As I leave I shout, "Thanks, man, have a good day."

"Same to you Troy, be good now." The check-out guy smiles with a naughty twinkle in his eye. Hmm, not bad looking.

The store’s only half a block away from my place and very convenient. As I walk back home a youngster, must be mid-teens, comes towards me on a skate-board. I only moved into the neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago but I’ve noticed him around a lot. When he’s not in school he’s invariably out on his board, alone or with friends. A really cute guy! Average height for a boy about 16, slender build, dark hair cut very short on the sides with longer gelled spikes on top and a long spike, almost a pony, at the back. He’s wearing a loose tee shirt which flips right up when he ramps the curb to reveal his smooth stomach and the waist band of his boxers above three-quarter length shorts which hang so low on his narrow hips they’re only just held up by his hip bones. So very, very tantalizing.

He rushes towards me, loses his balance for a moment and crashes straight into me! I just manage to catch him in my arms preventing him from going down hard. He’s totally sexy! Sweaty boy smell, nice firm body. I can’t help myself, I reach down and grab his bulge. Oooh yeah, impressive! Fat cock and heavy balls, an amazing feel. I massage the youth’s genitals around in my hand as he groans loudly gasping for more, thrusting his hips forward, his erection growing rapidly. This boy’s well hung for a young teen, I can hardly grip his full package in my hand.

I WISH!! I shake my head to clear the fantasy as he rumbles noisily past me ramping up and down the curb and driveway slopes, not even glancing my way.

Trying to walk naturally with a painful straining hard-on, I turn into my driveway and open the door. I have a side entrance to a small flat which was advertised as a ‘loft apartment’. A bit grand sounding for what is basically a one bedroomed flat with a skylight cut into the side of the roof. Suits me though. As a single 24 year old guy I don’t need much space and a big plus for me is the skylight. Astronomy is my hobby. Ever since I observed the moon through a pair of old binoculars when I was 13 I’ve been fascinated with outer-space. I now have a cool telescope mounted on a tripod with a star-finder attached to enable easy location of a planet, star or other composition, before zooming in with the big lens. I’ve got sky maps which give the location of star clusters etc at various times of the year and I can enter the desired co-ordinates into a device on my scope. I’m still fascinated with earth’s moon though and have invested in an expensive, powerful pair of binoculars, which I can mount on a tri-pod, which is an ideal set up for lunar observation. I also have an attachment with which I can take photographs of selected images using my binoculars or the telescope. I’m forever saving up for new equipment and belong to various interest groups, mainly on the internet. Can’t wait for tonight, it’s a full moon.

I’m fortunate that my room is at the back of the building, high up, and away from any lighting which would hinder good viewing of the night sky. By 9pm it’s dark enough to set up for my lunar observations and begin with the binoculars. With my room in darkness and the skylight open I raise the instrument to my eyes. I’ll pick the area I want to concentrate on in particular tonight and then mount the binoculars on the tripod. I’ll maybe use the telescope later, hopefully even get a few good photos. As I attempt to focus I pick up a flicker of light below me on my left side. Roving downwards I realize that the light is coming from a first floor window of the building next to mine. The flicker is actually created by movement. Although the window has a closed horizontal blind right across it, which would block off all view into the room entirely from a lower level, from my vantage point I can see right in, almost as if the blind doesn’t exist. Hardly believing my eyes I quickly fine-focus the binoculars to present a clear, sharp picture. The teen skate boarder is sitting up on his bed naked from his waist down pulling his tee shirt over his head.

I re-focus quickly and get a perfect close up of his body as if I’m just inches away! He’s truly beautiful – smooth, almost hairless body, just a few short hairs around his nice nipples – moving down - sexy well toned torso without being over muscular, flat stomach and a dark trail from his naval leading into black pubic hair. Moving down - oh yeah! My fantasy about his genitals wasn’t far wrong. His flaccid cut cock laying across his black pubes is long and very plump. Just a bit further down - hmm, oh boy! Fat balls, with just a fine covering of hair, hanging heavily between his open legs.

