Chapter 33


The rugged cop Mark pays a price for his raging attack on the handsome Aussie Adam, jealous of Adam’s lust for Mark’s boy, the surfer jock Jamie. The cop’s first penance is to submit his ass to his own boy Jamie. Then Adam watches as Mark, a senior man of the tribe, gets topped by the young rookie Will in a stunning act of humiliation. Will’s reward is to get spit-roasted by the identical twins he worships.

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They were like a small, close family within the tribe – Mark and his boy Jamie; and the Aussies next door, Adam and his boy Nate. The hot police officer Mark had become best buddies with the handsome Aussie stud Adam. And Jamie and Nate had been best friends for years, surfer jocks who spent hours in the waves together.

When the twins Kyle and Kevin decided to take their boy Will out of town on a long-weekend beach vacation they joined up with the foursome and set off for the Guadalupe Dunes two hundred miles up the coast where the tribe had two shacks on the remote, deserted beach.

It should have been an idyllic few days for the small group, right? Well, not exactly. In this tribe small problems sometimes smoldered under the surface and if the wind was in the wrong direction it fanned the flames into a major fire.

The simmering problem here had been explained to wide-eyed innocent Will by the twins. “Mark and Adam are both tough alpha males and real good friends, and alike in many ways. But macho guys like that can often be competitive, usually in a friendly way, but sometimes not so much. See, it’s obvious Adam lusts for Jamie, and Mark can’t get his mind around that. You know how Mark is with Jamie – kind of possessive.”

All went well at first as the festive group took off. Halfway up the coast they horny group stopped off for what Mark called a tailgate party, where the three boys sat on the truck’s tailgate and got fucked by their respective masters. The fun-loving Adam made a suggestion. “Hey, Mark, how about we do the old switcheroo and swap boys. Now that I’ve stoked Nate’s furnace his ass is roaring hot. And you know I’ve been lusting for your surfer’s ass forever.”

So they did, but Mark’s quiet resentment watching Adam fuck Jamie planted the seeds of more problems ahead. The twins explained it to Will. “’Course the Aussies have no problem with it. They are always so free-spirited that an occasional boy swap is just fun for them. So Adam didn’t think it would do any harm ‘cos he and Mark are such good buddies.

“But what you must never forget is that Mark is a cop, with the mindset of a cop – tough, confident and used to being obeyed. It’s what makes him such a stud sexually, but also what makes him competitive. And he’s the strong, silent type who holds his feelings in. Back there he should have told Adam he wasn’t cool with all that and Adam would have backed off.”

It was inevitable that Mark’s resentment would not stay suppressed for long. When they got to the beach and unloaded their gear, Jamie and Adam opened up the first shack while the others trekked two miles down the beach to the other one where Will and the twins would sleep.

Left alone together the lust re-kindled between Adam and Jamie and they made love. For them it was just having fun, a continuation of the boy-swap on the way here. And even when Mark burst in, eyes blazing, Adam still thought it was all part of the joke. “Busted,” he laughed. “Guilty as charged, officer. You better cuff me, drag me off to jail and work me over.”

Mark went ballistic – “Get out my sight, boy, and don’t come back.” Then he handcuffed Adam to the bed, ripped off his black tank top, gagged him with it and savagely fucked his ass. When the twins returned with Will and Nate they found the naked cop pacing round the bed and the gagged and humiliated Aussie hunk handcuffed to the bed.

Mark snarled, “He’s all yours, guys. The keys are over there if you wanna release the asshole so he can go and find his new boyfriend.” Mark stormed out and when they ungagged and released Adam he said, “The guy’s a fucking psycho. Jamie and me were just fooling around. I never wanna see that bloke again. I thought we were buddies but that’s all totally fucked now.”

Young Will stood in the corner watching the activity – shocked, confused and scared. He had seen a lot in the tribe but had never seen everything collapse in anger as suddenly as this. He went out on the shack’s front porch and saw Mark in the distance sitting on an outcropping of rocks jutting into the sea. Will had to understand what happened. Maybe Mark could explain it.

Mark, brooding and sullen now, was not pleased to see the boy but Will pleaded with him to answer his questions because, he said, he was scared. Mark looked at the freckled-faced kid standing there nervously in his too-big board shorts that came down to his calves, and his heart melted. What a sweet kid he was. “OK, kid, climb aboard,” he said, pulling him up on the rocks facing him. “So what’s all this, Will? What are you scared of?”

Will frowned, gathering his thoughts. “Of the future, I guess, sir.” The boy launched into his story of how he had ran away from an abusive dad and lived alone, some of the time on the streets. But then everything changed when the twins took him in as their boy and now he had them and Bob and Randy – “The family I never had before, sir. And I feel safe for the first time.”

“Sounds perfect,” Mark said. “So what’s the problem, and where do I come in?”

“Well, sir, I have such a wonderful life but I’m scared that it could suddenly all go away, pouf, like it just happened to you, sir. I mean, there’s two loving families, yours and mine and suddenly one blows up into bits and it’s all gone. You and Adam are all busted up, Jamie’s run away from you, and him and Nate can’t be friends anymore. I need you to explain what happened ‘cos I’m scared it could happen to the twins and me.”

At a loss for words Marks said, “Will, it gets real complicated – hard to explain.”

“Well it used to be simple, sir. You were four guys in love with each other – simple as that. The twins said everyone could see this coming, even you, so why couldn’t you guys talk about it and stop if from blowing up? Fr’instance, if Randy and Bob had a big fight our family might spilt up. But I would look for the signs and make them talk about it until they sorted it all out.

“But, see, I’m not sure what to look for – I’m scared of missing something before it’s too late. So please tell me what you missed, sir. I know you loved Jamie and Adam and Nate but now it’s too late and it’s all gone and … and I’m scared it’ll happen to us one day, sir. And I’m frightened of being alone again, sir, like Jamie is now. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Mark stared at the young redhead with his freckled face and too-long shorts, and Will’s tears broke Mark’s heart. He cradled him in his arms. “Hey, kiddo, that’ll never happen to you. Randy, Bob and the twins are too loving and smart for that and Randy has sworn to protect you.

