked except for the black leather vest, a suggestion of a dominant leatherman captured, stripped almost naked, at the mercy of the construction worker towering over him.

Miguel stared up at Seth, his muscular body striped with the marks of the flogging he had suffered from two leathermen. There was cum running down his legs after getting butt fucked first by the master, then by his boy’s massive cock. But after suffering mightily he looked more powerful and dominant than ever. Even tied up and worked over by his captors he had stared at Miguel and they had both known in an instant it would come to this.

Seth stood astride Miguel, then lowered himself to his knees, straddling his waist. “I know what you want, man,” Seth growled in his gravelly voice.

“I know you do.”

“Starting with this.” Seth unbuckled the collar from his own neck, leaned forward and secured it round Miguel’s. “Damn that looks hot.”

Seth ran his hands over his captive’s face, over the studded collar, then down over the vest and the solid slabs of his pecs. He leant down and pressed his face on the leather vest, inhaling the distinctive leather smell, then licked the vest. He braced his hands on the floor on either side of Miguel’s head, bent down and licked his collar, then his stubbled chin, then his lips, pressing against them in a passionate kiss.

He pulled back, their eyes met and Seth said, “Tell me what you want from me, man.”

“Man, I want your dick in my ass so bad. You are such a hot fucking stud – that rugged body striped with the marks of the lash. Tied up naked you got brutally flogged and fucked by a leatherman and his boy. And you took it all, so fucking tough and defiant. Watching all that I knew I had to have you, to feel your dick inside me.”

Seth shuffled back between Miguel’s legs and pushed them up. “A man like you can take a dry fuck – you could take anything.” He pressed his cock against his ass, smiled into his eyes, and drove it in. “Yeah …” Miguel groaned and his body flexed hard as he pulled at his bound wrists.

Seth pressed his hands on Miguel’s chest and eased his cock in deep and then back – a steady, rhythmic fuck. He had learned savagery from Randy and from these guys, but he also remembered making love to Tommy’s beautiful ass.

He was done with ferocity. As he gazed into Miguel’s dark eyes he felt no need of force, just the erotic sensation of feeling his cock sink into the velvet depths of his ass. The ropes suddenly seemed out of place, he quickly untied them and Miguel reached up and traced the whip stripes across Seth’s chest with his finger.

Seth gazed down at Miguel’s heaving chest, bent down and ran his tongue up the cleft between his pecs, sucking up the beads of sweat trickling down it. They kissed again, then Seth pulled back on his knees, wrapped his hand round Miguel’s cock and stroked it. It shuddered in his hand and he grinned, “Feels like you’re ready, dude. I wanna see that body smothered in cum.”

His free hand grabbed the collar round Miguel’s neck, pulled his head up off the floor and gazed into his face. “Damn you’re beautiful, man. I wanna see you cum like that.”

“I’m real close, Seth. You looked so fucking hot getting whipped and fucked by those guys. It’s gonna make me shoot … here it comes, man … aaah!”

After holding back for so long Seth now unloaded his pent up sperm in the muscle-god’s ass, while Miguel groaned and spurted juice all over his own abs and chest. Seth had finally reasserted his dominance – a perfect end to the extraordinary trial of strength he had endured in this room and emerged triumphant.


Seth bent down and kissed Miguel one last time, then pulled his cock out, took off the collar and got to his feet. Zack was right there and Seth shook his hand. “Thanks man for letting me do that. He’s a gorgeous man and so are you. You’re lucky to have found each other.”

“We’ll do this again, buddy. You’re one of us now.” Zack turned his attention to Miguel, reached down, grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet and into a tight hug. “Thanks for being so cool about that, Zack. We’re OK aren’t we?”

“Never better, dude. Next time it’ll be just you and me in here and we’ll see who tops who.”

Pablo and Darius shook Seth’s hand enthusiastically. “Fucking spectacular,” Pablo said. “I can see why my dad Randy lost his mind over you a while ago – you two are so much alike. Wait till you meet his lover Bob.”

Darius grinned, “My schlong was sure put to good use tonight, stud. Man I can’t believe you took the whole damn thing. You are one hot fucking guy.”

Seth hugged Tyler and Finn who had stood back in awe. He grinned, “I’ll make it a habit to roam the grounds here and hope to stumble over two hot gardeners banging each other.”

They all began to pair off and Zack said, “Seth, I assume you’ll be staying the night – I’ll show you the guestroom. After all this you’ll sleep like a log. Tomorrow morning I’d like you to go see Brandon as soon as he opens the office and do all the paperwork. And you can start work as soon as you like – day after tomorrow would be great. I’m glad you joined us here and showed us what a tough son-of-a-bitch asshole mother-fucker you really are.”

“Thanks Zack,” Seth grinned. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”


As Zack predicted, as soon as Seth’s head hit the pillow he fell into a deep sleep crowded with homoerotic dreams. Next morning he woke early, not sure for a moment where he was. Then the events of yesterday all came crashing back and he needed to clear his head. The rest of the house was quiet so he pulled on his shorts, went quietly downstairs and out into the garden.

In the pale dawn light he sat on a garden bench to collect his thoughts. His life seemed to be turning around – new house, new job, new buddies, but one thing disturbed him about this group of guys. They were all so fucking hot and sexy. It was all new to him, he was like a kid in a candy store – except it was eye candy. And it scared him. He had already lost his mind over Randy, then drooled over Lloyd and Tommy. Hell, one look at that Marine Hassan and he was on his knees sucking his dick.

And last night he had lusted for the hot Hispanic Miguel. If his lover Zack hadn’t been so cool about the whole thing he could have stirred up a mess of trouble. Had to be careful – don’t fall for every hot guy you see, he told himself. They’ve all got lovers, it could get real nasty.

In the distance he heard the sound of water. A fountain somewhere maybe? He stood up, walked toward the sound and realized it was coming from the pool. As he came close the noise stopped, hands appeared over the edge and a man pulled himself out of the pool. He stood there naked, water streaming down his face and muscular body – probably the most beautiful man Seth had ever seen.

The guy looked surprised to see him, then smiled. “You’re Seth, of course. We haven’t met, but I’m Bob.”

“Yeah … yeah, of course you are.”

“I, er, I often have an early morning swim before breakfast.” He held out his hand and their eyes met. Bob found himself staring into a pair of magnetic pale blue eyes, the kind that drew you in – just like Randy’s.

There was an embarrassed silence as Seth gazed slack-jawed at this stunning man. Then he stammered, “Er I should be getting back to Zack and … and the other guys upstairs.”

“Yeah, of course. And I gotta get back to Randy. Er, good to meet you, Seth.”

“Likewise.” They smiled awkwardly, then turned away and Seth stumbled toward the house muttering, “Damn … Damn.”


“TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Book 9: Chapter 41

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