What’s he doing now? I zoom out a bit. He’s sitting up, with his back again the head-board, just admiring himself. Oh I see, he’s got a dressing table just beyond the end of his bed with a big mirror and so he can see himself from two angles. He reaches down and holds his cock with a back-hand grip and gives it a few slow pumps, opens his legs wider so he can better see in the mirror his low hanging balls moving up and down with each stroke – Oooh, truly a lovely sight! The boy’s penis is stiffening fast. He lets go. I zoom in – already his cock is throbbing strongly with his pulse as it lays fatly now pointing up towards his naval, almost fully erect. My cock is doing the same and I drop my pants to the floor and stroke the length of my erection, aaah, so good.

Oh no, where’s he going? He gets up from the bed and walks into what must be his bathroom, rigid cock swaying and bobbing as he goes. I hope he’s not going to jerk himself off in there!

But no, he’s coming back. What’s he got? Once he’s back on the bed, sitting in the same position I zoom in again. He’s placed a towel under his butt. Funny, if he’s going to use that for his cum, why sit on it? Also, there’s a few items on the mattress at the other side of him now that I can’t see. Wow! What is clear is that he’s got a comb in his right hand. Holding his cock straight up away from his stomach, at right angles to his body, he uses his other hand to comb his pubic hair! He starts at the thick base of his penis and combs outward. His pubic hair is black but not very curly and so his combing creates a sort of fan effect. He’s obviously enjoying the sight and feel because his stunning cock is now totally stiff and quivering as he holds it up from his stomach with his fingers. I rove up to his face. I like to see the expression on a guy’s face when he wanks or get’s sucked off, fucked, whatever. The boy has opened his mouth slightly and licks his lips. His face is flushed with an intense expression of lust. He definitely getting into this big time and, I think, set to bring himself to a momentous ejaculation. But he’s taking his time, knowing that the more he delays, the more powerfully he will come. He wanks himself slowly for a few pumps, watching his quivering erection and bobbing balls from both vantage points. I zoom in for a close-up of his mushroom cock head. It’s engorged tightly with a pink shine and there’s the beginnings of a serious amount of pre-cum forming at his cum slit. Again he stops and reaches to one side. His penis throbs strongly now following the thin hair trail reaching beyond his naval, must be at least 7 inches. Oh, he’s reached over for a pair of scissors and begins to trim his pubic hair! He clips a bit, combs, clips again. That’s obviously what the towel is for as he brushes hair clippings away. Clearly he doesn’t want to shave but likes to keep his pubic hair short. Why? Who’s going to see, apart from me? Interesting, to say the least, maybe I’ll find out. By the time he’s finished trimming his pubes, the boy’s stiff cock looks even fatter and longer. Maybe that’s why he does it? He must get so turned on seeing his big throbbing prick looking so huge as he strokes it, admiring it from every angle. Certainly looks awesome to me! Oh, he’s stroking firmly again, full fist, keeping his erection full and his juices flowing. Must be feeling sooooo goooood! I am also. I’m wanking in time with him, my legs wide open, sitting down now with my butt just on the edge of a chair as I love the feel of my balls flopping freely around between my legs as I pump. The youngster is wanking fairly vigorously now, full length. Zooming in on his cock I can see clearly that he’s gripping tightly and that his cock head is beginning to swell even more as floods of pre-cum runs down to become frothy just below the flared rim. Oh how I would love to get my hand around that teen cock and wank it, and suck it until he thrashes around desperate to come! His balls are almost a blur as they pound up and down between his legs as he pumps, must be making an awesome slapping sound. They’re tightening up a bit now. I’ve got a thing about testicles, find them totally erotic - loose, tight, smooth, hairy, love feeling them, sucking them, crave feeling mine empty as my cock is milked my wanking, sucking or fucking. Yes!

I pan over to the youth’s handsome face. He’s wearing an intense, earnest look of pleasure, definitely panting, must be groaning. I can make out that he’s mouthing the words, "Oh yeah", over and over as he jerks himself off strongly.

He stops stroking yet again. I reckon he’s built right up to the brink of coming but is intent on delaying his ejaculation as long as he can to ensure a bone shattering orgasm and a huge load when he shoots.