“But I failed at all three – not loving or smart enough and I didn’t protect my guys. I fucked up, Will, big time, and now I got work to do … will you come and help me in case I fuck up again? Here, let me dry your tears and we’ll go and face the world together.”

At the shack the twins were on the porch, shading their eyes looking for Will. And in the distance they saw Mark and Will walking toward them hand in hand.

********************   BOOK 9:  CHAPTER 33    *******************

When Mark and Will arrived at the shack Mark said to the twins, “Guys, Will and I have been having a little chat and he straightened me out on a few things. You guys just came up here for a little fun and sun and to relax, so I’m sorry all this happened. Not a great start to your weekend and it seems to be my fault. Where are Jamie and the others?”

Kyle said, “Jamie went off into the dunes on his own, sir, and Adam took Nate down the beach to Zack’s shack where he said they’ll stay for a while. I think they want to straighten things out between them.”

“Sirs,” said Will eagerly, “would it be OK if I go find Jamie?”

Mark and the twins looked at him in surprise. Mark hesitated but the twins glanced at each other and Kevin said evenly, “I think that might be a good idea, Will. If you can’t find him or have any problems come straight back and tell us.”

They looked questioningly at Mark who said, “Yeah, that might be the best thing. Will might be just what he needs right now – he worked wonders on me. Anyway, I don’t imagine Jamie will be in a hurry to see me after the way I spoke to him.”

“Thank you, sir.” Will left and they watched him scrambling into the dunes – an eager young redhead in his too-big shorts that came down to his calves.

Mark shook his head. “That boy of yours is incredible – so direct and clear about things. You guys have taught him well.”

“Oh, it wasn’t really us, sir,” Kyle said. “What you saw is the real Will. All we did was give him love, protection and a safe home. When his shyness wore off it turned into a kind of innocence and plain speaking without all the inhibitions and discretion most guys use. His commonsense has a way of cutting right through to the heart of the matter.”

An uneasy silence followed, then Mark said, “I suppose you guys have called Bob.”

“No, sir,” Kevin said. “We thought we would leave that to you. We didn’t want him to get the story second hand – better it comes from you.”

Mark frowned. “Boys, you know what I feel for Bob – so much love and respect – and I don’t think I could face him right now. It would be too much like a confession. The guy I really need right now is Randy. God knows he’s been in this situation often enough so he’ll know how I feel. I need to talk to him man to man. I’d like you to call Bob if you would – you know, just fill him in.”

“Just the facts, eh, sir?” Kyle grinned. “Not like Darius always says – ‘exaggerations accepted’.”

“God I love you guys, so much like Bob. I’ll go inside and call Randy.”


Randy was at the construction site in his trailer office when he took Mark’s call. His face clouded over as Mark told him everything that had happened, including his conversation with Will that had suddenly put everything into perspective.

“Yeah,” Randy said, “that kid is incredible – I love him to death. Seems like he’s got the right take on all this.”

“I know I fucked up, Randy … kinda overreacted, I guess. But you know how I am with Jamie. It’s weird that for the longest time Jamie was the insecure one, afraid he’d lose me. Now the boot’s on the other foot. When I saw him with Adam it was me who was scared I’d lost him.”

“Ah that’s bullshit, bro. The kid’s crazy about you. He ain’t goin’ nowhere in a hurry. But I know what you mean. Hell I should, the number of times I lost my cool and beat up a guy just for looking at Bob. I was scared he’d leave me too but he’s put up with me so far so I guess we’re in the clear.

“But, man, I always paid a price – usually tied up, whipped and butt-fucked in front of the whole tribe. I’m not saying that’ll happen to you, Mark, but whatever your punishment, it has to be in front of all the guys there.

“See, buddy, Adam’s real tough and he could take it physically – you working him over and shoving your dick in his ass, he could take all that – maybe even got off on it. But the problem is you humiliated him in front of all the guys, handcuffed to the bed, howling into his gag, getting his ass ploughed. So you have to be publicly humiliated too … the punishment fits the crime.”

“Don’t feel bad dude, I would probably have done the same. You were just protecting your boy.”

“No I wasn’t, man. He was having a great time with Adam.”

“Oh,” Randy frowned, “I guess that’s different … but not much!”

This typically Randy remark made Bob smile, and just then Kevin came in holding out his cell phone. “Sir, Bob wants to talk to you.”

“You hear that, Randy? Bob’s on the other line.”

“Yeah, well take it from me, dude, listen to Bob – and young Will if it comes to that. They got their heads screwed on right. Whatever happens to you, officer, I wish I was there to see it – join in and jerk off all over that handsome mug of yours.”

“Fuck you, man,” Mark grinned.

“No, fuck you, officer. Love ya’, man.” And Randy clicked off.

Mark took the phone from Kevin who went back out to the porch and left Mark alone. Mark sighed. “Hey, Bob … I suppose you got the whole story from the twins and you’re gonna tell me what a damn fool I’ve been? Go on, I need to hear it.”

“No you don’t, buddy. It’s not my place to pass judgement on a guy I love. I know how you are with Jamie – real possessive. And take it from me, Jamie loves that in you – he loves to be possessed by his gorgeous cop. Why else would he be waiting naked on the bed for you every day when you get off work – like a love slave offering his ass to the man he worships?”

“Huh,” Mark huffed, “a man who turns out to have feet of clay, Bob, so I don’t think worship would describe Jamie’s feelings right now. Young Will has gone to look for him.”

“Good. Will is a terrific kid, simple and loving, just what Jamie needs right now. But I do have a question – something that’s puzzled me. Let me ask you this. If it were Randy or me or even Zack, and you caught one of us fucking Jamie, would you have gone apeshit the way you did with Adam and handcuffed us to the bed and jackhammered our ass?”

“No, but that’s different, you guys are different. Jeez, I’ve know you for such a long time you’re like family, and I love all you guys. If you wanted to fuck Jamie and he wanted it, fine.”

“So what’s the difference with Adam?”

