16 yr old Jason couldn't get the mutual masturbation session he had so enjoyed with his 18yr old brother David out of his mind. It just made him extremely randy remembering how his big brother had wanked him off to such an amazing climax and how David's big cock had felt and looked in its full quivering erect state.

The boy was naked from the waist up looking at his handsome face in the bathroom mirror just haphazardly combing his longish blonde hair with his fingers and couldn't help but squirm at the recollection. His teen cock was hardening fast within the confines of his favourite faded blue jeans feeling again David's warm hand around it, pumping firmly, until he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum. He rubbed the sizable stiff bulge between his legs and massaged his aching balls longing for release again at his brother's hand. Jason still jacked himself off every day but somehow since that session with his brother he wanted more.

'How's it going Jay?' came the voice behind him. He had closed his eyes for a second as he rubbed himself through his jeans and hadn't heard David at the bathroom door. His brother was naked except for his tight briefs which outlined clearly his large fat penis and heavy balls.

'Urr, nothing' Jason quickly replied almost kicking himself. Blast, why was he so easily embarrassed?!

'Yea right,' the 18yr old smirked, 'like that nice fat bulge in your jeans is nothing.'

'It's just that . . . I mean ever since . . . I'm not sure . . . ' the words just stumbling out of Jason's mouth. He was so naïve about things sexual and never knew what to say or how to respond.

'That's what I like about you Jase,' David said softly moving behind his brother who still faced the mirror, 'you are so innocent and honest and I would never do anything to hurt you.' He reached around his brother's hips and gripped the hard bulge straining at Jason's blue jeans, squeezing and massaging around and back and forth. 'You just say if anything I do is not right for you and I'll back off.'

Jason's legs felt weak as his brother rubbed him between his legs feeling his hard length. This was exactly what he wanted, in fact needed!

David pressed closer now, his own stiffening cock pressing against his brother's butt, and kissed Jason gently on his neck. Wow! That was a first for Jason but it was tantalizingly sensual. Jason leaned back into his brother, his eyes closed, his mouth opened in a low moan.

David moved his hands to Jason's slim waist and undid the top button of his jeans. He rubbed around the blonde fuzz trail which snaked up from Jason's groin then he reached below the waistband until he caressed the boy's light brown pubic hair. David was in no hurry. He moved his hand up to massage the younger boy's smooth stomach and then to his firm chest. He stroked his nipples as he kissed him again on the neck.

Jason was almost panting with desire and reached behind to grab his brother's penis which by this time was sticking hotly up above the waistband of his briefs. He held the fat cock firmly with a back-hand grip and pushed the foreskin right down exposing the throbbing cock head fully. David gasped and used his left hand to work his own briefs below his genitals feeling the relief of releasing his heavy balls. Jason massaged them around and then began to stroke David's cock slowly as best he could with his back-hand grip.

Flushing hotly David had difficulty unzipped his young brother's jeans over his straining bulge but eventually the front of the blue jeans flapped open and they fell around the boy's ankles. Then he rubbed Jason through the soft fabric of his briefs for a good while, up and down his hot engorged length, feeling the wetness of the boy's pre-cum, occasionally massaging his balls. The young teen shivered and groaned with desire thrusting out his hips as David rubbed him strongly.

'I really, really crave you hand around my naked cock Dave,' Jason exclaimed pushing his underwear to his knees, cock slapping rigidly against his flat stomach where it pulsed and quivered for attention.

David still stood behind his brother pressed up against him but was able to put his large left hand on Jason's firm naked butt and at the same time reach round with his right hand to grip the boy's hard penis. He eased Jason's butt forward and started to pump the throbbing young cock. The boy's warm buttocks, smooth and free of any hair, were firm and muscular from his activities on the school track team.

Jason's blue eyes rolled in his head at the feel of his brother wanking him again. David's large firm hand on his butt felt just so amazing, another first! Because he was standing up he could enjoy the way his balls swayed freely as his brother stroked his cock. Suddenly a bolt, like electricity, ran through his whole body as David kissed his neck again.

'Good, hey Jay. Is that nice little brother, do you like the way I wank you?' David whispered into Jason's ear as he sucked his earlobe, 'I love stroking your throbbing teen cock bro. I love feeling you shudder and hear you gasp as I pump you. Oh yea, your fat cock is getting so much stiffer Jase as I stroke you up and down, wank you up and down, and your hot pre-cum is dripping over my hand. Oh yea Jase, I want you to lube up my cock for me with your sticky pre-cum and wank me hard.'

Jason was so weak at the knees by this time that it was practically only David's hand on his butt that was keeping him upright.