He reaches to the side again and this time he’s holding a razor, a small basin and then, I think, a can of shaving foam. That’s what it is alright, he squirts some onto his palm and rubs it all over his lovely stiff penis. He going to shave his cock but can’t resist using the foam as a lube and gives it a few good pumps. I zoom in on his thick shaft. Can’t really make out hair but obviously he can as he slowly shaves his cock using careful strokes. He swishes the razor in the basin of water and continues until he’s satisfied, wipes it off with a cloth, and applies some kind of aftershave cream. Oh was a beautiful sight – close trimmed pubes and a very rigid quivering shaved cock covered in cream desperate to be jerked off! The teen does just that, leaning back a lot lower, but still sitting high enough to watch himself wanking in the mirror. He pumps with well practiced strokes, up and down, up and down, thrusting his hips up and opening his legs wider. Zooming in on his rampant cock I can see the beginnings of his point of no return – his prick is clearly rock hard, his cock head is beginning to flare even more and I swear his cum slit, pouring pre-cum, is opening and closing. I so want to take a photograph but don’t think I have time as the boy shudders as his orgasm is upon him. I can hardly hold the binoculars still I’m shaking so much, wishing I had mounted them on the tri-pod. A few lovely strokes of my own would quickly tip me over the edge and I decide to time my ejaculation with his.

I’m about to shoot, I know he’s about to shoot, and he stops again! Oh this is unbearable! A quick zoom out shows a grimace on his face as he tries to control what seemed inevitable a few seconds ago, his thighs rigid with his feet lifted off the bed, and his toes tightly curled. He grips his cock tightly to try and stop his semen pumping out but a few beads of creamy cum have already escaped and drip down his quivering shaft onto his fist. It’s touch and go. I know that he’s either going to achieve his delayed ejaculation or he’s going to have to start wanking in earnest within a few seconds. His balls must ache with the need to unload, like mine!

Why has he stopped this time? Seconds pass and his grimace lessens slightly and his feet return to the mattress. One minute, two pass. He’s breathing easier now and reaches to his side again. He’s got the razor and quickly begins lathering up his balls with the shaving foam! So that’s why he brought himself to the brink of coming, he wanted his ball sack to be tight to make it easier to shave. Oh boy, he nearly mistimed it and went over the edge big time! He doesn’t take long and wipes off his balls with the towel but it gives me time to set up my camera to catch the action to follow. I zoom in to see the delightful image of his balls tight against his shaft totally hairless. I would give anything to lick that smooth balls naked as a young boys, suck them into my mouth.

He’s so ready now! I’m ready. The boy leans back again, still able to see himself in the mirror, and pumps his cock as if there’s no tomorrow. Legs open wide, feet lifting off the mattress again, toes curling, he wanks without restraint. His mouth forms a clear, "Oooooow, oh yeah!" as his non-wanking hand reaches under his butt and fingers his hole. It takes him over the top immediately. Thrusting his hips up and down to move his cock in and out of his pumping fist his orgasm is totally upon him. He shudders violently as I zoom in to catch the first squirt of his cum shoot powerfully from his twitching cock slit. I trace it as it hits the headboard behind him and drips slowly down. I snap a photo, hopefully catching his cum flying from his cock through the air. I can’t even stop to wank myself, desperate as I am. The second squirt shoots and hits the headboard above the first – even more powerful! The boy continues to wank himself as his semen squirts again and again, six, seven, maybe eight more times, as I catch the action with my camera. He’s not finished yet. Although his semen is not shooting out now, he’s still milking his big cock as spunk dribbles out the end of his wet penis head and drops into his shaved pubes. He massages along the shaft of his cock from base to the end with a definite milking action until he’s satisfied that his smooth balls have no more to deliver. At last his body goes limp and he lays for a long time, almost dozing, until he uses his towel to clean up.

Wow, what a treat! Shaking with desire I examine the photos I have taken. Awesome – close ups of his cock pumping out semen, spunk dripping down the headboard and glistening trails all over his naked chest and belly. Beautiful pics to jerk-off to! A few pumps of my cock and I come with a strength that usually only happens when I haven’t wanked for a week!

The next day he’s on his board again. Tee shirt, shorts falling off his hips showing his underwear. But now I know what’s in those shorts and what he does with it! I get a major hard-on every time I think about it. He rumbles by without a glance my way, shouting to a friend close behind him on a skateboard. Hmmm, also very cute indeed! The friend calls to the teen in the lead I watched the night before, "Let’s go over to that abandoned car park Greg, some good ramps there."

Greg replies, "Yeah, okay Troy" Oh, so my neighbour’s name is Greg.