“Well … I dunno … we haven’t been buddies for that long … and I like the guy a lot, but …”

“So there’s the root of your problem, Mark. It doesn’t have much to do with Jamie – it’s your relationship with Adam. Sounds like you guys are still tiptoeing around each other, sizing each other up, like two stags competing for dominance. That’s what you gotta sort out, dude. You two should probably have a session with Doctor Steve.”

“Maybe you’re right, Bob, but in the meantime we’re up here in the dunes and I don’t wanna ruin the weekend, especially for Will and the twins.”

“Well technically the twins and Will are not involved in your fight with Adam, except that you seem to have been really moved by what Will said to you. His innocent wisdom made you see sense. Funny, you’re one of the most senior men of the tribe and he is the brand new junior. Odd that there should be a connection between you two. What did Randy say anyway?”

“He said the problem was that I humiliated Adam in front of the guys so … you know his rule, punishment fits the crime … my punishment should be some kind of humiliation too. I guess that means Adam tying me up and working me over in front of the guys.”

“Not necessarily, Mark. Ain’t that stuff a bit old hat – ‘been-there-done-that’? The thing that intrigues me still is the young rookie and the powerful cop making a connection the way you did. Give that some thought, Mark. Did Randy say anything else?”

“Only that whatever happens to me he’d like to join in and ‘jerk off all over that handsome mug of mine’.”

Bob chuckled, “Yeah, that’s vintage Randy alright. Don’t worry, officer, he won’t be showing up, I’ll keep him busy down here. He’s pacing round here as we speak, horny as a stallion in heat. After we’ve fucked I’ll let him jerk off all over my ‘handsome mug.’ That’ll keep him quiet. Good luck, Mark. You guys will think of something.”


During these conversations that helped Mark calm down and re-evaluate his situation, Will was with Jamie. He had found him sitting on the top of a dune, his arms wrapped round his knees staring out to sea. Coming up behind him and not wishing to startle him Will cleared his throat. “Er, excuse me, sir.”

Jamie turned round and said with a sad smile, “Hey, kid. You’re just about the only one I could face right now. Here, take a pew.” He patted the sand beside him and Will plopped down next to him. “I saw you go out to talk to Mark on the rocks. How’s he doing, Will? Did he say anything about me? Like he’s sorry he ever met me and never wants to see me again.”

“No, sir, nothing like that. I did most of the talking at first, all about me, ‘cos I was scared that my own family – the twins, Bob and Randy – would one day bust up like happened with Mark. But he said that would never happen ‘cos my guys are too smart and loving and protective for that. Then he blamed himself for not protecting you and he said it was him who fucked up.”

“He did? You don’t think he hates me?”

“Didn’t sound like it to me, sir. And anyway, I’ve seen the way he looks at you and I don’t think that guy could ever hate you. He’s nuts about you.”

“You see, Will, I love Mark so much I’ve always been scared of losing him. I don’t know what I would do without him.”

“That’s just what I said to Mark about me. I love the twins so much I was scared what would happen if I didn’t have them anymore. But you know what, Jamie? I got the feeling that Mark is scared of the same thing – losing you. That’s why when he saw you with Adam he kinda lost it. Weird ain’t it – everyone so scared of stuff that’s never gonna happen.”

“Yeah, kiddo, real weird. But I don’t know what to do now, like what to say when I see him.”

“I was thinking about that, Jamie … what I would do if I ever did stuff that pissed off the twins. I’m not so good with words ‘cos I get tongue-tied. So I would do something for them, like make them a cup of tea or give them a present or something.

“Yeah, not a bad idea, kiddo, but somehow I don’t see me making tea for Mark, and I wouldn’t know what present to give him.”

“Oh that part’s easy, sir. We should prob’ly go buy it now. The twins mentioned the shops in Santa Maria that’s only twenty minutes up Main Street. You know what they say, sir. When the going gets tough the tough go shopping – or something like that. You wanna go?”

Will stood up eagerly and Jamie smiled at Will’s enthusiasm. He looked so cute with his shock of red hair, freckled face and his way-too-long shorts. “OK, kid, and while we’re at it let’s get you out of those crazy shorts and into something that fits, eh? We’ll make you look like a pro when I take you surfing.”

A few minutes later Will burst into the shack where the twins and Mark were sitting chatting and drinking beer. “Sirs, could you do me a favor? Could I borrow the keys to the Range Rover? Me and Jamie gotta run an errand.” Will’s eyes were sparkling.

“You found him then?” Mark asked. “Is he OK?”

“He was a bit broody at first, sir, but he’s fine now. We’re gonna go shopping.”

Kyle tossed the keys to Will. “Drive safely, kiddo. We’ll be waiting for you.” Will darted out of the door and joined Jamie at the car.

“So what was all that about?” Mark asked the twins.

“No idea, sir,” Kevin grinned. “I guess we’ll find out. Will is full of surprises these days.”


Kyle and Kevin stayed with Mark, lounging on the porch of the shack. They didn’t want to make a move until Will and Jamie came back.

The twins were easy guys to unwind with, especially for Mark as they reminded him so much of their master Bob, with their calm, non-judgmental view of the world. And it seemed that their boy Will was in the early stages of becoming like them in his young rookie way. That little family, with the tough protective gypsy Randy taking care of them, was everything Mark admired and made him feel even greater guilt for the way he had shattered the peace in his own family.

The shack reverted to it usual peaceful vibe, a shady retreat from the sun’s glare, and a far cry from the anger and violence of a few hours before. It was tacitly decided not to approach Adam yet. Adam and his boy Nate always spent so much time together that it was natural for them to withdraw for a while and close ranks when the world became an unsettled place. Best not to rock their boat for now.

It was not much more than an hour before they heard the Range Rover pull up behind the shack and they exchanged expectant looks. Will came onto the beach first, grinning from ear to ear. He stretched his arms to the side with a cheery “Ta-da!” modelling a snazzy new pair of board shorts – in Will’s favorite dark green with a wide brown stripe round the hips.

“Wow,” Kevin smiled, “awesome look, dude. Where’d they come from?”

“Jamie bought them for me, sir.”

Jamie appeared and smiled. “Sexy look, don’t you think, guys? And they fit a treat, unlike those big baggy things he was wearing. And … turn around Will … see all this butt action going on here, buns bulging under the brown stripe? That’s gonna look way cool on a surfboard.

