He was absolutely stunning, drop dead gorgeous. Beyond handsome he could only rightly be described as beautiful, a babe of the first order.

Longish blonde hair, penetrating blue eyes, a sparkling white smile in a boyish face.

His 6 foot frame had that classic 'David' look - well muscled but slim and athletic. Fair skin with a slight bronzed tan. Smooth almost hairless torso except for his armpits, and a golden fuzz trail catching the light as it reached up to his naval.

Many eyes, male and female, were draw to him as he jogged from the hissing surf to the white sandy beach causing an involuntary reaction in many - licking of lips and stirring of loins.

He wore a black Speedo brief swimming costume. The soft fabric easily gave way to the weight of his plump manhood allowing the bulge to wobble and flop up and down as he ran.

He threw himself down onto his towel and lay face up, the bright sunshine sparkling off the salt clinging to his lean body like sequins. His soft bulge was even more tantalizingly prominent. After a short while he turned over onto his stomach, his firm muscular buttocks straining against his Speedo.

Tongues licked again and loins stirred.

He had just turned 19. His name was Jason.


Jason had come a long way since the early days of his sexual exploration with his much loved older brother David. He had been a rather shy naïve 16yr old boy then. David's tender sensitivity had helped him discover himself without having to endure some of the possible negative pitfalls.

Of course he knew that he was extremely attractive but it had never gone to his head, there was no arrogance in him, and he never felt superior or took advantage. If anything he made sure that his looks were understated, played down. He was just a thoroughly nice and kind young man.

If he was to put a label on his sexuality, which David had discouraged, he would call himself, 'bi'.

He was never short of girl-friends, in fact they fairly threw themselves at him. His mates said he was a 'fuck magnet'. Even in this regard Jason was sensitive and never took advantage, always preferring sex within a relationship over one night stands.

It couldn't be denied though that he loved to be sucked off by a girl, never refused a good wank and was deeply turned on by a girl's vulnerability as she opened her legs to him encouraging him to fuck her. He particularly like their gasps, sighs and grunts as he thrust his big cock in as deep and hard as he could, right up to his balls. It made him want to come very quickly. Most girls though preferred him to lay on his back with his cock straining upwards so that they could straddle him, almost dominate him. His penis, a cut 7 inches when erect, was nice and fat. The girls loved to suck on it strongly whilst rubbing his balls and then mount him once his pre-cum was flowing copiously. The girls would set up their own speed and manner of thrusting as he pushed his buttocks upwards holding onto their hips, which was fine with him.

If the truth be told though, if he had to admit to a preference, it would be guys.

It was just the overall package that turned him on more really - the smell, taste and firmness of a male body, perhaps a greater sense of abandonment? And he definitely loved cock! There was nothing more of a turn on than a hard quivering penis with pre-cum poring down the shaft onto a nice pair of balls. Jason particularly loved to watch another guy ejaculate after a good strong wank - the wet squishing noises, the grunts, moans and shouts, the bucking of the cock as the guy came, and the awesome sight of his cum shooting powerfully, that lovely, deliciously warm, great smelling semen. Too much!

As for fucking, wow, there was nothing better than a guy's tight butt all lubed up and ready for a stiff cock!

A milestone for him had been when his brother David had fucked him for the first time when he was 16. Totally awesome! His brother had the biggest cock he had ever encountered to date and the memory of how he had used it that first time still took his breath away. He could still vividly hear his brother's words, delivered through panting breath as he thrust vigorously, 'Oh yeah, oh yeah Jay, I've so waited for this, I'm going to fuck you right into next week my beautiful little bro!' And so he had.

He was thinking of just that as he lay on his stomach basking in the sun and squirmed as he felt his penis, pressed too hard against his towel, respond strongly. A lovely tingling sensation warned him that his cock had started to dribble sticky pre-cum. He desperately tried to think of something less provocative or he would never be able to turn over!

Jason was on holiday in Spain with a group of friends from College. They were all in the same first year class at the London School of Architecture. Even for students, Spain was a brilliant holiday venue, very geared up to the Brit tourists, offering great value for their money. The flights were almost a give-away and a lot could be bought on the continent in countries like Spain and Portugal with the strong pound.


One of the people on the beach who hadn't missed the sight of a near naked Jason running from the water lay right next to him. He was a Welsh lad named Gareth, also 19, and in Jason's class at College. He and Jason were sharing a hotel room and in fact, just before coming on holiday, had started renting a little flat together in south London near the College. Gareth had also licked his lips and his loins had certainly stirred at the sight of his handsome friend in his little Speedo.

Gareth was a sturdy 5 foot 10, muscular from frequent workouts, dark brown gel spiked hair, and twinkly green eyes. A different kind of handsome compared to Jason but certainly very attractive. He liked to keep a 2 day old beard which added to his overall cool look.

