Prologue: In Simon1, 17 year old Simon, the stunning 'babe' of his class, in the top football and tennis teams, had just formed a friendship with a boy named Lea who sat in front of him in lectures. Simon finds Lea, a reticent boy who has had no friends and in a mess emotionally, really hot. The two guys 'come out' to one another and Simon1 ends with Simon about to engage in anal sex with Lea when Lea's mother pulls into the driveway. The two decide to continue over at Simon's house and leave in Simon's car.


I glance over at Lea as we pull out of his driveway wondering if he's nervous or what.

"Are you okay Lea?"

"Yeah man." Man of few words alright. He rests his hand high up on my thigh and my cock responds immediately and I wonder if I could still drive straight if he held it. I'm about to ask him to unzip me and grip my cock when my phone rings. Crap!

My caller ID shows that it's my mom. She quickly tells me that her car has broken down and she needs me to pick her up. Shit! I explain the situation to Lea and reluctantly stop to let him out. It's obvious that he's disappointed but we arrange to meet up again that evening at a coffee-bar near his place.

Man, I was so going to get into hot Lea, literally! But it's not going to happen, not today anyway.

Once I've cooled off I'm actually glad it never happened, well trying to be glad anyway! I mean, Lea had just poured out his insecurities and confusion, almost a self-loathing, and all I could think of was fucking his brains out! He is so hot and, well, guys are pretty much driven by their hormones, hey? Especially 17 year olds. But it's no excuse, I had just decided that Lea was going to be very special in my life and that I would help and protect him, but all that was brushed aside the very moment I held his beautiful big cock in my hand and fondled his balls! So yeah, I am glad it never happened. I'm going to make sure that this relationship grows on something much longer lasting than our need for sex. Don't get me wrong, I think sex is major but I just know that this relationship between Lea and I will have all the necessary ingredients to make it very special if we allow it to grow in the right way. Wow! That was so deep, so mature, so unlike me! Just shows how I'm beginning to feel about Lea.

I watch Lea as he walks in and makes his way over to my table where I'm already sipping coffee. His face lights up with a transparent smile which clearly declares how glad he is to see me. Oh my, he's such a lovely guy and I try not to dwell on how hot I think he looks. He stands behind my chair and puts both hands on my shoulders giving them a brief camaraderie massage, "Hey Si, good to see you man." Oh no, so good, this isn't the way to slow down the rate of our growing friendship! He sits across from me, looks me in the eyes with that penetrating stare of his and says, "What's up?" He's uncannily discerning.

"Nothing's up Lea."

"Why do you look as if you've just had bad news then?"

"No bad news Lea, just the opposite. I've been thinking seriously about what you said earlier. That you need time to get used to who and what you are before, as you put it, 'We rush out to save the world.' You're right and I'm trying to take that seriously because I know that we have something between us that is special and, if we play it right, could be long lasting." This is probably the longest and most serious speech of my short life!

"Jeez Simon, aren't we a bit young to be talking about a relationship on those terms, it's not as if we're about to get married or anything."

I have such a mixture of feelings about that remark, mainly hurt, but of course he's right in a way, but there's something deeper going on with me, something new to me, but something so fragile I hardly know which way to go without causing it break into irretrievable pieces.

Lea's not finished, "Aren't 17 year guys supposed to be all, 'fuck and run', ?"

I'm really hurt now and about to fly back at him with an intense angry retort when I notice tears in his eyes and a slight trembling of his upper lip.

"What's really going on here Lea?" I reach over and put a hand on his.

"I'm trying to let you off man, give you the opportunity to walk away. I'm really fucked up and maybe you don't need my crap in your life."

"I'll decide what I do and do not need thank you very much Lea!" Now I am really angry. "I'm not looking too far ahead, I don't know where this thing's going, I'm just as confused as you are. But I want to at least give what I think is special between us a try. Believe it or not, you are the first person I've been totally myself with, not wear a mask and can call a true friend. But yeah, I'm only 17 and probably going to fuck it up sooner rather than later anyway."