'I've got to lay down Dave,' he managed to blurt out, 'let's go to my room.'

The two boys staggered across the hall to Jason's bed.

David thought it would be a good idea to let Jason cool down a bit and suggested that he sit with his back against his pillows. Jason did so and David, now totally naked, sat with his back to him between his open legs. Back to back, the older brother could feel his brother's cock throbbing against his spine but tried to not sit back too heavily against him as he was considerably bigger than Jason.

Jason didn't need any more instructions and reached around to begin roving his right hand all over David's strong torso. The 18yr olds powerful chest had just a fine covering of silky black hair which thinned out almost entirely over his washboard stomach before trailing off deliciously from his naval downwards into a thick forest of black curly pubes. It was clear that David frequently worked out at the gym. Jason thought that David felt so powerful, so incredibly masculine! And that cock - it must be at least 8inches and so thick!

Jason stretched his left arm around his brother's waist and cupped David's testicles. As he squeezed them gently and massaged them he marveled again at how big and heavy they were, surely full to the brim with hot spunk. David opened his legs wider to allow Jason easier access.

'Now these are balls filled to overflowing,' commented Jason almost in wonder as he rubbed them, 'look how your pre-cum is pouring out Dave.'

Indeed David's large cock was throbbing at full erection with pre-cum flowing copiously down the fat shaft. Jason gripped it now with his right hand as he continued to massage David's balls with his left. Jason rubbed some of David's pre-cum around the older boy's rigid cock shaft and head to lube it up. David squirmed feeling his pulse race as those amazing, impossible to describe feelings, ran through his groin again and again.

'Aaahhh, wank me hard Jase, my cock feels like it's bursting,' gasped David, 'grip my cock tighter. Oh yea, that's it, even tighter. Let my balls hang for a bit so I can feel them bounce around as you wank me.'

Jason concentrated on wanking his brother steadily trying hard to maintain a tight grip on his cock which was too fat to get his fingers fully around. David moaned and sighed, squirmed and wriggled, the feel of his young brother pumping his cock almost too much to bear. Very soon he knew that he would edge over into that point of no return and so he gripped Jason's arm to stop him.

'I so want to masturbate you Jase before I come. I think about your beautiful teen cock as I masturbate and I've been remembering the way I made you come ever since we jerked one another off the other day'.

David slid down to the foot of the bed and knelt on the floor, grabbed Jason by his ankles and pulled him to the edge. The younger boy's penis was glistening with pre-cum and strained upward still fully erect, throbbing with each heart beat.

David took hold of the boy's cock, massaged some of the pre-cum around and wanked him firmly. Jason, propped up on his elbows, delighted in watching his brother stroke him, loved the feeling of David's large fist tight around his cock. He hadn't realized how the feeling of another person's hand around his cock could be so different, so very, very good. David pumped and stroked up and down going a little faster as he felt the 16yr old's cock jerk and throb strongly.

Still kneeling on the floor between Jason's widespread legs David said, 'Look Jay, I know you haven't had much experience and I definitely don't want to do anything that offends you or makes you uncomfortable. You must just speak up if that happens and I'll back off, no hard feelings.'

Jason was too far gone to even think about stopping anything but nodded anyway.

With that David bent over and, holding the boy's very hot quivering penis up at its hairy root, took just the head of Jason's cock into his mouth and sucked. He swirled his tongue around the rim and probed the slit which leaked so much pre-cum, the taste of which was strong in his mouth now. The younger boy's rigid cock, which had a delicious musty smell mixed with the familiar aroma of hot semen, bucked in his mouth.

'Jeepers Dave! You're going to make me come so quickly like that.' Jason breathed heavily, his penis bucking again as his brother sucked. David responded by taking even more of Jason's quivering shaft into his mouth bobbing his head up and down in a wanking motion, massaging his balls at the same time.

Jason let his head fall back and opened his legs wider as he succumbed to David's sucking.

The quantity of pre-cum that David could taste pouring from Jason's bucking cock and the gurgling sounds the boy was making alerted him that his brother was close to shooting his load.

David took his mouth away and quickly gripped Jason's cock tightly at the root to stop him from coming.

Jason whimpered in desperation. He needed to ejaculate so badly!

'Don't fret bro, I'm going to make you come soon but postponing the climax a couple of times makes you gush cum like you wouldn't believe'.

Not big on postponing anything at this point Jason nevertheless had no choice. He caught his breath and after a while his almost blurred vision cleared. 'Okay, let me wank you off now Dave, and then you can finish me' David joined Jason sitting on the end of the bed propping himself up on his elbows on his brother's left side. The younger brother wasted no time, really wanting to feel his brother's cock again and wank it. Jason gripped David's erection firmly and pumped hard, loving the squishing sound his brother's pre-cum made as he stroked the foreskin up and down. The 18yr old was ready to climax in no time but then with gasping breath asked Jason to do something that was another first for the youngster. 'Kneel up in front of me on the floor Jase, like I did when I sucked you.'