Will looked at Jamie and dug his elbow in his side. Jamie made eye contact with Mark for the first time and walked up on the porch. “And I bought this for you, sir,” he said, almost shyly, holding out a black ribbed tank top just like the one Mark had angrily ripped off Adam’s body earlier and gagged him with it, handcuffed to the bed. “There are two more in this pack, sir.”

Mark gazed at Jamie with moist eyes. Mark was shirtless in shorts and he pulled the tank top on over his head and down over his torso. Jamie reached out and ran his finger down the front of the shirt. “Perfect fit, sir.”

“And so are we, Jamie.” Mark pulled him into a tight, silent embrace.

The twins guessed that it was Will who had come up with the idea for the new tank. It was an instinctive suggestion, a gut reaction after seeing the old one gagging Adam. Will knew it was a look that Jamie found very sexy on Mark but had not realized the real significance of the gift.

Jamie had given the original tank top to Adam to make him look even sexier while Jamie sucked him off. To Mark it was an act of sexual intimacy with Adam but a betrayal of Mark, rousing his fury and making him rip the shirt off his rival. The replacement gift was a sign of reconciliation and reaffirmation of Jamie’s love for Mark. As Will had said, action rather than words.

Mark and Jamie hugged tight for a long time, as if each one was afraid to let the other go. Kevin whispered to Kyle and Will, “Hey guys, let’s go put up the tent.” They silently left the porch and went round to the truck, unnoticed by Mark and Jamie who were totally engrossed in each other.

The cop and his boy followed Will’s preference for action over words even when they pulled apart and the moment came for apologies. The tribe was not big on verbal apologies (the leader Randy almost never apologized vocally) preferring to indulge in elaborate acts of remorse, as Mark and Jamie were about to.

Mark took Jamie’s arm and led him into the shack where they faced each other and Mark dropped his shorts. He lay on his back on the bed wearing only the tank top, just as Adam had done. Jamie stared down in awe at the near naked cop, his muscles bulging under the ribbed cotton of the black tank that ended just above his blond pubic hair and his cock, standing straight up stiff as a flagpole as he gazed up at the handsome blond surfer.

“Oh fuck,” Jamie breathed. “You are so beautiful, sir. I love you so much.” Jamie pulled off his own loose tank, dropped his board shorts and stood at the foot of the bed buck naked, slowly stroking his rigid cock.

Mark sighed deeply at the sight of his beautiful boy and instinctively stretched his arms up to the corners of the bed. Jamie realized what Mark wanted – to take the place of Adam who had lain here naked except for his black tank top just like this, his body stretched and handcuffed to the bed. The shredded remains of the notorious tank still lay on the floor beside Jamie’s discarded shirt. He picked them both up and tied the cop’s wrists to the corner bedposts.

Jamie paced round the bed staring at the bound muscle-god. He stopped, knelt on the floor by the bed and ran his hands over the tank, clamping them over the shape of his solid pecks, teasing the nipples through the thin fabric. He pushed the bottom of the tank up just enough to reveal Mark’s ripped eight-pack abs.

They stared at each other and Mark couldn’t resist the question. “Does it look as hot as he did?”

Jamie grinned. “You’re the hottest man I know, sir. Only difference now is that all I did was suck his dick. With you, officer … I’m gonna fuck your ass.”

Jamie knelt on the bed between Mark’s legs and pushed them back, giving him a clear shot at the cop’s ass. In his only gesture of physical punishment Jamie left his cock dry as he pressed it in the downy blond hair round the hole … and drove it in hard.

“Aaagh,” Mark howled, reflexively pulling at his bound wrists, his body writhing on the bed, impaled on the young jock’s long dry shaft. Jamie pulled back and slammed it in again and Mark winced, “Yeah, give it to me, man. I need it so bad. Fuck me, boy.”

Jamie leaned forward and braced his hands on Mark’s pecs, feeling them flex under the tank each time his cock pistoned in his ass.

He gazed down at the alpha top man, now writhing helplessly, tied to the bed, his chiseled face thrashing from side to side as he got ferociously butt-fucked by the muscular blond surfer. Pulling helplessly at his bound wrists his biceps and shoulders bulged in his futile struggle for freedom. Staring up at his own boy the cop begged for more. “Yeah, give it to me, stud. Fuck me hard, harder … make it hurt, I deserve it. Fuck your master, boy. Is that all you got?”

Mark was trying to rouse Jamie’s anger and he succeeded. “Fuck you, man, I’ll fucking rip you open and unload my jizz in your ass.” Jamie grabbed the neck of the tank top and pulled on it, raising Mark’s head and upper back off the bed and forcing him to stare in his eyes.

“Here it comes, officer. I wanna see that cop fucked into submission and watch his sperm blast all over that fucking shirt. “Let me hear you submit to your own boy … let me see it, cop.” Jamie pounded ass harder than ever before making Mark howl, “OK, I give up … You win … I can’t take anymore. I fucking submit, man … aaagh!”

The cop’s cock shuddered, reared up and erupted in streams of semen that spurted up onto the shirt and splashed in his face and his open mouth as he howled. Jamie yelled, “Here it comes officer. You’re beaten, finished. The young jock has topped you, cop – tied you down, fucked you into surrender and now you’re gonna feel his jizz in your ass … Mark pulled frantically at his restraints, desperate to touch the naked surfer as his hot sperm poured in his ass.

Then everything was still as their cocks drained and their eyes penetrated each other. Jamie untied Mark’s wrists, then fell forward and licked the cum from his face. They kissed passionately as Jamie’s cock slid out of his master’s ass.

After holding each other for a long time Jamie asked, “Are we OK now, sir?”

“We always were, buddy. Nothing could separate us, not even my dumb rage.”

“Sir, I’m feeling a bit tired. Would it be OK if we had a nap now?”

“You read my mind, dude. Come here.” Jamie nestled beside him and rested his face on Mark’s chest, on the cum-splashed tank top, the key to their reconciliation. As Mark cradled his beautiful boy his mind drifted to the next challenge. Facing Adam.