Leah smiles hesitantly, "You just amaze me Si. I had this opinion about you that you were a major babe, a jock, who would take what he wants and walk away without looking back. And make no mistake, I totally loved what we did to one another earlier, but I also want our relationship to grow into something special."

"Lea, believe me, if you're mom hadn't come home when she did I would have fucked the living daylights out of you. Believe me, you are totally hot man, but my attraction for you is that, but so much more. There's a profound need in me that you have stirred. I'm scared to death of it, but I don't want to deny it without giving it a chance." This is definitely getting too deep for a couple of 17 year old guys! And I'm getting more confused and panicky the more I try to clarify what's going on between us. With a pleading look on my face, "Look Lea, let's just take it slow and be cool, hey, that's all I'm saying?"

Lea gives me one of his long stares, like looking into my soul, and then with a very sexy smile and lusty voice that makes my groin stir says, "Yeah man, let's just be cool!"

We both order a snack and get down to just chatting about this, that and everything. Total rubbish most of it and it's a relief to be able to lighten up and look at everything from the usual superficial viewpoint of 17 year old boys. Underneath though it doesn't feel so superficial to me. I can't help it, I'm bonding with this guy like I've never known with anyone. For once I'm not pretending to be something or someone I'm not. I'm not wearing a mask I think people prefer to see, I'm actually being the authentic me. Wow! This is a bit scary! But liberating and I like it, I like it very much. As we talk I discover that Lea has this amazing sense of humour and the ability to tell a story or recall an incident in such an interesting way. He's a natural mimic. A couple of times we reach over and touch hands. More times than necessary we share a 'high five', holding on for longer than is customary, not wanting to let go. However, for all my bravado earlier in the day about coming out to the world and being champions for the gay cause I admit that I'm shit scared of us being noticed or drawing attention to ourselves. I'm obviously also undergoing a big learning curve.

