Because it was a Saturday 16yr old Jason and his 18yr old brother David were able stay in bed until late morning. David was still sleeping as Jason pulled on a pair of loose boxers and a T shirt to go and make coffee. He wore loose boxers only occasionally, sort of liked the feeling of everything hanging loose, but preferred the tight boxer style or briefs because they felt snug and had the advantage of creating an impressive bulge in the front of his favourite blue jeans. Carrying two mugs through to his brother's room Jason had a couple of questions for David which troubled him.

David was sitting up in bed stretching lazily as Jason entered. Both boys slept naked. The duvet had slipped down to David's waist revealing his muscular torso with its black trail snaking down tantalizingly from his naval to disappear below the bedclothes. The younger brother's cock stirred as he remembered the delights which could be found there.

Jason sat next to his brother and David sensed immediately that Jason had something on his mind.

'What up bro?'

'Nothing really . . umm . . . just a couple of questions.'

'Okay, go for it Jay.'

'It's just that, ah . . .the stuff that we, like . . . you know, do together, does that make us gay?'

David had wondered when this was going to crop up and thought before he spoke.

He couldn't care less about all the psycho-babble crap about 'formative minds' and 'gay grooming'. He and Jason were both old enough to know what they liked and wanted as far as he was concerned. They had been raised in a very liberal English family in the London suburbs and whether they just wanked themselves off, or enjoyed someone else doing it for them, was of no consequence as far as he was concerned. In fact the latter was definitely better!

David spoke up, 'Who cares?! I think that there are two important questions here. 1. Do YOU care? 2. Do WE care? In my view we don't have to analyze what we do and put labels on it Jace. Personally I'll fuck anything that draws breath, and some things that don't, what does that make me?' Both boys fell around laughing. 'Seriously bro, just let life happen without too many preconceived ideas. Let life unfold a bit at a time and resist putting too much into boxes or letting other people do that for you - most people don't fit comfortably into narrowly defined boxes anyway. Just make your own decisions as stuff happens. If you want to give a name to who you are and what you do at some stage, for a reason you decide, that's just fine.'

David mused to himself - I'm only 18 and already I'm becoming a deep counselor!

Jason felt an enormous burden lifting as David spoke, the tension he had been feeling melting away.

'Gee Dave, that sounds totally right to me, I'm going to just chill from now on'

'And question number two?'

'Yea, how do you know how to . . . about all the stuff . . . you know . . . we do?

Now David really hesitated, 'I'm not sure if I should tell you Jay. Oh I'm not worried about the sex side, but it does involve something that perhaps isn't for me to tell you.'

'Now you have to tell me! You can't say that and just leave it hanging.'

'Okay bro, but just know this, you are and will always be my brother.'

'Of course Dave, what are you getting at?'

'The fact is Jay, we are brothers in every way except for DNA.'

'What?! Are you crazy! What are you talking about Dave?'

'Okay just calm down bro and listen.

When I turned 18 a few months ago the folks told me that I'm adopted.'

'But Dave, surely . . . . ?'

'Just listen bro. They said they had tried for kids for a good while but ended up adopting me as a baby when mom didn't fall pregnant. As often happens, within the first year, she fell pregnant with you Jase. But I am your brother in every single respect, except for our DNA.'

Jason was dumfounded and needed some time to work it through. David kept quiet to give his brother space to think. The younger brother realized the full implications of what the 18yr old had shared but concluded that he knew, with every part of his being, that as far as he was concerned David would always be in every respect his brother. And no, he certainly wasn't going to put labels on anything at this stage.

A broad smile stretched across Jason's handsome face as he declared, 'Who in the heck cares about DNA, certainly not me! It just makes you even more special, especially to me. You'll always be my big brother, I love you Dave.'

The two boys hugged tightly. David planted one of his kisses on Jason's neck like the other day.

Jason asked, 'But what has this got to do with my question about how you know so much about. . . . I mean the variety of your . . . .' Jason ground to a halt.