Out on the dunes the twins and Will had just finished pitching the tent when they heard the shouts coming from the shack. They exchanged grins, interpreting the noise (correctly) as the cop and his boy fucking their way back to harmony. And after the shouts reached a crescendo and then everything fell silent Kyle said (again correctly), “Picture it guys, two hot men lying in each other’s arms nodding off to sleep from exhaustion.”

“Splattered in cum …” Kevin added.

“With one wearing a black tank top do you think, sirs?” asked Will.

“Of course,” Kyle laughed. “That was your idea wasn’t it kiddo?”

“Well, sir, I told Jamie a gesture was better than words, and it was either the shirt or Jamie making Mark a cup of tea. But the tea thing was not … well, not exactly Jamie’s cup of tea.”

“Oooh … urrgh!” the twins grimaced in unison at Will’s convoluted metaphor. “We’ve gotta ask Bob to give you English lessons.”

“Would he fuck me afterwards like Randy does after our gym sessions?” Will grinned at his own cheekiness.

The twins frowned. “Bro, you think the kid is getting too big for his britches?” Kyle asked.

“No kidding – especially now he’s got those snazzy new green ones that fit so snug.”

“Hmm, let’s get a good look at those shorts. Come on boy – model them for us.”

Will loved it when the twins teased and played with him and he was getting good at responding. Now he stood barefoot in the sand, shirtless in his new shorts, put one hand on his hip and threw the other flamboyantly in the air. “Eddie taught me how to do this, sir.”

“Hmm,” Kyle groaned. “Better you stop taking lessons from Eddie, kiddo. Stick to English lessons from Bob and gym sessions with Randy.”

“How about this one, sir?” Will threw both arms up and turned his palms up with a flourish.

“Jesus,” Kevin winced. “You look like a game show hostess, boy. OK, hold that pose and turn around. Will turned his back to them and Kyle whistled. “Man, the brown stripe over the ass shows it off a treat. Get a load of those buns, bro. Randy sure knows how to make them pop with all those squats in the gym.”

“Yeah, but you can’t let globes like that go to waste, dude. Is that a boner I see rising in your shorts? Matches mine. OK, face us again, boy.”

Will turned round and stood with his hands to his sides staring at the identical twins standing shoulder to shoulder, their arms folded across their chests. This is what Will had been missing at home when all three worked such long hours in the kitchen. Now that they were on holiday the twins had time to tease and clown around with their boy and Will loved it, like playing with the big brothers he never had.

“OK, boy, go in the tent, bring out that groundsheet and spread it on the sand.” Will hurried to obey and the twins watched him with growing affection – and growing bulges. They were in a large circular dip in the sand surrounded by dunes and Kyle said, “I wanna see that ass again. Get down on all fours, boy.”

Will dropped down on hands and knees on the groundsheet and pushed his ass up on display. “Man, that looks hot,” Kevin said. “I’m getting overheated here … need to cool off in the waves. Don’t you dare move, boy. Stay right there. OK, race you bro.” They ran up over the top of the dunes … leaving Will alone in the sand.

He was stunned at the sudden silence, broken only by the breeze rustling the dune grass, the hiss of distant waves breaking on the beach and the cry of the seagulls high above. It was serene and a bit spooky at the same time. The twins had a knack of making Will scared and excited all at the same time.

What were they doing, where had they gone? And for how long? He knew they would never expose him to harm, but he did feel exposed none the less, all alone in this expanse of sand. On his hands and knees he began to fantasize that he was a young rookie surfer left out here in the dunes as an offering to the older surfers, his ass to be used by whoever came by – like some weird kind of rookie induction.

After a long wait Will strained his ears and thought he caught the sound of laughter on the wind. Yes, there it was again, coming closer. It had to be the twins, right? Or maybe some other surfers who would find him all alone and … Fear gripped him again until he heard a voice above him. “Hey, buddy, what have we got here? Looks like some new kid waiting to get his ass ploughed by the gang, uh?”

Startled, Will looked up and saw two figures standing on the top of a dune looking down at him. Backlit by the sun he saw only their silhouettes at first, and then recognized the handsome identical twins, their muscular bodies streaming with water, shaking their soaking hair that sprayed water round their heads like halos. They looked like identical young demi-gods.

“Ah, let’s leave him there with his fantasies, dude. I need a beer.”

“No, wait a minute, man. Look at the ass. That deserves a closer look.” They slid down the dune and paced round Will who trembled with excitement. “Man that ass is primo. Sure makes my dick hard.” Kyle knelt behind will and pressed the wet bulge in his shorts against the shorts stretched over Will’s ass. Kevin knelt at his head and pulled his face up by the hair. “Hey, kid, you know how to surf?”

“Not yet, sir. I came here to get lessons.”

“Hell, my brother and me could do that. But nah, we don’t do nothin’ for free and our lessons are expensive. You couldn’t pay our price. What d’ya think, bro?”

“Doubt it, but let’s give it a try. Kid, we’re pros so if a rookie like you wants to stick around he’s gotta get spit-roasted first. See this?” Kevin unlaced his shorts and pulled out his stiff dick. “Open your mouth, boy.” Kevin jerked Will’s head back farther, his jaw sagged open and the thrusting cock made him gag. Kevin pulled out. “Nah, I don’t want a kid who chokes up on me.”

“No, please, sir, I can do it. Please let me try again.” Kevin shrugged and pushed his cock in again, and this time Will swallowed it whole. “Hey, not bad, junior. How’s the butt, bro?”

“Feels kinda sexy through these shorts,” Kyle said, grinding his cock against his ass. “But I gotta see the real thing.” He reached round, loosened the strings of Will’s board shorts and pulled them down over his ass. “Boy oh boy, that’s a real sweet ass you got there kid. Looks like you been working those glutes in the gym. You got a trainer?”

“The best in the world, sir.” Kyle pulled his cock out of his shorts and pressed its length against the crack between his ass cheeks. “Oh yeah, he’ll do just fine. Which end do you want, bro?”

Kevin grinned. “I’d like to get a piece of that ass, dude. Here, you take over here and we’ll finish him off.” Thy switched places. Kyle pulled Will’s head back and slid his cock in his mouth while Will felt Kevin’s wet cock easing into his ass.