We walk slowly back to Lea's place which is not far from the coffee bar. There's a small park nearby renowned for attracting courting couple's - benches, a few trees, low lighting. Lea and I can hardly wait to get there. My pulse is racing like crazy and there's a lump in my throat, my mouth is dry – what's going on, what's happening to me? We hold hands as we enter a dimly lit area near a small clump of trees and eventually stand very close, face to face, staring into one another's eyes. There's an uncertainty of how to proceed after all our major serious talk in the coffee-bar but it's soon cleared up when Lea just utters a single word, "Simon". It's almost a whisper, not furtive, but like a lover calling out with need for assurance in the night. We hug strongly, more, a desperate cling – so much uncertainty, so little understanding of what it all means, worried that we'll lose what we think is beginning between us. Lea is crying softly, shivering, little shudders wracking him as we embrace. It touches my soul profoundly, deeply, and my tears soon mix with his as we kiss. It's not urgent at first, not even passionate in a lustful sense. It's an expression of need and emotion. It becomes stronger as we press closer and abandon ourselves totally to one another. It doesn't matter about tomorrow, it doesn't matter if someone sees us, we just have now and at the moment it's all we need. It's my turn to shudder as Lea's tongue seeks out mine, as we kiss and suck on each other's lips and dart hot kisses onto each other's face and neck. Mmm, I love how Lea tastes, I am totally turned on by his boy smell, I am swept away by the little whimpers he makes and the deep sighs which express relief after so much confusion and guilt he has carried for most of his teen years. My resolution to take it slowly is dissipating alarmingly quickly like mist in the morning light but now my desire has a completely new perspective. I don't want to 'fuck' Lea, I want to 'make love' to him. I want to be in him, in a strange way sort of, be him, I need us to be one. And I know it won't be long before it happens, I can tell instinctively, I have no doubt whatsoever, that Lea wants, desperately needs, the same. We press our groins together tightly, clearly both erect. My hard-on is so strong it's painful, especially within the confines of my jeans. I want my cock to be free, for Lea to hold it, wank it, lick it, suck it. Oh, and how I want my cock inside Lea! I pull away slightly, move my hand down and rub Lea's impressive swollen bulge, still standing close enough though that I sort of rub my own erection at the same time - how awesome! Lea thrusts his crotch into my hand and then reaches out to grip my hard penis through my jeans in the same way. We both shudder strongly as we rub each others cocks and our lips hungrily join again. This is truly two 17yr old boys on heat! I'm battling to breath, I'm so hot. It's not a particularly warm night but my tee shirt under my light track suit top is clinging to me. Lea's other hand pushes under my shirt and makes contact with my bare skin. He rubs around my hairless chest, strokes over and around my hardening nipples, down to my fluttering belly and then goes deeper to the waist of my jeans. He's shaking so much he fumbles to undo the top button and then can't get the zip down over the extreme tightness of my straining erection. We both pause fleetingly to undo our own jeans and then in unison we put our thumbs in the waist of one another's jeans and push them down over our hips to just above our knees. Our released cocks slap upwards almost in unison. Lea is backed against a tree which is about all that's keeping us standing. Our young hot cocks strain upwards feeling huge and powerful. Naked from our waists to our knees the night air feels remarkably erotic and strangely soothing at the same time. Lea and I press our fat cocks together and hump as we kiss again and cling to one another. I feel giddy, very weird, in a nice kind of way. Lea is weeping silently again. I kiss some of his tears away and hold him gently for a long while as he runs his hand lovingly through my hair at the back of my head. Time has stood still. I have never experienced being more in 'the now', before. Surely this is what love is like? Admittedly I am consumed by lust, yes, but my emotions, other kinds of feelings, go deeper to create a deep ache in my chest. There's no place to lay down, so, closely facing one another, kissing tenderly, we grasp each others cocks in the back-hand grip and stroke, slowly at first. Oh boy, Lea's hand gripped around my 7 inch erection feels so amazing! That back-hand grip can be so awesome if holding in the right place. Lea's got it perfectly, hand gripping my throbbing penis just below my cock head causing his palm to rub the top side of my sensitive rim as he pumps me up and down. Judging by his panting gasps I've got Lea's big cock in just the right place also. We crush our lips together more forcefully as we wank one another faster. Wow, kissing and wanking at the same time makes for a very quick build up time! It's fantastic as we pump in unison, almost matching stroke for stroke. Noses almost touching we stare into one another's eyes, our breath mingling as we both shudder towards ejaculation, darting in with a wet kiss now and then – on the lips, the eyes, chin. Lea leans his head back and I caress his neck with my lips. We're both close to coming, pre-cum pouring down our swollen shafts into the pumping hands creating erotic wet squishy sounds and dripping creamy froth. Lea stops pumping for a brief moment, squeezes my balls and then lubricates my cock head more with my pre-cum which has flooded his wanking hand. He groans as I squeeze his heavy balls also and then lube up his penis in the same way. Oooo, I adore Lea's penis, such a big cock for a skinny guy, at least 8 inches, and fat, it's awesome to wank. I pull Lea away from the tree trunk slightly and reach round his naked waist with my other arm to place my hand lightly on his firm butt as I continue to masturbate him. Lea responds by copying me. Ooooh yeah, he's learning fast! Lea's hand resting lightly on my buttocks, rubbing around softly now and again, is a hugely powerful stimulus. Holding one another like that, pumping with a full length steady rhythm, faces close to one another, we both gasp noisily and begin to shoot almost simultaneously. Lea's first creamy squirt shoots so strongly it lands hotly onto my chin and runs down my neck, his second shot following rapidly. My own bucking cock pumps out glistening cum wetly, shooting again and again, onto Lea's tee shirt and all over his wanking arm and hand. We're weak at the knees but manage to remain standing propping each other up as we milk each others cock deliciously until we've finished coming. If there's anyone near us they would certainly have heard our groans and loud frantic cries – "aaah!", "oooh!", "yeah!", "oh yeah keep wanking me, don't stop!" and "that's so good, pump my big cock harder!" When every last drop of semen has dripped from our cocks we don't want to let go of one another's softening penis but eventually we stand clinging to each another in a tight hug, the only sound our deep breathing. The strong smell of fresh teen spunk rises up to our sensitive nostrils from our soaked clothes and nakedness. Beyond a doubt this has been the most awesome orgasm of my young life.

