Blonde 16 yr old Jason was flustered as he rushed back to his house. He had been half way to school before realizing he'd left his science book at home. He broke into an easy jog glad that he was so lean and fit as a result of being in the school's track team.

He opened his front door quietly. His folks weren't at home but he didn't want to disturb his brother who was sleeping late. Jason's brother David was 18 yrs old and worked in a video store in his spare time when he wasn't at College. Jason knew that David only had a lecture later in the day.

Jason tip-toed down the passage as he passed David's room. He was almost there when he was startled by a noise coming from is brother's bedroom and glanced in. He was shocked to see David with his legs hanging off the end of the bed masturbating. Jason took in the scene in an instant - David was naked from the waist down, legs open wide, his right hand pumping up and down strongly. His penis was huge! And his large balls hanging between his legs jumped up and down tantalizingly at each stroke. The older boy was clearly well on the way to the point of no return as his balls started to pull up tightly around the hairy base of his fat cock and copious amount of pre-cum oozed down from his cock's mushroomed head wetting his shaft. Then there was David's low moaning and the rhythmic rattle of the bed that had originally alerted Jason .

The 16yr old had never seen his elder brother's erect cock before. Obviously the brothers had caught sight of one another naked from time to time over the years changing or going in and out of the bathroom but nothing more. Of course they both knew that the other jacked off. Both boys frequently heard those tell-tale rhythmic sounds, muffled grunts and groans and beds squeaking if the action was a bit vigorous, coming from the bedroom next door.

Jason gasped out loud and almost lost balance knocking into David's slightly open door.

'Shit!' David exclaimed as he hurriedly tried to cover his nakedness with his bed cover.

Both boys stared at one another for a long minute neither knowing what to say.

David recovered first. 'Sorry, Jay, I thought I was alone.'

'Forgot my science book.' Jason blurted out trying to act normal stepping into the room a little, 'and it's no secret that we both jerk-off is it Dave so it's no big deal.'

'It is a big deal' replied the 8yr old, 'if you've never seen someone else do it before and feel a bit shocked or something. Hmm, have you seen it before or, you know, done with a friend? I mean you're on the track team, you must see one another naked all the time.'

'Yea, well we do' Jason added. 'We talk about stuff and monkey around a bit but that's about all.'

David was still a bit red in the face from wanking and a thin bead of sweat glistened on his upper lip.

'I must say Dave, I didn't know that your cock was so big, it must feel great to stroke.' Jason had no idea why he said this, it was just that he felt incredibly turned on.

'Would you like to see it up close?' David encouraged his young brother.

Jason was a bit embarrassed and just nodded.

David drew back the bed cover. Clearly he had lost much of his erection but his cock still glistening with pre-cum and lay plumply to one side with red finger marks down the thick shaft from David's tight fist. His balls were looser again now and hung heavily between his legs in their hairy scrotum.

'Would you like to stroke it a bit?' David ventured nervously hoping his brother wouldn't run from the room in fright.

'Don't really know how' Jason almost whispered.

'Of course you do' said Dave 'It's same as wanking yourself but let me help you.'

Jason made no move which was a good sign as far as Davis was concerned. At least the youngster hadn't turned tail and run!

'Okay Jay, sit next to me on my right, lean over with your right hand and feel my balls.' David was propping himself up on his elbows. His legs still hung over the end of the bed and he opened them wide.

Jason, tentatively at first, reached over and cupped his brother's fat balls in his hand. Immediately the 18 yr olds cock started to rapidly stiffen again.

'Oh yea, that's so good Jay. Massage them around and around' David instinctively opened his legs a bit wider.

Jason did just that. He loved the feel of his older brother's balls and couldn't believe how big and heavy they were, so full of spunk. All he could say was, 'Wow!'

David's cock had throbbed to full quivering erection now as Jason caressed, massaged and lightly squeezed his big balls more firmly.

'Ahhh, grip my cock now with your whole hand Jay,' David almost panted, the urgency of his recent stroking coming back with full force.

Jason tried to wrap his fingers around his brother's penis but it was so thick he couldn't close his fist fully around the bloated shaft.