Will was in heaven, being used by both his young masters at once in the remote, sunbaked dunes. The twins’ eyes sparkled as they leaned forward over their boy’s back and kissed. Will knew what was happening and he felt an intense sensation of belonging, part of a family that loved and protected him … and used him for their sexual pleasure.

His only problem was trying not to cum as his mouth and ass were penetrated by two identical cocks. He groaned into the gag of Kyle’s shaft and Kyle nodded to Kevin. The brothers did everything in unison and they had been making love to each other for so many years they always climaxed simultaneously. Now they had their boy to consider too.

Kyle shouted, “OK, kid, you’ve done great but if you want to be one of us you gotta bust that load exactly when we do, and without touching your dick. Can you do that?” He pulled his cock out of his mouth, pulled Will’s head back by the hair and smiled down at the tear-stained face. Will nodded and panted, “Yes please, sir.”

Then his mouth was again full of cock, pounding faster and swelling in his throat as he heard the brothers shout triumphantly above him. His back arched and he bucked like a young colt as his own cock erupted beneath him and semen pour into his mouth and ass from the handsome young jocks.

When they had drained the twins pulled their dicks out of him and knelt beside him on the ground sheet. “Hey,” Kevin laughed, “no one can sleep on this thing smothered in jizz. Help us clean it up, boy.” Three eager mouths bent to the shiny waterproof sheet and licked up the puddles of semen that had shot out of Will’s cock. They laughed as they worked until Kyle finally said, “OK, kiddo, stand up, pull up your shorts and let’s take a look at you, boy.

Will did as instructed and the twins sat back on their haunches and smiled up at the beaming, freckled face, mouth dripping with cum. Mischievously Will raised his arms with a flourish as he had done earlier, and Kevin laughed, “Yeah, yeah, you look hot kiddo, you can stop flaunting it. On the drive up here you told us you weren’t getting enough sex, so how’s that for a start? Fun, eh? And there’s a lot more where that came from.”

They jumped up, pulled the ground sheet into the tent and tramped back through the sand toward the shack. “Only thing left now is for Mark to make his peace with Adam,” Kyle said. “Won’t be easy, two dominant studs like that. We’ll have to leave it to them to work it out. We’ll just sit back and watch.”

But that wasn’t how things worked out, at least not for Will who still had a surprising role to play.


They approached the shack quietly, not wanting to disturb Mark and Jamie, but when they eased the door open the two men were awake, lying close together in silent thought.

“Are we, er, interrupting anything?” Kevin asked.

“Nah, come in guys. Me and Jamie have done everything we needed to …”

“….and what we see before us is the totally-nuts-about-each-other couple we know and love,” Kyle laughed.

“Pretty much,” Mark said, stroking Jamie’s chest. “But you know what they say, guys, it ain’t over till it’s over. And the final hurdle is a big one. As a matter of fact, could I have a word with you two out on the porch?”

As Mark disentangled himself from Jamie and pulled on his shorts Will went to the small fridge and pulled out three cold bottles of beer. “Maybe these will help, sirs,” he said, with a touch of shyness. Mark and the twins took them from Will who said, “And in the meantime all you guys are probably starving. We haven’t eaten a thing since breakfast. So I’ll rustle up something light for lunch. Jamie, would you give me a hand, sir?”

“I will if you’ll stop calling me ‘sir’, dude. Don’t forget, in the kitchen you’re the boss.” Jamie got off the bed and pulled on his shorts.

Will had earlier put a couple of dark green aprons on a hook by the stove along with his chef’s hat. He took the aprons down now, put one on and handed the other to Jamie. “I know it’s only a little kitchen here, sir … er, dude … but we chefs like to keep up appearances. Jamie grinned at Mark and the twins and obediently put on the apron.

“OK,” Will said, with the confidence he always displayed in the kitchen. “Before we left home I sketched out some menus.” He put on his owl glasses. “This here is the one for lunch …” With affectionate smiles the twins followed Mark out to the porch.

Jamie grinned at Will. “So what’s new and exciting in your life, bro?”

Will looked up from the menu and grinned at Jamie. “I got spit-roasted out in the dunes.”

“No kidding! Who by – a couple a’ horny surfers coming out of the waves?”

“Kinda,” Will giggled. “It was the twins, soaking wet and totally gorgeous.”

“Let me guess … Kevin fucked your face and Kyle your ass.”

“At first, sir … dude. Then they switched and Kyle came in my mouth and Kevin in my ass while I shot my load on the ground. It was totally awesome, sir. Oh, sorry … er, is it OK if I keep calling you sir, sir? I mean you’re one of the most senior boys and totally hot and …”

“Sure you can, Will, provided you keep telling me more about your hot sex life.”

“Well, sir, I think it was the new board shorts you bought me that turned the twins on …”

Jamie grinned, “That and your perfect sculpted-by-Randy ass, kiddo ….


Out on the porch Mark and the twins sat in the Adirondack chairs and flipped open their beers. “That kid of yours sure seems to be giving Jamie his orders,” Mark chuckled. “He’s a great kid, and he’s part of why I wanted to talk to you. I feel I can talk to you guys the way I would to Bob.

“It’s this thing with Adam, of course. When I saw Jamie and Adam in bed together I just flipped … that old cop’s anger took over and I totally overreacted. Tell you the truth, the other thing that kicked in was my irrational fear of losing Jamie to another guy – a hunk like Adam.” The twins started to reassure him but he forestalled them. “Oh I know, I know that’s not gonna happen. But the fact remains I lost my cool and I have to make amends to Adam. The question is how?”

“You spoke to Randy and Bob after it happened,” Kevin said. “Were they any help?”

“Yes they were. ‘Course Randy backed me up for protecting my boy, as he put it, but he did say something that made sense. The problem as he saw it was not just that I handcuffed Adam, gagged and fucked him, but that I humiliated him in front of all you guys, including his own boy Nate. You know Randy’s punishment-fits-the-crime thing. He said I need to be humiliated too.

“That usually means getting tied up and worked over by the guy I insulted, but Bob didn’t think that would work this time. Adam’s such an easy-going kinda guy he wouldn’t go for it.