The next day is the beginning of the weekend. No lectures, but I'm invariably involved in a soccer or tennis match each Saturday. This week it's soccer and as it's towards the end of the season it's an important game. Lea's in the stands shouting his support paying close attention to every aspect of the match. I think perhaps he's showing too much interest in some of the other sexy looking guys in their soccer kit. Hey, I'm jealous! Anyway, I'm a forward, standing close to the goal line, as a high pass flies towards me. It's a stretch but I leap up hoping to head the ball into the net. A defender on the other team sees the threat and jumps up also, hoping to head the ball away. We clash mid-air, our heads meeting the ball at the same time and bash together. Both off-balance and stunned we fall onto the pitch and my head connects with his knee with considerable force. Everything dims - sound, sight, touch - and I feel totally disorientated. I learn later that I in fact lost consciousness for a few seconds. The whistle blows to suspend the game as medics and our team staff run onto the pitch. As much as I protest they insist on carrying me off on a stretcher with a special collar supporting my neck. They take no chances and it's off to the hospital. All sorts of tests, scans and finally the decision that I must stay in overnight for observation. I'm not that sorry, my head aches and I'm glad of the medication that makes me feel woozy and causes me to loose track of time. At least I'm in a private room on my own. I later come to my senses hearing my name whispered over and over, "Simon, Si, Simon." It's Lea, leaning over me speaking quietly but urgently into my ear.

"What? . . . . who? . . . . . Lea ???"

Lea is beside himself, "Simon I've been so worried about you!"

I'm glad to see him but amazed, "How did you get in Lea? It must be way past visiting hours . . . . ."

"I waited until I could see you when everyone else had gone. Man, when I saw you hit the deck and not move and then get carried off by the medics I was so afraid, thinking that I would lose you so soon after we had found one another" Lea's tearing up again!

I try to make light of it, "Geez Lea, it's okay man, what happened to Mr Cool?"

Lea's astonished himself, "I really don't know Si, I have no idea what's going down with me, but I'm a total roller-coaster of emotions. I've either broken open like an egg or I'm blossoming like a flower, pick your metaphor."

"Fuck metaphors, what's happening is that you're showing the real Lea, and let me tell you, that the real you is truly beautiful!" I open my arms and he just about collapses on top of me knocking the air out of me as we embrace and kiss tenderly. Eventually we lay side by side hugging, our erections quickly straining for release between us. I'm glad they don't have a blood pressure or pulse monitor attached to me. Lea soon has his warm hand inside my sleep shorts massaging my balls around and around, my legs opening wide with appreciation and anticipation and I'm panting for more. Suddenly we hear a nurse approaching and Lea leaps to his feet in one fluid motion. The footsteps pass my room but it's obvious that Lea has to slink out again. A quick kiss and reluctantly he's gone.

Wow! I'm in a total state emotionally. Apart from the soccer incident, although we're only 17, what's happened between Lea and me in so short a time is beyond awesome, and not a little bewildering.