'I'm coming to that now. When the folks told me about my adoption I think I was a bit crazy for a time. It sort of rocked me, you know? The rug of my foundation, who I am in a way, was pulled out from under me. I went off in a daze every night to that new club in town, on my own, to think things through and then to drown my thoughts in booze. This went on for days. Then one night I got totally legless, I mean fall down sloshed. A guy had been watching me, saw that I was a young guy in distress. He helped me up saying he would take me home. I was sober enough to say that I couldn't possibly go home in that state so he took me to his place. Paul was amazing. He's 21 and one of the nicest guys I have ever met.

I threw up over myself in his car on the way to his place. Once there he undressed me and almost dragged me into the shower, stood behind me and kind of propped me up as the water blasted me. He had me around the waist and suddenly Jay, I felt incredibly turned on and started to get hard. Well, you know my cock Jase, hard to miss when it's up! Paul lathered up his hands and washed me down. When he got to my cock he just massaged it around in a very non-sexual way and did the same to by balls and my butt. I was almost blown away, I so didn't want him to stop! I had sobered up a lot by then and Paul could see that my cock wasn't getting any softer. I actually asked him to lather it up some more. Wow Jase! It was the best feeling! He stroked the full length of my straining cock and rubbed my balls around and around until I was gasping. He felt with his soapy hand into my butt crack and stroked around the outside of my hole. I begged him not to stop, to make me come, but he said he wanted me to dry off and have time to consider properly what was happening while I still had some control'.

'Took advantage a bit though, didn't he?' Jason put in a bit protectively.

'Just the opposite! It just happened and he could have done anything he wanted to me I was so randy. But he didn't.

So anyway, I sat on his bed and he helped me to dry off. He wanted me to get into some of his clothes, but I just leaned over and kissed him. Just like that, I amazed myself! We fell back onto the mattress and got into this passionate kissing frenzy, tongues in and out of each other's mouths, sucking on each other's lips. My cock was straining up at bursting point by this time and Paul gripped it and pumped. Oh boy, could he wank a cock! I've been wanked before by girls but I supposed a guy knows best how to do it. Up and down the whole length he rubbed, around the head, massaged my balls, back to my cock again, pumping and pumping, with my pre-cm pouring down my quivering shaft over his hand onto my balls. I lay back in an attitude of total surrender resting on my elbows watching him with absolute delight as he wanked me firmly, opening my legs even wider as he pumped.

I was desperate to come Jace, and hoped he was going to wank me over the top but he quickly bent right over and took my quivering wet cock into his mouth. Unbelievable! How he got the full length of my hard prick into his mouth I don't know but he took it right down to my balls. And then he sucked! Oh Jase, how he sucked and sucked, up and down from the end of my dick to my balls, swirling his tongue around the head, probing my cum slit, plunging down again until he buried his nose in my pubes. I squirmed, I wriggled, I shivered and thrust up and down in his mouth trying to press my cock down his throat, I groaned and gasped, 'oh yea, oh yea, oh yea,' over and over. It felt like he was trying to suck the spunk up out of my balls and, oh how I was loving it! Paul's dick was rock solid and leaking pre-cum obviously enjoying every minute. His cock wasn't as big as mine, a nice average, but so beautiful. Straining hotly upwards it had a slightly upward curve and I could see the blue veins running down the shaft. He had lovely mouth sized balls, just right for sucking. I was craving to pump and swallow his cock like he was doing to me but I felt weak, almost paralyzed, but the way he was working me over.