“The thing that interested Bob was my conversation with Will out on the rocks, a chat between one of the most senior men in the tribe and the newest junior boy. Bob found it intriguing that a shy young rookie and a powerful cop could make a connection the way we did. He suggested I give that some thought, and I have. And it’s why I need to ask a favor of you guys.”

A short time later the twins went back inside and Kyle said, “Will, hate to interrupt your kitchen duties but Mark would like a word with you on the porch. Surprised, Will went out and sat facing Mark, who smiled at the wide-eyed, freckled face blinking behind his owl glasses.

“Will, you remember after our chat on the rocks I said I might need you help? I told you I’ve got work to do and asked you to come help me in case I fuck up again?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well it turns out there is something you can do for me, something kinda important. I’ve already cleared it with the twins but they insisted you can always say no if you don’t want to do it. Let me explain why I’m asking …”


Ten minutes later Mark and Will rejoined the others in the shack. Kyle said, “Will how far along are you with lunch?”

“Not far at all, sir … just started the prep. Do you think we should delay it, sir?”

“We do, Will. For one thing, we don’t want to have a fun meal without Adam and Nate. They’ve been on their own in Zack’s shack for far too long. After all, it’s their vacation too. Mark wants to make everything right if he can.”

“Sir,” Jamie said. “Can I call Nate? I feel real bad about him … we’re old buddies.”

“I was about to suggest you do just that, Jamie. Tell him you’re gonna jog down the beach and ask if they wanna jog toward you and meet you halfway. Then persuade them to come up here with you. Can you do that?”

“Sure, sir, I would like that a lot. I know Nate will come with me, which means Adam will too. Er, what should I say or do when we get here, sir?”

“Nothing, Jamie. I’ll take it from there. With a little help from our friends here.”

Jamie called Nate who was pleased and relieved to hear from him. Jamie took off right away and about a mile down the beach he saw the unmistakable figures of Adam and Nate jogging toward them. When they were finally face to face there was an uneasy silence at first, until Jamie and Nate smiled at each other and impulsively hugged.

Then Jamie turned to Adam who was shirtless in faded blue board shorts, giving Jamie an instant boner. So no hug, just a handshake and a smiling “G’day mate” from Adam. “Look, guys,” Jamie said. “Will and the twins are putting lunch together so please come and join us.”

Adam grinned his broad Aussie grin. “Does that mean the dust has settled, mate? How about the other blokes?”

“The dust is definitely settling,” Jamie said as they walked up the beach together. Mark was brooding out on the rocks and had a kind of heart to heart chat with young Will, of all people. It mellowed Mark out a lot, so him and me fucked and that settled that. Then the twins took Will into the dunes and spit roasted him.”

Adam roared with laughter. “Brilliant, mate. So business as usual, eh?”

“Well, except for, you know … But I won’t get into that. I’ll leave that to Mark.”

“OK, no worries, mate. Actually Nate and I have been having a good time too. You know, life’s too short to let stuff like this get in the way of a good time. So we went swimming a lot, body surfing, and then fucked on the beach. This place is bloody brilliant. First time I’ve been here. I tell ya, it wouldn’t take much to persuade me to chuck in the airline and all those demanding passengers and go native up here, live in a shack, throw some food on the barbie … perfect.”

And so Jamie and the Aussies quickly fell back into their familiar close friendship, almost as if nothing had happened – though not quite. As they came within sight of the shack they fell silent, looking for signs of Mark.

That came soon enough. They came to the shack and saw Mark standing in a place that was significant to anyone who had been here before. A few yards from the shack stood a sturdy old doorframe, the only remaining part of an old building that had long since disappeared. The frame had somehow resisted storms, winds and high tides over the years.

For the tribe the empty doorframe still served a purpose as the site of homoerotic games and acts of retribution against men who had offended against the tribe. In some cases the offender had been bound to the frame, whipped and butt-fucked by the victim of his actions.

But in this case the victim who had been attacked and humiliated was Adam. And as Bob had correctly surmised, the cheerful, easygoing Aussie would have no interest in that. And so it fell to Mark to come up with another option.

Jamie and Nate joined the twins standing on the porch, leaving Mark and Adam alone on the beach – Mark in the doorframe, Adam facing him from ten feet away. “Listen, mate,” Adam said,” I ain’t into all this beating and revenge stuff some blokes get into.”

“You don’t have to, Adam,” Mark said with a hint of a smile. And from then on Mark let actions speak for themselves, a series of symbolic actions that Adam watched with growing surprise. Mark undid his board shorts and let them drop. Naked he stretched his arms up and pushed his hands loosely through loops of rope that hung from the frame’s crossbeam. It was as if he were bound like so many men before him, but this bondage was merely symbolic as was most of what followed.

Mark glanced up at the porch and Kevin looked inside and called Will from the kitchen. The boy walked onto the porch and down the few steps to the beach. His actions were purposeful with no trace of nervousness. Will knew what he was doing.

He took off his glasses and put them in the pocket of his apron, then took off the apron and hung it over the porch railing. He was wearing only his new board shorts underneath and he now walked confidently over to Mark, still stretched naked (and voluntarily) in the doorframe. Will ran his fingers over the chiseled contours of Mark’s handsome face and said quietly, “I love you, sir.” He leaned forward and kissed him, then walked round behind him.

As Adam watched standing before them, and the four boys watched from the porch, Will pulled from his shorts pocket a small tube of lube then untied his shorts and let them drop. Naked now, he coated his stiff cock with lube. He glanced at the twins for reassurance and they nodded slightly. Will stepped forward, held onto Mark’s waist from behind and slid his cock between the cheeks of Mark’s ass.

He paused, the onlookers held their breath … and the young rookie drove his cock into the cop’s ass. Mark moaned and said softly over his shoulder, “That’s it boy, you’re doing great. Now fuck my ass, kid.”

Everyone knew what was happening, the symbolic meaning behind this ritual. Mark knew Adam would not take revenge, but he had to humiliate himself before him and the others just as he had publicly humiliated Adam. There was no more dramatic way to do this than for the powerful police officer, one of the most senior men in the tribe, to submit his ass to the youngest, most junior boy.”