'Cripes, Dave!' Jason said with a dry mouth. David, like himself was circumcised but he still had a fair amount of loose skin on the shaft which could move up and down. The large mushroom head of David's cock glistened a purple/red colour.

'Grip a bit tighter Jay and start to stroke'. There was almost a pleading element in the older boy's voice as he wet his lips in need.

Jason gripped his brother's penis as firmly as he usually did his own when he wanked himself off and started to pump David's throbbing cock up and down.

'Oh yes, that's it, not too fast Jay, just a steady good wank is what gets me off the best.'

Up and down, up and down, Jason firmly stroked the full length of his brother's rampant cock, from the hairy base of the fat shaft to the tip of its sensitive head.

David squirmed around as his brother stroked his penis drawing up his legs, now bent at the knees, opening them even wider to give Jason total access to his bloated genitals.

Jason could feel his own young cock straining uncomfortably erect against his trousers and a wet patch forming in his underwear. More boldly now the 16yr old reached under David's squirming buttocks with his other hand and cupped the tightening balls as he stroked. David responded with panting and thrust his hips up pushing his rampant cock out as far as he could marveling at the sight of his brother's young hand pumping his fat cock relentlessly up and down. Jason sensed his brother responding and squeezed David's balls and gripped his cock a bit tighter, pumped a little bit faster.

David felt the familiar surge of his imminent ejaculation.

'Oh yes, oh yes, that is sooo good! You sure know how to wank a cock Jase, aaaah, pump my cock bro!' David gasped. He was right at the edge now but as he looked over and saw the tent in Jason's trousers he just managed to exclaim, 'Stop Jason, you're going to make me cum!'

'But isn't that what you want Dave?' asked Jason pushing David's T shirt right up to his neck. 'It's okay you can just shoot onto your stomach.' What a stunning chest and stomach thought Jason, hard and ripped, with a black hairy trail from his mass of pubic hair to his naval.

'Oh yea I'm going to but not yet Jason, you also clearly need some attention.'

The younger boy desperately needed to wank off but wasn't sure how to respond to what his brother was saying.

David moved to a full sitting position with Jason still holding onto his cock. He leaned over and rubbed Jason's hard-on through his trousers. His brother's penis was rock hard and needing release from the confines of his pants. Jason had to let go and sit back a bit as David worked to undo the belt around his slim waist.

Next the top button of his trousers and finally the zip. Jason felt almost giddy by this time. Nobody had ever touched his cock before and now here he was incredibly excited with urgent anticipation as his brother worked to release his penis. David pulled Jason's trousers down to his ankles and Jason flicked them off the end of his legs hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his smooth athletic torso. Again David rubbed Jason's swollen prick through his tight briefs. Jason was almost beside himself now as David pulled his briefs off. At last the younger boy was naked, his hard cock pointing hotly towards his naval.

'Lean back on your elbows Jase and open those muscular legs nice and wide' David instructed. Jason was lean but well built like an athlete with smooth strong legs.

Jason lay back and almost shouted out as his older brother started to massage his balls.

'Hmm nice balls Jay' admired David 'and a really fat cock for a 16yr old, I bet you love to wank it, how big is it?'

'A good 6 inches' Jason replied proudly knowing that it still had some growing to do. Jason was as fair as David was dark with a blonde fuzz trailing its way from his light brown pubic hair upwards. Otherwise Jason's torso was smooth and hairless.

'I'm going to wank you now Jay, just say if you want it harder or faster or whatever. I like it firm but slow with good full-length strokes but everyone's different'.

David's hand moved from the younger boys testicles and gripped his hot penis. Immediately Jason pushed his hips upwards. It felt like he was all cock and he didn't think that he had ever produced so much pre-cum as it just oozed out over his mushroom cock head and down his throbbing shaft.

With long firm strokes it didn't take David long to wank his brother to the brink of ejaculation. Jason almost swooned as he felt the steady pumping of his brother's warm hand and heard the rhythmic squishing noise as his pre-cum poured down his swollen shaft. He loved the feel of his balls moving up and down as David stroked him.