Very quickly he raised my butt up in the air with a pillow and got himself on his knees in the missionary position between my legs. He then lubed up my butt hole with my pre-cum and other stuff he had on hand. I swear I nearly came at that point. I never knew how good it felt to have my hole massaged and then, how amazing to have his fingers sink deeper. I desperately wanted him to pump or suck my cock at the same time as fingering my hole so that I could shoot my load but he had other ideas. He knew I was ready for it and so began to probe my butt hole with his stiff cock, very slowly and gently at first. It was a weird feeling, a bit uncomfortable to begin with, but as he pushed in deeper I could feel something stir. Deeper he went, his slightly up-curved cock probing against my prostate causing me to gasp and my cock to jerk. Deeper he pushed. I thought he would fill me entirely with his beautiful penis and then his warm balls pressed against my butt cheeks. He kept still for a moment and then pulled out, just a couple of inches, then pushed back in, out a few inches again, back in, out again and so on setting up a steady rhythm. Jase, it just got better and better. Paul started longer and longer strokes until he was pumping in and out of my butt with the full length of his beautiful hard cock. I couldn't restrain myself, I kept encouraging him with cries for more, 'Yea Paul, fuck me, fuck me hard, pump your cock faster . . . . . . oooow yea, that's right . . . . . aaaah you're fucking me just right.' There was this awesome rhythmic squishing and sucking sound as he pumped in and out. Paul was sweating freely and grunted loudly with each inward thrust and gasped, 'You're such an amazing fuck David . . . . . oh boy . . . . . . oh yea man . . . . I'm going to fill your butt with my hot cum, shoot inside you, spurt again and again until my spunk overflows . . . . oh boy this is going to be such a big load - oh, oh, oh yeah, grab your cock now Dave and stroke it nice and fast so we can come together . . . quickly . . . .oh yeah . . . oooooh yeah . . . . . ooooow . . oh . . I'm almost there!'

I took my penis in my fist and wanked hard Jay, almost overcome with all the amazing feelings running up and down my body, knowing it wouldn't take long. Just a few hard strokes later I felt my balls tighten even more as the first spurt of spunk shoot from my quivering cock onto my face. I shot again onto my chest, and again, next onto my stomach, yet again my cum shot and pulsed out. I shivered violently as I came feeling Paul's penis massaging my prostate. Suddenly, panting hard, Paul stopped thrusting for about two seconds. Then I felt his cock buck powerfully inside me as he began to release his hot load. With that he continued thrusting his prick in and out of me in earnest until his sticky semen ran out of my hole, dripped off my raised butt cheeks onto the bed. There was spunk everywhere Jay - all over my chest and stomach, pouring out of my butt hole - that distinctive smell of fresh warm semen filling our nostrils. I think I nearly passed out. Paul reached forward and scooped up some of my spunk and licked it off his finger saying, 'Next time, I'm going to suck your whole sticky load out of your fat cock and drink every drop!'

And of course there was a next time Jace - and a next!'

David bent over and kissed Jason tenderly on the neck.

It was really weird, thought Jason, of all amazing sexy things that they had done to one another over the last days, the most sensual, the thing that caused his heart to move in a profoundly different way, was David's kisses. So tender, so soft, so loving, and yet so intensely passionate. Jason took hold of his brother's head and lifted it away from his neck so that he could kiss David on his neck in the same way. Mmm, the scent of his brother's body made him giddy. He kissed tenderly and licked his skin realizing then that there was nothing like the taste of another boy's body. He wanted to explore more of David with his tongue, discover how different parts would smell and taste.

David had pulled Jason's boxers off and his own pulsing cock, released from the duvet, strained hotly upwards beyond his naval. The younger teen thought that his brother's big cock was to die for and surprised himself by rolling on top of David and grinding his groin against him in both a round and up and down fucking motion. Jason pressed down and David pushed up as if they were trying to merge their bodies into one. Their lips met and began a long sucking kiss with tongues probing each other's mouth.

By the time Jason came up for air his throbbing cock was leaking copious amount of pre-cum. He placed his 6 inches over David's rigid 8 and their pre-cum mingled wetting their shafts and stomachs.

Jason was so much more dominant this time, not so shy and naïve now. He very slowly slid down David's body kissing and licking as he went - his nipples, his powerful chest, his muscular stomach, probed his naval with his tongue, traced the trail of black hair down to David's pubes. He loved the smell his brother's pubic hair and the feel of it on his face, rubbed his face around, sucked at the curly hair at the base of David's powerfully thick cock shaft. Down Jason went between David's wide open legs. He held his big brother's large cock tightly away from his stomach and licked his balls. He sucked them as best he could but they were so fat! - 'Oh, oh, oh yea, suck my balls Jase!' begged David, 'Suck them into your mouth.' Jason only managed to do so working on one heavy testicle at a time. As he ever so slowly stroked David's cock which was slick with pre-cum, he licked the older boy's balls, and sucked, and tasted, and loved the musky sweet smell of them. Eventually he moved up to David's massively erect penis, pulled the foreskin right down, and took the large purple helmet shaped head into his mouth. Oh what a first this was for Jason! He couldn't believe the wet but warm silky smoothness of his brother's throbbing cock, the unbelievable taste as he swiped around the throbbing head and probed the slit at the tip with his tongue. David bucked his hips, pushed his rampant penis up, desperate for more. 'Swallow my cock Jay, suck it hard with that beautiful teen mouth, suck the spunk out of my balls, taste my cum'