In truth, like everything else in this surprising act, the humiliation itself was symbolic. Mark loved the shy young kid taking his first steps into manhood and everyone knew of their intimate talk earlier sitting on the rocks. They were all perfectly aware also that the twins must have given their permission for this and that Will was a willing actor in the scene.

Conscious that all eyes were on him Will lost his shyness and focused on what he had agreed to do to help the beautiful Mark. He had previously used his innocent commonsense words to calm Mark’s anger and now he was helping him through action, as he had promised to do.

Adam watched mesmerized as the young redhead fucked the cop’s ass with increasing speed and vigor. Mark was doing this for him, Adam, the man he had tied up and violated in a fit of anger, and the blue gray eyes never left Adam’s face as he surrendered his ass to the junior boy in a ritualistic penance.

Adam walked slowly forward until they were face to face. “You’re fucking beautiful, Mark.” He pressed his hands round the handsome face, leaned forward and kissed him, tenderly at first, then with mounting hunger, a raw, churning, tongue-searching display of male passion. When at last he pulled back he stared into Mark’s eyes and said, “Fuck, I love you, man.”

Slowly Adam bent his knees, sinking lower, kissing Mark’s neck, his chest, licking his nipples, then fell to his knees and ran his tongue along the ridges of his washboard abs. He pressed his face against Mark’s golden pubic hair, then licked his cock that stuck out hard as an iron rod. “I love you man,” he groaned, and took the long shaft in his mouth and all the way down his throat.

He reverted to the tough, macho Aussie, admired and desired wherever he went, as he feasted on his buddie’s cock that filled his mouth. Behind Mark Will had watched all this over Mark’s shoulder and now whispered in his ear, “Sir, I think I’m gonna cum soon. I’m sorry, sir but I can’t hold back.”

“Me too, Will. Let’s do it together, kiddo. Here goes … yeah … fuck … fuck … yeaahh!” The muscled body flexed and convulsed as his cock exploded on the Aussie’s mouth and he heard the young rookie yell and pour his jizz deep in his ass.


Now he had cum and his adrenaline had slowed Will felt suddenly self-conscious and pulled out of the cop’s ass. “Come here, kid,” Mark said softly and Will came round to face him. “Thank you, Will. You’re a beautiful young man. But I can see you want your twins.”

“Yes please, sir.” Mark kissed him and Will scurried back to the porch into the arms of the twins and held onto them tight while they watched the last act play out. Nate, anticipating Adam’s needs, had grabbed a big sheet from the shack and run down and spread it on the sand.

Adam, on his feet again, kissed Mark, sharing Mark’s own semen from mouth to mouth. He pulled back and grinned, “G’day, mate. But by my reckoning I haven’t had my say – or got my rocks off.” He slid Marks hands out of the rope loops. “On your back, officer.”

Mark lay on his back on the sheet and Adam knelt between his legs and pushed them back. “That gorgeous ass has been good and lubed with the boy’s juice. So no foreplay, eh, mate? Just dive right in.” Adam drove his cock deep into Mark’s warm, wet ass and fucked hard a couple of times before slowing to a gentle massage.

“This is how it’s done, officer – no handcuffs, no gag, just a great big Aussie cock sliding into a blond muscle-god’s ass. And while I’m at it I’ll tell you a secret, mate. When you got all riled up, those eyes blazing, and you cuffed me and gagged me then rode my ass … I loved it, man. I fucking loved it. Turns me on watching a cop lose his cool and go apeshit.”

“Fuck you, man,” Mark grinned

“No, fuck you officer … like this.” Suddenly he was jackhammering Mark’s ass and they both howled as Adam pressed his hands on Mark’s chest, rose up off his knees and onto on his feet arched over the cop. Suddenly his body dropped, his cock plunged deep in the cop’s ass and filed it with “good old Aussie sperm from down under, mate.”


"Lunch in ten minutes, gentlemen,” Will announced a short time later, stepping onto the porch in his green apron and chef’s hat. “Jamie, Nate, maybe you could set up that trestle table out here in the shade.”

“Aye-aye, sir,” they said in unison with mock salutes.

After the traumas of the morning, tranquility now settled on the group, and the roiling waters grew calm as a millpond. Which was welcome figuratively but disappointing literally as the placid waves put the kibosh on surfing for the rest of the day. But that was good too as it gave them all a chance to smooth over any wrinkles that remained in their relationships.

After a lazy afternoon they had an early dinner at the little cantina in the village and then hit the sack. Jamie and Nate elected to sleep in the tent in the dunes, leaving Mark and Adam in the shack to build on their friendship that had taken on new life – like lovers making up after a fight.

The twins and Will, as planned, slept in Zack’s shack with Norman who had stayed hunkered down in his basket at the height of the storm. As they settled into the large bed Kevin said, “You did a wonderful job today, Will. You were a big factor in bringing Mark and Adam back together so quickly. I think those guys, and Jamie and Nate, see you in a whole new light.”

“Agreed,” said Kyle. “Now let’s see what tomorrow brings.”

As he dozed happily Will’s thoughts replayed the events of the day and tried to project into the future. Surfing sounded fun but he hoped he could keep up with the other guys who were all pros. And he wondered what Mark and Adam would do together now they had buried the hatchet and rekindled their lust for each other. Whatever it was he wanted to be there to watch.

But there was another, less savory, character who still loomed large in his thoughts – his dad Seth. Randy had rescued Will from his abusive father and had beaten and fucked him. Will was shocked that Seth had actually been turned on by Randy and the son began to wonder if his dad’s abusive homophobia might be a mask for hidden desires of his own.

Will had hated and feared his father, but now that he pictured him all alone with his confused sexuality, his anger toward him lessened. Will had been lonely a lot in his life and wouldn’t wish that on anyone. In any case, he felt sure that Seth would make contact with Randy again.

But all these rambling thoughts began to blend together and the distant sound of the waves hissing ashore finally lulled him to sleep, safe and warm with his beloved twins, and his pug Norman snoring happily beside him.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Book 9: Chapter 34


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