I'm absolutely 100% by the time I arrive home on Sunday morning but my mom is adamant that I should have a quiet day before Monday lectures begin in earnest at the start of a new week. Lea's phoned to say that he's coming over. I am beside myself waiting for him. Not only do I find everything about him totally hot - his smell, the way he looks and feels, his voice – it's clear that I love him without reservation. I am completely besotted with him. I have this weird butterfly feeling in my stomach, almost a nervousness, I'm so on edge and agitated. At last the doorbell rings. It's Lea! He has no time to even say "hi" as I fling open the door and pull him into my arms and kiss him passionately. Luckily my folks are out! Any doubts about how he feels about me are put to rest by the way he kisses me back and hugs me tightly. I take his hand firmly and lead him with an urgency into my room, close the door, lock it We turn to one another, smiling like two cats who have found the cream, and embrace again tightly. Jeez, we're both tearing up again! Lea is dressed similar to me, just three-quarter length shorts and a tee shirt. Lea looks so amazing even though he's too skinny and he says I'm so beautiful it takes his breath away – the language of lovers. I slowly back him over to my bed and push him down so that he's on his back with his legs hanging over the edge. With an urgent fluid motion I've got his shirt right up to his neck before he's hardly hit the mattress! I kiss his chest, suck his nipples and run my tongue down his hairless flat stomach. Oh, the heavenly boy aroma! I continue downwards pulling his shorts below his knees as I go allowing his semi-erect cock to flop heavily above his beautiful balls onto his black pubic hair. I grip it tightly and wank a few languid strokes bringing it immediately to full throbbing hardness. Lea's delicious pre-cum has already covered his lovely swollen cock head and I lick it off hungrily. Gripping his penis up from his stomach I run my tongue down his fat shaft and then nuzzle his balls with my nose and lips, lick them, suck on them wetly, drawing them into my mouth one at a time. Lea's hardly had time to think before I've got his lovely quivering cock into my mouth and I'm sucking on it hard, really hard! Gasping, he raises his hips with the need to thrust his swollen prick deeper into my mouth. Perfect timing! I quickly probe underneath his firm buttocks with my finger, already slick with his sticky pre-cum, and immediately find his puckered butt hole. Lea groans, instinctively opening his legs nice and wide and draws up his knees, to let my finger sink into his warm interior. He shivers in surprise, "Oh yeah, oh, oh!" His quivering dick, which I'm still wanking slowly, bucks and jerks. Desire has caused his voice to slur, "Oh geez Si, when you finger fuck me, wank and suck my cock at the same time, I can hardly stop from coming." "You mean like this Lea?" I probe his butt hole with one finger, then two, stroking his prostate gently whilst sucking on his throbbing cock head and wanking his fat shaft tightly. His breath catches in his throat as his attempted warning that he's about to shoot comes out like a loud sort of gurgling sound. It doesn't matter, I feel his cock jerk strongly in my mouth, desperate to shoot his teen load and know what's happening.

Lea shudders violently but manages to gasp, "Simon, I want to kiss you as I'm coming."

Definitely far too late! His first powerful spurt shoots semen hotly to the back of my throat and rapidly fills my mouth. In a split second fluid motion I manage to take my mouth away, grip his jerking cock with my hand to milk it and plant my lips firmly over his. His fresh warm spunk from his first squirt passes from my mouth to his as we kiss and drips down our chins as I continue to wank him steadily. Lea shoots and shoots and shoots as if he's not come for months, his huge creamy load spurting hotly everywhere.

I joke, "Geez Lea, when did you last come man, your balls must have been bursting?!"

He's almost embarrassed, "You should know by now that I always shoot a lot of spunk."

"No problem, I love your cum." I suck some up from his chest and plant my mouth over his and again we share his delicious semen mixed with our saliva.