Jason was able to take few more inches of fat cock into his mouth sucking and slurping, bobbing his head up and down David's shaft again and again, massaging his balls at the same time, until the older boy knew that he would come if his brother didn't stop. David didn't want it to end yet. He had dreamed of working on his little brother's penis and testicles until Jason begged for more, pleading with him to let him shoot his urgent load. David encouraged Jason to lay back on the bed, he opened the boys legs wide, gripped his balls and began to wank him strongly - up and down he pumped, up and down he wanked Jason's teen cock its full hard length until the boy was straining his hips up off the bed, panting with short breaths.

'Oh yea, oh yea, wank me off Dave . . . .aah, that's so good bro . . . stroke me until I come, pump harder . . . yes, like that . . .yes . . . yes . . . grip my hard cock tighter . . . . . oooooow . . Dave my cock feels HUGE, totally throbbing hard . . . . . every wank of your fist sends shivers over me. Oh yeah I can feel the spunk churning in my balls . . . . my balls are so tight now I think they'll burst . . . . I have to come now . . . please bro, please Dave let me shoot now . . . aaaaah!'

David stopped. Jason whimpered in frustration, ' . . . . . but . . but Dave????!'

'How would you like to be finger fucked as you come Jase?' David asked once Jason could refocus.

'Oh yea, I want to be fucked Dave, I need to feel that slick hot cock of yours fucking me hard.' Jason was almost overcome, delirious with desire.

'Oh yeah Jay, I soooooo crave to fuck you right now, but your virgin butt will never manage something the size of my penis my bro at this stage.'

'What does, at this stage, mean,' Jason asked feeling a bit deflated.

'Look Jay, I can't wait to get my cock between those firm butt cheeks of yours my little brother but first you need to prepare. Listen to what you must do.'

Jason listened carefully to what David instructed him.

With that David made Jason lay back in an attitude of complete surrender to be finger fucked and wanked. The older brother lubed up and started with one finger until the youngster was squirming for more, then two. In and out he thrust his fingers, up and down he pumped Jason's young cock, until the boy's quivering prick bucked violently, ready for the first spurt of cum to shoot. Quickly David lowered his head and sucked on Jason's bucking cock just as the boy's ejaculation spasms started. Jason shouted out in ecstasy, his toes curling, his breath coming in gasps, a glazed ecstatic grimace on his face, at the awesome delights of being finger fucked, wanked, and sucked off strongly, all at the same time!

That night Jason lay naked on his back in bed, legs open wide and knees drawn up. He did what David had instructed. He had prepared an ordinary household candle by shaving the blunt end to a round knob. The 16yr old lubed it up and probed the puckered entrance to his butt. Wow, felt so good already! Jason pushed it in a bit but let it go too soon, his sphincter muscles pushed it back out. In again he pushed it, deeper and deeper then, . . . . oh yeah . . it stroked his prostate. His cock tingled deliciously and released a glistening bead of fresh warm semen. Jason lifted it off his cock head with his other hand and licked it into his mouth . . . . hmmmm . . . awesome . . . . he could understand why David liked it so much. The teen held the candle still for a minute or do. David said the heat of his body would cause the candle to take the shape of his rectum and create a slight natural curve upwards that would massage his prostate. Then he began thrusting it again in earnest, in and out, his butt hole sucking on the candle, in and out . . . . . so good, soooooooo gooood, so amazing . . . . uuuuugh! He wanked his cock tightly with his other hand, short strokes just below and over his wet cock head. As he fucked himself and wanked, he soon felt that well known intensifying build up and tightening of his balls which signaled an imminent mind-blowing ejaculation.

As his cum coursed from his prostrate and up from his tight balls to shoot strongly out of his young cock, Jason pumped and fucked harder, gasped, panted and knew exactly . . . . . . .

What would come next!



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