Gareth came from a small place just outside Cardiff and definitely couldn't put a label on his sexuality at this stage, unless 'virgin' was a label. If 'virgin' meant not having fucked anyone, or been fucked, then that fitted Gareth perfectly! Not for the want of trying. His sexual experience was pretty pathetic actually. He had enjoyed a few memorable wank-off sessions with some guy friends occasionally in his early teens, regretting that they hadn't progressed to mutual masturbation. He had attempted some stunningly unsuccessful gropes with girls to date not having a clue what he was trying to achieve most of the time. He was just driven by that constant insatiable teen urge to get his rocks off. His most recent encounter was in the back seat of a car in the dark car park outside a club with flashing red and blue neon signs which made the place appear more exciting than it actually was. He didn't know why the girl had consented to get into the back seat in the first place really. She wouldn't let him feel her up in any significant way and flatly refused to go down on him for a blow job - which would have been a brilliant first for him! He had to almost beg her to wank him off. After so much fumbling that he nearly lost all hope of an erection, he ended up not even being able to pull his jeans down. His desperate 6 inch cock just poked valiantly, throbbing so needfully, through his fly. She didn't really hold it in the right place or with the right pressure nor stroke it at the right speed. Definitely not the best wank he had ever had. When he eventually started to build up nicely he gasped, 'Oh fuck yeah, you're going to make me come!' She commented that she didn't like his language, which was a major turn off, and then abruptly stopped pumping his cock the very second he started to shoot. Shit, shit, shit! So totally frustrating! He had to finish himself off as best he could. She didn't like that either! No doubt about it, he and his hand had made the best team thus far in his rather unimpressive, limited experience. An awesome wank for him was his legs wide open, thick hard cock held nice and tight, a good steady pumping rhythm kept up until his flopping balls drew up tightly and he began to shoot, pumping continued without stopping (!) - just a bit softer and slower during his ejaculation - until the very last dribble of fresh warm cum had dropped from his swollen cock head. Oh yeah, he so loved it!

Gareth watched Jason through the corner of his eye, hidden by his sunglasses. Without doubt he was the most gorgeous hunk of flesh on the beach, and yes, his own loins had indeed stirred. As he continued to eye Jason he was sure that the boy's hips were grinding into the sand and almost certain that his friend's considerable bulge was hardening. Oh no! His own 6 inches was definitely following Jason's example! He had to jump up, displaying a pretty obvious tent in the front of his swimming trunks, and ran like blazes into the surf.


That night the boys from London did what all young students do - party! They went to a local smoke filled club and made endless noisy passes at olive-skinned girls but were secretly happy to just stick together and enjoy being a group. They drank excessively of course, copious amount of strange continental concoctions rarely found in the UK. They got louder and found everything and anything more and more funny as the night wore on. Fortunately the hotel wasn't that far away and they could stagger back, taking frequent leaks against walls down narrow dark alleys. The air was still warm carrying unidentified foreign smells. The locals looked at them from afar with a mixture of resentment and the need for their currency. On one occasion Jason and Gareth, who had their arms around one another's shoulders as they stumbled down the cobble-stone street, found a dark spot to take a slash. Giggling to himself Jason fumbled at his zip but couldn't get it down. The more he tried the more he giggled, all fingers and thumbs. Only slightly more sober Gareth came to the rescue, unzipped Jason's jeans and reached in for his cock. 'Ooow, your hands are cold man' Jason slurred giggling as his friend pulled his penis free for him. Gareth held Jason's cock as a hot torrent squirted strongly onto the road sending up a little cloud of steam. 'Hmmm, so erotic', thought Gareth, 'I can feel the piss surging through his plump cock as I hold it making it quiver slightly'. He sort of wished that Jason would reciprocate although he didn't even want to piss.

The group made it back to the hotel without major incident and they all turned in for the night. Jason and Gareth's room was on the ground floor so they made easy work of it closing their door with a bang. The air was sticky with heat and Jason, who always slept naked, stripped off in record time leaving a trail of clothes behind him, falling onto his bed heavily as he tripped trying to get his feet out of underpants. There he lay sprawled on his back, legs open wide, almost immediately drifting into sleep.

'Jeepers, but you're beautiful!' Gareth couldn't help but declare out loud as he gazed down at his naked friend. There was just no denying it. Even in his drunken state, hair disheveled, a slight flush from the booze on his face, Jason was like a Greek god. And his cock! It wasn't just that it was large and fat, it was like Jason, beautiful, snaking out from a nest of light brown pubes, complimented by a nice pair of almost hairless low hanging balls. Jason's penis wasn't erect of course, but it wasn't entirely soft either. The word, 'plump' kept coming into Gareth's mind, as he observed Jason's cock lying across the base of his stomach resting on a trail of golden fuzz reaching up to his naval.

