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I prefer to write realistic stories. Wild fantasy is great and a real turn on but l relate better out of real experience and to scenarios which could actually happen to me personally.

Comments would be good!

Stories by Peacock

  • Almost Brothers

    Matthew finally finds a lover.

  • Fouresome

    Hot Fouresome.

  • Boy on the Beach

    Two 20 yr old gay twinks find one another.

  • Beat off boy

    A very brief description of a good wank but maybe long enough to get your nuts off?

  • The Boy Next Door

    Hot sex with the teen boy next door, oh yeah!

  • A Chink in the Blinds

    A young guy watches hot teen sex.

  • Simon 2

    Continuation of Simon 1. Two 17 year old boys in love.

  • A Gap in the Curtain

    A short story of a voyeur watching a 16yr old boy wanking off.

  • Country Living

    A Love Story. Let me know if you like this kind of story or not.

  • Jason and David 4

    Stories Jason & David 1 to 3 give previous detail, whilst Jason and Gareth depict a slightly older Jason. This is my favourite Jason and David story because, having a brother myself, it confirms how deep and true brotherly love can be.

  • Simon 1

    Simon is a hot 17yr old guy who knows what he likes. His early experiences depicted here are all true, his relationship with Lea a work in progress!

  • Jason and Gareth 2

    A carry on from Jason and Gareth 1, Jason makes good headway with Gareth's education!

  • Jason and Gareth 1

    Jason has grown up a bit and Gareth finds out what really turns him on.

  • Jason and David 3

    This is the 3rd and probably last of the Jason and David stories which particularly highlight a favourite of mine - one guy giving another a good wank until he comes - I just love everything about it! My first two stories have been well rated but probably a 3rd is enough in this series? Enjoy.

  • Jason and David 2

    16yr old Jason's sexual discovery moves forward.

  • Jason and David

    16r old Jason finds his older brother wanking and ends up joining in