That evening I can hardly wait for night to fall. The teen’s light is off and I can only wait and hope. Oh good, eventually the light goes on and I quickly train my binoculars on the chink in the blind. The boy, Greg, enters into view. Hold on, he’s talking to someone out of my range of sight. Oh, there, it’s his friend, Troy, from earlier who was on the other skateboard! I zoom in on the newcomer. Yeah, just as I thought, very, very cute – as blonde as the other is dark - longish blonde hair and maybe slightly sturdier built. I hope to find out.

There’s a lot of laughing going on and sort of fake wrestling and the two end up pulling one another around on the bed, grabbing at shirts and shorts. I know what’s going on, a sort of foreplay. Greg makes a grab for Troy’s crotch, who pulls away but deliberately not far enough and Greg cops a good feel of the boy’s bulge. It’s all about that now, each boy trying to grab one another’s crotch and the other pretending to try and prevent it, but not quite successfully! The pulling away gets slower and slower until each boy is getting a pretty good feel of the other’s genitals. Zooming in it’s clear that both boys are at least semi-erect.

Neither teen is pretending any longer. They sit side by side on the bed with their legs hanging over the edge and Greg reaches over and gives Troy’s bulge a good massage, rubbing around and around and then gripping the boy’s now hard cock through his shorts. It’s clear that Greg has been doing this with other friends in his room as he takes the lead but I think this is Troy’s first time with another boy. It’s also clear though that Troy hugely turned on and wanting Greg to wank him off. Troy lifts his hips up as Greg grips his erection encouraging him to continue. Greg quickly unbuttons his Troy’s shorts and pulls them right down to his ankles taking his underwear with them and the boy’s penis sticks hotly upwards. I zoom in. A handsome cock for sure, uncut, not as long as Greg’s but particularly thick. Oooh yeah, get that prick up your butt and you’d know all about it! Greg wastes no time and grips Troy’s fat cock and begins to wank it, slowly at first. Troy responds by opening his legs wide – nice balls, surprisingly hairy for a blonde guy, he doesn’t shave them. Nor does he trim his pubic hair, there’s a lot of it. I zoom in. A perfect picture – a nice uncut teen cock being jerked off by another boy, sticking up rigidly from lots of curly pubic hair, hairy balls, and, yes, I can even make out some hair on his penis. I would love to wank that cock, and suck it! I like the hair a lot but wound find it very erotic to give Troy’s genitals a shave for him as he lay back. His legs are open and he’s now thrusting his hips up into Greg’s hand as he pumps him. I can just make out the hair trail going down between his legs towards his butt hole. I bet that’s an awesome sight. I squirm thinking about fucking this young teen’s hairy butt hole! I’ve dropped my pants and stroking my cock in time with Greg’s wanking. Troy is enjoying the rhythm of Greg’s wanking fist looking highly excited. Greg sees this and begins to wank Troy off faster, nice tight full length strokes exposing his friend’s very wet cock head on the down stroke as his fist pumps down hard into his light brown pubes. Greg points out the mirror and Troy watches himself being wanked off - Greg’s fist pumping up and down Troy’s thick cock vigorously causing his hairy balls to jump around between his open legs. What a picture! It nearly sends Troy over the edge and he quickly puts his hand on Greg’s wanking hand to stop him before he comes. Now it’s Greg’s turn. He gets naked below the waist immediately and lays back, propped up on his elbows, his 7 inch prick throbbing for attention. Troy leans over and grips Greg’s penis and starts to jerk him off. Obviously he has wanked himself off plenty of times but I think this is the first time he’s done another boy. Guys instinctively know how to wank but Troy is used to wanking his own uncut cock though and, as Greg is cut, Greg helps Troy make a couple of adjustments. Then Greg lays back to enjoy that special feeling of being wanked off by another boy. I zoom in. Oh yeah, Troy has got Greg’s quivering cock in just the right place, fist directly below the flared head. There’s a constant supply of pre-cum pouring out of Greg’s cock slit so there’s no shortage of lube as Troy continues to wank Greg strongly. After a while Greg is panting and, as his friend continues to wank him, Greg reaches between his legs, massages his own balls for a bit and then goes deeper to feel his butt hole. Troy is clearly intrigued with this. He stops wanking Greg as a brief conversation takes place. Greg then reaches over and starts wanking Troy again as Troy massages his own balls as Greg continues to jerk his throbbing cock. Then Troy reaches further between his legs to rub his butt hole. I zoom in on his face. Troy’s flushed expression is priceless! A sort of stunned look of pure pleasure, his mouth dropping open as he begins to breath heavily, as Greg wanks him for a while. Then Greg stops wanking Troy as another conversation takes place, a bit longer this time as Greg tries to explain something. Following Greg’s instructions, Troy moves off the bed and kneels between Greg’s legs. Greg’s got his legs open nice and wide and Troy has no difficulty rubbing Greg’s balls. He then grips Greg’s cock, lifts it so it’s pointing straight up, gives it a few pumps and then dips his head to take it into his mouth. I zoom in. Troy is sucking on the head of Greg’s penis whilst wanking the fat shaft. Greg responds by opening his legs even wider, putting his hands behind his friends head and pushes his cock in deeper. Troy takes in about half of Greg’s length and sucks up and down encouraged by Greg’s hands on his head. As Troy sucks deeper and faster I pan onto Greg’s face. He’s actually drooling! He’s mouthing something like, "Yes, more, faster, harder." If I had that boy’s lovely teen cock in my mouth I would know exactly what to do to make him crazy to come! I’m wanking myself and pre-cum is soaking my shaft. I think Greg is about to shoot. He’s got his legs dangling off the ground, his legs as wide as they could possible go and his whole body is shuddering. Yeah, I’m right! Greg’s first squirt catches Troy by surprise and he lifts his mouth away from Greg’s shooting cock but not before he’s caught a mouthful of spunk. If he’s never sucked a guy off before he’ll be unsure about what he wants to do with the ejaculating semen. Fortunately, Troy doesn’t stop wanking Greg as he continues to come strongly. Rope after rope of glistening spunk squirt into the air and land on both boys until Greg stops ejaculating. As the last of Greg’s semen dribbles out of his cock Troy licks some off, decides now that he likes it and sucks out what’s left. What a shame he missed out on most of Greg’s fresh cum!