Gareth stripped down to his boxers and lay back on his bed trying to summon up the wherewithal to sleep. He was profoundly disturbed by his aroused reaction to a naked Jason because nothing in his upbringing prepared him to deal with these feelings. It was okay for boys in their early teens to experiment with mutual masturbation and stuff wasn't it, normal, every boy did it given the chance didn't he? But he was 19 for heaven's sake! He had tried, admittedly without much success, to have a sex life with girls. That last episode with the girl in the car was a bit of a disaster but he had enjoyed it nonetheless. Of course he'd only managed to get wanked off but, given the chance, he would have fucked her - he had definitely wanted to. Crap! What was going on here?

Jason's snort drew Gareth's attention back to the naked boy on the next bed. He got up again and walked over. His friend must be dreaming, lightly whispered half spoken words were escaping his lips and his legs and arms shifted a bit. Oh, the sleeping boy's cock twitched, surely? Yes, there it was again, and again, getting a bit plumper? Yes, definitely, not hard but probably half erect now. He must be having a sex dream! Or maybe his bladder was just a bit full?

Gareth sat next to Jason on the bed. A slightly sweaty, boozy, but definite boy smell was evident. Even that was a turn on! Gareth could imagine leaning over and lightly licking Jason's body. His own penis lurched strongly as a vivid imagine of himself running his tongue up Jason's half erect cock invaded his mind. Why not? His friend was sound asleep. He wouldn't know. He would probably just incorporate it into the sex dream he was having. Hey? Gareth leaned over and very lightly, not daring to even breath, allowed the tip of his tongue to settle on Jason's prick just above his balls. Wow, it was so warm, almost hot! It tasted slightly salty and a delicious musky smell arose from Jason's genitals. Gareth ran his tongue very gently up the shaft until reaching the helmet shaped head. His own penis was erect now and throbbing slightly with excitement. He pulled off his boxers and grasped it in one hand. Jason's cock head was incredibly silky smooth and Gareth could see it thickening as he timidly touched the cum slit with the tip of his probing tongue. He pumped his own cock slowly up and down wondering what it would be like to hold Jason's. Why not? His friend was still asleep wasn't he? It wouldn't matter unless Jason was awake, conscious of what he was doing, surely? Hey? Gareth reached out and incredibly slowly, very tenderly, took Jason's beautiful half erect cock into his hand. Oh yea! Oh boy! Amazing! Soft, warm and spongy. With his other hand he wanked himself. How awesome to grip Jason's cock in his one hand and his own in the other. Gareth's already throbbing penis was instantly responsive as his senses rose almost to overload. He had never held another boy's cock before, it was a total, major turn-on. Gareth gripped Jason's penis just tight enough to move the foreskin up and down the shaft and pumped a few times. Jason's cock thickened to almost full erection and feint moaning came from his lips, his legs instinctively opened a little wider. Gareth pumped a few more times noticing how Jason's balls rose and fell with each stroke. He held Jason's balls in his palm and lifted them slightly, weighing them in his hand. 'Nice and heavy,' he thought, 'I bet you love to empty those fat balls as often as you can.' Damn! Even his balls were beautiful! How much more could he do without waking Jason? Surely he couldn't make him come? Oh, how he would love to see and feel that beautiful cock in his hand buck with each spurt of cum. He wanked himself a bit faster at the thought nearly reaching that point of no return. He was going to powerfully shoot a major load, he knew it. You do know when you're going to shoot big time - it's when your throbbing cock feels absolutely huge and each stroke produces that shiver that runs through your whole body and explodes hotly in your red face. When you feel that ache in your tight balls, between your legs and into your butt. When you push your prick out as far as you can as you pump its whole quivering length at a pace that's dictated by some primitive need which arrests your whole body and mind. Your toes curl, your breathing turns to pants, your pre-cum pours down your shaft onto your pumping hand and squishes noisily under your foreskin. When that deep impossible to describe tingling begins to stir deliciously in your groin making your hips thrust and squirm. When all you can utter is, 'Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!' or sometimes a single, 'fuck!' as you suck in your breath, even hold it until the first burst squirts strongly from your cock head.

Gareth was right there, right at that body shuddering point, when suddenly, an image of Jason's firm young buttocks straining against the soft fabric of his black Speedo, filled his mind. In that instant he knew that he wanted to fuck this beautiful boy whose cock he held in his fist. As that thought worked its reality into his consciousness he couldn't help but grip his sleeping friend's now fully erect cock tighter and look adoring over his stunning body, wanking himself a bit faster.

With shock Gareth saw Jason's piercing blue eyes open and a look of bewildered surprise spread across his handsome face . . . . . . what . . . ???



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