We kiss passionately and hug one another as I continue milking Lea's still jerking cock. He shudders repeatedly and pants between kisses until he's finally finished coming. It's all happened in such a frenzy that I'm still fully dressed and of course there's Lea's spunk all over me. He quickly helps me out of my shorts and tee shirt. Lea gasps at the sight of my totally naked body as I sit against him between his open legs, with my back to him, and he can hardly wait to reach round and grip my throbbing penis tightly. His cock is wetly warm on my back, still semi-erect. I lean back against him as he begins to jack me off, stroking firmly, rubbing his other hand over my chest and stomach. He grips my cock beautifully and pumps strong full length strong strokes causing shivers up and down my body. I delight at the feel of my balls bouncing heavily up and down between my open legs in time with his delicious stroking. I don't think I've ever felt anything so incredible – that is, until he reaches around with his other hand and takes hold of my bouncing balls fondling them tenderly as he continues to wank me off strongly. I'm just about swooning with the exquisite feelings as he jacks my dick, massages my balls and kisses the side and back of my neck and tops of my naked shoulders. Pre-cum is pouring over my cock head and down my fat shaft onto his pumping hand causing an erotic wet squishy sound. He lubes his palm up with it briefly and grips my penis again. Lea then tantalizingly concentrates on just my cock head with short fast strokes, at the same time gripping and then releasing my balls with his other hand as if trying to squeeze my spunk out. "Does that feel good Si? Oh yeah, these fat balls definitely need to be emptied." He wanks me faster, full length now. All I can do is gasp and open my legs wider as he masturbates me and squeezes my balls. Oh boy! Oh, oh, oh, oh yeah, this guy sure knows how to wank a boy off! I'm building up amazingly fast and, like Lea, I also have the desire to be kissed as I'm coming. My head drops back enough and to one side so that our lips can meet. Lea's tongue probing my mouth fiercely takes me quickly over the edge. My body stiffens and jerks as my bucking cock begins to powerfully pump out a flood of semen, so violently that my groin aches, in an exquisite kind of way.

Lea continues to squeeze and loosen his hand around my balls again and again as they unload whispering into my ear, "That's it Simon, shoot your delicious cum for me, show me how far you can shoot, show me how much fresh hot cum these fat teen balls can pump out." My ejaculation system is on full-blown automatic as rope after sticky rope fly spectacularly from my spurting cock in every direction, leaving glistening trails everywhere. I have never shot such a huge load before, come for so long or known such amazing feelings. Lea pumps and pumps my ejaculating penis tenderly and slowly for a long time, even after my cock has finished shooting, but with my semen still oozing out and dripping onto my already soaked stomach. It's Lea's turn to scoop up globs of creamy fresh boy cum laying in pools on my chest and stomach and raise it to his lips. We kiss again, his semen and mine mingling together and dripping down our chins. That beautifully unique and distinctive guy smell of sweaty masturbation and freshly ejaculated semen permeates everything. We are both in awe of what has happened between us and can do nothing better than cling to one another to confirm the power of our attraction and the reality of our love.

The next few days are a blur. Lea and I are inseparable, taking every opportunity to touch and stand close to one another. It would be impossible for the others attending our lectures to not notice, but we don't care. We have little opportunity to be alone though as it's both exam time and the end of a busy sporting season. Whenever we can we hug tightly, hold hands, kiss, feel one another up, all resulting in instant erections and sexual frustration which cannot be relieved entirely by solo masturbation. When I jerk off alone though I have the clear image of Lea in my mind - recall the feel and smell of his body, relive his big cock bucking strongly in my hand as I wank him to a glorious orgasm, can still taste his semen on my tongue and the force of his warm cum spurting down my throat. My hand becomes his as I jack myself off. The light at the end of a very hectic tunnel is Sunday coming. Lea and I have arranged to go off together for a picnic. That's what we have told everyone anyway.

In fact we head for the hills, as it were, in my car with just a few sandwiches and bottles of cola. There's a secluded place out of town which Lea says is known to only a few people. He's been there a couple of times as part of an environment awareness exercise. It's pristine countryside virtually untouched by the invasion of modern man's so-called progress. A well kept secret.