After a short while another brief conversation takes place, during which I’m able to set up my camera attachment. It’s not long though because Troy knows what he wants. Greg moves off the bed and places himself between Troy’s open legs and works expertly on his friend. There’s no doubt that Greg has done this before – the little cock-sucker! He grabs Troy’s swollen penis, pulls the lovely foreskin right down to expose the dribbling cock head. I zoom in. He licks all around Troy’s cock head, probes his cum slit sucking up the pre-cum and then swirls his tongue around the sensitive rim. Troy is almost beside himself, squirming around, thrusting his hips up and down, trying to pump his rampant cock into Greg’s mouth. Greg obliges, sucks hard on his friend’s cock head and then plunges down his shaft. It’s a thick shaft and I can see the bulge in Greg’s cheeks as he sucks Troy off vigorously. In no time Troy is ready to come. He clutches the duvet he’s propping himself up on and it looks as if he’s screaming! I take a snap of Troy’s pretty face pulled into an ecstatic grimace, so erotic! Zooming back I realize that Troy is already coming. Greg is swallowing furiously trying to gulp down every drop of Troy’s fresh semen but there’s too much. Spunk runs out of Greg’s mouth and drips off his chin onto Troy’s hairy balls. What an amazing photo to use for wanking myself! Greg sucks and swallows for a while before lifting his mouth away from Troy’s jerking cock and slowly milks the last of the spunk out with his pumping fist. Troy seems to have lost all strength and flops right down on the bed onto his back as Greg finishes him off, slowly wanking and massaging his balls. And then, even after Greg’s finished wanking his friend because Troy has stopped coming, Greg continues to massage the teen’s balls for him, sort of saying, "Good job!"

I’m desperate to wank myself off now and the last scene I witness is Greg moving onto the bed beside Troy and giving him a kiss with his mouth soaked with Troy’s hot spunk.

This is developing nicely but I’m certain that Troy is not Greg’s only sexual partner and I can’t wait to find out more.

I quickly transfer my photos to my computer and sit naked in front of my laptop jerking off. The last image I choose to look at as I come is Troy’s face as he’s coming powerfully, just says it all. I imagine stuffing my big cock into that pretty boy’s mouth. Oooh yeah, I’m coming now, my semen pumping out strongly, spunk landing hotly on my chest and stomach.

This is so amazing, what will tomorrow bring?



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