David leaned over his little brother wanking him firmly and edged Jason on:

'How's that feel Jase? Is that okay? Is that good Jay? Oh yea, your cock is so bloated and throbbing now. Like a good hard wank don't you bro. Open your legs wider Jay so I can get at your cock and balls even better. See how my fist strokes the full length of your hard cock. Lift your hips up Jay, push your cock out, let me stroke and stroke every part of your beautiful teenage penis, let me pump your wet cock harder and make you come'.

David saw his brother's young balls get tighter and knew that Jason was very close to coming. He quickly rubbed the now firm testicles and then resumed working Jason's cock for him. The younger boy panted in ragged breathes and felt his toes curl, his mouth gaped open and dribble fell onto his chest. He had never been more ready, more desperate, to shoot his load. Jason glanced at David on his right, looked into his eyes, loved the sight of his brother's naked body and was glad to see David's cock still as hard as ever and leaking pre-cum. He reached out with his right hand and gripped the 18yr olds cock firmly. It was David's turn to gasp. He was extremely turned on by wanking Jason's cock and loved how the boy now gripped his big penis.

'Oh that's so good Jase, jack me off, make me come.' David maneuvered his naked body into a position to be able to use his left hand to cup own balls as his brother pumped him. The boys wanked each other in earnest without any inhibitions now.

Clearly the end was upon Jason as he shivered gasping, 'Wank me harder Dave. Oh yea that's it. Pump my cock. Stroke the whole length it. Aaah yea! Tighter! Oh yea! Oh yea! Don't stop, make me come! I want to shoot my load now, I've got to come, I can't hold on Dave, pump, pump!'

David was panting now also as Jason squeezed his throbbing penis even harder. The nearer Jason got to ejaculating the harder he gripped his brother's fat cock and wanked him faster. David raised his buttocks of the mattress his big balls tight now as he was about to come.

'I'm going to shoot . . . here it comes . . Oh, oh I'm coming!' blurted Jason and shivered again as a great wad of cum shot into the air from his young quivering cock. 'Please don't stop Dave, don't stop, milk me, milk my cock dry!'

David couldn't do anything but grunt loudly as the first rope of his own spunk splashed onto his chin.

Young Jason's rock hard cock bucked again shooting onto his chest. Then again and again he shot leaving a glistening creamy trail from his neck to his naval.

David's aching balls continued to unload also with spectacular powerful squirts.

Jason's warm spunk dripped down David's pumping hand as he continued milking the younger boy's penis until there was nothing left to come.

Jason's hand and wrist were also drenched and that familiar smell of semen added to the pleasure of the moment. He kept wanking David's incredibly fat swollen cock until it stopped dripping cum. Instinctively Jason lifted his wanking hand to his nose to smell his brother's cum. Always such an overwhelming sexy smell, he thought. Tentatively at first Jason's tongue licked up some of David's still warm semen. He had tasted his own before but never another boy's.

'Hmm, so nice Dave!' remarked Jason marveling that he had just wanked this out of his 18yr old brother's cock, that this semen had been in David's fat balls just seconds before.

David did the same. It was a huge turn on to taste his little brother's milky cum and he felt his now half erect but still plump wet cock jerk in response - 'Yea, tastes like more hey bro?' he smiled winking.

That night 16 yr old Jason lay naked on his back in bed, legs wide and knees drawn up, wanking deliciously slowly. He really loved his beautiful teen cock, it felt just so, sooooo goooood! He squirmed and shivered with pleasure as he stroked.

He imagined that his penis was David's extremely fat cock and that he was stroking it again, pumping it, wanking it firmly. He could still see it quiver and throb, see it buck and grow more and more as he had jacked him.

Pumping a bit faster now Jason's young balls rose and fell between his legs in time with his stroking and he remembered what his elder brother's big hairy balls looked like as he wanked him, what they felt like as he massaged them. He loved to feel David's balls heavy with sperm desperate for release. He loved to remember how he had pumped and pumped his brother's big cock until it shot spurt after spurt of cum.

As Jason wanked himself he could feel his testicles draw up now as he built to another memorable climax and wondered . . .

What next?



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