Sunday is a magnificent day which adds to the beauty of our surroundings. We sit on a grass bank close to a sparkling stream in shorts and tee shirts taking in the wonderful sights and smells of untainted nature. In fact everything has looked brighter, better, these last few days and I'm certainly experiencing each day through different eyes, as if I'm a changed person. Which is what love does, right? We end up facing one another, sitting cross-legged, knees touching, staring into each other's eyes in wonder. Lea is just so lovely on so many levels and I am humbled and touched to tears by the way he expresses his feelings about me. It is uncompromising love. If I didn't know for sure that I was in love with Lea before, all doubt has been removed. For a long time we just sit staring into one another's eyes and holding hands. I feel something steady and unwavering running between us and I know that Lea feels it also. Wow! We're only 17, going on 18, but it seems like we've known one another for ever. We need hardly say a word to convey our thoughts and feelings to one another. Our pulses quicken rapidly as we reach out and gently caress one another's face, trace one another's features. Lea tenderly feels my lips and I open my mouth to lick and suck his fingers lightly. I probe Lea's lips in the same way shivering with anticipation at the wet warmth of his beautiful mouth. Our need for one another is urgent, desperate, but tempered by the deep respectful tenderness we feel, an overwhelming desire to express our love untainted by our usual youthful selfish lust. Make no mistake though, our lust hormones are raging white hot, we're red blooded teenage boys, but there's a new major ingredient now which has gripped us at an infinitely deeper level that influences and drives us so much more profoundly. We're both scared to move to the next level in case we damage what we already have, hardly daring to admit that we're not exactly sure how to physically do it anyway! The truth is we're both virgins, neither of us has ever gone beyond wanking and sucking off and fingering. Most of that limited experience is recent, but we are seriously driven now by the need to join our bodies together, become as close, as one, as two people can physically become. We have discussed our need as rationally as possible despite our powerful blind teen desire to just fuck one another's brains out!

"Look Si, you've been clear about your sexuality for some time, you've poured over tons of porn and seen it all, I think you should take the lead."

"Yeah but, like, I don't know if looking at pictures and even videos of models performing, helps two young guys like us doing it for the first time."

Shit, this is so complicated! Days before, (has it just been days?!), I was prepared to just go for it and fuck Lea, but now we're in a totally different place.

I suggest, "Lea, let's be cool and just do what seems instinctively right and teach one another as we go along." With that, still sitting, I shuffle forward on the grass until I can hug Lea and plant my mouth on his. Oh yeah, instinct is definitely taking over already, no problem after all! Our kissing quickly becomes very passionate and there's a clear urgency as I strip Lea of his shirt and work on the waistband of his shorts and drag them down below his knees. Lea's extra big cock is already breathtakingly fully erect straining proudly above his naked naval. I try pushing him back onto the grass but he's impatient to get me undressed as well and so we both fumble with my clothing until we can hug, our naked bodies pressing and grinding against one another. We kiss and stroke and massage one another all over hardly lingering anywhere for long. Still sitting facing one another with legs stretched out at either side of one another's hips, Lea pushes me back until I'm propped up on my elbows, kneels between my legs and dips his head to suck on my throbbing cock. He works on my penis like a starving man presented with food - pumps, sucks, rubs my balls, over and over. He reaches round to the crease of my buttocks with both hands, my cock held firmly in his mouth, and probes my puckered hole. I lift my hips and thrust in and out of his mouth with my pre-cum and his saliva dripping down my swollen shaft. That delicious stirring is already becoming more urgent as my balls tighten. "Aaaah Lea, you're going to make me come in no time if you don't stop sucking on my cock and fingering my ass." My cock flops out of his mouth as I push him backwards until he's lying flat on the grass. Now it's my turn to work him over, leaning over him to massage, kiss and nuzzle his skinny but deliciously beautiful naked body. He props himself up enough to watch, opening his legs wide, as I rub his lovely balls and then go down on them taking them into my mouth one at a time. I delight in their texture and boy taste and have Lea gasping as, cupping his balls in one hand, I take his hairless teen cock into my mouth. I wank his long shaft as I suck on his fat cock head tasting his pre-cum as I probe his cum-slit with my tongue. The fact is, Lea not only shoots extra big loads when he comes but also starts to produce copious amounts of delicious pre-cum even before his penis begins to seriously stiffen. His balls must work over-time! My own rock hard cock is quivering in anticipation as I lube up my fingers with Lea's free flowing pre-cum and probe his butt hole. Gripping his rigid dick tightly with one hand, I insert one lubed finger of my other hand into him, quickly followed by a second, and slide them in as far as I can stroking his prostate. Lea's cock reacts dramatically by twitching and swelling even more, and as I slowly thrust my slick fingers in and out of him, warm beads of semen dribble down his fat shaft. I carry on for a few minutes and when I think he's ready, I push in a third finger. Lea's face is a mixture of grimace and delight but I can tell that he eagerly wants more as he thrusts his hips up to encourage me to keep fucking him with my fingers and continue to wank his throbbing prick. I can wait no longer. I open his legs as wide as I can, bent them at the knee and lift his hips slightly to expose his butt hole which is nice and slick from being finger fucked. Propped up between his legs on one arm I grip my own raging hard-on and position my wet cock head, dripping with my own glistening pre-cum, at the entrance of his butt. I push inwards gently, a little at a time, feeling my foreskin being pushed back by his lovely virgin butt hole. It's my turn to gasp as Lea's tight anus sucks deliciously on my throbbing cock head and I cry out "Oh yeah, geez that's so good." My heart is racing insanely and instinctively I want to thrust viciously all the way up him until my balls hit Lea's ass cheeks and then fuck him as if there's no tomorrow! Fortunately lust gives way to love as I probe my penis forward slowly until my testicles are hanging between Lea's legs. We stare into each others eyes as I begin slow thrusts in and out. "Wank yourself slowly Lea as I pump if you want." Lea strokes his hard prick as I fuck him. We're both grunting, sweating profusely and panting with pure pleasure. I pump in and out of Lea with different length strokes for a good while to get him accustomed to being fucked. My cock takes control of me then and, shivering with pleasure, I fuck Lea full length in and out strongly, deep and hard until my pubic hair hits his butt and I feel my swinging balls slap between his legs. Soon my cock is weeping pre-cum profusely and I'm building up quickly, my balls tightening around my pounding shaft. I realize that I'm only a few pumps away from filling Lea's fuck hole with my shooting my load and my penis probes for Lea's prostate. It's clear when I find the exact spot where my quivering penis head massages Lea's prostate, his creamy semen bubbles out of his cock in an almost continuous flow and his eyes widen with an ecstatic glare. He can just manage to gasp, "oh, oh, oh, oh yeah Si, oh yeah, oh, I don't know if I can hold back any longer, I'm going to shoot big time!"