Jason moved as instructed, so looking forward to tasting his brother's fat cock for the first time.

But David went on, 'Now wet your middle finger well with my pre-cum.'

Jason smeared some lovely sticky pre-cum onto his left palm and then lubed up his right hand middle finger.

David pulled up his knees, legs wide and instructed the 16yr old, 'Rub some around the hole of my butt.'

Jason had heard about this sort of thing and couldn't imagine what was nice about it but did what his brother asked. As Jason rubbed around David's puckered hole the older boy squirmed and responded with, 'Oh yea, Jay, rub more. That's so good bro.' The older boy's cock quivered and leaked and his balls tightened. 'Now lube up again quickly and push your finger inside me.' David demanded desperately.

Jason did so and pressed his left middle finger against David's hole, holding the older boy's thick cock tightly in his right fist. The hole was nice and tight but gradually Jason's slick finger entered his brother's butt.

'Is this right Dave?'

'Oh yea bro, just keep going until I tell you.' David squirmed as he felt the boy's finger moving deeper into his tight butt hole.

Jason pushed in deeper until his finger was almost as far as it could go when David suddenly blurted, 'Aahh, that's it,' his cock jerked slightly and a bead of cum appeared at the tip of his penis head, 'you've hit my prostate.'

'Is that okay?' asked Jason a little concerned.

'It's more than okay Jay, it's unbelievably fantastic. Slide your finger in and out like your fucking and it'll stroke my prostate.' The younger boy first bent his head and licked the drop of fresh semen off David's quivering cock head - yum! A thin sticky wet thread stretched between David's cock slit and Jason's lips as the boy pulled his mouth away.

Jason pumped his finger in and out of his brother's crack hole and was hotly turned on by the way David responded with gasps and loud moans and a generous oozing of cum. The younger boy knew instinctively what to do now. As he finger fucked his brother steadily in and out he gripped David's fat cock even tighter with his other hand and pumped it hard. With each stroke of his penis and the thrusting of Jason's finger David grew more and more restless. His balls were being nicely pummeled now with both of Jason's hands - on the down stroke of Jason's fist as the boy wanked him hard and at the in stroke of Jason's other hand as the teen pushed his finger in as far as it would go. He would certainly have shouted out obscenities but didn't want to do anything that may make his brother stop. He was almost overcome by the desperate need to have something fatter than Jason's one finger fucking him, perhaps two or three, maybe . . . ?? Suddenly a sharp intake of breath and the raising of his buttocks off the bed were the only warning that David was going to come as he shot strongly into the air. The impressive squirt splashed onto the mattress beyond the older boy's head. David's cock bucked and shot powerfully again and again leaving glistening hot cum everywhere, on the mattress and all over his naked torso right down to his black curly pubes. Jason continued to finger fuck David and milk his brother's bucking cock until the older boy had fully finished coming. Like last time the youngster lifted his cum soaked wrist to his mouth and licked, 'Oh yea, still good Dave, still very good!'

Jason was totally beside himself by this time, desperate to shoot his load, and insisted that David wank him off as quickly and as vigorously as possible. As David had promised the younger boy came with such intensity that his balls ached and he shouted out as he spurted his boy spunk again and again.

As both boys lay back David said, with a wide smile, 'I had better cut my finger nails!'

That night 16yr old Jason lay naked on his back in bed wanking the full length of his stiff cock with deliciously long slow strokes. He remembered how David had jacked him and sucked his cock and wondered what it would be like to come like that. He also wondered what it would feel like to be finger fucked and wanked at the same time. He reached between his legs and felt his butt hole and yes, even that tentative touch, made his hard prick buck and his balls feel tighter. He imagined that the cock in his wanking hand was David's, so long, so fat, his balls so heavy. He loved the look of David's thick cock straining upwards. He loved the noises David made as he stroked him and the look of desperate need to ejaculate, in his eyes. He loved the sight of David's spunk shooting from his purple cock head, splashing hotly everywhere when he came, the smell and taste of his semen. Jason loved to see his 18yr old brother's big erect cock sticking up, vulnerable, naked and unprotected, at his mercy, as David almost begged him to grip it and wank it hard.

Jason shivered as he felt that deep stirring, which in a few seconds, would cause a long burst from his now quivering teen cock with an intense awesome feeling . . . . . and wondered . . . . . . .

What now . . . ?



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