This is such good news for me! I'm straining to hold back my cum, my cock so engorged and balls so tight my groin aches. "Okay Lea, let's go for it and shoot together. I think just wank yourself slowly now as I fuck you hard." I keep stroking his prostate with my cock using short fast strokes until I feel his butt hole clamp around my pumping shaft, as his ejaculation begins. With that, almost feverish with the need to come, I fuck Lea hard and fast, full length. With each stroke I pull almost all the way out and then plunge back into him until I slam against his butt so hard that his body shifts in the grass making us both grunt loudly. In and out I fuck strongly and after about a dozen strong pumps our ejaculating cocks deliver their desperate loads. Lea shudders violently as his cock shoots out glistening cum strongly, rope after sticky rope, over his shoulder, onto his neck, down his chest and stomach. My squirting spunk fills him and my pumping, thrusting cock causes creamy, frothy semen to dribble out of his butt onto the grass. Lea's fuck hole clamps around my spurting cock again and again as he continues to ejaculate, effectively milking me of my hot teen spunk, until I'm just about screaming with delight. I seem to come endlessly, pumping out more and more semen, amazed at how long my penis remains rock hard inside Lea. It's only when I eventually fall forward onto him that my cock plops out wetly, dripping with my warm cum and Lea's juices. Now we kiss, as never before! Passion, love, relief, wonder, all mixed in as our cum cools off – mine dripping down Lea's butt cheeks onto the grass, his joining our naked bodies wetly as we press ourselves together in a tight embrace - two 17 yr old boys basking in the height of our sexual experience and celebrating the depth of our relationship.

Amazingly, even now, with my immediate sexual need diminished I feel an earnest, urgent need. I must have Lea's fat long cock deep inside me and feel his huge teen load spurting hot spunk until my butt is full to overflowing - soon!



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